Yuru Camp

Yuru Camp claims another victim


At 11 p.m. on the 17th, 119th, "There was an explosion and a tent burning" at Wakasugi campground in Sasaguri-machi, Fukuoka prefecture. According to Fukuoka Prefectural Police Department Kasuya Station, one tent was burned down, and a body found to be an adult man was found inside.

The man seems to have stayed in a tent by himself, and the police are investigating the identity and cause of fire.

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amazon.co.jp/gp/aw/d/B000AR4TJQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?__mk_ja_JP=カタカナ&qid=1518927837&sr=8-3&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=キャンプ テーブル&dpPl=1&dpID=41V2xGE5QwL&ref=plSrch
rei.com/search.html?q=glove liners&origin=web&ir=q:glove liners&page=1

don't spoil the finale

How many lives must Rin's Bun claim?

Hope there are multiple failed antarctic expeditions as well. Greetings from Sora yori (...) basho

Now I leave Lake Motosuko to back real world.

I know we're autists, but do these people actually going out and trying to camp not pay attention to safety?

I like Fujiko's asymmetrical hairstyle for Lake Shibire. Also Rin's single hairclip.

Kind of weird for them to be a little more dressed up for that camp, but I guess this is the first one where both of them go at the same time.

I don't see how there can be an explosion unless he brought tons of alcohol and a gas stove.
Maybe he had some gunpowder for hunting too.

i love this season so much


keikaku doori

This is the face of a killer


Where can I get that little table?

There's even a warning at the end of every episode about fires.

PLEASE remember to look after your onee-chans, you might think their drinking is cute but it can often be covering up emotional issues.

In Abe's attempt to inspire otaku to get outside, he only wondered if he could, never if he should.

Genius! Nadeshiko is safe. Let her enthousiasm kill.

I'll handle this.

At this point I'm convinced the only reason they put that in is so they don't get sued.

i just realized who Rin reminds me of

Why does this keep happening? Surely camping isn't THAT dangerous, is it?

It's not america where you can sue a hot mug just because he didn't tell you it's hot because of coffee

Did he light the fire inside the tent? Take out a propane tank?

How did he manage this?

Then wat is the right way to treat an oneechan sickness ?

gas powered heater that started leaking maybe?

I need more details.
Propane tanks are pressurized and shouldn't explode until shot by high powered rifles

Costume switch when?


>green tent
how did he know

Why people suddenly discovered camping? is it because that moe show?


Maybe. If you put a tank too close to the camp fire that might do it too.

propane is a hell of a drug

they should have safety valves, you might end up with a flamethrower when it goes off, but not a explosion.

Pro tip campers, don't fuck around with gas stoves, don't use them inside tents and don't open the valve until you are ready to light it.


If it's kerosene, sure.
But propane tanks don't work that way. The fire would be concentrated to the reaches of the gas but would not be able to get inside due to the pressure of the air

Educate yourself on that case. It was legit.

Thank you Cred Forums I'm learning fire safety.

feet to head everyone's dead


I like the photo quality. Sony alpha series?

My wife Nadeshiko is so cute.

fucking until she pass

This, cawfee shouldnt be 190 fucking degrees Fahrenheit

god my wife aoi is so cute

Camping accident in japan is quite common every month.
Don't make any accidents a yuru meme

>It's not america where you can sue a hot mug just because he didn't tell you it's hot because of coffee


all the related fan tributes are pretty much on locations involved with the series
the place in link is on the opposite side of japan from where the chinese cartoon is
shitposting never happens on the weekends obviously


You'd think it'd be common sense if people were going to try out a new hobby, they'd do some proper research into it first. Not just copy an anime and start a forest fire or get themselves killed.

What surprises me more is that there are people who never went camping when they were younger. City slickers amirite?

I want to camp yuru-style, but
- I don't have a bike or scooter
- Public transit Halifax probably doesn't go to any campgrounds AFAIK
- I don't have ANY gear except for a decent Columbia jacket and a pair of gloves that don't keep my hands warm below 0°C
- I haven't even camped since probably grade 10
- And it's cold as fuck out.

I bet though I could get a couple of friends together for a thing though.

Or just suburb white collar sorts like myself. Father being a doctor we never really did much of any outing things, plus I have always been the stereotypical nerd type and a homely person so that really doesn't help.

>bring propane lantern into tent
>fall asleep
>wake up and lantern is out
>"Oh, I better relight it."
The gas builds up inside the tent, thus the explosion.

Not that I don't believe you, user, but being where you are from, do you literally not go outside for more than 5 minutes during half the year? Get yourself some comfy winter clothes.

Cred Forums camp when

Best girl

I've got my jacket, I wear jeans, but I probably should have decent winter boots. As for getting out, I only really go out for the day if it's decent enough out (aka not snowing/raining and not too cold), also I take transit everywhere (no car/license.)

I really need to get boots though... wearing regular sneakers really sucks in snow/slush.

come join us on /out/ and we'll arrange something eventually

After the /k/ outing

You'd think it would be common sense how to handle gas. Even growing up in NYC kids were taught if they smell gas don't light any fires and to get the fuck out of the area.

