>Bloodsign is getting crazy
>NT is getting crazy
>Kamachi is becoming crazy
If Aleister succeeds in bringing the Aeon of Horus, we might hit levels of insanity not known in Kamachi works

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go back to your general

I would but those 2 other threads have Virtual On as a major focus, and are obviously going to get deleted. This is supposed to be one free from that.

He was always like this? It has gotten more convulted in Index specifically, and if the fanbase as a whole thinks that, it could really harm the project. Can’t have the main series lagging.

>we want the american audience

That if Index is not coming to an end which Coronzon ?

At least I think NT will end with the next Story Arc.

Worst girl?

And another one bites the dust. I miss when mods weren't fags


>opinions on the mobage?
That one was looking to get deleted, don't be stupid.

Is Index. At least Kazakiri stays off screen.

That thread was doomed, all because of this cancer
Mods are faggots cause they haven't rangebanned this autist

>this new

>fucking dumped 2 entire doujins
>still gets away with ban evading
What the fuck is this shit.

Who cares about the doujin thing? Raildex is pretty much the wild west
But ignoring that, he's simply unfunny. Monkey edits, pickle rick, biofactory. These suck

A game related to the series. Which if you make a thread for on Cred Forums gets deleted and told to go to Cred Forums. Clearly at least one mod is being a fag

Wasn't even due to the thread, its because one guy had his posts removed elsewhere and they just banned all his posts

There's a mobage general in /vg/ fuck off.


>Its all one guy

Oh so it really was one guy making those threads. Hopefully they rangebanned him

Not everything is one guy, but there is definitely a pattern of unfunny stuff that gets pushed really hard for periods of time that's rather obvious

Are you pretending to be retarded?

Yeah, but that dumping was unnecesary. He just did out of pure rage against the mods.

>defending that shitter
Fuck off. If you thought that Cred Forums tier shit was funny maybe you deserve to leave too.

So you are retarded.
Maybe if I told you there was a secret raid board you'd believe me.

He bought a pass so mods are going easy on him.

I don't think a pile of AIM even counts as a girl. More like girl shaped energy. Her vagina leads to an empty shell.

Is Accel an antiheroe or a heroe?

How new are you?
Why are these threads full of newfags suddenly?


Why is there no fan art of super sayain rainbow kazakiri?

I mostly just find it annoying how him and the Kakinefag are sort of working in unison to make an entire fanbase look bad.

there's at least a few I've seen. But there's not many because no one likes kazakiri

She looks pretty cute without her glasses. She should ditch them

Repeating what I said earlier: What do you want to see made for a side story novel? I want an Anti-Skill centric SS

The problem is that there are people falling for it and then it escalates.

I actually like Kazakiri. I wish she was more popular.

I think we should do one thing. Just ignore and see how it goes, if it gets really obnoxious then we start bitching about it? For now, lets just settle down

Kakinefag just seems retarded and slightly annoying, but not particularly malicious towards the series?

Unironically Kakine prequel SS if he does become relevant in a future volume

Except he constantly tries to start shit, either with the Accel avatarfag, or Mikotofags and just flatout spamming True number one shit. It got old a while ago.

Othinus prequel about losing her way.

Do we know when NT20 is coming out yet?

Imagine being such defeatists that when the mods ban your threads and fellow autists you sit around doing victory laps.

Try that again but in english please

Avatarfags are fucking retarded and I don't know why anyone even temporarily tolerates them. Stiyl is the only remotely acceptable one because he at least translates shit.

You mean discord and irc? Those boogeymans already exists. Step up your game, sempai.


Stiyl's gone mate.

Where is he by the way? Haven't seen him in a long time.


>All it takes is one butthurt mod with hot pockets to divide raildex

What I really want is for Kamachi to bring Estelle back for NT20 and give Junko and Mie more space to develop.

He decided to leave the threads for a month but hasn't retun since.
He's going to be back when the new volumen drops or S3 begin.

All it takes is one guy

Give it a night and one guy will stop his righteous crusade and kakine fag will get over it.
Though I have a batshit insane theory: Someone is roleplaying as one guy and kakinefag
I've never seen the two be so hostile like that.

Can you fuck off? Don't post Cred Forums shit in the OP next time and maybe that thread will live like this one. See the OP?
And all the threads that were deleted had OP's identical to eachother.
A mikoto pic, and text about the mobage and virtual on. It happened 4 fucking times

You're trying to reason with a Cred Forumsermin. It's futile, user.

This. There was no butthurt mod, these threads had a reason to get deleted.

Pretty sure he knows and just doesn't care.

>Someone is roleplaying as one guy
mfw roleplaying as myself



Who is the illustrator for Blood sign?


