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Requesting Hitomi (Killing Bites) doing the same pose as the girl in the right pic.

Requesting Rena Kariu from ReLife posing and showing off her feet like the pic on the right.

Requesting Tserriednich's Nen Beast showing other expression/emotion.

Requesting Strike Freedom Gundam (left) standing triumphant over Barbatos Gundam (center) like Michael over Lucifer (right).

Requesting Raynare in the form of a stereotypical JRPG final boss from the PS1 era (either cosmic horror lower body or just her in golden bikini armor with 10 black angel wings and runes all over her body, preferably the latter)


I drew a gif.

Requesting Asagi using her side ahoges as orc radar, unnerving one of the more 'herbivorish' orcs


Gonna be busy tonight; hopefully either tomorrow or the day after.

Requesting Detective Conan hosting the Conan O'Brien show via his voice changer bow tie after having knocked out his red-haired counterpart.

Or just hosting the show itself, up to you.

Requesting Pitz and Lappa parodying The Flash issue 139's cover as Flash and Reverse Flash, respectively.

reposting for OR

Damn emo-tan this is looking really badass. Can't wait to see the finish!

Taking chubby girl requests

Requesting Misty in her Goldeen leotard performing a lapdance.

Requesting succubus Sophia

Requesting Hotaru Shidare getting dry-humped from behind by a customer in her candy store, leaning against the counter for support as the guy cums his pants.

Hajime in a swimsuit!

What anime is she from?

Gatchaman Crowds

Seconding, thicc Hajime sounds great

Is it okay if I rerequest Nena Trinity doing naked dogeza?

Can you try with raphtalia? Make her wear some thighighs with a bit of skindentation

Do you mean you want chubby girls or you're making girls chubby? If it's the latter, then Lotte

Requesting Sailor Moon in her famous "I'll punish you!" pose from the reference on her knees and getting cummed on.


Thanks for drawing this cool pirate milf!

Still think the zombie limewire could have a bit more detail but this is really good!

I wanted girls that are already chubby.

I want to see chubby Rin

Requesting Elf-san being overjoyed at finding fries at the bottom of a fastfood bag.
You can draw Elf-san if you'd like. Maybe doing yoga stretches?

oh? i see.

I can do both I guess but I know some people get upset by that kinda stuff

Requesting honey badger memes with Hitomi from Killing Bites

Requesting Lisa Lisa performing a striptease, warning the viewer to keep their breathing steady.

Requesting demon Nagatoro fucking senpai senseless

Yeah i can see where you're coming from, some people don't like their waifus have even a bit extra of plump.

Requesting Mr. Gesupeta dressed up as Solid Snake sneaking up on Dan, Ai, and Pinta


Requesting Zero Two as an Ultimate Conductor Tyranno gijinka and/or monster girl

I’ll be honest I don’t know any plump waifus off the top of my heads.

Burnout is clearing away
Mercuryanon, it's 4:50 am. I'm gonna do a sketch but I'll have to get back to it tomorrow.

Can you draw a chubby Sena?

Haruka, Senran Kagura

I’m liking it so far Linefag.

A sketch? I thought you were just gonna finish the existing pic?

Requesting the "ultimate waifu" with Rachnera's spider lower body, Akeno's upper body and wings, Witchblade Masane's arms, and Asagi's demon form head and skintone

Anchors if artist has the final draft of

Requesting a motivational Uzuki please!

I-it's done, actually.
It depends on whether you want me to do that pose or another that's more to your liking. The rendering I tried was going nowhere anyways, and changing the pose isn't that hard if I'm going back and re-doing things.

The elephant girl using the red top

I really liked the pose you were working on, but if you feel like starting fresh is better I won't stop you! I trust your judgement, you should enjoy the work as much as I'm sure I will!

taking lewd requests


requesting Uzuki like this

Ok, sorry I misread about the sketch,

It’s goddamn great.

See best girl.

Can you lewd this.


A girl of your choice smelling an erect penis she wants to suck, but a gag prevents her from doing so.

The .sai file is still there, so I'll finish the one I started.
Glad you like it, getting Seo's face right was fun.
Any busty and built if you don't mind girl you'd like to draw in wet, see-through clothes.

This can get as degenerate as you need to.


