So this thing was basically a Franxx version of Ramiel from eva?

So this thing was basically a Franxx version of Ramiel from eva?

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I think a lot of the klaxosaur designs will be freaky like this. Who cares though? This episode proved the FranXX is nothing more than a safe shonen anime.

That's okay, by the way. I enjoy watching it. But to everybody pretending this is some really deep show, or an Eva dethroner... well, you're just wrong. This isn't even in the same realm as Eva.

It's clearly Zeruel.

But muh bird and flower metaphors brah

it's clearly a metaphor for a dick pounding

how can you not see that

No one had died in episode 6 of Eva either.

To add, Asuka wasn't even introduced until episode 8

People are forgetting that this is a two cour show.

just like klk was a shonen battle tournament until hey it wasn't

Daily reminder this show is high test.

Darling is over 75% an A1 show. Trigger is mostly along for the ride here. My point is

>A1 could ever be capable of writing and producing anything close to evangelion, ttgl or macross


>what is Sora no Woto

this poser is correct.

i like it, but this is no God-Tier anime throne

In episode 6 of NGE Asuka hadn't even been introduced.

In episode 6 of TTGL Kamina was still alive.

Give this shit some fucking time before making asinine projections of where the plot is headed

We're taking about mecha anime here, not 5 minutes of a spider like tank in the final episode sweetie. Did you notice the titles I listed? Thanks for playing.

It also wasn't shounen shit for the first 6 episodes

Writing for mecha is not some kind of special thing that only a small subsect of writers can handle and ttgl is not even that well written.

>ITT retards discuss where a full cour anime will go when its only 6 episodes in.

As others have said with regards to retarded EVA comparisons - Asuka doesn't even show up till episode 8

missing the point yet again yancy. OP said 'this could be something special'

a1 can't do special cuz. eva, ttgl and macross are special. macross is the best written of all 3.

It reminded me more of FLCL

>judging an 8 hour show on merely 2 hours of footage
I genuinely can't believe that people are so stupid they would think a show would have a clear direction when it barely started.

No one have said anything in this thread about FranXX doing anything special.
But A1 can do something special since they have already proven that they can with SnW. And once again it doesn't matter that it is a mecha show since the criteria for special doesn't suddenly become unobtainable just because of past masterpieces in the genre.
Also studios don't write stuff, people do and the writer for this have never writen for an A1 show before to my knowledge. And Nishigori even worked on ttgl.

>This isn't even in the same realm as Eva.
Good, Eva is garbage.

>Thanks for playing.

>comparing weaponized construction equipment to a mountain blasting space laser


It's hard to argue against someone who dislike the premise of a show.
I can say though that the reason they cheer in the end is because most people don't want to die.
And they play the trumpet firstly since they don't speak the other nations language secondly since it is easier to get both side to listen immediately with music since it can be seen as an universal language and if they used words one of the side would not understand.
And they don't get into trouble since they are best friends with the princess, the one who made the peace possible in the first place.

Are they seen as mythological beings with magical powers or did people of their world understand that it was an advanced weapon from superior lost technology?

There have been some time since I watched it, but I don't believe their spider tank was that different in design from the rest and I believe that the fact that a past civilisation had superior technology was common knowledge so I'm sure they weren't too suprised.

They overdid it with the eva references this episode

I was half expecting an impact right there.

This. These first six episodes felt more like a setup arc or just merely the first chapter.

That would have been a great twist.

I'm hoping that at some point in the series we actually get something along those lines

Ramiel was an Evangelion version of Simo Häyhä.


all I see are some underboobs


They're just messing around now.
Tho it's interesting that their "demon" had such angelical wings.

This. A mixture between FLCL and Gurren Lagan.

Already a thing


It needs to stop referencing Eva, the designs are fucking trash in comparison and it just feels like empty and forced. Every time it references Eva it just makes me think "Oh look it's like Eva but Eva did it a thousand times better".

Also not sure why anyone watches this for the battles. The mech designs are fucking trash, the Klaxosaurs are uninspired at best, and there was barely any character development in this fight (the closest was Hiro going from wanting to pilot it at all costs to wanting to pilot it at all costs but for a slightly different reason).

I wish the anime would have went in slow motion after Hiro collapses. The events outside Hiro's mind I mean. Since he is semi-conscious, it would accentuate the fact that his neuronal activity has a different "tempo" so to say from that of the other characters. It would also fix the fact that the wall holds on for so long too conveniently and the other characters don't do anything in the meanwhile. If Hiro is unconscious for a shorter period of time, all this is fixed.

I actually would have done every single scene in this episode differently compared to how it was done.

The last episode was fucking awesome

This is the Gurren Lagann of our generation

Klaxosaur was pretty similar to Rebuild Ramiel. Also pic related happened in episode 6

When the fuck was it established that the franxxes are running out of fuel? What a cheap scene.

Beginning of episode 5, you fucking speedwatcher

It's probably a limitation of their older models. I imagine that big attack they used at the end exhausted a lot of whatever they use as fuel, since they thought it would end it and so put everything they had into it.

It's Sachiel, you mongs


Sup speedwatcher-kun

More importantly why an experienced pilot riding in one of these fucking robots doesn't know when he's running out of fuel, why there isn't any sort of fuel indicator inside the robot? I have the bare minimum IQ to be functional and even I can tell when I'm about to run out of fuel and need to suck out some more from other cars.
Also even through you're even stupider than me for not listening to them talk about fuel powering the robots that was in fact a cheap scene cause it came out of nowhere as in nothing even led up to it he's just suddenly there and suddenly completely out of fuel, ignored things that were said before (experience of the pilots) and was only there for George Lucas tier poetry of the greenhorn pilot saving a veteran who underestimated them (for a good reason cause like some time prior the retarded baby just slams into one of his one after getting juked by a dumb ass klax thing).
Also I'm going to open up the episode again to see if this guy who doesn't have fuel is moving again after that.

Concept is nothing like Eva, all their forms are Trigger fighting shapes to the max.

Ok to their credit they just evacuate the other squad off screen and apparently robots without fuel are capable of standing on their own or limp cause whatever who cares.

Maybe the other robots shared some magma with him

It could be anything, this is just one if grand mysteries that makes Darling in the FranXX a great show my brother

Why is he the only one who ran out of fuel though? The others seem to be doing just fine and the guy ran out of fuel a while ago.

He was doing a lot more big jumps since he was the one who kept landing the finishing blows.

Even if this was true it would open up a whole new can of worms about how exactly these robots consume energy and how much time they got if they're being active vs just standing around and this can of worms won't do the show any favors.

Plus the show doesn't do cliffhangers. They wouldn't show that Hiro still has the blue thing at the end of the episode, even if it was still there.

Our main squad is unreasonably incompetent, i don't expect perfect synergy but have they never received any tactical training at all? Bumping into each other, no strategy etc.

Ichigo and Goro are good.

Remember that the protagonist mechs are all unique.

I think the fact that no one has bothered mentioning fuel in any of the previous fights is significant. I suspect that the mass produced Franxx have stringent fuel concerns but the specialized Franxx we see don't.

This show is the Gurren Laann of our generation. Not the EVA

TTGL was in 2007, how fucking underage are you?

That was 11 years ago grandpa.
Are you still watching cartoons? lol

> not covering the hand with honey

I prefer to go off of things that were established in the show and all we know so far is that mechs need magma to work and so far only one of them ever ran out of fuel and even then it happened suddenly to generate drama and complete a pretty bad arc of Squad 12 showing S26 that they underestimated them even though they hardly achieved anything worth mentioning up to this point.
As such I can only assume that fuel problem was never mention not as a sign of custom robots having a whole lot of charge on them but rather cause the writers didn't find a use for it. If it's actually intended I'm sure having a single extra line of dialogue to establish this wouldn't be exactly insulting the viewers intelligence.

Such a wacky life or death scenario

Takes me back, good old times before you were even born.

So between the beginning of episode 5, and the middle of episode 6, they forgot to refuel that guy's franxx? What?

>gets out fucking played by a retarded techno race dinosaur
>slams into a teammate he didn't seem to know was there
>why these nasty pilots think they're better than us

They lacked the power of love

Their green as grass but they got to be put into the field anyway because they don't have the luxury of time to train.
The monsters are attacking constantly.

