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Saaya is a cute angel. Next week looks like there will be interesting sakuga.

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Saaya is the literal smartest cutest kindest reassuringest angel.

Playing gracefully with Hime's hair

So what, they're doing shugo chara + precure 5 + fresh precure, this season?


Some things never change...


I wish I could buy Saaya a tablet just to hear her playful laughter. She seems to really enjoy technology.

worst precure by far, it makes kirakira and maho look decent.

>She seems to really enjoy technology.
What kind of sex toys would she like?

>hugtan babbles "precure" at homare
Oh. I guess there'll be a giveaway moment for the other one too, then. Not that there's any mystery who it is.

>it makes kirakira and maho look decent.
It's bad, but common. It's not THAT bad.




Saaya is the cutest.

Is Saaya breaking any laws by being this cute?


Which would you guys say is worse, current season or hacha?





I was thinking the same thing while watching.


>dental fidelity
That's committed cosplay.

I'm kinda sad that her sister isn't going to be a cure.

Do we know for sure she's not somehow?

She'd be great.


The last two cures are hug-tan and lulu

Imoutos never become Cures.

I wanna marry her so bad!!!

She would cheat on you with me.

What kind of face is this?

Cure Fortune disagrees


Alien, this face really makes me think about what her reaction means







Hana's pretty expressive. She makes some really entertaining faces.


Saaya is excited! EXCITED!





Hope so, cause that sounds wicked fun.

What did Homare mean by that?

>Saaya still fucking around with the tablet

> Saaya googles sexual positions in doujins or how to get fuckbuddies

Doujins better deliver with creativity this year.

>Lulu will never be your secretary
It hurts

I get even more Fresh vibes now.
Expiration's date episode when?


What does it mean?

What did they mean by that?

Phew, finally some more strongman dad this episode, I hope he's in every episode from now on.

They're presenting to you to go fuck the hamster.

I want more imouto

I wouldn't think twice if they meant human form, but his fairy form less fuckable than Pekorin.

>they see your dick

I wish I was hariham

Maybe they mean both, have fun with that.

God, I wish that was me


Please expand saaya's grid


The angel

But I'm already posting my angel...

I'm still listening.



Minami is my wife.


Never stop user!

>rely on Mana to win the baseball match
>she's a no-show



>Dont give much attention for the baby
>Liked the Hmamster

Is Lulu the 18 of Precure



Why human Balance is sexy

I want to rely on Mana.

He's gonna be fired for gross incompetence.

Of course she does. She's the cutest rhombus of this season.

This season ikemens are attracting Fujos and Fudans.

I want to die

Me too

The ikemens are to calm down the soccermoms.

Every Balance is sexy.
Good. More money for Toei.
Speaking about that Saaya might be a Rikka 2.0 to attract fujos too.

Fuck off

I am pleased that so many people like Saaya

But there is only one ikemen. You need at least 2 ikemens who regularly speak with each other to attract fujoshi. One ikemen attracts regular little girls.

I don't like her. She is OK, but bland and unimpressive.


I'm sorry /pc/, I didn't notice this thread last night and ended up wishing sweet dreams to other people. I hope you can forgive me

Fuck off.

It's okay, I still love you.

Thanks, now I feel home

Thank you for posting a picture of my waifu.

What is Mana wearing under her shirt?

Just for you

A so-called camisole. Also in her Cure form.

>Ikemen Ham-star!
>Nousagi Brown!

What are they listening to?

I dropped Kyuranger soon after they freed Naga from brainwashing. Did anything interesting happen?

Nothing stellar. But I liked the big henshin scenes.

Cute mommies have cute daughters.

>Also in her Cure form.

Haven't seen a Precure since Gopri

I really have to start watching again.

Skip Mahou and Kirakira.

Don't skip anything

Don't listen to brainlets. KiraKira is great and mahou is okey.

I'm no skipper.

I think you are thinking of something else.

What happened to Mana there?

The ep was okay.

Slut precure



And here is the sequence without a loop.
>tfw hugtan is already tired of Hana

>she sees your hamster



Saaya's laughter as she plays with the new pad is adorable.


