Hunter x Hunter

Togashi's official autism chart. That's a lot of characters.

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Fucking hell this arc is going to be a easy 150 chapters.

>no one cares about a series that's still topping the charts

Come up with believable lies pls.

Nth for bring back Killua or riot.

>keeps reading a series that he considers autistic

You must be retarded then.


I consider myself autistic, retard.

I still can't believe Momoze is fucking dead.

>he thinks autism is a negative trait in the context that OP used it

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>4 threads
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This thread is making me madder than Velgei.

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Don't mind me, I'm just going to post more Killua while you dingleberries argue.


Just between episodes though so I'm not spamming.

When will we see the DC again bros?

Shitua is literally brainlet tier.

by 2024

After Leorio gets his turn.

So how did the sky turn into an ocean?

Why does it seem like only the first and third son are the only competent off spring of the king?

It hurts Leoribro

Ben, Tubeppa, Zhang, Luzurus, Sale-Sale, and Halkenburg could lead well enough. The rest are too young, stupid, or Taithon.

CHAD-CHAD is the only one fit to be king

Fun fact: brainlet is a buzzword insult on the same level as pleb and newfag. Find more creative ways to project your insecurities kids.



Pitou will always be the best girl

Sounds like something a brainlet would say.

Ironic for someone who lacks the brain power to convey their butthurt with more than one phrase.

I hope Basho makes it out alive.

The irony is lost on this brainlet

i'm done watching the anime, time to pick up the manga, which chapter after the anime is it?

340, I think.
I highly recommend getting the Viz scans and reading the whole series. The Viz scans make the chapters that take place after the anime sound a lot more coherent.

I'd strongly recommend you start from chapter 1.

t. brainlet

I hate how Togashi wasted like 6 pages of the latest chapter establishing how much of a distrustful and stubborn moron is that one irrelevant guard.

Motherfucker is mocking us with all these pointless text-walls.

Why they keep using term "prince" on females?

I forgot how good some of these episodes are.

Chapter 186

don't bother

Get a load of this brainlet over here.

Read the fucking manga.

Wellgay is a necessary evil in finding Hanzo's body and explaining how the dragon functions. Why Togashi made him a cunt, time will tell.


Except he doesn't know shit about nen when both Benji and Cammy can use it.


>tfw the english dub addressed Pitou as 'sir' four time in the first episode he appears in

It's unironically because of feminism.

dumb redditor

Yeah, they kinda hammered in that Pitou was a guy in the dub. Even referred to him as a he. They still cast a girl to do the voice (Nonon's dub voice, actually), but the VA pitches her voice to sound vaguely masculine. Note that they refer to other feminine ants such as Zazan with feminine pronouns.

Read then promptly kill yourself.

>here read this shit about a fucking dub
No, seriously, you retarded redditor, get the fuck out.

How would you counter Predator if your ability has been completely exposed? What's your strategy Cred Forums?

it counters itself if you get the wrong information

If he has me dead to rights and I know he has me dead to rights, my only recourse would be to either run away and hope it has a range or try to kill him before it finishes growing.

>buzzwords to hide the assblastedness
Pitou's also a male in Japanese sub captain faggot.

Depends what the end result is. If it's some creature built to counter your abilities that just chases you, I'd evade and kill the guy who we already know is weak as shit. Plus, it only counters abilities. It's feasible that you could just kill it by using ten and ko.

I know it's noncanon as fuck, but Pitou is stated to be female in the mobage and card game.

Fight mano-a-mano with my enhancement hatsu, 「 Arnie: Hide Your Face And Bear It 」

That's absolutely wrong. You're just making shit up now. Dumb fucking redditor.

>or try to kill him before it finishes growing
Wouldn't that just make it even stronger with the whole nen after death bullshit? Only way to get rid of it would be to use an exorcist or force the user into revoking it.

Chapter 1. The manga is vastly different from the garbage 2011.

I want all Killuafags and hisoyaniggers to leave the thread right now

How come?

Nen doesn't always get stronger. I might luck out if I did the job quick. Of course, all I have is a Manipulator ability to control my harem, but hey, you never know.

only pitouposting is allowed

Welfin address him as male you fucking mouth breather.

My wife Pitou is so cute.

Actually faggot only pitoubashing is allowed

literally no one mentioned /ourguy/ in this bread


Their world is flat nigga

Can't cuddle with that gross exoskeleton.

I miss Ikalgo. It's a shame we'll probably never see him again until the very ending where all the surviving allies group together for a nice ending.

The same guy that called Pitou a male in the manga.

>"Sup, Hunters."

I like this girl. Let's treat her well Cred Forums. Pls no bully the evil kitty.

Her voice work was annoying as fuck.


>not using :3 instead of :)

Fucking dropped. I take back everything I said desu

Here's an impossible task for your dumb monkey brain, highlight any dialogue on this page in which Welfin or anyone else refers to Pitou as a male.

Please, no. I left Pitou behind years ago and I can't have her in my life again.

is there a clip?


Ew there's a dub now? I guess that improves odds for further adaptation of the manga, even if just by a little. Still though, English voices saying dialogue written by Japs just sounds so, I dunno, awkward. It just makes all the lines sound clumsy.

I tried recording some bootleg audio. But it came out pretty shit and unbearable. So no, not for a while. Sorry.

nice job, reddit

why the fuck would Zazan be female and Pitou male? what kind of nonsense is this?

I'm sorry user. We're all here for you. Just try to look at it objectively and not a succubus trying to steal your life. It's not real.

And she's full on female in the French dub. They even gave her a more overtly sexual/breathy voice in their dub.

Using dubs to debate the original anime is retarded, especially American dubs, which have a pretty bad history of staying consistent to the source material.

It's just that, nonsense, dubs are nonsense. Report and ignore.

>Still though, English voices saying dialogue written by Japs just sounds so, I dunno, awkward. It just makes all the lines sound clumsy.
This hasn't been a thing for going on several years now, these days most productions localize it enough so it flows like a normal conversation.

I would typically agree, but the dub of HXH 2011 does suffer time to time from, stilted, speaking, because of, matchinglipflaps, right?

>They even gave her a more overtly sexual/breathy voice in their dub.
Oh man you have got to give me a clip of that.

How sad is it for Machi fags she's no longer the prettiest girl in HxH because Togashi drew Cammy as pretty as perfection.

Hm, I guess it has been a long ass time since I even bothered to watch one. I think Yu Yu is the only dub I've ever watched fully.

Anyone else find that it's harder to pay attention to English movies and TV after you've been binge watching sub stuff? I think I get too used to tuning out the noise, so when I can't read what characters are saying at the bottom of the screen it's hard to follow what's going on.

>implying you weren't triggered like some faggot from a third rate website

Expect the official databook addressed Pitou as male rendering all the crying from Pitoufags and your point about source inconsistency invalid.

that's pretty fucking cute

To those wondering, Pitou's English voice sounds almost identical to Haru Haruko from FLCL (English version obviously.)