>Seo's face right was fun.

Well she’s a fun character.....

I really appreciate you sticking through this, man. After the tentacle set I don't blame you for burnout, but you've really gone above and beyond for me. I'm really, and truly grateful

Please draw this cute bat.

When will you be satisfied.

>A girl of your choice
Or if you can't think of any/need someone specific: anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=character&charid=7282

Probably when we all die.

(You) is die.

Likely, I will never truly be satisfied with life, but a cute picture of Remilia would leave me briefly placated.

are 3DCG guys accepted in drawfag threads?
Because i might want to do some 3d things as practice too.

Of course mate

Requesting Brass as a stereotypical Mega Level Digimon

I don't care what

Of course, what you looking to do?

Requesting Garnet Mclane and Kirika Misono, naked and bound together by red ribbons, symmetrical docking, flashing cheeky smiles to the viewer.

Anything involving Chitose and any part of her lower body.

gotcha working on it

Requesting Fujiko Eto bunny girl

Requesting Izumi Curtis either casually topless or in a sexy bikini.

I see
Anything really. Just to practice my modelling skills.

Requesting Maria Inomata from Gakuen Babysitters in her room, studying and wearing pajamas.

I made dis

its mine.


Face needs work. Rest is okay

i dont know if i should finish it

You should try at least

You forgot to color the back part of the dress peeking out like ass fangs

pls draw benis bigger, not so realistic ;_;

Please think about what you just said.



Consider suicide at this point.

whats the name of this manga again? I've seen it once before


Stop being such a pathetic passive aggressive bitch.

did you ever stop for a moment to consider that they might actually be ass fangs?

He knows what he's doing.

Eh? That's her fat ass cheek.

I thought about that, but assumed he knew his anatomy more and was a coloring mistake and an anatomy one.
Draw more, lazybones.

Requesting Yoshie bunny girl


any bitch whos got ass fangs has got an fat ass.

>and NOT an anatomy one

That's clearly a coloring mistake.
Consider new glasses.

This is bait.

You mother is bait.


Requesting picrel with the girls of Genoise i.imgur.com/rj08zd1.png

Vert (Bungirl) as Chris (Center), Noir (Catgirl) as Tsubasa (Right), Jaune (Tigergirl) as Hibiki (Left)

It's beautiful!

Someone else did this, but I also attempted for the OR who wanted china dress Trigger-chan


>but assumed he knew his anatomy more
I wish, then i would have the courage to draw people's requests. Well I do I just dont post them

Thanks though. I learned something. Ass fangs don't always apply.

Tate no yuusha no nariagari, The rising of the shield hero.

man dude, don't let that get you down. Remember 95% of the people in these threads are aspies that have no idea what they fuck they're saying. You do whatever makes your pieces fit your aesthetic. If you want an ass fang, then leave it an ass fang

Looks better, good job.
Sperg more.

Stooooop fighting you bunch of faggots

Requesting Balalaika (blonde) looking excited while Revy (brunette) looks scared as they both look at a dick.

I prefer the ass fang, but whatever. Post your deliveries more, you've got something good going.

Literally neck yourself

Ok, maybe.


Really like how you drew her face.

Alright ill draw her, if the next thread is up before Im done feel free to post the request again.

remember kids, people like these are the ones who spend their days watching cartoons and declaring themselves genius critics on all things art related. Bravo.

>genius critics on all things art related
>pointing out a simple mistake
Passive aggressive hyperbolic much?
Taking your meds, kid, relax.


what fucking mistake? it's pretty obvious that your autism is pretty full blown. (((You))) where the only human being who didn't have the mental capacity of understanding the ass fang was intentional.

Cool, looking forward to it.

ass_visible_through_thighs is a wonderful tag and don't let anyone convince you otherwise

>point out small error
>artist fixes it

maybe he can draw it next time lol

Requesting sadina giving drunk paizuri or holding up an arm wrestling trophy for winning an arm wrestling tournament

I thought all you autists would be at WWD, fuck off.


hahahahahaha oh my.

i havent seen this flavor of pasta before

meant for


I have to agree with you on that, clearly theres this one user who's taken the role of "Art Crusader" and is needlessly defending artworks that are not even being attacked. He also did this last thread with the two deliveries where one if them was just 100% not the character requested. I suspect he has autism.

