S2 and Movie Confirmed!

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Arrow of the Orion Movie

Hope the director is better than the one they got for Sword but I'm hyped!


Movie is 100% original story done by the author

Is it just me or is a lot of anime geting movies in the last few years

>top meme girl is coming back
Can't wait for all the fanart and porn. Should make up for the travesty that was the spinoff.

holy shit it's time

Time to post Bestia

i can't find any source for this news anywhere
are you bulshitting us?

>apollo games and virgin prostitutes

Sign me the fuck up

It's real.

Here's an official tweet as well.



Where are my Lefiya doujins anons. Where are they?

This fucking waifu bait garbage with the most gary stu bland MC gets a 2nd season while actual good shows get nothing.

Fuck otaku and fuck all of you for watching this shit.

>gay elf

They're in the trash where they belong.

Gib Lefiya doujins. Give them now user.

oh that's actually nice to hear

This is why we can't trust people past 30

Correct, there are much better elves

Where'd I put my box of tissues? More hestia means more breastia's



Remember that extremely short amount of time when Hestia was EVERYWHERE? In art, online, even in stores they sold Hestia ribbons over there. She was a fucking phenomenon. And now no one cares about her.
I find that pretty funny. This show is just a meme.

Is this the new Index?

Shhhh don't fight it, just let it in

Due to anime's increasing mainstream acceptance, they're taking advantage of anime's cheap production cost to get box office money as well as BD money.

>DanMachi aired 3 years ago
Does anyone remember the guesstimate sales numbers? I don't even remember if DanMachi succeeded or flopped.

not that I don't think it's trash, but what do you have in mind

>Danmachi aired in the same season as Yahari S2

Honestly kind of interested. Looking forward to more of the main story and not the spinoff getting ruined by an idiotic gay knife-ear.

green haired elf is best girl

Great no more no personally and no /u/ retarded elf spinoff finally they learned from that mistake.

AKA filler.

The /u/ spin off killed my interest, hopefully S2 will deliver.

Vol 1 Week 1 = 4,351
Vol 2 Week 1 = 4,123
Vol 3 Week 1 = 3,916
Vol 4 Week 1 = 3,860
Vol 5 Week 1 = 3,798
Vol 6 Week 1 = 3,682
Vol 7 Week 1 = 4,009

This means more Hestia doujins, thank the lord

Lefiya fucking sucks. Give me a better elf like Ryuu

Exactly. I don't like this stupid tension. Why do they make her love him so much and show it if they make MC ignorant to this. At least they could make her confess and him reject her to clear this.

Hephaestus is best girl.

This but unironically

I might be remembering this wrong but isn't 4k average? Or at best just slightly on the side of average positive?

so, S1 covered Vol 1-5, If S2 has the same pacing (and skipping Details) we might be able to get Vols 6-10 AKA Minotaur Revenge and Bell becoming Lv 3

Bell does know about her feelings, read the novel.

Same staff, hopefully?

I watched anime that we are talking about here so I don't really care what happend in Novel until it's adapted.

Suffer, I guess.

Did this show really sell that much?

Average, but it boosted the LN sales by a good margin if I recall.

it is average, but the novel is top 10 every month. so season two is just more advertisement

volume 6 is my favourite because the clan fight and Mikoto aka best girl joining hestia. going to be so good.

Hopefully it isn't as bad as Sword Oratoria.

I'm surprised.

I wonder if Hestia will become a fad again.

shit, I missed the live stream


any news on Goblin Slayer?

Also on 21:00 JST (in 3 hours) there will be another live stream with Bell's and Hestia's voice actors.


>any news on Goblin Slayer?

This is fucking Mahouka all over again except it hasn't gotten s2 yet.

What does it have to do with franxx?


That's the crux with Europoor students on weekends - we don't wake up on 7:30 to hear anime news.

>more hestia
fuck yes.

And how does he respond?

Real talk though. I can't remeber how she is in the anime, but Hestia is a great character in the LNs. All the Gods are really. They're selfish, capricious and vain.

Really excited to see what they do with Apollo. Not looking forward to the rape shitposting though.

he says he loves her, but that's pretty much it.

This desu. It was boring trash

Bell does roughly know about Hestia's feelings, he just doesn't know if he can see a Goddess romantically. There's a whole book dedicated to this.

He's also not really a bland MC either, he's pretty cool. Calm, very contemplative, almost wishy washy when he's unsure - and then solid as a rock the moment he's made up his mind.

He's willing to fight unwinnable fights for what he thinks is right, he's fine with tearing up the city if he needs to and he even took up arms against the Loki familia- including Ais.

Kinda. Volume 8 he accepts the fact that she loves him but doesn't really give an answer. Volume 13 came out and it doesn't really progress with that since it's all about elf girl, but he still says he loves Ais.

Good start to the season two with Volume six. The Apollo guild fight, and the dancing hall will be very nice to see animated. All volumes up until 12 are really good.

oh god damn it. she's not going to win, is she? Fuck that boring blonde bimbo.

There's a small chance. After reading volume 13 it's clear his feelings are mixed since while he was fighting Ryuu he felt mixed feelings about her as well. Even questioning his love for Ais. So maybe in the future he will.

Suprising, I thought the spin-off about the gay elf killed off the franchise.

It's not really clear. Going by the most recent LN's Ais has taken on more of a mentor/older sister role and the most likely candidate to win is Syr

This is the year that keeps on giving!

