Canonically weaker than Arturia

>Canonically weaker than Arturia
>Stomps legends one after another like a boss
This is it! This is what fucking FSN Saber should've been like. A good showing of how stupidly strong she supposedly is before jobbing. I know for a fact Mordred will job later but damn she showed off like a badass.

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Yeah, but could she defeat Saber Blanco?

>This is it! This is what fucking FSN Saber should've been like.

Are you serious? She already gets enough accusations of being a Mary Sue even when she ends up struggling on every single fight in the story.

Actually... she doesn't job, sure she loses, but it ain't actually blatant under-performing to prop up someone else. If anything, Daddy Issues goes out like a boss

She'd be more fucked in the 5th war than Arturia ever was. I don't think she even has any way whatsoever to deal with Lancer, Assassin, Rider, Berserker, OR Gilgamesh, stringing her through all 5 is just ridiculous.

I'm right in the middle right now (Jeanne saved Sieg and based Astolfo from Spartacus final attack). So far Mordred has been nothing short of a total badass.

Seiba gets lauded as one of the finest powerhouses but gets tossed around constantly and we only get to see her kicking ass too little to late. She has never been in control of a fight like Mordred was which is shameful considering she's such a revered figure among knights.

Good, more recent content liek GoA removed all ambiguity and turned her into a Picture Perfect Dindu Nuthin Mary Sue that does no wrong and needs to be nerfed to seventh heaven to not ass rape everything in sight.
Back in F/SN and Zero she was actually a character and not a meme.

What does this stants for? I've always wanted to see the strength everyone keeps talking about of Arturia but never shows.


I want to fuck the king and her son at the same time. I want Arturia to use me to teach her son how to please a man. I want my dick between the king’s breasts as she and her son practice performing oral on me. I want the king to kiss feed her son semen and teach her to swallow. I want the king to ride my dick like a horse and I want her son’s vagina on my mouth. I want to cum inside the king as I eat out the king’s son. I want the king to part her son's legs and show me her vagina. I want Mordred to scream for her daddy as I pound her. I want to fill her with just as much cum as I filled her father. I want enjoy Arthurian-style oyakodon.

Keep going until you reach the promised land, user.

Mordred gets her moment way later.
I didn't like her too at first but she really grew on me.

Okay there’s something seriously wrong with that woman’s lower half.

>He berried his dick so deep into her that when he pulled it out, he said, "I'm King Arthur now, bitch!"

Maybe my wording was wrong. Mordred has been kicking ass left and right since she appeared and I love it. This what I was expecting from Seiba when I saw FSN for the first time only to be met with great disappointment. The King may be canonically stronger but the bastard son has made a much better show of what he has.

>Half dead riderless Astolfo and Fran

I'll give her sort of putting up a fight against Siegfried and Semiramis as impressive though.

Also forced Jack into retreat. Every Servant count as a legend isn't?

It was actually Chiron who clipped Jack with his attack when he tried to kill them both that forced her to retreat. Up till the point they seemed to be fighting more or less evenly. Apparently she is also matched with Chiron as well when it comes to close combat which is actually pretty good.

Couldn't even finish off Semiramis properly too

>she ends up struggling on every single fight in the story.
She ate Frankenstein's NP, directly to the face, WITH added mana from a command seal, and came out with some light scratches and a little exhausted.

If that's not a Mary Sue I don't know what is.

"Takeuchi, according to Nasu: Mordred is great. She is the crowning achievement of the culture that Type-Moon has created. Don't you agree, Nasu Kinoko-kun?"

Hope y'all ain't talking shit on my waifu.

Fran is also a shit-tier servant. It's not like Mordred consistently destroys every servant and conveniently has a million power ups like Sieg. I don't think you understand what a Mary Sue is.

Seiba the class, not Seiba the character. The narrative spent more time on how she was nerfed by Shirou than wanking how much stronger she is thatn everyone else. How do you powerlevel fags still not get that? for Zero there's no excuse in the writing, Butcher just made Saber an ineffectual idiot

Someone who can inexplicably do everything right for no reason.

Unless they pointed out somewhere that Mordred has high magic resistance, there is no reason why she should have been able to just take that attack with virtually zero consequence.

Butcher hates saber, I thought that was pretty clear.

Please don't lewd the moe-dred.

Mordred's magic resistance is more or less equal to Artoria's.

moedred is best saber and best girl

In this instance (among countless others) this was explained in the LN but omitted in the adaptation. Mordred did not tank Blasted Tree, Kairi warped her away from it avoid the full blast.

>Saber class
>Magic Resistance
Mordred isn't even written out as a character who does everything right. I think you're conflating the concept of overpoweredness or retarded power levels (in Apocrypha, no less) with the plot trope of a Mary Sue.

Kairi used a CS to boost her defense which counters the buff to Blasted Tree and she wasn't in great condition immediately after being blown up. I guess Blasted Tree is just a crappy NP even when the B rank version is used. Don't forget that Arturia can survive being hit by a slightly offset by Excalibur EA as well.

The community wont remember LN Mordred, it will remember Mordred who tanked Sieg's NP, stomped Astolfo AND took a Blasted Tree into the face and was still standing after taking out 3 servants by herself. Arturia doesnt even come close to that despite being canonically more powerful.

>This is it! This is what fucking FSN Saber should've been like.
Two shitty fights and then she gets killed by an assassin? At least she measured up to Heaven's Feel Saber I guess.

>I guess
You don't guess shit, you saw how much damage it did to the landscape. Mordred shrugged that off like a fucking wall.

Her time to job was bound to come but point remains in that she got great opportunities to show off her strength before that point. Seiba never got such chances, most of her victories were achieved through desperate attacks and "miracles" (aka. plot convenience). The only fights were Arturia felt strong and in control were against Diarmuid and Iskandar.

Of those three feats, only the Balmung beam clash is worthy of note. Neither Astolfo nor Fran are especially strong Servants, and Mordred outclasses them both in most areas that matter. Artoria still stood up to Gilgamesh and won in Fate, and was able to successfully hold off Heracles for some time in UBW, both feats which outclass most of what Mordred did in Apo.

This, mostly the 5th war was fucking nuts and pretty much anyone summoned for it would curbstomp most wars easily.

If by "canonically more powerful" meaning lucky enough to dodge a fucking Gae Bolg, yeah we can go down the line of plot convenience in their respective stories.

Sounds like you're just mad about best girl being best girl though.

God I fucking hate reading posts like yours that reek of DBZ philosophy.
"They're weak servant so their attacks will never be effective."
If you stab someone in the face, it will probably kill them.
Bring your fucking mind back down to earth nigger. They may have super strength and speed, but they're not gods. I really hate apocrypha for justifying people's idea that Servants are Saiyans.

I wouldn't really call her fight against Semi - jobbing.
Yeah, she peaced out when Kairi died, but otherwise, imo - she didn't underperform, she punched waaaay above her wight class back there.

This honestly.
>Cooler Garments
>Better fights
Seriously what was Nasu thinking at first when he made FSN? Well at least he finally got the right formula to make and actual cool Saber. One can only see Arturia worfed and shamed so many times before it starts getting annoying.

Calm the fuck down, Gohan.

>Neither Astolfo nor Fran are especially strong Servants

Astolfo solos Goetia FYI.

This. Mordred may be weaker but is definitely way more badass than Arturia was ever depicted.

Literally you're posting about Apocrypha, where no less than three servants have some sort of god-given immortality/invincibility where indeed stabbing them in the face will actually not kill them.

And guess what, try stabbing a suit of armor in the face and see how that works out.

Doesn't matter. We're talking about fight service here. Mordred took three servants on her own and was consistently kicking ass through her screentime. Saber spent two thirds the of hers jobbing, getting cucked, further nerfed, captured or getting confused.

Mordred is weaker but Arturia is lamer.

Didn't Shirou manage to cleave Saber Alter near in half through her breast plate in Sparks Liner High? And that was just with a little Archer boost too.

>it took the combined powers of three servants to bring down Karna

Arturia is so lame it takes away the sense of "big achievement" when someone beats her.

>Shirou: Whoah! I beat Saber
>Gil: welcome to the club, kid
>Medea: get in line

Thanks for the spoiler but I imagined I will be that way. Short of Dracula that guy seemed truly OP.


Shirou is the real definition of a Mary Sue.

Compared to something like this, it doesn't look quite as impressive, but I could be wrong.

>Mordred shrugged that off like a fucking wall.
She was in shitty condition right after taking the hit, and while I will agree that tanking that seems ridiculous it's not like we have any other servants getting hit by what looks like A rank attacks to compare this with.


>gets his shit wrecked in so many bad ends
>Mary Sue


He probably watched too many anime where the main characters are wimps and the "mysterious transfer student" girl does all the fighting.

>Bad ends
Only the end that gets followed after counts.

