Early thread!
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There is already sensei porn in the panda.


Four out of five bokubens use Ctrl-S to spoiler, OP.

Mobile posting is a bitch.

Yes, I am the Uruka.

Do you want butterfingers?

I was all excited for translations but there were no translations. Except this. But I guess that's fine because it's just a /sci/ chapter.

Can I have it?

Flaming aside its the lamest chapter so far

Do not post on Cred Forums on mobile.

Or what?

why does noone talk about finally getting a Rizu chapter?



the one with the boobs

Shitty art

Wouldn’t read/10

You mean /sci/? I'm happy that she's getting chapter. In fact, I'm happy that anyone besides /lit/ is getting a chapter.

>calling her /sci/ when the superior scientist exists
she lost her title to /chem/


The autistic one


what did she say Cred Forums?

There is more to her character than just her boobs, right?

you tell me

we need /bio/

I'll kill you

Bring it you cunt I'll put you in the fucking ground.

>/chem/ will never be loved

Kobayashi will console her, followed by her cutting her hair.

Jaiminis scans will be today right?

Not if I kill myself first

should be today (sunday), we might need another thread since this one will likely die

*teleports behind you*


anyone good at coloring here?

that raw cleaning job is disapointing, and the raws are mediocre they even have image bleed because the scanner didn't use black paper backing behind each page. weird scanner artefacts, colour lines and gutter shadows, all could be avoided with more thoughtful setup

and the jpeg over compression used to bring the image size down in compensation for proper cleaning, adds a lot of ugly artefacts

someone finish/detail this i'm not autistic enough

still grateful but hopefully we'll eventually get digital raws, it'd be nice to see it properly done.

Time to read

So luscious

I'm somewhat decent.
I'd post something, but I've mostly colored lewds.

Just lewd my shit up senpai, im doing a.. different version.

wrong one

Chapter should be out in maybe a half hour.

Heres what she says


chapter's out. box

How's she look Cred Forums?

fucking cute.

this chapter's hairstyle ranking: /lit/ > /chem/ > Cred Forums > /sci/
gotta love the irony


>"Yuiga-kun" in one panel
>"Nariyuki-kun" in the next
Just pick one and stick to it Fumino.

stick it inside Fumino

It's obvious that Nariyuki won't be choosing anyone.

Which one will end up raping him first?

My little autist can't be this cute.

These threads keep getting worse each chapter.

How so?

Someone do the dumping

Thank you for your contribution.

No one do the dumping?

I'll do it.


Just like the manga.


Thanks user-kun




Wew, what a shitty haircut.


Is there a document for best raw scanning practices floating around?

Genuinely curious.

She looks hot in here.

Why is she so cute?





>I kind of want one
fuck you all, Cred Forums still cute


The Cred Forumshate is just a meme.
She's great.

I'm inlove with sawako.

Fumino is the only one who gets him


Fumino deserves to win.

idk about 'just a meme', many hate her cause of there initially being a lot of Cred Forums chapters in a row and how much she shot herself in the foot.
the latter is a valid reason, the former is the meme/autism.

who shall cure this dyke?

She "shot herself in the foot" for his sake.
If anything, it made me like her more.

What was the point of /u/ again? Why does she even contribute to the story?




she's the SUBVERSION choice
she's going to win the moeyuki bowl against all expectations and sense


Shut it shorty. He didn't call you ugly.

Which is one of the most important things in a romcom

Can someone explain to me why girls get fucking mad as shit when you don't notice minor changes to their hairstyle?


supposed to mean that you're not paying attention to them



>telling a girl that she looks the same as always when she has a shitty haircut made by mistake
user, you have a death wish or something?


>telling someone thats a mess that she looks like always
are you a dense harem mc by chance?



How can a man be so fucking moe, I mean look at his poor face

Don't want to hate on Ricchan but the chapter felt weak.

Yeah. I like the character, but her treatment seems pretty poor. I still only consider her and Fumino real heroines with a chance of winning and it feels like a really stacked game to me. I'd like to see something as good as the inn chapter for Rizu.

Which one will end up raping him first?

or me

Every chapter since /lit/ has felt weak to me since hers was so emotional and they had actual chemistry.

Rizu is cute but it's hard to take the robo autist seriously as a competitor for moeyuki when there's such stiff competition as is.

/Lit/>sensei>/cgl/>/sci/>Cred Forums is my current ranking. Although I always root for senseis to win even when they almost always lose so I'm a little biased, she's grown on me a lot

It's been so long, I don't remember what she used to look like.

