So Cred Forums, did you're husbando finally get that scale fig during wonfes ?

So Cred Forums, did you're husbando finally get that scale fig during wonfes ?

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Natsume got a new scale and that's all that matters to me.

>Browsing through the buyfag thread
>A lot of scales look like they'll have a Made in China on their heel

I'm worried. At least the Count of Monte Cristo one looks good.

Two announced, and a nendo. Starting to feel like this reboot is just to suck money out of original fans with merch since it clearly doesn't give a shit about the story.

>Count of Monte Cristo
Please crosslink that shit.

From F/GO, my dear user. Him, Arthur and Merlin are getting scales.

He's gunna come out soon, i dont know if i should save quartz for proto autoria or him. Is he the only good avenger out of his whole class?

Oh. Congrats I guess.

>Is he the only good avenger out of his whole class?
He's not that great in gameplay actually, but it shouldn't make a huge difference outside of challenge content. You should probably go to /vg/ if you want to talk about the game though.

I'm happy we're getting more male related figures.

The cooking anime gave me new standards regarding Lancer's muscles and now I'm disappointed we're not getting any.

He already has a fig. But we are getting two new Kuroko no Basuke figs, more bl with Doukyuusei, ancient figs for series like Hoshin engi, CCS, Shaman King, Zach Bell, and statues for Hellsing and Trigun as beautiful as the matching price to name a few. Happy to see 00 getting proper male figs, but that prototype doesn’t look too hot. I think the bigger question that remains is the quality since the market finally smartened up a few years ago. I’d love a group sculpt for Tsuritama similar to GSCs Osomatsu.

Will this thread get deleted again?

Not my husbando, but close enough

No but I can't stop looking at this.

>was expecting Gankutsuou

Does this count?

Things that may interest homothread that isn't Fate or Swords:
- Freeing Doukyuusei scales
- updates to Freeing 10 Count bunnies and new nendos
- Bungo Stray Dogs Atsushi nendo and Freeing edgelord scale
- Persona 5 Goro Kotobukiya scale, Yusuke figma, Protag casual Phat scale
- Phos figma and Antarcticite GSC scale
- Kotobukiya Pokemon Green
- Aniplex Natsume with Nyanko scale
- Aniplex D.Gray Hallow scales
- Toysworks Made in Abyss Reg scale
- Conan, Amuro, and Akai Sega prizes
- Genos figma
- Kamina nendo
- Hitman Reborn nendos
- Houshin Engi nendo and prize
- Alter Tales of Zestiria scales
- More Kotobukiya DCU Batfamily ikemen
- More Kurokok Megahouse scales (remakes)

Is it idol time?

Goushi figure never

edgelord and antarcticite are probably the only things i'm interested in

Oh and forgot Megahouse Lockon and Binding cat trap R18 scales, plus some other male nendos.

>- updates to Freeing 10 Count bunnies and new nendos

kek why are they bunnies? I guess their normal outfit are too boring.

>- Hitman Reborn nendos

Oh? What's the occasion?

Are you ready for the gay squad, homodachi?

inb4 he seduces Ichigo instead.

The same could be asked of all the bishoujo characters that randomly get bunnygirl figs. It's just Freeing's thing.

So the male nendos I forgot are:
- YoI Phichit and Otabek
- JJBA Jotaro part 3 ver.
- more Haikyuu
- P5 Protag
- Steins Gate Okabe
- Megaman X version
- Grancrest Senki Theo
- Nanatsu no Taizai King
- idolshi such as Enstars, A3, Idolish7, B-Pro

Also Max Factory Len scale

A late 10th Anniversary

I want this Moomin nendo.

I hate that the face looks bad, but am I seeing some nipple?

>Saitou Souma

New Meat on the way lads

>Saitou Souma

He'll be nippleless in the mass produce version.

Who is this? What show is he in?

gundam build drivers, the show nobody asked for and nobody will like, but the plastic will sell like fresh bread

Please no.

His blue, square eyes remind me of Mikazuki.

You and me both.

user, you’re funny.

It's his destiny to voice fags.

Same designer.

On a tangential note, thanks to that user who uploaded that Takaki/Aston doujin. It was a sad fap.

No. After no reverse piloting with 02 I have lost all hope for any twists. They will ride girls.

A cute. I still miss this little retard.

Reminder it's gonna have like 25 episodes, they won't do major twists just yet. The mysterious squad in the OP have only males, at worst the bitches in the back are genderless clone experiments to probably reveal Franxx can work with some sort of substitute females.

I was born ready.

>Freeing Doukyuusei scales
pics please

No prototype just an announcement.

welcome to anime.

How do you feel about boys in non-sexual relationships who kiss a lot (for the plot)? Also a 10 year age gap and one of them transforms into a kigurumi.

With any luck they're just mass producing the GKs

Do they say "no homo" after the kiss?


aw man, i hope they produce them, doukyuusei, sotsugyousei and sora to hara are my damn jam and i woudn't mind buying a lot of these

You mean they kiss just for the sake of something like a power? It can be annoying when they seriously need to fuck already because the artist has built them up with touches of intimacy throughout the series yet it’s no homo. It’s kind of a cop. And sometimes it can be fun when it’s omni sexy good times for all.

No but one of them is getting needier and more aggressive for "kisses."

That's how they celebrated the Superbowl win?

user please, I almost choked on my drink.

They kiss so that the birdman kigurumi can transform into a real human bean to fight monsters. There are 2 other girls in the group who do the same with their own respective kigurumi partner.
They both claim that it's just part of the job and don't really think much of it, but they do it a lot. But is it really no homo if it's Hoshino Lily?

Those lusty bedroom eyes and head pats won’t fool anyone. They love the (bird) dick. I don’t believe everyone must always be clear cut, just no denial nonsense.

I can’t believe I’ve been reading her works over ten years now. RIP Obsession.

I live under a rock, what are we discussing here?

If L and Light wanted to bang.

Anime and manga.

I wish I could like this guy, but all I can see is edgy komaeda and it's a turnoff. His drama CD version looks so much better.
These male bunnies actually look a lot less copypaste than female bunnies. The latter look like they just had a dozen generic bodies of various shapes premade and they later decided what heads to put on.