The transfer student girl always job to plot convenience so the wimp hero can save her and unveil his special snowflake ability that just happens to specifically counter the big bad.


I love Mordred but I don't think she's the most brilliant.

I didn't even think it was possible to improve on Artoria's design (looks and character) until I saw Moedred



Correct me if i'm wrong, since i read the VN ages ago, but didn't the arm just give him the ability to trace shit, replacing the Kuzuki shit from UBW?
And the main reason why his brain was turning into fried eggs was because he was projecting NP's with his makeshift circuits made out of his nervous system?
I was under impression that his power comes from tracing the stats of the OG owners of the Noble Phantasms he's swinging around and reinforcing himself on top of that some more.

>I was under impression that his power comes from tracing the stats of the OG owners of the Noble Phantasms he's swinging around and reinforcing himself on top of that some more.

You forgot the biggest asspull of them all. Shirou's tracing with Archer's arm allows him to copy the technique of the wielders allowing him to use whatever weapon he copied with exact same strength and precision of the user. He fucking destroyed Herc in one hit.

The problem with Arturia is that she is ultimately used as a measuring stick for everyone else.
After her baseline prowess is established, we know how awesome everyone else is by how they fare against her.
On paper, Saber should have been an excellent servant (before FGO powerlevels, at least)
>most balanced and powerful class
>most powerful and famous holy sword
>one of the most famous HS
>as fast as lancer while holding a greatsword
>can go toe to toe with someone so skilled they developed a technique almost of the level of true magic out of autism
>can increase her strength and reinforce her armor using mana
>has the greatest shield, that also heals any non fatal wound
>her NP can kill Herc 6 or 7 times over in a single blow

And yet she is always struggles because if she didn't Shirou would be useless.
If Saber was as capable as her opponents, there would be not struggle in the narrative as long as the story is focused on a pure HGW and Gil doesn't show up.

As much as I love Saber OP is right. Mordred is a better version of Arturia because Mordred at least florishes here and there without being held back all the fucking time.

Oh Karna, a Hindu god throwing nukes around like Russia in the cold war. Shut down by the highest class of plot armor possible.

It took 12 years but it seems that after all this time I've finally found my Saber.

Is looking good in a suit a requirement for being a Saber?

This only highlights how shit Shirou and Nasu's writing are.

>most balanced and powerful class
Seiba is most powerful but not most balanced by any means. Being limited to attack head on and not having any hax limits them greatly. It just so happens that everyone attacks Arturia head on, instead of going for Shirou. Hassan in HF could take out Shirou 24/7 if Zouken ordered him, he managed to sneak into the house completely undetected that one time.
>as fast as lancer while holding a greatsword
No. Gae Bolg is not instant, for Cu to use one and not being cut to shreds he has to be faster than opponent, which is usually the case since he is one the fastest servants. Diarmuid or Achiless or Okita wouldnt give him an opportunity for it.
>can go toe to toe with someone so skilled they developed a technique almost of the level of true magic out of autism
Tsubame Gaeshi > Arturia, it is very specifically explained from her own pov that she only stays alive because his sword was BENT from the previous encounter.
>her NP can kill Herc 6 or 7 times over in a single blow
Not her NP you speedreader, that Caliburn projected by Shirou and exploding directly inside Heracles. Arturia doesnt go around sticking Caliba into people and then releasing its NP.

Arturia is only good for good for nothing Masters because she can solo HGW on her own if stars align. Good and specialized in something Masters are way better taking a servant that compliments their strengths or removes their cons instead of a dumb straight up attacking knight.



the nasuverse is a multiverse and all bad ends are canon

>Arturia is only good for good for nothing Masters because she can solo HGW on her own if stars align. Good and specialized in something Masters are way better taking a servant that compliments their strengths or removes their cons instead of a dumb straight up attacking knight
Kairi is a pretty capable master and made an awesome pair with a Saber class servant.


I don't see new games based on the bad ends of the previous game so whatevs.


It only highlights how underage and retarded you are that you need everything to be over the top DBZ-tier crazy with ridiculous fights devoid of any character or substance to keep you interested.

Kill yourself secondary faggot.

Shirou's fights are a cringefest.

Could you be any more of an insufferable faggot

>Seiba is most powerful but not most balanced by any means
Strong, but not strongest, fast but not fastest, skilled but not most skilled, high magic resistance but still below casters. How is Saber not the most balanced class?
>Gae Bolg is not instant
They trade blows, Lancer steps back, Saber figures out who he is, he activates Gae Bolg and she just kinda lets him even after feeling the mana and while he calls out the name, which was either stupid or cautious because she didn't know what would happen. As far as trading blows goes, they were at the same level.
>Tsubame Gaeshi > Arturia
I didn't even mentioned Gaeshi. Even though she creates an opening by bending the sword, she can fight on the same level as someone who can create such a technique even though she recognizes that he is faster and more skilled, that was the point.
>Not her NP you speedreader, that Caliburn projected by Shirou
Except Caliburn projected by Shirou with Saber nearby has the same power as Excalibur, but can only be used once before Caliburn breaks
>Arturia is only good for good for nothing Masters
Except she needs a good master for her stats not to be nerfed.

The overall point is that she was supposed to be a good servant for a servant v servant match, and if Mordred did what she did than Arturia should have been able to do more too.

Garden of Avalon.

Eh, Kotomine VS Kiritsugu was cooler.

Fate turned to shit when it started DBZ-tier bullshit with FGO powerlevels.
I like the older Fate better.

Nice. Let's see if this can restore some of my lost faith in the so called King of Knights.

The only man who can take down Gil and enkidu, if he was in his rightful Ruler mode and not a fucking Lancer.


If I get this right a Ruler only appears when there are two warring factions which only happens when all 7 Servants and masters of the original ritual decide to ally. Something else?

>FGO powerlevels

Because in the end nerfed Saber is the only Saber we know. There isn't a single point in the VN where Saberin goes up against someone and we see just how strong she would have been and Zero only exists to make her suffer.

It started all the way back in F/SN, the stat charts have a way of attracting powerlevelfags

That scene was the definition of hype. How can Last Encore compete with its garbage animation and shaftisms.

>>Canonically weaker than Arturia
The same damn strength and body. If anything is different its their mentality.

>took a Blasted Tree into the face
Are you retarded? I didn't read the LN and it was obvious that she didn't tank Blasted Tree.

This. It's pointless to mention how strong a character really is if we didn't get to see their actual strength in play.

Arturia trounced her in flashbacks.


What bothers me is that UBW should have taken advantage of that. It's the perfect route for that.
And yet the closest it comes to it is Arturia declaring to Archer that he knows he can't beat her instead of actually showing something. For fuck's sake.

>dresses slutty
>smokes cigarettes
>gets in fights
>out all night fooling around with older necromancers in their necromancer-caves
For shame. Her father did not raise this sort of girl.

Exactly, (S)he didn't raise her at all. Said old necromancer dude was more of a dad than her.

Sounds about right. My comment was more to do with the nature of Karna's servant class. His mythology should reflect in the nasuverse as Ruler (performed Digvijaya Yatra, not for himself, but to appoint his friend Duryodhana as the ruler of the world). Selfless guy.

>Her father did not raise this sort of girl
Indeed he didn't.

>Her father did not raise this girl.

Saber is a deadbeat-dad.

>is a freeloader
>doesn't cook
>goes emo all the time
>spends time fucking gingers
>knows how to please a man
clearly you're no better.

If you say that and unironically approve of Apocrypha then I've got news for you, buddy.

So if by some miracle Iskandar managed to convince the other Servants into conquering the world under his lead like he wanted the only thing that would provoke is for other 7 Servants to pop up to oppose him? Poor guy can't catch a break.


Finished first half. Fights are awesome. Servants finally feel like the supernatural powerhouses they're supposed to be.


Her Valentine's Day chocolate is literally a Snicker's bar that she forgets why she bought it and takes a bite out of it before giving it to you.
>inb4 'GO NOT MUH FAYT BAW'. Grand Order is what TM is centered around these days. So if you don't play it, then you, by definition, are the secondary.

Mordred has a more relatable conflict than Arturia. At least is easier to write than "muh kingdom hated me cuz I'm too perfect".

>takes a bite out of it before giving it to you
That's hot.

Well, you're about to get to the contrived bullshit.
"Everyone let's take a break from fighting each other TWICE to show off how supernatural and powerful we are."

What kind of girl do you have to be to take an image like this?

>Her Valentine's Day chocolate is literally a Snicker's bar that she forgets why she bought it and takes a bite out of it before giving it to you.
Implying that's not her playing 12D, underwater chess, trying to blase about it and downplay her affection towards MC.