I might try this one, user

Looking forward to the results

Requesting Mammon barely fitting and slightly uncomfortable in Vanessa's outfit

Requesting Hibiki as a fluffy limbed dragon girl with feathered wings based of the dragon on the bottom left.

baltweisel neschel gungnir troooooooon

Requesting Granity and Pixie symmetrically docking/anything lewd with them




Requesting pregnant Asagi, preferably lewds

Nice job even though her face needs some work

kinda late but ah well

I could not make her look disappointed, and i wanted to do the one eye bigger than the other like the manga chapter

Friendo is lewd!

This is pretty good despite being late! So detailed!

You got a tumblr/pixiv?

Jesus, this is very good

Requesting Airi from Queen's Blade covering her breast in chocolate.

Requesting dramatic and cringy 90s - early 2000s flavored showdown between Haseo and Kirito.


Requesting colors if possible.

Anna ref: i.imgur.com/0j9BTqN.png

Tejina ref (girl with staff): i.imgur.com/3WN7yD3.jpg

Hotaru ref (girl in trees): i.imgur.com/9SjVg26.jpg

Background color is optional

Got those with body hair? And nakadashi? Also, would it be too much effort to give the futa a slightly different expression? Say, less psychotic and more arepy?

Not exactly angry looking, but nonetheless niiice.

Requesting Reimu sipping on a yummy bubble tea.
Alternatively I'd like a drawing of her wearing a skimpy vinyl tube top and a bath towel.

I said without nads, not female.

Pretty nice mate!

I'm honored that my delivery's been used for the OP image - thank you.

Here you go my dude

When I'm not getting ass pounded by projects I may revisit to color or something

That's one good Purple. Sorta wish the series she was in didn't devolve into FF13 level incomprehensible

Requesting the pic on the right but with Southern Demon from Kantai Collection or her in a very similar pose, keep details such as the glowing eyes, sharp teeth and toned abs please.

Requesting Meteora wearing a cute summer hat

phoneposting took too long

Is my anatomy weird?

Yea, pretty weird.



Requesting colouring of this Kashima delivery

Requesting Kogasa poledancing with her umbrella

Anchoring for more Tanya-lewding

Butt looks like its from wooden doll, face is sliding off so its looks like she has part of her brain taken. And hands are wormlike. But i think you need to understand volume before learning anatomy.

Just trying here.
The pose is stiff. Her right arm is in a weird position(just straight down forward).
Use references next time (but don't get too focused on copying it, use it as reference).
Note: It's prefectly OK to use reference.

I'm not confident enough to "properly" redline the body so I just did some red box to see how stiff her arm is.

For the head, I see that you're using the circle as your starting point. I prefer to draw a line in the center of the circle, then drawing the eyes below it. Also the ear is just a curve line. Try to draw some details.

Wait its not volume right? A forgot name of it, i mean perspective and 3d thingy.

>drawfag literally only gave her hair buns instead of twintails, to go with the dress
>100% not the same character
Drawfags aren't and shouldn't be above criticism but you were trying to shit on someone while having no idea what you were talking about. It helps nobody.

Not that guy but what's going on with my request that pissed that guy off?

I was planning on her holding her skirt, where can I find references?

adding to what the other user said. The weird anatomy is due to her turning but while her shoulders are turning her waist and legs are not. they are facing forward and her abdomen shows no signs of turning so it makes look weird.

what idea were you trying to go for user ? a dress spin ?

It got two deliveries, then two guys said they like one more than the other because the one with hair buns 'didn't look like the character'. Which was bullshit as the comparison shows. That either means their facial recognition is newborn baby tier and they can't recognize people if they change hairstyles, or they were trying to suck the other drawfag's dick and it backfired and came off as condescending.


so is this draw friend gonna deliver?

Requesting Annie, turned into a black girl (please don't ask why) and craving for Okuma's BJC

It's fine if he likes one over the other because of preference but saying someone doesn't look "in character" just because said character changed appearance is just dumb

thats why im too scared to do any adjustments in face and hair

Honestly it sounds like you're either the one who made the bun dlievery or trying to 'protect' them... either way how about you stop speeging over other people's likes and dislikes? They can like whatever they want, it doesnt mean you can just yell at them that they're wrong and cry that the delivery is perfect. Grow up.