Not even the dual wielding syrians are as goofy as they are

This. Mass produced Franxx also use magma energy clips to power their whips, while P13 Franxx take it from within. Strelizia herself outputs absurd amounts and never fucking runs out.
The only time she ran out of fuel was when she wrecked Mitsuru and they had to retrieve her, which leads me to believe she can drain the stamen's energy and turn it into magma or something like that.
If I were to go wild with speculation, and assuming klaxosaurs are bees and magma the honey they create, and considering that the only way to kill them is using it, I suspect magma is some sort of semi-organic fluid capable of giving, or removing, magic bullshit power-ups to machines that consume it.
There's also the possibility the magma itself is sentient; it reacted with Hiro and 02's cry and took the shape of wings.

Anyways, why didn't they show P26's cockpit's female side? Are they in a different position, one with no sexual connotations perhaps? Is this why P13 Franxx never have problems with fuel? Maybe sexual tension amplifies magma efficiency. Maybe magma is literally sentient oni cum.

>The only time she ran out of fuel was when she wrecked Mitsuru
She didn't run out of fuel. THe link between her and Mitsuru was severed since he passed out, so Strelizia stopped functioning, just like she does in episode 6 before 002 activates stampede mode.

Fuck off.

I'm not asking whether or not those models have limited fuel, but when in that scene is it shown that the guy was running low on fuel before it happened. How did he not know he was low on fuel before it was too late?

Basically: fuck Amamiya.

It's a wonder anyone thought building the mechs for those idiots was a good idea.

So maybe custom Franxx convert power of love into magma.
There might also be a connection between literal honey and magma power, at least thematically.

I hope writers actually explain this but I'm leaning towards thinking that it's just bullshit cause they don't care about it and won't be a problem ever again in the show unless they want to create more tension

I thought about that as well. I'm curious why Strelizia never seems to use those magma fuel clips we see in the first episode. A canister is used and ejected to kill the klaxo in the first episode. In the 3rd with Mitsuru I'd say Strelizia didn't use a very significant amount of power so probably didn't need it, but in 4 and 6 with Hiro the spear is definitely used multiple times at high power but there are no clips anymore.

The only difference I see is that in 4 and 6 Hiro is the stamen while he is definitely awake and in the fight and we still haven't seen exactly what's happening in 1. I wonder if supplemental magma fuel is only required when the stamen/pistil/their sync isn't that amazing, so Strelizia just doesn't need any extra. A connection with yellow blood cells perhaps? Hiro's body rather than being drained of energy and killed, actually generates more which he feeds to Strelizia?

>the mechs are all pairs of boys and girls
>the girl bends over and the dude plays galaga or some shit with her asscheeks idk
>none of the kids know what kissing is
>the strongest mech chick knows about kissing and does it to her "daaaaaarling" to power him up
>they hold hands when they exit the mech and flirt around, which none of the other pairs do
>the whole show is just an allegory for how love conquers all

did i nail it, Cred Forums?

Congratulations, you watched the show.

I think people judge the show's writing too harshly for not throwing out shocking swerves or nonstandard plot twists in the actual narrative flow of the story. The overall plot writing, anyway. The actual dialog and narration is another discussion.

The show may not be killing off its Kamina or becoming some weird examination of hedgehog issues or awakening a giant robot to suck up the world's libido to turn back time or turning into a car, but it's still clearly setting up something going on in the more mundane level of the actual world it takes place in. They didn't even bother to animate the girl in the P26 leader's FranXX, but they put this whole thing in about them running out of fuel when it could've just as easily been rendered immobile by damage to set up the same Argentea save? We've had a bunch of shit about Hiro's weird biological reactions to 02, what she's supposed to normally do with her partners, and an increasing amount of talk about how odd the whole P13 group is in general form its parasites to its FranXX. It's simultaneously nonstandard enough but not too weird to disappoint anons who think it's going to be Eva or Utena or something and those who are just looking for the next wild ride. It's been a pretty consistent show in building up the wider mystery while not being too radical in its actual story or character dynamics. The only real surprise there is 02 not completely breaking down in typical fashion for these sorts of heroines.



I feel bad for big FranXX now.

>[Monster Hunter Intensifies]

The wings
What the hell was it?

a visual metaphor perhaps?

>What the hell was it?
Cool as fuck.

It's quite an accomplishment to actually watch the show you're discussing.

i remember some part where they mentioned "absolute cutters at maximum" or something along those lines.
maybe the harpoon weapons squad 26 used feed off the franxx' power supply

Concentrated Love Power

The awakening of the S2 engine

bird metaphor

cute jobber

For Cred Forums, yes.


I think it's good that people are demanding towards the writing of the show. I went in expecting little more than just hype robots fighting and some juicy fan service but it's not really fulfilling on either front and it tries to be a serious drama show on top of all this.

FranXX introduces more questions than it's probably gonna answer and I don't think keeping viewer in the dark on basically everything is a good thing when we're 6 episodes in. Usually when you're 1/4th into the story you'll get the premise and a proper introduction to characters and the world. However so far it's not clear goal ahead and while I'll overlook the default anime characters they did nothing with the world of Darlifa and even if they do it later it won't change the incompetent introduction. Geass, OG Gundam, Votoms, TTGL, Macross and many other shows did that, it's not a trait of a great show but it's just basic writing. It's not a viewer's job to get themselves hooked into the story or explain the inconsistencies, a competent show never needs next episode to explain what happened before unless director clearly indicated that it should be answered later.

Either way I don't really care if they fix it later cause I gave up on any chance of this show being good and just want to see how bad this trainwreck gets.

This, the show has let us see multiple little things hinting at something not being quite as it seems

Symbolically it's the Jian taking flight since Hiro has now truly accepted it, truly accepted 02 as his partner (long-term as opposed to 3-ride-to-death temporary) and more than that he has accepted himself as her partner too. He knows she needs him, he knows it's not OK to leave her alone because she can fight anyway. He knows she wants him there and doesn't want to be left without him, knowing that he now wants to be there for her too and he cannot let her suffer alone. He now understands and embraces a true partnership while in ep1 he believes the Jian to be pathetic, as such they take flight on their wings. I think their
>With our wings!
line makes it pretty certain to be the interpretation they were going for.

As an in-universe thing? Fuck knows, I assume the wings themselves have to be some sort of magma energy, why exactly magma fuel can turn into huge wings which can actually beat and lift a huge klaxosaur off the ground - no idea. That's probably a question they want us to be asking ourselves. We knew magma energy was some sort of superfuel, but now it's starting to look like it's more than "just" superfuel.


Can we agree that this episode looked like actual dogshit?

It looked pretty good for the most part. Way better than episode 3.

The Klaxosaur designs are fucking trash, for all the Eva references they make you'd think they'd at least try to come up with something interesting.

Quite the opposite.
The only good-looking parts were inside Strelitzia and Strelitzia's action scenes. Everything else looked like ass

It was good enough, before it transformed I was afraid the boss would just stay shadow meatboy.


The non-fight parts are more or less okay but everything else was just a brown mess. Having the other mechs be black while also fighting in a dark area with a black monster wasn't visually appealing either

First form is just a glowing box with horns
Second one looked terrible thanks to 3D and textures and mixing with backgrounds
Third one is again just a box with horns but this time with two legs

They have no reason to use something as specific as running out of fuel the very first time we see "normal" FranXX when such a problem was absolutely never brought up at all for the past 5 episodes when all we've seen were special P13 FranXX. If they just wanted to let Zorome and Miku save the guy who called them a liability his mech could have easily been immobilized by damage.

>when such a problem was absolutely never brought up at all for the past 5 episodes
Watch episode 5 again you fucking speedwatcher

Wasn't the whole point of the kissing that they needed more fuel?

Yeah it's really disappointing. I kinda like designs for the S12 mechs but the klaxosaurs look straight out of a cheap light novel adaptation. First one looked goofy enough but I was willing to overlook it cause I knew there would be plenty more but they followed it up with blue balls, an electric razor in episode 4 and now this. I'm honestly wondering what comes next but for all the wrong reasons.

But did you see the super cool mechanical transformations!?!?!?
The designs and disregard for anything happening off screen is pretty terrible.

They did brought it up beforehand and it played a role in the next episode but was used extremely poorly. I also agree that could've just had the mech get beat up but they chose to do something that made no sense. The leader of an experienced squad just suddenly runs out of fuel without any warning and gets stomped on only for us to see that he's actually saved by the guy who had more issues with being backup than anyone else.