>"So yeah, like, I know this is kinda sudden but I'm your son (female) from that time Merlin trolled you into futa-boning your sister. Also I'm a clone of you somehow. I'm not really sure how this works myself, to be honest, but you should totally make me the next king."
>"Uh... No?"
This should not be relatable to anyone older than five.

If I was an attractive girl, I'd do shit like that or porn.

I just saw the Dracula fight. So there will be another "enemy mine" situation later, nice. Other thing I like about apocrypha is that most heroes behave like goddamn HEROES. That was really missing from FSN. Aside of Saber every other Servant was an asshole to some degree.

>How is Saber not the most balanced class?
Cant protect the masters, cant close the distance fast enough, has absolutely nothing against hax. Only has raw firepower.
>she just kinda lets him even
Sasuga, she just kinda lets him. Because why not. Arturiafag please.
>she can fight on the same level
She cant progress through him, as soon as he goes to her level she has to fuck off asap. Having to fuck off if the opponent stops being defensive and comes to you is not being equal.
>Except Caliburn projected by Shirou with Saber nearby has the same power as Excalibur, but can only be used once before Caliburn breaks
READ you zasshu, Caliburn was released directly inside Heracles in order to burn through his lives. Arturia does not run around sticking Excalibur into people before using it.
>Except she needs a good master for her stats not to be nerfed.
Stats are absolutely irrelevant in Fate, Garcher with his weak as shit stats could take out as many lives from Heracles as Arturia did. Diarmuid with his A+ agility and spear that cuts through magical armor does not annihilate Arturia like Heracles. Hassan who has better stats than Medusa loses to her for whatever plot reasons.

>attempting to cook
This would be fucking painful to watch.

>This should not be relatable to anyone older than five
Do you have any idea were you are right now?

So you're saying that the female version of you is a slut

clearly shitura and morgan are bad parents for poor little Mordred
all she needs is a better father to set her to the right path.

Arthur certainly prefers Mordred over the batshit insane that is ProtoMordred.

>whatever plot reasons
Fate in a nutshell.

Eh, it's more relatable because it's actually pretty human, as opposed to "oh, gee, my homies don't like me because i act like a fucking android 24/7". Besides, Mordred's what? 4?
Kid was altered as a fundamental level into a rapidly aging homunculus, she might have the mind of an adult, but her emotional maturity suffers because she lacks the sheer accumulated life experience to process her feelings properly.
Her Mother is Galaxy's No.1 bitch, she idolizes the everloving fuck outa' her father and goes full on "NOTICE ME DAD" mode. Said father understandably shits on her, due to her entire existence being covered with so many warning lights that she might as well take a side gig as a Christmas tree. Said bitch of mother predictably plays her like a fiddle.
It's actually pretty sad, since she's basically a clueless brat stuck in between her warring parents, both of whom are perfectly willing to use her as a disposable tool.

>Stats are absolutely irrelevant in Fate
>Fate route spends an inordinate amount of time describing how Arturia is weakened by having Shirou as a master
In the end people win or lose because the plot demands it though, which is a shame.

>both of whom are perfectly willing to use her as a disposable tool.
Lion King recognizes Mordred and gives her power, all just to get Mordred killed. She buffed Mordred with the grail, but said buff would eventually kill her, Mordred is also positioned at the frontier to maximise her chances of dying in battle.

Considering that when not at the castle, she needs to feed herself, she'd at the very least be able to best her father in this at least.

>it's a 'tomboy attempts to act like a girl' episode

She doesn't give a fuck about the MC, user. She's more interested in her wives Jekyll and Fran.

Uh, hello. Every hero in FSN is historically an asshole, though.
Gets stood up, kills the mistress and kids.
>Cu Chulainn
Kills a dog to get his name, incredibly reckless playboy, Gae Bolg is meant to maim not kill
Well, duh.
Equivalent to Cu Chulainn in legend, but I'd say he's alright in F/SN
Gets raped in the temple of Athena, cursed by Athena, and is doomed to live life as one of the biggest bitches in mythology
>Sasaki Kojiro
Ronin who kills his master. Rival to one of the most beloved swordsmen in Japanese mythology
>King Arthur
Best karma ever results in a Medieval rags-to-riches story where one boy becomes leader of most of Europe. Still fucks it up by sleeping around.

>Neither of the 2 Lancer Alter X Mordred doujins are translated.
>The Vanilla Saber and Mordred Oyakodon doujin is also untranslated.

>implying Mordred has any idea how to process the emotion of 'love'
She's eight.


Well, they're not heroes, they are heroic spirits.
Heroic spirits include heroes, villain and anti-heroes.

I want to play it but not getting what I want from gacha physically hurts my soul.

Also outer gods.

Everything will be fire.

I want a SoL series of her living with Shirou and Saber. Shirou would be the best stepmom ever while Saber trying to be a dad after so long and Mordred rebelling against her fathers rules.

Artoria: Defeats a demigod king by tanking his anti world noble phantasm
Mordred:. Barely manages to break even against a old hag and her pet.
Mordredfags are delusional

Oh hey is that a Simpsons reference?

I know I'm super fucking late for this.
But what the fuck? Why do they keep butchering his design?

The original designs wasn't even that good t b h

Mordred wanted that, thought. She asked for it and is self aware of this.

>the only saberface willing to give Mordred the time of day is Lily

Lily, unfortunately, is for Gudako, just like literally every other female servant that Hakuno and Shirou didn't snatch up first.

Is this yuri?

Depends on how you count it.
Mordred's body is literally a perfect copy of Seibah's, so it could classify as selfcest.

>Her Valentine's Day chocolate is literally a Snicker's bar that she forgets why she bought it and takes a bite out of it before giving it to you.
Indirect kissu

>protoMordred want to rape his father
people need to learn that Merlin is the only one who can lewd Arthur

That just made me like her more.

Anonpls, she says herself she's as good a chef as Gawain himself

No, she had a half eaten bar and you told her about Valentine's Day and she just gave it to you because it's what she had on her.
She doesn't give a fuck, user. Stop making shit up.

If Lancer Artoria was summoned in FSN instead of Cu and assuming Seiba wouldn't get Avalon, can she beat her? FGO master stats sheet.

The hair is perfect with his alternate costume, they were fucking lazy and didn't bother to create two sprite art.

Instinct is OP as fuck in both VN and FGO. Seiba takes it.

Yes, spread them for extra credit, you dumb slut.

>Illya and Tituria
>Bazett/Kirei and Cu Zilla
>Shirou and Mo
I'm not sure if Mo and Shirou would be able to come out on top against Illya and Lancer Arturia. I mean gameplay wise Tituria < Mordred, but lore wise Lancer Arturia is a fucking powerhouse and if you pair that up with Illya then Shirou and Mo are going to have a hell of a time staying alive.

>I mean gameplay wise Tituria < Mordred,
Really? Aren't they equally mediocre?

Mordred is now tied with Musashi as the best Saber for challenge quests in no small part because Mordred does extra damage against Arturia and Arturia Lancer is one of the most common challenge bosses in the game.

Not sure where you got your rankings from, but the appmedia meme list has Nero Bride and Musashi at the top for Sabers. Mordred is pretty low on the list, though a bit better than Tituria and vanilla Arthuria. Mordred's skills simply aren't good enough to make her a great Saber even if she hits harder against Saberfaces.

How exactly is Bride on top of anything in the Merlin Buster meta?

Arts meme is no meme, that's why.

>tanked Sieg's NP
Well in the ln it was the contrary, Siegfried tanked Clarent Blood Arthur while Mordred was few steps further from being hit by Balmung, she even noted that without her np ranged advantage and a few meters closer from the no clashed she would end up right there.
>Neither Astolfo nor Fran are especially strong Servants
Tho they were the dark horse of the series. Astolfo was the key figure against Adam's demise, hindered GoB 11 black coffins so they can infiltrated the garden and the carrier of Achilles Kosmos.

Fran was heavily noted that she would come back after her np suicide, an arrival of 2nd Frankenstein and end up fucking Amakusa's salvation.

Appmedia, the Challenge Quest tier list.

I want to see Archer Ishtar and Rin as well as Gorgon and Sakura

>Archer Ishtar and Rin

Destroyed first night by angry Gilgamesh.

OG Saber is best Saber. Even if she's jobber.

Thats factually incorrect though.

She utterly obliterates Rider in Fate despite being gimped hard and she fights Berserker and outclasses him in UBW again despite being gimped by Shirou.

She has the highest servant kill count accross the various routes. Underplaying this is retarded

OG Saber just needed a couple of improvements

Her tits are bigger than that, this is what you get when they asked the guy who draws useless meatbag maou to do Tituria

I prefer blonde kirito, but Moedred is great.You guys think Prototype or Strange Fake is next? Will they be main "Fate/" enough for Ufo, or would another studio do it?

>she fights Berserker and outclasses him in UBW

Secondary please. Saber is always on defense against Herc in UBW and is constantly taking damage to her armor despite never going offensive.