He's even got the same ahoge.

Is there bara more hot than this?

Is it okay to want to be fucked by a figure?

That's fine with me.

The first on the right could be still female.

Seeing your first 2D crush getting a figure when you stopped caring about his show ages ago feels kinda awkward.

Nerw Shaman king anime when?

His mouth is too big. I liked the prototype's face better.

The first prototype face was kinda boring and generic I like the smug smirk more

Holy shit, that one awesome Antarc? Pity the scale Phos looks kind of weird.

Vaguely reminds me of Loveless.

>Goro scale
Being a poorfag is torture.

Why don't you just use the buyfag thread?

>Fif-Fifteen years and waiting ...

They get really autistic over male figures.

Absolutely not and I never expect in a million years for one to exist.

Just post it anyway and don't be such a pussy.

Doesn't Battler at least have a decent figure?

Nope. The only figures of the entire series are little chibi figures and a couple prize figs of Jessica, Maria and Shannon. The series has fuck all in terms of merchandise.

My husbando and other favorites got nothing because they're not popular, as expected.

Never give up.

>pic related will finally get regular non-secret updates
Thank god.

Is the reboot of Houshin Engi worth watching for someone who never saw the original show? I heard it starts in the middle of the manga and skips alot of stuff.

Just pretend he's cosplay Komaeda

Feels like I want Hoshino Lily to continue Otome Youkai Zakuro and Yumemiru Koto or make more fantasy homos.

Is she retired now or something?

Do they have a site?
>tfw having to download from mrm

Dantes is more tsundere chunni than edgy

Mai husbando already has a scale. It's a great feeling, and I hope all homodachis get to taste it.

Alter's Natsume is perfection for me, but the new one got me intrigued.

>Is she retired now or something?
Her twitter says she's on hiatus right now because of maternity leave.

They finally bothered giving him an ass.

I want to believe but it won't.

At least we have this. Also Japan being triggered by male Lion will never stop being funny.

Do you guys read BJ Alex? It's hot.

>Not white haired


Wait, what? I thought that was obvious to everyone, what's Japan's problem?

his arms fuck

Nothing, they just dislike it, you can probably guess why. Male-Lion fanarts are heavily downvoted on pixiv and 2chan still mad about it.

ikr? so much for my celibate


Play FGO, you can have Lancer shitless in your party any time you want.

Are they really still mad about this, that's delicious

I liked this show more than I though I would

Good boy stuck in a shitty show.

I would like his clothes to be a little more colorful but oh well. I already like him more than the Alter one. Which could use a rerelease.

I don't know from what this Lion is, but is Japan reacting negatively to a trap? What dark times we live in.

What a good househusband.

No, he got fucking nothing and I was full of hope that he will.

Umineko spoilers.

Lion is not a trap, he's just a feminine boy. He's also the original Beatrice before she's throw off a cliff. So basically Japan dislike the gay implications with him and will and hate the fact their waifu was originally born a dude.

His face is shit.

By the way, these two got an homo ending.

She did the designs for a 3DS game last year and CE art for the recent Valentines FGO event

Is this the one about the fujo? They were seriously gay?

The bigger they make these, the spookier they get.

holy fuck seriously? I was shipping them the entire series but never thought junko would deliver

Maybe I should actually read Umineko.

You can't leave us like that.

Wagner made series more bearable.

What really? Why would they abandon the chase for the fat chick?

The 2nd half of Apoc is a fucking crime I'm still mad about no Karna bath scene and removing the flashbacks of almost all the characters

>Vape gave him a new name and a chance to change his destiny
>wanted to be continue to travel as Vape's bodyguard forever
>turned out a farce Vape thought to play with him

It's nothing special. Seven years later they're still living together and they show up to fujo's wedding holding hands.

>Freeing Doukyuusei scales

Who won the fujobowl?

There is also this.

It's nice to see that some some mangaka that sell out to mainstream don't give up on their passions.


Wow, best boy actually won.

>wanted to be continue to travel as Vape's bodyguard forever
Never thought puppets could emote like this.

I was really shocked when I read and saw him win for myself, because they were making igarashi out to be the winner up until the last second. Then it went the other direction and best boy won.

I never got why igarashi was chosen as the generic 'main' guy, he was so boring and shitty.

>shinomiya lost the senpaibowl
Feels bad

The first 4 episodes were good, but they really stepped up their game with the last 2.

Will we get even one decent scene with them by the end?

He was a good boy, he didn't deserve that shit.

So, what would you do, Cred Forums?
Would you also mouth rape an old man outside in the dark as a shota?

I'd rather be mouth raped by the shota.

Maybe if this was 60 eps long.

Stupid sexy Usaida.

Sorry Dantes, my money is for CasGil ;_;


As boring as VEG.

Homobait SoL is boring as fuck

I don't dare to expect much from Kyoani anymore. When was this coming out? This year?

>The most generic of generic MCs, the megane, the genki guy, the drama maker cunt, the huge fagggot, the "oh so mysterious" guy and the PAST CONNECTION guy
This sounds like the most boring shit

Literally Free 2.0

I'll probably fap to top right and bottom left-center if they ever get doujins.

This manga turned me on back then, I kinda missed because of the slow update but I hope it's finished now. Eagle man was fucking hot.

Looks boring, but it might be comfy and have some nice VAs.

I hope they get Ume. I'm addicted to his voice.

Never got into this Hoshino Lily, maybe I should check out her works.

Same here, he's one of my favorite newbie VAs lately.

>Last scanlated 2016
On otherhand, maybe I shouldn't.

I'll watch it for dog boy, or probably just look scene of him and hope they make some smut doujin.
Who watches Sport SoL nowaday anyway? unless it's one like where the casts are required to be halfnaked most of the time

Drama. They're describing the relationship web very carefully.

>Who watches Sport SoL nowaday anyway?
Kyoani should jump on the idolshit bandwagon.

Dive was boring.
I'll watch it if it has enough homo pandering though, like Days.

Please no.

Too late. Everyone is already bored by idolshit.