Nobody cares.

you mean Pitoufags, right? Machi is a butterface.

Machi was never the prettiest when Palm exists.

Go to 19:40 and watch until about 21:00. She clearly gets "turned on" after breaking the leaf. Unless you want cancer, use the first (top) video, not the others since they'll spam popups and malvertisements.

Nothing says he isn't. It's you who need to show the proof.


Fuck off, I have to put up with threads upon threads of brainlet morons shitting on Japanese Dragon Ball and how superior their Ameriburg shit dub is. So let me enjoy and attempt to discuss a dub I actually enjoy. You cock sniffing nigger.

Fuck this is weird but I like it.

Pitou's long gone, I don't mind seeing Cammy shine.

Nobody cares. About the dub or you. Fuck off.

I dont think so, 8 are going to die horrible and fast, remember togashi plays with expectative

The proof is right there. Top left panel, right speech bubble, Welfin refers to Pitou-dono and not a single male pronoun is used throughout. As is consistent with the rest of the manga.
Try to conduct your own research next time, you might grow a brain cell.

The dub suffers from "that's the person you hired, really?" for some characters more than anything to be totally honest. For every spot on character (take Hisoka's VA who is objectively the best performance in the dub and is arguably better at being Hisoka than the Japanese actor) there are two other decent tier actors that merely gets the job done.

Pitou is super feminine in the French dub because Togashi actually partially based her off of a pretty popular French cartoon/comic. Neferpitou shares her nickname with Pitou, a female panther from "Caroline." It'd be pretty weird from a French perspective to give a homage to a female character a masculine voice.

Also, the French just like to sexualize shit, especially cat people.

That's incredibly accurate imo. Couldn't have said it better myself.

>Pitou is super feminine in the French dub because Togashi actually partially based her off of a pretty popular French cartoon/comic. Neferpitou shares her nickname with Pitou, a female panther from "Caroline." It'd be pretty weird from a French perspective to give a homage to a female character a masculine voice.
Source? Sounds like some redditior's fever dream to be quite honest.

>And she's full on female

Because she's female in the original one.

So.. It makes sense.

Fucking ameridubs

Huh...Really gets your nen pores opened doesn't it....

French dubs....Are so very.....Interesting....

The Caroline and Friends trivia has been obvious for over a decade.

GODDAMIT, now I've got to wank

Thank you.
The spaniel is named Youpi and the white cat is Pouf

Fucking japanese and their french obsession.

But of course. Sorry for the inconsistency, I'm re-watching the chimera ant arc.

The HxH 2011 dub isn't too bad.
In general, I prefer subs, but some shows do have pretty great dubs. Like Hellsing Ultimate, Yu Yu Hakusho, and DBZ Kai. I don't think HxH 2011 is at the level of those shows for its dub, but it's nowhere near as bad as the dub of One Piece, for example.

I see, my bad for doubting you like a brainlet.


God, I miss Killua and Gon. I teared up twice when I watched the anime; when the ant-girl meets her mom again and her mom instantly knows it's her, and when Killua and Gon split up by the giant ass tree.

IKTF. This arc is interesting and all but I can't help but want it to be over so we can get back to them.

Reposting from the other thread.

Oh fuck I just realised something about Sale-Sale’s Nen Beast. The gas it creates makes people loyal to him right? And it makes clones above people who fall for it completely, who then continue to spread it? In a recent chapter the girls in his harem were complaining that they’d be stuck in the lower decks when Sale-Sale made history, which implies they’re probably just random chicks from the lower decks who whore themselves to him for money or to escape the shit conditions during the day, and that they return to the lower decks at night. Since they have clones above them, that means that they’ll begin spreading the Nen Beast to the 200 thousand civilians on board as well. If they didn’t already have the clones on the first day of the voyage, then when the current one ends Sale-Sale’s influence is going to explode.

I don't think he will grease that many princes at once though he does have the opportunity to do so when ever the family dinner happens.

The ladies are his guards. They won't hear how he'll change the world because guards aren't allowed at the banquet. Rihan noticed they gained clones very quickly because they were loyal guards to Sale-Sale.

>by the time of the Sunday banquet, everyone below deck 4 is in love with Sale-Sale
>when he broadcasts whatever his master keikaku is over the PA, they all cheer
>it inevitably fucks up and fighting starts at the banquet
>everyone on the lower decks freaks out because Sale-Sale is in danger
>all 200,000 of them riot, overpowering the soldiers and forcing their way up the decks
>the Spiders are forced to make their move as the flow of people going upwards opens the way
Even more obvious now that shit is going to hit the fan on Sunday.

Sale-Sale will be the perfect king once everyone is brainwashed into loving him.


Biggest flaw with this is that it's forbidden to move from the second and third deck so they cones are restricted to the second deck. there could still be a wide scale happening though.

Alright I did a small calculation and it looks like we're going at 2.34 hours per chapter.
Since the boat voyage takes 8 weeks to reach the Fake continent, at our current rate the amount of chapters it'll take to cover the voyage is 3145. Either the succession war will be over extremely quickly, or Togashi is going to do a mini time skip.

What the hell is that pose for a 12 year old boy

why do you spammers always have the worst taste?

If the arc ends up being of similiar length to the Chimera arc, and Togashi continues to release 10 chapters a year, this arc will end in 9 years.

>8 weeks
That can't be right the entire voyage is suppose to be two months long.

>Boat ride that is long than berserk's

Ask the artist, not me.

Wasn't this arc about Beyond and shit?

Nah, it's 8 weeks to the Fake Continent.

Also, I made a dumb mistake here It isn't 3145, it's 572 chapters. It's still way too long though, so Togashi has to pick up the pace.

I thought it was 2 months to the fake one and almost 2 years to the real one? That's why, like the user you responded to, I was assuming there would be a time skip. I've been reading these chapters weekly though so I may be mistaken. Guess I'll have to binge them when we go back on hiatus.


I expect we’ll continue at the current pace until the banquet, where there’s major happenings and a ton of people die, after which point things will move way faster than they are currently. It’s taking this long because of the amount of characters doing things, when there’s less of them things will progress quicker. And the war probably won’t last the whole trip anyway, so once only one prince remains or a stalemate is met we’ll probably get a time skip as everyone bides their time until the landing. Plus that’s practically guaranteed to go awry as well, so maybe it leaks that they’re going to a fake continent maybe there actually will be riots and everyone is forced to go to the real continent.


What's up with Togashi and hot announcers?

At least shit is happening. And even if the political drama isn't your cup of tea, the Spiders will be rearing their heads soon. And we're seeing new Hatsu every other chapter. That's a lot more than the Sea God and the undead pirates.

Next arc is, he’s the reason this arc is actually occurring though so introducing him was necessary.