Common sense is not so common.

Your waife has the body of a well trained whore.

>Even growing up in NYC kids were taught if they smell gas don't light any fires and to get the fuck out of the area.

Which fucking districts?
Because they sure as hell didn't tell the retards here.

Just don't be the guy who burned down half of Mexico.

literally me

Fight me you long necked bitch

Honestly.. kinda strange, but /k/ does have campingish meetups. They would provide activities to watch. Fires to join and chat with but more gun shooting than nature. Also not 100% sure how well Cred Forums would mix with /k/ in real life. Not to mention their camp areas are harder to get to without 4x4 type vehicles.

>Also not 100% sure how well Cred Forums would mix with /k/ in real life.

Speaking as an anime watching, gun toting, reactionary, I think everyone would get along just fine. Just have to make sure to bring some ear protection and everyone would have a blast.

>Also not 100% sure how well Cred Forums would mix with /k/ in real life
Things went fine until the goat incident at the most recent Nuggetfest.

I want to go camping thanks to Yuru
But honest to god, I'm scared to try because I don't want to die

I wish I were a cup of curry.


Yeah, it was a great anime.

I already spent money today on below to join the society.

It was very cute.

>I don't want to die
Start small. Set up a tent in your yard for a day.

Ordered this shirt, the op single and the ost
So excited

>tfw only /out/ things I have are an old 4 person tent and big ass sleeping bag from my dad
What tents are you anons grabbing?

beach ep when

The smell of gas is added for safety during manufacture. I assume Japan does the same thing. But if you've been sleeping next to a propane leak your brain will be starved of oxygen so you won't be thinking right.

a.co/40KL9xm I think this might be the one.

common sense is a sin against creativity


Also I want Rin's chair too, but I'm probably way too big/fat.


>Captain Stag
That's Rin's brand, right?

Oh I found the folding grill it's 'sho's b6'
Unavailable now though.
The limited yuru edition is also gome

Video about it

amazon.co.jp/gp/aw/d/B000AR4TJQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?__mk_ja_JP=カタカナ&qid=1518927837&sr=8-3&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=キャンプ テーブル&dpPl=1&dpID=41V2xGE5QwL&ref=plSrch

Wow, she really got her ass kicked!

SONY RX1 desu.

In before user's going out solo camping accidentally ending up next to each other.

>too much tism to interact
>only thing anons do is glance at each other while sweating regardless of temperature before scurrying back in their dark tent
it'd be like a deer caught in headlights before it turns into a meerkat or prairie dog that bolts into its burrow.


She joins the camping club before Rin.

Everyone dies.

I hope h artirt arent thinking about lewding the yurus in the next comiket. They are too pure for that and they should have some values and respect it.

Well i guess i would allow some aoi lewds since with her body is unavoidable.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that when I saw the bun.

I hated camping and fishing when I was forced to go when younger. Id rather go play in the forest with friends and be able to go home and sleep in a comfy bed at night.

We are all Rin

So Abe is making the otaku go outside and letting the dumber ones get darwin'd. Based

Is that Strawberry Panic?
That was my favourite show for it's pure lewdness, back in the day.

That was the problem with boy scouts for me. Mix of bad equipment, no advance reading of things to do and no sitting activities. Now I know how to make chairs, tables, beds and shelter with smallest amount of effort and materials. Things became more fun once I was not limited to someone saying "You cant do that!" or "We are now going for a hike, DEAL WITH IT".

Yeah my dad used to take me and my brothers with him camping, but i was too young to go off on my own in a area I wasn't familiar with and my brothers are 7 years older so they got to go fuck off somewhere to have fun while i was stuck at camp doing nothing, which for a 6-10 y/o was boring as fuck.

Shimarin is compact and lightweight for easy camping.

Wait, Rin eventually joined the Outclub?

Another thing to buy because of this anime.

No, just that most people are expecting her to and it's funny that a brand new character would get introduced and added first. I doubt Rin's ever joining. It wouldn't add much beyond the formality of saying she's in, since they've already camped together and will probably keep doing so, but it'd take away from her freedom as a solo camper feeling like she should always be with the group.

but that shit sucks

Sailor Jerry is better and only a little more expensive.

She reminds me so much of Yui, it's not even funny.

Do have any proof this one was related to Yuru Camp? Seems like it could have just been a random camper.

Yeah, but it's nice having Shimarin as the main character. Genki moe is so 2009. Bring on antisocial loner moe.

Alcohol is a poison to society.

MC should be Nadeshiko's nee-san.


Could have been buts there more memes involved if it was because of yuru camp

ED of the season

It's kind of fun to watch a cursed anime. Don't go camping, user, or you'll be visited by the spirit of comforting flames in your tent.

Multi purpose bun

It always makes me want to listen to some Nick Drake.

She looks straight out of a Shimimaru work with that expression and those glasses.