Magma energy will probably turn out to be made from human souls or something like that. Like the lifestream stuff in Final Fantasy 7 or so.
>oh noez
>we iz burning up human soulz
>humanity if fucked up
>no more reincarnation and shit
>this iz allegory for for killing the future of mankind
and stuff.

I've rewinded the transformation a few times and it's really damn sad looking cause it seems like they couldn't exactly figure out how to shift all the parts in a way that would seem natural so both times you just see a bunch of shit incomprehensibly shuffle around and then it zooms out so show the complete thing. It's such a joke.


Comparing low tier eva to this God tier anime, user please

Plenty of those could be removed.

Jian bird

Fucking don't know how to count.


That Klaxo is cute

Show me where a P13 FranXX runs out of fuel or has to resupply in ep5, retard. I hope you're not referring to the line coming from a parasite who has been kept ignorant as an actual plot point in the show, because their knowledge about how shit works is DEFINITELY not reliable.

Even during the fight in ep6 they literally mention at one point that the P26 squad was resupplied, but P13 or Strelizia never need a resupply. Why don't they need it? Why did they add that line about P26 being resupplied specifically? Why doesn't Strelizia need to refuel when it clearly has a completely ridiculous power output? Why does P26 run out of fuel immediately after they were resupplied, but once again P13 not only does not get resupplied at all but keeps going beyond what P26 does on 2 full loads?

It's more than just FranXX which run on magma fuel, everything does. They built their entire society to run on it, FranXX only came later, after the first klaxosaur attack, which in turn came after they had built the first Plantation and ruined to Earth.

He was just resupplied almost immediately before too, this shit is no coincidence. They were resupplied, immediately try to take on the big klaxosaur and he runs out of fuel as their attack fails, despite having a full tank basically minutes before.

Ramiel was way hotter and had godlike proportions. Don't compare best girl to the turbodyke-trap you posted.

You are an actual stupid baby person download episode 5 and watch it again cause your point goes against the show itself which is ironic but mostly just idiotic.

Nice argument.

It's not a mecha anime, so nice try, sweaty

>assuming klaxosaurs are bees and magma the honey they create
It's a real interesting theory you bring here. I wonder...That can explain why the klaxos are so agressive. Very interesting.

Yeah it is not a coincidence, it's just bad writing.
>mechs need fuel
>they fuel the mechs and go fighting
>fuel runs with no prior warning in a way that serves no other purpose but to show that the strong squad leader is saved by the greenhorn he dismissed
Like you tried to make a compelling point to make it seem like a deliberate move but there's also nothing backing it up, just your own assumption. The show doesn't really bother to say how much time is spent since they go out and up to the point his fuel runs out but considering some of the cuts completely ignore continuity it's safe to say it's more than the viewer sees.

Now if it was just his mech they could've easily acknowledge that it's not a coincidence with a single sentence or two but they didn't cause in all likelihood it's not since they also completely remove P26 team after that point instead of having one of them save the pilots and have remaining 3 help P13.

The other interpretation is that the human colonies are hives, and the adults are bees


>zero is often referred to as 'o'
>two in wapanese is 'ni'


>Ichigo and Goro are good

>shows Argentea and Chlorophytum

Why Kokoro is crying?

>We knew they were piloted in male/female pairs before the show even started
>pure love/couples symbolism
>Jian bird
>flower pasta

I'm not sure what people expected. TTGL never changed what it was about. Not even Madoka changed what it was about.

I walked away to get coffee and this is the exact response I was expecting to see upon return.

Gald I didn't disappoint you

I feel like it's both. Human society definitely mirrors bees, except they don't actually create honey. They steal it from klaxosaurs.
Either that, or magma is just nectar's equivalent for humans that needs to be processed into honey. But it's too early to know what's it used for.


There is absolutely no possible reason to add any mention of fuel at all if they just wanted the Argentea scene, which was the only direct consequence in this episode. That can easily be addressed by battle damage instead, or the Pistil being shocked unconscious by the blow. That explanation is so damn simple and straightforward it's impossible they hadn't thought about it, but they did something about fuel deliberately and also bothered to add a line about P26 resupplying immediately before that too.
>considering some of the cuts completely ignore continuity
That's bullcrap which is largely irrelevant to my point. Not only does the line about resupplying come immediately before they engage Beta, but the amount of time which passes doesn't really matter because P26 still requires a resupply and then one runs out while P13 does not - during the same amount of time.

The show has had plenty of little details and hints/symbols which came to fruition in later episodes already, I can see no reason why this little detail would suddenly be the one which deviates from that.

>since they also completely remove P26 team
What do we see P26 do? We see them bind klaxos and then kill them with magma energy weaponry. What do they try to do to Beta? Exactly the same thing. What happens? Nothing. P26 have already proven themselves inadequate for the fight so P13, relying on Strelizia of course, were ordered to take care of it instead.

Ray Folker had died by episode 6 of macross, and thingie died in episode 6 of nadesico and kamina died in episode 6 of tengen toppa gurren lagan.

If they don't kill someone by episode 6 the series is shit.

>kamina died in episode 6 of tengen toppa gurren lagan.
>If they don't kill someone by episode 6 the series is shit.
Woah there buddy, you might cut yourself.

no it was shinji being a fucking pussy for 7 episodes, then asuka comes in and he becomes her bitch.

>kamina died in episode 6
brb, getting rope
>If they don't kill someone by episode 6 the series is shit.
Oh Ok, thank fuck. For a minute I thought you were serious. Have a (You), now stop trolling.

so speedwatchers are actually a thing? thought it was a meme.

Man it was so heartbreaking when he died from overexposure to hot springs.

>Final battle

You haven't seen the threads were people seriously admit to watching things in 1.5x or even 2.0x speed?

> people seriously admit to watching things in 1.5x or even 2.0x speed

>Defeat in Detail
>There is no defeat in detail

Hot springs kill more people in the US than guns and smoking combined. Plese help raise awarenes for this issue and donate to our cause at

It's okay user, I got it.

Eva is a monster of the week show untill like episode 17.

Most of eva is incredibly average, I hate the amount of nostalgia circcle jerk over a show that most people who talk about it haven't seen in years.

>buuuutt ,..bbuut not muh trigger they can't do any wrong!, it must be that they are not contributing!

>Power of love power up bullshit
>Franxxfags praise the show
>Franxxfags are just shounenshitters meme turns out to be true

Will it be surpassed?

002 was the spider all along and that scene in episode 2 confirms it.

>I felt like I was trapped by a thousand threads
>002 is running her hand through her hair smugly
Episodes 4 and 5 are too good for this series.
Fuck you Nishigori.

Yeah they both work, but I tend to lean towards the klaxos=bees side so far. The manga says that magma fuel is extracted from deep underground, so it suggest that they just take it from somewhere rather than concentrating it like bees do to nectar to make honey. Also the klaxos themselves come from deep underground and yet seem to have magma fuel in their core - so they are probably somehow capable of getting it down there.

Human society definitely fits the bee pattern quite well, but at the same time it's also a fairly generic dystopian/oppressive/caste-separated society at this point and it doesn't have anything really specific binding it to bee symbolism, like we don't see the workers hard at work or the queen(s) doing anything reproduction related, which is their main purpose in a hive AFAIK, hell even the drones which are supposed to do nothing have so far done most of the real work.

It was okay until the blue crap just subsided with the power of love or some shit.

That was some retarded power of friendship level shounenshit.

>franxx makes multiple eva references to make it seem deep and complex as eva
>Cred Forums dumbposters try and make sense of the plot

You cucks are clearly getting baited. This show has zero depth and sense so stop trying to argue the plot.

You've posted this already, you can fuck off now

I think it made sense in symbolic context, Hiro's doubt/fear/resignation towards dying go away when he resolves to stand by 02 and finds a real reason to live and keep on piloting. Fuck knows what explanation it has in-universe but at least it makes sense symbolically so they thought a bit about what they were doing.

Hey, I'm not the one making 20 threads at a time

You're a new IP so you're not the guy who posted either.

But you still go out of your way to post this in multiple threads

>doesn't have anything really specific binding it to bee symbolism
I might be looking too much into it, but APE sounds similar to latin's word for bee, APIS, and literally means bee in italian.
As far as I know there isn't anything related to monkeys in the show. It always striked me as odd how they chose monkeys of all things for their head of state/religion.
As for the fact we don't see the workers do shit, it's not surprising since we are watching the show from the sheltered eyes of the Parasites.