You don't recognize who that is?

Dunno where you’re getting 2 years from, but the 2 months to just the fake continent is correct.


I bet this guy's a massive jobber. Everyone expects him to be as strong as Netero in his prime, so maybe we'll have the opposite.

Is that...

If it wasn't for the yearly (if lucky) 10 chapters, I don't think people would be this antsy. But you just know he'll go on hiatus on the tagline "and the banquet begins".

Every mangaka has a special something they like to draw. For Togashi, it's cute announcers.

Can't wait for everyone to still get devastated by the Dark Continent. What tertiary character do you think will get knocked off first?

The banquet is on Sunday, right? So at the current pace it'll be 50 chapters before it happens. Hopefully Togashi gives us more than 10 chapters this time.

The dude has survived the DC before. And it's up to him to escape Zodiac custody and join Pariston's group, by himself. I'm not saying he'll be beyond Netero or anything, but...


>I'm not saying he'll be beyond Netero

They'll all go missing in action and Gone will save them as an adult.

>But you just know he'll go on hiatus on the tagline "and the banquet begins"
Kill me.

Deep down, I dread that the DC might turn out like the Land of Asura; a place purported to be insanely lethal, but when our protagonists get there, they really don't have much a problem. The fatality rates we have might be skewed because they reflect on people much weaker then us. Hell, the randos that died to Brion and co might not even have been Nen users.

I want the DC to be insanely deadly from day one, but I just know Togashi will dial it back when we actually get there.

Jesus Christ

>that woble
made for memes

Togashi is juggling way more characters than anyone ever asked him to. Be glad the designs are as consistent as that.

>the hiatus are so big that his art style change

Everyone but a few zodiacs die, the remaining zodiacs retreat to the ship and anchor off shore for probing missions. Ging and Pariston and maybe a few other members of their crew with Beyond manage to escape in the chaos and meet up with Don Freecss. Everyone else will be wiped out by a calamity or two. Leorio is not guaranteed to be among the surviving zodiacs. Kurapika isn't even guaranteed to survive the succession war.

Could Blaise control Meruem?

What are the chances of another anime

Well there was that rumor going around that Togashi would just work together with Madhouse to lead the direction of a continuation of the anime team and just drop the manga entirely.


That rumor was just one sourceless idea regurgitated by mexican anime "news" sites over and over again.

There isn't much stuff left to animate, I wouldn't expect them to bother unless we reach the DC in the next 5 years. And it wouldn't be that popular with Gone and Killua being Gone.

If it comes it will probably be at the conclusion of the manga, assuming interest is still high. That shouldn't be a problem though, since the inconsistent nature of the issues actually seems to boost the number of sales.

I doubt we’ll get more than 10 chapters at a time ever again, but given that the last hiatus was his shortest in years that means he finished this batch much quicker than the last, so it’s possible we’ll get another 10 later in the year.

but the real question is, could Blaise ever get that close to Meruem?

I decided to list some characters from this arc, including old characters.
14 Princes, 8 Queens, and the big King himself = 23 characters right there
Ben has an army of 15 dudes, so that's 38 there.
There are sixteen people at Kurapika's Nen school, counting 2 of Ben's already accounted for men. So, that's 52 characters there.
There's Kurapika and his friends he brought in, Hanzo, Biscuit, etc. Counting Kurapika himself, that's 6 more people. Total is at 58 right now. Add on Woody and Sayird, that's 60.
Going on from here, I'd just have to manually list people. People like Theta Salkov. 62. Randoms like Shimano, Taithon's smiley guard, Vergei, Mandom, Nasubi's head butler, etc. That's 67

And that's before figuring for things like Spiders and Zodiacs possibly intruding.

If she asked nicely and he was in a good mood, maybe.

Zero until the current arc finishes. That's a minimum of ten years, so don't hold your breath.

95% of them are going to die.

Last chapter it was the afternoon and now it's the AM hours of the next day.
Do not underestimate this arc's ability to skip ahead when nothing notable happens.

100% but this arc has to ended first.

would meruem easily be able to see the nen on blaise's lips with Gyo?
Does Meruem have Gyo on all the time? like it's second nature to him and requires minimal effort to activate

Meruem is so powerful he doesn't need gyo. Don't you know that we are DBZ now? Power is everything.

I don't think he have Gyo all the time but he could easily 'sense' the Nen in her lips.

The real question is whether or not Komugi could defeat Marayam's hamster.

Canon is whatever you like. Togashi isn't going to go into your house and slap you for saying that Pitou is a chick.

When you make the mistake of buying merch, it becomes real damned quick.

No, but Pitoufags will.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Togashi came up with the Succession Crisis just to top Berserk.

Are you me?

why would I hunt you down for stating the obvious?

Reminder that getting caught was part of her plan

I love Cammy but let’s be real, she fully expected her plan to work. Hopefully she’ll actually realise that being in a cell has it’s advantages for the time being.

Isn't kurapica dying on the boat? Who will be the protaganist there? I'm fairly sure togashi plans to end this like he did with yu yu hakusho

I will feel so cucked.

>isnt kurapika dying on the boat?


There is more to her than you think. Who expected her to know nen? Just re-read all the chapters she is in and you will see a pattern.
How come she knows nen to the level of mastering Zetsu and using Gyo? How come she didnt want the guards to interfer when she went to Ben's room? Why does Duazul have so much confidence in her? Why did Togashi draw her like Prince Baka from Level-E? Why give her a power that seems specifically made for this succession war?

I think she will be a crucial player in this arc.

Don't bully killuafags, they don't shitpost nearly as much as pitoufags or cammyfags nowadays

i doubt most of that shit will actually be there given in context that picture was for dramatic effect

Soooooooo is the cat emission or conjuration?


>by himself
he has monkey + mizai to help

Emission, but some brainlets will tell you Specialization

Could be either or at this point. It's likely emission though, since delayed summonings are almost always emission.

Please, does someone have the link to download the chapters 350-370 translated by Viz?

Face it, Killua and Gon as friends who played off each other naturally and enjoyably is gone.

Now Killua is stuck with generic cute plot device imouto for the rest of the series.

My inner tween would kill for a good doujin of her...

Maybe Killua will go back to Gon after Alluka grows thicker facial hair than Beyond.


Duazul is the prettiest Queen.
And the fact Duazul have more kids means the king liked her pussy the most.
Get rekt Oito fags.

But Oito just had her first kid, he might've made her a lot more if not for the succession war killing his family tree.

probably simply more fertile than others, king fucked left and right

Duazul is a real hot milf. Oito feels like a cheap fuck to me

Alluka only serves as a catalyst for the conflict between Illumi and Killua. People say she was written in to heal Gon, but I think Gon needing miracle healing was written in to introduce something that would really set Illumi after Killua. Trying to bring him back to the family when he wants to be left alone isn't really an extreme reason for them to fight, but once Illumi's shenanigans result in Alluka being killed, Killua will snap and kill him. Probably around the same time that Gon is forced to kill Hisoka.