Opening X-01: The Beginning of a Rebellious Phase

Opening X-02: Window-Shattering Youth

Stage 01: Welcome to the Media Celebrity Life

Why is Saten so unfortuned?
>Gets to team up with Uiharu to become famous after winning with the Double Level 5 Team
>Try to be a good friend playing with Uiharu more
>Gets in a fight involved with the Magic Side in the tournament
>Try to leave
>Gets cornered by Lessar and Acqua with Birdway as leader.
>Escapes from there
>Get send to another world where NPC fights them and the Feedback Pain is a lor worse
>Lose the will to fight
>Gets transported to another realm where Accel and Ririn are ploting against the Talgram
>Still survives with Uiharu in her side
>Uiharu stays to protect her even when she knows can't do anything but is her job as "Judgement"
Is kinda sad to watch her like that when only she wanted to be treated like a star.

It's Saten's fate to suffer

Is this from VO?

Let's rape Lessar so she would stop thinking that acting like a slut is okay


Birdway is cute

How'd the fight with Touma go?

Othinus a cute

Sasuga True Number 75

Sasuga True Number 2

Best girl wins again.


Sasuga jobber-kun


Sexy sixs confirm

>Got BTFO so hard he deleted his post

The Vikings lost you powerless fairy

As expected of best girl
you only need to know a number is coming up. It would have directed to another thread if this one hadnt gotten it

Fairy God Othinus confirmed

You've done it now.

>Where no one could see, she had started teasing him with the bottom of her feet with only black stockings on them. How could she even do that with the two feet meant for bipedal walking? It felt like having a giant tongue licking up his leg.
>“People used to brag about being able to tie a cherry stem in a knot with their tongue, but I think this is more exciting.”
>Since Lu Niang Lan was in fact the Perfect Dragon, her toes inside her black stockings had begun moving the instant he had been slightly distracted and they had untied Kyousuke’s shoelaces. And then she removed his sneaker in a smooth motion.
>During their secret battle below the table, Lu Niang Lan had gotten carried away and tried used her stockinged toes to remove Kyousuke’s socks
Jesus christ I'm not normally a footfag but just imagine the footjobs

Othinus a fucking shit. no, salty fairyfag, bug zapper and mind control tits aren't any better

>I'm not normally a footfag
You just didn't know until today


best girl confirmed

Seething over what? The majority of you liking a shit girl out of a pool of shit girls?

I'm generally more about the thighs

No, Othinus a cute confirmed. Did you even read the post?


ikawa waki

Oh you poor soul.

Literally who?

I want to kiss White Queen. I don't care what she does afterwards.

The world would be a much better place if Kyousuke could just be like this

Which girl has the most pettable head?

>stockings on


>Taking the stockings off

He drew Index, wew.

Bullying Kanzaki seems like it's a lot of fun.

Not as fun as bullying Himegami.

He has good taste.

Why are Kanzaki breasts so small but Index got a bust upper?

Index ate her breast gains


They tried to give Index atleast some kind of advantage and make her more likable. It didn't work.

I'd give her my one eye, if you catch my drift.

So Blood Sign's Toy Dream Company is basically Disney, if my understanding is correct.

stay off the streets on 2/27

So you're telling me Index drinks a lot of milk

He's back!

>Blood Sign
Can i stay here? Just started reading the novel and i literally have no fucking idea how their battle system works but at the same time i wanna read more. Perhaps some of you guys here who's caught up to the series might know the answers i might ask
>Blood Sign is getting crazy
I rarely visit here, was that supposed to be a bad thing?

At least you have the good manners to wait until after my birthday. Was it one month or three for your bet by the way I can't recall.

How do you fix this girl?

Craziness is fine, it's one of Kamachi's strong suits next to constant streams of new ideas.


More suffering

True. Giving Index bigger boobs just makes her less unique and worse, but her character is already pretty unredeemable at this point.

for me the system became easier to understand when I started thinking of it as high speed billiards

Well congratulations. You won yourself a bet. What's the next step to your master plan?

can you stop bullying my waifu ok thanks

crashing London with no survivors

Othinus a cute

>i literally have no fucking idea how their battle system works
You don't really need to know in-depth details. Just follow the tutorial and you'll eventually pick up the important bits.

no kamachi writing crazy usually leads to really really good shit.
anyways battles in blood sign is kinda like a 3d equivalent of billiards, and if you read enough, you actually get a full explanation on what the actual fuck kyousuke is doing.
just enjoy the ride.

You came back.

With the next volumes, you get the feeling of the Summoning Battle and gets great. And crazyness is one of the main reason people here like Kamachi. He's the kind of writer who puts a scene where a loli drops a tenga egg while walking.

Based Super Satan with the truth

>becoming crazy
It wasn't crazy 3-4 years ago? I distinctly remember confusing NT13 as a Jojo LN.

Othinus confirmed for best girl, satan agrees, fuck off.

They spend the first 4 volumes playing around on the super billiards, you'll grasp it eventually.


welcome back dude

How strong is this thing compared to White Wings Accelerator?