Friendo is a pure boy reeee!

To be fair, a perfectly on-model but uncolored Kashima with a different hairstyle could be a thousand other anime girls, so even a 2 minute scribble with grey twintails would be more identifiable. A little bit questionable to prefer the significantly worse art because of that, but to each their own.

just camping by


anatomy wise what you guys think

Can someone draw Akagi calmly sipping some whiskey?


Is that her hip or ribbon on the right?

It made my dick hard, so good anatomy


Boobs have no weight and are placed weirdly, arm is too short, pose is stiff and unnatural and she seems too wide in the wrong places.

any example on how to make the boobs hame more weight)

Can I just download good brush/pen settings for CSP?
Right now I really need a pen that feels more natural than the default ones


You can change the pen pressure and opacity in the brush window, it gives it a more natural look. But definitely load some brushes other than them.

That's real nice. Blog?

concave* my bad

Such as?

Literally type in google whatever brushes you want and it will either find you free stuff or for a little amout of money, the free stuff doesnt usually looks so good obv.

New as hell to digital, but I've seen these recommended alot. lapinbeau.deviantart.com/art/Lapinbeau-s-Clip-Studio-Paint-Brush-Pack-2-700917896

whatever happened to this user?

Thanks guys, I know google exist but I literally have no time to search for the good stuff, and this is pretty good also.

Here you go!

Not OR but damn son.

-breast not under the natural force of gravity.
-move that navel forward



Since it's Ursula's birthday in 2 days
Requesting Akko throwing a birthday party for Ursula and bringing out a cake she made herself, only to either drop it on the floor as she's walking to the table or Ursula gets to actually eat the cake Akko made.

Or you could draw user impregnating her as a "Birthday Present"

Requesting the colors getting BLACKED

I think her left leg is too high

Is this tumblr-tier delivery bait?

>he thinks this is bait

How's my anatomy and pose?
Are the arms too long?

don't be a dick
post the full pic.

>Tanya Observes the Australians Favorite Tradition

The arms look ok, but I think you should work more on these hands. Try increasing the size.

it's good.

If I had to redline it I would have to redraw the whole thing.

I'm sorry


I used references for the pose though

First blanco becomes real and now this
I can't stop winning

nedds bulge on belly , blood and ahegao


This is pretty good compilation of what is worth right now at this moment on web

page 9 bump

Requesting Deku and Nemuri holding hands.

Now the reverse one?

Requesting a foxgirl Magane!

I think you missed

page 9 bump

Requesting a booru.

Here's a bearu


>questionable to prefer the significantly worse art
Play it off as much as you want; that kind thinking just makes you a gigantic faggot.
>They can like whatever they want
That doesn't change the fact it is a stupid and autistic reason akin to WWD shit to dislike something.

using reference doesn't mean there isn't a problem with it. The biggest issue with using real life reference is that no human being has an idealized figure which is what anime tends to lean towards. Here are some notes to fixing it.

I want everyone to try drawing and have fun

Kek what side are you even supporting, I dont understand

okay so more curvy but isn't one arm shorter as it's bent?

post something cute you drew

yeah but the pose you're using yes in a way, but not as much as you have it. Right now your current drawing looks like her other arm has an extra 6inches of length vs the other. So for the sake of this piece, you can basically keep the arms the same length, and no one would really notice. But if you wanted to make that difference, you would need to use a stronger pose to help define the difference.



Pooping in bath

I'm learning how to draw dekomori

People still take baths?


Requesting Erza holding Romeo's head in her breasts, oblivious to Romeo's shock and embarrassment.



Ganbare, user-kun!

God damn I love Yui.

Enjoy your ban

There is never a reason reason to be sorry to deliver what OR wanted, good job

That said I like the cute one purposely missing the point better

Late by a few days, I guess. That's what I get for living in a country that doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day.

Spectacular, super freaking cute.




Pretty! Face is a bit too long though. Just a nitpick

/r/ing a picture of King Crimson drinking two Capri Suns at once

At the very least you did it on worst girl, so you get a pass this time.