Surprised after that abysmal yurishit spinoff
Hope they learned their lesson and will stop making those

>Not only season 2 but also a movie
I have no words for how happy I am especially after I thought that the spinoff stole our chance and then killed the series as far as anime goes forever.
Damn, not only a new season but also a movie. It may just be recap movie but that's good too.
I really can hardly believe this.

I never got around to watching it. What made the Sword Oratoria anime so bad that everyone here's insulting it?

Stop spreading lies you retard.

Read the volume that came out three days ago. Retard.

>More Hestia being Bestia
But will it still have Yuka and Kanon doing the OP and ED?

I did. And you're spreading bullshit.

Jezebel Amazons 2 when?

>Calm, very contemplative, almost wishy washy when he's unsure - and then solid as a rock the moment he's made up his mind.
>He's willing to fight unwinnable fights for what he thinks is right, he's fine with tearing up the city if he needs to and he even took up arms against the Loki familia- including Ais.
You just described literally any other MC in this kind of series: someone who acts like a mumbling shy faggot, but when he needs to mamoru his nakama he suddenly gets all confident and determined. He's just another bland MC you've seen countless times before.

I personally enjoyed it. But it was just another shameless yuribait and the pacing was off.

Except that's not really true at all. Not unless you're going to get very, very broad and at which point it's impossible to have anything original. Hot blooded MC's have been done to death, cold blooded MC's have been done to death, Bell sits in the middle.

I'd say he's similar to Kyousuke in Oreimo, and he's a fairly good character because of it.

I thought Sword Oratoria was the S2?

I knew I shouldn't have fapped before checking Cred Forums.

virgin prostitute

Nice, This should have happened instead of that pathetic spin off they did.

More Hestia feet please.

The adventures of the madman continues

Hestia is great and all but this series goes to utter shit.

She barely even appears anymore too.

Omori can't give him a break. Bell is only 14 years old but already saw more shit than many adventurers in Orario.

I hope there's more Kanon ED, loved the first one

Holy fuck nice. Thank God the dykes didn't kill the franchise.
I guess after Bell's episode they were reminded how good this was.

Oh boy can't wait for all the Bell bullying and him punching prostitutes!

Never watched the show, but I welcome more art of Hestia and the brown girls.

hey, kid wanted to have his adventure, also got a Cheat EXP bonus, so gotta deal with it

That firebolt punch will be great

The shit he has to put up with all the faggot adventures. My boy Bell just want to be a hero and everyone's a jaded fuck.
>that reputation hit
the shit he do to keep himself pure

This has really been pushed recently. Like, even the mobage has (or will have) a global release.

Desperate attempt to revive a dying series. I bet S2 will be as rushed and terrible as Oratoria adaptation was.

>dying series
>when it sells well every volume about 65k figures

Oratoria wasn't rushed, the director was incompetent. He tried to turn it into a Railgun clone about cute Yuri girls when Oratoria is actually the darker side of the series with edgier content than the main series.

It was rushed as fuck. Literally cutting over half the content and even characters.

Cutting half the content not for runtime, but to add anime original yuribait.

Don't know what aired at the same time DaMachi came out but feels like a completely skipped a piece of Cred Forums history.
Literally all i know about this show is Hestias tatas.

That was not anime original at all. This stuff was in the novels. They just cut 2/3 of the action and all deaths.

I am happy and sad at the same time. This only means we won't be getting anything past vol 9 adapted where things really pick up.

everyone will watch this for hestia, but i really like both leads


Plebs watch it for Hestia, Bell is where the people with taste is at.

Neat. Can't wait for war games

>generic as shit Gary Stu harem lead

Yeah, okay. Without Hestia Danmachi is nothing.

>gary stu
>when past the Goliath volume his everybody's bitch boi bully material
i don't get this

Bell literally doesn't give a fuck about anyone who is not Ais romantically. The theme of the book was all kinds of love and that's how it worked.

It's just anime only fags talking bullshit. The anime of Danmachi brought a bunch of disgusting Hestiafags who only watch the anime for her and thinks that everyone else is shit.

>when past the Goliath volume his everybody's bitch boi bully material
explain this

>Cred Forums suddenly LIKES DanMachi


I have no idea what is going on here, but Im hyped as fuck

It didn't have the tit ribbon meme girl. That's it.
People will realize S2 is shit too now that the meme has long worn off.


100 replies in 7 hours doesn't necessarily mean that the current Cred Forums community is really that much into it, user.
However, the Cred Forums community from 2015 did very much like the anime.

his rapid growth made him Interesting in the eyes of many high lvl adventurers and gods so they keep sending him to shit ass mission or overall just messing with his life as much as possible cause Jealousy/ they fucking can and will

There was a good few who always did, though

The problem was SAOfags plaguing the thread as well as anyi-sao fags who came in just to call the show shit. I bet half of them even touched the anime

They are fucking lying if they thought hated the minotaur scene was shit

*thought the minotaur scene was shit

Secondary here. Do those two ever have sex? Or at least a kiss?

No, and they never will because Bell is in love with the other boring girl. The author made a huge mistake.


After Goliath his reputations goes up. Jelly Gods want him on their familia so wekly they try to kill/trick Hestia and since its just Bell, he gets fuck up badly most the time. Then, other gods basically uses him every week for their schemes and then fucks him over. His exp cheat is rather underwhelming compared to the Adventurer's who had like invulnerability and one-man army tier abilities. Who usually just appears to beat him up and tell him his not really worth the shit. Not to mention that the horny goddess trips his shit up and then the latest volume his reputation is at the bottom of the barrel because he decided to help monster girls. Ais and her familia fucked him up and it isn't even his fault that all of that shit happen.