Fucking noice. Where are you going now, user? I wish you have fun, no matter where.
It's kinda fitting that they're chosen Nadeshiko for the cover of the funky upbeat song, and Rin for the mellow guitar track.

The best hair style of the season.



I want to buy Nadeshiko's blanket, orange a bes color fite me irl at a campground

>user sees another user camping nearby

More than anything this anime is making me want to buy a motorcycle. She just seemed so free cruising on her scooter.

Looking at a Ninja 300

You should stop by /o/ sometime

Why are there so many lewds of her?

More likely than not since almost all the newbies are camping due to yuru.

Sex appeal is all she has.

Activate it.

I've been lurking the /dbt/. The thought of putting an animu sticker on my Jap rocket is very appealing.

But of course I also don't want to die so I'm looking into some training courses and doing all the safety BS.

Good on you user.

Same. I've had a license for low-powered bikes and cars, but I own neither. I'm really considering buying a bike of some sort.
I'm limited to 11kw bikes at most - how fast would that be able to go? I've never been interested in any bikes and "11 kw" doesn't speak anything to me.
As long as it's able to to do at least 80 km/s I'm buying it.

There's also some that have bad experiences. I personally haven't been in a while - had 3 trips in a row that had tornados (or at least heavy storms with tornado warnings).

I think in the US a Honda Grom or dual sport is what people would buy in that range but I don't know if Euros have more selection in that class. They'll definitely go that fast. Honda Grom seems like a cool little bike to me, probably similar in power to her scooter.

Buy a used Ninja 250r, preferably before 2008.
Cheap + bulletproof engine + can take high rpm's all day long + lightweight = Good for being free.
Keep in mind that Rin drives either a 50cc - 125cc scooter, so 250cc will be more than you'll ever need if all you want to do is feel free and do some laid-back camping.

In my opinion anything bigger is just for showing off, drag racing, making noise, etc.

Shit, I did it again. I obviously meant km/h.

Although I've been thinking about getting one for a while, this show has made me decide to get a scooter. Rin makes it look really comfy. Plus it's an excuse to finally learn to cycle first. I can have a 50cc one on my car licence.

That's comforting, then. I wouldn't be driving very fast, but I still want some power if I happen to need it in the future.

Thank you for the tips user I will take your advice to heart. Gonna lurk craigslist

A scooter is fine too, especially if you don't have to worry about high ways

aoi-chan makes healthy boys imagine lots of things!

Oh I agree.

Does anyone have the Old Snake edit from episode 6?

We all do.

>you will never explore space on your bike

Thanks, user.

I don't even know what is going on in that image anymore.

I can't get over how fashionable Shimarin is.

Someone remembers that?

Well done user!

Did you guys see the new figures by the way? Nadeshiko looks super cute.

Now that is something new.

I would much rather be in a corvette or battleship while exploring space.

>dealing with hundreds of crewmembers and gay politics and shit
>not striking out on a comfy adventure of your own with the void as your highway

show me a picture where she don't look fucking adorable

I know right? I love how often she has a different outfit. Not too many anime where characters have different outfits every couple episodes.

It's also a stark contrast to how she conducts herself as a person, which is neat.

A man of taste, i see.

Yeah pretty much. She's cute no matter what she's doing.

rape ryona mindbreak

Absolutely. In the old days the character only change costume if the animator want to play dress up doll (yes that is you Tsubasca chronicle).

The way Shimarin's shawl and coat fit together is neat. Curious re: how it contrast with how she conducts herself?

I like you user.

We need more lone cowboys in space.

That's all I could think of as well.

Rin just seems very practical, like she's way more about function over fashion. One of the main reasons I think she has a bun, it's definitely more suited to the wilderness than waist-length hair. But she's like other girls and wants to dress nice and be cute.

You got your Yuru Camp nendo wish, that one or two Anons.

It's me.

It wasn't my wish but I think I'll get one anyways because Nadeshiko a cute! CUTE!
Really though I want a blanket to join the secret club.

This is part of his Otaku Eugenics program. Only the strongest Otaku survive

>you will never be Ben Throttle In Space
send help

Shit character design

It's likely then that the tank was open inside the tent for a long time, and then there was a spark or something. For example; he turned the gas on, waited 10 minutes and then ignited the stove. And himself.


Not that guy, but it's also that she's so introverted, you wouldn't expect someone like that to put much care into outward appearance. You'd expect her to favour practicality. It's one of the things that makes me so interested in her.

Bought a Vespa 125cc with luggage bars. Time to travel.

Not a bad choice, user.


Heat the tank up and see what happens.

You need to buy Nadeshiko so Rin gets made

hope youre in some tiny country that isnt in north america.

She already got announced.

>tfw no 300cc twincharged Vespa that looks like Haruko Haruhara's

Only a picture though, if Nadeshiko bombs they'll cancel her

no worries, living on the border of 3 countries in Europe, got some prime camping spots in the vicinity. Now just hoping I dont explode in my tent.

Don't close it properly or have a damaged valve -> lotsa propane in the air inside the tent -> light a match...