There has been so much sports homo in the last few years that it's no wonder people don't care anymore. I just wish it had been replaced with a better fad than mobage and idols.


It all went downhill after Sumanai died

How can he be so hot?

force homo shows aren't fun, it doesnt feel natural at all. It's all about Mobage boys and gatchable husbandos in stuffs like Granblue and FATE. On that it seems like more twitters fujos are lean toward those type of appeal over traditional otome now.

>Battle VS karna
>short haired Sumanai looks really good
>then you remember who actually is
It was so fucked up.

The only good thing about Dive was the shota, he was top cute. And maybe Sugita.

>Walk in holding hands to fujo and senpai's wedding
>Living together

Bless the author's heart.

boring sport SoL > idolshit >>> swordshit >>>>>>>>>> fateshit


>boring sport SoL over anything

I'm sorry user but idolshit is irredeemable trash for the lowest and most repulsive kind of otaku and goes at the very bottom.

I think Dive had interesting inner conflicts and shit.

Did your favourite Doujinka moved to Fate or what?

Shonen Hollywood was actually good and well written. But yeah, I wish we'll get idols as entertaining as Love Live ones.

Yeah SH tried to be different from the usual idolshit. But LL is the same generic cookie cutter trash that you have everywhere, I don't know what you're talking about.

I hope we all agree Kinpuri is amazing though.

I wonder how Tenma from Atom The Beginning will react when he finds out his biggest crush is Moriya?

No, it's shit.

Love Live anime has a good writing for an idol show (except this last season, inconsistent and shallow).

desu I'm almost tempted to buy the manga just to see if anything happens. Last scans stopped right in the middle of those two's arc, so I'm curious dammit.

Just checked it, 4 years later, only 19 chapters, now it's on permanent hiatus.
Time to read the Raw (if i found one) i guess

He already has two and I own both.

Sure, why not. What's he gonna do, call the cops on me?

Turboshit, only two somewhat attractive boys.

>I wish we'll get idols as entertaining as Love Live ones.
I think SideM is one of the more interesting male idol show because of the varied ages and life experience between the groups. It's kind of refreshing to see former teachers with stubble in there instead of just high schoolers.

Do birds have dicks? Surely they wouldn't fuck while he's a bird.

I appreciated that they didn't go the full SoL homobait route, but it lost me somewhere along the road.

I agree, there is a difference between ambiguity, pure fujobait and simply not addressing it because it's obvious. Sadly, many people act like it's all the same shit.

Most birds have cloacas.

S2 never so we'll never know

It was the same generic idol plot that you see in every idol anime. Don't kid yourself.

>tfw no gay necro duck rape doujins

Username, please.

Not really. But this is not the right thread to discuss it so I'll stop here.

Sunshine was good. Loosers getting to the top while loosing everything that made him climb there to begin with was good.

Sorry I only had enough willpower to waste my time on the first season. I'll assume it was just another generic idol drama trash anime with copy paste girls like S1.

Shonen Hollywood was as boring as its character designs.

At least it's not bait.

Muse > Aqours

I love searching genderbend art of Love Live. They'd be so pretty as boys.

Bait is a buzzword anyway.

Also Luis a shit, Alex is where it's at.

I only said bird dick to address both of them since they could bang with magic form involved, right?
Exactly. Sometimes it’s a lock of the eyes, hand hold, head on shoulder, whatever at just the right moment to say everything.
How is Loveless doing? My memory of it is weak, but I remember being frustrated with the mixed signals.

Maybe, but I'll take on screen kissing and pole-dancing ove-

Oh shit

The older brother ordered the blond guy to "love" his brother and he took it too literally or some contrived no-homo shit like that

They haven't resolved this yet.

Oh shi

Wait, Loveless still going on?

ANOTHER Kaworu/Nova clone?!

>Nova clone

Remember this?

He does look like Nova though

I thought it was D.N.Angel for a moment.
What happened to D.N.Angel anyway?


Looks generic as fuck but I will still watch it because I'm in love with bottom center.

What did you think of the latest volume? Was it worth it?

No sadly. He appeared too late in the anime to get a fig with this timing apparently.

I've been reading the scanlations. I'm glad the manga's getting translated but it's slow. I want to see how far the chapters go but I don't know where to see the raws.

Most of those hairstyles look hideous on boys.

>DNAngel is still going
>Loveless is still going
>Yami no Matsuei is still going
Its like I never left the early-mid 00's

New chapter of Shoukoku no Altair is out.
Turks getting btfo hard, how will they recover?
Also seems there is new homotp in our hands

I dropped it on the first episode when they played a song in 4/4 and called it a waltz.

They did what? kek

Yeah, in the first season. Although admittedly I did watch the Schubert episode because I like his seiyuu

Coming in 2018. Rejoice.

I don’t get it, who is this?

Show’s not even out and we’ve already seen his heso.


Tell me you fags aren't so desperate for boymoe you're willing to watch SAO.

>lonely beater
thank you but no


Cred Forums's gonna be fun..

Frentzen was too good for the shitty Empire.

I miss Haikyuu and all the best boys in it. I should stop being a lazy fuck and catch up with the manga.

those two will carry his legacy by forcing status quo so they can repair their country
iirc standing army couped Louis' sorry ass last time we saw him

Anyway here is a Maho x Zaggy fanart

This is a very kissable Kyoani boy.


Nah I'd still rather undrop Darling in the Franxx.

>draw a boy
>call it a girl
fucking japs

The match at Nationals vs Inarizaki just ended, so now would be a great time to catch up. It's a doozy of a match, only 3 sets but ran just as long as the 5 sets against Shiratorizawa.

Will Gundam be gay again?

Shouldn't another project be in the works right now? It's not dead, is it?

At this point I just want it to be good again, when the favourite characters of your audience are a garma clone and a jerid clone you know you have fucked up.

I almost hope not after what IBO pulled. 4 homotps burned to the ground without remorse or mercy.

If the status quo is preserved after all the shit everyone's been through, I might get mad. Even though it'd make Simon sorry, I hope Louis won't get away with all he's done this time.

I've read the original manga but I heard there were lot's of reboots with alternate timelines?