Bell's pretty much the only kid in the city who isn't a cynic fuck and is just a pure hearted kid.

He change the relationships

>Hestiafags who only watch the anime for her

That's 90% of Danmachi fanbase. Look at fanart.

Bell is slowly being disillusion about Ais though. Especially with the whole vol10 business where she fucked him for helping the Xeno's

>DanMachi S2
>Etotama S2
>Goblin Slayer anime

2018 seems to be a good year

what did that cunt do?

She want's to purge all monster girls. Bell doesn't want that so he fights them and gets his ass beaten. Though it only made her wet since her rabbit now fights back

I see you guys are still doing this even after all these years. There is no disillusion in the first place and their relationship is not strained.

>not stained
i would have argued otherwise but since vol 10 is now translated. It's really clear that he got disillusioned about her perfect kind image.

Hestia popularity arised just because of the anime. After it ended, her popularity fell, since a major part of the people who read the LN aren't Hestiafags.

He said strained, not stained. Bell and Ais relationship are still the same, the only thing that happend is that Bell is starting to see her as human being instead of a idol who's always flawless. That isn't by any means something bad.

I am surprised that Ryuu's popular

Bland mc are not cute. Bell is

She has Onee-san appeal combined with elf-appeal, it's not really surprising.

>potentially more art and doujins
I'm not sure my penis will survive.

>yesterday was thinking it's been a while since any Danmachi news and threads
>today new anime and movie announced
I didn't expect that at all.
Now i need news for the english version of the mobage.

I love Hestia's bare feet!

So did the animators, it seems.


Why would you hate a series if it's popular or has a stupid fanbase? This especially on an anonymous mongolian board where everyone can falseflag anything. I don't love Danmachi, but it's still a decent watch.

Nice ass fangs.

Ignore him. Autistic shippers are retarded.

You're so wrong then

Hell yeah, more goddess tiddies.

>more shortstack
woo lads


So basically some Hestia pandering to the fanbase? Good for those who like her, a nightmare for those who don't.

Second season is great news, though.

The second season probably won't reach volume 13.

My favourite oppai loli


Why is that trash getting a second season?

What are you, gay?

The power of huge tits and dirty feet


god i cant wait


Nothing surprising about it. She will be even more popular after the second season.

The anime industry probably realized that by now, all the new light novel adaptations they're making are simply so bad and/or so unknown, nobody is going to care for the new ones.
Best to make a continuation for something that is still relatively fresh and in everyone's mind and quite popular.

Lili is the sexiest.

Too much clothing.

I was just hoping Oratorio would bury the franchise.


>arrow of Orion

cute big breasted dork

Fags before anime aired insisted hard how different both series were that at the end Danmachi anime fans jus decided to stick to Danmachi LN and passed on trying to watch Oratoria's anime not to mention they lost interest to pick the light novels as well. Oratoria killed itself thanks to its fanbase

And I'm thankful for that.

A complete cop-out but still I was terribly glad of it. Forced prostitution is a horrible thing and Haruhime is just lovely.

I like her outfit.

I'm not sure if it was intentional but was her dress supposed to look like a white garbage bag?

More genki tanned amazons is always a good thing.

Wonder if it'll be two cours, seems unlikely.

But I always liked Danmachi. Bell's a fun character and you'd actually cheer for him to win after so much bullying from others. And that when it comes to it he'll fire bolt punch a bitch if there is need to,

FAYAH BOLTO youtu.be/HTthoKyZAjM?t=10m26s

DanMachi would be good without Ais. I can't stand her autistic ass and the Loki familia is a huge plot distraction.

But Ais just need healing. Bell's trying is hardest! but seriously the author is shoving it at everyone's mouth

Goddammit user, leave my dick in peace

LNfags, is this season gonna be good? I know I can't ask much adaptation wise, but is the content better this time around? S1 bored me but I liked the setting and girls

A character like Ais can only work when used in a seldom way. An idol character the main character pines for shouldn't be forced all the fucking time. It seems the author is afraid we don't get who the main girl is.

>that hestia
Uhh guys? My fucking dick

I know it's not gonna happen but god, i wish they stop cock teasing and actually the series go full ecchi to see those delicious nipples

We'll get Apollo's war games and Bell burning people alive and crushing down castles while at the same time the next arcs which focus in him running away from horny amazons that wants to eat rabbit meat...and punching one of them in the faces. So yeah it should be good

The gods are still assholes trying to break the rabbit.

Don't mind me, just posting best girl


That's not Ryuu.

Goddammit user, I'm trying to not masturbate.

Fine have Loki instead

I agree.

Thanks. There is no way I would ever fap to that flat specimen.
inb4 (You)s pointing out faggotry

ok have Eina instead

Why is this allowed? New chapter when?

>no more yuribait after it flopped

Dat haruhimes.

No bulli.

Lefiya a shit

licensed is catching up so they may have dropped it

I love Lefiya!

I'm hoping nipples are confirmed.

Why was Bell such a fag

He is canonically too pure for his world

Wew. By all means, keep posting. I have achieved Zen.

Where are my Lefiya doujins anons. Where are they?

Based Bell is back, fucking nice.

A reminder that Hestia is bestia!


In the trash where they belong

Even Loki is better than Lefiya

this nigga ugly as shit

Hestia a bestia

Still better than Lefiya

Is Hephaestus the best?