Wasn't she doing more against Gabriel than Accelerator himself was? Remember, Aiwass in OT19 had his body completely based off her

I honestly don't recall her doing anything to gabriel at all. Accelerator blocked one attack, but I cant remember a single thing about Kazakiri once she went to go challenge him. She might have just gotten lost on the way

Kazakiri is so cute when she's startled. Made for bullying.

It's hard to gauge because Gabe never goes all out. Like Pendex it goes for the "logical amount of force". Running into the Big Fiamma beam sounds like a bigger but at the same time full power sweep was said to be able to wipe out everyone.

Pretty much. Accel could hurt her because she was AIM and he knew all about that. He couldn't do shit to gabe until he redirected Kazakiri into gabe.

She got Gabriel in one side with Acqua and Accel, until Touma destroyed the land above the earth.

>got Gabriel in one side
What does this mean

She was kinda stalemating him. They just kept smacking their swords together. He wasn't doing a lot of crazy stuff in their fight.

I think you clearly see that Gabu has tits there user

>The white liger has mastered the path of the samurai. She is a true warrior who can remain calm even when two innocent swimsuit girls mercilessly scrub her entire body.
How do I become a Liger

>he thinks summons are their true form
Aren't they all based on the casters thoughts?

>I think
What about it? No one's ever denied it

Strictly speaking Raildex angels don't really have a gender. Gab has chest lumps but they aren't actually breasts.

Die and be reincarnated as the child of a tiger and lion.

>gyno genderless robot
Being Gabu is suffering in Raildex.

Gabriel is tired of this shit. Mortals keep pulling him down

Just like Aiwass looks feminine due to kazakiri, Gabe looks like that because Fiamma based it on the Misha stuff.

Who was being summoned here?

The guides got translated, and crazy is when Kamachi is at his best

Nuit, duh.

Then why are some people saying Babalon?

>super billiards
You think if this gets an anime adaption they would be able to animate this properly?

If this ever gets animated the summoning ceremonies will pretty much have to be CG.

But Lillith wasn't being summoned

Different Nuit.

I really want to know what Kamachi smoked when he wrote this, it's literally insanity billiard horseshit, and it's so great

Are you sure about that one?

I don't think any Kamachi series other than HO and Boo Boo could possibly be animated properly.


Index seems to be going pretty well

Isn't her name really long and just contains Nuit ma in it? Don't think that automatically makes her actually Nuit. She could be the equvalent of a mexican named Jesus.

I thought Will was basically a successful version of that demon-creation ritual from Accelerator.

Thelema = Will

>cut Touma strangling Izzard dummy
>Accel's plasma looks retarded
>Gabriel's "wings"
>Accel's wings are just tornadoes

I'm still holding out for a studio taking Zashiki Warashi for a challenge

I dont see why you dumbasses think 3d billiards would be difficult to animate.

We don't know what Will is yet.

Pretty sure that you're just talking to someone who wants to deny the implications of Nuit being related to the Level 6 Shift. It should be pretty obvious that Lilith isn't the goddess Nuit given that Aleister met Aiwass and wrote the Book of Law, including all the stuff about Nuit, long before Lilith was ever born.

Blonde lolis are trash

But that's not Index or Othinus.

Will could be several different things. Nuit, a way for Aleister to control the Network absolutely, a demon, or something else. One thing its not is what it says it is

>>cut Touma strangling Izzard dummy
They probably could have animated that just fine, the issue is they cut the dummy entirely.


You're overselling Index. These things often look fine. Sure a scene or two got cut. That's life. It doesn't merit anything as hyperbolic as "couldn't possibly be animated properly"

>>Accel's plasma looks retarded
They fixed that in Railgun.

Every HO girl is a ho.

It's interesting, but Aleister didn't mention Will at the end of NT19, did he? He mentioned the clones and Kazakiri, not her.

He probably doesn't want Touma OR Accelerator to think too hard about it much because its bad for the Sisters/needs to do something at a precise time

He was speaking to Coronzon, the MCs weren't present. Will is either his ace that she doesn't know about, or it's something neither know about. The only time Will appeared in AC, is the only time Aleister was NOT in the city

It would be really hard to buy that Aliester couldn't have an idea of what Will is considering Accel-tan's manga.

I'm pretty sure Aleister was in AC when Will appeared to Accelerator.

Oh, you're right. In that case, Will is likely an ace. I've said from the very beginning everything Will's said has sounded more like Aleister and less like the Sisters, especially NT6. Aleister's little speech to Accelerator in NT19 even kind of echoed NT6. Both speeches boiled down to "do what you want but if you fuck up, you're fucked and its nobody's fault but your own"

Aleister was popping in and out of AC at some point after NT2 to somewhere else. NT9 was probably trying to imply that it was the Pure World, and that he guessed Othinus was gonna destroy the universe

Will Mikoto fusing in order to create a stable host for Nuit, while Mikoto also gaining the memories of Will and more power, until Nuit starts to completely take over soon.

