New Etotama series announced

New Etotama series announced.

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Are you playing with my feelings OP?

You better not be going on the internet and telling lies OP

Why would anyone go on the internet and tell lies? That's nonsense user.

Etotama is an anime people will talk about in 100 years!

I really want to believe.

Seriously don't play with my feelings.

>tfw off by 2

Seriously? Didn't the original flop hard?

It wasn't even really that good. It had some impressive cgi but that was pretty much all it had going for it.

How long does the excessive moeshit drag on for?

>8 posters
wtf where is everyone? Also summoning


Everyone is death desu

Don't toy with my heart OP, especially not during new year's.

Are you joking. Is thsi real. I want to see Dessdess again.

>footfag bait
>best anything

How the fuck is this series not dead?

I say with the biggest grin.

It's like a miracle for god's sake, i'm so fucking happy now.



>off by 2
Baka nyan!

During the peak of Kemono Friends hype I made the drunken prediction that some people would want to ride on the dough of CGI being accepted and/or Kemonomimi stuff being popular again.

Heck I even dared to say some IP holders would skim through previously owned stuff and revive them to cash in on them instead of creating their own IPs.

It was a drunken prediction but given that Kemono Friends set a precedent this might not be too much of a stretch.

The best bet I can make would be that it is just a passion project.

>it's legit

It's time.

I did.

Im still a proud owner of Flip Flappers and Etotama sets.


I wonder if they will go all out with this series, it's japan oportunity to leave Pixar in shame.
Never forget

Bitch, you best not be lying.

Damn, now this should work

God, I wish Etotama had half the bandwagon hype that KF got, at the very least because Etotama shat all over KF in almost every department except sales and memes.

Oh boy, mobage here we come

piyo-tan dess dess

yes please

Kemono Friends main strength is the narrative, the direction and the somewhat unconventional voice acting with a friend of the day format and an overarching arc with good resolution.

As a fan of Etotama I can tell you that Etotama had some sweet ass direction and did had it beat on all fronts when it comes to animation, heck even snake episode is good and folks call it the weakest one.

I really can't ditch Kemono Friends, it simply came at the right time and did good shit on stuff most anime often overlook, hence the popularity. But I really fucking wanted Etotama to succeed do I can see why anyone would be bitter.

This is not a joke right? They aren't going to end up doing some etotama themed pachinko shit right?


>It's actually true
What the fuck
Etotama pachinko has already happened.

>It's real
I can't fucking believe it.

Maybe it's just me, but I prefer it this way, Etotama being remembered as a classic, not a meme, not saying anything bad about KF though.

I can't wait for more haram stuff.

[Y] [N]

[Y] [Y]

y dess dess

Yesu desu desu

I can't believe this is actually happening. Will Paca-tan finally show up?

This needs to happen.

death death

I just hope that they make Takeru an asshole like in the manga

Wait what the fuck, this is legit?

how the fuck

should I watch this shit?


They sure are stubborn about trying to keep this flop alive. Bless them forever.

I don't bloody think Sharia allows it!

Bull fucking shit.

Someone tell me it's fake, I know it's fake, I'm getting mad thinking about how fake it is.

You think this is funny?
Making all those fake twitter accounts just to crush my dreams?

It'll be even funnier when they make a whole fake anime just to rub it in.

I'm out of hysteric Shimas.

What about, erotic Shimas!

I'll pay top dollar for those!


That image is missing the best desu.

>that can't be right, that event thing hasn't even started yet
>open Twitter
MY GOD IT'S TRUE although they never specified it would be a S2

You gotta believe, let's gather all that Sol/Lul!




Good night sweet thread~

Is there a download of the manga

>still no RabBest


Holy fuck I'm so happy. Now all I need is Yuyushiki S2 and I can die in peace.

Looks like my suicide is postponed

>new Etotama
>more FKMT
>Goblin Slayer anime
So many great announcements.

I am thrilled.

I hope this season sells somehow.

More popularity would mean more doujins.

Maybe we can finally get some rabbit feet ones.

RabBest user moved on to Killing Bites apparently

You bought shit and gold.