>she'll never suck on your Nen

I want to believe

She looks more beautiful than her children

This seems probable, with the first Zoldyck arc introducing the family, and the elenction arc being zoldyck 2.0, the third arc ending with Illumi's death and cutting ties with the family forever for Killua for Zoldyck arc 3.0.

Zhang Lei's mother and Swinko-Swinko were probably political marriages and he just fucked them for one kid.

Gon and Killua's friendship is the crux of the story. Togashi likes to defy expectations, but he also knows that he can't just drop the best part of the story to throw everybody off. Plus, too many unanswered questions for both of them.

possible, yeah
he got Oito from the slums tho so i wouldnt exclude that there is more than one like her in the mix, especially in the lower rank queens

What unanswered questions?

I love how autistically detailed and complicated Togashi gets with these situations along with all the different character designs.

It's also highly possible that Kalluto becomes mixed up in the conflict as well. I'm pretty sure he's not on the boat right? We haven't seen any pay off at all for him joining the troupe. I can't even discern how joining and becoming #2 in the troupe even helps him get Killua back.

The looming prospect of each of them fighting their respective pedophiles, what Gon will have to do to relearn Nen (Ging says something along the lines of "you'll have to go through hell to get it back"), if and how they'll ever reach the DC, their development in general after a potential time skip, and even possibly the looming prospect of the two of them fighting each other.

The last one doesn't seem highly likely, since it would be way too Naruto. But, there is Illumi's line in the Hunter Exam where he tells Killua that eventually he's going to want to see if he's stronger than Gon. Plus very subtle hints through various arcs where Killua wonders about the potential that people see in Gon and things of that nature.

There's probably more loose ends for them too that I can't think of, I haven't read older chapters of the manga in a long ass time.

Can someone post the picture with gon-san about to smash pitou and he turns around to say something philosophical and edited in, to killlua?

Why is this arc so boring and why are all of you acting like you give damn about these people you never heard of until this arc? I know Kura and few others we know are involved but for the most part it's focused on these shit tier designed characters.

Where the fuck is Ging, where the fuck is Pariston, where the fuck is my nigga Leorio, who hasn't gotten any goddamn worthy screen time in over 20 goddamn years. Way to go Togashi you played yourself..

>I can't even discern how joining and becoming #2 in the troupe even helps him get Killua back.
Maybe it's a strength training kind of thing? Just so he has these monsters to compare himself to to know how strong he needs to get. But it's also possible he hoped that some members will help him in return of him taking part in Spider activities. He went with them to stop Zazan, even though he's not a Meteor City citizen(obviously for Togashi to show off his powers mainly).

You may as well bitch about the Chimera Ant arc because the chimera ant characters were never hinted at before they were introduced.

>why are all of you acting like you give damn

That's right, Togashi didn't need to include the Succession War for the boat arc outside of Pika fighting for the eyes. But he did, and it's a compelling supernatural mystery story. I understand the complaints that it's "not my hxh", but the stories will all merge at one point. The Kakin plot will probably have an effect on the whole DC tour.

i mean, what the fuck are hunters? never heard of them before reading this overrated piece of shit mango

Why didn't Killua just wish for Gon's Nen to be back?

didnt know he lost it probably

Why didn't Togashi introduce Gon before the first arc?? He should have shown up in YYH or something. Talk about shitty writing.

Did he even know he lost his Nen? Fon himself didn't realize it for months.

he still has it, he just can't see his aura because being turned 'back to normal' also closed all his aura pores

Kalluto is definitely on the boat, Chrollo talked about how the whole gang was going to get together. He joined the Troupe to get stronger so that he could get back Killua, I think.

or nanika

If it were not for these multi month long fap breaks Togashi is taking I wouldn't be bitching as much but this nigga know he only doin about 10-15 chapters a year but yet he gonna stretch this shit out into infinity. He has no intention of ever finishing this series and that's abundantly clear. There are way too many plot threads and he just keeps adding more. He'll die long before then just like George RR Martin or whatever the fuck the GoT author name is.

he cant use nen again

No one has it?

No, Kalluto was talking about getting her brother back when Alluka was locked up in the basement. It's Killua.

oh, she did Nonon from KLK

at least she'll get the cat voice down.

what makes you say that?

The thought of the series never finishing is something everyone who loves the manga needs to get comfortable with. I think people are just happy to be even getting new chapters by now, Togashi isn't taking breaks for the lulz, he's an old man with backpain and a family.

the fact that the mango clearly states it.

Does it? Gon does give up "everything" for the powerup and post-healing he says he can't see his aura, Ging said he still has it, but should be thankful he's even alive and not be concerned about shit like that and figure out what he wants, and then says he'd have to go through Hell to get his former state back. I don't think the manga ever says he definitely WON'T be using Nen again.


also nice trips

Aura is manifestation of life energy so the basic output of course cant be cancelled, but he lost the ability to use it at will, which is nen
his using up everything i would basically consider it a "loan" on all the future nen his body would have produced, to use it all there and now, so he has nothing left to use. the fact that his body could be saved was clearly suggested by ging saying "gon wont die" but he never mentioned his nen abilities being able to return, actually he seemed way more saying "you should now think about what to do now that you are normal again"
Pitou clearly states that you cant get that power without being prepared to never use nen again

Gon was ready to die, but he didn't die because deus-ex-Nanika. The mystery of what Gon has to do to get his powers back is set up for a reason (the "you have to go through hell" comment from Ging), and will/would probably be an arc on its own, maybe even linked to the DC. Thinking that Gon, the face of the manga, will stay normal 'till the end of the series is pretty naive.

I believe Ging over you. Sorry.

You mean you believe Ging over Pitou
free to do so, i dont really care
death wasnt enough as all clearly stated, he needed limitations far surpassing death to get that much aura, which match with not being able to use nen again
gon is obviously mc but it's been clear up to now that togashi isnt so stuck in "i have only one mc and he needs to be that forever and i only watch his pov"
personally i would be satisfied, finally for once they say that you wont get everything just because you wish it strongly, but that there is a price to pay. killing him off would have probably been too sad, but overall i call it fair

Btw where are Ging, Pariston and the rest of Beyond team supposed to be now?
I'm kinda curious why Togashi hasn't been informing us of their whereabouts.

>You mean you believe Ging over Pitou

Sure. Ging obviously knows a lot more about Nen.


I don't even fucking care about the majority of these princes since they will die anyway. This arc will take too long to finish and it is the most mundane one at the moment.

I don't get it

I can't remember if they were going to take a separate vessel to fake DC or if they're just hanging out in the lower floors of wailmer waiting to bust Beyond out.