I expect restoring fertility to humanity to be APE's goal. It would fit really well thematically, and it would be their honey, or finished product.
Magma = Klaxosaur's honey = humans' nectar.
Klaxos create it in order to feed their larvae (onis? not sure where they fit in all this), humans steal it, they get angry.
It is used by humans in order to power not only their whole infrastructure, but also their fertility research which involves Franxx/pistils/stamens. Hopefully they will digest it, and transform it into APE's sought-after honey and save humanity from extinction.

I feel like we just glazed over this idiocy.

i think i figured something out boys
>02 fighting the giant horned klaxx and calling it a monster is just symbolism for her fighting her LITERAL inner demons and self hatred of having klaxx blood

>As far as I know there isn't anything related to monkeys in the show
The masks the APE council have look vaguely ape like

Yea, but why did they choose monkey masks and APE as their name? It's not related to anything else in the show.

nudist beach didn't mean anything either until clothing became evil aliens

There's been hints that the parasites are created and have been designed for a specific purpose. If the APE council have been messing with human DNA to create the parasites it might make sense that they invoke humanity's genetic relatives or ancestors.

You mean you genuinely watch things at brainlet speed? I bet you also watch only one show per video screen.

KlK was about outfits from get-go

Ichigo is cute

I'd argue that it did make sense, it fit pretty well in a universe where clothing gave powers from episode 1.

That I can get behind. But I can't help but feel APE has been intentionally chosen to remind of bees. They could've been named PRIMATE, for instance.

PRIMATE would be harder to choose a snazzy acroynm for later on.
It might just be that APE is the name and so they choose the masks because of that rather than anything else, but there are a lot of themes that get thrown around in this show and the idea of an APE council making up humans might not be that farfetched

I hope 16 dies of Klaxxosaur syphilis and 02 and 15 can ride the Strelitza together. If you know what I mean.


AO already ruined that ending though...

>episode 6 turns out to be controversial even among non-shitposters
>even floweranon is shitting on it

What the fuck is going on?

It's almost as if Cred Forums likes this show.

But opinion on the episode seems to be divided like never before. So far you could more or less tell who likes Franxx and who doesn't, and who is shitposting and who isn't. I am seeing more and more posts from anons who seem to have liked Franxx so far but who dislike episode 6, and it's not the shitposters who whine about how no one died and shit.

It's probably because episode 5 was so awesome and absolutely unpredictable that episode 6 with its rather standard resolution felt so average.

those deadly fucking hot springs

Please explain further.

Wait, why is the title in hiragana?

What if the power of love shit was just a bait-and-switch? Given how the first arc of the anime is bookended by speeches about the Jian bird, it might be that they'll completely discard that aspect of the story moving forward.

The introduction arc ended with this episode, the stage is set now. Not to everyone's liking. Doesn't really matter though, they will keep watching anyway. Kicking and screaming, but they will keep watching.

I wanna embrace blond Hiro.

They would have done something in the beginning to hint at a bait and switch. See Madoka as an example.

Madoka is a one-cour show that constantly develops episode to episode. Its narrative is not like Franxx's, where you can clearly tell that with episode 6 a chapter in the story has now closed.

I don't think the humans=bees idea is necessarily false or bad, I just think there isn't anything very strong supporting it so far. Klaxosaurs themselves seem much more linked to magma energy than humans. What you're saying about APE and "apis" meaning bee feels like a bit of a stretch since they're called "APE" and wear monkey masks, not to mention the links to evolution they seem to have ("Lamarck club" - an evolutionary biologist). There also isn't really any evidence of fertility issues among humans - Hiro actually mentions their parents at the beginning of episode 3, so why would you think humans are having reproductive problems?

>it's not surprising since we are watching the show from the sheltered eyes of the Parasites
I know, but that's not supporting evidence to the fact they *are* bees. The writers/director have chosen scenes which do not overtly paint any symbolism for humans being a bee society. If they had wanted to do that they could've showed it even from the eyes of the parasites - for instance we could've had workers all around the hive (plantation) working in those mining pits, but no such thing happens. The workers do not appear to leave their hive, ever.

Again this doesn't mean the theory is false, I'm just saying there isn't any strong evidence at this point and the society is still generic enough that they can fit the bee theory, but they can fit other shit too. For instance, how about we pick another colony insect? Don't they resemble ants too? Ants have the same setup with queens, workers, drones (or are parasites warriors rather?). Hell, they even dig underground infrastructure like the human's magma fuel extraction pits and what you see on the surface is a bump from the ant mound, like a Plantation! Ants even cultivate things inside, so even "plantation" fits.

Note I'm not saying they're ants, just an example of how the generic type of society can be made to fit with multiple interpretations.

Also, while Hiro says that he wants to be 002's wings at the end, she doesn't seem to reciprocate that sentiment, her last line in the episode being "I have to kill more dinos".

Show? That looks like something I might like.

Google it.

APE looks like an acronym for something, they could probably figure out something which fits 3 letters of "APE" but a long word such as "PRIMATE" would be difficult.

Advanced Primate Eugenics

>kamina died in episode 6 of tengen toppa gurren lagan.
He died in episode 8. Episode 6 was the cheating girl with the night powered robot

She replies to him that he'll be fine piloting her going forward. She's implicitly accepting his feelings while expressing optimism towards the future (strelitzia symbolism).

I think it's more like 02 and Hiro were now established as a Jian. Hiro rejected the idea in the first episode, he said the Jian was pathetic, but has now changed his mind due to 02.

That guy used up his fuel trying to fry the Gutenberg Klaxosaur


Episodes 4 and 5 were too good for this anime.

They literally spell it out afterwards

How come the other mass produced units still had fuel? Does his franxx have a leak?

So? Let us talk about Hiro and why he proves that that which shall not kill you shall make you stronger.

He did survive riding three times with 02 and after this he'll be riding with her as if it were normal.

Jumping uses lots of energy. Then again, it might have been necessary, because those little things can shoot klaxxobeams.

>everything I don't get is an eva reference
Is that the only fucking show you watched?

this is literally just shitty eva

Actually, he did die, metaphorically. He just came back to life again. Typical Hero's Journey stuff.

Doesn't count. Only literal ones do.

Evangelion bird reference

His vitals flatlined, so he was clinically dead.

>why would you think humans are having reproductive problems?
Just an assumption. A barren world composed almost exclusively of adults, where the only kids are most likely clones born in labs, how central sexuality is to the show, and the recurring themes of both flowers and water, symbols of fertility.
>Hiro actually mentions their parents at the beginning of episode 3
He could have meant other things by parent, honestly. They could be doctors, people they've been cloned from, or downright lies and never existed.

I see your point about the society being kind of generic. Though the emphasis on collectivism, generally associated with insects is there. But with how hard honey has been pushed, the link to bees is apparent, not to mention that Plantation's inner cities look like bee hives.
Guess we'll have to wait and see.

What's AO?

>Ray Folker had died by episode 6 of macross
I know this isn't /m/, but someone should have caught this part at least. Come on.

Depends on how you look at it, I think. On one hand you have the fact that he apparently lost his vital signs, so that should be biological death. On the other hand, he came back all by himself, so I guess we can't really say he died when he didn't even need medical assistance to get back into fighting shape.

They only said that his vitals went back to normal, so he could have been going through some arrhythmia that stopped instead of completely flatlining

What did you expect?

Details aside, I really like the entire death dream sequence. The use of music and sound was perfect, even when they cut it out completely.

I like the fact that when you run out of fuel you take it from other cars user. Truly a hero.

This series Giga Drill Breaker

Forget the wings. How the fuck did it take that long to penetrate the klax? He was at most 10 times as thick as Strelizia is tall, yet it's animated like Sterlizia is going through a long tunnel. This episode had so many retarded visual inconsistencies.

The storyboarder thought it would probably look ultra omega cool.

Power of love can influence space and time

>A barren world composed almost exclusively of adults
I'm afraid I'll have to use your point against you here - we see the world through the eyes of segregated parasites, we don't know what the inner city population is like. We don't actually know if those were the real population, since APE were holograms. Those might not even be the real people living inside.

But yeah, that could be the case too, though the sheer size of a Plantation suggests that each could easily house a population in the millions. We've seen a 26th Plantation, if that many were built and have such a large carrying capacity the human population could be at very healthy numbers, if not the billions we have IRL on a still-friendly planet. A straight-forward interpretation would be that if humans are dwindling it's because of resource scarcity, deadly competition and klaxosaur attacks which are not successfully defended. It seems strange to have so many absolutely huge Plantations if there are population issues.

