This Japanese bandit approaches you and demands your video games

This Japanese bandit approaches you and demands your video games.

What do Cred Forums?

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>and demands your video games.
That little shit is dead.

I scream before she has the chance to

>she screams and cries
>nearby soccer mom intervenes and calls the police
>your life is over
Geez good going dude, you should've known better than to mess with lolis.

>demands your video games

I don't speak Japanese, so I just point her towards the nearest toilet

blow my anti loli whistle, AKA her pussy

I don't play video games in public because I'm an adult. Fuck outta here, kid.

Give it to her because I deserve it for playing video games in public.

Which of these three vile monsters would you go to jail for?

Just have to kill her faster than she can scream

None, but I would adopt Yui and separate her from her 2 bully friends.

>claims to be an adult
>still admits playing video games in private

What did Yui mean by this costume?

It's cute

How are the Colors so sexy?


This show is pretty deep.

I want to go pretty deep into Kotoha.

But user. Yui is the bully

I'd hotglue her butt back together.

Tell her that hacking a 3ds is very easy and that I could do it for her if she let me rub my pee pee on her cunny.

Shit on her head. She'll probably like it.

I will buy her a video game of her choice if she offers to cuddle in return.

It genius is very subtle.

I would just stand there sweating

let out a bloodcurling scream with one hand unzipping my dick and the other hand push her into bending over for some dick receiving.

Can you hack it so that she can actually win?


diving corkscrew stunner off the park bench

Red. No question.

unzip dick

She is the smartest color with a wicked sense of humour and nihilistic view on life to boot!
Who is she?
Well she is the best color!

and she sucks at videogames



Fart in self defense like some kind of overweight skunk-ape.

I've been known to debilitate grown men, I theorize I might liquidate a small creature such as a loli or a housepet with enough fear.

Just run, no way she can catch up to an adult.

L...Lets hope they don't do anything with her real information.
It would be terrible if they say... Confronted her.

Post the rest, the next few pages are even more savage.

Why spoil some secondaryfags to something that the anime is going to show in a few hours?

Jokes on her, my dad is a powerful person with connections so he will get me out in no time.

I don't like where this is going.

Why is there no hentai doujin on this show?

It's still airing you drooling retard.

demands a blowjob in exchange

A few more hours?


Should be exactly one hour until it airs and two until subs unless I'm too sleepy to remember things correctly.


go away degenerate

gay away

>child throwing tantrum
>taken seriously

I'd like to remind everyone that Sat-chan is the best girl.

I tell her all my video games are in my pants.


give her my video games and proceed to pirate them again

I had a PS vita with miku on it for a while, I hope she enjoys it

when the smug is instantly transformed into despair

I can't give them. All I have are loli hentai games.


>[HorribleSubs] Mitsuboshi Colors - 07 [720p].mkv


Sasuga Leader

>grab her
>yell "we are going home, your mom will give you spanking for being bad girl!'

Problem solved, you can rape and dump the body later if you want

user, get inside the bag! Sacchan needs your help!



Give it to her and see how long it takes for her to ragequit Alien Soldier.

Post the version with the semen.


>user was this small

And why exactly can't you give it to her? Maybe she's also a lolicon.

oh no, Colors are killed

They did it! The absolute madmen!

Was this nerve gas?

Nice desu ne



>those fingers


I want my dick's destination to be Sat-chan's poop

What evil, it's The Game all over again!


Holy shit this episode was great.

we're doomed


Red stripped in public twice today.


what do

Why is this allowed?

Make it worth the lynching and jail time.

Post yfw the entire town literally played along for the zombie game

How is this so fucking healing? That was actually legitimately so comfy and heartwarming.




Oh boy here we go

This episode was 10/10

Was it that bad? I mean, every Colors episode is at least 10/10, it only goes upward from that.

laugh at her because i'm too poor to afford games, and was staring at the empty console while telling myself i was having fun


Zom zom zom!