The oldfag in me wants to start it from the beginning once it’s close to ending. Didn’t Soubi start to develop some real feeling but was holding back because of the older bro? If I remember correctly, this was the complication factor as Soubi could drop Ritsuka at any moment for Seime. What I didn’t get a feel for was how Ritsuka felt for Soubi. He was young and sorting out a lot of shit.
Another on hold. How is it doing?

To be fair Ein is a very cute Jerid clone

I've recently started shipping them even though I got a little behind with One piece. What makes them so charming together?

Twitter? Is there yet a way to source since the file name isn’t telling?

>when the favourite characters of your audience are a garma clone and a jerid clone you know you have fucked up
Very true.

He's a literal who. VEG doesn't have interesting characters, plus I'm tired of the same face syndrome.

>hate the fuck out of nigo nigo niiii XD
>love this Nico
Damn it.

This isn't a Devilman thread but basically it's a timeloop where Ryo is always destined to lose Akira in someway as a punishment for rebelling against God, and he isn't gonna stop until Satan becomes his bitch again

One Piece releases a figure of almost every character. He will have one soon enough.

I'm sorry guys I looked but I don't remember the username. This artist's artstyle is very recognizable though so the next time I see it in my timeline I'll keep it in mind and share it here.


Louis is bitch boy now, he used up almost all of his cards except late Fretzen's

What? According to Shin Devilman is that.

>Dark has been gradually taking over control of Daisuke's body, implication that if left unchecked, Dark will replace Daisuke and Daisuke will become the Black Wings passed down through the Niwa bloodline
>Satoshi tries to sudoku himself in front of Daisuke but pussied out and ran away
>Riku found out about Daisuke being Dark and the chapter ends with 'END OF PART 1'.
It's been on permanent hiatus since 2010 because Sugisaki can't finish shit if it's longer than 1 volume. She started publishing 1001 Knights and Junkissa Neko to fill the time and did some other stuff like Ascribe to Heaven.

Every time I think about her, I wonder how the fuck she manages to stay employed when she's so terrible at finishing things. The series she does usually aren't getting shitcanned, she just stops drawing them. Even the official English release of Lagoon Engine has a note at the end of the second volume saying, "We don't know if she's actually going to finish this series, hope she does."

Between the plot being stupid and the scans for the later chapters looking like someone pulled them out of a dumpster behind a Kinokuniya and Google Translated them, I gave up on it.

Got it! It’s rrrrrrice0303. Reversing worked on this one. Thanks all the same.

Catch up user. The story gets gayer and gayer every chapter.
>What makes them so charming together?
They're a mirror match, in every sense of the term.

I know but I still hoped today would be the day.

Glad you found it user. Sorry I wasn't much help.

Damn. I used to ship Luffy with Law and Zoro (and some girls too), but this guy has officially made it into the harem. I hope he will have an active role in the main story when the WCI arc is over, and the two if them interact again.

I think I messed up. Is that second image by the same artist or did they use a different style? Sorry to bother.

>SAO fujobait
How desperate you need to be. I'd rather play the games, they even have homo options now.

If you find raw report in.

I didn't check at first but yes indeed it's another artist entirely. The first pic is very recent. It should have been among the first pics in the timeline.

Never forget to check an artist's favourites.

The bunny outfits are just as boring. Nothing lewd about them.

That reminds me, thanks to the user who shared this last week, it's heart warming. There's not enough love for these two.

I agree, men belong in suits

I did indeed start scrolling through the favorites. Thanks, kind Anons.

They definitely will if Katakuri doesn't die by the end of the arc. There are various things about this fight that make me uneasy and I fear for the worst where this guy is concerned. Hopefully I'm wrong and he's gonna be the Whitebeard to Luffy's Roger.

Wow user, you're so cool. Thanks.

You're confusing good fanservice for good writing.

Speaking of One Piece figures, I'm still pissed that my fish husbando is nearly 20k anime dollars, a limited figure, and if I do decide to bite the bullet, his fat ass is gonna cost me a ton in shipping.

Speaking of, does anyone have info about the movie?

The sad thing about the anime is that it felt a little closer to standard male idol shows . It dodged most IMAS anime cliches but it felt a little lacking.

You really like this? Most of them look even more samey than the real Love Lives. Though I suppose it's because of the hair.

Nope, legitimate boy.

Issue for me is the back log of OP figs and then wondering which other sites to trust. I’m usually an ami preorderer.

Forgot to mention the voice is unmistakably male too.

>and he's gonna be the Whitebeard to Luffy's Roger.
Man this is exciting, I hope you're right user.

>Jinbe as husbando
I rarely come across men with such patrician tastes.

They what? Please don't convince me to play a SAO game.

Fatal Bullet. The Itsuki dude is available to the male avatar too.

Those outfits may as well be suits for all the skin it shows.

Besides, suit service is getting tiresome nowadays. It might be nice to see boys looking dapper, but it feels as overdone as shirtless scenes and two button dress shirts.

I hope there'll an anime adaptation soon. I think it would work with the ecchi treatment, without ever showing genitals. Story isn't the best sure but these two got me rock hard more than once.

Not that user, but I enjoyed it. This series needs the OVA treatment because we needs full hands on dicks, and OVA can be slightly condensed to cover all the volumes. has a pretty good list+info about various sites to buy from.

Thank you. While my heart holds enough love to buy his scale, I'm just hoping my wallet does.


Thanks, I am aware, but autist when it comes to new shops. I have four OP figs and they’re all worth it, especially the POP figures. Delicious belly button. This one gets compliments from anyone who sees it.

I enjoyed it too, it's just that the fact that the story never points out how much of a cunt Kurose is that rubs me the wrong way. The guy is using the secondary effects of therapy, (which is known to make a patient fall in love with his therapist, that's why Freud made the rule that the patient must always give some cash to the therapist), in other words he manipulated the MC into falling in love with him. But this is never aknowledged.

Any updates on whether Syundei is still alive or died to japanese cold/sudoku yet

Then what would you like to see more user? Kimonos, suits, uniforms, I feel like it's all overdone.

