Boku no Hero Academia

What the fuck is her name?

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Future Noumu #99



la fantoma

la brappa

>gentle breaks into U.A, maybe beats some heroes, and gets out with her
>VA tries to recruit, gets denied
>fight ensues
>shiggy lands five fingers on her

La creatura...

>no new MHA stuff from wonfes


Mai waifu
No really, it's La Brava.

די באַשעפעניש

She’s whatever you want her to be

except taller

she doesnt have a massive cock


Eri 2.0.

Squid kid.

>5 hearts
She really is Lovelover.

La onahole
Standing blowjob height, twintails for optimum grip, and eyes that could stare into your soul as you do it

La valiente

Jesus fuck 3D Ochako should not be this cute

Why didn't he pick a taller cameraman? She's like 2 feet tall, everything she films is a low angle shot, no wonder they're not getting any views

la goblino

I’m sure there’s someone who has a quirk who can give her one in Thailand.

Film La Brava

She looks like a Splatoon character

La enana

Rub Lava

Step 1: insert vigorously

>no blush

Step 2: keep on pounding until you reach the climax

>touching phone with all 5 fingers

"her" pinky doesn't touch the phone, sweetie

Well, it should be because then I could shit on her for getting a detail wrong.

"she" is too tall and not chubby enough


Maybe she wants her phone to be weightless? It can be quite tiring to hold a phone for long periods of time.

Rove Rover

Have Hori commented on Black Panther yet?
I wonder if that user who suggested that it'll go to Hori's mind way deeper than it should have was right.

umm, even if she does touch it with five fingers so what? She can easily hold on to the phone.

Just imagine if we could have this cutie instead of Mineta.

Hori had a black hero before it was cool.

I ended up liking Lock more than I thought I would

Black Panther isn't out in Japan yet

>implying Hori doesn't know english or how to sail in open seas.

You know how your phone screen rotates when you turn it on its side?
Imagine what would happen if the phone wasn't experiencing gravity and didn't know how it was oriented. Probably a real pain in the ass.

She did it, the actual madwoman

You think he actually makes time to watch any movie on release day that isn't Star Wars/Spider-man?

>not knowing gravity
I assume if it's in zero-g then it would either stay in it's default screen or just remain in whatever screen you had it last

She is a miracle of the universe.

la midget

I ship AM with Deku's Mom.

I'm seriously mad. How does Hori make every girl a fucking 10/10? It actually makes me mad.

I'm going to hate the next girl on principle. Fuck you Hori.

Inko is a loyal housewife to her busy husband overseas.

But the next one could be the best one yet.

It's kind of interesting that a bunch of the villains are fighting for their interpretation of justice.
First we had Stain, now we have Gentle and given Destro's title, he seems to be some kind of Freedom Fighter/Terrorist.

it upsets me that he can make so many perfect 10/10 girls too user, we just have to accept that Hori knows what we want

>Niggastream translation of this chapter

Jamini's is worse

Jaiminis managed to get Bakugou's intention through, Nigga's was a mess, it sounded as if he was just being a sperg again

For once I actually think it's the better one

Really? I’ve seen way more complaints about how much the Jaiminis translation was confusing them.

best boy is getting his quirk back right?

>class A girls
>class B girls
>Mt. Lady
>Ms. Joke
>Bubble Girl
>La Brava
>all the irrelevant cuties
God damn you, Horiiii!

Yeah, when he becomes a Nomu.


If that's how it looked, then that's how it is. MS's translation was accurate. I read the raws.

yeah user, you sure do


user, I even translated the leaks here. And MS had pretty much the same.

This was cute

A picciridda

Frog girl isn't 10/10

She's ugly asf

>it sounded as if he was just being a sperg again
So it sounded like Bakugo? Then they probably got it more right.

The Good Girl

Not just girls. I hate and love Hori at the same time.


I want to be Todoroki

Hi, I know all about culture festivals-kun.

What is the beat manga translation?? This new one keeps calling the league of villains the villain alliance and is gay

>wanting to be hugged by a strong friendly autist
Who can blame you

Inasa can fly with his quirk, right? So could Inasa do like pic related? Asking for a friend

Oh you were the one who translated? MS did match up with yours.
Also thanks for translating TLanon.

Destro sounds like someone that fought for people with quirks rights, but at the start of the quirk era, before the term quirk even existed. In short he must be dead already, I wonder how Hori plans to include him in the story.