And despite your desperate memeing Artoria still has the highest Servant killcount accross the F/Z and F/SN and in both of these wars she fought with Masters who, for various reasons, limited her abilities and without her best NP.

Artoria is a powerhouse. F/SN isnt written to display anyone as "badass". Its a shady game with 7 masters/servants all sneaking about up to their own things. Apoc is written as a stright up battle royale.

more accurate?

Gae Bolg dodging wasnt just a luck check. Her Instinct Skill also factored in. And Instinct is a fucking top tier skill originally that is developed by training and ability.

Prototype is next, user. Because of Drama CD.

Tertiary please, read the VN. She was fighting him on more than equal footing in the Graveyard and again that is despite having Shirou gimping her.

That's Lancer Alter but okay since they have the same bust size
Seiba was having an edge over Herc at the graveyard, Herc couldn't deal a decisive strike and the fight dragged out until Redman shot a dental drill at them

>She was fighting him on more than equal footing in the Graveyard a
>Seiba was having an edge over Herc at the graveyard

Favourable terrain for one combatant = outclassed apparently. Actual retards, both of you.

>ITT Secondaries
You fags do realize that EVERY Servant(except for assassin) in 5th HGW could have soloed the Great holy grail war? Even fucking Medea could have had downed Hanging gardens herself. The powerlevel disparity is a wide as your mothers cunny, there is no counter in Apo to Gay bulge, BASAKAH, Artoria, Riders NPs, Unlimited blade works or divine words.

Apo servants safe for few are shittier and even Karma would job against Medusa


>even Karma would job against Medusa


>Canonically below Gil
>Jobs to a homonculi
>Low luck, low mana, low magic def
Yeah user. Berserker,Cu,Seiba,Rider and Gil should wipe the floor with him 10 times out of ten. For all intents and purposes he might even job against Medea

Mystic eyes counter him pretty nicely

I wish I had a son voiced by Sawashiro.

Equal footing or having an edge over something =/= outclassed
No, Medea cannot do anything unless she summons someone who is really strong (which she really can't due to high mana pricetag and questionable loyalty). Her magic beam is fancy but anyone who can tank it can kill her
Cu? He's dead since his spear can't deal damage to Sumanai or Karna or Achilles
Herc can probably win but this is the most famous hero we're talking about, if Herc can't win then we're talking about candidates for Grand
Artoria can only win she has Rin as her Master and maybe Avalon to tank Karna beam
Medusa will lose, her np simply put isn't really good against any of the stronger servant
Redman can win if everyone underestimates him and he goes for the kill immediately instead of dicking around


Dumb Medea poster

The biggest catalyst to Mordred feeling stronger is due to her actually using mana burst like it ought to be used.

She abuses the thing to zoom around like a fucking rocket nonstop, something Arturia only used as a trump card for whatever reason.

Black thunder, dickhead

Artoria uses mana burst all the time, she said it herself that she's weaker than Rin without mana burst

When will Mordred get another rate up? I just can't seem to get her.

Medea squishes both Jew and Shakespeare, but she gets squished a properly prepared Semi. Unless she gets EMIYA, she can't do jackshit against Hanging Garden.

>squashed by Semi
>Semi whose EX beams cant even pierce astolfo whom Medea beams can hurt according to word of god
come on now

NuFatefags are garbage.

I meant using mana burst at full tilt as a trump card. Arturia is content to merely use it at the level where she can combat the other Servants on equal ground.

The moral of the story of Fate is War Is Hell & Holy Grail War is the meaningless war ever exist on fate universe.

>all these faggots still arguing about powerlevel and who can beat who
Here's the secret: it doesn't matter. FSN has its roots and influences in TTRPG. That's why it has all that stats and alignment shit. A servant with good stats but poor rolls can lose to one with poor stats but good rolls. What this means in narrative terms is that it is all circumstantial. All your little argument means jack shit.

>Servant with amazing stats and legend and a literal instant kill attack that reverses causality to always hit
>who perpetually fails his luck checks
Poor Lancer.

>oh it's another guy in white who stands above the others!

Well, Bride is pretty damn strong as far as arts sabers go.

>good buffs that can be used on anyone
>Said buffs are perfect for Bride herself as well, especially her first buff
With the usual arts buffers supporting her Bride can easily spam her NP 3 turns in a roll while doing good damage everytime.

That scene where Mordred just tears through one person after another was so fucking good. She and Sisigou would have made such good protagonists.

Laughed my ass off at Frankenstein blowing herself up to absolutely no effect.

Yes, keep being retards like those goku can kill superman faggots.

Oh my god. This user is right. Stop arguing. I said stop.

Why would Modred dress like a slut?

This is what happen when SAOfags,DBZfags,Narutards trying to read Fate

Daddy wasn't there


Is it the reason why she's retarded?

Please do not lewd the Modred.

Botch goku and superman are from different universes. This is not case of FSN, dumb fuck. Everyone know that Servants with good stats =/= auto win.

Apocrypha seems to have all these interesting concepts and then choose to focus on all the really boring bits.
>Jack the Ripper arc could have made for an interesting thriller/ slasher horror story. Sort of a bait and switch genre where we see some magus thinking they're off for some grand wizard battle royal, but then gets offed by some unseen killer
>Mordred and Sisigou going on ADVENTURE and generally mucking about
> 7 pairs vs 7 pairs, gearing up for some grand battle, or at least some kind of large scale shenanigans you don't get to see in say, the Fuyuki war
But nope, let's focus on boring cripple-chan and her brother being sad and some standard 1 v 1.

Dude, even Nasu himself has said as much in interviews.


And all these servants are summoned under different wars and different conditions following different rules. Fucking secondary. Stick to DBZ and Naruto and memeing about Shiki killing servants since FGO has given you shits an event just for that.

>Dude, even Nasu himself has said as much in interviews.
Ocean is blue

Servants are stronger the more famous they are, and Frankenstein isn’t a no name.

Not to mention she had an additional boost for being a Berserker class

>And all these servants are summoned under different wars and different conditions following different rules.
>Shiki killing servants since FGO
>Fucking secondary.
Is this irony?

is apocrypha worth watching? how does it compare to F/Z? a few webms made me curious.


Tell me about different rules in Apo and FSN.

> since FGO has given you shits an event just for that.
You in charge of reading comprehension.

Those series are better than fate though

Are you a fate fag? Yes, it's worth it for the few moments here and there.
Not a fatefag? Don't bother, it's mediocre.

Yes. You're truly secondary who trying hard to act as hot shit.

I'm broke I'm broke I'm broke
don't preorder don't preorder don't preorder

No, you retard. I'm saying that FGO has given you a reason to make that meme from the doujin canon.

mordred is happiest and only useful when dying in artoria's service

I'll preorder it so they make more of it.

Fight scenes ? maybe.
Actual story ? Garbage.

That wasn’t Shiki though, that was Shiki.

>act as hot shit
Are you from the 90s or something?

>meme from the doujin canon.
Fucking secondary. Just stop

After you go back to /vg/.

>/vg/ out of nowhere
What the fuck? Is this how you backpedaling now?

Yes, keep piling the buzzwords.

War is hell

>meme from the doujin canon.

Literally every seibah face is better than the original

Except Lily

>dat one doujin where they fuck tituria in front of master

Astolfo has his book that could destroy any magecraft and boost it's magic resistance to ex rank and a reality-warping mount. He is basically an antimage and Medea is nothing to this guy.
Medea's magic beams reach c rank which could be nulled by KnS(magic resistance c rank), could perform teleportation (close to a true magic), and summon Fe waver of dragon a tooth warriors inside her territory(a possibility of summoning a dragon with her argon coin).

Semiramis 11 black coffins are ex ranks(nulled by Jeanne's ex rank MR and Astolfo's Nps), could also perform teleportation and portals, could summon an entire armies of dragon wariors in an instant outnumbering a 60yrs prep army of golems and homunculi,armies of flying ugly ones for aerials, and any beast related to poisons(for ex. Basmū, an offspring of Tiamat a beast of calamity, her favored and strongest one). And her aerial fortress HGoB an ex rank anti-world np.
Jack has a novel story. It was outside the 5 vol. and it was her prologue.