This show is actual AOTS material whenever they do these fucking 'it takes a village' episodes. Fucking amazing.

Bitch this takes me back

It takes a village.


There he is.

only loser and nerds play video games


>tfw you shit your pants in public

Only people trash at video games say that.


When is the
>What is it, regular Sachan?
episode. I need more alpha Yui




You really want to find out what that string does, don't you?

So who is it mangafags?

>playing video games on her way home from school
What a dork.

Saitou joins the Colors.

Why does she wear a fedora to school?

>anti lolicon alarm

I bet most people watching this show would like method #2 to happen

To hide the bald spot.

It's called a safety buzzer and was originally made to call help when you get attacked by wildlife in villages. This loli alarm meme is so last century now.

Yui is bald in all the right places.

Blue is eating all the budget.


Breed her

Does this look like the face of mercy?



I'll marry and impregnate Kotoha before then

I want to be kidnapped and taken by a band of little girls and raped and raped and raped until my mind breaks and i'm irreversibly addicted to cunny for the rest of my life!

Why are the girls so mean to Saito? He's the one actually bringing peace to the town! They should idol him.

There's a blond loli invading your personal space.
What do you do?

She wear long boots too. Whoever dressed her is really dedicated.

Are you me? It's not rape if you're willing though.

Saito is a menace to the town and the Colors have only ever retaliated in self defense or preemptive self defense.

>until [...] i'm irreversibly addicted to cunny for the rest of my life!
The lolis won't have to rape you then, since you already are.

Invade her pants.

I want Sat-chan to lick my "finger" too.

Invade hers even deeper.


What did she mean by this?

Why is the anime ordered differently than the manga?

Naru should NOT BE THERE!

I have pictures of her that suggest otherwise.

Nobody is off limits. Nobody.

The guy that drew the ED is the one designing their cute outfits.

Smelly lolibutts.


Invade her butthole.

>Yui and Sacchan both singing Chucabrilla on their way home

From what?

take that back

Is Red bipolar? She went from cold hearted monster to crybaby awfully fast.

They probably would if he wouldn't be such massive faggot and fun police.



I'd give them to her. I'm starting to hate video games

I want to headpat her womb with my dick.

Just because you can't pass the first level Kotoha?

Sacchan seems very used to making double peace sign.

Stupid sexy Yui.

Is her dad in jail because he tried doing things to her?

Do you think Yui ever thinks back about the things she did together with Renchon in 'nam?

You can swallow now.

Because Saito is a piece of 5-3

Zombie game videogame when?

No because I've discovered more rewarding things in life like lifting and working on cars. Blogshit over

A-user-san... torikku oaー toriーto!

Those are things both of them will never forget.
What I want to know is if they still maintain contact.

I teach her every day.

Good on him. The outfits are like 90% of what I love in this show.

Then why do you watch anime, Mr. Normalfag?

If a blond loli got that close to my face I most likely would instinctively kiss her.

She actually did it!? Will this be uncensored in the BDs!?

Is she ok?

>there are people in this thread that aren't zombies
stinkier than saitou, go away

This show is so great in a Saturday-morning-cartoon kinda way.

She's developing autism from too many video games.

How do I get my cat to do this? It wont even stay in the cart.

Step 1: Be an anime girl
Step 2: Don't be Sacchan

Lolilegs are a miracle of the cuteverse.

>she screa--
>nearby soccer mom investigates
>"please don't wake my friend, she's dead tired"

For all humanity.

can we get a stitch of the dirty butts?

When will we be getting the anime adaptation of Commando?

Because, the manga was ordered pretty badly to begin with so the anime is kinda fixing that mistake

Why did she blush?

And for what reason or purpose, if I may ask my friend?

How do you think she became leader in the first place?

If it was a male body, she would be able to see a penis for the first time.

This episode had so much stuff added compared to the manga, I kinda liked it
This was honestly the best episode so far tbqh

Thank you TL notes Sentai dude. The world will be free from the cartel one day.