>They could be doctors, people they've been cloned from, or downright lies and never existed
I don't see why they'd give them fake parents and then take them away at such an early age. Why introduce fake parents in the first place if you're going to take them away from little kids? If they just wanted to raise clones collectively they could have done so from the beginning, why traumatize such young children by separating them from their parents? With the references to evolution I think they may be more of a result of some eugenics program which breeds children capable of piloting. The parents have a 'duty' to have the kid, but then have to give it up for collective raising.

>that Plantation's inner cities look like bee hives
I don't think they overtly look like beehives beyond the orange-yellow color. The city isn't just a repeating base structure like a beehive with hexagonal cells. Just look at the shot you posted, are there even 2 buildings which look the same?

That's just rule of cool 101, the scene needed to be long enough for 02 and Hiro to get their battle couple lines in and for it to feel substantial.

This. I might be a newfag but I couldn't finish eva. Most of the characters were annoying as hell and it was just generic battle anime shit. But kids have simple tastes and nostalgia is a hell of a drug.

Kaworu next episode.

They stole it from Megas XLR episode 1 final enemy


We are gonna get a season 3 right?


So much for battle training

>Hiro's blue cancer gets fixed in 5 seconds with SHEER WILLPOWER
Guess I shouldn't have expected an actual conclusion

Generally speaking you shouldn't expect conclusions in any work's introduction.

>That's just rule of cool 101
It's shit storytelling. And the scene wasn't even cool.

Never. I don't think I'd want current CN producing it judging by their contemporary shows anyhow.

If anyone is gonna get it, its gonna be the guys at toonami. If they somehow get to do it, they better get the VAs back or I wont give a shit about it.

Pretty sure Megas XLR ended up as a tax-write off so fucking nobody is going to touch that.

I wont give up hope! Just buy it back from the government!

>I think it's good that people are demanding towards the writing of the show
Don't get me wrong, it's not that people shouldn't be demanding towards the show's writing. But I don't think it's failed to provide a good story when it comes to the actual story. There could be some tightening up of the early plotting, I'm not sure we really needed Hiro realizing he needs to be there for 002 twice, despite the important distinctions in each realization. But the main thrust of the story is the character dynamics, which are getting sussed out right now. The weird whatever is going on with the setting is being hinted at in the way the world is just kind of odd beyond the obvious genre cliches.

There could more of an obvious "plot" in the plot, I guess. Right now all we have is the kids wants to get better ar piloting/002 wants to bone Hiro. It is true we don't even have an inkling as to what APE is angling for beyond just keeping their world working as it is. The actual development of things is heavily focus on Hiro and his biology at the moment.

A series like this doesn't need to show its entire hand from the start, we know there will be a twist or big reveal that influences the direction that the characters go in, it's just a question of what that twist will actually be.

At least Delphinium put in a decent performance in that scene. Those 2-digit codes count for something.

Sasuga Trigger


P13 were pretty useless too, while the Klaxosaurus just pounded a wall they were standing there talking about how they should do something and then the only meaningful contribution was holding the hole open or something. Just mark my words they will never explain why he ran out of fuel so suddenly just cause it was just another example of hack writing.



>Ray Folker had died by episode 6 of macross
Are you serious? Pineapple salad didn't happen ages into Macross.

Well, the show gives me 0 reason to believe your point of view so far since it delivered on a lot of details already, so I won't.


AO was honest mistake

Already translated and one user posted it in a previous thread.

It's a Klaxxobulldino

The Klaxxos are farming earth.

someone update this please

This. That klaxxo was hit by the metaphorical Jian bird.

With this

>How do 2 mechas have sex?


shit show

When you make the assumptions on the level of blue curtains meant sadness and depression I would be surprised the show delivered on details for you.

I don't even understand what you're trying to say anymore. Feel free to call me retarded and be on your way.

So this anime is about cuckery??

Don't tell me you fucks are into ntr.

Very outdated meme. Catch up with the times.

maybe klaxosaurs are the good guys, they are the other half of humanity

a moster that kept gitting the MC mecha and is destroyed after its power awakes.

02 Getting thrusted by big black thruster while Hiro watches


Back to your Vegetable thread, moefag.

>Soma Saito is his seiyuu
More like 012

The only time I saw someone being unironic was when some user was watching pretty much every Gundam faster than possible.

>I have the bare minimum IQ to be functional and even I can tell when I'm about to run out of fuel and need to suck out some more from other cars.

Nigger, make sure you stay in your shithole and never enter my country.

Thank God you are the bitter and dying minority.

It'll be a reoccurring thing, just wait.

We already know Syrian rebels are trained either by Turks, Arabs, Israel or directly by US Special Forces, which the news helpfully and happily kept constantly reminding us to send more training forces to fight Bashar.

These kids don't even have any veterans training them properly.

The fact it's raked up 100+ more preorders in less than 24 hours shows that these shitposters are nothing but. Cred Forums and the forum faggots will NOT ruin this show for me.

>stalker threads are complete bullshit
Damn, who would have thought?

Stalkerfags are retards who love to brew up fanbase wars and have no idea what they're talking about. A show that's flopping now could all of a sudden be this season's best seller.

>It also wasn't shounen shit

Actually user. It was.

Oh well if you said it is then it is.

>if you said it is then it is


Glad you figured out how Cred Forums works user.

Wouldn't be a regular on Cred Forums if I wasn't incredibly smart, figuring something like this out is second nature to me.

so, what now ? 9s and team arc ?

Someone who actually loves/likes this show: do you think it has any flaws, if so what are they?

Goro needs more screentime.

Too early to say, but personally I think it should have just stuck with 02, Hiro, Ichigo and Goro. Maybe one other pair. With the nines apparently going to be a thing, I think there's too many characters to drag through even a 2 cour and give decent development to. Eva was fine with a smaller cast. But we'll see how it works out.

>This isn't even in the same realm as Eva.

You got that right. Eva is a fucking mess with empty symbolism galore. Only a-tards think Eva has some kind of deep message. Darling in the Franxx on the other hand is crystal clear about what it is and what it does.

as well as everyone else who isn't Hiro, 02 or Ichigo

>They overdid it with the eva references this episode

So who is Shinji in DITF and which comatose girl is he going to masturbate to ?

The quality of the mecha fights falls short of the quality of the character drama. Depending on how certain things will be handled later on, it remains to be seen what went well and what fell flat.

Miku, Zorome, Kokoro, Fatass, Goro, Mitsuru, and Ikuno all need some more character depth beyond the basics.
Hiro, Zero Two

Seiyuus said they all will have episodes dedicated to each pair, and that all of them will have important role in the story.

I'm sure they will. I think they just wanted to get the Hiro can ride with 02 stuff out of the way as soon possible.

Someone already posted that episodes 1-6 are basically "part one"

>That's okay, by the way. I enjoy watching it. But to everybody pretending this is some really deep show, or an Eva dethrone
How can Eva have a throne if Ideon Be Invoked was never usurped?

Does it look like a double diamond, op?


That's good.

>a genus of flowering plants
>bird of paradise flower
>represents love and faithfulness

I hope they don't drag on the suffering of Ichigo. Hopefully I think after this she may start to finally accept 02. Episode 7 is a confirmed Zorome/Miku episode so I hope it will be quite lighthearted and cute.

At the very least, THE BOOTY

On the subject of Miku, what would you do if you saw her lying lethargically like this?

I would tickle her

Get back to Ichigo

>I may be a newfag

>Darling in the Franxx on the other hand is crystal clear about what it is and what it does.
So are Michael Bay movies. That doesn't make it any less mediocre or anywhere near Eva's level of quality.

Escaflowne was better than Eva and deserve 100x the popularity Eva had.

>I have the bare minimum IQ to be functional and even I can tell when I'm about to run out of fuel and need to suck out some more from other cars.

They overdid in every episode, like they counted something 20 years ago in gainax when they were cleaning toilet and making coffee for Anno.

That was such a good fight.

Fixed the bottom one for you

Eva is about depression, isolation, and the difficulty of human relationships. It's a great brainlet filter because very stupid people like you aren't bright enough to spot this, and you think it's about big robots fighting each other, then you come on here and complain that you didn't enjoy it, and everyone laughs at you. In fact, this is pretty much the entire purpose of Cred Forums.