How can one man be so moe? How is this possible?

I'm starting to suspect Rizu has feelings for Nariyuki.

>What kind of haircut you want?
>Give me the "harem girl with the biggest chest who has absolutely no chance of winning".
>Say no more.

pls don't bully the moeyuki.


That's crazy, user, you're crazy


Still don't understand. If you tell a girl she looks nice/fine, what does it matter?

Do I have to notice every fucking hairstyle change she makes?

long bangs are actually sexy why

Her autism increased with that hairstyle.


This was a pretty bad chapter

Somewhat similar to a few other chapters in WSJ this week, I didn’t dislike this chapter, but it didn’t do much for me either.

I hope we got an uruka chapter instead.

This but unironically

Hey guys, how about we merge our thread with Go-Toubun thread? I bet it will be extremely comfy

I really want this

How do you even get a manga chapter ironically?


Next week Cred Forums‘s special!!
/gotoubun/ + /bokuben/ merger thread. Look forward to it

I’d say add Yuuna too, but they’re always about this dead.


It’s not even on Cred Forums‘s top 5 on-going romance manga

I'd assume they got annoying when they are always dangling in front of the eyes.
Otherwise agreed though

Yeah, it just gives little discussion, and people never feel the need to argue, so they die even faster. It’s not a bad thing I guess.

Now she only needs to realize that she actually does want to win.

because they refuse to accept that men work differently than women and see it as a sign that you aren't paying any attention to them

Fuck off already

Our threads are getting like that too.
There isn't much to discuss for months now.


Das rite. shes the only one fit to have moeyuki's virginity

What a cute raging dyke!

one of them already told you. girls/women interpret it as you not paying any attention to them when you miss even the tiniest change they wanted you to notice.

Why is he so cute?

Looks like rizu's chapter thread is dying.

Only fumino, senpai and sensei thread are more popular.

I just realized I miss the white background at the bottom.

The page that generated the most buzz was the one where Fumino was prominent

The page that generated the most buzz was the one where Moeyuki was incredibly moe.


Stupid /lit/fags.

>tfw you failed as a wingman

It's for her own good. Eventually she'll realize that she wants to win the Nariyuki-bowl and then it would only hurt her if she successfully hooked him up with one of the others

Just caught up on the manga after missing the last month or so. Are these parody translations uploaded anywhere or should I just use the archive?

I really want a clean version of that nariyuki and /lit/ face on the bottom panel. Too bad I'm suck at redrawing.

Is this her version of Fumino's 3 panel despair?

Cred Forums a shit. Yelling at Yuiman for nothing

Yes she is.

there should be either google it or go look at some big groups list of recommended tutorials.

Why would you do such a thing? Fuck that.

This make it looks like /lit/ is mad at you for bullying Nariyuki.

She sorta reminds me of tiny Kiss-Shot in those last three panels

Forgein transfer student that wants to be a mangaka when?

when Japan reverts its constitution and militarized for WW3

I want senpai to win

not the original user but thanks



I'd be happy if any of them won honestly. Except /lit/

>you will never bully Nariyuki
Why even live

Bullying makes a boy man

I'm not yet convinced she even wants to win.

Good lord user, you aren't meant to paint over the lines. Set the lineart blend mode to multiply and color underneath

I thought that was really cute. How is this supposed to be weird at all?

/lit/ and Cred Forums are cunts, Moeyuki is a good boy.

Long hair Rizu when?

I want to pat him and tell him he's doing a great work and everything is going to be ok.

You're a wonnderful human being and a good teacher Mafuyu, Clean your apartment and invite him over for a study session, he'll appreciate it.


Got a chuckle out of me. Well played.

and cook him a good meal
and prepare a scented bath
and prepare your bedroom

Started reading this originally 'cause of the tutoring premise, anything involving teaching is a desperation genre for me. That angle still getting work or has it devolved into standard harem shenanigans?
Stopped reading after the swimming gal introductory mini-arc for unrelated reasons.

Go away, we dont welcome you

>That angle still getting work or has it devolved into standard harem shenanigans?


i am Poseidon and i demand her as tribute now, my minions have already collected her clothes

so how is this drivel better than Nisekoi?

Let's be honest, those are all things that he'd do for her. Girl can't even use a can opener right.


instant noodle is fine for a hungry boy

Senpai is underrated.

Better MC, better girls.

What if he's hungry for something else?

go to Ginza

Is there a pastebin for viz chapters?

They should be grateful /lit/ doesn't want to win. Yet.