She's alive. Reactivated her twitter account:

It speeds through the first five volumes and then jumps to 13. You're better off reading the manga if you're interested, and you should. It's good. The anime doesn't quite capture the feeling of the story in my opinion, because they just cut out too much.

I have the worst fucking memory. Didn’t Kurose distance himself because of that very guilt? I thought that their issues were voiced and they continued a relationship because they acknowledged them.

I’m fine with the way it was addressed if the above is true. I think Shirotani had a lot of time to himself realizing what he was fighting. Anyway, there’s still the final tank release. I’m hope we get a sweet OVA get obi. It sure is popular enough.

I hope Doppel will show life signs soon too.

Monk habits are the next hot thing, calling it now.
>tfw no gay monk anime

It's on Otakumole, but you need an invite to register an account.

Kilts. Djellabas, saris, chitons, toga, subligaculum. There are so many outfits with appeals left unexplored.


There's gay priest anime.

>Anime about child molestation

It can always be the other way around.

Already exists.

what the...

Got a link to share?

That author is so fucking good. Fapped many times to the brothers one.

I agree but the one with the brother was meh for me. My favourite is the one with the plant. is really good too.

>no one remembers Trinity Blood

Oh my edgy teenage years

I didn’t consider myself edgy for it. The design was beautiful and who doesn’t love BT.

I remember watching it because the promo artwork was pretty gay but then the series turned out to be straight. My young foolish years

I remember, but even back then I was wary of CG in anime. The series had great art though.

>Fapped many times
How? They didn't even fuck, worst blueballs ever.

My brother.

Don't feel too bad about getting rused. I keep falling into that trap with shoujo manga. Setsuna Graffiti is probably going to be the latest rapist of my hopes and dreams.

There was that bald monk TL a couple of months back, and HnK's Sensei does get some good art every one in a while.

I remember it only because the OP song is pretty good.

Armpits are the best.

>Needing fucking to get off

I beg to differ, well worked backs are the best.

Hot handsome pure priest being corrupted is such a hot fetish holy shit
Too bad there's nearly no works with it

Not saying they can't both be hot as fuck.

>Jamil's Valentine's lines
GOD he wants to fuck.

Man I remember the stupid sexy lockon and lockon made me gay memes back to when 00 was airing

Hey mind to share? I'm curious

>all those Ali/Lockon and Graham/Lockon doujins that I still have.
One day I'll scan them, one day.

I hope this happened in the series and they went to Florida

Yeah, seems like not enough people in Japan know about Christianity to want to write about it. I wish Asada Nemui didn’t disappear because I would have loved to see a sequel or prequel for either one of these.

Bootiful beauties, actually. Butt I'll forgive your mistake.

Try on some thighs for size.

Thread needs more pecs/abs

Thread needs more manly men.

Festival outfits. The more chest and butt, the better.

I want to make a beautiful X with my Y

What about these armpits?

She's been publishing something in Gougai On Blue, so she's not dead at least.

>vomiting loli.jpg

Was the secret group listed on mu?
I wonder if that was the reason for so many groups releasing it. I think I counted 5 different people translating it.

I thought he might get at least a fucking nendoroid because he was a main character

Japan shit taste strikes again

You should try watching Idolish7. The character development and Plot progression are handled beautifully.

How long until Chronicles of Pulau updates?

At least post the good ones

I have no back. How do I get one?

Swim for it.

I never knew of men with pussies in their armpits.

Why does GBF get all the weird shit?

>Why does Eugen get all the extremely weird shit
Fixed that for you.
Doesn't push ups help you build one?

No. My baby ...

I'm almost done reading The Count of Monte Cristo and it has me thinking back to the days when I watched Gankutsuou. Apparently there's a lot of Count/Albert dj but I can only find 3 now. I wish later I will stumble upon more Count/Albert.

>tfw we were gonna watch Gankutsuou in the homostream before it was cancelled

I was gonna ask if it could be possible to do homostreams again but then I remember that the threads nowadays are much worse than before.
What a shame.

Maybe a homostream on cytube one every 2 weeks would be cool?

That's way too frequent.
We were having one every month and then we were still running out of stuff to watch.

There might some for sale on surugaya, they always have a ton of old doujins.

Probably making them on special occasions wouldn't be bad. Making the channel private when it's not being used also sounds good.

I think we were running out of content because the stream usually lasted for 3-4 hours? We went through a lot.

>God bod
>Gap moe
>Canon homo
>Popular franchise
>No doujins
Life is unfair.


What the fuck is his problem?

His doujinshi are all 腐向け, and not ホモ/ゲイ, which was always strange to me. I mean, not strange that fujos jumped on that shit, of course they would, but that the other audience didn’t.

Someone explain to me how these days it's the straight romance manga that have all the most delicious men.

Screw figurines. I need an Usaida bodypillow badly :c

Just generally get in shape first. Then ask /fit/. Then post glutes there. ???. Profit.

Because you're getting older and like ugly ossans now.

Starter proved to mean nothing when the first figs were announced. It took quite a while before Seiya got anything.
I’m waiting another year to rewatch it. It will be almost like a new viewing.
This. I’ve always like oyaji, but sometimes it simply takes life to awaken the attraction to the handsomeness of older men. Thank you josei manga.


>tfw find this teasing strangely a turn on even though it's evil
Tasuku definitely fucked up by confessing so early though.

Ancient Roman boys in those slutty tunics that cut off just under the butt

Boys in ancient rome didn't wear clothes until puberty.


This must be a masterpiece of vagueness. I assume you mean the lack of pages since it cuts off on Touda going wild? Personally I really appreciated the extra Kurikara backstory pages and development on the Kamakura side, even if we're still not caught up or finished. I know it's not enough but it's promising to cover more of the story unlike how St Michaels' author's notes make it sound like vital shit was cut for space. I want to see it through for everyone at this point, and I hope Nagare finds peace in the end - but hey, it's YamiMatsu so who knows, maybe she always planned to end it gruesome as possible. Bittersweet would fit.

I'd love to speculate with a fellow fan about Enma's plans and the Ouryuu, but it's years of pent up autism so by all means I want someone to shoot down my interpretations with something new. I think despite how this is Hisoka's arc that'll be the real key to Tsuzuki's identity.