>it's real

Why is this arousing? She's just stretching.

>just found out about Danmachi
>now this
Jesus Chirst what the hell is going
I thought 2018 was going to be an ass year

What in the heck. You gotta be tricking me.




Where were you when it is confirmed the Year of the Dog is the year to receive Etotama S2?

didn't this flop horribly?

Chicken is best girl

Season 2 will have the Western Zodiac as Antagonists.

Screencap this.

So did KF.

KF's original source material was a flopped mobile game.

Kemomo Friends had two flops: a cancelled manga and a cancelled mobile game but then its anime became mainstreams success.

So the people behind Etotama are attempting to do the same thing.

No it wasn't.


Best CGI show getting an S2, Nice.

that title is reserved to Houseki no Kuni

See, we did the right thing when we bought the nendo


I'm glad to be alive.

Go back to Cred Forums with your console war mentality.

So, who did their part and bought the BDs and the nendo?
I know I did.

Still waiting for translations.

Holy shit

>inb4 it's 3 minutes short because the first one flopped hard

>tfw this anime is the closest we'll ever get to an actual Touhou anime

There's nothing wrong with a series of shorts. What ultimately matters is that Etotama gets a continuation in any form.
It now just depends on how long it will take to make the new series.

[Y] [Y]

I'm pretty sure that's Nekogami Yaoyorozu.

>Goblin Slayer anime
Wait what?

Good taste user, keep supporting your favourite series.

>Trying to create a console wars in a Etotama thread.
This is holy ground you Cred Forumsermin your retardation has no effect here.

Stating facts niggers, Etotama doesn't compare to Houseki.

Personally, my one guess is that because the anime industry has decided to focus more on 3D animation in the next coming years (see Anime Japan 2018's production panel focus) that the sponsors of Etotama will put a larger focus on 3D scenes like in the end of episode 12.
So, less chibis, more full sized models. And most likely none of the crazy sheens they used during the pretty mode fights.

That can be more difficult, but the Shirogumi animation studio is quite good, so that ought to not be a problem.

I'm happy but, How?
Didn't it sell like shit it japan?

Disc sales don't mean much for at least five years now, or even more.

Holy shit I wanna live.

It got reaired constantly in the Kyoto region. It is a flagship title for 3D animation, which Japan will now focus toward to, mostly because of its 3D animation studio.
Do not just look at disc profits for what might get a continuation. The animation industry in Japan is also trying to push new technologies and new trends for decades to come.
Entire generations must be prepared to leave the era 2D handdrawn animation behind.

Seeing salesfags get confused always brings me such joy.

Things that were taken for granted years ago are not true anymore.
Back then, three years ago, everyone was so sure and certain that streaming would never be relevant.
Nowadays, dozens of domestic streaming services in Japan popped up and replaced the failing disc sales, and international streaming service providers are now becoming part of the production committees themselves.
Thanks to globalization and technology, the possibility of funding animation shows without having to necessarily rely on extra sponsors who will handle merchandising is now quite possible.


But user, I'm the one posting it in the KB threads and I'm not the original.

>Entire generations must be prepared to leave the era 2D handdrawn animation behind.
Don't make me suicidal, user.

It's going the way of the dinosaur. Progress cannot and shouldn't be halted.

The manga for this is still fucking GOAT. And the MC plus Uritan are actually the best characters in it.

Don't fucking do this to me maggot.

I loved the hell out of this show and know full well it's a done business.

This is either mobage or pachinko. Fuck you.

It's real

Got my Nya-tan in the box, waiting for more nendroids.
>It got reaired constantly in the Kyoto region
You mean Kansai? Or just Kyoto in particular? Why just there?

Nah, it's official.

The manga went full fucking gag comedy and Takeru was a fucking asshole in it.
I actually can't believe how different and better it was than the anime.

I want to FUCK a MOUSE



Went to the Etotama Ryouransai today with a couple of japanese Etotama bros to watch the live show.

Gobbless Nya-tan for not being a selfish smug prick this time and we get a second season.

PS. The future is here and it's Etotama VR. Fucking WHEN can I get it?