Someone please make a fanart of rizu long hair


What about fanart of /chem/'s sperm donation child with Moeyuki?

Moeyuki's sperm cells are so moe that the fertility clinic do the research and earn Nobel Prize in Physiology

>this will never happen to you
Why did nature have to give us the power of imagination?

>Every fucking day. Every single fucking day this little faggot just sits there and gives me this stupid moe look on his face.


Who is that?

my gift for you for making me laugh

>should've went

I want to sneak from behind, grab him softly by the soulders and whisper "you can do this Nariyuki" on his ear

go away Senpai

Leave me alone Mafuyu I already graduated

once a student forever a student, dont you know that? Now keep yourself away from my Nariyuki

why is everyone so gay for Nariyuki
talk about the girls

A girl no one cares had a chapter so we have nothing to talk about.

Is that what this is?

if you are not gay to Nariyuki, you are GAY

He's a really REALLY likeable guy.

Guys, I have to tell you somehing. I'm in love with Senpai.

Ponytail Yuiga when

your patient is waiting, Doctor

Houki is better

He is just moe.

He really looks like Ebina in that last panel. Something about the eyes just reminds me of Umaru-chan's artstyle.

>The accident back in summer is about to cause even bigger trouble
Well, what kind of trouble?

it had to be done

It's kinda sad that the only other girl who considers Nariyuki's feelings is senpai.

Sensei, /sci/, and Cred Forums confirmed self-centered bitches.

Especially sensei

If he doesn't get first place in the poll we riot

this. She really shook him up when she asked about his plans for the future

get with Fumino, problem solved

Yuiga crossdressing chapter when?

her smug grin at the end is so great

In /lit/'s birthday, girls want to buy her some dress and they use Nariyuki as their model. Since their chest area is similar.

but Yuiga is actually a girl

What's wrong?

Culture Festival arc

During school festival chapters

but Yuiga will need pads to emulate a girl's treasure! who would even have any of those? all the girls are naturally gifted with... oh right.

How can a normal guy look that good in a maid uniform?

Is that normal?

Why is this thread so shit

Rizu chapter.

Flat will breed out Fatchest soon, marks my work

Its rizu chapter, only few likes autism

She already has a boyfriend.

It's actually a pretty good thread.

what does a lap pillow feel like?

What are you trying to imply there buddy?

fidgety. it's nice but not exceptional and you want your partner to stop that shit and spread those legs of her for some long-awaited sex.

We need higher quality sensei action.


Today I will remind them.

He just keeps destroying their confidence uninentionally


It's a shame that she has no chance of winning

>Getting this mad over not noticing a small haircut
What the fuck? Why flip the fuck out over such a minor issue?

Because it's a harem anime so every reaction is exaggerated for comedic effect.
They do get quite upset when you don't notice though.


the perfect o_o


How long will it take Senseifags to recover?


What did Fumino say to Nariyuki?

I forgot. Does Uruka know that Rizu also likes Yuiga?

No, she's still alive.

Rizu is cute-zu.

You know, i can't wait to see the 3 girls wearing maid costumes especially moeyuki

Moeyuki and Rizu in maid outfits and Fumino in butler outfit!

Girls in suits are my fetish desu

And sensei in an evening gown

can you really call that a girl though?

Hello, bannning, my old friend~

>most feminine and pretty girl in the cast
>but she is a man because she is flat lmao

I don't see it.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'll cry for moeyuki


thanks for the pointers, this any better?

Every time.

The correct conjugation is "You should've gone".

t. Yuiga

How will Komidaddy take her daughter's eventual break up?

I wish...

A black haired Sensei would be great

he'll die before that will ever happen,
there's the pretend wedding, pretend pregnancy, pretend grandchildren and pretend great grandchildren to go through first and he't too old to last that long

say no more

*almost no chance of winning there's still a 0.000001% chance


Don't delude yourself. It will only make it hurt more later.

Moeyuki is spirit animal

A big one.

For Youiga

It's not fair, he's done nothing wrong. Yuiga is a good boy.


>implying you wouldn't take him on the first chance you had

I really hope that the "accident back in summer" is going to be about sensei and some of her colleagues thinking she's dating moeyuki.

I've got to admit sensei is my favorite character. It was /lit/ for the longest time, but sensei really grew on me.

>yfw both sensei and Fumino found out about each other's "accident back in summer"

RIP Sensei.

I'm still waiting for Fumino to get caught up to date with all of Nariyuki's nonsense.

Fumino would just die on the spot.


>school shooting would happen on the spot


>she sees your dick.


Fumino is a sweet and nice girl.