We all know who the hired killer behind this "accident" is...

The gaijin know!
Shut it down.

BLANKET Society will smother all those who oppose them.

Are the nendoroids up for preorder yet?

>lantern says to not use inside tent
>lantern is cheap shit so it leaks like fuck and doesn't light
>guy doesn't read instructions and is new so doesn't turn it off
>tries to force it to light with a match
>tent is full of propane
>tent is literally a giant bomb
>tent is also made of plastic so it becomes hell to escape the burning, melting tent
>dude literally burns alive
All he wanted to do was be comfy, but he's a moron and couldn't even do that.

Should be soon.

We finally did it, we're gonna have a baby.

user, that's hot pot poop.

Will Ena become an Outclub member?

dont take steamy hot pot poops in the forest user

Nothing like an all-natural birth in the woods to feed the wolves.

Are you close to Spain, by any chance?
I've been trying to find places to camp, but the only ones I've found are either for school activities or don't allow campfires.
I need help, please.

Why does this show get to have TWO cute boys (female)?

How do you achieve enlightenment?

Find balance with your place in the universe.

Northern Italy, real close to Switzerland.

Cute girls.


>yfw this anime was planned by Abe so stupid otakus go kill themselfs trying to camp

what do you expect from otakus?

when do we get a spin-off where big boss has to stop the secret society known as BLANKET

whos the second?

Abe doesn't want otakus killingthemselves, he wants them making babies.

So will Darling anime force the otak uout of their nests to go out and make out with pretty sexy girls onlycause they are guys and the girls should like them no matter what logic?
As long Abe won't make a law where a girl is forced to become a pair with any guy and bear one kid before 20 to divorce later after the deecas a favour to her country, I doubt it will happen.

I thought Cred Forums was full of little girls and Otaku NEETs, how do you guys afford this shit?

Autism bux

Having a job
Not having time to actually use the things I buy

Serves him right for watching this show.

Afford what?

A tent can be had for 20 buckaroos or less. Sleeping bag can be found cheap too.

A cheap axe and some matches and you've got your fire.

Can this climb on a mountain road?

Even for a yuro that's really gay.

not as gay as Nene Quest

How come the girls are all so /fa/?

swing by the buyfag thread, we regularly spends hundreds of dollars a month on plastic butts.

>tfw when Eagle Scout
Maybe it's just because I already know basic camping skills but come the fuck on guys use your noggins.

Rin looks really beautiful here

I think I really need that story now. Plus to visit a meetup like this at least once. I have cosplay and no gun skills, but always wanted to play with automatic riffles while in schoolgirl outfit.

Based Abe, can I have another season with my cute wife Chi-chan?

I won the lottery 4 years ago, it's comfy not giving a shit about anything.

>making babies
They are lost causes that needs to get rid off

How is she so nice?

lads i have a secret i need to share with you
i need to see an absolutely enormous Rin Bun


How much did you get my dude? 4 years seems like it'd still have to be a lot even if you live in a hut and only eat ramen.

I hope no-one knows you're rich, user.



Lucky you!

is it even fucking confirmed that he was "inspired" by this anime?

If he was a well-adjusted, sane individual he wouldn't be dead.

Likely not, but that doesn't stop some people.


Man, don't link the professional "Well actually" guy.

>order hot coffee
>it's actually hot


This stuff tingles my /fa/ side so damn much but I'll never be able to be like that since I'm not a cute girl.



Would you watch it?

Secret Blanket Society vs One sniper team
who wins?

Laid back camping that then turns into sniping hajis every so often? Mite b cool

alcohol brings people together, the cancer is the jew

I'd rather have have them camping in the Georgian countryside, but maybe that's just me. It has that away-from-the-modern-world vibe, more so than other countrysides. I've been through there once and it felt oddly nostalgic. Seeing the girls be all emotional and wistful would warm my heart up.

I hope he does some Aki art. The guy can't resist a small girl with a gigantic dome.

Does the manga show him(her) being more girly later on?

Her Nendo should have this outfit.

Shima Lynn

drawn some oneesan
need more oneesan

Yuru sex with Ena in the library with Rin nearby!

wait a second
is this show trying to get me to go outside of my basement?

Can Rin join in?

Finally, some Ena art. It was about time.

Why would you have sex with a boy? Are you gay?

>sausage, a whole lime and jell-o.
What kind of soup is that?



First BD is going to have an extra prequel episode.

You missed it

>I don't even know what is going on in that image anymore.
A UPS driver, dressed as a 2hu, is firing a .50BMG semi-automatic rifle.

Actually there's not much to the goat story; some /k/ommandos on the way to a TX Nuggetfest passed a goat that was for sale. They bought it, shot it, dressed it, and cooked it. Then a certain 2hu hung its head/hide on a tree.

You are going to buy the Yuru camps Nendos, aren't you user?

I want to. Also mai 29th basudei is coming up.