Because I like cute girls doing cute things and escapism.

Please forgive me for this, loli council, but I really want to impregnate these JKs.

Why does she even try to play vidya?

You're dead to me, you philistine.

Technically not first time since she saw mine when we had sex.

Go ask Cred Forums


Teen Satchan is cute as fuck.



Spin 360 degrees and walk away.

Why is Satchan so much more interesting than all other COLORS combined?

That's what EXTREME genki usually does.

So, the Colors actually brought people together and created some fun in the town. Unbelievable.

Pride, she can't accept that she have a weakness considering she's excel at almost everything.

I'm addicted to the ED

They caused a fucking zombie outbreak you lunatic.


Blame the boss zombie for that. They were under mind control.

That thing has a dick.

I'm addicted to colorbutts.

It's okay, based Yui doesn't tolerate that kind of shit in her town and promptly dealt with it.

It's just the puffy vulva, user. Very puffy loli vulva.


>old hag

BD extras with a hidden camera in the Colors hideout when?

That's fine because Nono a cutest.


You guys need to stop being so damn horny on Colors threads. It's very inappropriate.

Cute JKs

I thought she was naked for a second.

because being stupid is fun!

You're asking a bunch of lolicons to not be horny all the time.
It's just not going to happen.

She never seen the ending any of them though.

You could say many things wrong with it, but inappropriate is not one.

Oh no I'm getting exhibitionist flashbacks from yuruyuri.

Red is fucking brutal.


You disgust me sir

It's an oval vibrator.

That was actually my exact thought. How old is Sacchan again?

>when you spot an old hag in your loli show

A bit too old but still acceptable.

Based on my experience with lolis, I'd say she's 8 as well.

Why are these little spawns of satan allowed to terrorize the town?

>what the fuck am i reading

>Bullying Kotoha like that.
Fuck Yui now and forever.

Is eight(8) the perfect age for lolis?

She bullied Yui first by saying she doesn't have many friends (which is not true btw).

Kill yourself, lelouch.

The best part is that this picture is not edited.


Yeah I wish I could fuck Yui.

>tl notes
Trash. If you cant translate a joke properly at least think of another one or redraw the scene.


I wish I could kill everyone who ever did this.

I guess this hints that her butt hurts from playing but she still wants to do it again next week.

>at least think of another one or redraw the scene.
People like you should be shot in the back of the head.

Checked out this scene.
It came out a bit less disturbing than I feared.

Who will be the new member of Colors?

god imagine how heavenly it must feel to cum inside the Colors.

>Seemingly "perfect" at first glance
Are you implying Kotoha isn't perfect?

Isn't Saito basically the tsukkomi?

>playing a handheld outside

Why would anyone do this? Also, why play standing up when you can be sitting down and let her sit on your lap while you kiss her cheek?

I want to apply myself within the colors.

You're right user

White. If you know what I mean.

What about Nonoka?

Sentai is literally saving subtitles.

You're hired.

I can be their straight man, if you're picking up what I'm putting down.

>I almost always fall for the "moe through helpness" archetype
What does it say about me?

>redraw the scene

You're a predator


A little bit of pink goes a long way if you row with my flow.

I bet their cunnies are unbelievably tight.

Spot on I guess.

We are little girls who would fit right inside the trio.

I'd fit right inside the trio, if you know what I mean.

Jesus christ user, please wait a couple of hours before giving me a boner.

Made me think a bit.

If I had a crayon I'd exclusively use flesh, if you catch my drift.

My wife Yui is so cute when she pouts.

Look at this face.

This thread is too intelligent for me.

Excuse me, you appear to have mistaken my daughter for your wife.

Your daughter is everyone's wife.


I'm ready.

>hi guize we fnid trash now


I want to tongue kiss that scat channel.

Our savior.

Is the extra virgin oil attack effective against wizards?

This face?