So season 3 will cover Terra shenanigans, battle royale, Acqua, discount Mordred's rebellion, and DRAGON right?
7 volumes seems reasonable and some of them focus more on action so it shouldn't be that long.

No one knows, but Miki said something about a climax, so it may include WW3

OT15 described the wings he forms behind him as tornadoes.
His black wings look similar to that pube ball that surrounded Mikoto during her 6 shift.

More like "Mikoto almost dies because she's chasing after Touma as usual, nearly kills the Sisters along with her, and has to get bailed out by both Touma AND Accelerator so a middle school obsession doesn't kill her and 10,000 other people"

>To Aru no Majutsu Index
>To Aru no Majutsu Index NT
I just finished watching S1, which of these two should i start reading?

Maybe use your brain or google?

Think they can fit SS2 somewhere? If they really end up making ww3 in season 4 instead, would SS2 be out of place there? Does ww3 have enough content to make a season out of, or will it it continue into NT? (Risks anti-climactic ending though)

NT is part 2 of the series



>Is 3 books enough to make a whole season?
Not really no. If it was NT8-10 conceivably, but WW3 didn't have a whole lot going on that could have been expanded on much more than it did.

I don't even remember some of those girls.

>no chimera

There's far too many literal whos on this chart. Cut out the anime only characters. It's not like Raildex has a lack of girl and needs to pad stats

I see it's that time again. Let the thread die~

22 a best

Her smoking habit would be a bit hard to deal with, though.

We have a newer version I thought

lets see who i get

Please no

You're right, I was just browsing old threads and found that.

>nitrogen powers based on Accelerator
I hate this. I want another

Congrats, you got a "third rate" clone's plaything.

Obviously he's projecting since Kakineball is everyone's shared plaything.

Worst is fine. Her vulgar personality is nice

Rude. He'll come back and return, though hopefully he doesn't die again. He's still number one in my heart

I love Kuroko so much. So fucking much.

That's fine. Kuroko is fine too, I don't see much wrong in any girl now that I think about it. This is true peace, the zenith of enlightenment. Once you realise their appeal and their charm, all girls become number one.

I'm ok with being Number 2. I'm happy as long as I am able to continue helping others and looking out for the weak.

Based Beetle poster

That's the spirit, True Number 2!

Beetle is rewarded with a loli harem while his counterpart "muh true number 1" stays eternally cucked and assblasted in the depths of the sea.

Cease this drivel. To be assigned a number is just a means to an end, but make no mistake, he is the best esper.



Holy shit.

Peculiar, but annoying and troublesome. I still stand by what I said. He will prove himself with his return, mark it.

You cheeky cunt.


Well honestly, I hope the one I get is a dickbreaker

Oh shit, meant to reply to this It seems I got a good pull


Worst girl

You're just jealous that you'll never have an onee-chan like her.

>not even actually cute
wasted digits desu

Very good taste.

I want Beetle to save Uiharu.

Her nipples are missing.


Biondetta is WIFE material. How crazy she would be in bed.

Mega 8 get soon

imoutos are better

I didn't know tumblr read index. Would have figured they dropped it once girls started getting punched

Kind of disgusting artstyle.

Kamikoto is good for the heart!

Not going to lie, I kind of want to see if anyone on tumblr sperged about Raildex.

>Kakine comes home to this every night

I'm sure they have, but I'm not about to go look for it

MisaMisa is better

Spent about 5 seconds trying and gave up.
Found a fucking Kakinefag immediately though. Its his username and everything.

Spare yourself. To go into tumblr is to willingly drive yourself mad, a brain is a precious resource

Tumblr just seems to be a porn site to me. Never see any of the shit its most famous for.

>"I a- "
Why won't you let Accel talk?

It's got this weird layout where you have to pick and choose what to follow, and things that people have "liked" or whatever arent always theirs so sometimes you end up filling your page up with rants and shit. I've never spent enough time to try and figure the weird layout out though

New Frenda figure by ??? on Wonder Festival (Winter) 2018


What's with her nose

Since we're slightly on the subject...

Do you think Tumblr could boost the popularity of season 3 with a publicity stunt related to how sexist it is?

Of course not

Who cares. It only needs to be popular in Japan. There's no benefit to it being popular in the west and plenty of detriments.

>Since we're slightly on the subject...
No, we're not.

What are the detriments?

Nothing will boost Index's popularity in the west, it's irrelevant

The gender equality memes were popular back in the day of it airing. Although it's been so long, newer anime fans probably don't have a clue

More shitposters, publishers trying to shut down fantranslations, poor art as seen above getting mixed into the mix making trying to find quality art harder, getting approached by people on the street who don't know how to hide their power level, etc.