There is never enough oneesan.

can someone edit that so the bottle reads cum special

I'm not going to be able to wish you a happy birthday to you on the exact day you have it, so I'll say it now.
Happy birthday, user-san.

>user went into the woods
>didn't encounter any skinwalkers

did you vandalize that hut too?

Here you go mate, with an added extra touch.

Start in summer, when the only things to take care of are food, water and bears. Start in a region without bears, on a camping site with tap water, toilets and a convenience store. Just like the Yuru Camp girls. You can learn all the basics there, without any risk. How to make fire without self-immolation, how to build the tent so that it doesn't get destroyed by a light breeze or soaked and flooded by a harmless rain shower. How to not establish colonies of ants and weird bugs in your food reserves.


I want her hat.

I have bad news.

what did they mean by this?

They're unisex.

Hats are unisex.

I wonder if they'll ever restock if enough anons message the company.

Some real shit advice in this pic.

Do not buy a pack off of Amazon. Go to a reputable outdoors store like REI and have it fitted. People have different torso sizes and packs range accordingly. Would you buy a shoe without trying it on first? I would also increase your budget to $100 if you want a buy-it-for-life pack that will endure daily use beyond camping. I personally swear by this model for work commuting, plane travel, and short-trip camping:


Do not use a bigger tent than you need, especially since you will NOT be storing your gear inside it. A campsite should consist of a triangle - your tent, your gear, and your cooking area on opposite corners. This is a safety rule and not following is suicide risk in the U.S. where bears are common. If you're in a crowded camp and concerned by leaving your pack in the open, store it under your tent's rain fly (though your pack should come it's own rain cover.

>sleeping mat
Inflatable sleeping pads are not used by "some people" - they are the standard by anyone who knows what they're doing and they don't "have a tendency to break". I've been using my Thermarest for over 10 years without needing to open my patch kit. "Time to fill" is also a myth. Foam mats take up a prohibitive amount of space and are an instant red flag for an inexperienced camper. They're fine if you're RV or car camping though.

Do NOT bring a lighter unless you're car camping - waterproof matches are mandatory if you're lighting anything for important tasks like cooking or boiling drinking water.


>what did they mean by this?
Rin camps with old men for hats.

Just checked Wikipedia and found most of the cast seems to be named after places in Gifu: Kagamihara, Ena and Oogaki. Inuyama is in Aichi, but just across the river from Kagamihara. Shima is in a completely different place altogether.

You absolute dumbass, you posted the wrong one.

I'm dumb so what's the name of the hat Nadeshiko wears here? Flap hat?


>cooking gear
Cooking directly over a campfire is also stupid and by no means a "standard". Rin points out in the first episode that it ruins her cooking gear. Not to mention that many camps ban fires, foraging for firewood is often not an option, and how would you cook if it rains? There are plenty of cheap stoves out there, but you might as well just drop the $100 for a Whisperlight or a Dragonfly. Also, who on earth would lug cast iron anything to camp with? There are plenty of lite weight options at a range of prices.

Soda bottles? Fucking really? Get two Nalgenes, and label one as WATER ONLY. Never put other liquids mix any powders into it, because it becomes a pest magnet forever if you do. You should also research water purification methods like tablets and droplets. Very important, even if some sites with water spigots (you need to research beforehand).

A simple general resource I still look at from my Scouting days is the Philmont manual:


It includes a gear list and many of the necessary camp safety rules. There are better guides for other specific types of camping, but this is pretty thorough. Don't think you need everything though, since this is for multi-week hiking excursions.

Her bun is male

Yuru camp is dangerous

No, they won't. If they're going to do a set of nendos they do the set. They don't back out like that.


I camped in them for years because they're what our troop had as defaults and they are trash.

If you can't invest $100 to $150 for a decent half-dome tent, you're better off renting because you're not serious about camping anyway.

For a solo-camper like Rin, I'd recommend this little one-man.


For 2 campers, I recommend this:


>they are trash
Explain, user. What's the problem with A-frames?

All according to keikaku.

I wish i could make a baby


I'm thinking of buying a camping hammock with my wagekek tax return.
Should I?

tfw Spain has great places to camp at but free camping is illegal pretty much everywhere.


She's gonna blow up their tent.
It is windy as fuck right now. Reminder to all anons, skip campfires when it's windy. If you can, check the forecast before starting.

First of all, go look on Amazon and see how many of them are sub-$50 from no-name brands. It's a pretty common design for a trash tent you get at Walmart to camp in your backyard.

The only good A-frame I'm aware of is the Eureka Timberline, which costs as much as the modern designs I linked above. I will say that these Eurekas aren't trash at all, but I still hate them for reasons I'll explain.

The Eurekas I used are durable as hell and pretty much idiot-proof, which made them ideal for a bunch of rowdy careless boy scouts who would likely rip sides or snap poles. These A-frames had massive thick poles and decent siding. But for those reasons that made them good to pack scouts into, it's why I would never touch one personally. Modern tent designs use lightweight poles and fabrics to keep them compact and lite. I'd estimate the Eurekas weigh 4 times as much as the half-domes I use now.