>true magic
It's MAGIC. not true magic

>Astolfos book
Read the character material secondary

What are you trying to say? Medea's notable feats inside her territory is that she is capable of performing magecrafts close to a true magic.
-Casa Di Logistilla [Noble Phantasm]
Declaration of Complete Destruction. One of the cheat Noble Phantasm of Rider of Black, Astolfo. A witch specially gave it to Astolfo after being charmed by him. This book, containing written within it the means to destroy all spells, can grant A rank Magic Resistance just by possessing it.
Not only that, if its true name is invoked—in other words, if the book is read, one can drag out the possibility of destroying any spell. It could perhaps be caledl a form of “Eye of the Mind” limited to magecraft. It is the Noble Phantasm that represents the cheat-ness of Astolfo.
Because Astolfo irresponsibly called it by the name “Luna Break Manual”, its true power invoked by its true name didn’t appear until volume 5. Even leaving that aside, it is such an outrageous Noble Phantasm that, if someone like the Witch of Colchis knew about it, she would put him on her list of people to immediately kill at the earliest opportunity

That address belongs to you, secondary

How did Saber even tank Gay Bulge besides pure plot armor?

It's her LUK stat which outranks Gae Bolg instant kill

So literal plot armor then?


True Magic is secondary term.

I unironically love powerlevel discussions

So is Mordred Artoria's favorite?

Its Cu's LUK stat which reverses casuality before something good happens to him.

Gae Bolg destined to fail. Even throw version. It's too good. It will make all fights boring.

That's Gawain.

Nasu said it was something to change fate so maybe, who knows what he was smoking
Gae Bolg worked in FHA

What's so good about that fuccboi, what does he have that Mordred doesn't?

Go get ready for school, Mo-san.

>Gae Bolg worked in FHA
And this is pretty sad.

The fact that Karna's delusional fandom overhyped this bastard son of low-caste to no end is absolutely sickening. The ONE & only strongest Servant ever is KING ARTHUR, with three EX-Rank Noble Phantasms (Excalibur (Proto), Rhongomyniad & Avalon) that promise instant victories on any Holy Grail Wars and can even destroy galaxies & the entire universe in mere minutes while also granted impregnable protection from all harm, NONE can scratch Britain's greatest king ever via any means. Gilgamesh & Ozymandias are, of course, top-notch Servants as well with their various Noble Phantasms, but even with Ea & Ramesseum Tentyris combined they still can't touch Arthur at all even if the planet is destroyed in the process.

The special treatment of Karna in the end made Arjuna looked like he's severely nerfed and acted like a regular archer who fires regular fire arrows when Gandiva & Pashupata should easily be game-ending astras that can one-shot almost every Servant minus Arthur. Karna's Vasavi Shakti is an E-Rank Noble Phantasm that can only be used once and never killed ANY of its targets, it's only listed as EX-Rank by Nasu because he received death threats from the Karna fandom; additionally he had the privilege of being overhyped just because he's white-skinned compared to Arjuna who's black-skinned despite the latter being the protagonist of his epic & achieved massive feats due to the blessing from the Hindu deities (especially Krishna), blatant racism at its best.

the timelines where gil just fucks all of your waifus and husbandos shit up from the start while tryharding were erased due to being too traumatic one sided kekfests, and the few in which he is forced to lose kept.

In the first draft of fate it was starting at zero with gil blasting the Einzbern's place from orbit, faster than light one shotting any mongrels foolish enough to come close and then adding the grail as a drinking cup to his collection

It took several trillion simulations to find a situation in which gil didn't roflstomp everything and that is our current lore.

Gil is the king of heros the root of all legends, designed as the ultimate standard of strength what do people not get. Whatever class or extra rules like being called a grand servant you add gil would overcome with a smug laugh, if anything making them stronger just makes them defeated quicker due to gil not jobbing., your things are his things and he will have every possible counter including those you haven't even thought of to whatever you bring at him

>KING ARTHUR, with three EX-Rank Noble Phantasms (Excalibur (Proto), Rhongomyniad & Avalon)
When is Nasu creating a profile for his cheeky sneaky dagger?

But ciel sempai i can't read moonrunes.
Man I wish there's a doujin between Gawain and Tituria

Shiki can kill servants. Discuss.

green knight when

He looks like her nii-san

I want to fuck the father (female), the mother (her sister) and their son (female).

Lesser ones, sure, but Gawoogamesh and Artoria are nigh untouchable.

>Shiki can kill servants.
Feats or didn't happen.
And Rin stomped 3 servants.

Shirou killed Gil though

All the Servants that don't cook recieved help from the smart cat to make their chocolate. She is literally the MVP of Valentine.

Only because he was a direct counter.

Servants can kill Shiki. Discuss.

Couldn't Shiki just instakill Gil's weapon spam?

Fact is that arjuna cannot do anything without someone else taking him by the hand and without tricks and treachery

kek, what the fuck is wrong with this family?


How can you kill flying sword at mach speed?

he was more skilled as an archer than his brother arjuna who was known as the best archer in history, karna could be summoned as an archer too

I want to have an incestuous orgy with the Pendragons.

I like both but prefer Artoria. That struggle of what it means to be a King and what it can cost a person is engaging, her design is top tier and not to mention her VA does a great job.
Sadly Type-Moon isn't giving her the love she deserves. She's still pretty bad in Fate/GO and these days is just pure waifu bait. Don't get me wrong, I love cute Artoria as much as the next guy, but what I love more is the honorable warrior King Arthur who'll wreck shit in defense of her Master or the country.
I haven't played Fate/Extella. She good in that?

I'm aware Arthur exists but I prefer Artoria personally. He's pretty cool too though.

I haven't played Tsukihime, are Ryogi and Tohno about the same in terms of power? I've just read KnK and have no idea about Tohno and his feats.
If so, he probably could.

>posts a literal cuck
what did user mean by this?

Ask King Hassan.

The man can kill contracts and bonds as well, and is so damn good at killing that his sword, despite being just a normal sword, conceptually has a chance to instant-kill shit, hell, anything he wields would have the same chance-to-instant-kill effect.

How else would she get closer to her father?

She can kill the future, she should be able to kill some weapons.

Ryogi but Tohno has big cult of powerwankers in Cred Forums.

she was supposed to get warped out of there

the CS teleport should've had her be unscathed, but the "pulling" of Fran's NP was so great she ended up with damage

"Future" didn't move though

I thought about maid rapist.

>DBZ-tier bullshit
pssshhh nothin personnel secondary

He doesn't use MeoDP

Huh, remind me of a Chinese guy
>Was so good in his youth that no one could defeat him
>Became so happy when someone forced him to defend
>At old age only used a wooden sword and beat everyone
>Invented a style that could counter anything from arrows to fists


Tohno is better at killing livings beings and has higher physical abilities, but his brain suffer every time he uses his MEoDP. Shiki is much better at killing concepts and has a higher mastery over her eyes.

>this bastard son of low-caste
nobody knew his actual lineage, in reality he was half divine and half royal

Can she see if you throw flash bang at her?

is this the new pasta?

This is Ryogi at her peak in battle mode with "barrier breaker" katana. No any dirty tricks. Unknown who is better Void or SHIKI.




They're all cuckolds.

im pretty sure nero wouldnt want her meals interrupted either

Where you finding this translation? It's good.



medea can at best do A rank magic
semiramis while inside the HGOB can do EX rank magic, and she is an assassin with some caster class subset abilitity

>(a possibility of summoning a dragon with her argon coin).

I thought this was something she explicitly couldn't do

Correct. The other user is just a faggot.

> NONE can scratch Britain's greatest king ever via any means
> proceeds to get shit on by each and every servant, even by a fake assassin and fucking high school teacher
I love this so much

in bed yeah

like who?

All versions of saber get cucked by Lancelot.
it's a universal constant.

And Mordred too. He fucks Guinevere.

well you can't get cucked if you have no relationship of that kind, artoria just married Guinevere for appearance sake, while in case of arthur he married, probably had a relationship too and still got cucked hard

Her father didn´t raised her at all.

Might as well ask here but is Fate/Extella worth buying? I think I remember hearing something about it requiring another game to understand the story. Would it still be worth getting?

>more relateable

That's literally the entire fucking point?

>Fate/Extella worth buying?

*blocks your way*
oh weakling, your days of indulgences are over.
She could do it with proper preparation. why would Nasu brag it in the early mats if it weren't?
You look ridiculous trying to argue without giving a basis or proof

how do i get into fate?

>requiring another game to understand the story
Not really.

You just gotta read up on what happened in Extella Zero.

Start with Fate/Stay Away unless discussing powerlevels is your hobby, then you'll fit right in.

she can't use this coin

start from greeks

you read fate/stay night

its good

Start with watching Fate/Zero, and after that watch Fate/Apocrypha.
It goes from Z to A, get it? Backwards.
Nasu is so amusing sometimes.


> is Fate/Extella worth buying
No, but if you are a big fan of Fate you can buy it. They have like 2 more games in development so they gonna milk this series for a while.

This is the correct order, ignore anything else
Fate/Stay Night (VN) (From Fate,UBW,HF) ----> Fate/Zero ----> Unlimited Blade Works ----->Heaven Feel (When its released) ----> Fate Hollow/Ataraxia

If you have a shit taste like Powerlevelfags in this thread, then you can freely watch any Fate Spinoffs.