Pitou literally created his/her hatsu in seconds just by thinking about it
maybe not a nen PhD but wouldnt ignore

'back to normal' obviously includes undoing any conditions placed on him by himself or others, as nen influencing you in any way other than your natural aura flow can be considered 'abnormal'

>gon is obviously mc but it's been clear up to now that togashi isnt so stuck in "i have only one mc and he needs to be that forever and i only watch his pov"
I don't know why Togashi leaving Gon behind for this arc (and the short election arc where he's a motivation but not a character) makes people think he doesn't care about Gon or his story anymore. Kurapika wasn't a factor over ~200 chapters and he still came back for his storyline. Ging wouldn't even mention there's a way to get it back if it was meant to be unclear whether or not it's even possible.

stop posting this, it looks like it's been stretched vertically or something and it keeps bothering me every time you post it.

Natural affinity is fine, but Ging has that (possibly in greater reserves) and has vastly more experience.

They won't even be busting him out, they said he was going to break out (probably with the help of the monkey zodiac). They're probably in the lower decks scratching their balls for 8 weeks.

We are stuck on this boat forever

why would he go back to being normal then? if alluka solved all problems he would be back to normal pre gonsan status, there's literally no reason for him not recovering his nen beside it being not possible (since alluka can do anything)
not saying he will dump him, just that it's not impossible that he wants to talk about something else for now and maybe for a prolonged period
he ignored leorio for a good while, then put him back on the stage for election arc and now back to being unmentioned
he still didnt say "just retrain it from start and you will be fine"

What a retard. His aura nodes are closed, he has aura. He is normal, he can use it Nen again he just needs to train.

or just take out the kyuubi chakra from within

I didn't say he told him he had to retrain, I pointed out that he told him he could get his nen back.

So I guess Gon will need to re-learn nen the proper way like how Zushi was in HA rather than just using the quick but dangerous way he did the first time?

>not saying he will dump him, just that it's not impossible that he wants to talk about something else for now and maybe for a prolonged period
D'uh? Just because we're taking a 10-year boatride doesn't mean Gon won't be back and go for a quest for his Nen-skills back, exactly why I brought up Kurapika. Just let's wish Togashi a long life.

Yes. That’s clearly what Togashi is aiming for. How anyone thinks Gon is done is beyond me. For now however he is the new Kurapika(take a back seat for about 2 arcs) and it’s fine.

>DC arc
>Killua v Illumi arc (alluka either loses her power through DC shenanigans or dies)
>possible time skip
>Gon and Killua back together

Works for me. Togashi's only 51, so we'll all be immortal cyborgs by the time he's at risk of dying.

the opposite is also true, to deny that it's possible he will never bring him up again is dumb
gon is not on boat, wont take part in prince arc, wont take part in dc arc, right now leorio is candidate to having more screentime than him and killua
he's Gone, accept it and move on

>DC arc
>Cut to Gon on whale island
>A Zoldyck (maybe Illumi) is sent to assasinate him by Gyro
>Killua comes to save him
This is what's going to happen. Hype for 2050

By last year's comments, it's seem he's living healthy enough. At least enough to do a marathon, he finally shed off his NEET-ness.

>tfw Togashi will have another lewd period during dc arc

No, lewd shots of Cummy pissing in front of Ben's guards.

You’re deluded but I guess I just see that level of optimism as crazy at this point

Where did the fujoposters go?


>kurapika will finally get his eyes and a wife at the same time on this boat

>impying he's not going to marry Bill

He's probably a flat earther and anti vaccer too.

Let's hope nothing happens to Togashi in the next 15 years.

Kurapika is getting married! Who's the lucky guy/girl?



...which are both the right thing to support?

Kurororo. Love and hate are just two sides of the same coin after all.

I took care of them.

Gon has to relearn nen, and perhaps his potential with it is not as high as it was before.

I thought that was clear?

Apparently not, you know where you are.

The Gone meme was too strong.

Wrong. You will learn it on your skin.

>be french
>remember reading and loving those stories when I was a kid
>never made the connection with HxH

>i could relearn nen right now but lets just go home doing some paperwork i hate

He didn't do schoolwork for two years, the least he could do is catch up with it so he has a plan B in case he fucks up and loses his nen again. He might be learning nen at the same time too

He found his dad, buffed up to a man for about 10 minutes to kill some cat ant thing, was in a coma for about 3 days or something, and then had to speak to his old friend who’s now a little girl.
I think this paper work is a breather for him, but that’s my brainlet headcanon. Gotta find a new hunt while taking a break and all that

He might relearn the basics in the time the boat gets back, he didn't join Ging because without his combat power he's just deadweight on the DC crew.

What's the rush? He's still a boy, and he's got to take a break every once in a while.

>i-it's just a minor break, he always showed interest in taking breaks and not rushing things
the absolute state of denialfags

>I think this paper work is a breather for him, but that’s my brainlet headcanon. Gotta find a new hunt while taking a break and all that
Excepted it's exactly what it is speed reader. He takes care of this stuff; spends some time here and finds a new goal before going to hunt again. He can relearn Nen at home, it's not a problem. He has Wing and Biscuit's numbers.

His main goal was finding his old man and discovering what being a Hunter was about. Ging told him to sit down and think about life before thinking about jumping back in.

Do people read pages like this, i skip the every time, just a dump or random useless information.

go away speedreader-kun

I read some words here and there, then make an incoherent post and trigger some autist. Always worked, always will.

user just read.

Guys too obsessed with masculinity. They have no real friends so the bro-ness of Benjamin makes them all excited and happy. Probably were bullied as kids.

Clinically insane. Would kill their families for a chance to just peek at a pussy. Fancy themselves men of high class but probably dont even have a job.

Non existent. The best beast though.

Distinguished scholars. Knowledgeable in all things. Can give you a good conversation and have no trouble impressing women. Secret sociopaths.

Non existent.

Non existent.

Non existant, but if they did exist, they would be obviously stoners.

>Sale Sale fags.
The absolute shitposters. They lives are based on trying to have fun and nothing else. No real objectives. No higher calling. They are the meme creators, the willing bufoons. They arent actually fat.

They are right in everything, but no one gives a shit about them. Secretly harbor communist ideas. Hate their own families too and thats why they symphatize with the prince.

People who like bitches like Cammy, but dont want to die. Yurishitters too. Probably inexistent.

Waifufags. A cute face is all they need to support someone. Completely uninterested about the future of the world as long as their "daughterfu" is fine. Secretly masturbate to her.

They used to exist, but now they just cry.

Non existent.

why people to this day are expecting HxH to be a picture book is beyond me

Thaitonfags do exist tho if i recall? some idiot likes that abortion for who knows what reasons

fuck you I'm a Woblefag. Oito's reign as queen regent will be the glorious era of the MILF.

Wobblefags unite.

