What does Cred Forums think of K-on?

what does Cred Forums think of K-on?

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jakka jan

it had good wifes

Kyoto trip episode was 10/10.

If you didn't have friends in high school, you hated it. If you actually had a good circle of friends and a close relationship with your classmates, it's one of the best shows of all time.

Last good show by kyoani.

I relate to Yui on a metaphysical level.

I relate to Mio on a physiobiological level

Only good show by Kyoani.

yeah me too because I'm left handed and have big breasts

Needed more music desu

well maybe you should work out more you fat sack of shit

Quite literally the apex of anime. It was all downhill from there.

Pretty good. Very cute and fun.

It's the last good thing Kyoani ever made


Sincerely a masterpiece, and my favorite anime. Mugi is my wife.


You can't not love K On

Best anime of the last decade and a classic of our days.

Unironically, and being as serious as one can be on Cred Forums, it is a 10/10 series.

it was appealing to me because i'm a guitarist but honestly the whole show is just garbage

This is now a ritsu thread

I basically didn't have friends in high school but it's still my favourite anime, what does that make me?

>Start off with a simple plot and subtle nuances in Season 1: Girl has ambitions in music
>Yui wants to get better
>Mugi wants to belong
>Mio wants to get braver
>Ritsu is the only one who's actually pretty chill
>Azusa wants to decide what she wants in life
>Season 2 abandons their ambitions entirely for fucking tea and "cute girls doing cute things" and not revisit any of the character motivations or even address them
>The manga is cancelled literally because the people behind thought that "college girls aren't cute"

I really don't know how to feel about this, but I have a feeling that burying my face in my palms is an adequate substitute in reaction to everything that happened.

i loved the first season and did not even finish the second

Mugi a best.

I was just thinking how lately no one really calls stuff moe anymore, and the word itself appears way less in shows than it used to in the keion era

Felt somewhat hollow. I didn't dislike it, but it left me feeling like I had just eaten cheap chocolate instead of the good stuff. Sweet, but without much behind it.

>keion era


10/10 my favorite anime.
Also Mio is my wife.

I want Mugi to marry Sawako-sensei


Why is 70年代-chan so perfect?

i think i want to rape mio white ritsu watches

I dropped it after ep3, christ it was boring.

> Was jacking off once, good times, then this shitty orgasm came along and spoiled the fun

You think? What makes you unsure?

Ugly girls doing boring things.

Modern masterpiece that paved the way for this so called shin-kuukikei genre



I want to pat Azunyan on the head every night before going to sleep.

>Cherry Sunburst Les Paul
Patrician taste in guitars

average show.
Even among iyashikei shows it's not that good. Other shows have way better themes, atmosphere etc. while not being moetrash.

Is the bassist a qt?

What else is there to say about the (objectively) greatest anime ever made?

lol mate, I like K-on but don't bring objective into this. K-on is great but only as a emotional feelgood anime. Objectively it pales in comparison to a lot of anime even in its own genre.

A pioneer in its genre.
Also the reason why kyoani threads are constantly shitposted.

>Objectively it pales in comparison to a lot of anime even in its own genre
Drive off a cliff please

t. Non Non Biyorifag

Nice argument retard. Neckbeards like you are exactly the people who'd blindly love pandering moeshit.
K-on is well directed and has a bit of development in season 2. If you think that makes it an objective 10/10 you need to go and read a fucking book.

it was boring shit

I still insist, please drive off a cliff
and shoot yourself in the head mid-air, just for good measure

good job you proved that you're braindead and incapable of bringing up pre-school level arguments.

There's no point in arguing with you since you're missing the entire point of the show
It's an overall 10 because it's succeeds spectacularly in what tries to do, that is pure cgdct, regardless of how luckluster the side fluff maybe. Plus any kind of heavy character dev would just be out place
Don't tell me you watch porn for the kooky dialogue and scenarios

Guess what mate, a show succeeding spectacularly in what it tries to do, does not make it a 10/10.
Infinite stratos succeeded pefectly in what it tried to do. That does not make it a good show.

CGDCT shows have no ambition. They aim for what is considered mediocre by the criteria of our time. K-on is great at what it does but what it does isn't that great.

Season 1 was actually pretty good. Season 2 was crap but super popular, so I guess it hit the spot for most people.