Hiro prepare yourself to be cucked, ntr'd

>dramafags still butthurt
It's only episode 6 you will get your drama shut up already.

He's fujo bait user, NTR will not happen the way you think.

0 1 2

>Strelizia herself outputs absurd amounts and never fucking runs out.
Strelizia emptied a cartridge for her lance in ep 1.

Squad 26 run out of fuel because 090 didn't include squad 13 in his battle plan. He overexerted his team.

>If they don't kill someone by episode 6 the series is shit.
Mr Tomino have you taken your meds today ?

To be fair Squad 13 is fucking useless, they had one job of cleaning up anything that got through and still managed to fuck up.
Squad 26 ran out of juice because they had to do double the work and could go back to refill.

>He's fujo bait user
If it's anyone else else, like Mikasa or Yamagi, then he's fujo bait. If he's JEW KNEE, he's straight.

Maybe because the core was exposed thanks to squad 13 blocking the klaxx while it was switching forms?
Pay more attention.

No one died until episode 21 of Eva.

>He doesn't know about the timeslot change.

Wing thing was kino


me like when narrator explain bird symbol. eva make head hurty

God, you retards claim DiTF fans are crossboarders.

But if these two hours failed to make me care why should I stick for the other six? People judge what they see, arguing you should wait for the final episode to judge the show in any way is dumb

Only part that reminded me of Ramiel.

Huh, I legit thought episode 6 was that off model episode that got such shit from fans that a gainax exec said reading fan comments was like "putting your face to a farting anus and inhaling" and then had to apologise and quit for insulting fans.

Crazy how condensed TTGL was compared to modern 2 cour anime.

Squad 26 was fucking useless though. They took down 3 in a team effort, using lots of energy each time and let 4 of them through to squad 13.

I don't remember which episode, but didn't APE/Nana and Hachi say that the really big Klaxxosaurs don't usually show up outside of the front line? If P26 is just a self-defence force I doubt they'd have much experience with a Gutenberg class, and it might also explain why they were calm and composed fighting the smaller ones. They almost didn't need help from P13, and the plantations are defended by two squads during the kissing. So usual routine until big ass dude shows up, they try the same tactic, it fails, they kind of panic.

nobody claims it's some kind of eva level stuff.
there are a lot of little nice things you can lurk further, but i'd just mostly fun, and since It has been a long time since any of the newest anime entertained me so much to be curious what's next, I'm thankful to creators

They let more than half of the small Klaxxosaurs through on the first wave alone. Needing 5 people per kill is also incredibly inefficient. at this rate they probably would've burned through their fuel another 10 times before killing all the small ones. So even ignoring the Gutenberg class klaxxo, they would've been fucked from what we saw.

so, what will be his name?

It's already confirmed to be Nine Alpha, check the credits.


Again, there are two squads usually. It would have been alright.

Other than Strelitzia's scenes the action scenes didn't make much sense. Since they've needed to be refueled, that was probably to imply that their method was actually fast but that wasn't conveyed properly at all. It was weird that we didn't get to see more klaxo-mob destruction.

How do you know? We only know that they are incredibly inefficient


They screwed it up.

but he could be also called

It's Touji, you assmuncher. I can't risk them ruining the feng shui of this. They finally have an opportunity to make things right with this one character.

We don't. The episode says that
>they are more experienced, they've been fighting for at least 2 years
>this is the standard strategy
>it worked up to now
They're clearly implied to be reasonably good at what they do. You can fault the episode directors for the poor choice of scene, but the story is asking you to believe this.
>how do you know?
Given that for a kissing to happen you need two plantation, it's a given that there would be two FranXX squads at the ready.

Hiro's tumor will be the main source of asspull in this series

>Ray Folker had died by episode 6 of macross, and thingie died in episode 6 of nadesico and kamina died in episode 6 of tengen toppa gurren lagan.

How plebian can one be ?

Roy Folker dies by episode 18 out of 36
Dai-goji dies by episode 3 out of 26
Kamina dies by episode 8 out of 27

See a pattern here ? The only character to die by the start of the show is Dai-goji, and he dies so that Akito's character development is kickstarted. In all the other cases you don't need that, not in Macross where Roy dies in combat (just one more casualty). And in Gurren Laggan Kamina dies but he was never the main character, he bestows unto Simon all the necessary life lessons by the end of episode 1 anyway. So he was always on borrowed time.

What do you mean?

It's the writing departments retardation, you dumbass

Also defeat in detail doesn't even work the way they did

I have literally no idea what you are talking about

The only good episodes so far in this anime were 4 and 5. It's interesting how 4 was directed by Masayuki, who was assistant director on NGE and storyboarded all the best episodes in that series, and 5 was directed by an ex-KyoAni animator who storyboarded some of the best parts in Disappearance of Haruhi and Clannad After Story. Episode 6 reseted everything to the level of the first 3 garbage episodes.

Really gets the nogging jogging.

Trigger was a mistake. No, seriously.

The show needs some actual antagonists fast. It's been great so far but Oni waifu can only take you so far.

Didn't we all know? In our hearts?

>which leads me to believe she can drain the stamen's energy and turn it into magma or something like that
>So maybe custom Franxx convert power of love into magma
I was thinking of some speculation along those lines too. I wonder if yellow blood cells are some sort of energy carrier. 02 with regular stamens drains them to breakage as their YBC count plummets. They can ride a few times but can't really recover and die by the 3rd at most. Hiro is the "special specimen" because of his capability to produce ridiculous YBC counts, piloting with 02 or perhaps just piloting in general kickstarted his ability.

I suppose Hiro's growth might be due to the vastly increased YBC count, which was fed to 02/Strelizia when he decided to fight with her rather than accept death? Is this another allegory for sex, where young buck Hiro had his first taste of 02 and now can't get enough of her? Will he need 02 and Strelizia to periodically 'discharge'? I think this idea is pretty dumb actually but it's probably not the last we've heard of YBCs.

You're reaching so hard. You're telling us to ignore how the fights were portrayed and pretend instead that they happened in such a way that it's not retarded because P26's squad is "more experienced". Fuck outta here. Episode 6 is hands down the worst one so far.

Seems like it's guaranteed to be these guys, they certainly don't look friendly

Because they're ominously standing off in the distance?

Because they're the smug elite squad, and that's never a good thing

I would laugh for days if these guys just turned out to be very normal.

>turns out they are cool guys
>train p13 squad so they stop fucking up then head back to the front line.

Them not being evil would be the real twist.

If this turns out to be the theme it'll be about Japan's situation of course. That'd be an easy way to add another layer to the show. Because every original mecha show needs a social subtext of course, it's the tradition.

They will actually turn out to be friendly

Juni. Look, if I outright explained it I would get in a lot of trouble. The small of it is that This Iota dude being 012 makes the most sense, but I'm still worried about the feng shui of his character, so if anyone could send a tip to Funi it would be greatly appreciated.
VEGina, nobody has the time to discuss Rick and Morty with you.

012 is obviously out to get revenge after being wronged in the last series. It's very important he wins this or at the very least doesn't die, because he's been through enough. He could reform.

this yang wenli died in episode 6 of LotGH.
they better kill off the fatty soon or else

japs needs more little japs, it would make sense, that they are trying to brainwash younger generation into sex

> one equal male-female pair
> three males who each have a subservient clone bitch in a gimp mask
Am I reading this the same as everyone else?

They are manipulators, especially the blondie. We must see what will happen to Hiro and 02. At the beginning get will be falsely friendly

As cute ep 4 was, eps 2 & 3 are greater than 4 overall.

That seems to be the case.
This may be stretching a bit but they appear to have Ichigo and Hiro (9 alpha) equivalents as well.

Ramiel was actually scary 360 noscope non stop death machine and actually threatened the lives of the pilots.
When Shit had his thumbs up his ass and Rei was getting cooked there was some genuine tension and we had no idea whether Rei is even alive or well.

This shit is simply humorous.

No you dumb fuck a good show keeps the mystery going by not telling you anything and then dumps the info at the last possible for maximum satisfaction and epic head explosion when you go all like "wooooah what a twist, oooof this adds soooo much meaning to previous scenes". Really it's a stroke of genius from A1 to filter out plebs like you with more subtly deep episodes like the first 6.

>the technical side of things, where suddenly human have "yellow blood cells"
>not explaining how you drive Franxx with butt-handle (the exact control)
>not explaining the blue tumor(outgrowth)
>not explaining why the blue tumor subside just like that
>the wings from gutenberg when they are killing it

Otherwise the show has no major flaws.