I want to hug ttoo.


When are they gonna fuck?

Just need to get the right software.

Yukarin HAgcure SOON?

She is already pregnant.

Is Saaya the first Cred Forumsenius precure?

Saaya is a fucking loser.


Everyone in school adores her though


Lulu use ake Elf ears

Did she actually have a computer? I know Nagisa did.


How dare you call me cute! I'm the crown princess of the precure kingdom! Bow down and receive my punishment!

Goddamn Itaoka. I swear I didn't want to fap to Mana.

Saaya will like her

With my seed.

We saw her laptop and it didn't ran gentoo.

Do you think about sucking her dick while fapping?


I always think about Mana's dick.

How do you know?

Sorry, I'm too much of a brainlet to do LFS.

Plan 9 is the new hotness.

Which Precure would you attend a medieval fair with?

When is she coming back?


Hana is the best pink since Haruka.

What said.

Hana is the best pink since Mana.

I need a hamster Hime

Hana is the best pink since Mirai.




>Hana is the second worst pink
Rude desu.

Shut up.

Hana's a pretty great pink. And so are all the other pinks.

>her face when she discovers mead

Mirai is awful and the only one proven to be made as a self insert character for girls.

Actual girls don't lust after their best friends for years after they're gone.

I love Saaya so much.

>tfw I was memeing about drinking mead with Honey about a year ago
Time flies.

>Mana is awful and the only one proven to be made as a self insert character for boys.
Really makes you think.

Mana is a power fantasy for future prime ministers

>Mana is awful
I meant to change that to DA BES

>people want to fuck Mana
>people want to be fucked by MANa

are there people who want to fuck MANa or be fucked by Mana?

The truth has nowhere to hide.

Por que no los dos?

I like the inspiring "Precure are winning" bgm.

I think this girl is cute.

Does she always wear grown-up underwear?

Mana is MANa, so the answer is yes.
Not sure what are you implying, but Mana loves you too.
I think that you are right.

So Hugtan is going to turn out to be Hana's kid from the future, right?


Yes. Hana's and mine.




>[user] Hugtto! Precure - 03.mkv

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

Keep up the good work.

thanks user


Here we go.

Thanks user for another episode!



the BEST [user].

Marry me user

He made his arms this big so he could hold everything he loved at the same time.



That's not a high bar, precure has been in a slump since it peaked with GoPrin.

You're the best. I love you, user.

Maybe he's a master of hugging instead of table flipping?

You can become anything. You can sub anything. Fure fure, user.

Looking close, is that tear sewn together there on her knee? What happened?

Hana's dad can clearly give the strongest hugs, why isn't he a precure.

That "hug you" chant when they henshin is just a lie to throw the enemies off guard. The didn't hug anyone even once, just kicked their butts.

Shouri no housoku wa kimatta

Surely you don't think they just pretend to fight?


I was hoping it was more like the WWF and the audience could toss melee weapons onto the stage next to their favorite characters.

Thanks. I don't really use subs but I don't understand the rat half of the time.


That's Hariham Hari to you, bub.

Go to a show yourself and get better shots then.

お前 アホやな

I am terribly sorry I was badmouthing [user].

Gotta be pretty easy to seduce her.

>that yukari bgm

I like him, don't worry.

Yeah, I'm damedame.

No wonder she's so conceited when her name means SHINING HONOR

What does Saaya's name mean

She looks like the kind of girl that would date guys 10 years older than her.


Scabbard, if you know what I mean.

Just pretend that rat doesn't speak Japanese and it can't be helped.

That's saya with one a

Literally me.

Holy shit they are as big as cows (or are the Japanese small?), they can probably murder children with their butting.

I liked the 1990 Regina.

>She looks like the kind of girl that would date guys 10 years older than her.



> it's up to my elbow wwwwwwww




I wish I could deal with drunk people using asspower

I wish the huggtos could sober me up with a good beating.

with my child.

>roots Mirai Pad
>immediately installs gentoo

Older Hugtan will be a fucking Aguri or Milk 2.0?