>slum wife and baby ruler

Plebs always get crazy when they see one of them with a chance at being promoted above the human trash they are. It's hilarious.

this arc is so ludicrously fucking boring

there's more text than images and it's all about characters no one gives two fucks about

would you really rather read about all these nobodies than quwrof, gay clown, and the main gang who will never be reunited again?
togashi a hack

yes it is

I’ll never get over that “quwrof” name. Like why, it just looks like word diarrhea

Pleb opinion.

This is uncanningly accurate

That's how Togashi spells it

>the dark continent is upside down africa
>theres also a sideways africa in territorial waters

If this was naruto maybe

I know. That’s why I’ll never get over it

This must be the most overrated manga there is.

You will never find a better posture than this

As I'm sure you've read many manga in your time.
I mean, I get trying to rile people into responding, but be reasonable.

It’s relaxing hours so please keep it down

I fucking hate this arc with a burning passion

I don't give a shit about ANY of these fucking Kakin characters, even the slightest bit.

Kurapika alone as a protag is also boring without having the Phantom Troupe as an enemy to fight against

and worst of all



A lot of people are just reading this for the Spiders and the clown. There was more discussion here when Chrollo appeared for a panel than 10 chapters of prince shenanigans.

Humans...... are so very ..... interesting.....

>People who like bitches like Cammy, but dont want to die. Yurishitters too. Probably inexistent.
>comparing worshippers of psycho-bitch with people in awe of young lady who's willing to sacrifice it all just to protect her only real family

i like it, reminds me of meeting people you kind of know and not really remembering if they always looked like that or not

How is life with ADHD?

Zhang/Kachoufag here. I hate Camilla.

What's wrong, sweetie? Can't handle a REAL woman?

I hate her inconsistent hair. Togashi might as well have Ben buzz cut that shit off

>There was more discussion here when Chrollo appeared for a panel than 10 chapters of prince shenanigans.
And it was the typical O shitpost/Chrollo cheated garbage that plague these threads. I hope we never see him for another couple weeks, and that the regular chapters start to thin out the mouthbreathers itching for the next foight.

Cammy's hair changes based on her emotional state


>doesn't care about her family
She's against everything actual femininity is about. Feminist tier trash.

His life goal was to find his dad. He did it, there's no rush to get into something else.

>sweating wojack.jpg

Why did Killua and Gon just pass by Cheetu and ignore him? They could have stopped him right there

The good of the country and the well being of her future subjects come before any personal matter

The same Cheetu at that point in time that gave both Knuckle and Morel a hard time? Yeah, I'm sure they could.


I wonder if godspeed Killua could've outsped Cheetu.

>takes two months to get to the "new continent"
>we're currently on day 2

Didn't Togashi say that self-appointed leaders have bad qualities?

Sale-Sale's Nen beast has incredible snowball potential. If he survives Preditor (which I think he will, I bet that guy is missing something key about it) then think about what happens when his Gaurds and the 3rd prince's Gaurds get into contact with other people (like in sl3eping quarters or whatever). Then those people have the beast, who spread it to more people who spread it to more, all at an exponential rate.

Within a few days, a large portion of the top two floors could be massive Sale-Sale fans infecting each other, making it harder and harder for other people to stop themselves from being infected.

And if it somehow gets below the 2nd deck... the whole ship will be Sale-Sale's biggest fans in only a matter of hours, given the cramped quarters

CHAD-CHAD always wins baby!

calm down

the troupe and hisoka are also on board to sate you actionfags

I have no idea why you expect them to be in every chapter, though

in 10 years

I would if Killua could outspeed a non rusty Feitan.

He sure did.

Man, a lot of the panels like this during the CA were legit distrubing.

That's why Kacho will be the winner. During the course of the war she'll prove herself capable leader and someone who doesn't care for th throne itself. Therefore, by Togashi's logic, the one deserving it the most.

Finished the first OVA series after the 99 anime and it felt rather slow and unsatisfying. Is the movie of it they did for the 2011 anime any better?

I just noticed the mini clones in the air


Does Tgashi have something against pretty young women? They seem to get bad fates if they aren't crazy/killers themselves.

He never said that. He says he can't trust them easily.

I was just hoping someone would link the source where he said it.

Pokkle had a worse death than Ponzu

>PT is meeting with a mafia member that came from the top floors
>They notice a small monster above his head
How will they react?

It was the Phantom Rouge/HxH ch 0 interview


if he didnt try to survive like an idiot he could have been reborn an ant, being eaten by the queen was objectively a blessing for all nen users

>downloaded new hellraiser movie into my HxH folder accidentally

They are uninteresting

Homoposter never leaves.

At that point in time, they had no idea.

He said they shared a terrible quality within themselves. That's a clear indication he doesn't like them.

>if he didn try to survive like an idiot

But he was fed to the Queen later.

He says he feels that they share it. It doesn't mean it is the case. He is just unable to trust them.

was already pregnant with the king, too late for respawn
and i dont see much Pokkle in him

That's the part of him Zushi manipulates.

Zhangfags feel no need to announce their presence. We no he is the only one capable of being the king.

He doesn't need cheap tricks to do that. His manipulation nen is strong enough for the job.


Thaitonfag here, I like her because she's clearly nut case and I fully expect this character to crack at some point and start burning the heretics in the name of love.

Never seen Machi that mad. Hisoka really knows how to push people's buttons


in 7 years, if we stop getting one year long hiatuses

>this confuses and enrages the pro assassin nen virgin


Her crush just killed two of her friends. Of course she is mad.


He didnt kill them yet. She was just upset because she knows Hisoka is capable of crushing the Spider

One of my favorite volumes.

2011 movies are awful, don't watch

this guy asks you for more screentime. what do you do?


The movie is not an adaptation of that arc. It is based on an earlier draft of it tho'

he seems to be pretty well so let him enjoy being the mc a little more

Honestly this

Tell him to ask again in 2025.

It'd be fine if it was still a weekly manga.

when it's out, it's weekly desu

>would you really rather read about all these nobodies than quwrof, gay clown, and the main gang who will never be reunited again?
Yes? Those guys have already been done to death.

When it's out, it's out for 10 weeks out of 52.

for 42 weeks it's on break, it cant be out by default
therefore it's weekly, when it's out

actually her lifespan is getting shorter for using emperor time too long..

uhm..I meant his..

You guys are memeing about Leorio but he will obviously be more relevant later. This arc will be very long and he and Kurapika returned in the same chapter for a reason. The priority is the battle royale for now. Leorio is more into Zodiac stuff on the lower floors.

So, who is actually aware of how fucked up Tse really is? His nen bodyguards do know, but 5th and 9th princes were apparently fooled. I guess Ben knows him the best among princes and is also aware of his real nature.

But using ET for half a day was an oversight of his because he went on on Vincent and had to empty his syringe. He'll probably be more mindful of its use in the future.