Yes, yes she is.


Bassists always are the slut in the band

Evangelion of slice of shit for sure. 11/10 ending, 10/10 soundtrack, and nicely drawn backgrounds.

>*watches porn*
>boy this plot isn't nearly as nuanced and timeless as The Iliad.

Gibson is the ultimate pleb guitar

>Azu-nyan, nyan nyan!
>Azu-nyan, nyan nyan!

Why do I love Ritsu so much?

Its been two years and I still can't figure out, help me jog my memory anons.

because you are a gay


>Tomboyish with a hidden girly side
>Best sense of humor of the group
>Most sarcastic
>Most outgoing
>Physically the strongest
>Mentally very tough and almost never shows weakness
>Most confident (except for Yui, but that's a different kind of confidence)
>Good cook
>Lazy and carefree
>Very honest and blunt
>She likes Keith Moon
>Cute forehead
>Cute sidetail
>Cutest loafing around attire.

>physically the strongest
I think you're forgetting someone.

Thank you user, that helped.

Have my cutest Ritsu image.

too pure for this world.

rare mouthless Keions

I might actually rewatch the movie sometime. God damn it was good.

I love it! Mio is my waifu and I want to cuddle her forever.

Ritsu definitely has the prettiest eyes of the group.

but she didnt want to

post comparison


Best show of all time

Unironically this. It's the reason I don't watch porn. Even sexual intercourse can be divided into sections. Setup, Rising action, Climax, falling action, catastrophe. If the pacing of the porn is shit and it fails to suspend my disbelief, why even watch it?

I like Moogi's

>implying being evangelion of anything is a good thing

The only differences between 80s and 00s are poofier hair and more lines on the face.

They are overrated and overpriced but they are good, just not $2000 good. So I went poorfag mode and bought a Japanese clone for 1/3 the price.

Her eyes are closed there.

this. Still, I'll revisit it every once and a while for a good dose of moe

Yui is my wife!

I like how Cred Forums's upfront about people who don't pay attention to the aesthetic and expect some form of substance for their enjoyment. That is, they think that the only thing a series really needs is "cute girls". Never mind the abandoned plot points.

Doesn't matter so long as you can have your "best girl" arguments right, casual?

>muh plot
What's wrong with a character centric story? Surely you don't think plot complexity is an important aspect of storytelling, do you?

the 90's were a mistake

its the exact opposite
if you never had friends and dont know how social relationships work, you'll love this shit
If youre not a social outcast and turboautist and have a few friends you cant relate to the show, its just bait for pathetic people who dream they could function in society but are too scared/ugly/autists to try

Poison me with your best vanilla doujin, i want to fap on them to sleep

I had a small group of friends (~10 people or so) in high school and I related to this show heavily. Even more so because I played in Jazz band and most of my friends did too.

The characters are obviously flanderized and ideal, but the parallels are vast. I'd be surprised if anyone who had actual, non-cunty friends would be unable to relate to these experiences.

This. overall of course its unrealistic, but there are a lot of little moments that are very relatable and funny.

I watched it when it aired and thought it was a fairly entertaining 20 minutes every week about cute girls doing cute things, then years later people praise it as some kind of masterpiece.

K-On! release at the same I entered uni and watching K-On! is a great reminder of my high school life. Even though I have awesome colleagues, it's not as excited fun as high school friends.


tfw 23 and I still see most of my highschool friends and its always fun.

at first I didn't get k-on. it's hard to believe I dropped it only a few episodes in at first.

and now ritsu is my waifu and I may look at other girls but she is the only one in m heart

Haha lucky you bastard now fuck off

I hope to God that the real-life school doesn't close before I find a way to visit it in Japan.

My preciouses

Yeah same, it was like they held a mirror up to me.

It bloody matters when the resolution doesn't happen at all. We had ONE scene referring to Yui's ambition in Season 2. One. After a few episodes, it's as if the guitars and instruments were merely aesthetic. What's this anime trying to say? "Oh, let's drop the hopes and dreams and focus on the cute girls doing cute things". How'd you feel if a comic series like Hellblazer stopped being about demons, con-jobs skulduggery and turned into something just about Constantine sitting around his apartment talking to his friends? Or we can take the extreme and surmise that the series of K-On is about how none of the characters should follow their dreams and ambitions or try at all?