This isn't really like either of them

This is more like a mix of Chiffon and Hana-chan from Doremi.

Homare x Chad hamster for OTP!

> That slight shadow in the right place.
Reported to the PTA.

[cannot calm down]

>Hana mom a reporter
She will want cover Hugcure actions

me on the left, touching the bunny

"Reporter" aka blogger.

Homare and Lulu

>Tsubomi Lulu and KnpK

>he didn't learn kansai-ben

Ange was shit, pls go.

Does she say Homara here?

Homare tits canon?

>yfw Harry will be the Kyle Reese of Precure.

They're less canons and more handguns.

Was better than SEED

So the villians this time have your own house?

>next episode Charalit gets fired

Dragon Riko is cute

Too busy being the main character of most hugtto doujins we are getting.

My bet is he in Hana mom NTR doujins.
Maybe Evil cake with Hana manly daddy or Harry.

How about 25 years older?


We all know who really is to blame for Hugtan being cranky in this episode.

Cure Marine disagrees

Don't tell that to joyride.
>jobber that couldn't even universe reset

Cure Egret, Cure Mint, Cure Sunshine and Cure Beauty disagree

Well, she IS a yellow...


I don't get it

Which Pretty Cure artbook should I buy? I already own the Umakoshi one. Thinking of HaCha or Suite/Doki. Maybe GoPri?

>tfw forgot the third brocon Cure
Did Mahous have siblings? Still haven't watched it.

Riko has an older sister.

There is no gopri one. Buy all of them.

All of them have older brothers, except Komachi, she got an older sister.
Thus, all of them are imoutos.

You mean Liko.


Having a harem is hard.

But he doesn't get to fuck any of them.

Oh wait, that's standard for a harem isn't it?

>inb4 teen mom episode feat Homare


Homare is otonappoi so she knows about protection.
Hana will probably be a mother in the epilogue.

I want make babies with Hana mom!

>Harry: i just following Abe propaganda!

You will never get past the Dad of Gains


YAY! We get subs today a long with 2 more colouring books! I really hope the colouring book user imouto gets through with the busy life! I have yet to scan my colouring books!

>Release: June

Tanned Balance will make the babies.


I wish that I could be so grossly incandescent.

I want make babies with Hana dad!

Evil cake is the next after balance?

No cute camera hi-jinks this time?

Stupid flips


Imouto is really smug.

Homare being there is so weird. I know they showed her so that she could see them doing Precure stuff but then she hang around for some reason.

Lulu kashikoi

I hope Hana hugs her Imouto like that soon.

I want to cover that robot with white grease

I hope when Nagisa shows up she teaches Hana how to Cobra Twist their smug younger siblings until they calm the fuck down

Lulu in grease! Buraa!

The monsters seem pretty huge so far.

Are these good quality or a meme? I feel so deprived after they stopped making those Seifuku figures. They were so good.

Smug Imouto did not nothing wrong.

Saaya so bold

It's candy figures. They're probably not very good because they're super cheap. I'm gearing to buy Twinkle's SHF next month and Etoile's when it comes out (hopefully next year) but SHF doesn't do untransformed characters.


They're tiny and only cost like a thousand yen

>preview for next episode doesn't mention anything about Etoile
They're really taking their sweet fucking time for this aren't they?


Etoile is in ep5

loling @ that Harry


>untransformed characters.
They need more of these dang it!

What is she thinking about?

She's thinking about making some money. She's getting into farming.


Could Fujii be still alive?

Going by episode 1 and 2, I thought that every normal people would gradually fall asleep when Oshimaida is summoned, kinda like Smile Precure.
I personally prefer when they don't put people in a frozen state during fights, because it feels more like the Precure are fighting to protect them.

I'm surprised Saaya didn't just snatch Hana and take her home or something.

I don't know who that is but something tells me he was an animator in HC because I got serious vibes from that in this suspiciously well-animated preview

all in due time

"Hurry have to go back Saaya! Wait, what are we doing on the bed?!"