I still want to see university era /chem/ and Nariyuki in a friends with benefits relationship.


Nice boat

It's normal to look good in a maid outfit, so of course Tadano can pull it off.

>Not even her :> face
Come on user

I'm beginning to think his "normalness" is some kind of stand effect. He's literally normal at everything.

I don't have any saved. Gimme one and I'll do another edit.


That one is not crazy enough.

Any one has the image where Fumino punched Nariyuki?

You're already replied.

>the end of chapter has manyuki
I miss him

Looks like go-tohell got their version of the Fumino hotel chapter

Is vizanon kill?

Nino went maximum over-slut this chapter



Good job user, it even shiws how flat she is

Her neck is so tiny


>Her tits are so tiny
ftfy bro

You're so tiny.

Is it

Yotsuba is too cunning to be Uruka


Don't compare best hanayome with worst bokuben.

The rest are spot on.

Then I'm guessing Miku is Uruka and senpai is Ichika

Why are you trying to compare the girls of two different series?

Similar premise so why not?

Who will get a chapter first? /chem/, Kobayashi or Imouto?

Probably /chem/. But I want an imouto chapter.

I just want a Yuiga only chapter. Maybe on a sunday where we get to see a day in his life.

report the go toubun shitposters and never reply to them

Oomori gets a chapter dedicated to the fact that he somehow gets himself a girlfriend.

Do you really want an entire chapter about him looking for edible herbs in the backyard with his brothers.

>it's from Mizuki's POV

>going on an adventure to the woods with Nariyuki
>learning about the dos and donts about them
>listening to his inner monologue about the girls and studying
>seeing him prepare all the notes and tios for the week
Wouldn't you?

>all the Nariyuki panels are full of roses, shines and other shojo manga effects.

Why is the herbivore male lead make the best girl?

>Nariyuki takes the twins on a trek to help them learn about the hardships of poorness and how to survive with little money
>He does his best to teach them, but the twins only care about what the other girls have been doing.
>Meanwhile, Mizuki's imouto senses are tingling back at the house.

>turns out the twins have been paying attention since young(er) and are already an expert scavenger/hunter convo moving Nariyuki to tears and starting an adventure spinoff starring them.

>it gets axed after 5 chapters.

>it was the only way Mizuki would get screentime

sensei saved Nariyuki's ass here but he'll never know it, truly supporting him from behind the scenes.

stop trying to make this a thing

For once I wasn't bating. I was wondering if that was roughly their role in each manga

Er.. baiting*

Official girl ranking

Senpai> Fumino> Uruka> Sawako> Imouto> Ogata> Sensei> Sensei Imouto

I dare you to disagree

>Uruka above anything.


Sawako that low?

senpai > sensei > the rest

I really can't see it, do you mind explaining their equivalence?

>implying Sensei is better than Uruka

This is how I know you have shit taste

senpai = sensei > /chem/ > the rest

She is Uruka 2, there's barely a difference.


Okay I'll take you on.

Senpai> Fumino> Uruka> Sawako> Imouto> Ogata> Sensei> Sensei Imouto

Is wrong. It's actually
Senpai(great character and cares for Koubai)>Fumino(bullying aside does her best studying and wingmaning)>Uruka(yes fucking Uruka. She shot herself in the foot but is still friendly to everyone and not a bitch, also stopped being annoying.)>Ogata (Nice but autistic, also brings nothing of vakue besides being the pet character despite being one of the 2 main girls)>sensei(her uselessness is really overstaying it's welcome, why is she telling the girls how to live their lives when she's useless?)>Sawako>=Imouto(both nice but overall insignificant>Miharu (Literal who that bombed her introduction)

>why is she telling the girls how to live their lives when she's useless?
That's actually a pretty good question.

I do notice that pretty much every bokuben girl turns out to be the opposite of what their looks and auras would suggest.

I can tolerate your ranking except for ogata. The only thing she has going for her is her titties.

Sure, I got the hayanome names mixed ip though.

Crashed the manga with no survivors in one chapter, adding a seriousness to their respective races
Cheerful and friendly with the MC
Act cold towards MC but still depend on him usually unwillingly
In love but don't quite understand their feelings
Teasing to hide growing feelings

I would say Ogata barely beat sensei ONLY because she hasnt had enough screentime to ruin herself unlike Mafuyu who's started to become Uruka 2.0

since Itsuki is probably the final bride you're giving senseifags a lot of false hope

Let them eat cake

Oh, Marie. You were taken too late from us.