I got exited for exactly 3 seconds, because that's how long it took for me to realise my eto will remain irrelevant as always

literally the only Nendo I've ever bought. I love her. Otherwise not a huge fan of Nendos in general.

>Etotama VR
What would it even be like? Just watching girls fight?

Perhaps watching an Etotama episode from a different perspective.
Like in those 360 degree Ducktales 2017 preview commercials.

Please tell me that was NOT the "新シリーズ" they were talking about


No, that was not it. The VR were just bonus on top of it all.

Well of course, Mei-tan chasing after Nya-tan, which gets you distracted from the BOAR next to your. My heart.

Was kinda iffy about taking extra vacation from work but fuck yes today's event was fucking HEALING.

Queue was not that long, but gdi if it did not pull my heartstrings just a little bit.

2D to 3D in anime is not progress
it's a change of medium much like a painter switching from watercolor to oil

the resulting aesthetic is recognizably different even when 3D is trying to emulate 2D (like guilty gear)

That'd be pretty cool, the race episode would be pretty amazing to watch from the perspective of the racers.
>which gets you distracted from the BOAR next to your. My heart.
Dessdess in VR would be deadly.

Haven't had a vacation in three years, and then I leave for one and end up at an Etotama event featuring sitting with dessdess at a table in VR.

Fuck if I was stressed before, not anymore.

So, what is Etotama now? Does it also have a game or something? I don't get the logic behind having a event for a 3 year old that wasn't too popular in the first place.

>3 seconds
It took you long enough

So you just happened upon the event while on vacation? Lucky man.

for lewd butt things

There is a god after all.

All I see is cute cuddling.


I want more brown snake

Not entirely by accident. Had a japanese Etotama bro who asked me if I'd be up for some live etotamas. Flights were cheap so why the fuck not.

The friend got me the blu-ray box as well, since the box worked as a ticket to the event.

Didn't have much idea what kind of event it'd be. Was not disappointed. The VR was just the cherry on top.

Anything for the etotamas, man.

Can you rip the soundtrack disc that comes with the bd box?

Since this is the year of the dog, I hope Inu and Kii will each get their own episode in season two.

God I want to go into their hole

Etotama is just a bunch of region advertising. No games, no manga, nothing.
As for why it gets a new series at all, it's to showcase new animation technology, as the entire industry moves towards 3D.
Since most of the assets already exist and have been done, it's just a matter of reusing them.

They have more than one hole.

Her and her cute girlfriend.

Why are monkeys associated with hot springs in japan?

I wanna fuck that cock.

>as the entire industry moves towards 3D.
People actually believe this.

Anime Japan 2018 for March says so.

Kamisama Arigatou

Got you covered, senpai.

Anime is saved

I want to fuck her in normal mode and then cuddle her to sleep in pretty mode.

>Had a Japanese Etotama bro
Well that's nice. Such dedication to the series aswell, to fly out just for the event.
Because there's famous onsen where you can see monkey taking bath and just chilling.

Not going to fall for it this time.

And then in the end, make her take three steps and all will be forgotten.

That's a downside for me, honestly. But I'll live.

It's real user.

It's not a lie. There's an official tweet saying that they're planning a new series. It's even mentioned on ANN and MAL and other news websites.


Number of chances happened to line up nicely, so it was a case of why the fuck not or forever a rugrat. Ended up having a bunch of beers with likeminded people, 10/5 would do again.

Went to meet up some Hidamari bros on an earlier trip, A++ people all in all. Will meet up with them as well.

Race episode best episode.

But on the upside, the process can be repeated ad nauseam.

Seems to take a while, brb.

ETM12 game when?

Of course they do. What, you don't?

Because it's happening.

mfw no Etotamabro.

My life is incomplete ;_;

Wasn't such a long time ago when I was the same. Took to Twitter and accidentally stumbled upon some bros. So far all people I've met through Twitter have been absolute bros, both with Etotama and Hidamari Sketch people. DO IT.


Also for everybody else, have some Etotama Soundtracks!

Shitty internet so MP3 320kbps will have to suffice for now.