Man Hana really is a kid. Thankfully, there's always mature and otona Saaya to look after her.

I wish I had parents who would take me to play with the animals ;_;

Can the Imouto come?

I really wish she hadn't've cut her bangs

Everyone can cum on Hana.

I think they asked Kawamura to design Hugtto because of her hair autism.

She is really NoNo Hana.

All right that does it now I must ask......are all Pinks succubus?

I really wish your hair styled looked like Imouto's, I love matching siblings.

It would be so soft...

whos da bes

The yuge dad cracks me up every time

I was disappointed too. I wonder if they'll ever do anything interesting with it or whether it will forever be "Last time on Hugtto Precure!"

His fingers are as thick as a little girl's arms.

The real protector of the town.

>2-hand cup
Better frame.

It's just a 2-parter like Aqua and Twinkle.

She was drawn in by the magical power of a cute baby. I've seen this happen a lot in real life.

Guess that's a thing that happens to women

Thank you, user.

Actually she wanted the Hariham D but was being coy about it.

This reminded me of the fight against dragon frog lock, please be fuji.

Both are likely. It's not often you see a cute baby in the arms of a hapless ikemen you can rescue with your natural motherly ways.

Such great taste

4 Script: Fumi Tsubota SB/ED: Yuta Tanaka CAD: Naoko Yamaoka AD: Koudai Watanabe

thanks aers

What if Hana grows up to look like her dad?


MMA fighter, roller derby star, olympian power lifter, Truck Driver! MUGENDAI




Are my calculations right if I say that the doorway's height is about 599 in the nearest plane's units? Meaning when Shintarou uses his regular indoors walking posture (ducking quite a lot) he can just pass through normal doorways?

Did Hug2 save Precure?

1990 Riko

It looks great and the designs are lovely. And there's actual punching.

But that's about it.

What the fuck are those?

It might be a religious symbol, perhaps the family is practicing some heresy?

Gifts from grandma they can't throw away

>Don't drop the soap Hana

You're not very girly, are you.

You don't know what dried flowers are?

I wish that car was me

Why is there so much blood on the camera lens.

Even the japs know

[Happy tapping noises]

The best user around!

I know what those are but WHY are those

Tarte and Harry interacting in a movie never

You hang them upside down like that so that they keep their nice shape as they dry. If you just let them sit in a vase right side up until the water dries up, they'll just fall apart.

It's just science. The water falls out of the base of the stems because of gravity and the petals dry too quickly if it's right side up. Water has nowhere to go just slowly evaporating evenly across the whole thing when it's upside down.



sasuga hmr

As expected of this intelligent side character.

>sciencing the fun out of pretty things

Cure Ange is gorgeous!

Learn the difference, it could save your life

Fuck off

Say hello to our new part-time worker.


There was a gratuitous amount of animation in the preview, next week can't come fast enough. Is this what they call yellow privilege?

This is canon.

I want to play basketball with HMR

I love Saaya's canons.

Homare is playing basketball in high quality, but the fight goes to Yell and Ange. Let's hope ep 5 is done by the same people

It's not but it's got some guy who generally does key animation on Precure movies (not Aoyama) as AD so yellow privilege is very much real

Behold, the power of Watanabe.

I found a way to improve Maho

Really makes me think


I miss those two.


She looks a bit like Hana.

I want to hug and comfort Megumi in my arms! I want to keep her safe and happy because deep down she just want everyone to be happy because she couldn't. Especially since I want to protect her from those who had been using her like Blue. Please leave her alone! She didn't deserved all that!


What's wrong with her breasts?!

I didn't realize Phos sang one of the Doki EDs.

Yukarin soothing voice heals my soul
Her Precure voice is gonna be heavenly

There is something strange about Ange but I can't quite put my finger on it

Is it her Cred Forumsayness?

Asians were using that symbol long before the Nazis stole it.

Saaya is not gay. She may be smart, kind, cute, gay, but she's not a slut

I dropped Maho around the time Ha-chan turned into a Cure, does she ever find out about magic for real?

i really her being a bitch like pic related.