I still don't know if Lucky is just a tomboy or a trap. I need to know, this is critical information

Why not both

>actual good shows get nothing
Because actual good shows have a beginning and end and therefore don't need sequels.

she's taken already.

Still best

Do we know anything about the outside world?
I mean, the anime and the spinoff both just focused on the city and the dungeon.

What happens with the rest of the world? There are gods in other countries? There is even more countries? There are more dungeons? There are monsters outside the dungeon in the wilds?

No, I need to know on this taiwanese cave paintings forum if my fictional secondary character from my xenophobic islander obscure erotic writer is a female or a male to calm my incertitude of my sexual preferences while I pick on my Minds eye the right scenes for masturbatory purposes.

I don't think its a tuck

She is a tranny

hmm hmm, you can't have them!

Loki can probably be whatever it wants

I'm kind of surprised there is no "Take down the Gods" terrorist group/cult.

These gods are kind of assholes, they came down from the heavens because they are tired of that but once here they act as if they were big shit and have everyone to worship them and do whatever they please.

Damn it, lazy Goddesses, if you become human then work your asses like actual humans instead of just making people worship you!

i hope they concentrate even more on the fanservice because the plot was really meh

The lack of Lefiya on my hidden folder is unnerving. I need you to share Lefiya

The setting exists as an excuse for fanservice

The movie poster looks like its outside of the city and dungeon

Nothing of value lost, it would be either orc gangbang or lesbian anyway.

it has a nice artstyle

So does Bell actually stop being a shitty main character after where S1 ended? I only really got through the first season because I like the supporting cast a lot, but it'd be a lot more enjoyable if Bell stopped horribly lame

>either orc gangbang or lesbian anyway.
I said Lefiya doujins user. Any kind of them.

Yes (check Welf's backstory, also in the anime for example). We know several things, but nothing that can be put in this small post. Yes (Take came from a distant land, Ares, Astrea, Zeus,...). Yes (Welf, again). No, Orario is special. Yes (but they are weaker).

>work your asses like actual humans
But some do.
Just look at Hestia the wageslave
And Hephaestus for more successful example.

Lefiya deserves forcible non-lesbian sexual encounters

I want her to join my party. So after a hard day of dungeon crawling I can invite her to some drinks on the tavern. So I can drug her beer and fuck her later.

>Lefiya deserves forcible non-lesbian sexual encounters
I throughly agree my afroamerican soulmate

>fat brown girl

anyone else think this is fucking disgusting?

I can put bunch of random buzzwords together too.
But here's(you).

Your taste is simply abhorrent user.

Maybe you are homosexual

This kills the Hestia

My dick sings with delight


My top three Danmachi girls are: Demeter, Freya and Aina what does that say about my taste?

That you have no taste, for there are too many top girls to only choose 3.

Eina is good though.

Red haired black smith would be my fourth choice.

I love Lili!

They always had a moon with atmosphere?

A good start


I don't see fat, you must be blind
>brown girl

No you don't.
Proof: No picture of Lili was posted by you when you posted that you loved her.

Lili abuse, do not open

best girl power ranking:

1. syr
2. aiz
3. loki
4. eina
5. ryu
6. riveria
7. hephaestos
8. lili
9. boobs amazon
10. flat amazon
power gap
99. hestia
power gap
999. lefiya

Bell grows after suffering through the giant swamp of shit he gets drudged through by everyone trying to fuck with him, which happens much more often after the events on season 1

Doggo is for Doggy!

I disagree. We just need more doujins user

Bell looking fresh to death over there.

You forgot cat

Hestia and Bell are cute


Would you ever imagine season one Bell making that kind of expression?


I have to say it but try reading the light novel. You kinda get to see another side of Bell and pick his brain a bit.

You forgot Haru, boring but the cutest.


Had enough. Time to purify the world.


Yeah I especially like how she extorted a newbie adventure into spending his first big paycheck on expensive food at her tavern so he could be penniless again.

Well that's good. I like trashy RPG settings like this, and Hestia is fantastic, so if Bell actually stops being a bitch with 5 inch thick plot armor, I'd love it
Is Bell actually like Shirou, where the anime portrayals of him miss out on a lot of his character since you're not getting his inner monologues and why he does what he does? I heavily doubt that, but I could maybe believe it once shit starts getting bad for him.

She also totally accidentally gave him a grimoire of fireball, so whatever.

Because she just is
Regardless of age

I want Ryu to beat me up

Will we get to see this in S2?

It really means that there is a hardcore Danmachi remnant, waiting in the shadows for our time. That time is now.

Maybe. Depends how many episodes we get, and how much filler they inject.

Now we strike. For freedom.

>humans get 3 magic slots
>bell gets a shitty weaker version of a fireball as one of his

Gee thanks Syr/Freya.

>Implying it won't eventually turn into lightning because Bellhax

Combine with Argonaut for instant-cast boss removal. Synergy my dude.

I mean, he has Argonaut so eh.

That honestly Bell's fault, no?
He wished for that in his dream, he could probably have gotten something stronger if he just wanted it (or knew that this shit was all about).

This is from the new volume that was released a couple of days ago in Japan, he is fighting a monster called Juggernaut, If I remember correctly, it's the monster that destroyed Astraea familia, you can find a detailed summary of the volume in Danmachi Wikia.

Ais> Ryu> Syr> Riveria> Hephaistos> Haruhime. The rest? Who cares.

Ryuu should win the Bellbowl.

Imagine season 2 being 2-cour and covering up to volume 14.
I can dream, right?

