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Misuzu playing for keeps


Oh my goodness Tomo. This girl has cemented her love for Jun.

>Maid Tomo
Thank you god.

thighhighs under longer skirts/dresses are godtier

Cannot wait until Jun reaction when he sees this.

>I don't know why, but I think I want ramen today
Anyone know how much Nips charge for a bowl?

tanabe'll invite him

That will be no fun. The coincidence will be better.

It's probably around 1k y

Thanks. Was curious if the shops around here in the US were overcharging or not, but they're about 11 dollars a bowl.

Over here in NYC it's around $14 depending on where you eat.

How cute!
Fucking Misuzu I swear

she's going to be confused as family as the result of her decision

Lucky you. Just south of you, there are so few places to actually eat restaurant Ramen, used to have to drive 45 minutes. A new place just opened up at a local mall.

You can always go to an Asian grocery store and get pic related. I recommend getting the Soy Sauce or Oriental version. Another brand (ラ王, Raoh) has tonkotsu flavor which is the best kind of ramen if you ask me.


>Less than half the price of what it costs in the US

Wow tono looks very girly and also flat.

Carol too.

only compared to carol

Quality varies wildly in Montreal, but you can get bowls (price does not always match quality, for better or worse) for anywhere from $6.50 CAD to around $12 in the many places around/between the two universities downtown (McGill and Concordia).
Some of those decrepit-looking holes in the walls can whip up a feast that'll make a starving student live again for a very reasonable cost.

Yeah, but some good ribeye steak is probably 3 times more expensive in Japan than in the US

Fuck lads I want some ramen now.

2.34 for a 12-pack at aldi's

Oh and those $4 vietnamese subs are pretty filling too. Bit smaller than a Subways (like a 9-10" sandwich) but at half the price and better taste it's a tough bargain to beat.
The bread's usually fresh daily from local bakeries as well. Just add some tomatoes yourself when you get home.

What do you guys usually throw into your home made ramen?

for me it's usually bok choy, ham, and miso

You know what's awesome? Cuban sandwiches. Those are fucking delicious.

I would but somehow despite being a university city everything shy of McDonalds near me closes before midnight.

that's why walmart's a thing you know

I had a vietnamese sub with grilled pork today. Those were fucking good

I fucking wish, the one right next to me used to be open from like 4 to 12 but now it's just 6 to 10.

american cheese, an egg, little smoked sausages, tabasco
should try some cabbage

Is this the offtopic general?

no, go away

Any leftover meat can do the trick. Get some fresh veggies (peppers and onions in particular) and herbs in there to really give it some texture and taste.
The markets around here often have big sales on pork-loin and/or shoulder. I've got a spicy marinade that I make with apple juice, habaneros and half a blood orange per pound of meat - with a few other things of course.

The Loins are great when sliced into anything, if you can keep yourself from running out just picking at them with your fingers (a true danger if it's small). Shoulders need more time, but dump that shit in the crock-pot with the marinade and set it to low before leaving for work. When you get home it's falling apart just touching it. After that whether it's atop a poutine, inside a sandwich or in a nice hot bowl of ramen or potato-soup, it's always fucking good.

Marshmallows, sprinkles, peppermint flavoring chocolate caramel, vanilla pudding and some whipped cream and frosting


It's considered 'exotic' by some Americans and not many eat them compared to a common burger joint (even traditional diners are expensive these days). That goes double for NYC where Manhattan can be ridiculously overpriced or places outside like Brooklyn or Queens can charge $8+

Unless you're talking about a dessert ramen with chocolate pasta, that sounds legit hideous.



I believe user was referencing a /ck/ thread from long ago where no, it was NOT dessert ramen with chocolate pasta.

This is the first time someone in her family has worked

So uh how about Tomo-chan? Anyone? No?

What do you think the first song will be at Tomo and Jun's wedding reception?

her mom picked up her dad working in the same setting

>i wanna fuck x
>the ntr doujins write themselves
>this story is going no where
There, now back to the ramen.

Fuck, I forgot that they got engaged while she was working at her parents restaurant.

Poor dad thought he'd seduced a college girl despite still being in highschool.
Turns out it's a 13 year old that he knocked up.
It's like realizing there's one more zero on the end of that powerball jackpot than what you thought you'd won.

And people say Carol's mom isn't a genius.


I don't think anyone has said that. Only about Carol being an idiot.


This doesn't even look like Tomo any more. Her face makes me think she's a New Game character.

When she was what? 12?
Damn that chapter was hilarious ...

And They said maids were out once they got into tanabe's ramen shop.
Also full body tomo in a fucking maid costume and I got no access to photoshop. Please someone pick up the slack

wasn't this how carol's mom ended up getting knocked up?

