Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

Another apology for the massive delay, I meant to post this yesterday but I kinda forgot. Here's the seventh chapter of loli fox housewife.

If you noticed any problem or mistakes, please tell me.

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Thanks as always, STALKER. I needed this today.













Cute furball.




I want Shiro-sama to step on me.
And that's it. Thank you for reading.

Good shit. Thanks.


Dumb kitsune



Thank you S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
By the way, Duty or Freedom?


Duty of course.

I am disappointed to say the least.

Anarchist get out. Freedom armour are way cooler.

Ye? Naw.
>Marked one go tell that guy 20ft away from me he's a cunt
Living the dream.



Thanks for doing this. I can't wait for Shiro-sama to bully the h*ck out of Senko.

Praise to all who worship the kitsune. May you be blessed with a thousand fox waifus.

>NTR headpats
My heartboner is confused.

But seriously thanks for the hard work, doody member

This is some advanced NTR that I could get behind

Meant to say Duty Armour are way cooler, can't beat black and red.
The redrawing is going to kill me.

Got download link?

Thanks for the translation!

>The redrawing is going to kill me.
Ninth Tail is even worse. I can't wait till you get to it though.

Aye, I know, I've read ahead. Redrawing is the reason why these chapters takes so long to come out.

Wow, rude. Go search for some weed anomaly.
Here you go:


Dumb fox.

Shouldn't a hyphen be on the first line when used to divide words? I suppose it looks better to cut at -ing considering the lack of space though. Anyway, reading this made me smile.

Thanks based Stalker, by the way, is it me or the scans looks worse than before?

Yep, a lot worse. I don't know what's going on with the site, but it's on their end; Not much I can do.

Try making sure "?q=100" is at the end of the url. Seems like the default quality without parameters is worse. It's still god some jagged edges, but seems to be a bit better than no param.

Aye, that's slightly better than what I had. Time to redownload all the pages again.


Thank you!

Gee Nakano, how come your mom lets you have TWO lolifoxes?

just content-aware fill fucking everything, Cred Forums would be too busy fapping to notice

>those glasses
Truly looks like a grandma here

>trapped by the devilish kotatsu

>floppy ears

>more foxes
not sure if I'm looking forward to that yet

I'm sad I only found out about this now. Thanks for the dump stalker.

The moment I've been waiting for

When's the next chapter?

Can never touch fluffy tail
Why should I even work tomorrow, there is nothing to come home to..

When the FUCK is he going to impregnate them?

this one looks more aggressive, maybe she'll force him into going past headpatting

Bump, thanks for the dump!

Regular NTR doesn't do it for me anymore, but this is some next level shit.

I hope when we reach the nine tail something good happens

I wonder if even a human from the past would have such reaction honestly, after all, tech is totally alien fro them too.

>last panel

for a reason I feel she is very relaxed and happy there

why does he looks soo tired? shouldnt having a cute, no-wife fox make his life a little easier?

kawaii kitsune nanojya

ok, I am glad we are getting more lolibabas foxes, but I am wondering by this last pages, wasnt the mission to help humanity in general? this now looks they fox world only cares for MC.

what is worse? your man's penis inside another woman vagina or your man's hands giving headpats to another woman head?

Certainly, imagine some peasant discovering a TV, it'll be like magic.
She can only help him at home, he's still depress and tired from his work place.
Senko bringing lunchbox to his work place chapter when.

Do you really need an answer to that?

>fox lolibaba is upset by loud sucking
Really activates my kitsune-zushi.


The pats, obviously.

this one really looks like a a lolibaba

Thank you.

Is there a DL for previous chapters?


Thanks man.

New fox looks like ibaraki from fgo

Only when they're black and white; Shiro-sama is white, not Banana.

the mistake was you posting this in the first place.

Jesus christ that outfit, maximum erection

thats a shame golden foxgirls are the greatest