>Yui tricking her mom like that
Leader has gotten too corrupt

they are immune for you see that is where extra virgin oil comes from

They're where she extracts the oil from, so I'd say they're immune to it.

THIS face

Saito told them to be smart and they did it.

Stay fresh!


Find work. The animey community needs talent like this to popularize the medium in the west.

That's like asking if cows are allergic to milk.


What did Yui mean by this?

I wish Yui would touch my butt.
I wish Yui would touch any part of my body.

Saito tripped on purpose but his plan failed.

scans fucking NEVER

When is Yotsuba joining Colors?

What the hell happened to Sacchan's dad? Did he fed up with her poop jokes?

Shes complimenting her glutes.

More importantly, which color would you rather be here?



Delete this NOW

God, I want to wear Kotoha's fedora so much.

Next episode according to the preview

my daughter Kotoha is /fa/ as fuck

must not fap

I've seen this meme so many times but it makes me lose my shit without fail

He's been forced to say goodbye.

I want to smell those hats.

>tfw 90% of the budget goes to her hats

Shoot a Tomahak Missile at the lolis after they robbed me earlier with an RPG

What is this face supposed to convey?

Is this Typehatena?

Colors are too corrupt for Yotsuba.

I want to be cheer Yui up and become friends with her because she doesn't have many friends and I don't have many either.

gween tee

>oh look a new colors thread on Cred Forums I wonder how wholeso------

Remember not to feed your lolis too much candy.

>Fucking Sacchan

Double-fang Yui is cute too.

>I swear to god if I find out my family is moving away I won't even be mad

I bought a 3DS XL for 10.000 yen I've seen 3DSs go as low as 5000 yen.

The pixiv ID is right there, doesn't look like it. Yuzuko Machi?
And holy shit that preview is great.

Why is she standing like this?

That's a very fat butt.



Nobody ever scans the really good stuff.

What other chapters are there where the whole town plays with the colors mangafags? Because the banana and this episode are actually godtier.

feet hurt maybe

God, I want to cum inside her hats and then have her wear them.

I can't just give them to you, but if you want you can come over to my apartment and we can play them together.

But she would scream.

What a dangerous combination, my dick almost exploded on sight.


None that I can think of
To some extent Chapter 11 I guess? But that's mostly the town just kinda ignoring them

Just scream first



>Decide to read it
>Madokami has chapter 30 missing

Why the colors leader so awesome Cred Forums?

An user translated it in a previous thread.

Chapter 30 was never translated for whatever reason, like it just skips it, and goes to 31
It was the zombie boss chapter anyway so you've already seen it

Ok I'll look up if I can buy it overseas.

She doesnt deserve one.

They flash green after the three colors in the OP.

Peak perfection.

Isn't the colonel Monochrome member of colors?

He's too much of a renegade to be tied down by the Colors

Who else is looking forward to all the mind break doujins?

Stabbing me won't make me unmasturbate to Sacchan.

How? All of them are criminals.

He's a loose cannon, but a damn good colonel.

>plays videogames
Why do people like her?

I'm sorry

>nihilistic, intelligent, w/ a wicked sense of humor
I wonder why.

Because she's cute and sexy.

>plays videogames
That's why.

What's a ratings spike?

Yui gave me diabetes this episode.
I think you can buy the digital version for just 200 yen here.

>The pixiv ID is right there
Guess I'm blind.
And holy fuck, that preview almost made my dick explode. Just wish the artist would make the guy less detailed.

That's not Yui.


I fucked up my post. Meant this one

They'll show loli nipples on the next episode.

I want some time alone with Yui-chan wearing this costume. Don't worry, I promise nothing funny is going to happen.

So why is it not on panda then?

The colors leader stripped her panties twice for humanity. Who can't like it?

So only boring things will happen?

>No tip
>Bad at video games
>One hand somersault
She's practically perfect.

Nothing you'd need to worry about.