>tfw I called a maid cafe
>tfw it's a ramen shop but still maid outfits
Still technically right


No, Ferris was working at the family restaurant. Carol is pretty safe because Kou is an innocent retard who just wants to feel her face cheeks.


>Tanabe has maid costumes prepared
How long was he waiting for this?

Thanks dropout

so how long before Carol finally gave in and doesn't want to work anymore?

Since his first appearance

moment she picks up a bowl

Twenty minutes. Tomo will have to take over the table she's serving. That table will be Jun.

Does this means misuzu can cook

I eat the cheese flavored kind, throw a spoonful of meaty pasta sauce and some shredded cheese because I'm gross like that

No, it just means that she doesn't want to put on the maid outfit.

Carol's tits look smaller

Imagine the heart attack Sempai will have if he comes in and sees Carol as a meido.

that's a funny way to spell jun

>well it doesn't have to be a ramen shop
What did he mean by this?

You meme, but Jun will legitimately have a heart attack. Remember, he's into the yakatas and shit.

So you're saying carol's about to meet her future Impregnator and spice then?

Jun would heart attack over Tomo, not Carol.

Maid café.

Carol's not the one that needs to worry here. I mean for one thing she'd probably simply not worry at all if her boyfriend put a bun in her oven.

Now Tomo and Misuzu, that's a different story.
If Jun sees Tomo in this, it could be super-effective. He's already been volcano'd and meteor'd by her body.
And Misuzu? Wasn't Kou the one who's after her? Nobody expects a girl dressed like she is right now to get knocked up behind a restaurant...

To be fair, he'd have a heart attack from Carol too of fear

>wasn't Kou after Misuzu
Excuse me, but what the fuck. You know who Kou is, right?

He is the guy that would keep a condom in his wallet since middle school and not get laid until college.
Also he couldn't know misuzu would be working there, because the truth is any girl would do, as proven by that pic compiling every time he's tried to lewd tomo.

So does that mean next page she will be forced to wear it ?

This fucker really can draw legs.

Tanabe won't force his failed love to put on the maid outfit.

>Misuzu's uniform
Is this a foreshadowing?

Fuck off, Bateman

The guy whose name no one cares to remember

I'm getting flashbacks of Carol's mother

Gets are not tomboys so nobody here cares

>Misuzu goes butch
Sasuga dyke-chan.

Carol somehow will force Misuzu to change places with her, then we'll see a Misuzu maid

>offtopic food posting is fine
Fucking hypocrites.


Oh my god

Tomboys and certain Asian food stuffs go hand in hand

Sure they do, faggot.

This is a chapter and arc about ramen.

>tfw a good bowl of ramen is cheaper than a shit burger in burgerstan

Practically ASKING for NTR doujins at this point


How's Cred Forums gonna handle it when they actually make oyakodon?

We're literally in a tomboy serves ramen in a maid costume arc so you can suck it with your complaints

Or any doujins, I'd settle for,that

Freak out.

When will Fumita draw porn again?

the question is more when it'll get scanned

It'll actually give you an excuse to post it for once.

Carol will be impregnated by the first customer just like her mother! calling it!

jun has some huge tits herself.
don't know who is bigger between her and carol.

oops, meant tomo

Jun has big tits confirmed.

carol is shit

>jun has some huge tits herself

They're both hot.

juns don't have tits in most manga. pic related is quite flat for example

>fucking captcha's started to demand squares every fucking time again. piece of fucking shit.

>leftover meat
>bok choy or any veggie
>chili oil (absolutely necessary)
>fried pork chops

Um, they are waitresses

Chili oil is such an important part. Hell it can turn plain cup ramen of low quality into something edible all on its own.

11 bucks for a bowl of soup is robbery. And thats minimum price in socal

Is this a flag?
Is senpai going to propose when he sees her with the maid outfit?

That's a nice Jun

Anime when?


Seriously though, I wonder if you could even taste the noodles in that.

I buy 2x the fancy kind of ramen, make them at once, then I add potato, green beans, whole corn kernels, boiled egg with grilled chicken on top.

>Suzu joining the family business




Of course it is but the reason is how many American you know are going to go eat Ramen? Its overpriced because quite frankly it doesnt sell as well as other types of food and so the price goes up because its keep on the menu ... you end up paying more for "exotic cuisine" simply because they dont get that many clients.

Chinese gets away just because they are a large tight-knitted community so they always have clients of their own community, Japanese cuisine ends up half the time being just sushi anyway, you dont usually see other Japense dishes.



I don't know. I'm starved for more chapters too

>I want a suzu
>a cute suzu
Tsuda Inc. flag factory

I want to see Misuzu get fucked by his fat oldman cock!

Hakoiri Drops is great but it's never getting an anime adaptation. The manga is already over.

Doesn't her dad have a job?