K-On was never about guitars and instruments. From the very beginning it was about strong and lasting friendships. The light music club was just the circumstance that brought them together.
>Or we can take the extreme and surmise that the series of K-On is about how none of the characters should follow their dreams and ambitions or try at all?
They all got applied and got accepted to their first choice college. There were multiple episodes about this.

>multiple episodes about college acceptance exam crunch
>multiple episodes about which college to apply to
>all characters successfully make it into the college they want to attend, AND they manage to do it together
>K-On is about how none of the characters should follow their dreams and ambitions or try at all

not only that but they played a show overseas, played two epic final shows at their school, recorded an album, and left behind a meaningful legacy for both future light music club members and future attendees of the school in general.

they accomplished everything they needed to and then some.


Which one has more music?
Season 1 or 2?

1. Azusa's resolutions went unanswered
2. We were never given a definitive answer on whether Yui wanted to pursue her dreams, still.
3. Mugi became even more static and seemed more elemental than actually addressing the concerns to her character

Only Mio and Ritsu essentially completed their own arcs. The others went fucking unanswered. Showed they tried once or twice and then ... nothing. It took a back seat to "cute girls doing cute things" and the manga was axed because the fucking idiots behind it literally said that "college girls can't do cute things". It had noble intentions of showing how a dream can bring friends together and it ended being a cash grab for the lonely otakus whose only concern was playing voyeur instead of expecting some actual growth and development from the characters.

Mio is FFFFFfaaat

well ritsu is the only one that matters soooooooooooo

god 90s anime are fucking garbage (in looks at least) early 00 suck too

It's been bested a lot of times by now

by what?
What are some other music-based animes?

my kokoro was sad when it ended/10

It's been over 20 years. You don't get any contrarian points for not like eva anymore.

K-On! was a 7 out of 10.

K-On!! was a 10 out of 10.

Movie was a 8 out of 10 Not drinking any tea in London was complete bullshit

>K-On!! was a 10 out of 10.
>he fell for the Azusa, Azu-nyan & Azusa-chan: Starring Azusa Nakano meme

I'll be generous and give two weeks until that meme show is forgotten forvever.

I didn't watch it yet, but i remember how much there was spam, after first episode aired.

The only anime I rewatch every year.

I have never seen it but Mio is best girl

K-On! rushed through way too much for me to rate it above K-On!!, whilst stuff like the final school festival is the most invested I've been in a slice-of-life series.

Kids on the Slope is way better then this pile of cringe garbage. also directed by shinichiro watanabe, the man himself, so only for that it wins

K-ON > Hibikek > Kids on the Shit

It was a degenerate show about a beta NEET loser who molests elementary school girls who eat cake and nothing happens, and it was outsourced to Uganda and is the worst looking anime ever made. It was the most successful anime of all time however, since otaku are subhuman and literally eat shit, so it also killed anime forever by making all studios do nothing but K-On clones until the end of time.

The above is only a marginally exaggerated version of what most people think about K-On.

Nice bait, but no. You guys just want free moe shit without earning it. It's a moe-fest, too much gratuitous but oh well, that's probably the appeal for people that never achieved something in their whole existence.

Very cute! Lots of fun! I love it!

The extra episode at the end of the first season is still my favorite.

>The episodes with Mio and Ritsu as Romeo and Juliet

Baiting so hard even the girls in the class acknowledge it.

Have you ever been in a band? It's about 50% shooting the breeze and 50% playing the same fucking songs over and over until you get them down. The second part is boring tv so of course they made the show about the first.

it's a show to enjoy cute girls doing cute things and trying to be rockers. It's very comfy. Wish we got more of it.

Sawako would be the most fun to date

Mugi would be. By far.

I think Sawako, Mugi, and Azusa would be the most fun. Mio could swing either ways.

She would be fairly high maintainence but the sex would be wild. Now Ritsu having several "date" episodes was basically the writers telling you she would be the best.

>bitchy uptight teacher who hangs out with high schoolers
>probably half-insane and yelling all the time
>sex is good but everything else sucks

>too tiny to fuck hard. forces you to go slow because it hurts.
>boring. nags you to do chores a lot.