What's wrong with her?

Her daughter was just murdered, what do you expect?

He returned after years in Election arc and spent it basically being a moe puppet, with Killua being the only real MC. I'd like Leobro to be relevant, but it's not a given.

Living with the consequences of favoritism toward your children.


You can't call it favoritism at that point. She left her daughter with 6 people ready to murder her and no one to protect her. She basically killed her herself.

soon to be succession-cucked

Gyro who?

She is having the realization Oito did before the war.

Dazul looks motherly but she is favoring her wort child.

She's the true monster.


>Coming back from the dead is something you can train

Maybe you need to be an extremely conceited person to pull off that? You literally need to believe that the world wouldn't survive losing you.

Her guard Barrigen was killed. That's also partly why Vergei is such a dick.
Can't be Momoze's death. She obviously didn't give a shit about her.

>meme databook
Remember the names?

Those are the official name, like it or not, Hyskoa.

I know what Mandela Effect is, but I don;t get the joke. Who the hell is that guard?

Do not question Togashi.

I don't like explaining jokes, but it's a reference to him and Ryoji appearing in Kacho's room too.

I hope we at least get a oneshot for the 20th anniversary, preferably one on kiloohah

Isn't Togashi terrified of oneshots?

We'll get one on Leorio.

I agree with Stephen Paul's (OP's official translator) stance on official romanizations: because mangakas usually come up with names in Japanese alphabets and they do not usually use roman one, you should use these merely as suggestions. Especially if the reference to something is lost in the "official" spelling.

Could Knov and Meleoron combine their skillsets to remain unnoticeable forever? I'm pretty sure that Knov could just create entrance and exit portals right before Meleoron needs to breathe, and they could escape into it beforehand with no signs of their existence. Meleoron could catch his breath inside, and then they could exit together in perfect plan.

I'm pretty sure Knov was written out of the battle specifically for this reason

Where did you hear that from? He made one on Pika

He was written out because he could just've Scream'd the royal guards with Meleoron.

He wouldn't be able to pull it off on all of them without permanent invisibility though.

One of his interviews where he explained is declining health in the YYH days.

There was two whole threads to with that same discussion addressed to why Knov's scream wouldn't affect either of them and you want to make that a point again.

> we no

next time keep your presence hidden

They were in separate locations, so not according to the original plan, but they were separated in reality.

That's like saying Hotel Rafflesia didn't affect Youpi because they're just that strong.

No not exactly. Knov can't make portals all willy nilly, well he can but he does need prep and he prefers not to maintain more than a few entrances to Knovspace at once because he's a nenlet

While Meleoron could catch his breath Knov would have to maintain pretty considerable concentration to make a new door every time bro needs to breathe in.

Knov and Morel aren't around cause they just aint around, did you expect beyblade from Heaven's Arena to show up too? Didn't think so

>Knov and Morel aren't around
What the hell are you talking about? I'd call you a speedreader, but even those would notice that Morel is on the team.

isn't he the captain of the ship or something..

more like laziness chart, two pages with zero drawings just a bunch of words.

We're talking about the CA Palace Invasion, user, I don't know what you're talking about, because Meleoron is nowhere in this arc.

And it's useless besides telling us which queen is mother of each prince. It just tells us how many guards and servants each has but what we need to know is which ones of the side characters are them and who are they loyal to.

I meant Morel is the Captain of the Black Whale.. but it doesn't matter, because I only read your reply and not the whole conversation..

Why are you typing like that?..

It just Sometimes Happens when you Aren't Paying Attention


Moves like Hotel Rafflesia and Hakoware don't cause direct harm or injure the person afftected.

Emitted auar like Zero hand and Screm do.

return of Tonpa

They do cause harm, though

Manipulation doesn't cause harm either. But people will still say it doesn't affect people higher in powerlevel.

FUCKING disgusting.

At what precise moment do nen attacks made from Perfect Plan become noticable? We know that everyone was able to notice when Knuckle punched Youpi, but we also know Potclean was kept unnoticeable. Is it just the moment that it has a strong physical affect in the real world?

Then it isn't useless. You're not going to see every single one of these characters but you can put two and two together if a guard dies and is mentioned or shown to be associated a prince. Then you can see the number whittle down.

That Pitou is fucking lewd. I don't know how to feel about this. Pitou should be cute, but asexual.

No they don't. Three cases, Cheetu, Gon, and Youpi mentioned to not feeling any pain from the punch.

Same goes for Hotel Rafflesia. He took an eye, the level of damage was nil but he was disoriented because of the feeling that something was missing.

>people will still say it doesn't affect people higher in powerlevel.
So, retards? And it can cause harm. All depends on the Hatsu.

Togashi draws characters based on their current mood a lot. The man has a failing health, we aren't getting 100% Toguro's anymore, and I for one am just glad the characters depict themselves and the story at least moves forward, especially when there is no finnish version to purchase me to support his back.




when thrown like a discus they can cut through anything

Thank you.

realistically he can exchange them with the nen beast for various "prizes", but for bigger rewards needs to save up more

He can't see the beast though.

He buys peoples loyalty

>Pitou is a girl and she's my waifu

yea maybe other people have to do it. his bodyguards who are learning nen. Alternatively if he makes ppl take the coin he can press them into his service, like a King's Coin kind of thing.

>I feel the need to broadcast my shit western tastes

>Moves like Hotel Rafflesia
This move specifically requires Shoot to actually cause some damage so he can take the part he's affected. His whole thing is that he doesn't like hurting people so this move is something he only can use when he's willing to overcome his own nature and do so.

kill yourselfg retard

You know they got me trapped in this prison of seclusion
Happiness, getting outta here is a delusion
Even a smooth Prince one day must get caught
Shot up or shot down with the bullet that she bought
Nine millimeter kickin' thinking about what Benjamin gonna do to me

What the hell is wrong with her hair

What hair? That's a symbiotic magical beast that lives on her head

When Knuckle punched him, he punched him so hard his body physically moved and Youpi noticed that.


kek pitoufags getting triggered

if you say "for all the mrables," and flip one, if you get heads all the other princes die, but if you get tails you die thirteen times

Money money monayyyyy

CA was 130. If you ignore the start of the DC chapters that lead into the boat, by the end of this batch, we'll have finished about 30 chapters.

Pitou is a boy and my husband!

Why didn't Killua recommend someone like Palm to Kurapika?

That would mean that Momoze, Sale-Sale, Halkenburg, and Zhang would be Manipulators with basic "control humans" features dressed up differently. Halkenburg's I suppose doesn't directly control, but the Nen baptism is said to have a specific trigger later on.

Because she has a huge globe sticking out her forehead.


Bisky is hella experienced and loves money, so she'd probably take the job. And someone like Palm probably wouldn't get accepted, because I have a hard time imagining Kakin would allow you to hire a Magical Beast as a bodyguard.

shouldn't the Hunter exam filter for applicants who already know nen so there aren't massacres all the time?