>still not fully translated

it's one of those series like Acchi-Kocchi that just warms the heart. I can't get enough.

Technically yes, but the user up there is still correct up to a point.
Her father has inherited a large company or at least part of one. So while he likely does do work, it's an entirely different existence and experience - he may get tired and suffer from jetlag, but it's a life lightyears away from doing 10 hour days for shit wage and little to no benefits, with your food and transport taken out of pocket instead of covered under company expenses atop it all.
Even someone like Kou's dad who probably owns that little business is spending most of his waking hours working his ass off for the sake of it. Carol's dad doesn't seem like a bad guy but it's probably beyond his ability to truly comprehend.

shoyu tamago, green onion, and any leftover porkchop/chicken breast/steak I may have

Opinions on zaru soba?

based tamabe

it's weird. not bad weird, but definitely odd.
Imagine you left the spaghetti out too long, BUT it stayed perfectly moist and chewy

this is nothing compared to NyQuil chicken

I want Jun to come eat ramen!

We lived to see the cutest Tomo variant.


her swimsuit chapter was a while back
or did you mean lolitomo?

....... tololi?

Why do they need so much additional workers in the fucking ramen shop?

Pretty sure Carol is bigger than Tomo. Remember the hot spring or bath chapter or whatever? Both Tomo and Misuzu were rendered speechless by Carol's boobs.

To compensate for the additional business that dragon maids will bring in.

Bitch, it is Shotomo.

And swimsuit chapter was sexiest Tomo, not cutest. There's a difference.

Good street-level food is super cheap in Japan. A lot of daily expenses are less, which helps offset how insanely high certain other things are. You can thank their cities being built around foot traffic.

I've always loved small local shops when it comes to food - though the prices can be a bit higher. The little things like getting that extra chicken tender because you often take their youngest birdwatching with your own kid make you feel like you're actually part of something and really brighten up one's day.


it's too bad, Misuzu would look totally hot in that.

imagine Tomo or Carol doing the kitchen jobs...

>I just have to beat the meat until it's tender right?

Combination Ramen shop and Brothel.

Nah, lolitomo is sexiest Tomo.

hold it like fist and beat my meat, Carol-chan

be careful she's might be at bear cub level now


Melbourne's pretty good for walking, at least. Not Tokyo or Kyoto good but better than half the other places I've been.

Live in Perth so better off than in your commie Sudanese ghoul infested caliphate.

You know, for all the memes I've only ever noticed issues with the Chinese influx and homeless here. Never been accosted by a black commie trying to spread islam with my blood in the pavement.
Tomo is dealing well with the latest art shift. I like it.

All tomos are great

I love tomolis

>You can thank their cities being built around foot traffic.
Fuck you car worshiper you ruined cities

It's more a question of when they were established. You see it in Europe, too. Most major European cities have basically been built on top of since ancient times. Cities built in eras of carriages and cars being more the norm tend to be more focused around them.

Inaka: 500~700Yen
Tokyo/Osaka etc:700-900Yen

That can not be mathematically correct, and is prolly super old.
Zeinuki (税抜) is the VET tax stripped price, the VET tax is 8%, so you cant have even numbers on both zeikomi and zeinuki

Which chapter was that? For reference

No chapter it was just a stand alone illustration, there hasn't been a hot spring arc, and the one that's been teased wouldn't include Carol unless she's a background character

Nigga, what?

So who's going to show up? Jun, Senpai, gyarus, or deliquents?

All of them. We'll see Tomo fired because she punches one of them probably Jun

Start living in a multicultural city. For that price I can get hand pulled noodles.

i plan to not eat for 10 days minimum this this wednesday.

Jun is a given.
"Oi, Tanabe, what's the surprise you men..."

There's also Sapporo which, unlike most Japanese cities, didn't get built up until the latter half of the 19th century and was designed with American help and planning. Streets in a 90-degree grid layout and everything.

That's going to be a bad moment for him, when that feeling in his pants he couldn't quite figure out at the beach finally meets the post-"she really is cute" tomo in a new curve-fitting uniform

>Thigh-high's stealthily covered by a skirt.

This makes me want to drop my spoon on the floor in front of them and do illegal things with my phone camera...

I think I read of a court case that said that's legal since there's no expectation of privacy in a public space or something, it's just pretty creepy and frowned upon, different story in restrooms and such though

i've always loved the way Misuzu's eyes are drawn

hide the Tanabes before the crossboarder see them.

Tanabe, she's not into you.

But user, Tomo might not attack you.

i just think the weight of her upper eyelid/eyelashes and her expression contrast really well with the delicacy of her lower eyelashes. and her irises are cute too.



I am greatly disturbed by the lack of pinching at the top of the socks. I sincerely hope Fumita fixes this grievous error before he releases the next volume.

>Misuuzu is so flat she can wear a boy's shirt