Lastly, I'm guessing the autists who are picking up camping don't need a tent nearly as big as these A-frames. I'm baffled that tiny Rin is using so big a tent, especially in winter. A smaller tent to fit her size would be much warmer, and the same is true for any real camper.


Every time, man. Aoi's perfect

Literally the cheapest at MEC. (Canadian version of REI)

Paizuri goddess.

bits too tig

Well, 1-person tent.

The actual cheapest in the "tents" section is
which isn't even a tent.

Seiana's seianas

Sup Aoi?

Camping hammocks are a ridiculous meme.

First, the prices for a quality hammock (and you NEED the quality brand or you can't sleep at all due to water leaks or snapped straps) is equal or more than a tent of comparable quality, and you're giving up lots the features and perks of a good tent (dry, sleeping pad, warmer, space for multiple sleepers, etc.).

Second, the opportunities to find trees to actually string your hammock are less than you think. If you go to an actual campground (national or state park, for example), you will be allotted a particular site, and rarely do they have trees with the right spacing. In fact, many outright ban hammocks because the straps risk damaging the trees. To reliably hammock camp, you either need external poles (and at that point, why just just use a tent?) or visit a forest so thick that trees are everywhere that's also so off-the-map that you're not restricted to defined sites by campground authorities (enjoy getting shot by innawoods hunters, off-the-gridder).

Lastly, very few of these of the raving hammock testimonials actually describe how comfortably they were able to sleep through a raging, windy thunderstorm. I've been high and dry in tents through plenty - but swinging about in a hammock? Not an experience I'm willing to experiment to experience.

the less cloths you wear while in your sleep bag, the more warm it is

What the fuck is wrong with that bitch mouth

Fair enough, guess I'll just invest that money in a good ground mattress or something instead. Tired of getting shitty sleep in tents.
Do you have any tips for not being baked alive every morning?

I think her tents are hand-me-downs from her grandpa

What did she say

I want to fuck Aoi.

>I also masturbated to you before

Her eyebrows are floating over her face.

>If you don't fuck Rin soon then I will


It'll probably be Rin solo and grandpa related. Nice

I want to start a fire with Nadeshiko's twig legs!

I know that feel, friend

MSR makes fine cooking gear, but I have no experience with their tents.

REI ships internationally (free if your order is $150).


10 years ago, I would have told you to visit a showroom and see a tent yourself before you buy, much like you would a car. But the major gear retailers have scrapped most of their tent space, so it's not really an option anymore.

I've been camping maybe 15 years and I swear by REI store brand for tents and packs. Incredible quality for the price. I'm just one user, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I'm an Eagle Scout with experience with multiple types of expeditions (multi-week backpacking, multi-week canoeing). I'm not an expert, but I've put my gear through its paces and would purchase again for myself.

>Do you have any tips for not being baked alive every morning?

I would check the temperature rating on your bag, first of all. I have a three-season bag and I have this problem too. If you're really that warm, consider a lighter summer bag.

Mostly, unless it's going below freezing, I just don't zip up the bag and often wind up sleeping on top of it during warm nights.



Shima by itself can mean island so half the places in Japan have it as part of their name

>Do you have any tips for not being baked alive every morning?

Oh, almost forgot. If you're positive that the weather forecast is clear (or rain will be very light), don't be afraid to leave your vestibules unzipped and rolled up. I do this all the time during summer, and it's even better when you position your tent doors in line with wind. A nice breeze blowing through the tent all night.

This has gotten me wet a couple times, but not catastrophically and I just woke up and closed the tent. If you're just weekend camping, who cares if you get little wet?

Does anyone else think that Rin would make for really good /ss/?

>Eureka Timberline
The fucking green two-mans with the heavy-ass metal poles?
My troop used them too

How do we stop him bros? We can't allow this to happen

Could work like that Reimu doujin with the little boy that she needed to warm up

I can't picture that, for some reason. It's a lot easier to picture Ena, or Aoi instead.


>don't want this
>but still want this
What is this feeling.


what would the plot be like?

It's calles ambivalence.

It might have some, but the previews are about the outclub.

It's just going to be one page of gareki, if that. Surprising how people always expect a full doujinshi from every one off drawing Asanagi does.

What is the best pair of fingerless gloves for yurucamping?

5 dollar gas station ones

I want this to happen.

Normal gloves that cover your whole hand, but also have small holes for ventilation so you don't sweat as much. Don't use fingerless - Rin also stopped using themif you haven't noticed.

Roastie mentality

This makes Yuru Camp as deadly as Naruto, which made one kid bury his head in a sandbox.
Fist of the North Star and Dragon Ball are much safer to watch.

What about late spring/all summer?


If japs don't know how drunk people act they shouldn't make characters about them

>I think her tents are hand-me-downs from her grandpa

This is an important point that I want to append to the advice posts I just wrote.