I'd go on 50 first dates with Piyo-tan.

The photo was taken before the lewd butt things happened.

Based user

Thank you user~

I need an image of Nyaa-tan futafucking Cyan as a follow-up to this.

Thank you.

Come on OP, stop tricking m...
>it's real

inb4 banned

So miracles do happen.


Based doggo.

Nice. One more flop getting a new season to send all the shitposting salesfags in their trash stalkergenerals froth at the mouth.

>snek episode
>it's another recap

Hey, maybe third time's the charm and it'll do well this time.

What is it even going to be about? Western zodiac signs showing up?

If so Libra best girl.
And the manga MC should have been the anime MC.

Didnt the Seiyu hold a live concert for the full version of the ED?

Sure. That was like, two years or so ago.

Kemono Friends x Ikamusume x Show by Rock x Etotama special.

>Nyaa-tan's immersion into the different regions of Japan

Mei-tan (Hokkaido):
>plentiful bounty of the sea and land; everyone please come and play (visit)

Piyo-tan (Touhoku; far northeast kanto):
>Don't underestimate [my region]

Usa-tan (Hokuriku; west-central coast):
>The "rice-basket" of Japan; leave the "producing" of this region to me! If you've seen or read Silver Spoon you know the food up here can be amazing.

Key-tan (Kita-kanto; northern kanto):
>You can bathe at and onsen and enjoy great food!

Dora-tan (Tousan area; "eastern mountain region" between west and east coasts):
>Occasionally it's nice to explore the great outdoors and enjoy some soba (buckwheat noodles served cold with dipping sauce).

Chuu-tan (Minani kanto area: basically Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures):
>My region is where all of the gourmet foods of the world gather [in Japan].

Moo-tan (Toukai area; the east-central coast of Japan):
>It's so difficult to choose any one thing from all of this region's specialty goods.

Shima-tan (Kinki area; the heart of Kansai with Osaka and Kyoto at its center):
>I'm going to show you the strength of the best kitchen in the world (Osaka and Kyoto have amazing food choices that Tokyo doesn't quite offer).

Shar-tan (Chuugoku area; the southern end of Honshu):
>The secret to great curry? Some snake and fugu (pufferfish)...just kidding.

Inu-tan (Shikoku):
>Let's have a contest fishing for katsuo (bonito).

Uma-tan (Kyuushu):
>I...I..must do good PR work for this region... Never been to Kyuushu, but the people I know who have come back with high praise for its food at the very least.

Uri-tan (Okinawa):
>Welcome, desu desu! I have a separate stomach for sesame oil. Okinawa cuisine can be a little strange, but it can also be delicious.

>I will devour all of Japan

x dog days.

It will be the ultimate kemonomimi crossover show.

I wonder why

It's dead mate. She'll probably appear in the Splatoon anime though.

This looks so much like porn

A heart warming occasion

Sheep a best and super cute!

Damn I was already drawing this before I saw your post

Based ripanon
Based rori
Did I get raptured and get into heaven without even realizing it

3DCG anime were the most popular last year.

Looks good.

Good shit.

>the day wacky races came back
Why anime doesn't do this more?

I forget, why was Takeru a super special snowflake again?

Also, why did sheep suddenly want to fuck him bad out of nowhere?

He's catnip to the zodiacs.
Sheep is fucking insane.

Glad you're still here. Please stick with us for season 2.

nice, i hope we get more yandere mei

Oh yeah we could have the etotama flockdraw rooms again

Etotama world is actually pretty big, like I always said, 12 episodes weren't enough to explore everything and everyone inside it, not even close, so they still got plenty of material to work with, even if they go full SoL mode, without to mention the epilogue, which consist in Nyaa-tan traveling around the world screwing with other deities.
>inb4 Nyaa-tan vs the greek gods
I actually want something like this.

>Western zodiac signs showing up?
yes please


>S2 is Nya-tan fighting through the 12 western zodiac temples

When are we getting a new Eotena series?

Isn't it just Kids they're talking about though

Who knows? Perhaps in the end, that will actually be it.
What matters though is that it gets a new series in the first place.
Better to get something related, than to get nothing at all.