>why is she telling the girls how to live their lives when she's useless?
Maybe she doesn't want them to end up like her.


She's going to end up telling Uruka to become a swimming instructor and prey upon nubile young boys at this rate.

DOESN'T want them to end up like her.

>become a swimming instructor and prey upon nubile young boys
I'd like that.

Is this Cred Forums's official ranking then?

Cred Forums's official ranking is

Moeyuki > Kobayashi > those other losers


No Funimo is the best.

>Moeyuki better than Kobroyashi
What are you gay?

Ok, anons, we need a chapter that will take Bokuben into the top three. What have you got?

A chapter similar to Kirisu-sensei's introduction, where the principal evaluates the girls' progress with Nariyuki. Meanwhile he tries his best not to sperg out as he remembers all the shenanigans he's gotten himself into.

This plus a moment with fumino that makes their hearts throb

Cred Forums certainly is.

On her way to an important exam, after studying with everyone and preparing to give their all, Fuuruka gets hit by a truck while crossing a street.
She doesn't make it.


Lit's dad and Moe's mom meet and start dating. They have a shotgun wedding and become actual step siblings.

Threesome with Uruka and Rizu, as Fumino is stuck inside the room and has to listen as support for her friends relationships finally come to fruition.

Everyone told you to fuck off even in the Toubun thread.
Fuck off.

The manga changes names to "I think both my sister and stepsister want me but they are both mental and I'm scared of being home"

Who the fuck is Fuuruka?

Fumino and Uruka following a science test gone wrong.

So I'm secretly living with my teacher until it all blows over.

"Transported to another world where my girlfriend became my sister and I'm living with my sensei"

>Is the most aware of her own feelings and how to make things fall in place to her favour.
>she still botches every chance she gets
My God, it's a status quo machine.

May God have mercy on this romcom.

I want a chapter with these three.

>after exam
>all girls score 60+ points
>a happy yuiga runs into sensei in the hall
>you're in a good mood yuiga-kun
>the girls are doing well, they might pass after all
>i'm happy for you
>sensei, shouldn't you be happy for them, too?
>no, I still think they're on a path to ruin
>why's that?
>surely you've realized by now yuiga-kun
>even if those girls get into the school of their choice there's no way they can succeed there
>It may be tough, but I could stil-
>you've been able to get away with it till now because you're still in high school and you all are learning the same material
>college level work is on a hole other level, though. not to mention you'll be in different schools taking different classes
>there's no way you can tutor them in classes you're not even taking
>takemoto will be fine, she won't have to take english courses in college, but the other two are doomed
>they'll fail all of their classes and flunk out. it's inevitable
>[s-she's right. has all i've done been for nothing?]
>well it won't be for nothing
>if they get in then you'll get your scholarship
>that's the only reason you're doing this, right? anything that happens afterwards is none of your concern
>none of my concern?
>ah, class is about to start. i'll see you later yuiga-kun
>next chapter: sensei's harsh words hit hard. has yuiga's resolve weakened?

Holy shit. I even pictured Yuiga's face when sensei drops the bomb.

>tfw they win the yuigabowl.

Japanese colleges are cakewalk though.

8man became a teacher?

Sawako and Kobayashi's Moe Yuki(TM) look like siblings look at their eyes

In Nipland getting into a good uni is the tricky part, not staying in it. Once you're in, you've won.

Kobayashi x Sekijou when

if Shin managed to secure a Yankumi, Nariyuki can conquer the Mafuyu.

Christmas cake is going to lose.

But it's fun to dream.

not read Gokusen in ages, fun read.

More Asumi.

Chapter focused on Kobayashi, meeting Sekijou, Fumino's Class Defence Force, Uruka's competent friends, and the rest of the supporting cast, talking about Nariyuki and his harem, while we get glimpses of what he's doing. It could evne work as a dual chapter, where we see what happens in the background of a normal chapter.

Mafuyu's loli sister comes to school, meets Nariyuki and stays glued to him for entire day, invoking jealousy, ire, prejudice and :> of his peers.


We need a girl that is :< so she and :> make the face at each other at the same time.

Imouto is perfect for that job.

I love Rizu but she needs better chapters. She has the most growth potential at this point. Rizu growing wouldn't even maintain the status quo. I am just sick of her being an autistic mascot.

>wouldn't even maintain the status quo
I meant wouldn't even disrupt the status quo.

Exactly. A serious chapter where Nariyuki helps Rizu better understand her emotions would be nice. The poor girl has a lot of potential for growth that isn't being put to good use like you said.