This anime is called LAID BACK camp, and I've been speaking from a background of "real" camping and expeditions. If all you want to do is emulate the easy-going fun camping style of the show, it's pretty hard to screw up. You'll likely:

>Be at a well-developed campground with helpful staff and amenities like toilets and warm buildings
>Have access to a vehicle to store gear and food in
>Be surrounded by other campers if you need help

Just don't fuck around with fire and gas like the guy in OP's news story and you'll be fine. Make use of the gear you have and don't be intimidated by price tags of the gear I recommended.

My personal favorite kind of camping is weekend-long hiking trips, where I hike out to a site for just a night or two. If you have any interest in this "real" camping, you will need to follow my advice, but the spirit of the show is less dedicated than that. Just have fun and be safe.

It's part of his scheme to revitalize the rural economy.

how drunk people act is mostly social/cultural and learned behavior depending on the environment you grew up in

it's why americans usually get violent and rowdy while japanese are happy and incoherent before passing out in the street

I want to cuddle with her

Either not using any, or using a pair that you just find comfortable. I've never worn any myself since they're not a necessity, but I understand why somebody would want to wear them.

Oh I contacted them already, heres what I got
sorry anons

What in the fuck is that handwriting?

People tend to act how people expect them to act.
t. Drunk

Better yet, how do we convince him to do the other Yurukyans as well?


Looks like a med school grad's handwriting.


>tfw shit design

>fingerless gloves
>late spring/all summer

I can't imagine why you'd need them in that kind of weather. The only instance I can think of would be if you're hiking through a particularly rocky area and using trecking poles, and want to maximize your grip against sweaty palms. Maybe some fingerless cycling gloves would do that for you?

This pair is cheap and decently rated:


For any kind of cold weather, don't bother with fingerless. Look into a pair of "liner gloves" that fit underneath a pair of heavy-duty winter gloves but are slim and low profile so you still have finger articulation with just the liner on. These tend to fray easily though, so finding a good one is hard. I have a Smartwool pair that I had to sew back together after a month and I haven't bothered to research a really good pair. Take a look though:

rei.com/search.html?q=glove liners&origin=web&ir=q:glove liners&page=1

reifags out of my thread

Guy who wrote it here, what do you mean? Some words are indeed fucky, but it's still intelligible.
I've just written so god damn much over the years and my handwriting is a shadow of its former self. I've sacrificed beauty for speed.

>it's still intelligible.
That's some bold claim.

>honorific shouldn't be capitalized. It's "Rin-chan."
>Either way, how was it? Is it your ??? ??? camping? Kind of ??? like it is.
>Do you think you'll continue camping from now on?


I just think that fingerless gloves would be comfy to wear.

>first time camping
>sounds like it is

Hemorrtoes shouduct be capitbised. H's akru-chau. 4

Either wayy how was it? Is it you toislt tome campauy? Kind of souls live it is. Do you thrive you'll contavne campany trour naow on."


I'm sorry, cabelas user.

Do you want to share any tips for buying orange hats and vests?

You're the same user who went to Bake Oven Knob Shelter, right?

No. I don't even live on the same continent.

why is she so hot, Cred Forums?

Are they ever going to fish and cook their catch on sticks?

Who knows

>fingerless gloves
Don't forget your trench coat and cargo shorts.

Extreme softness.

The eyebrows.


Boobs and big puffy eyebrows

Eyebrows + boobs + Yui + Boobs

>answer someone's question in yurucamp thread
>they ignore your answer

>catching live fish that wriggles around and then gutting it so it bleeds and makes a terrible mess
Nadeshiko's heart would be broken upon seeing Rin do that.


Could you point your post out? I'll apologise and respond if it's me that ignored your answer.

It wasn't you. It happened last night...

She's a bitch in heat.


>that pic
10/10, save.

Doesnt she wear thigh highs in the show? Why does most of her art have her wearing tights?

Don't bully my wife Nadeshiko.

Because everyone only paid attention to the hot springs episode.

Why is Nadeshiko so cute?

Genki moe.

If I contracted Nadeshiko for Enjou Kosai, would she accept payment in multiple installments?

What is Shimarin's chair, and how many pounds can it take?

delet this, Nadeshiko is pure

Thereare legitimate reasons for wearing fingerless gloves, but just as you say - if you wear them everywhere it's just as bad as wearing sunglasses indoors.
I coudn't possibly imagine cycling for a long time without these gloves, partly because my grips are terrible and the gloves are what makes them bearable.

Is she too pure to hold hands?

I would only wear them while actively working on stuff like pitching the tent, dealing with wood, etc., and probably at night unless I'm eating/drinking and going to bed.

Time to refresh the page for the next few weeks.

You deviant.



Well fuck

>Rin considered price gouging a poor Nadeshiko 1,500 yen for a cup noodle
What a terrible person.


The Georgia in Dixie or the Georgia in the Caucasus?


>Loose Tibetan Wild Ass Handed 1 [Blu-ray]

i hope you're a cute girl otherwise that's pretty gay

Are these the bd extras I've heard about

I knew it, this show is porn in disguise.

has a great hobby, and the big tiddies

Is this AOTS?