>instant cast
>argonaut gets stronger the longer he charges it

If he charged argonaut for 3 minutes with a spell that takes 3 minutes to cast it would do a lot more damage than charging argonaut with a weak spell that casts instantly. Sure it's good for clutch crits but he could get the same result by using argonaut with a projectile weapon.

Thanks for the rundown. c:

Being that Bell is primarily a knife-fighter that relies on fast movement in order to not be murdered, a long cast-time spell seems rather silly. It makes far more sense for him to have something he can fire off quickly in the midst of combat.

Leave proper magic to the mages.

Ryuu is best onee-can

That would be useless for him, though.
His current team is way too behind and simply can't give him the time he would need for that.
And with how volume 13 is progressing, it wouldn't be a stretch that he will have almost Ryu level stats at the end of volume 14.

As mush as I like DanMachi, in the end it just boils down to Bell. Currently, everyone else in Hestia Famillia is mostly useless. Well, apart from the lewd fox.
I'm guessing the author is going to fix this by giving Bell a similar ability as her's or give her an upgrade to use the party ability on Familia member's magic.

I'm Hestiafag but I would be fine with a Ryuu ending.

No problem user.

Opinion discarded

His spell is actually more DPS than nuke in practice.
He can go Argonaut and go rockman X buster if he wants tho..

Ryu is in love with Bell? Why?

He is a pure boy who doesn't afraid of anything

He is the main character



Mine is:


Good taste

High-tier taste

Holy shit she's perfect

She isn't. She is gay for Syr.

Haruhime already got an ability to give a temporary level boost in all members of the party.

Will Lili get to do much in S2? Or is she just the bag carrier and occasional commentator for whatever Bell's doing?

I'm still can't fucking believe she's a virgin prostitute. That's just too stupid, even for nippon standards

Blame the editor. He's also the one who decided on the title change.

The volume was awesome so I can forgive Omori for that, it was probably his editor, they always try to make sure that the author keeps the main female characters virgins.

You'll enjoy what season 2 has in store.

Will there be more of best girl?

Yeah, I know.
I meant that either she gets an ability similar to Kokonoe that works on skills, not only on magic, and also on skills of party members.
Or that Bell gets something like an aura for his Liaris Freese.
The others will never catch up otherwise.

It's bullshit, but I actually felt relieved when I read it. Editor-san knows his shit.

If there is a main heroine it's Lili. A good part of volume 6 is about her and she is the strategist of the team.

Blame the editor.
The conflict between Bell and Haruhime was how she not believed that a prostitute could be a heroine and Bell trying to prove otherwise. Making her a virgin literally killed the purpose of the volume.

Nice list my nigga

>Not Freya
smdh user

Her being virgin killed all my hopes on the series. Now I'm just lurking in search for Lefiya Doujins.
That is how hard it broke me up

At most you can find a couple of photoshoped images on the boorus

volume 8

Living is suffering

For those who read the novel, I have some questions.
1.How many volumes are published
2:How many volumes covered the first season?
3.How many volumes do you think the second season will cover?

I really enjoyed the series setting and characters but honestly during S1 I had the impression it was making little to none proguess. Will be S2 be the same or some shit will actually happen?

Am I still on time to jump from the Overlord wagon into the patrician DanMachi wagon, Cred Forums?

13 so far. 10 in English.
5. Quite some cut content.
I honestly don't know. 6-8 is certain. 9-10 are a combined volume but I doubt they dare to finish the anime at volume 10 so volume 11 is a must. My best bet is 6-7, next to nothing from 8, and then 9-11.

S2 will start with the war game, a good volume and probably the final volume where everyone played a good part in it. Has Ryu as well.
Next is prostitute volume, Bell finally being a bit manly.
Next are a bunch of side stories.
9+ is where the actual shit starts.

So yes, S2 will have quite some happening, if they do 9+.

6-8 is my guess

So is there a point to this other than Hestia tits, Hestia legs and bare feet? I mean, that must go a long way but it doesn't seem like a reason to read the LNs. In other words, are they worth reading sans visuals?

Hestia is the worst part of the novel.
Luckily she's super irrelevant now.

i want to let it in, inside Hestia

when she will change familia? she needs to stay together with Bell.

there is also the spinoff Sword Oratoria (9 volumes) and Familia Chronicle - Episode Ryuu (1 volume), but I doubt that they will include their material in the new anime.

Why? I'm usually on the side of the dark haired girls but this time I prefer the blonde girl because Hestia can be really annoying...

Please no... I want him to pick the girl he likes since the beginning instead going the typical "He realized he acutally loves someone else" bullshit... Hell no... Down with his shitty trope....


Give me the doujins Lefiya poster. I know you are hiding them

Is there an end in sight? A lot of these LN's never fucking end and I don't want to start another one where there is no clear goal in sight and the story drags on forever until you get tired of the characters and drop it.

And end in sight? Yes.
We, most likely, know what the end is going to be about and where the story is going, but that ain't happening anytime soon.
Bell is still too weak for that. You can probably expect it to go on for at least yet another 10 volumes.

I liked Sword Oratoria

Hmm that isn't too bad, although if ever 6 months = 1 volume maybe I should just wait 5 years to start.

She would be in the same position as Syr,I thought that it was obvious due to their possible connection and similarities, my bad.

There is still Hestia but also Lily and best girl Ryuu.
Ais is more of a image than a character here compared to oratoria.
Since day 1 it was clear as water it was admiration user.