>Beat by 50 mens.

Thanks Fukuda

Tsubomi is so alpha.
Posted before the movie even came out in theaters. Impressive.

Fucking Homare

Not permanently, but she turns another girl gay.

I'm glad Yui Ogura isn't stuck doing her cutsie voice all the time.

Homare sound more serious than her previous roles.

She's also using that voice in Takagi-san this season.

Forget about that, I just remembered that she later does meet the Precure.


Episode in which she finds lewd Precure fanart on the Internet when?

>Saaya reads /pc/'s impressions about her

I'm disappointed her eyes aren't glittering.


>it says it's a fansite but these don't sound like little girls



If le Blanco meme happend, wheres the remake of Futari Wa? i want Las cures Blanca and Negro.

I love how all the hype for Black and White appearing in this season just vanished in thin air.

What's this now?

no mechokku this week




I must have missed those threads.

I don't think anyone forgot, I'm still wondering how they will handle a crossover in a non-batonpass/non-movie with characters that have been long ago established.
It would be neat if Nagisa/Honoka were aged up and served as career model and precure model for the girls.

Fure Fure user!



So she's best girl?


>Nagisa and Honoka are actually aged down and Hugtto takes place before Futari Wa

I expected to hear her saying DIVINE BUSTER, but it's OK, just hearing Yukarin is fine.

She better is. Haa-chan is love.

>The precure of wisdom!
>Has to google everything
She's cheating

The ability to google what you don't know is wisdom.

When was this announced, anyway?

Not as much as Hugtan

Not that user, but you have opened my eyes.

Good. Use that knowledge to be the best person you can be. You can do anything. You can be anything. Fure Fure user!

Too bad she couldn't find what they needed though


This is your new mama.

Hi /pc/ neesan! Will we get the other regular colouring book today?

I’m pretty sure the deka colouring book will be uploaded sometime next week if the colouring user Imouto is not too busy! Hoping we get the regular colouring book today!

She has a big mouth.

To yell louder.

For you



Don't mock the Imouto user, your playing with fire there.

I wonder if the fact that she's an android and can't ever have a baby will come up.


She's clearly a cyborg

Actually, she's 100 por ciento human.

Didn't Krillin fail that wish because she was beyond Shenlong's power? He only managed to remove the kill switch. Or are you talking about some Super shenanigans?



Hana is so cute

I don't want Hana to grow up

We're getting another gopri style ending except with cures having kids and you're gonna like it.

I can't believe Harry is going to marry Hugtan once she's legal

Harry is going to marry Hana

I'm glad they did the lipstick right this season. Hacha's was awful.

>final episode
>White Cure Hugtan solo the final boss
>was her daddy all along
>they go back to their timeline
>time skip 10 years
>the other 5 cures are married
>they all leave their kids in the day care one of them run

the leaked preview pamphlets mentioned the cameo celebrating the 15th anniversary.

that would be quite a cool twist, the HUGS! being the ones who actually started the legend of the precures, maybe the HUGS! might get to fight corrupted versions of other series cures in the series climax (Kuraiasu said they have taken down other cures after all, that shouldnt really refer necessarily to Lulu/Amour and the other Miraicrystal wielders of the future only.)

But Harry is like the gay uncle in the family, if anything he's going to go after the blond hair dude.

Kawamura is a better designer and being female probably helps

Cred Forums reference? Koei confirmed for bros.

I hate babies.

It's an Alice reference, you dummy.

They hate you too

are these two gay?

I don't, but I can't deal with them. Something about my faces makes them cry more upon seeing me than the average person I guess

> Hibiki
Where's Kanade?

>Show about making babies
>everyone is gay
What did Toei mean by this

Is it possible they'll end up being the moms of Saaya and Homare? Seems like it can be a strong possibility due to this season's theme. Definitely not my favorite possibility though.





You can do it Hana!

Sweet Dreams!! Have a pair of cute girls enjoying their shiny new toy



Are they looking up sex moves to try on each other tonight?



Pad was pointing to Precure locations.

Yes, the end of the episode made that clear.