>not Gemini

Gemini are overrated


At first I thought futa-nyaa-tan was silly, now I want to deep-throat her.

>new Etotama series is just twelve 30 second advertisements for the different region's specialties
>most of it is just cardboard scribbles
>it's all voiced by a male intern doing high pitched voices doing all the sound effects as well

Sweet sweet revenge.


if it were that I would buy 30 copies of the BDs

It was just 2 years too late.

>Cyan's S2 was shit
>Etotama S2 will be best seller of the year
Gonna have to draw an entire comic of Futanya-tan ravaging Cyan if this happens

Post best girl





I'm ashamed to say it took me a second. It feels like it's been so long. So very long.

she doesn't show enough skin


>liking sluts

Rabbit? More like RabBest.



>footfag bait
>best anything

I'm going to serve Shima-tan some snacks on a nice plate, but secretly write "Please go out with me" on the bottom! Then when she steals it, she'll find my confession after she gets home and she'll have no choice but to accept!

I want an Etotama Bro as well, how do I get it?

Roll a gacha

So far we have Uma Musume and a new season of Etotama, all we need right now is a new season of Dog Days and the new season of Kemono Friends and this will become in the greatest kemonomimi year of all times.

I never saw this coming! A happy surprise.

Poyoyon Rock.

don't die now

Eh, the problem is that there's not really that much material around for now, no idea what the new Etotama series could be about in the first place (will it be a second season? a complete reboot? Etotama kids? a spin-off?), or some promotional video that hints at something.
Just the news that there will be some sort of new series.


We official now

Those will still be considered as exceptions. The amount of shows that got sequels with above average sales massively exceed the shows that got sequel after selling badly.

I need my dosage of best squirrels and absolute goddess fo so I want more dog days.

They even teased the bunny kingdom before the skywhale happened so there is hope.

As if facts matter to shitposters anyway.




I must be dreaming.

Touch the cow.

I bet ringofriend hasn't been this happy since KF S2 announcement ;_;



Oh shit

Post your best doggos!


Where can I find the rest of the Futa-Nyaa-tan stuff?



>No Koe no Katachi

Good list.

Most of her stuff is currently in my butt.

>Anonymous was found dead in his home, foaming at the mouth and suffering from priapism. He will be missed.


Am I fucking dreaming, jesus christ this is a good day

Will the cow still be dead?


Kemono Friends died to save Etotama. Never Forget!

Now she isn't evil, so more cute shit can happen.

what the fuk

Her personality seems lovely

Will merch save S2?

We already had Juuni Taisen though.

When were you when anime is saved Cred Forums?


>kemono friends died for this
No it didn't.

So great to hear.

I have to wonder if it'll be full-length episodes considering it's poor sales, but any more Etotama is good. Nyaa-tan will not be forgotten!

>all those retweets and favs

If only those people bought the BDs.

I'm so sad that I watched this anime a year and a half after it aired, I would've bought the BD.

I'll do it right this time.

I'm pretty sure that part of the fault that nobody bought the BDs was the whole advertisement fiasco the series had, the BDs were out and nobody even knew till way later in the month and it was like "dude, the fuck are you doing", in general the whole publicity department of the staff did an awful job, and it still makes me angry.

I can tell you, he was. Hyped af.

Was it popular online?

The BDs didnt go on sale until after airing or something?

Something similar happened with Flip Flappers, I remember some nips telling me there was almost no advertising on it.

The ad fiasco from Etotama and the discs is still infuriating though.

Piggy dying and coming back is my favourite running joke. Can't wait to see her die some more.

Sesame oil is fucking disgusting to cook with. It's alright in noodles though.

They were on sale way earlier than it should, but nobody even knew, and doing this for an original series with no fanbase behind and without even an announcement, was a pretty bad idea.

Sesame oil smells great tho


I agree and disagree.

I like the smell of sesame oil, I just can't stand the smell of fried sesame oil.


Well fuck, I just top dishes off with sesame oil.

Who the fuck even fried sesame oil

As a dressing it is delicious yes, I put it in noodles to give them a glitening, slippery texture.