I’m glad when you guys bring this up because I myself still have to finish it. I seem to remember that while the last volume was lq it was still available?

It's mostly just me jumping up every time I get the barest whiff of someone talking about it. I try to keep myself in check.

The latest volume isn't scanned yet to my knowledge and the only translation for the tank version so far is the official Polish release that was a preorders only run. The magazine version is translated on the Livejournal comm (it should still be no bar to entry if you have an account), but it's a little clunky and obviously there are now pages of dialogue missing, one of which seems pretty important. The last update on those was in December, but the volume came out July.

Madokami is missing something like five chapters and just switches to the old magazine versions where Madara isn't a character yet. I've been meaning to fix it but I'm scared of fucking up since I've never done this before. The file names are a mess too. If there's people after it then I'll push myself to get my shit together.

Yes, that's why hotglue exists, though it's the other way.

Yowamushi Pedal manga is ten years old. Does anyone still care about gay bikes around here or watching the latest season?

I appreciate your enthusiasm as your posts are very informative, and I can understand being passionate for a particular series. This situation reminds me about the little talked about series Wild Adapter. I bought several of the magazines until the final release. And sometimes it takes people like you to see to its care in preserving the digital copy. Or not. Do what you like in your own time, user.
Pedal is great, but I have to let the chapters stack up nearly to the end of the race. Same with the anime to be much enjoyable.

How does one acquire a husbando?

Man, something about these tattooes are so sexy

And here I was thinking Showa-era Japan did it best by having shotas wear those tiny shorts.

I'm new to the homo threads.

Are there any figures of my husbando that I'm unaware of? Any help is appreciated.

Stop searching. He will come.
Try the figure database. You could even find kits, but that does mean self assembly and painting. While that could be difficult, it would be fun and worthwhile if you like the painting process.

Yes, but they are tend to be...creepy.

Figure database? Do you mean My Figure Collection? Please do not underestimate how new I am.

I'm still watching it, though I feel like it's starting to drag on.

When I saw the new one from Mega I wondered if Mentaiko was fapping.
Yes, and do yourself a favor and lurk.

>do yourself a favor and lurk.

Well, I did a brief and drunken survey of My Figure Collection, and he's not there. So I guess I'll lurk here bitterly until he gets a proper figure. SOMEDAY SOON I'M SURE.

(Fai has been my husbando for many years, and I've been aware for many years that he has no figures at all. I just hoped someone here would know of something I'd missed...)

One foot deep in the closet that he thinks he can get rid of by bullying his crush.

Wasn't just being naked either, it was common practice, even expected for older men to fuck them until they reached puberty as long as they taught them academics and gave them gifts.

Good thing we're civilized now and leave adolescents to discover things through unwittingly homoerotic group masturbation during sleepovers and parties.

>his fucking neck is blushing in the next page
this boy is hopeless

Oh hey, someone else reads thsis.


This was a pretty good read, thank you user.

Will Yue finally get over Clow in the sequel?

Senpai won? Yes.

>he was so boring and shitty.
Like a generic main guy.

Implying He's not tsundere for Touya.

Lurk forever

I do, the manga had nice art with a femmeboy looking Dietrich.

Kujo is a manga to look up if you're into slut omnipandering.

I just hope Shinomiya is the one doing the dicking.

Look at this delusion. [a/ has been identical to tumblr, reddit, MAL for 10 years now.

*mangaka. Fug.

I'm sold

>Wild Adapter
What happened to the ones scanlating that? Also tell me how it ended user. ;_;

Yeah and before that it was acceptable to spam desu, use common emoticons and abbreviations and say "epic win."

I'm digging it so far. I don't even care that it's a shoujo, the boys are great.

I'm just talking about the art, mind. It can get kinda fetishy.


>delicious exposed shoulders/armpits
>decent amount of muscle

Thank you Japan.

I'm posting pics to corroborate my claims about the artist, not dumping desu. But this earns you another slut.

Female fanservice abounds as well though. And the plot doesn't grip me that much.

Patroclus when.

Inb4 he's a woman.

Holy fuck, this was adorable.

Thank you to the homodachi that recommend it.

Saezuru's same face is so fucking bad. In the early chapter with the sister I still don't know whose sister it was or if there was a third guy whose sister it was.

It's a problem with a lot of BL author sadly. The only with the 5 brothers was the worst

How does your family react to your male figurines?

I moved out long ago.

I don't buy any precisely because I can't afford to move at the moment. The day I live on my own I'll bring my husband home.

>those shoes

They look like advanced Chinese foot binding.

A new art with Simon? Do you have more or was it the only one?

Am I the only one who noticed homo tension between these two? Nips on pixiv don't draw them and it's sad.

I live by myself, but they don't care anyway, dad even helps me fix them sometimes. They were indifferent to Satan's tits too, which is a little disappointing since he's a pretty cool figure.

Must be low audience of fujoshi watching ecchi.

The same way they would react to my female figures I guess.

Indifferent. My dad thinks it's wasted money, but he doesn't get angry at me. My money my rules.

who is your husband?

Those are some really plump hips.

At least he had an actual role. While they added Fionn of all characters and completely ignored him, not even showing his face properly. I have no idea how can they ignore such a beauty.

That's just his puffy attire. I think.

It just happens.

>group masturbation
My favourite type of masturbation.

The issue really isn’t the group. The already slower pace of the bi monthly manga shifted from Zero Sum Ward to Zero Sum Online when the magazine shut down. Through ZSO, the world has only seen up to the forty ninth chapter as that was the last published installment. Additionally, Minekura still has health issues and later shifted focus back to Saiyuki. WA is more or less on a long hiatus.

That can seem troubling, but if there’s anything Minekura has proven again and again through her career stressed with painful and difficult health issues is that she won’t give up. She’s very passionate about her work.
They like them. I take care to display certain figs with beauty in individual cases.

I want to engage into group masturbation with the rest of the thread.

A lot of artists draw male characters with feminine anatomical features and it bugs me.

My mother hates my Koto 1/6 scale Kaworu for some reason. She suggested for me to sell him numerous times and calls him "That blue man".