>Cred Forums doesn't care about his feelings
>tfw the only reason Cred Forums hasn't confessed is because she wants him to focus on everything he has to do with tutoring and getting the scholarship

why you gotta lie, bitch nigga

I'm not even a /sci/ fan but that face on the bottom panel...WHEW lad

All her growth went to her chest, unlike Fumino who got actual character development.

Try again speedreader-kun.

Hooefully no more Rizu chapters, the threads die.

A good Rizu chapter would have more posters. We have to support Bokuben, we can't let Komifags and 5fags win.

there's no winning or losing threads. just have a good thread. like yuragi threads. they get in, TL, TS, dump, and get out. quick clean and simple. the only bad thing is the hibari fag, and even then it's tolerable cause they don't spam

They could do somthing like in kissxsis, where sensei pays one of those visiti to nariyukis home, mon leaves then alone, shit happens and then one of the girls (fumino) finds them on top of eachothers.

God i love sensei, so much

But we dont get good Rizu chapters. Last one was DUDE BOOBS LMAO XD and this one was DUDE HAIR LMAO XD.

We sometimes get DUDE AUTISM LMAO XD

I don't think Tsuitsui wants he in the series much even though the highest ranked solo girl chapter of all time was Rizu's learning about kissing chapter.

Shit would be even funnier if fumino after seeing yuiga and sensei ina lewd position, recognize that they were the couple behind the bushes.

Perpetual threads are highly overrated

We only get the spoiler thread, the usual gook scans and the TL thread.

that had nothing to do with rizu though. it was ranked high because the chapter ended with what everyone thought was an unexpected kiss that would propel the series forward in terms of plot progression. if something similar had happened with any of the other girls there would have been a similar reaction.

The /lit/ sleeping with Nariyuki ch was only 6th.

It is hard to believe that Rizu at one point looked like she had a clear lead. Summer murdered her. At least she has a huge ass.

Sometimes spoiler and gook are the same if they last for long enough.

I wish Sekijou would burst in on me like this and ask me how she looks with moe sparkles in her eyes.

She was originally going to be Rizu's backup/support, and then started getting developed as Rizu's overly attached "girl" friend who was also able to appreciate Nariyuki as a man. Now she's just lesbian jokes.

>At least she has a huge ass.
Would people hate if 90% of the reason I like her is that ass and IMAGINE?

Fucking sea cucumber.


Viz dumps get pruned because they don't promote discussion and they're piracy.


>and they're piracy.
when did this become a problem? when half of this site breathes pricay

Yeah my point was that we as a group keep ourselves fairly moderated to 2 or 3 threads a week and don't usually invade others or annoy people.

If there will be a solo /chem/ chapter.

That would be great

Sometime after the latest round of Jannies and Mods getting put in place. I've tried finding Viz dumps quite a few times and when the threads are standalone dump threads, they're often deleted before hitting autosage or page 10.

>don't usually invade others or annoy people.
5hanayome threads disagree.

To be fair I think the fanbase has 80%
overlap and only one fag is trying to start shit.

Sensei is shit.

I enjoy both.

Cred Forums‘s official romance manga ranking:
1. Komi-san
2. Kaguya
3. Bokuben
4. Tomo-chan
5. Go Toubun

Komi will never be dethroned no matter how much WSJ shills Bokuben

Gotoubun has 3-4 threads a week that hit the bump limit, usually within a day. It is the new hotness but the hype will die soon.

Kaguya is reddit's jam.

Bokuben will make a comeback

Komi-san is the best.

Tomo-chan is something else.

kaguya used to be Cred Forums's baby. i miss the pre-fagscans threads.

We're not allowed to have nice things.

>not dead last

/lit/ chapter was resolved right away where the 2 more or less returned to status quo. /sci/ one ended on a cliff-hanger, and the ranking dropped immediately in the next chapter when the kiss turned out to be a fake.

KO is better than half of those.

Can this place be even worse.
This is rock bottom.

People still read Tomo-chan?
Most redditfag left after Jag dropped and the translation drama. The threads are now full of waifufagging my waifu > your waifu just like bokuben.

>Komi is no. 1

An I missing the appeal of manga? The series is so underwhelming that I never bothered with it after reading the first few chapters.


>devolved into standard harem shenanigans
>devolved into
It STARTED with harem shenanigans.