Can somebody explain the three step memory loss thing to me? It's in this and Mon Musu.

Bird brain

It's from an old Buddhist tale where Buddha tells a rooster to fetch a message to a nearby palace, but the bird neglects his duties and goes to play in the forest, the pond, and the garden, so Buddha damns him to forget everything every 3 steps, one for each place he went to before.

Oh, that's pretty neat.

I also made it up on the spot

Fair's fair. You got me good.


Which side will win in a 12v12 fight?


You motherfucker

>footfag bait
>best anything

>financially sound and employs people.
>best body and outfit
>best pretty mode
>second best episode

Sounds like best to me.

Nyaa-tan of course!

>a cunt
>a jew
>most likely a slut

>Can't stop thinking about Cock

There should be a few. Probably on the kami, I also have a few of the last chapters on mega myself.

I'm just happy we'll have Etotama threads again.

Sadly, they're confirmed to exist.
And they aren't shimapan.

If you're still here, here it is
His twitter is pretty inactive, and devoid of any shima-tans recently.

That's a sketch not the final product so it's likely details like strips aren't included.

Over a month later, what a helpful user.

The character song ”Etotama Fighting Climax” has Dora-tan compliment on Shima-tan’s fantastic shimapan tho.

Oh hey, thanks for the response, even if this late.
Well that's a bummer, but maybe these news will get him to draw a bit more again, I hope.

>Can't stop thinking about Nya-tan's cock

Well then.

>Entire cast is 10/10, even the forgettable horse
>Entertaining plot that is just mindless fun
>CG, but really fucking good CG
It's a good feeling to have been reminded of and given more of Etotama.

I watched the sample so many times it still feels weird when it doesn't stop.

What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK? Fucking miracles Allah bless Uri-tan.

Same user. They just look so damn happy.

Thia fucking version, man.

Performed live at the event and then being topped off with the announcement of a new series.

What a time to be alive.

holy shit god bless, the only show with CG i ever finish watching

Now that we've finally got that fucking soundtrack thanks to it's time to hunt down those VA solo versions of blue moment that were bundled with special BD volumes
We'll never find them will we


Never stop believing user.
Just look at where we're right now.

>Cred Forums
Someone direct me to the nearest tall building to jump off from

wouldnt it be tiger stripes though

user what? The BDs were uploaded ya know. At least they must have been, since I have this. Noticed I'm missing Snek version, but I think that was a choice.

I have snek version, it's very "different" than the others, still nice though, you a fag for deleting it!

Not those, those are in-character.
I mean the serious ones sung by each VA in their normal voices for the actual ED. IIRC they were only sold as special thank-you for buying in Onsen or something.

She's the only Eto I don't care for user, can't be helped. Even her character song was deleted I think.

For comparison:
I meant the one on the left. Also I guess it was Canime special

Oh that is nice

This seems like the optimal time for the return of flockdraw if you ask me.

Man I miss snek.

Second best after Piyo.

Of the entire cast, the one I miss the most is all of them.

I was only in like one or two, but they were really fun.

Every character was a lot of fun

How can a series have no worst girl?

All made chuckle at least once on screen and their pretty modes are just amazing to look at animated.

Im going to have to rewatch this, glad I bought the discs.

Rabbit is pretty fucking awful.

Tripping on a banana peel in a race for a quad elimination made me laugh real hard, she entertained me well.

Also nice design considering the region she represents, as I said there is no worst girl.

Sexy bacon




Will they be re-using the models?

Will that help them to save money?

Nya-tan was hiding a long cat in her skirt! How devious.

I keep trying to chat with Nya-futan and it's not working.

So what will S2 even be about? From what I heard, there was a semi-big divergence from the manga in S1.

They will have the Western Zodiac as Antagonists.

Just forget about the other one when you watch/read either, they are basically two whole different storylines just with the same basic settings (which the manga is not reluctant to break for humorous effects) and characters.

Holy fuck.

I don't remember this

Good night sweet thread~

Dess dess

I was born in the year of the worst etotama.