>thick young blonde
>perfect, soft, warm body
>always enthusiastic and supportive of you
>always excited to do anything with you
>likes it rough
>rich parents so you don't have to work ever again and you can just do cute things all day with her forever

>We didn't get a Mugi date episode
>We didn't get an Azusa date episode
>We didn't get a Mio date episode
>We didn't get a Yui date episode

What an outrage but those Ritus episodes were top tier.

oh yeah and

>Mugi does all the cooking/chores all the time and is happy to do it.

Mugi was designed to breed.

>haven't seen the news lately that gibson is soon bankrupt
serves them right

>Mugi - She'll be enthralled by cheap stuff, so you don't need to worry about big spending
>Mio - Typical cutesy/romantic stuff will make her putty
>Ritsu - Would want energetic dates where you actually do stuff, but the odd girly thing will make her happy
>Yui - Would be too easily distracted/bored of doing one thing, so you'd need to have multiple stops/things planned out
>Azunyan - Would be hesitant at first, but would end up being more into whatever the activity is than you are, maybe even to a point that she forgets you're there

>Jun - Will never take initiative, yet get unhappy with your choice not being what she wanted (despite her never telling you). Would need to know her before dating to do well
>Ui - Very shy and lacking in confidence with herself due to her worship of Yui, so will let you take the lead happily. Will say she's fine with whatever, it'll be up to you to read what she personally likes though.
>Nodoka - Museums. Libraries. Lectures. All her tastes will revolve around aspects like this, but she still likes it when you surprise her with something different on occasion
>Sawako - Thinks she's being all cutesy and romantic like Mio, in reality she's already broken your hip during the mosh pit at the festival you met at

>ywn be able to play in the same band as ritsu
>ywn be able to go home to a meal cooked by ritsu
>ywn be able to have fun shenanigans with ritsu
why live

I'm a Miobro but Ritsu would be the most fun to date for me, shit would never be boring and her adorable moments are to die for. I imagine she'd be a freak in bed too.

Dominant Mio would be absolute heaven.

You live for the moment she puts her hair down.

I'm sorry you have a brain damaged wife user

Yui isn't stupid, she just lacks direction and ambition. It's stated over and over in the series that she's extremely capable when she sets herself to accomplish something. She learned guitar in like 2 weeks.

she could probably benefit from adderall or ritalin or something, desu.

that's literal autism, rain man stuff.
yui is absolute worst girl fuck her

good post
bad picture

Please delete this image.

IT WILl consume ueueauu aue au eua euaeue e fuwa fuwa fuwa tume
fuwa fuwa time

Really want to see yui get literally dogged to be honest

Sawako's ideal date would be an Onmyouza concert


yoo you member the bald statue like the principal in the cartoon. do you reckon its there on the real school?

Sawako's ideal date is having a date to start with.

The school building still exists and is like some weird Mecca for K-On fans, it won't leave anytime soon.

Is this what happens when Ui has to discipline her?

Na she's just garden variety ADHD.

That picture is horrifying btw, what's wrong with you?

I like how the guy also edited Yui's eyes for each part.

Yeah but you would have to be a pretty cute girl for her to date you. But that's ok.

>Physically the strongest
That's Mugi.

Mugi is a landwhale

If Ritsu isn't the strongest, then she's at least the most athletic.

I was there last month, I got to see it in the snow.

This I can see, Mugi has raw power, but Ritsu is naturally talented to use her skills in sports.

i came into this thread with these words in my head

i guess it was the picture

I wasn't aware of that but it doesn't surprise me. Their build quality took a huge nosedive and is about in the same level as Chinese guitars

Except for the movie the manga is better. Mugi best.

I believe it is a masterpiece

The manga is pretty mediocre, why do you think that?

Fun things are fun.

i love K-On

I relate to Yui twice as much as you guys

You mean 80, right?

Oh boy a K-ON thread!
Yui is the best

Why is Yui on top?

Never watched S2 of K-On, why does it seem like even fans of S1 hate it?

Season 2 had more serious parts and Azunyan was in focus a lot more. Some people didn't like that.
Although in my opinion, S2 was the best.