No, fuck off.

Maybe it isn't a great thing after all.

Also forgot to mention, dumb shit like the "fix fic" that was posted on here the other day where autists think they can make the series better, you'll see an influx of dumbshit like that trying to show how girls should stop being punched, or Touma needs to get a power up and use a gun or the like

look at all the shit that's come out since Index 2 aired, like SnK, hero academia, one joke man, etc.
Index will have no normalfag western audience by now

The moment Index S3 gets picked up by crunchyroll it'll have an audience again. Hopefully it like everything else will lose most of its momentum after the season ends

>getting approached by people on the street who don't know how to hide their power level
Literally never happens.

If there was ever an arc for it to get that close, it'd be this one. NT has too much weird shit for them to follow

>fix fic
Going on to that forum made me sick, everyone was praising it. Touma being special defeats the purpose, that thing isn't Touma. I can bet you (because it was attempting to be more inclusive and shit) that Kakine would be gay for Accelerator, for some reason.

Not now, but it will if it gets too popular. I've been accosted simply for reading shit on my phone, vehemently denying that I've ever even heard of One Piece because I had no inclination to talk to the autist next to me. I wasn't even reading it at the time I think it was Vagabond they just went "manga! omg talk to me" like autists do

I will never not laugh at Aogami and Tsuchimikado being gay lovers for no particular reason.

Oh god, poor Aogami. It's not even Aogami if he's not drooling about females all the time. I'm going to call that thing Akagami

Aside from my cousins, who are casual as shit about it, I've only ever met one other person who knew what anime and manga even were in person.
There was a dude I caught reading manga during lunch years ago, but he talked to no one.

It's a fanmade figure created by someone called QuailEgg

Might be dependent on the makeup of your city. I live in Vancouver so you get a lot more Asian culture but also lots of fags who can't shut up.

Getting ready for Index III


Sadly, this figurine doesn't make it any more clear where she stores her bombs.

Buy two Frendas and break one of them in half.

>Danmachi gets a season 2 and movie announced
>gets new logos and a fucking PV immediately
>meanwhile raildex gets shit none after months since its "announcement"

Guess that means they're trying with Index. That makes me happy and more optimistic, thanks for that.

We already have 4 seasons and a movie.

It was obviously to damage control Tatsuki getting sacked and Kemono Friends getting canned.

This never gets old

It's clear that season 3 is going to be a low-effort cash grab.

Well technically we have 2 seasons with a remaster of the sisters arc, and then a movie. Railgun (most of it) shouldn't be accounted for when we're talking about Index mainly. Index has been deprived of content for many years
Propagate that all you want, it's still happening and you can't stop it. We are also fast approaching the Spring Fes, we will have a PV there.

So, how much memeing would you say it takes to make Kamisamisa canon now that meme magic has proven t be a real and formidable force?

I'll meme for that if only to see how pissed Kamisato's harem gets when he leaves for two nobodies.

Can we try to meme Kakine into not being a jobber?

When did Miki say this?

Also I hope they don't put WWIII into a 24 episode season that would suck and be too rush.

No because Kakine already is a living meme

I'm trying.

No WWIII couldn't make a 24 episode season. A 12 episode season yes but not 24.

If we go by how many pages are in the WWIII Arc. I would say we would get 10 episodes at the most. If we put in SS2 then it could be 12 episodes

12 episodes of ww3 and 12 episodes of Mikoto playing violin for slut brigade.
Just like old times.


The cooler purple

thats shit brown

No that's best purple

Was there ever a time this was funny?

Mikoto is for sumata.


I want her to do sumata to my face.

>purplefags this triggered

We get ours in march, don't worry

>mikotofags this desperate to start shit


I honestly don't care that much either way. NT20 is something I'm looking forward to more than season 3.

>doesn't even join up Misaki's team in VO
Junko a baka.

does she use her power when she masturbates?

Qwenser and Heivia >>>>> All


Stop this degeneracy you fag





I don't know

Punch Bi(tch)ondetta every day

Give me the double 00s

Rolling for an actually cute girl and not a whore.

Give me Himegami!



Lets go

I will punch this girl in the face.

She might be a stupid tsundere but Mikoto is so damn cute. CUTE!
I want to do unspeakable things to her.

I don't want to punch Sasha, so I will punch this girl in the face instead.

I will fap to the girl I get no matter who

Can you repeat that question?

Let's roll

sasuga best girl

And the last girl to punch

t. Kakine.

Reading through OT 15. Translation quality has taken quite a nosedive, but I've managed follow it and got to make it to first item scene

You're not the boss of me now.

As expected of best girl.

Why are the female Level 5s so much weaker than the males?

This girl deserves bullying.

Why does Rakko have such a fertile figure?

Males are way more likely to be autistic than females

Enjoy your ban user.

Just like in real life!