Flat earth is pretty much canon at this point. Vaccines likely won't be addressed.

No one of the Princes you mentioned knows nen.

Netero didn't give a fuck. We don't know what Cheadle will do, since her first Hunter exam was just getting the most possible good manpower for the DC exploration.

Biscuit is more available if she's compensated, she doesn't really have any stromg ties to many people. I think Palm went back to Knov and Morel who are busy with other matters regarding the DC.

The HA under Netero's leadership just didn't care. When he was explaining how your license can't be revoked or replaced, he used the example that even if you killed everyone in the room right then, including him, you'd still keep your license.

They don't seem to have any issues with their applicants dying in huge numbers, in fact they seem to tacitly encourage it so that only the truly strongwilled and determined apply. They also probably prefer getting hunters that have strong physical stats even before learning nen

true. cheadle a besto

Their Nen beasts, you mongoloid idiot. What the fuck did you think I meant?

Yeah, after the first test, all further tests had the very real possibility of death.

That's right, Killua actually saved Zepile.

Nowhere in your post the word "nen beast" is included. Next time be more specific

Cheadle's test didn't have anything to do with manpower and more on analytical thinking and general intelligence. That way V5's agents and other bureaucrats can get through.

manpower = more human resource, esl-kun

No, everyone should have a chance to take the Hunter Exam

You would have to be very stupid to not be aware of what I was talking about. Besides, the Nen category of the host and the beast are very likely the same. Stop being stupid.

>tfw it's berserk and the boat all over again
>it might be even worse, since we're only two days in, and the voyage lasts two months
Even taking into account that Togashi won't go into detail when it comes to all the 60 days (r-right?), it'll still take a lot of time.

Given the explained function of the guardian beasts, isn't it obvious that they'd be heavily biased towards manipulation?

He means, user, that her HA was focused on recruiting a lot of people.

This retard doesnt know what manpower means

Like Rihan said, guardian beasts wanted to either reduce enemy threats or build up allies. Manipulation is the way to do the latter. But the King mentioned that some just have "teeth and claws," so it's a safe bet they run the gamut.

they are heavily biased toward slaughtering theta

Things will speed up when people start dying and he won't have to juggle 20+ people at all times.

You know what I meant, anonster.

I'm aware, I assumed he meant manpower as hiring people physically adept for the job to which I wanted to make the distinction between how the Hunter Exams were and how they are now.

Why do you keep babbling about Nen? The guardian beasts feeds off the life energy of the host. The shape and ability is influenced by its host's character and disposition. It has nothing to do with Nen compatibiliy.

Berserk's boat didn't have anywhere near as much going on as HxH's

You should probably just own up to not understanding what the word meant.

If the physical shape is dependent on the host's characteristics, it's a logical assumption the beast's Nen category would depend on the host as well.

I see the guardian beasts as less of a reflection of the Princes' personalities so much as a manifestation of how they want to accomplish their goals. The powers make a lot more sense that way to me. Woble, as an infant, can only think of directly attacking things that are threatening to him. Halkenburg's has something to do with the bond he has with his people and how he sees that as the way to accomplish things. Sale-Sale wants everyone to get along without violence and so has a nen beast that infectiously spreads (I'm assuming good vibes or something like that rather than actual mind control) his will to try to avoid it.


Dumb deductionposter

Momoze didn't give a hoot about the succession, but her hamster went out of its way to solicit people, so take that with a grain of salt.

People who know nen should automatically become hunters or you get unfair situations like what Kilua did in the last hunter examination

Do you know the difference between character and characteristic?

Yeah, I wish we could've gotten a little more information about what she was thinking. I think Fuugestsu's nen beast also fits my idea, but I'm not sure if its full powers have been revealed yet

I learned English from watching Beavis and Butthead, give me a break.

This is pretty much how it works. Each prince stuck their hand on that urn after focusing desire for the crown and dropping some blood. That gives birth to the Nen beast.
It has nothing to do with nen categories. It's all based on each Prince's inner desires

I think you're being intentionally obtuse to make a cheap slight.

Guys who misinterpret what certain scenes meant and say things about that aren't entirely accurate are common, especially in this thread. And I explained what I thought he meant when he used the word. So what's more that need to be said?

Not him, but nen categories are set at birth you dummy. Even if someone isn't a nen user, their aura still falls under one of the six categories.
It's common sense to assume the nen beasts, which are given form by feeding on their host's aura and use that aura to do things, have abilities that align with the host's active or dormant aura type.

There are two things I don't really understand so maybe someone can help me (it's been so long and translations don't always convey the correct message), but are the family guards formal guards for the queens that are allowed to go spy on the other princes, or are they just guards for the entire family and they just-so-happen to align themselves with one of the queens? The way I always see it written, it sounds like the former, but that doesn't explain why everyone acts so cavalier about it. It seems to me more like there's a set number of family guards that have been spread out among every room, and each individual guard has an unspoken bias for a queen (and thus, potentially her children) and everybody knows it, but it's not a formal, explicit thing because if it were everyone would protest their involvement. So, they're only informally aligned with a queen, right? Formally, they serve the whole family.

The second thing I don't understand is why twenty of prince 2-5's buddies became hunters. It's because a hunter's license allows them to break certain laws? I would think laws are pretty subjective on this fucking boat to begin with, so I don't really get it.

Pertaining to this particular image, I don't get why Swinko-Swinko's guards are called private and not family or why Marayam didn't inherit Momoze's lone guard.

You should probably post this in the new thread, since this is page 9 now.

Because it was clear that you didn't, and you're still trying to save face. And you reek of ESL-sentence structuring.

Damn, I'm surprised they changed this in the 2011 version of the anime. Being an animeonlyfag, I don't know all the changes they did.
Why did they change that scene exactly, and what happens after that panel? Do Gon and Killua comment on Cheetu or?

There's nothing more to say. Acting like a petty child isn't a particularly interesting back-and-forth I'd like to have.

A family guard is hired by a queen and assigned to her own prince. Affinity with and loyalty to the prince may vary, especially if the queen has multiple kids and plays favorites. An example of high loyalty but low affinity is Sale-Sale's guard captain. He works for Swinko-Swinko and has Sale-Sale's best interests at heart through her, but Sale-Sale is happy to get rid of him for a few hours.
A spy guard is part of the royal hierarchy system, assigned by a higher queen to the prince of a lower queen. Zero loyalty to the prince, spies at best and assassins at worst.

Sorry if this doesn't clear things up.

Oh, another one of these Dark Continent arc images. I like your version. Do you have the other ones? I forgot to asve them.

>all of Duazul's kids are pretty sensible except the oldest

>autism is bad
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>on Cred Forums from Cred Forums
you must be really, really retarded