I've seen way people who think that it's the best season than people who actually hate it. And to be fair it makes some sense, the production value is way better and you actually feel like the series is actually going somewhere. It's just that not 100% of all episodes are fun and games like S1, it's a bit more emotional. I honestly think it feels more complete, but it's hard to explain.

don't talk about my wife that way


Why is Mio so cute?

Don't you mean THICC?

her charming timidness and endearing personality!


season 2 is vastly superior because azuya adds a very important dynamic to the group. people who are unable to see that suffer from a mental disability, its as simple as that.

It's the best. They're just faggots. It turns it into more story wise and actually feels like it ends strong

Fuck off.

I need these

60 looks best

What's your favorite song from the show?


Season 1 and Season 2 perfectly compliment and support each other

This is a blue board.



I watched it expecting them to be a lot more ambitious about being musicians.

This, I enjoyed it but I felt robbed of music wifes.


Think again, pleb.

Oops replied the the wrong post

Why did they forget about Budokan

>implying ritsu isn't strongest
>purposefully leaves out yamaha

you're move

Mio can straight arm ritsu though.

They didn't, they are just saving that for S3 r-right ;_;?

Mio would never do anything straight with Ritsu.

>see keion thread in catalog
>think Jakka Jakka Jan
>open thread

oh and i just got mooted

Season 2 dealt with all of that and much more, just in a much more subdued and drawn-out way.

K-ON is one of my favorite shows of all time.

Mio is best girl. Just finished watching the movie, it was great. Animation and music top-tier for sure. That ending scene where they sing to Azusa is amazing for sure. Would definitely recommend the watch.

The ending songs are done after they made it big.

Why do you think they shifted from fuwafuwa lyrics to super serious lyrics?

You're late, but at least you have great taste.

I'm pretty late to this party, but K-ON is sincerely my favorite anime of all time.
I re-watch it at least twice a year. It always makes me cry at the end.

>that thumbnail

>there's not gonna be another high school festival for us

They became wildly successful and were best friends forever.

But Yui became the teacher in Free.

This picture and the thought of them making it big makes me so happy.

Want to feel sad? Go read that doujin.

>it's a doujin
fuck my life.

Yeah this was a teary-eyed scene for me. It reminded me of how bitter and alone I am now without any friends. The music capped it. Definitely listening to the soundtrack as we speak.

Thanks man.


user, the image you quoted is just fanart, what this guy here is talking about is a doujin trilogy made by a failed mangaka who vents his anger on CGDCT series, and it's shit obviously, we don't talk about it, so don't ask about it.

YuiAzu is not canon.

>the image you quoted is just fanart
Oh, okay. Thanks for clearing this up, I really like that pic and the fanfiction it creates in my mind.

that's what you want to think

This gif makes me think of this youtube.com/watch?v=_FyJyurljoM

It's cute, but not worth watching more than a couple episodes. It's not as funny as Azumanga Daioh or Ichigo Mashimaro, but it could be worse: it could be Lucky Star.

I had two whole friends and I only even talk to one of them anymore. K-On is my #1 favorite anime. Fight me.

can confirm.

I like it.

shes happy in the thumbnail but when you open it she yells at you

I'm a bassist, I can confirm

she is just not very good at expressing her true feelings. it really does translate even to her images.

This opinion utterly baffles me. I cannot see how you could like one season but not the other. 99% sure it's contrarians grasping at reasons to hate things.

user, what the fuck are you talking about?..

i love K-On

K-On doesnt love you

best moe anime ever

Not sure, I like both seasons, I only dislike the larger amount of focus on Azunyan then the other girls, but it's another great season. My only real annoyance was that once you finish S2 you have no more new episodes. Also, like other shows people enjoy Toradora or Spice Wolf comes to mind for me, once you watch it all even if you enjoy rewatching it, it's never the same as the first time you watch it.

what do you love?

woah wait what? I have the donut box, are these different 7”? sheeeiiitttt

I love Ritsu.

I love Azu-nyan.

hibike is better than absolutely nothing whatsoever

Music is unironically top tier.

shaddup Komeiji

Azunyan is too cute to be loved


S2 is light-years ahead of S1. If anyone says anything otherwise they're liars or brain addled.

I hate and love k-on at the same time

i hate Jun and loves everyone else

i have to admit that i love K-On

I always assumed their EDs were their music videos from when they made it big.