The thing about Bokuben is that it's "okay" and that's fine. Some like Komi might be way better but they'll have to always scale things up to keep those rankings, in a similar way Go-toubun started around the same time Bokuben did and to gain readers and be more than a carbon copy they went and rushed into the drama. There's no devolving back into steady teaching hijinks since it's going to be a battle royale for the D from here on. Now Bokuben goes slow, steady, and episodic but also develops the characters quirks in an easier manner so when we get to the drama we at least know why they like the Moe and know each girl better and have reasons to cheer for them. what I'm saying is currently in toubun you have 5 chicks who want the D for who knows what reason (prime example being Nino last chapter and how she just comes out like a shallow whore instead of someone I should cheer on for) unlike say Sensei who is starting to see Yuiga as someone responsible and worthy of being on the same level teaching wise when she just saw him as someone wasting his time.

Bokuben will always be a middling manga, not shit and not a masterpiece.
But it will always be an entertaining read.

It is

If we include mangas like Nagatoro, ReLife, Forehead McFlatty, Mousou Telepathy then the rankings will probably change. I couldn’t monitor Cred Forums all the time so those are the 5 who appears the most the catalog for past 2 weeks.

By calculating the number of unique posters and the occurence of thread every week, the time it hits the bump limit, and excluding the RAW or scan dumps, you can tell which manga is the most popular on Cred Forums. I have not set any margin of error (the possibility of 2 different IP made by same poster, shitposting etc.) because I have not enough data.

Bokuben's average is on the high 80's as far as posters and we haven't had a thread not reach bump limit in a while

>we haven't had a thread not reach bump limit in a while

What do you mean by this?

I mean so far our threads make it from start to finish, the only one that came close to dying early was this one because this chapter didn't create much conversation. I guess as far as stats it just means that we're sufficiently active.

Go Toubun’s average is 76.4 posters per thread with a thread lifespan of 14.324 hours, while Bokuben has an average of 86.26 posters but with a longer thread lifespan.

If you based it on the number of posters then Bokuben is definitely more popular, but this is where the thread lifespan comes in. The longer the thread survives, the more posters it will have, not to mention, the exact time and date it was made is also important. Cred Forums has most activity during nightly American hours.

Complicated stuff but you get the gist, I had to solve this by fucking paper.

Bravo you autistic motherfucker.
I am legitmately impressed, what more can you tell us ablut your findings?

Gotoubun will succeed and everyone will be happy again as long as Ichika, Nino, or Miku don't go mental. Gotoubun is the point if the manga so far and every piece of drama has been settled with it. Gotoubun progresses and that's it's appeal. There doesn't seem to be a status quo.

Bokuben exiting eternal summer makes it really promising. I am hoping there is slow development and not NO development. It's really handcuffed by them being 3rd year students.
> characters quirks in an easier manner
All of them have gone through severe flanderization and it has become super interesting, something Komi and gotoubun have avoided. Fumino is flat, Rizu is autism, Uruka is thirsty, Senpai is smug, and Sensei si completely useless. I hope they start having some depth again soon.

Komi feels less like a romance the same way, it is fun but has solid development. I don't really like Komi herself so the manga isn't on the top of my reading list.

I see, i think WaifuFags and shitposters have calmed down in a while, but i'm pretty sure when theres another /lit/ chapter. Surely, they make a comeback.

Quick, ask him to see if the numbers know which girl will win.


Hey user, according to the numbers which girl is the most likey to win?

He hasn't been this dumb in the entire manga. Why is he now? He notices everything when people are studying, how they clean, when something is wrong. Yet, nowI'm supposed to take believe he wouldn't notice her bangs magically disappearing.

>as long as Ichika, Nino, or Miku don't go mental
Nino and Miku will definitely go mental

Go-toubun will have to settle eventually though I personally think the execution of the dance will either make or break the manga. It might become shit if done wrong or amazing if it comes up with something crafty. I'm a Bokuben fan but I still want to see what the author does with it.

Recently 5toubun threads have hit the 80's range. To be fair though I am not sure how good it would do if Cred Forums didn't snipe it. I feel 5fags really really like their manga so they post like demons. The threads die at 550s where as Bokuben at 510.

Bokuben is WSJ and has been around longer so it gets the bump. People who like bokuben are far less militant and obsessive.

user almost every guy goes through this shit. The only reason we actually knew is because they told us in the first page.

He said it himself, he's not that good when it comes to female fashion

The way man sees is not the way Nariyuki sees, because mere man sees what appears to the eyes, but the Moe sees into the heart.

Why did Fumino do that when she promised she wouldn't fall for him? Is she a hypocrite?

I like both manga so I can't really say I am a fan of one over the other. Negi has been pretty good so far with not going into bullshit. I trust that it will be satisfactory. It'd take a lot for me to stop liking it.