Requesting this dated meme (Mega Milk) with Annie (End of series black top and blue booty shorts preferred)

>smug and glasses
Sloth best girl

thanks m8; appreciated

Am I obliged to repeat my request if it isn't done?

I requested full body armor Chad (from Bleach).

in the end I spent my weekend free time drawing demon girls

You can request it once per thread, but realize that if nobody's picking it up it'll probably never happen.


I'm looking forward to this a lot.
Thanks again, user.

/r/ speedy speed boy contemplating his existence

No better way to spend it, user

Just in case the guy isn't gonna draw it. Can I request someone draw Chitose giving a blowjob or footjob? I'm in a lewd mood and I need to see my favorite 2D voice actress do something lewd.

I fixed up her face a bit
I hope it's more to your liking!

I tried

damn good.

Thank you guys!


I never knew I wanted this
And now I want to draw her in a gangbang

Do it. Frigid hypocrite MILF was made for dickings.

Much better

Go for it. She needs a lot of dickings.

Hopefully I'll do something quick in between the 3/4 other reqs I'm planning then


How can I have fun if I'll never be as good as murata or even worse, if I suck more than Raita


Damn good


This is cool

Cute Smug

Never say never.

Have hope.

>Never say never.
You just did. Twice.

Would fuck/100

I haven't drawn in two months. Give me a good male request that'll kick me back into gear.

How about naofumi parrying or deflecting a blow with his shield?

ooh I didn't see, cool art!
I'm happy yall liked the demon gfs

Yuri pls
~they're shitty OCs of mine pls no bulli

What are their names?

What is your name?


Male or female (male)?

Wow, for how amazing everything else is the face is rather plain.

I just drew them and I like putting thought into names so I haven't named them yet

Finally some yuri request

Could the artist of provide that without nads?

Dude, scroll down in that thread. He provided it.
Not him but I had a yuri requests for weeks, where were you?

I wish I could draw faster, I would deliver all the yuri I can


not the artist, but i assume you mean something like this.
i just edited the two pics together.

This sweet precious child

Jeses, she's devouring that hotdog


slow down the hotdog edit looks much better than that really strange benis you drew


Hey man. Thanks for this. Good to know I can ask for blowjobs and get quality ones. I came nice and warm. Also why is his dick bending that much? Looks uncomfortable.

Because I ran with the first sketch as shitty as it was because the doodles fly fast in the thunderdome

>Posted less than 20 minutes ago
You need to work on your stamina, user.

Nah. I was blue balling myself since my first post and was waiting to climax once the delivery was made.


Requesting Abe Nana (left) in a shy pose showing her feet/soles (pose examples in the right)

Amazing work emo-tan!

good shit m8

Maria getting a physical by another anime character.

if it's a male character have Maria have the blue shocked face with the character's hand up his skirt.

If it's a female character let him be blushing.


Wew. Nice.

Holy fucking shiiiiiit. That's just about the right amount of thicc i like.

Re:Re:Request this anime girl (Takimoto Hifumi) wearing the outfit.
The outfit is the Final Fantasy Type-0.
They have different collar styles, but I don't mind which one is used.

go back to Cred Forums

that's probably a bit overboard on the thighs

xice pls


is this guy till here or am i doing this just for fun?

Even if he’s not, you should finish cause it’s looking really sharp.

OR here. Hajime looks wonderful but I think it'd look better if her thighs were toned down just a tad bit. I like it if the proportions were properly distributed. Thank you so far though, I am excited to see the end product.

thank you , i know the hair is too green , im slightly colorblind so i can never tell whats actually silver so sorry for that , il keep going as long as someone is interested

Sure, i shall watch over your progress.

>blue haired Anna

OR here; that's a weird design choice.


can you even read ?



Is that better?

Sorry, I was a bit late/slowpoked

Actually, yes. Thank you!

OK Anna is basically done who is next?

Requesting Yuzuki holding a knife and a calm expression towards an user, saying "I'll fucking kill you."



>not blue
are you gonna color your works more often now?

not the final skin tone


thanks shrek




Good job paintfag

wow thats really nice man

OR here, thank you that was quick! I wish it was English, though.





thanks il be here all night ,alright back to the pic i was working on

This triggers my CQC

Requesting Coco and Loco in swimsuits


Good work from a colourblinder.