I'm still waiting for the Naruto crossover.

fuck off

Only watched the first season.
Didn't like it.

look at those chubby and short legs
my favorite kind

i love it this much

Jun is my favorite, though I admit its only because of ass memes and this one user who said she "smells like reeses puffs" and man I love reeses puffs. Not sure how we can confirm what each K-on girl smells like beyond speculation- I am eagerly awaiting the invention of smellovision. It's going to happen soon and it will be glorious. Previous attempts at smellovision involved actually releasing real fumes and scents into the air, but soon we will have the technology to program electronic impulses through our olfactory system and create a virtual sensation of real scent at will, prehaps via small chips surgically implanted in the nose. Obviously there are some grander implications of technologically enhanced senses, for example for scent maybe we could have some kind of high tech electronic nose hooked up to our real nose, effectively making our sense of smell more powerful than a bloodhounds, or maybe even creating new senses (Look up David Eagleman Ted Talk if your're interested in this), but what am interested in is sniffing anime girls. Just imagine if studios began promoting their new shows by giving each character a canon body odor. Combine this with the rising VR, perhaps studios will make 3d models with different smells mapped to different parts of their body, so you can smell Mugi's cinnamon scented hair, her breath- a tinge of grey earl tea, and her bottom, the fragrance of strawberries. Now THAT would be one hell of an afternoon in the making



>watching this I realized that they live in Japan
>all of them will inevitably become bland wageslaves at some bullshit office job

They'll probably become unfulfilled housewives with no social lives.

i enjoyed it there too


Oh that's cool.

i'm glad i went when i did

no other visitors were there
and basically walked around for 2 hours or so unattended aside from the 1 time one of the city workers/old man/the only one who barely knew english
came and asked, smiling, where we came from

did get lost for 10-15 minutes walking there,
missed the right turn by like 4 blocks up leaving the train

its awesome how so many people brought so much stuff to that mini museum they have
especially the authetic instruments

eveyually i may go back

>best seat of best girl

i think there was only one other visitor when i went, and a couple of grandmas who greeted us while we were walking from the station
i don't get why there were miku and konata signs in the town though

the people who made the k-on ones probably also had their personal fave characters they also made and placed around

pic unrelated

Where is this? I'm in Japan right now. Might go ifI have some free time.

Toyosato. It's pretty easy to get to from Kyoto or Osaka.

toyosato (elementary school)

i stopped by on my way to kyoto comin from tokyo on the shinkansen (had a week long green pass)

took about 15 minutes to get there off one train (cost for the train was 5-10$/you pay per stop you pass,7-8 passes) and a 5 minute walk

i followed online instructions
that i assume most people have used/easily found on google

completly worth it
utterly >healing

My biggest gripe is that there was never a moment where it hit Yui that she wasn't going to the same University as Nodoka after being together literally everyday since Kindergarten. Even when the College Application episodes start, Yui does the whole "I wanna go to the same school as Nodoka-chan!!!" shtick.

I would have loved a scene where Yui is rambling on about going to the same college as her friends, then asks Nodoka if she thinks the two of them will be in the same dorm, only to be sadly told they won't be together come the start of the year. Or better yet, an episode where Yui realises this and then tries to make up for it by having the best day ever with just the two of them.

Basically I'm a monster who wanted more sad.

It's a plot point in college, especially as Nodoka feels abandoned by Yui.


i also wrote this on the board while i was there

>what does that make me?
Same as everyone else who rates it as their favorite - a massive faggot.

Nigga dumped Azucatto a long time ago user.

If by K-on you mean Naoko Yamada's masterpiece that transcend anime, then yes. It was magnificent.

It's not really a plot point, it's just sort of noted on in half a chapter when Nodoka visits Yui's house, then Nodoka just leaves forever.

>Nodoka just leaves forever.
What is that supposed to mean?!

>"Oh hey Nodokda you're at my house"
>"Yes, now I'm leaving"
>"Ok bye"
>"btw I'm studying abroad"

That's Nodokas entire contribution to the College arc.


Todai is still the best fucking uni in Asia, others played tricks to get higher rank

That hasn't stopped me after all of these years.

I never ate a donut, how does it taste?

Like a nut made of dough.

Like a cross between a cake and a bagel.

*seething envy*