You take that back right now faggot

It's been 3 long years


>Kemono Friends died to save Etotama. Never Forget!
why do people say this
why did kemono have to die

>Etotama S2

I can’t stop ejaculating. Send help.

Cum more for the etos.

I can't wait desu desu

>Etotama Pretty Stage
>~Sha-tan and Chu-tan~
>Chu: Sha-tan... Will Nya-tan be alright at the show?
>Chu: What if she overslept...
>Chu: Or if she gets too nervous and cry?
>Chu: And what if she gets a stomach ache?
>Chu: I'm so worried I couldn't sleep.
>Sha: Yeah~ Maybe she'll be fine, maybe she won't~
>Chu: Uuh~
>Sha: Ufufu(heart)
Chu-tan is such a good girl. I hope she stays good in S2.
Stop it, you need to save up your Sol/Lul for the girls.

How could it get a S2? This got to be one of the more unlikely S2s. Will they fuck it up?

well would he

What the hell is this?

After credit scene of the last episode, if I remember correctly.

a-any plans for FLAC?

Will S2 be full CGI?

This is actually Kemono Friends s2 they are just working under this title to throw us off the scent.

>I originally wanted to put subtitles to some of the BDs that run at 30fps during the CGI scenes, but the two I downloaded were fucked in different ways.

Any idea what this dude is talking about?

Maybe he means the raws that hve 30fps scenes are fucked.

As in, I didn't know there was a framerate difference on the BDs.

>Will they be re-using the models?
Not like that's a problem since the models were god tier

So, Saint Seiya?

Chu-Tan is my Etotama, who is yours?

Fuck you fellow horse, she's very cute at least.

Literally haram bluds.

It's fine, she can resurrect.

Muhammad just wanted her for himself.

>S2 announced
>thread can't even reach bump limit

no bulli

Death death

We're savouring the moment.

>page 2
What are you talking about?

Shima-tan in shimapan.

Quality > quantity

only dozen people here know what is Etotama .

This so fucking hard


Just woke up anb no one is having a discussion

>tfw your zodiac sign is also best girl

THE OX REVIVAL ARC IS UPON US. Cannot wait for this.

Now that we have this maybe they will give us a S2 of pic related?

As long as I get
- less nya-tan being insufferably loud
- more focus on all the other etos
- more fight
- more cute chibi

I'll be happy

Holy shit, can't wait for more dess dess

It's almost impossible at this point user, those retards won't get a season 2

Same as Yuyushiki ;_;


Kill yourself tripfag.

This was beautiful, sadly the dream is over.

I miss retarded dragon girls.

That's not how you post sheep


'92 ftw

She got 70 Charisma, way out of your league.


But only 2 STR

Never change Cred Forums

Still one more than you have.

She nuked a whole house, what are your odds?

I'd say pretty good ones.

Damn son

post more tiger and snake

Am I dreaming?


>mfw snek episode is a recap again

Thread theme:

Inu-tan, kawaii

I'm so happy right now.

That's a 10, user. Total 46.


tfw the hoppes spell IN

I want in the monkey


Have you praised this cute doggo for the new year?

No cause dog is shit

Get back to desumachi


I'm suprised it got this much
I mean I liked the show as well, but nowhere near as much as some people in this thread holy shit

The MC was the chillest guy

Manga Takeru was better.
And gayer, I would have impregnated Mei in the very first hour she proposed to me

But Takeru was dedicated to Paca-tan.

His waifu is not real

Fuck you too

How was he gay? And etotans are too pure to lewd even if they want it.

I have this.

damn, half of them are pretty tall by jap standards, particularly mo-tan

>Mo-tan taller than me
I've never had this feeling before, muh dik

So MOE replaces WIS? What kinds of abilities does MOE govern?



It sure is


Because we can actually have good things sometimes.



Because the universe is chaos, but chaos plays favorites.

Almost there

user not in public.

UMA worst girl

>2017 tripfag
Off yourself.

Haven't seen those ">lists to not kill yourself X year" for at least a couple of years, this one must be added.

>it's to showcase new animation technology, as the entire industry moves towards 3D.