Lately the pace has been even slower.
Explains how Yen Press managed to almost catch up. Their scheduled volume 11 release is in April.

Beggars can't be choosers.

Give them now user. Or else.
Lefiya is best girl

Back when S1 aired, people kept saying Sword Oratoria was the superior part of the franchise, now after the anime everyone acts like it was never good to begin with. Why?

I think SO it's better. But damn, that was a terrible anime.

spin-off > main

actual characters instead of bland self-inserts




Nice joke.
Vocal shitposters always are a minority.
Seanigs aren't people but subhumans.

Why do people like Aiz Wallenstein? She's literally the definition of plain.

Liking Aiz is like liking vanilla ice cream.



Am I supposed to find this girl attractive?

Because I don't.


Hoping they have time to include paizuri scenes now.

I just want footjob scenes

You don't have to. Bell has to.

show is fucking garbage of the worst kind but I will watch it anyway for flat chested brown girl

it the same reason I will eat mcdonalds when I have maybe a goodbaguette in the fridge

Sometimes shit tastes good, but it is still and brown from the anus


The yurishit spinoff was so bad that even Comiket ignored it.

The author should stop being a hack and release two volumes for the main series each time a release is expected to make up for the shit spinoff.

She's a faker. She doesn't even have natural animal ears.

Are you somehow implying there are no Lefiya doujins user? UNACCEPTABLE

So for what I can understand the movie will be some sort of Sword Oratoria bullshit right? Not looking forward to that shit, but I do want second season, first season was really good but it was way too "irrelevant", let's hope SOMETHING happens on season 2.

so we can all agree that hestia is a loli now right?

Only one guy voice his opinion and you took him for the whole community?
Damn bruh

>Ribbon is still part of outfit

>Mikoto will leave Hestia Familia
I don't want this to happen.

Will we ever see more of her?

No. She's censored in the main series.

>if they do 9+.
Considering how much japanese like to stretch the source materials and animate as little as possible even when several volumes are out I think is safe to assume that they won't enter vol 9

Agreed. Hestia is for the feet, not the breasts.

It's fine, being gay isn't an issue nowdays

She was pretty boring anyway, nothing on her its outstanding, not her costume, not her looks, not her personality. She is cute but that's pretty much all she isn't really necessary


more loki? nice

Yeah when Bell marries her.

That's why I hope they go for 2-cour.
The way they did the first season makes me suspect that they will rush through it again, though.

Only her lover can see them.

Why would you want more disappointment? She already ruined Sword Oratio.

But she was the only good part of Sword Oratoria.

I'm not disagreeing with your assessment of this particular show, but I'm wondering what shows from the past 3 years you would consider actually good.

yeah right

Came here just to see this kind of post, well done.

There's a lack of Gundam Freedom posting.

Are you serious nigger? she killed the sales

She was the was part. She shouldn't have been, but she was, because there is nothing inherently wrong with her, but they decided to cut content while filling the series with her reacting to everything and fantasizing about everything.

People expected Hestia and they got this trash, why do you want the 2nd season of danmachi ruined as well?

Sweet, gives me an excuse to read my >Yenpress copies.

replace the director, S1 pacing is horrible

Place your valis down lads! Oppai loli vs genki baka tomboy.


>People expected Hestia
Why would they? The spin-off manga wasn't about the hestia family.

Why do people keep repeating this without brining up any numbers?

Time for punching bitches with fire bolts!

But Goblin Slayer got an anime literally yesterday.

This season better have some nipples

Why? Its getting good with Bell trying to save all qt monster girls

Funny how sales were killed, yet when people try to make fun of it having shit popularity, they brag about LN sales being good etc. Really activates the almonds.

Aiz Wallenstein my favorite character!

I expect 12 episodes covering 6, 7, and 8

Good numbers.

Nigga you gay

Wait a minute

Hold on

Its because Sword Oratoria's manga is amazing.

>This is the same bate from three years ago
Its like we never left. Vanilla is still superior.

>it took ~350 posts for this pasta to show up
you're losing your touch, Cred Forums

because the anime adaptation was handled very, very poorly

Fireball would require him to stand around chanting like a pleb though.
Instant Cast magic is weaker but also much faster and suits his more melee/speed focused combat style better.
>inb4 concurrent casting
It still takes longer to cast and knowing how reckless Bell is there's a high chance that he would have exploded himself trying to concurrent cast right off the bat. Possibly even the chance that he could end up exploding himself multiple times.

Its crazy how they told her all their secrets knowing she's leaving them in a year.

My current theory is that at some point Bell's XP hacks skill will evolve to become shared with his party.

So anyone who he teams up with (possibly under the restriction that they must be in the same familia as Bell) gains his XP hacks skill temporarily and this will be used to power-level all of the other members of Bell's Familia.

Hestia, Take and Miach are pretty much a big Familia anyway.

That's stupid ans they already have Haruhime's Kokonoe to temporally solve the level gap problem.

She will stay because Bell and Haruhime.
Mikoto's god is going to get cucked.

would you join her familia?

There are really no other options left.
And the author keeps making it worse and worse.
Now, he's stuck on floor 37 with Ryu, just what are the others even capable of doing to help them? They're unable to reach them.

That's not enough. He's level 4.
Lili and Haruhime who aren't fighters in the first place are still level 1.
The other two are level 2 (one of them being a smith).

I hope you do understand just how much of a gap a single level is? Especially when it comes to Bell who has had ridiculous stats on every level up.

temporarily is kinda the problem there user. At some point Bell will end up so many levels above everyone else in his Familia that the level up won't matter (I mean, it's honestly already reaching that point).