Thank you drawfriend, this is perfect.


Requesting Akko finally having enough of Hannah's bullying and beating the shit out of her


Is my anatomy correct?




Requesting more of Sailor Jupiter/Makoto in this outfit, showing off more of her curves.


No, Patrick, Taimaninfags are not Mishafag.




That's pretty metal.

Someone make this an album cover

I would like something action like this time around. , Izuru Kamukura vs the jigoku shoujo aka ai enma.


Fran and Goblin Slayer slaughtering goblins together. Or anything nice with the two of them, not necessarily with goblins.

Paintfag is amazing

Requesting the final Stardust Crusaders volume cover but with Devilman and Satan replacing Jotaro and DIO respectively, Devilman could be screaming in rage and Satan honestly could keep DIO's smug look.

Requesting Reine-san from DateALive wearing a qipao / drawn as a Ren Xiongmao monster girl

How about this?


Don't listen to those shitters.

First picture could be better. Her face feels off center, her shoulders are not aligned, and neither does her breast.

Second picture is better, but there really is not much to say due to the picture hiding most stuff. Her right fingers look off though. I am not an artist, so take this as a grain of salt, but it's better than nothing.

God fucking dammit that's good.

draw more maki

Requesting Yoshiko as a super hero based on bananas

Requesting Zero Two dressed as an Oni, meaning a tubetop and skirt in tiger print and carrying a tetsubo.

i hope you enjoy this user, despite it flaws

Requesting Yumeko succubus

Are you still here, friend?

This is fucking astounding mother fucker

just post it

Woah page 9

Is this new meme? Is this all because of that ass fang thing?

But its not finished yet.

Would lick that bloody hand.

>wanting AIDS

damn son.

I can't stop drawing cute demons send help


OR here, this is fucking amazing

draw more
I fucking love horns.

As you wish.

I dunno how much I should post though. it's mostly doodles and lewds.


I love mature with wamen with horns.

Horns are fucking best.

Thanks a lot for giving it a try, I think it looks pretty cool.

I should have taken refs instead of winging them. good ref sheet

nice horns, babe


I like all of them, but my favorite type are sharp ones, with less curve, and more pointy edges, like the castnatics in tera. I liked those. Also multiple ones are nice.

I love immature with wamen with horns.

Especially this one. If someone drew her, that would be great.

>sharp ones, with less curve, and more pointy edges, like the castanics in tera

Super cute! Thank you!

I'm intrigued, give me girls to draw with horns.



Requesting Demon Altair, without the costume


this art belongs to a 90's survival horror gaem

probably the last one for now

oni horns are also good.

idk kev. Maybe a girl with flashlight or beer cans ductaped to both her horns would look fun.


It looks like her slit is on her bulge.



Should i post it if they look OOC?

I would use wax to polish the shit out of her horn.

off model i mean.

Dude are you even trying to make it look like the characters anymore Lol

Nice ;_;

i can try to follow the style, but whats the fun in that?

kill yourself you autist

Well, it would look less like a middle aged lesbian like that, so it's good.

I thought it ended up more like pagan min from far cry 4 tho lol




If you are serious about leanring anatomy sop drawing anime or anything, stick to silhouettes for a while

I am now, what's up? Are you the artist who posted the delivery?

Aoi Inuyama going for a dip in a pond in the middle of a forest, and having a good time under the moon and stars.

Or draw yurus as if they were camping but in a fantasy setting isekai or LARP.

Nah, i want to, just wanted to know if you just one time stranger here or visit it regulary

Oh okay. I try to visit when I can but if you're willing to try it too ill stay.
Also I will thank for that really nice Hana delivery. Very lewd but very good thank you!

Requesting something to make me laugh

How do you draw a picture if you're using a model with different proportions as a reference? For example if the character you're drawing is 6.5 heads tall and the figure you're using as reference is 5 or 7 heads heads tall, what kind of measures do you use then?

imagine thinking of drawing in mathematical terms like this.

You shouldnt just copy refernce.

You use measures when you're learning, so that when you're actually drawing a finished piece, you can eyeball it.

Draw it and then make the head bigger.