I guess you could be right. But at the same time I don't know how much value a possible epic tweeest would have for me when I dislike or don't care about the setting and characters

>VEGina, nobody has the time to discuss Rick and Morty with you.
Fuck off.

>why haven't they explained everything at the one quarter mark
user pls

Flaws like beauty are in the eye of the beholder, but I personally don't think it has any flaws except for the OST.
The OP is great and matches many of the themes of the show and its focus on 02 but doesn't feel like what I'd expect for an action mecha show, tho at least the ED is good enough to use as insert song instead.
But many of the action scenes feel like they could be cooler with a better OST. Something that was better at getting the adrenaline rush going.
That's pretty much it.
So far I have no other complains yet.

There are a lot of things I think that needs explaining like where is Naomi right now. I am just picking on those that would likely never be explained in the future episodes.

Episode 6 is a fucking huge major flaw. Hands down the worst episode so far. Akira Amemiya was a mistake.

Nice rebuttal. They're both the same pseud cancer.

You are only saying this because of 012. Go fuck yourself. You were just like this back in 2014, mocking my choice of waifu. If you honestly have a problem with me and 012 then talk it up with your therapist.

I would say it is still better than the anime that shall not be named this season. The thing I dislike is how Hiro came back to life (I like the afterlife scene and Hiro's words during that scene). However I think all the flaws can be overlooked by how Hiro and 02 walked out of the cockpit while supporting each other.

All of the things you mentioned are guaranteed to get explained. 1, 3 and 4 are probably going to get covered next episode, even.
Naomi is dead. When Ichigo says she's in the hospital, a white butterfly flies past and in Japan they're believed to represent the souls of the departed.
I'm pretty sure the FranXX are mostly a thought-control thing, 02 wasn't even in vaguely the correct position this episode and she was piloting in Stampede mode without any issues.

Maybe her butt hurts

It's fucking episode 6 of a two cour show. One that hasn't dragged any plot, has given no cliffhangers and has dealt with a new situation every new episode.
Obviously they're going to explain all the plot elements they've introduced in due time.

I don't really know why everione praises episode 5 so much. Was it the animation?

What I mean is that writers want you to believe this.
Whether it's credible or not is a different thing.

It ended the arc, but it could've been much better.

The animation direction in 5 was amazing. Then again, episode 4 was done by Trigger.

That's your own fault, me and the other fans decided that the setting and characters and premise and story are -very cool- and we will be watching till the end to confirm that we were right.

Did you reply to the wrong guy again?

>I would say it is still better than the anime that shall not be named this season.
Who cares?
>However I think all the flaws can be overlooked by how Hiro and 02 walked out of the cockpit while supporting each other.
That scene could have been a lot more poignant in a better done episode 6, where the action scenes aren't dog shit, and every event isn't overly convenient. How come that wall stood up for so long anyway? Especially after being hit with a battering ram accelerated by a fucking rocket. You don't even have to bring up the blue cancer thing receding at an amazing rate to shit on this episode. Everything that happened before that was dumb as hell. The Klax horde takes too long to reach the domes given the speed they're shown moving at. The fights are always put on pause whenever the characters talk etc.

It's such a lousy continuation from episode 5.

>Whether it's credible or not is a different thing.
But that's exactly what were contending over here. Mise-en-scene/direction -- how inauthentic the events are, as portrayed.

It should have been better. Such a poor climax drags down the whole arc with it.


Everything in episode 5 was extremely well done.

It was a cliché piece of shit


>But that's exactly what were contending over here.
I thought I started this discussion because the point of contention was that p26 sucked balls.
I honestly think this episode would have been better without the first 10 minutes. The only relevant part was the interaction between Hiro and 02, and to a lesser extent Goro and Ichigo.
Basically episode 5 with a bit of action.

>muh ningen ja nai

The contention was the discrepancy between what other characters say about the P26 guys (including for example 002, who compares them positively against the P13 team), and how they're actually portrayed to be doing.

So you didn't watch it. Good to know.

It sounds like you didn't watch it

>I honestly think this episode would have been better without the first 10 minutes.
The episode would have been better were it storyboarded by someone who isn't braindead like Amemiya.

Except for animation, it really wasn't that much, though?
Animation we can give it to A-1, but the rest was all pretty much normal.
Hell, if you only compare the transition, 3->4 was better than 5->6, because the setups used on 6 either will come in the future or were pretty much normal.

The first 3 episodes felt a bit slow, especially the 2nd and 3rd. The 3rd also felt a bit contrived, I get it that the point was to bring Hiro down in order to set up the catharsis of 4 (which was great, admittedly) but the entire 02/Hiro/Mitsuru scene did not feel entirely natural. In episode 6 I was disappointed a bit about the fight with the many Conrads. I was really hoping we'd see the FranXX employ some interesting tactics or weaponry which allowed them to fight 10s/100s at once, but instead we got the typical cliche of "there are 100s of enemies and they attack 1-5 at once". Strelizia didn't disappoint I guess since she was in the thick of it for a bit, but the 26ers and other 13ers kind of did. I was hoping to see some shit like special high explosive ammo from Genista, maybe Chlorophytum mowing down waves with her rapid fire autocannons while Delphinium and Argentea slice through klaxos which get through the barrage, but nope. I guess the 13ers are still too green for something like that anyway.

Overall I'm very happy with the show. The world seems to have enough detail, thought and relevant symbolism put into it that I'm not worried about the plot. I just hope the whole cast gets some decent development. Hiro and 02 should naturally be the focus but I hope everyone gets at least their short time in the spotlight.

>idolm@ster mecha

>Just put in the references bro

Fuck off.

Yes, it was. The directing was the best of any DITF episode so far, and the interactions between the characters were at their most convincing and meaningful. Episode 5 is the only one that has a really tight structure and every scene seems to be flowing from the previous one in justified manner.

>Hell, if you only compare the transition, 3->4 was better than 5->6, because the setups used on 6 either will come in the future or were pretty much normal.
The fuck are you talking about?

What the fuck are you on? Are you going to keep screaming when people tell you that the episode was terrible?

Oh man I thought I was in mal for a second.
6/10 thread, very generic.

If you have nothing to say, don't post.


That reminds me.
New 4koma when?


When does the third and final one normally come out?

It really wasn't that much.
Except for Goro and Hiro, and 15vs02 it barely even had character interactions that weren't the usual one-sided conversation.

I love those silly 4komas they add such a nice touch to the show.

Meant for

>look up staff
>it turns out Imaishi did not storyboarding for episode 4, it was all Masayuki
No wonder the action scenes in that episode were so much better. Why is this hack even working on this project?

So you think your opinion is the only one valid? It was DOGSHIT, you hear me?

my favorite ichigo bullying greentext so far.
I need one in which she kills herself though.
She kills herself and no one attends her funeral or even notices that she's gone so the immortal ghost of ichigo just cries eternally

That's a lot of cognitive dissonance you seem to have there user, might want to be careful.

If I wanted to give the retard a (you), I would have given him a (you)


Stop replying to me retard.

I never replied to you before, it seems you've got a concerning bit of paranoia too. Make sure to take care of yourself before it gets worse.

>Ikuno has already seduced a girl from P26 squad
How do we stop her from corrupting pistils?


Consider this a pity (you).

Even this retarded theory would have been better than the super fast healing in episode 6.

Very generous, but you should see to your paranoid delusions because I really haven't addressed you before.

Oni buttfuck?

Sternly reprimand her, and threaten to send her to the re-education camp.

Can you please stop replying to me?

So this is basically a rip-off of Knights of Sidonia?
>genetically modified or cloned child soldiers
>evil adults
>giant robots
>monster waifu
>mysterious alien enemies

Meant for

You're right, it's on a much higher tier than eva

And Sidonia is a rip-off of SnK.

and SnK is a rip-off of MuvLuv

>Strelizia emptied a cartridge for her lance in ep 1.

>every episode creates new kind of shitposters who have always been btfo in next episode

>02 rides other people
>Hiro watches
>02 gives Hiro aids
>Hiro likes it
>02 gets raped by giant robodick
>Hiro does something
What did they mean by this?

The only thing Trigger ever does is referencing better works of other people.

I like the mental gymnastics where shit like NTR stops existing because Oni and the MC yelled really hard together

>This time it'll be LOL AIDS ARE GONE brainlets.