Also it's not stupid, it makes perfect sense, Bell's XP skill is based on his feelings, which at the moment are focused on becoming stronger and reaching Ais. If his feelings were to shift to include not wanting to leave his friends behind because they're too low level/ wanting to reach those heights together with his friends then the skill definitely could evolve to become a party-buff.

It also works narratively because it's one of those things that is both good and bad for Bell and the gang. Yeah they get to level faster but it also makes Bell even more of a target if anyone outside of the Familia were to find out (if it actually does become that kind of skill pretty much every familia would be trying to trick/force/convince him to join them for it).

No. Any man that slaves himself to the whims of such a vain and inglorious creature is no true man at all.

>Original story
>It's a Hestia filler

No. I don't like sluts.
That's why I would join Genesha's familia.
Because that's the best familia that isn't led by a slut.

Is Hestia Yasuda's magnum opus?

It's a Yasuda creation with doujins.

And I officially don't fucking care.
I want to see the story move forward, this kind of thing, whether written by the author or not is the story moving sideways.
Fucking pointless in this kind of series.

This girl and the edgy maid one are CUTE

Far from it. I simply don't see why people like her or her design at all.

Speaking of Yasuda, he started illustrating another novel, but I've yet to see any of the girls (except the ones on the covers).


My balls are so happy that they could explode.

Fucker we're literally getting season 2.

Yeah, her Doujins

Man people keep bashing Bell, I don't think he's that dense, author did a good job explaining his reasons by the end of vol. 8.

I loved DanMachi once

Then Sword Oratoria happened.

>Post yfw Lefiya wins the Bellbowl.

>Forcing a lesbian to be with a male
I want this pairing so badly.

I never thought he was dense, even when I came to Lili it's not like he didn't know how she was he just didn't care by the end of the episode.

Im on day 6 of nofap you assholes.
Stop posting lewd Hestias

Agree. Stop posting Hestia, Start posting Lefiya

Is this series any good or is it just haremshit?

wow Lefiya has big boobs!

What is this, 2007?

Bell became shit. He was best before he met Ais.

Just go look at the prologue.

He was gonna follow Zeus's advice and make a harem with every species.

And back then, Bell actually had the courage and guts to directly check out a woman's body without turning his head away.

It's better than sword are online. I'm not sure if that makes it good though. The girls are cute?

m8 more danmachi was announced, people are allowed to hestia spam.

Homos begone.


hes still zeus's grandkid, hes totally gonna do it.
hes just being a beta fuck and is slowly burning out of that as you read the LN's.

Aiz was a mistake, good thing he is slowly realising it in the last 3 volumes.

I'm glad to see all this Ryuu love.

Loki is kinda hot

Reminder that Bell is either the reincarnation of Diomedes or he is the container of the soul of Diomedes.

Bell and Diomedes share some similiar traits even though Bell isn't close to being as alpha and confident as Diomedes.

For example, Diomedes's name is associated with Zeus, he is also one out of the two only Greek heroes (Achilles) that got equipment personally crafted by Hephaestus, Hera's son, and one of Diomedes's special ability was the ability to spam fireballs.

Also, Jason of the Argonauts was accidentally called Diomedes due to a translation error during the 17th century and we know that Bell eventually gets a skill called Argonaut.

So yeah, Freya basically wants to get Dicked by Diomedes aka Bell.

Both Freya and Diomedes' favorite animal was the boar as well.

I want to be Ryu's househusband!

>Beast in spanish
that's fitting

she rewards her familia with sex right?

Should I finally watch the first season?

>If his feelings were to shift

Then he should lose his EXP hack. Which I think would be great, when he becomes disillusioned with Ais and her familia's bullshit he should lose his Gary Stu power creep and have to earn the rest of his exp like everyone else instead of training for a week with his waifu to get S+ levels in all his stats.

His exp hack is essentially a soft nerf at this point. Even if he has higher baseline stats, he has a passive, non-combat ability taking up a skill slot which other characters have an OP ability like Ais's wind. Argonaut is a one-shot thing that takes for-fucking-ever to charge which is totally useless if he's swarmed. He's like Kimura from Ippo, he's good but can't finish.

>he should lose his Gary Stu power creep and have to earn the rest of his exp like everyone else instead of training for a week with his waifu to get S+ levels in all his stats.
yeah and get outclassed and get his shit beaten even more by the other adventures who have more bullshit abilities than him. Nah, I think it should stay since Ottars power creep and the revived minotaur's skills and abilities are pure BS. And Loki familia are just pure monsters that Bell's meager fire bolt and SS+ stats just doesn't compare

yes, just do it.

It's really comfy.

At least until they get to Goliath 2.0. Totally shit after the Minotaur fight.

>he still think Bells power is OP

>gets to level 4 in 4 months
>meanwhile normal people take years just to get to level 2

How is that not OP?


>has a luck stat plot armor
>no one else has a luck stat

>Implying it won't actually happen.
She is already dressed up here , also not canon but the 5 years later story has her as one of his brides.

I don't think I've ever hated an MC more than Bell. He should've cut Lili in half at worst, left her alone forever at best.

But if he gave Lili what she deserved who will he get to carry all his shit? Sometimes you have to compromise.

this, you arn't gonna find a shortstack that will carry your shit easily.

Lili's actually a shortstack oneesan with a very hot sex voice according to Bell


>Making her a virgin literally killed the purpose of the volume.