>I wish you would sell that horrible blue man, user. He unnerves me.
I thought moms would love Kaworu.

What do your parents think you do with your male figures? I bet some of those figs are lewd.

One thing I’d like to add. There is one single untranslated chapter as the seventh volume covers up to chapter forty eight.

>That blue man

The scale is pretty blue.

It's pretty funny to imagine BL fanart popping up for an ecchi show aimed at guys, but I haven't personally seen that happen yet.

Moms dislike sluts and used goods

He's confirmed a man

Don’t we all have that one pair where the broship seeps into something more, yet no one talks about it much. Though, this isn’t limited to homo in ecchi.

Fucking delete this onegai desu

Why must chocolate boys suffer so much in Fate?

>My favourite type of masturbation.
Unironically this, it's better than sex.

Does it count if the thread is an unaware participant?

I know there were like 5 people in total watching this show, but I just remembered this prettyboy in Endride who implied he had romantic feelings for another dude.

Not only that they named their son Shion.

how did the ride end?

I think she doesn't like his smug expression. Maybe it also because of his pose.
If it was a Megahouse one, I can imagine her liking him better.

Is this because Japan in general writes that forlorn in love character? The more I think about the more I realize that there are quite a few MCs who are longed for/respected by someone who won’t ever be an actual love rival. Just devoted or something similar.

Haha, thanks, it's because it's my husbando's series (the other user I suspect only posted him because they saw me in a Valentines thread that lasted to Saturday. If not, why haven't you spoken to me before now? It's very lonely being the one crazy YamiMatsufag). I have framed art prints from '97-03 and it's a bit of a reminder of how static my collection is, there are whole chapters, title pages, and merch art that've been lost to time, and never come up for auction. Changes to Google Image Search are going to make scouring archives and Chinese/Korean fansites more of a pain now too.

Preserving the canon is most troubling to me with how much of the overarching plot wasn't discussed in Western fandom or removed in the official Viz translations, whereas you look at Japanese fansites from the late '90s and they know their shit even when they're shipping everyone together. Some nostalgiafags on Twitter have popped up in the past year and it's a joy to see them bring up the old mysteries. Even if Google translate insists on calling him 'the wanking hero', it gives me hope that the generation of rabid yaoi fangirls have grown up and would reread the series in a new light if I could deliver it to them. Then you-know-who destroys my faith in humanity again and we're back to square one.

They ignored them. They were just never interested enough to ask, they think mango is rubbish and that I'm not outgrowing this manga phase fast enough.

IIRC it was just a generic "Everything is peaceful and the protags returned to their own world" type of ending. It was just a mediocre show all around that I picked up for possible bromance between the protagonists, but I grew attached to it cause it reminded me of the type of action shonen I would have watched in my childhood like mushrambo.

Which Kaworu scale is it? Can you post a picture?
Sorry to bother, I'm curious what's unnerving about it.

They were a lot more accepting of my figurines than they were my porn.

>buy Yurikuma prize figures
>no comment
>buy Joestars
>"user that's weeird, gross"
Bear tits are normal, muscles are not. Didn't even use the B word.

>the B word
Bad taste?

>Changes to Google Image Search
Have they done something displayed content-wise? I know it works a little different (though I can right-click on the pic and open it in a new tab) but is there something else?

Search by image has been removed because it used to enable you to find larger versions of the same image, you can replicate it by reverse image searching but the results aren't quite the same and you never know what might be missing.

I hope you find more yamifags user. I too used to watch and read it but never got around to reading the post-hiatus chapters.

>Search by image has been removed
Why. That was useful shit.

Huh, I thought reverse searching was the be all end all solution so I didn't notice. Anyway I made some searches to find out what's the deal and there's already an extension to restore it.

Woah, this is the new YnM art? I used to read it back in the day before the hiatus but haven't picked it up since I wanted to hear some reviews on it.

Never mind I googled why. Though speaking of such, using Image Search Options is a pretty handy tool when it comes to image searching cute animu boys, and customizable for google image search too.

Being homo is awesome.

I am not the one who posted last week, but I have briefly discussed the status of the series and was given links by an user some time ago. Clearly that’s you. I was going to ask since I can usually tell by your posts. You are also the one who scans old doujin lots, right?

I’m sorry I have yet to read what remains. My backlog can reach the depths of the Mariana Trench. But I would like to say that you keep me mindful and your love for the series helps to keep it alive.
So this is fucking why I was unable to search for larger res imges yesterday. Fucking dicks.

>back in the day
Not sure if its a sign of getting old or just being a massive pervert that I can't remember if I fapped to this back in the day.


This looks dope, what is this?

You know it's the ugly truth behind his lack of modesty in the bath scene.

Apologies for wall of text.

GettyImages Europe was upset that people could find unwatermarked versions of their images by reverse image searching and finding them on news site articles.

Thank you, I'll see if my internet will last to upload an updated zip.

Vol 12 -
Side Stories -
Summer should be read after vol 9, Mahjong anywhere after 10, Tatsumi's day after vol 12.
Vol 13 redraws (11/2011 to 03/2015) -

It's because Google's algorithms overcomplicate it. Common images shouldn't be affected, but when there's only a few copies of something I've had images appear and disappear by repeating the same search. I just don't trust it to be complete.

Slightly confusing/10, when it's a close up of eyes it can be hard to tell who's who, and there's a few dialogue heavy moments that I felt were clearer on who was speaking in the original. I'd recommend looking at what old chapters did get scanned if you want extra speculation fuel since the new ones did streamline the monologues.

It's a huge improvement on the early 00s art though. If you look at the old scans and inbetween art they're wonky as hell and the style is inconsistent. Stuff like chunky eyebrows and abs come and go between panels and everyone smiles blankly into the void at times. I've seen complaints the new style has sameface, but its predecessor was far worse because of how specifically angular it was. A generic sameface is more forgiveable in my opinion.

Yeah that'd be me, do you need any redraw chapters separated? Those links would've been missing a couple.

I'm not the scanner user, but they've sent me merch in the past so our posts would have been in the same threads. I know they posted last year about Tsuoka being one of their oldest ships.