My personal sex slave

Her sister got all the shit genes.

If they were as bullshit as the guys, it would be complicated to come up with situations in which they need to be saved. That would be inconvenient in a series where saving a girl is one of the standard story structures.

This girl will die next volume

Who would ever want to save M*gino though?

Goggles can't use his power to just see her undressing remotely?

This girl will get punched by Touma next volume.

>volume starts back in Touma's parents house
>seemingly normal before the storm novel before Touma and friends go to England
>shit actually goes in their house and Shiina is killed
Punished Touma soon

But she's dead

Junko and Oriana would be cuter without those ugly drills.

This girl is #6, don't trust her

True despair never stays within your expectations, does it?

It's an excellent way to separate Touma from "the normal world". With AC gone, he can no longer go back to his normal every day life, leading to him naturally to settle with the potential every day life with his parents, which he has been neglecting since he lost his memories. Shiina dying would shatter another of his sanctuaries.

This is Baba's waifu. Say something nice to her

Tch, I'll kill you

This girl will get a femdom doujin this year.

That sounds like an Aspergillus doujin waiting to happen.

God, season 3 is going to have Accelerator cucked by LO X Kakine (Uiharu) so hard. Terra raping Itsuwa? Its gonna be bad.

Yes please.

>Uiharu femdom with Kakine

>ywn be a loyal beetle and living as part of the true number one
Why live?

Cuckine get dominated confirmed

Coronzon new host

This girl is the best for violent hatesex

This girl is True Number 1

This is actually a boy


This one is into rape.

Can beat the White Queen.

More powerful than she lets on

>raping Itsuwa
Can't rape the willing

Dont forget Kanzaki having sex with KL

Would actually enjoy getting punched by Touma
In other words rolling for Mikoto


All you need to beat Misaki is a trained attack dog. I doubt her power works on animals.

Misaki's power can often be a 1 hit win or 1 hit lost depending on her available lines of defenses.
Are you immune to her power? If not, you lose. Even if you have a dog, you'll just call it off against your will.
If you are immune, her protection then falls to anyone around who isn't. Are THEY stronger than you and /or your dog? If so, you lose again.

I stopped reading after Othinus
what's the current state of power creep?

Well, you're not wrong.

Aleister and Aiwass are the strongest.

This is my wife.

Ah, now I know why Fuyukawa's Kuroko is the best. Not just the bangs but her twintails are longer.

Aleister is still bullshit.
MG's collectively jobbed to a fucking kid with a hand like toumas, but instead of negating shit he banishes shit to the index equivalent of the shadow realm.
Aleister finally decided to start doing shit, fucked up,and shit went down.

But MG's like the shadow realm. If they didn't they could just leave.

Why is Aleister a girl now?

He wants to feel the pleasure of being handled roughly and cummed inside.

When will The TouMAN destroy Aleister's insides?

Here we go.

The slut I will cheat on my wife with

's wife who will cheat on him with me.

I don't blame him for cheating on THAT.
Good luck, though. You're gonna need it.

>EVERYTHING gets a new PV and announcement
>no raildex PV
THE STATE of Raildex

I remember the PVs for the first two seasons being kind of boring. And on one occasion, came out the very broadcasting season before actually airing.

What do you think the PV needs in it anyway? What needs to be ready before it can be shown? A sample of good animation quality and voice acting are obvious, but should they "spoil" in it?

how do I get into index?? I watched both railgun shows and loved them. but for some reason index is just so tedious.

>What do you think the PV needs in it anyway?
because it needs to. Basic advertising duh.

Anime or LN?


That makes it trickier, since the LN is even moreso.

What episode have you reached so far? And what was it that you liked about Railgun? Railgun was even slower, so I gotta ask.

I reached episode 8(i think) after they went to save that shrine girl

I liked the characters in railgun a lot, and their stories (even the filler) is interesting to me. Touma is such a whiny baby though

Read the railgun manga and then watch the rest of index if you're still interested in the world.

Yeah that's what I'm going to do. thanks for the suggestion

Uiharu dies

This info helps me advise you, as autistic as that sounds.
Since you like Railgun, you should continue on the manga if you aren't already. Its worth it. (It does have a lot of Index cameos and jokes hidden, but it isn't an absolute must necessarily)

I wouldn't necessarily recommend to continue watching Index if you can't get into it soon. I can't stand the "It gets good by episode 20 I swear" philosophy.

Episode 9 will finish the arc you are on. If you saw Railgun S, do not bother with episode 10. Skip to episode 18 (Or OT5, even the manga might be an interesting place to go here). You'll probably want to watch episode 15-17 eventually, but there's not a big rush on it.
You'll find out quickly if its for you long before then probably.

[/autism] It gets good by the 20th episode of the second season I swear.

Also you could read the Railgun SS novels. They're pretty fun and if you can get into those then you can probably get into reading the novels instead of watching the Index anime since its honestly not a good adaption.