Or not. She was afraid of hurting Bell, because prostitutes ruin heroes. And that may as well be still true, as she didn't hurt him BECAUSE she isn't actually a whore.

So to watch S2 and the movie i need to watch the oratoria thing? Ive heard its a pile of shit.

People are awfully negative about Oratoria around here, but it's fine, you might even like it more than the original.

Danmachi is a series that has a lot of potential to be really good and has many moments where it shines in terms of character development and world building, however this shine is obscured and diminished significantly by the series' harem genre tropes that drag it down at every opportunity.
I mean this quite seriously, there is some very real potential for a genuinely good series in the Danmachi LNs but the harem tropes and trappings drag it down at every turn. It's quite sad to see really.

The best characters in the entire series in terms of conceptualization and actual character development are the two main male characters, Bell and Welf. Bell develops notably throughout each volume of the series, with his character and personality actually changing and adapting while keeping the core of his personality intact, it's genuinely main character development done right (Bell's development and growth as a character is also an actual main plot point in the series interestingly). Welf get's robbed of page-time criminally due to the harem genre tropes filling the volumes with one dimensional female waifu-bait characters but still manages to get some great background development and outshines every other side-character when he's actually given the chance (also his side-story in the side-story volume of the series was literally the only good and interesting one, all the ones about the girls were terrible).

Sadly the harem tropes mandate an excessive amount of female characters be forced into the series, most of them have completely bland and boring personalities, with only Lily, Hestia and Ais having any semblance of depth (Ais comes off as quite dull but her calm, cool personality serves her part in the plot as Bell's idol and unrequited love interest well as it serves to demonstrate his immaturity in pursuing a girl who's personality he knows literally nothing about). The rest of the girls are basically one dimensional tropes and two of them get stupid, abrupt shifts at the end of volumes focused on them that are just stupid (Haruhime is a virgin despite being a prostitute for an extended period of time to make waifu/purityfags happy, Weine gets literally brought back from the dead so that she can be in the harem).

TL:DR - Danmachi has a lot of potential but is dragged down significantly by the stale, shitty tropes of the harem genre.

>I hate Bell because he's not an edgelord MC
Don't get me wrong, he was still way too soft on her and should have demanded SOME form of recompense for her fucking him over but with her situation and motivations being apparent killing her is too extreme.

You forget video game rpg mechanics for no good reason. You know how happy I was to find some cliched fantasy that wasn't an isekai but then suddenly levels and stats out of nowhere? It's not that huge of a problem, but it makes the world less real to me.

Oh yeah, that too. Though it bothers me a little less it is still a crutch that the author uses that does diminish what the series could have been. The power-boosts given by the gods to their familia members could have been described in more vague, less gamey terms (frankly they often are described as such throughout the series but then fall back into numbers and video game terminology at other moments, which can be quite jarring).

>he has a passive, non-combat ability taking up a skill slot
Motherfuckers dont know shit, there are no skills spaces, skills can appear during leveling or after achieving a level up, the thing you are thinking of are stats (bell has these as of lvl 4)
•Strength: I0
•Endurance: I0
•Dexterity: I0
•Agility: I0
•Magic: I0
•Luck: G (gained at lvl 2)
•Abnormal Resistance: H (gained at level 3)
•Escape: I (gained at level 4)

Bell has Liares freese (gained during lvl1 after meeting Ais, Argonaut (Earned after volume 4 minotaur fight) and ox slayer (Earned after volume 12 minotaur fight.

Magic and new stats have a set limit (magic 3 and new stats everytime you level up).

>His exp hack is essentially a soft nerf at this point
>Lv 1 to 4 in less than 1 year

It took Sword Princess 1 year to make Lv 1 to Lv 2

It took her 3 years to Make Lv 5 to Lv 6 after soloing a Boss fights where 99% chances she should have died were not plot armor

>Not looking forward to the rape shitposting though.

The author plans to end the series in 20 volumes or less. Obviously if he doesn't give the exp boost then most of the volumes would be grinding and his ass getting kicked by everything and everyone.

>the dyke spin off series flopped so hard they resorted to a second season DanMachi
kek who would've thought.

Sword oratoria /LN and Manga are good, Anime was a sin cause the directors changed mos to thew focus from Ainz into Lesbian Elf

I have honestly no idea why you are shitposting about Oratoria so hard. Nobody ever expected another season of Gaiden. It didn't flop.

Aiz is boredom, at least Lefiya is cute.

Isn't Bell lost exp hack already?

>Aiz is boredom, at least Lefiya is cute.
same problem in the anime, they made Ainz a doll

>Ais and her familia fucked him up
How so?

Curbstomping no questions asked while Bell just wanted to talk.
That really hurt the ideal image he had of Six in his mind. Now he doesn't want to be that ideal hero but his own kind.

what an evil bitch group god damn.

By beating the living hell out of him. Every adventurer wanted to beat the shit of him. And aside from his familia and Syr, he probably would have suffered worst. Ryuu is particularly the helpful one. Holding back some of the Loki familia that wants to gang up on Bell. It's quite sad really that n one listened to him and that Aiz only listened to him when he was able to scratch her.

His reputation is still shit even in the current volumes. And heck even the shit that the other guild did against Bell made pic related the broest of bros. These fuckers stood up for Bell despite all the bullshit, making Loki Familia seems like scum


do you really have almost 200 images of Lefiya?


What is your best lefiya


Korean sweatshop masterpiece.

Also I feel like we need a new thread.

and he shared them
>too many pointy ears

not sure if this is available already...