Why would you even post that at all if you don't want a discussion or a reply? If you hadn't posted that, you wouldn't have gotten a reply, strange dissonance yet again, like your contradictory views on this show. You claim to want one thing but take action which results in the opposite happening. Your mental state seems really concerning or you just really want another reply. Here you go then, you can have one.

Pretty much. It's pretty fun to behold, to be honest.

>comes up quick as fuck due to piloting 02, no explanation
>goes away quick as fuck while piloting 02, no explanation
I really don't see how anyone can actually believe this blue growth/yellow blood cell business won't come up again. It basically screams that it's not done yet and that it will tie into 02's nature and Hiro's "special specimen" status when those are elaborated upon. It's pure shitposting, nobody can actually be this oblivious and blind.

The point is it was nothing more than power of love, it will not stop being a reason for an asspull no matter what explanation they give to it

making people die doesn't necessarily make a manga deeper or more complex.

What discussion you ass-wipe? Go LARP as a psychologist somewhere else.

IN spite of BTFO the shitposters, episode 6 was sill shit.

True, especially if character that dies is underdeveloped or a total nobody. I expect them to kill off someone from the main cast in the second cour, but I on't be mad if they don't

What's all the fuss? They will explain how the tumor receded at the perfect time they needed and not totally any other period. Probably some MIND linking shit

I'm pretty sure it will be mentioned later on. I doubt they would bring up the whole yellow blood cell thing for no reason.

Infact ntr is a still a thing, the blondie and other guys are involved in that

I don't think that's a point that makes any real sense though. Piloting is a mind meld which caused Hiro's physical growth to appear, then a change in his mind while piloting caused it to go away. We clearly have no explanation (yet) but its origin and what happens before it goes away are clearly very similar.

I didn't see complaints about it appearing with no explanation, but now that it disappeared with no explanation and in similar circumstances to its appearance it's suddenly shitpost central.

>she was piloting in Stampede mode without any issues.
Not exactly "without"

No user, you go LARP as a mental patient at your nearest applicable institution.

They didn't make a good explanation when it happened, now when the situation is dire Hiro will just unleash his inner power of love and fix everything

Exceptions make the rules in mecha anime, since we are not clearly given the norm

>Biomachines aliens
>Trying to farm Earth
>Fights them with robots
Is this Muv-Luv?

I would prefer if we just got more MuvLuv, thanks.

That's just an empty assumption so far since we don't actually know what happened and it happened a single time. It can be a legitimate problem if it keeps repeating with no explanation or any further hints about what's going on in-universe, but that's not the case right now.

What exception do you mean? Hiro surviving the 3rd ride?

Complaining about unexplained phenomena is kind of stupid given the context.
We knew he was special, we knew that everyone else bleeds from piloting with Oni and have been given account of her trying to kill them during battle, we knew he is special and has a different reaction to everyone else, we knew that Oni knew of the blue growth.

What you're doing here is the same as trashing Code Geass for giving LeLouch the geass and running with it before actually explaining what the fuck is going on, how it works and where it came from.
Which would, in the context of the anime, be insane because the cult and shit are a side-plot and they had yet to establish the main one.

>tfw watching this show for that darling x 02 interactions
everything else is secondary

Isn't that the point, though? It's Darling in the FranXX, not randos fighting Klaxxosaurs in robots.

No explanation will excuse the timing and the context. If it's structured like a Shonenshit, asspulls like a Shonenshit, then it probably is Shonenshit.

not according to this thread

I expected that reversal to potentially appear as early as episode 4, but it was still sweet to see.

this scene sealed it for me

>the timing and the context
What is this even supposed to mean? When exactly would you expect to see change in a piloting-related affliction if not while he's piloting?

I think the difference is that while the actual mechanics of how the Geass works went unexplained for awhile, it was still clear in exactly how it affected the story: makes anyone you make eye contact with obey your order completely but only that one order. What exactly is going on with Hiro is not only unexplained, the scope of it is still not understood either. Like when Lelouche just suddenly loses control of his Geass right when it's incredibly inconvenient for that to happen. It breaks established rules for how the unexplained bullshit was allowed to affect the plot.

We knew Hiro wasn't going to kick it, but the way the problem just sort of disappears in a dramatic moment comes across as odd, unless the specific problem is indeed going to be trust and dedication to 002 related as it sort of looks like. There's been some set up that people want to pilot with 002 just to be able to pilot with her as it, according to Mitsuru, is sort of another thing entirely to normal piloting because of how incredible Strelizia can fight. Which meshes with her being used as a frontline super soldier and stamen apparently lining up to pilot with her despite the whole "getting killed" thing. But it still comes off as not well defined given what we have so far.

>shrieking autistically because someone wants to discuss anime in the thread for said anime
Literally retarded.

>What exactly is going on with Hiro is not only unexplained, the scope of it is still not understood either
I do not agree here with the latter part. It is clearly unexplained but the scope and immediate consequences are very clear: he will now be capable of continuing to pilot with 02. It will probably mean more than that later, but we know what it does right now. 02 even outright says it.

I assume not many people will agree with me considering how literally anons seem to take this show, but episode 5 and 6 make a lot of sense in symbolic context, if not in-universe (yet). This is how I see it after watching both episodes:
>growth directly above heart: symbolic spiritual center, strong association with feelings and love
>causes pain, distress: it's something negative
>blue color + negative association: sadness, melancholy, deep calm = Hiro's resignation towards his potential death? (he had resolved to accept death if it meant piloting with 02 in ep4 - that business of accepting his wings even if they hurt him)
>grows quickly as the fight progresses: getting closer to death
>Hiro "dies"
>Naomi berates him for letting his partner down
>Hiro excuses himself saying he did all he could, accepts death, he's glad he could pilot 3 more at least
>he thinks 02 will be fine without him
>notices this isn't true for her
>notices her suffering
>resolves to live and finds a real reason to live and fight (as opposed to his half-assed reason when 02 asks earlier)
>banishes his resignation and acceptance of his own death: it's not OK to go yet
>the growth over his heart disappears
I think this is pretty straight-forward, symbolically. As a symbol it is Hiro's acceptance of death and it disappears once he is no longer willing to die. It does of course still need an in-universe explanation, but I can see where they were heading.

I have a webm for that

the absolute state of Cred Forums

>giga drill breaker
>literally piercing the heaven
>eva wings
>klk rocket suit
So many references.


>zero is often referred to as 'O'
>two in wapanese is '²'

>she also loves the water(ocean and rain)

>Hiro, 02 and Ichigo take an elevator to head towards their training site
>the elevator breaks down
>no help seems to be coming, so they decide to take a seat
>Hiro sits down in a corner and stretches his legs out
>Ichigo moves towards him but 02 quickly sits in between his legs and leans her back into his chest
>Ichigo takes another corner of the elevator by herself
>hours pass, 02 is squirming and needs to pee
>Ichigo is also holding it in but remains quiet out of embarrassment
>02 starts voicing her concerns out loud
>Hiro blushes but offers to let 02 relieve herself in his mouth
>it tastes like warm honey
>Ichigo watches with a scandalized expression, but is unable to muster up the courage to ask if she can do the same
>Hiro never offers to drink her piss
>Ichigo noisily and ungracefully wets herself on the elevator floor while sniffling quietly
>her dress, shoes and socks are soaked
>right after she's finished letting it all out, the elevator begins moving again
>02 collapses to the floor in hysterics


Holy shit nibba, you figured it out.

That'll be Hiro and his clone DPing 02 though.

You should get a ladder. You could hurt yourself with so much reaching.

W-who takes her butt?

Even cuckoldry and bugchasing are better than interracial.

It's amazing how well NGE has aged.

Always with the same retards who haven't seen Ideon who think Eva is an Ideon clone because they read that online

It's shitposting, user.
If people saw the shows in question, they wouldn't be comparing them with Darlifra in the first place.

Yeah, well I could aggressively shitpost about Anno ripping off Ultraman/Mazinger/Devilman/Jakioh as well if it weren't untrue. No need to give people a free pass to shit up the already bad eva/gainax/trigger threads

Well, it WAS a budget-blowing spectacle by a bunch of otaku whose goal was to make a masterpiece.

Some misplaced sense of trust.

Isn't that the director for Inferno Cop?

Homo squad.

Delphinium is such a sukeban

That wasn't healing
It was absorption

Same difference.