>red bikini

She deserved to die to be honest. You need dark hair to wear red unless you want to look like Ronald Mcdonold.


I do not associate her appearance with Ronald McDonald because I do not like McDonald's, and even if I did, Ronald's presence is essentially gone from my town.
But here's a fix if you require.

It’s not just me specifically. You’re not really supposed to wear red as a blonde. It’s a general rule.

thanks user I'll keep that in mind


>inb4 she still looks good anyways

That’s because anime characters are drawn in a way that makes them seem really cute no matter what most of the time. It doesn’t mean she couldn’t be better in an outfit that actually works.

In order from top to bottom.

Not sure if that applies to a sling bikini. She may as well just be naked at that point. Also, never heard of the rule.

The only one of them that is worthy is probably Frenda.

I'd fuck Awaki 4 times.
Tsuchi may or may not be welcome.

sumata indeed

Would Kazakiri be a good friend?

It’s definitely a rule. There’s some fashion articles that say it’s okay in certain shades but it’s really not. It’s just one of those things that never really works unless everything is perfect.

That’s clearly a fake anyways but nice try. Those eyes are way too purple.

Sounds incredible arbitrary. Get me a screenshot on google images of blonds who look terrible in red swimsuits.


Just go google it yourself or look up the rule. I really hope you haven’t been wearing red all these years as a blonde user. That would be embarrassing.

Is it Febri?
Or Fremea, who's eyes look slightly purple in certain lighting.

Just screenshot it for me.

Febri has bright purple eyes all the time. It’s probably Fremea.

Just go look up blondes in red bikinis and compare it to them in blue. It’s not that hard. I don’t want to grab pictures and post them.

Blue is okay, but I didn't see anything wrong with the red. I wanted you to screen it so I could see your opinion.

There’s plenty wrong with it. You’re just hypnotized by their bodies.

Exactly. You're gay. Only gay people critique fasion. Its a general rule. Not just in magazines either. Entire television programs have stated it was so.

Even if I was gay that still doesn’t mean I can’t look good. The rules are the rules user. You need to learn them.


Fuck the rules, do what thou wilt.

Not acceptable

Say something nice about Himegami for a change

She’s a cute girl so be nice to her and let her barrow some money.


They look like demons or something. I like it.

I like her himecut.

I think we can a agree this specific choice of attire is gross.

You don’t even have to be knowledgeable at dressing like a human being to know that.

If Mugino showed up to a date like this how would you boys go about ditching her? Would you pull the old I gotta use the restroom trick? Maybe have your mom text you there’s an emergency?

She looks great in her part-time job uniform.

Isn't Mugino like a model inspired character? Was this outfit popular in Japan in 2008 or something?
How do you all feel about her S outfit?

I feel like it would be great to punch the dumb bitch in the face.

Her boobs are bigger than Mikoto's.

I think it’s too girly but that’s just me.

At the very least, Mugino's purple dress she wore in Railgun S looks a hell of a lot better than that yellow abomination she wore in the LN

We can all agree on that.


I will also punch this girl just to apologize and hug her

Reroll on that, I don't want Touma's sloppy seconds.

Did you see any raildex around here?

Hestia is a prettier (because she doesn't have silver hair) White Queen.

What the hell was Haimura thinking by going with that one?

What happens if you have fully-powered Othinus, Aleis-tan and White Queen in your harem?

He was eating a banana.

To show that she was going bananas.

Which direction do you go first when checking the chart? Because I didn't think Touma had any interactions with this person that were worth noting.


Can defeat Touma

There aren't enough Shotas in Raildex. Kamachi I know you lurk /Raildex/ please add more cute shotas

Would Mugino stand a better chance of defeating a Saint than Misaka because her ability is more lethal and she isn't afraid of killing? Saints aren't invincible.

I wonder who could be behind this post.

That precog boy should meet Touma at some point. They share similar childhoods and don't even know it. Both declared gods of pestilence and blamed for circumstances beyond their control. Touma is ironically lucky that he does not remember of it, but unlucky that he cannot share it. Poor kid suffers alone until Kuroko steals him from Awaki.

>Isn't afraid of killing
This is a tricky thing in VS hypotheticals, though certain saints also suffer the same problem, like pic related.

Mugino's shield is very slow and saints are often about speed, which Mikoto has more of in a "concrete jungle" environment. Maybe not enough speed, but she has it.

Also, Mugino may very well struggle against a non-saint magician like Terra, as her one trick pony power will get blocked every time. While Mikoto can alter between electrical shocks and projectiles at a moment's notice.


>people still bitching about PV
Every other season we ever got has had the PV come out like a few months before air date. Calm the fuck down and learn your shit.

Misaki a pile of shit

What is Shoujo Grand Summoning and why can't I summon my own Misaka?