You need to learn the fundamentals of human anatomy first, only then you can draw whatever you want and scale your characters accordingly without doing weird maths

If you are still learning you copy the entire thing as it is.

not that user you asked but hope you wont mind


I can guess this is from the first wave naofumi participates in, when they take down a zombie giant right?. Thanks for the doodle viper! Rather than mind, i really like it.

Damn, that looks awesome.

oh shit, this is fantastic. thanks drawfriend!

Fucking dead.

Rest in peace, user.

Daamn that's nice.

/r/ing Kamille as an 80s delinquent/yankii.
some extra refs: imgur.com/a/hhpUH

Requesting Kila Kushan going Super Sayajin Rosè

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I would like to request Nurse Hitomi in a qipao (like the one on the right), cuddling or playing with the cyclops/monoeye doggo depicted on the left. Hope you all have a Happy Year of the Dog!

I would keep this request to the WWD, but its ending. Also its Chinese New Year, so why not.

>post 474
And this thread isnt dying?

it will soon undergo rebirth. drawthread never dies!

Literally just adjust proportions to match whatever you're drawing. If you're having trouble with that, that just means you haven't got a grasp of proportions just yet, so just draw what's in your reference then try scaling proportions up or down (increase the head size, reduce leg length, shrink the torso, etc)

There's at least 30 posts until 500ish user

You guys didnt hear? This is the last one.

I said I'd draw this, you know.



Requesting Sonokawa Momoka robbing a bank.

woe it's me!

Requesting Cosmos from Fairy Tail wearing a Qipao and showing some leg.

sperm bank

That would do as well

Got a WIP?

Not yet. Later tonight I'll have something

I've checked the threads. You never said that or replied to the post, afaik.

Fair enough.

Huh? I didnt know? We drafags have special secret phrase meaning we gonna do this request.

You mean woe is me

What does that even mean

Why did you have to make me remember this.

What's with all the qipao requests lately?

Chinese New Year, they’re excellent all year round as well

Then why aren't we getting Dog requests

China man new year. Damn China man.

It means you're woeful



The thing is there aren't universal proportions. Some girls have longer legs, while others have shorter legs etc despite being relatively the same size. So in the end I end up measuring everything with a ruler which gives me a huge headache.

I'll wait for Shinka ones

>a ruler
This is pure autism. Can't you just eyeball proportions?

The most autistic thing I've seen is people holding a pencil in the air.

new thread up

Link it here


Just in time for the Altair figurine. Noice.

I really thought most artists measured stuff that way. They don't?

Requesting chinese new year lady boi in a qipao taking the year of the knot from some chinese dog breed in china

Try using your character's head to measure.

>The most autistic thing I've seen is people holding a pencil in the air.
That's actually a viable method to measure in traditional art. If you hold your pen straight up or flat you can check if an angle is shallow or oblique or to check if things line up. It's a quick and easy way to measure.

Should I feel bad for rerequesting even if the artist said it was ok?

I've never used a ruler, I just studied anatomy for a long time, looking at references/copying the form repeatedly until my own art looked proportional.

>The most autistic thing
>Not knowing that that is a viable method
t. Not a drawfag.

If its mine drawing feel free to rerequest as much as you want, i feel like my drawings dont deserve to be deliveries.

It's not that one.

How do you know?
Anyway if artist said its ok then its ok

Nani? I swear your post gave a description of your delivery, my brain is doing funny things.

>491 posts

Just saw it, towards the end of the dead WWD.

What the fuck just happened? Did a mod have a stroke?

good job

Could've let it die

seems a whole bunch got nuked

Thanks! it's lovely!

Judging by the conversations mod abused his power and went on a random deletion rampage

What the fuck?

Aaaaaaaa, looks great to me, it's not ruined at all, no! CUTE fluffy ears that I'm gonna rub and bite on all day! I wanted something dog, but not too dog, I guess it's a kind of dog too, so its perfect!
When I started posting I thought she's gonna be ignored, because her source material isn't big anymore, so I'm glad you think she's lovely, cute draws make my day!
The thread got nuked just as I was opening it, but if you see this, thank you~!

The state of this board doesn't surprise me anymore.

>Some post asking for bestiality got deleted
I'd assume everything else they posted in the thread got deleted along with that.


I dont think 30-ish posts are one person. Looks like a few people got nuked for no reason