>ywn experience EZ DO DANCE or FREEDOM for the first time
Subs when?

Good. I hate that so many promising anime turn to shit these days and no-one has to take responsibility (at least publically).


But they are doing that.

It was a follow-up to this one. I've been lurking forever for Altair art, it's such a shame that no one cares for this manga.

Maybe his lack of modesty was because he was packing.

I know this feeling too well. I’ve lost the count of stuff I’ve fapped to.

I forgot to say the Gensoukai character designs are better in the redraw too. No edgewolf companion, far spookier than these biceps.

Low res of vol 12-13 magazine versions:

This goes beyond vol 13's contents by a few chapters. I believe the ones 'kami hosts are higher quality copies since not all of mine are the original uploads (the fansite originally hosting them died and isn't fully archived). However, whoever uploaded them there deleted the earlier chapters and replaced them with the redraws.

It's still missing two chapters that were never scanned. I've seen photos of the pages spread on people's floors but they don't sell them to Suruga or anything so I can't get hold of them myself. ;__; There's also only one translator working on it left and she's as active as the series itself.

Japanese tweets say Muraki was everyone's middle school crush and that the tentacle rape in vol 11 was their sexual awakening that turned them rotten, so probably.

>being newer than 2009
Wow. It would take all of 2000 characters to explain this bullshit clusterfuck. Imagine you go in for goofy older guy teasing a tsundere child and come out with sad dead guys in snow.avi and half a JRPG that's never been patched. It is sloppily written but emotionally affecting, and has some nice gore art. I honestly get disappointed when shounen manga fails to draw skin burning off as well as Matsushita did.

Unless you read raws you'll have to put up with loosely accurate and sometimes confusing official prints, or low res fantranslations. Even the raw scans are too low res to read for vols 7 and 9. Everything about the series is disastrous like that.

Apologies. I’ve been confusing you two. I go out of my way to buy the weekly magazines when certain series are on the cover or include posters/color pages. That similarity is why your posts always get my attention.

I would happy to accept any links you want to offer. I’ll keep an eye out for the next thread if you can’t do it today. I want to make sure that I start this over properly. There’s a lot I’m trying to sort when you mention the multi versions and missing pages.

>tentacle rape in vol 11 was their sexual awakening
It does make locker room arousal look not as awkward as I thought it was.

What’s he blushing at?

Maybe his butt hurts.

From what?

>all that man titty and thick thigh art

God bless Japan and Korea for supreme taste.

> I wondered if Mentaiko was fapping.
I'm sorry, but what are you saying exactly?

Kazuki finally noticed him.


He mounted his daki.
For good reason that’s a no.

We did discuss having one but everyone agreed it would just be cancer so we didn't make one. I think.
/yoi/ did make one or two though.

It wouldn’t work, the content of the threads is too diverse and it would be a mess. Plus it would be even harder to deal with the drama whenever it pops up.

It was a fever dream.

I prefer the fever dreams that involve big cocks.

You're thinking about the cancer that is /yoi/

Yakuza anime when?

Anime boys with big cocks are a blessing that must be treasured and lusted after.

Anime boys with big cocks that like to rub their cocks against smaller anime boy cocks are the true treasure.

When Nugget becomes the Prime Minister.

But has this happened before? Because it’s hot as fuck.

Only manga boys.

Not often that I have seen, which is a crime, as even typing that out was arousing.

What do people think of No.6?

Is it even worth reading? Scans don't go up until 2015.

Yeah, I’ve seen manga boys comparing sizes before, which is still hot, but that sounds like a whole different dimension of teasing that gives me a boner just by thinking about it.

It makes me wish I had a dick.

Newfags need to talk about themselves in some way.

muh heart
I need more shota romance.

They're born attention whores.

Do they actually end up being boyfriends, or is it just bait?

>Posting about having a boner is acceptable
>Posting about wanting a boner makes you an attention whore
I hope you at least have good taste in boys.

you tell me, senpai

Not him but don't ladyboners count as boners?

The thread is sinking. That least it managed to be good for long enough.

Sorry, it's just that shota romance is a such a rare thing and I wasn't expecting it to be anything other than just bait.

Thanks user, gonna start reading it now.

Don’t really want to make you jealous but having a dick is incredibly fun. Just staring at your own gorgeous meat pole is awesome enough.

There must be at least one of you faggots who knows Koutetsu Sangokushi. I watched it some years ago and I still listen to the beautiful OP once in a while. The anime was shit though. I kept watching it only for Rikuson and Koumei.

Maybe but you can't grab your own boob with your hand and just leave it there.

Go talk about your disgusting 3D self on your blogs.


I would give that away in a heartbeat in exchange for a meat poll.

>Getting upset when the thread is about to die

Told you they're born attention whores.

>not backseat modding when thread is past bump limit
There are newfags here that need to get told.


Taking me back. It’s pretty much same here. In my earlier days I wasn’t as discerning and was taken in by trailers. This had such beautiful designs.


No, user, clearly it is the worst manga in existence and I hate it. You should keep well away.

Should date other boys.

To be honest except MC and the main guys, the other characters' designs were beyond ridiculous. Overdesigned drag queens and clowns. But those were simpler times, I was easy to please. Also this is most likely the only anime with Miyano Mamoru and many other valid VAs that no one bothers to mention because too shit.

Boys should date boys and girls should date boys that go on to leave them for other boys through the seductive powers of dick.

Meat/Skeleton otp

>the thread dying means I can act retarded at last

boys should date boys and girls should draw boys dating boys

There needs to be more shameless, literal (shota) jews.

Does Hakata post on /biz/? Is he one of those pink people?

Still waiting for the Akita episode.

I don't have any, sadly. I am forever imagining dicks clashing against each other.

Nah, he's the type that pleases old, sweaty, and fat mercenaries for stocks and cryptos.
Why do you think he wears those ultra short shorts for?

I liked the lines and style of the character design. Plus that long hair white hair. Much less of that today.
I’m sure it can be found in shota. I just don’t read much of it.

Agreed. What's the point if the dicks aren't even fully grown?

See you next week homos.