Dunno if is outdated or not, but here you go user. Hope you don't become a secondary
like me

Now that I remember...
Is Strange Fake already finished?

ignore this secondary
>no DDD
secondary filter

See this but to in order to be a primary of Fate, you also have to read Fate Apo, and play Fate Extra, CCC and Extella then you have to read Fate Strange Fake, then you can finally go and play Fate Grand Order. Once you've done all of that you have officially become a Grand Master of Fate.

That's unfortunately outdated as fuck
It's barely even begun
Read Fate/stay night VN, do whatever. The order doesn't matter at all for the rest.

I'm not seeing Grand Order in any of these, faggots. It's a continuity of the main storyline, you secondaries.

Shhh user. You're gonna trigger the GO haters.

Stop spoonfeeding newfags. It's waste of time.
Good poster doesn't need guides.

shots fired

To be fair, since it takes place in a different timeline from the regular Nasuverse, it neither needs nor warrants a mention.

Don't you think you've forgotten something? Prisma Ilya is an essential read

It's more about the appeal of disagreeing with how people interpret the best viewing order.

>a different timeline from the regular Nasuverse
But Nasuverse is a multiverse.

Its Loli Mahou Shojo genre, not everyone can digest it.

>different timeline from the regular Nasuverse
user...there is no DAA in FSN

You read Fate/Zero and stop there.

Compare to FA servant where the truly evil ones like Jack and Semiramis can be spotted on sight while the rest make several displays of nobility. Even Vlad, as cruel as he is, shows his noble reason for fighting so fiercely. Naturally Astolfo, Siegfried and Jeanne are the most virtuously heroic of the bunch.

The culture of milking the only good character design Takeuchi ever made but different colors?

prisma is the best fate spinoff not even kidding.

what does he mean by culture?

Sure, its the best Fate spinoff, But why lolis man ?

Is it possible to win the Holy Grail War with Atalanta and her itty bitty kitty titties?

Why would that be a problem?

As an Archer, yes she could win a HGW by sniping all the enemy Masters.

>Summoning Atalanta in the first place

Mordred is still cooler.

>Artoria: Defeats a demigod king by tanking his anti world noble phantasm
After spending the entire story up to that point jobbing like a bitch and barely winning against a weakass fake servant. Just winning by a miracle because MC had the super powerful shield McGuffin inside him all the time.

I could change my mind about Saber if the fucking writers let her display her strength in badass fashion like Mordred. Arturia should've been in control of a fight more often and stomping at least two servants per season to justify her hype.

Again Mordred may be weaker. But the fight service she provided outclasses Arturia's by a mile.

>Can snipe
>Second NP to let her go berserk if needed

You can, just make sure you're not into abusing kids I guess.

don't reply to prisma degenerates

Stuff like this, its pedo bait.

It's called hebephilia. They are not prepubescent.

Why is Miyu so cute? I can't look at her for too long or I might end up waifuing her.
How did Hiroyama make such a perfect character?

>Sniping all the enemy masters

Blocks your path with a flying castle.

They are 11 though
Which is a good thing

>She utterly obliterates Rider in Fate
After being pushed hard the entire fight and being forced to unfold Excalibur.

>She fights Berserker and outclasses him in UBW
Too bad Urobutcher didn't play the game and made Saber to look like a chump until based Archer saved her with a super arrow.

Anime Arturia is in bad need of some good feats to show off her status. The Berserker fight being followed by her getting bitch choked by Kuzuki and put in chains and drag didn't helped one bit.

>Arturia will only ever show how an OP of a threat she is in games and Mordred's flashbacks
Pretty sad desu.

>Except Caliburn projected by Shirou with Saber nearby has the same power as Excalibur, but can only be used once before Caliburn breaks
Saber uses Excalibur on Berserker during a Fate bad end and it isn't enough to kill him for good (in fact, he parries the beam with a slap). She also uses excalibur on Zerker in HF, taking only three lifes.

>Arturia will only ever show how an OP of a threat she is
>Can barely beat an assassin in a straight up fight after his blade was bent

I differ so far (hopefully second half won't disappoint). Horrible "everyone is an asshole so only Shirou deserves to win" story is hard to surpass in lameness.

Assassin is strong and his NP is more effective than shitty Gae Bolg

Why did Kayneth try to summon a Rider class servant even if an Alexander, if it is a common knowledge for mages studying HGW that Saber, Lancer and Archer are 3 best classes.

How do you deal with pic related as a servant and not die in a HGW?

Artoria: Jobs to a History School Teacher
Mordred: Dealt with THREE servants by herself.
Artoriafags are delusional.

Mordred would job to history school teacher too.

lolis aren't, personally I'm just not a fan of the yuri stuff they throw in. Its just cringey and I physically feel like rolling my eyes everytime.

>Artoria still has the highest Servant killcount accross the F/Z and F/SN
If you have to add the total among not of two wars to make a point it's not a good one. Besides she won most of those by the skin of her teeth and outside help when she was being pushed hard.

>gimped by Shirou
That's the fucking problem right there. Saber should've been able to fight at full power, the fifth HGW had enough ridiculous powerhouses to give her a fair fight already. Gil just kicked her ass in her prime last war.

>Artoria is a powerhouse
Which the anime needs to do more justice besides telling us she is one.

>F/SN isnt written to display anyone as "badass"
It should.

Saber Arturia is lame precisely because she's so strong but rarely the story let's her use said strength properly.

In a normal HGW, HGoB wouldn't even be possible to summon.

>Jobs to a History School Teacher
Instinct magically never works when the plot demands it. Nasu is a god awful DM.

But it's still an anime. There you don't get several scenarios. What happens is set on stone. So I think they should have shilled Arturia better before sending her on her long ride through jobland. They wisened up and let Mordred display like a boss before getting her shit kicked in when facing the bigger obstacles.

Inferior to F/Z story wise but is still damn entertaining and the fights are a total feast for the eyes. Servants here have freedom to show how superhuman they really are. In Fuyuki everyone keeps hiding their strength all the time, so annoying.

Its just 3 days and 3 nights for a ritual. Medea and Gilles got more before they were detected. Materials are another thing but doable for anyone rich enough.

>Its just 3 days and 3 nights for a ritual
You also need the materials to make it which Amakusa spent literal years searching for in the middle east. Semiramis is a shitty servant if you don't have crazy prep time.

Not worth for gameplay, story characters? What mostly holds me back is the 35 bucks.

She could see even if she tore her eyes off

Not really. Unlike Artoria, Mordred had a competent Master and her beast like fighting style would be more effective against him.

It's ranked pretty bad here. Hate it

Amakusa was a dirt poor shitter with literally no money at the start and with no connections who to had to hide his identity.

Now imagine a legit magus from an old family starts preparing. All the connections, access to MA resources and money + mind control for hiring people to search it for him from get go.

Just summon Ozzy instead and you get a flying fortress for free and a stronger servant.

>Arturia's sword misses: gets chocked by opponent
>Mordred's sword misses: opponent gets falcon punched

It's almost as if Arturia didn't know how to punch people.

>Just summon Ozzy instead

Why would i want to deal with a second Gilgamesh, telling me to fuck off every time i disagree with his ideas. There is a reason they get along so well.

>implying Semi is any better
She'll just poison you if she doesn't like you.

Yeah there is that little problem, i suppose.



Just watch a gameplay video on youtube and think for yourself. Story is simple and filled with fanservice for the most part. If you really liked old servants you can play this game, but there is nothing special about majority of the cast, they are just there and majority of side stories are just boring. The main focus of this game on Nero, Tamamo also have her time, but it tastes like a filler, Altera's story are actually good. Main villain is just laughably evil, but I see that fans liked him.

It's all to do with how Knights are supposed to fight elegantly and honourably whereas Mordred doesn't give a shit about that and will resort to even using her teeth if she has to in order to win a fight.

>Not having high poison resistance.

It must be really uncomfortable having spikes coming out of her hands


No one can explain that part of character design.

I don't think this scenario would be an all out army fight like in apoc. Iskandar's group can just do their own thing while 7 new servants get summoned to fight in the HGW while you have a ruler monitoring Iskandar's group and the HGW and after the HGW ends Iskandar's group should just disappear with the grail after it's used

Iskandars plan included the Grail to share it's power with everyone. Which is assume is also a big no-no for the mage association.

Literally medieval magical Citrus

i still have no goddamn idea why shirou was able to manage this, but archer wasn't.

Yeah in that case you would have the Iskandar side with 7 servants, The 7 masters and their servants and 1 ruler to watch over everyone. This would actually make for a better premise than Apoc. You would have less masters so their backstory can be a bit more indepth you can show why the first servants weren't compatible with their masters and why the new ones are a bit better. With less characters you can also have more backstory and focus on everyone, they can redo the whole Jannu character fuck up and get a proper ruler who reflects who that person actually was in real life.