>Just wish the artist would make the guy less detailed.
are you fucking kidding me? his highly detailed art is his selling point. it further emphasizes size difference and this very vague and creepy atmosphere that blends really really well with his usual theme. fuck i am so mad right now you should delete your post right this instant


Because nobody bought it.

>No tip

Calm down, user. I just don't enjoy looking at men.

Prostitution doujins when?



Pat her head in self defense. That will teach her.

At least we can all agree that Leader a shit, right?

Kill yourself.

I swear I remember seeing Bocchi do this exact same face in one chapter.

I'm on my phone but I'll buy it if I can. 200yen is nothing.

>Pops make this.
Best bro, although there's a chance he get to measure colors body size to make these.

then you are better off reading your gay h-mangas you absolute fucking faggot. you very rarely come by artists that get this uncanny valley perfect. learn to appreciate greatness

Leader is the best color.

Please upload it.

Nothing good would come from getting into a relationship with a Colors.

Oh, I see how it is. You self-insert as the loli, so that's why you enjoy seeing naked men with as much detail as possible.

Calm your assburgers, dude.

I'd be happy enough if my fellow anons tried to be a bit more creative in how they express their hornynes at least. If this keeps on going we'll be able to reproduce 90% of threads with retarded bots and nobody would notice the difference.


Maybe the members of Colors from Hanamaru will join forces with them. They even have their own panda cat.

The envy is out of this world, I almost want to kill him for how lucky he is.

Maybe in 10 years when they're old enough to understand.

my dick

>I'd be happy enough if my fellow anons tried to be a bit more creative in how they express their hornynes at least.
I want to paint the town white with the Colors!

What do you think?

>reproduce 90% of threads with retarded bots and nobody would notice the difference.
That would apply to most of Cred Forums.
But how can we be more creative? Talk about where we would want to fuck them and in what position? Or saying stuff like "I want to cum inside Sacchan just before she goes see her mother, so her mom can feel the smell of semen coming out of her cunny."?

I want to insert my pee pee into the colors' wee wee

I want to X Y's C.

Understand what?

This is what we've all been wanting desu

I want to self-insert into the Colors.

They even have their own Kotoha.

Sex, its consequences and consent.

Okay, and why does a person need to stay in this world for that arbitrary amount of time before being able to understand those?

Because it's only after their 18th birthday that people magically learn about all those things.

Her butt hurts.


I'm pretty sure that 90% of the adults in the world don't understand any of that either.

Have fun.


I'd kiss you if I could, you beautiful bastard.

But would you kiss the colors after what they did in that doujin?

It's just a doujin, it never actually happened.

Then I have a new life goal

>implying you ever had one before

No, can't say I would.
I love the colors, but I do not love old man semen.

What, don't tell me you wouldn't kiss a loli right after she gave you a blowjob.

Would you kiss a loli after she gave a blowjob to a stranger?

It's beautiful.

All my videogames are melted, though. The only games I have are in my head.


The colors need as many anal doujins as the chimames. Or more.

I take her to a dark alley to play doc.

Finally my shilling comes to fruition. Thank you user.

Would the colors believe me if I said I had a ton of candy inside my van?

She's such a cute little dork. I wish I had a little sister like her.

They would break your ankle then blow up the door of your van to get the candy.

Dork JK

Lolis are scary.

I can't believe the colors are dead!

they will ask you to wait and call the police guy. the blue one is too smart.

>Counter-terrorists win!

AAaah i've been to the starbucks they show in this episode! It's so weird recognizing places from real life in anime.

Saito doesn't deserve all the bullshit he gets from these demon children

>the blue one is too smart

Yes he does. He's far too corrupt.

You need to be at least 18 to browse this website, Yui.

>Diapers/Scat pandering episode
Come on


No one would give a shit about her if she was 18 though.

The museum would.

I bet she will look exactly like Chihaya when she grows up.
So yeah nobody would give a shit.