Considering the kanji, it'd only be referring to the Shima peninsula.

Is the ending single out yet?


Rin is manlier than I can ever hope to be.



Isn't Konosuba the culprit here?

she killed millions



Figs get cancelled even if they're part of a set. Just see the poor strike witches sets. Although I doubt this one will since yuru camp is in vogue right now.

I want to put a bread in her oven if you know what I'm saying.

go on im interested
what kind of bread? full sized brown wheat or lean and slim caucasian baguette

A good ol’ round of sourdough

>thinks a girl is a boy
That's pretty gay.

I'm kinda sad they just threw the Grandpa reveal in there right away, without any foreshadowing.
Would've been fun if they stranded the hints around the episode instead, and hit you in the face with it at the end.

I mean, how else can I feel?

Rin is basicallly a boy

Italy it's really a good place to camp too.
Nothing better than watching Yuru Camp while waiting to warm up up your hands after building your gunpla near a river.

Building gunpla outside seems like a nightmare.

You bet it is, and the third song is pretty interesting.

The worst part as I already said is the cold, you can't wear glovwes because you need to do precise cuts wih your precision knife, using sand paper and assembling. You can easily pull it off in a warm day.

Did anyone cook the pasta soup yet

People got mad over the breaking of the noodles, kek.

How do I become this cute?


I'm looking forward to these two, especially their clothes.

I love dumb genki


There isn't a single character to hate in this show.

>actually going camping because of anime
I guess these people don't know camping is pretty boring

It's not...

It's ok if you are nearby and if you want to spend a night (max 2) outdoors

You know, for a supposed loner Rin is pretty easily caved by Nadeshiko's friendship efforts.

You can also go hiking or something user you don't just sit at your campsite

But it's nice going outdoors once in a while.

Camping is the most fun shit to do if done with friends. Did it every year during my grade school years.

>implying any of the people going camping because of the anime have friends

It's never boring when you're a photofag and bring out nendos and shit with you



Sounds a lot like here.
She still solo camps a lot of the time anyway.

Step 1: be an anime girl
Step 2: have tareme
Step 3: have pink hair
Step 4: have cheerful and childish demeanor


How about you fuck off norman
Waking up far away from civilization is the best feeling in the world

Protip: this kind of person is absolutely unbearable IRL. It takes 2D to be appreciated this way.
Experience is speaking.

Nadeshiko is a really mild genki though, compared to say Yui, for example.

Dude, she's full genki baka. She's just more bearable/comfy because of her usual grandma schlock.

> Draw a boy
> Call it a girl

Nadeshiko is my favorite yurukemp but IRL I'd go camping with Rin hands down

You can still get through her. She's easily excited but will stop and listen when you're speaking to her.

If anything this show is showing everyone how boring camping really is. All you do is eat and look at pretty nature and sleep while feeling cold.

Doesn't it makes you actually appreciate things this way? Change of scenery, change of air, away from the comfort of your home and so on.
I'd try the experience but I don't really have any disposable income at the moment.

lel. I was more annoyed by >implying that pasta shouldn't be al dente.

Will kuma bun be the GSC preorder bonus?

>best girl in the best dress
y e s

I want to impregnate this girl and marry her.

Mid 00s Nokia 2bh

ah yes of course excuse me. should have opted for a harley to travel into the pristine euro countryside. how silly of me.

>the only baikus in the world are harleys and flaming homosexual scooters

It's great Shimarin style just go get out of the house, especially if you live with parents or roommates. You can read a book all day undisturbed while fishing on the side. Turn being lazy all day into a profit.

Going as a group is a different kettle of fish, though. It's just talking shit with mates all day. You don't even have to actually camp. Drive out to the next state, fry some snags up on an outdoor barbequeue, hike to a honument, do some risky downhill driving, stickball with pinecones in the forest. It's a full day filled in together without ever watching a movie or playing Mario Kart for the umpteenth time. Camping is just to avoid hotel fees on long trips.


Cute boy.


This is getting out of hand



fuck off chestnut

take me with you anonimo-sama

ʸᵒᵘ'ʳᵉ ᶠᵘᶜᵏᶦⁿᵍ ᵈᵉᵃᵈ, ⁿᵉʳᵈ

fuck off, this is a no chestnut zone


I actually say it to myself sometimes now
please kill me

No! Go camping!


fuck is that critter

how do we stop him?

roast him


Hope you're still here my dude.

There is a limit as to how big it should be.

Real talk, I thought both are terrible in term of touring bike.

Secret Society BLANKET must be stopped.

That's a Big Bun.

Dispatch Solid Snake to stop them

If i cut that off, would she die?

For me.

It would be extremely off-model.


Reminder that Cred Forumstoronto goes camping at least once a year so if you're in the area come hang out! #Cred Forumstoronto @ Rizon

what do you guys do?

make ebin swastikas

Jury-rig car batteries to power a laptop and projector to watch comfy anime innawoods.

And get inebriated.

A challenger appears