Because Shirou is the ginger ninja.

Mordred has more endurance and attack, but less speed. Worse than that, Clarent Blood Arthur is weaker than Excalibur. She only managed to beat Sieg because he wasn't used to the transformation yet and Clarent's beam being a straight line compared to a curve. She herself feels that should she fight Sieg a second time she'd be matched and a third time he'd be stronger than her. Other than that her fights were just against Frankenstein (repeatedly pointed out to not be a very strong servant and having a weak master nerfing her), Astolfo (also pointed out to not be a strong servant, with his overall role being support) and she won against Semiramis due to Command Spell boost and by luckily Semiramis having prepared Hydra Poison against Chiron and her master having Hydra Antidote he made out of the corpse hydra he had gotten from the assosciation.

The only true battle she would have won would be against Chiron and even against Jack she would be screwed since Jack's mist further nerfed her speed and Maria the Ripper being an insta-kill against females, which unlike Jeanne, Mordred didn't have holy protection to escape alive.

>Clarent Blood Arthur is weaker than Excalibur
Generally that's true but if the two blades were to clash then Mordred's would be superior as her NP gains a massive boost in power against Artoria.

Not necessarily, since her Presence Concealment albeit low, won't suffer drop with poison attacks and Arrogant King's Alcohol causes poison emission. With Hydra Poison at her disposal, it necessarily means she can potentially kill servants and even without that, she succesfully managed to hypnotize 5 masters with her drugs, meaning she is a good Assassin IF used as an Assassin.
He also needs aligned interests. Without Isemi that reminded him of Moses, he probably wouldn't have helped the Isemi clan (though he wanted to save the world, so a master like Shirou would be good for him, all the more because Ozzy likes saints)
He isn't a ''second Gilgamesh''. he is more benevolent and forgiving. He spent his battle against the other servants in Fragments because he planned to kill Manaka, save the world and then lead them for the better instead of killing 90% of the population for Natural Selection to choose the best like Gilgamesh did

That's pretty probable, though may not even reach that point since Mordred is powerful and skilled enough to disarm Arthuria of Excalibur. And since Arthuria summoned as Saber doesn't have Rhongomyniad...

dumb rinfag

>He isn't a ''second Gilgamesh''. he is more benevolent and forgiving

Nothing to do with the context you zasshu. Ozzy can be a good hearted and forgiving yet as stubborn, ignorant and self centered.Ozzy will only care to even attempt to listen to you, if your and his goals and ideas how to accomplish them align. He is exactly like Gilgamesh and Ishtar in that regard, they think they are the absolute supreme divine truth and hold your opinion as valuable as dirt if it does appeal to them in the first place. Just like Gilgamesh he would rather lose the war straight away than obey to an unworthy master.



Not all Rinfriends are focused on powerlevels

Difference is Ozzy doesn't let his stupid ego hold him back to the point he jobs 90% of the fights. It's essentially because of that that he is already a much better servant not to mention he isn't just going to sit around while giant monsters threaten the place because they are too ugly to be worthy using weapons. There is a good fucking reason it took the teamwork of five servants to take him down while Gilgamesh can be killed even by Lancelot because he wouldn't pull Ea on time.

Thats not Seig

It really fucking bothers me that Semi loves Gudao and not the redman in FGO.

Great fashion sense
Dashing good looks
Gorilla like muscles
A horse

Oh and a disapproval for treachery

How could anyone rebel against this face?

The first fight Artoria got thrown into was motherfucking HERACLES, one of the strongest heroes in existence.
Even nerfed as Berserker, he's preposterous.

>he didn't see the final scene of valentines


Only Mash is canon love interest for Gudao. Bonding with servants is for otaku

She is using Gudao to make herself look hard to get for the redpriest though

>Difference is Ozzy doesn't let his stupid ego hold him back to the point he jobs 90% of the fights

None of this matters for your average HGW u silly goose. READ.THE.FUCKING.CONTEXT before you reply. Stop comparing the FGO saving the universe bullshit where he has a reason to try to just random ass HGW. Sure, if he thinks ure cool and ure goals are cool and you are a worthy master he is way better than Gil. Ozzy summoned in normal HGW and thinks you are an unworthy peasant from Cred Forums? Tough luck son, you are as fucked as if you summoned Gil by mistake.

No. It can only even be USED that way because she's thinking about using it like that against Artoria. The massive power boost is why it's an A+ rank attack - Clarent is a mediocre C rank sword of peace otherwise. She can use Clarent Blood Arthur against people other than Artoria just by picturing Artoria in their place.

Don't take Fate/Grand Order's video game mechanics as some kind of commentary on the setting.

>Only Mash is canon love interest for Gudao.
70% of Chaldea servants are madly in love with him.



No matter what you do he ends up with Mash and only Mash

But that's not the point. The point is that Semi and many others are in love with him.

They are in love with (You), otaku pandering thing

Altria pillaed her own villages to have enough ressources to wage war

How strong is Nameless?

You goddamn retard, do you really think you need to save the world everytime you want to get Ozzy do anything? He is still a guy that likes battles and shit. You summon him and he will fight anyway, if not to win to beat other servants. You summon Gil then good luck, because he will always be holding back due to his pride and has high chances of getting killed.


All Knight classes have high magic resistance and I thought it was implied her master teleported her out with a command spell before the explosion

Yeah but other servants escaped it. Like Arturia's relationship is purely platonic. She even references Shirou despite not having meant him in this life.

They should've done the same for Semi.

Generally high end due to his preposterous flexibility and that he is just plain smarter than most servants in combat.

hes a good boy.


He's Batman hes how strong the author wants him to be.

It was explicit in the LN, as he used the Command to teleport her, but Caules command of ''Defeat Red Saber'' not only boosted, but also made Blasted Tree still follow Mordred even through teleportation albeit losing part of its power.

Chaldea is literally a massive harem for Gudako.

>You summon Gil then good luck, because he will always be holding back due to his pride and has high chances of getting killed.
Ask me how I know you're a secondary.

(You) get Lilly though. As I said it doesn't matter as in canon Gudao is only for Mash

Saber survives gay bulge, a one shot attack that that bypasses causality, by literally being lucky.

>Don't forget that Arturia can survive being hit by a slightly offset by Excalibur EA as well.
How'd I miss this post? Excalibur massively offsets Enuma Elish. They clash face to face and Enuma Elish is only slightly stronger than Excalibur.

about gudako user.

a retarded secondary with no reading comprehension*

He's right you know

Her first fight was Cu you nigger.

He'd lose to both because he's an even bigger jobber than both.

Karna might also lose VS as an archer so hahaha, have fun with that.

her costume is ugly as fuck

She remembers Apoc but sees that Semi as a different existence to her new self. Archer described "remembering" past summons as having read about it from a book, not actually remembering.

He can give Concept of death to immortals/beings with no concept of death.

Babylonia chapter has KH burn his grand servant status just so he can make Tiamat killable.

In a way it's much better than MEoDP which can only see the lines of death.

Fuck off alien trash.

>Reading the VN makes you a secondary now
>Dies to Arthuria in Fate
>Jobs to Shirou in UBW
Three opponents if he took slighlty more seriously he could have defeated them. Including Arthuria, as he could have beaten her without killing but was toying around
>Dies to Sakura in Heaven's Feel
>Killed Hercules admitting the outcome could be different if he wasn't protecting Illya in UBW
>Took half a day to kill Cu Chulain in Fate

>Choosing MC over FeMC

>Took half a day to kill Cu Chulain in Fate
You're right except for this Cu would survive against anyone because he has insane tenacity as a part of his legend. Saying that Cu would survive for half a day against Gill is the same as saying that Saber would use Excalibur

There is also Protection from Arrows, meaning Cu Chulain has natural advantage over Gate of Babylon as they would be under what he is protected against, so it would take much more treasury shot at once or ones that specifically cause collateral damage like explosions to damage him.

Yeah, baby!

What have I become?

we need a Red Saber scenario with NUKIMAN instead of Hakuno

The worst ssr in fgo

Garbage skills and stats

>There is also Protection from Arrows
Nasu said it was because of battle continuation, not protection.

Ea is supposed to be much stronger than Excalibur.
When they clash Excalibur offsets Ea enough for Saber not to be outright killed.
She could probably get back into the fight if she had Avalon healing, but alas.

But Semiramis does love Amakusa. Did you actually play the Valentines event and reached the ending: "Lovestruck young women"? Her feelings for Amakusa are even placed in parallel for Mashu's for Guda.

Her attitude toward Guda isn't love at all: she's not shy or affectionate, she acts like a seductive person who is trying to use him.

>Ea is supposed to be much stronger than Excalibur.
No it isn't, it's supposed to be a tiny bit stronger.
People think Hollow Ataraxia or CCC changed something, but all it did was show us how powerful Enuma Elish and Excalibur actually are. They're preposterously strong.