I'm expecting no less than 50 images

more like 5

You'll be lucky if he draws more than 1 per color.

Nobody in their right mind would get aroused by the Colors.

Oh come on user fuck, I just finished watching Casshern ep 12, don't do that.

That's wrong, because I am in my right mind and I want to fuck the Colors.

Considering how hard my dick gets when I seem them, your statement is incorrect.

Which one do you want to the most?

They all have their own charms. I want to fuck them all.

White isn't a color, retard.

I just went on MS Paint and I could select the color white. Eat shit, nerd.

Look at this Nazi.

Being Saito is suffering


masturbating to Sacchan is fine
masturbating to Sacchan mindbreak rape slave BBM DILF bald is disgusting and you should be arrested
You're fucking dead

>network error
Hopefully taken down

Nigga, are you fucking gay?

Who will put it on panda first, I wonder?

Just keep pressing "resume", you dork.

Can't wait for the day of the cross

Here you go.
Guess mixtape is fucking up right now.


Bring it on.

Neither can I, so we can get rid of all the homosexuals, like you.

>actual, physical, literal, real-life degenerate
>calling anyone anything


Okay I mean I'd also like to fuck Yui but this kinda goes too far if you know what I mean.

>Literal dick-sucking faggot calling anyone a degenerate
And stay in that trash can.

You mean where poop comes from? I'd ravage Sacchan's like there's no tomorrow.

Greatest love story ever told -

Unless you are some feminine sissy faggot you would see the same while you fucked her.

>WHAT? You're telling me you DON'T have the same disgusting fetishes as I do? You must be a gay!
Literally fucking retarded. If you crawled out of your hole every now and again you'd realize that you're nowhere near the level of a functioning person
On second thought, stay in your stinking hole

Can't wait for the rage after based Circle Heron releases their colors doujin

I am very lean and toned, also my dick is just the right size for her. Having sex with Yui would be very comfortable for the both of us.

>Can't wait for the rage after lolicons receive another loli doujin
You are dumber than Sacchan.

>waah waah degenerate
Cred Forums was a mistake.


loliphate when?

Download keeps failing what do

It's up on ex.

>having a dick as big as most anons' pinkie finger
Absolute lel.

Read the thread.


Lolis deserve love, not rape.
They didn't even turned their pupils into hearts, they just traumatized the poor lolis.

Traumatized lolis are fine too.



They deserved it.

Having a kid sized dick is a blessing for any lolicon. For Yui, it's the perfect size (she doesn't like pain).

Absolutely not. Lolis should always be happy.
Not to mention that those guys were gay and terrible at sex, considering they couldn't mindbreak a single loli even after trying with a dozen or so different lolis.

You would know, user. The van is on the way.

Quzilax made me enjoy those doujins where the loli just suffers, crying lolis are great, don't you think?

Just don't be surprised if you catch her having sex with a real man behind your back.

The problem is that you can't smash the loliwomb in that case. And according to what I've seen in Typehatena's works so far, lolis love giant cocks, even if they don't like pain.
I guess you need to love and protect your loli from any big-dicked man in that case.

Who will be our riida?

You sound like a very nice guy deserving of a cute loli gf
These statements are entirely correct. You two are also very good people deserving of loli gfs


Is it fine if the loli starts smiling and talking about how much he loves sex in the middle of it, even if she was against it at first?

Of course. As long as everyone has a happy ending.

But of course.
An orgasming loli is a happy loli.


That image is forever ruined because the manga is shit

Maybe she's teasing the rapist about how much of a perv he is.

>Whoa user, you really love sex with little girls don't you? Hahaha you lolicon!

Throw the child over your shoulder and carry it back to your cave, giggling the entire time. Putting it into a big sack is optional.

I read that as "he" being the pronoun referring to the loli, so the loli will start smiling and talking about how much he (the loli) loves sex in the middle of it

WHat happens when you get to the cave?

sounds a little goblin-like