Ichika might too.

Would you say the rom coms are "balanced" according to your stats then?

We never got an explanation for why she did that now that I think about it.

>Is she a hypocrite?
I'd like to see you keep your cool around Nariyuki.
Ah, Nariyuki. What a man.

Are you sure manga is for you? It must be troublesome not to be able to recognise visual cues in a visual medium. Perhaps you should stick to light novels.

At the moment there is some equality between them. Gotoubun happens to be on the upswing and Bokuben is recovering from a downswing. I am mostly saying there seems to be wider appeal for bokuben but gotoubun has been pouring out the jokes left and right.

Girls are a fucking mystery. Even Rizu, a robot, was acting like an enigma.

No homo?

Bokuben is going to drag things as long as it can anyway, such is fate of a WSJ romcom series.
And as long as there's no stupid/forced drama, I'm fine with it.

It's like when she snuggled closer to him or made a joke about dating him after spending the entire chapter blasting him for his attitude. It is annoying when nothing is explained.

>And as long as there's no stupid/forced drama, I'm fine with it.
It will do that thing where it will go full drama for the last 5 chapters. I would argue that is worse.

It feels like 100 chapters should be more than enough but chances are there will be way more since it ranks and sells well.

Listen fucko, other times there have been reasons for her to do shit like that. Here besides wanting a compliment it made no sense.

When she snuggled it was because it reminded her of the warmth of her mom and like she said was too tired and when she asked him out it was a half joke since if it wasnt for Rizu and Uruka she probably wouldn't mind dating him since at that point he already had her respect from being her tutor and from helpi g her with that forceful guy.

I get the feeling you're literally the same guy in every romcom thread that says this

It will definitely go up to 150. Hopefully we'll get college Bokuben after that.

I ignore him since he was the one who defended Nisekoi and said it was consistently good throughout its run.

Doubt it. it will just stay in purgatory.

It's just episodic. A word faggots who apparently doesn't have enough time for their "hobby" is allergic to. Everything has to be plot plot progress progress these days. As if they're trying to justify the time invested in a time killer.

She just wanted a compliment. Is it really that hard to understand?

>Is it really that hard to understand?
Apparently, it is.

I want the v-day arc now. I just want to here the mental gymnastics and excuses for giving him love love chocolate.

But why did she want a compliment?
For what purpose?
What if he didn't like it?
What if it doesn't look as good on her?

>It is hard to believe that Rizu at one point looked like she had a clear lead
Peaking that early is a bad flag, how was that not obvious to you?

It was but I thought she'd hold and not be demoted to mascot.


Will /chem/ find a way to impregnate herself with Rizu's baby?

Hmm. I can kind of see where he's going since I didn't have much of a problem when I read Nisekoi. It's better as a marathon like basically every manga. But I can't defend Kanojo whatever.

This cutie won beat girl this week, who will be next?

I vote Sawako

>This cutie won beaten girl this week
ftfy bro

Same here.

Because she is a fucking girl, a teenage one.
She cares about her appearance and sometimes she wants a compliment from the opposite sex, in this case Nariyuki.
A simple action doesn't need to have 5 layers of meaning behind it.

In Rizu's case, it actually didn't end in a bad way. She found out more about her feelings and how they related to Nariyuki. If you want a heroine who keeps on setting up death flags, just look at Cred Forums.

I want sensei to accidentally eat whiskey chocolate and pass out in school.

oh shit

>pass out
>not being lovey-dovey with Yuiga in front of everyone before passing out

If that ever happened then I guess you can say good bye to any competency that she had left. Her perfect image at school is really the only thing that's stopping her from being completely helpless without Nariyuki.

Fumino is best girl abd I hope the next chapter is about her.

No, you see. Now Nariyuki has to get sensei out of the school and back to her apartment without anyone noticing, the chapter almost writes itself.

>Blushing and waiting for Moeyuki's response when asked about what he thinks of Fumino

Nah, I think sensei is the only one who's severely flanderized, everyone else had been getting tiny bits of development, or stays the same.


We hit Bump Limit

So Who's the Greatest Girl in BokuBen?

you're a sick man

Literally a flat joke every chapter/

Cred Forums never had a chance though since she wasn't one of the original two.


Easy and shallow whore. Kintarou should dump her.

It is what it is I guess. Coming out of the endless summer, what we got was Fumino constantly despairing over her chest and Rizu turning into a mascot character. Hopefully the new school term will treat the characters a bit better when it comes to furthering their character arcs.

I’ll dump you in a barrel of concrete user