>it's supposed to be a tiny bit stronger.
No it isn't, in Strange Fake Gilgamesh explicitly uses it full power for once and he nearly destroyed the world before Enkidu matched it with his Enuma Elish.

>In a way it's much better than MEoDP
It's not better than MEoDP themselves. That power comes from Akasha itself and can kill literally anything. Nasu already said that there are lines of death on higher level than normal concept of death it's just neither Shiki can see them. Balor probably can.

Bullshit, they just make a big crater. Excalibur is only a little behind, it can achieve just as much devastation. There is no "secret full power" mode. Enuma Elish has two settings, uninvoked (compressed wind) and invoked (crushing wave of false spacetime that destroys space). That's it. There's nothing more and never has been. I am tired of this fanon.

It's closer to Black Barrel than Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. He didn't actually kill Tiamat with that deliverance of death, he just broke her wing and made her mad.

See It's a ruse, user. She still feels the same, that was the point of the event: that she was unconsciously trying to make the perfect honmei chocolate for Amakusa because she's in love with him. She asked Amakusa to keep this between them and even threatened her pigeons because they saw her red face. Her reason to even accept Chaldea summons is because Amakusa promised to give her a return gift.

I'm just surprised that so many idiots took at face value Semiramis with Guda when she's known to play with everyone with seductive wiles to get what she wants.

>Bullshit, they just make a big crater
LN. Explicitly nearly destroys the world, but Enkidu fought back with equal power and his attack started ''sewing'' the wolrd back

>You can, just make sure you're not into abusing kids I guess.
Atalanta a shit

You need to learn what's being referred to as "the world" in the context of Enuma Elish being activated, mate. It ALWAYS destroys the world. It did in F/SN and F/HA and F/Z and F/E CCC. That's its primary function.
Destroying the world is the main purpose of Enuma Elish.

Don't get carried away and think it's destroying the planet, though.

>Cu? He's dead since his spear can't deal damage to Sumanai or Karna or Achilles
Cu has Divinity B, so it'll work on Achilles no problem. It may also go through Sumanai's back window, depending on how the spear's homing works. (Sumanai's luck is as bad as Cu's, too.) With Karna, Cu's dealing 10% damage, but the damage doesn't heal due to his spear's curse, so he may still have a chance.

The "world" is the layer covering the planet.

Jackass, did Ea ever, EVER put the World's reality marble in risk in FSN? NO, no it did not. Never ever it did, because once he did that in SF, only Enkidu could fix that in the first place.

Don't get carried away with your dumb headcanons that you can't even back up with proof.

On the English game? Camelot comes after America.

>Jackass, did Ea ever, EVER put the World's reality marble in risk in FSN?
Yes, it explicitly created a rift in space when it was activated against Saber.
It does it every single time. The world can deal with tiny wounds now and then. It heals itself immediately, the world hates inconsistency.

>Never ever it did, because once he did that in SF, only Enkidu could fix that in the first place.
The vast irony of trying to follow this with calling my statement "a dumb headcanon without any proof". All Enkidu's Enuma Elish did was counteract Gilgamesh's. The world didn't need Enkidu there, it just used him because he offered himself to the world to be used according to the world's needs.

>It does it every single time. The world can deal with tiny wounds now and then. It heals itself immediately, the world hates inconsistency.
But not one to the magnitude of the one he used in Strage Fake. Those rifts aren't small scale rifts like wounds you can quickly heal. That was destruction on the point he put everyone in peril until Enkidu fought back. Gilgamesh did not at any point in Stay Night cause rifts of that magnitude when he unleashed Ea

>But not one to the magnitude of the one he used in Strage Fake. Those rifts aren't small scale rifts like wounds you can quickly heal. That was destruction on the point he put everyone in peril until Enkidu fought back.
And again with the headcanon. It did no such thing. It just spooked all the magi watching.

Saber Mordred's next rateup was during the anniversary event, though she was mixed in with all the other 5*s. Unless you want her Rider version, the best chance would be either the Saber-class guaranteed or the Knights of the Round banner in early November.

Yeah, ignore the whole narration that states it created a void that was sucking the world and destroying it into it. Keep doing that.


Archer Karna gets Vijaya instead and is apparently even stronger than Lancer Karna.

He was doing it HA too. It destroying part of the world within Ea range. It's like saying that Shiki can kill the world because he killed part of it in Ciel route

>He continues to argue with a secondary with zero reading comprehension

I gave up on that long ago.

Was it stated he is stronger as Archer?

I think it was mentioned somewhere but don't quote me on it.

Fuck, user. You could have warned me. The guy is now comparing Ea to Shiki out of all things.

>Muh fights fights fights
>Muh powerlevel, muh powerlevel
Buddy, the DBS thread is over there

what if gilgamesh put shiki in his treasury

what if lancelot picked up shiki

Artoria losing to Suzuki had nothing to do with Shirou. Mordred would job in the same way she did regardless of her master

Kuzuki's snake style buffed by Caster is OP

Well it is a bow of invincibility according to the legend. Since he needed Vasavi Shakti at one point while possessing the bow, the firepower should be weaker, but they would probably add some conditions in its usage due to Siegfried claiming a a perfect invincibility doesn't exist as it would make the user not be summnonable in the first place. Maybe something like the bow being active or Karna having to know where the attack is coming from since he dies shot in the back while trying to unstuck his carriage

So, I haven't read anything Fate related since HA, and I'm not really planning to either, but curiosity kills me, is Ea still the most powerful NP?

Was Slash Emperor ever brought up again?

> it created a void that was sucking the world and destroying it into it
This is meaningless data. It doesn't imply anything. It was just doing what it always does in a spectacular fashion.

>is Ea still the most powerful NP?
Ars Almadel Salomonis is stronger
>Was Slash Emperor ever brought up again?

It's one of the most powerful, but now we have stuff like Ars Amadel Salomonis. As if that wasn't enough, Enkidu's Enuma Elish is not only powerful on its own, but scales with the enemy's attack.

>what if gilgamesh put shiki in his treasury
He would shoot him as projectile that either kill or rape anything it hits

The most powerful noble phantasm now depends on how you classify a noble phantasm. If you include Beasts, it's probably Ars Almadel Salomonis. Otherwise, it's Amita Amitabha.

Slash Emperor is the arm of Ado Edem, who only came up in Notes. Of course it hasn't been seen again. Though there is a girl in Prisma Illya who seems to have a knight arm.

Sure, meaningless data. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

>Was Slash Emperor ever brought up again?
Why they should? It's just a weapon from the notes, it's not even related to Fate in any way.

Gilgamesh can't really destroy the planet.
Da Vinci already said in GO that there are no Anti-Planet NP for servants.

And Planet =\= World in the nasuverse.

Is Ars Almadel Salomonis that attack that destroys history and shit?
Do I need to read Extra and the like, or can I just jump into FGO - though I doubt that part has been translated.

Anyhow, I read FGO deals with a variety of timelines. Notes timeline isn't included? Shouldn't A-Rays and Ether Liners be summoneable?

When did I ever mention ''planet'' in the first place. Few posts above I even said it was affecting the world's reality marble

TM timelines were changed a bit recently
You can just jump into FGO

I think while nasu said its a possible timeline in the nasuverse he kind of just wants to keep it away from everything else

It deals with time travel, and Lostbelts, but you shouldn't expect much of Notes since it's mostly dealing with things that had servants in them and Kara no Kyoukai. The servants keep their memories of different timelines, with Tamamo and Nero remembering EXTRA and Jeanne mentioning Apocrypha, but they didn't further much into works that aren't related to Fate aside some references.

You don't need EXTRA to understand it and might as well jump at it, but since it's a mobile game that they didn't care that much, the story sucks in the beginning. I'd say it starts picking up by Okeanus and only in Camelot it really gets good.

>Is Ars Almadel Salomonis that attack that destroys history and shit?
It incinerates history, time, the world, and everything in it, to the point that even death loses meaning. It's transcendental in its destruction, leaving nothing.

>Anyhow, I read FGO deals with a variety of timelines. Notes timeline isn't included? Shouldn't A-Rays and Ether Liners be summoneable?
Nobody's got any yet, but there's a slim possibility that F/GO2's fourth chapter will take place in that time period. It will take place in "11900 ??", not actually listing BC or AD, so it may be in the far future.
Don't get your hopes up though it's a rather weak hypothesis.

>It will take place in "11900 ??
> It will take place in "11900 ??
Notes took place in 3000 AD, I believe, though.

it's called a crypt and they're cool as hell.

Notes never had a date associated with it. The year 3000 only comes up in Melty Blood as the year the Crimson Moon will return and Zepia's contract will expire.

So is Tsuki no sango so