Having a threesome with Misaka and 10032!

You should really try varying up a bit. Like next time, say “Misaki a smelly pile of dog shit” or something


Great taste, I’d love having a threesome with Misuzu and 10032.

Let’s just say there’s a reason Mikoto holds her hand like that.

I wasn't even trying for those digits. I guess she belongs in the #3 position after all.

Fucking disgusting




At the announcement he told the crowd "let's enjoy this climax together" at the end

That actually sounds awesome and I'm not being sarcastic or ironic.

I'm still thinking it's Touma mach punching Carissa over a building.

Thnaks you for replace my place Cuckinekun now your place in mine.

Perfect /r9k/ ad.

The problem is, they sort of have to end on WW3, because it'd be silly to then do a 1 cour season afterward. That and they need to reach NT before the LNs finish

Mikoto is just a shitty wannabe yandere now. She'll forever stay cucked unlike Mugino who actually lives with her lover.



>wannabe yandere
She's already more yandere than Mugino will ever be.


Mugino sort of sucks because she's the only Level 5 that just a normal guy with a gun actually has a reasonable chance of taking down. The other Level 5s have some sort of ability or multiple abilities to handle sneak attacks and multiple attackers (enhanced senses, super speed, durability, auto-defense, regeneration). You can just shoot Mugino.

Also Misaki I guess, but unlike the other Fives she's not really a combat-type.

I don't think anyone in the series is ever going to top Mugino's "I'm gonna burn off Rikou's pussy so you can't fuck her" moment.

>Leave White Queen to me

I swear if the anime skips that line, and telling Shiage to jack it to the scent of her molten vag then I'll shitpost it till the end of time

They'll change it to "I'll burn her up" or something probably. Though they kept Accelerator's cannibalism in, so I dunno.

This guy is an even bigger fuck up than Aleister

PV when?

I think I speak for many patricians here when I say I'm far more excited for Goblin Slayer than that shit.

How is the original line? I don't remenber where it is.

Shiroyama did nothing wrong. Even when screws up most of the time, he has good intentions. When he sees someone who's in trouble, he just can't help it but to lend a hand

I can't deny that.

>Mugino had grabbed Takitsubo’s hair and held her up as if to use her as a shield. Mugino brought her other arm, the large arm of light created by a loop of Meltdowner, to a position that was almost touching Takitsubo’s skin.
>“Gya ha ha!! Oh, now where to start burning her? Maybe I should roast that little face of hers. Or maybe I should press against her pink pussy and burn it pitch black!! Hey, what do you think, Hamazura? You’d better come out, cause I’m gonna burn her into a black mummy! Or can you still get off to fucking a hole like that!?”
>“I’ll count to three. If you don’t come out, I’ll burn Takitsubo’s pussy as punishment. Of course, if you’d rather just abandon her, then you can just sit there masturbating to the stench of her virginity being burned away.”
>Mugino did not give a nice slow count as was usual.

obviously not R13

TouMAN just needs to break the tsundere with the power of his dragon dick.
Ow, the fucking edge.

Index's anime is rated R-17+

>every tom, dick, and harry gets a new season and their accompanying promotional media immediately after announcement
>meanwhile in raildex
>still no PV
>still no new key art
>not even a new logo
>shills claim it's "coming" in the festival and that the producers are actually "trying" but have no evidence other than their delusion and that their must be a new season because of the announcement in spite of the fact that it was released in very suspect circumstances

"I-It's coming, guys, we swear!" says increasingly nervous user for the 4th time.


>baiting for (You)s this hard in a dying thread on a holy day in a christian image board
Only a jew could be behind this

Even this user is far more excited for a Goblin Slayer than a hypothetical Index or Railgun III. The absolute fucking state of Raildex.

Well you guys have been talking to Immobileposter nonstop, so it's practically inevitable.

Railgun III, sure. Index III, hell no. I was referring to Danmachi, because it's hot shit.

Says the fan of a series without a PV.

>Volume 8
About time, and holy fuck am i extremely late

See, even this guy is more excited for Goblin Slayer than Index III. Such a broken fanbase can only exist because of lack of animated content like a new PV.

The absolute state of Index and Railguncucks.

I live for the day that Kamachi and Yoko Taro write something together.

You'd love that since there is no new anime coming.

Let’s just say there’s a reason Mikoto holds her hand like that.

Hey now, Aogami's into traps too.

Over 500 post this should be fine.

C'mon Salome, daddy needs a new chair.

How does this work?

Ainz pls.

Give any girl whose name starts with Mi, those are the best ones.

You got the lesser Turdway. Does that help?


And just like that you got something much better. Congratulations.

Might as well.

Good job.

>it's a "muh Academy darkness" plot point

user, I'm afraid you might be a full baka.

Not really. It'll do for the time being I guess.

>someone's illusions are about to be broken


TL note: Illusion means hymen.