>How does Hori make every girl a fucking 10/10?
wow Boku no herofags have no standards

I guess he could but you'd be feeling gale force winds blowing up at you.

I miss fallen angels

>grand blue never
>volume omakes in two months time at this point
It hurts.

You know I wouldn't be surprised if LockRock's wasn't actually black. There's been to many times where I think a character has brown/tan skin and then we see them in color and they're actually pink or blue.

They're hormonal teens, give them a break.

I could barely understand what the fuck baku was getting at in the jaiminis translations but the ms one was actually clear. You'd have to be a spastic to say it was bad this week

Why are the best groupes always such utter and whiny cunts?

Both were bad.
MS was just better.

>black character
>Japanese surname and first name
Even Pony who's American has the last name Tsunotori, can Hori not into english puns?

When will we see the dark side of the world and show the government sending heroes to assassinate children before they can become a potential threat? Then Deku learns that there are no good guys only villains that are public and villains that hide their villainy

Dekumom is shit, she was hot but is shit.

Why is there always a BNHA thread up?

Because there's just so much to discuss. such as

you're gonna have to gimme a minute here I'm thinking

Because at some points the mods have just given up and allowed generals

24/7 threads for popular series aren't anything new.

Maybe if the anime was airing right now. This is too much for just a weekly manga in which not much is happening
And the threads have gotten a lot worse.

Shortstack is good

Its good to see Hori isn't as pedo as his countrymen

Not this shit again. They forgot to ban you?

Grape Juice would have been so much better as a girl

I'm not actually sure who you are referring to.

Is there another user who specifically likes 'shortstack', are you assuming anyone who uses the term is the same guy?

Is it weird Sero is one of my favorite characters? Is that common here? Ever since he fought icefire dude I've liked him.

Isn't Pony just another of those 'Half Japanese' Americans that always appear in manga? Because Japs can only take so much foreigner in their characters before getting uncomfortable.

I am rangebanned ;-;

The guy who derailed a thread earlier because everyone thought the mods deleted a thread because Eri was in the OP when they really deleted it because there was no subject.

Yes, you have shit taste. Which yes, is common here.


No but the way he knew he was fucked against demigod ice guy and he went in with a smile and a strategy anyways. I want to see him become a Spider-Man type

Everyone loves Spiderman

Kamijiroufags, how does it feel being BTFO for several chapters straight?

Then where are you posting from

i like him. he's chill and can be crafty if needed to be

actually it works by a sphere in a sphere, hitting the sensors covering the inner surface. if there's no gravity then it would just bounce all over until it has no more momentum.

Stop giving tripfags attention.

>Bottom 5 in the test
>Destroyed at the sports event
>Knocked out in the student vs teacher thing
He's got his moments but he's drifting on sugarman/kouta tier

Fuck you, I like him.

You're what's wrong with these threads.

I am posting from the bus wlan. So I can't post when I am at homd anymore ;-;

What is so wrong about preferring a nice user to the typical asshole user that looks down on you if you haven’t seen 50,000 anime?

She needs to be voiced by Satomi Arai.

I hate you. Leave.

Nah. I love Sero, he's a good kid. He's got an easy going attitude plus gives Bakugou shit, it's perfect.

What's the funniest moment in the series

Pathetic faggot.

isnt this basically the ussop moment from dressrosa

Why is Kaminari looking the wrong way ?

Don't encourage attentionfags

There's a reason why his grades are the lowest in the class

probably the series did came out around the dressrosa arc

Mineta hardly ever makes me laugh but this was hilarious

I got a few.
>hand crusher
>Bakugou brushing his teeth like a sperg
>pic related

I think Izuku reactions in the recent Aoyama chapter was hilarious

Oh yeah. When he yelled cheese I lost it.
Oh you also reminded me of Bakugou exploding his hair back to shape, that was somehow so funny to me.


I yearn for another dose of discord.
If anons would be so kind to start provoking discussions, i would be immensely grateful.

I like that idea, but if that's the case then I wonder why he is being labelled as a criminal, considering the quirk-users do have rights now.
Maybe his methods were too crass?

So how did everyone here react when todobaku became canon?

the cute

Are you from the future ?

who is this and why is she so cute.
>that heart shape around her uterus. CUUUUUTEEEE!!!

Any suggestions? The things that provoke discussion fastest is about Deku and Bakugou (together or separately)
Todobaku are canon rivals. Hori doesn't play their rivalry up like he could do and like other shonen would have done, and if keeps doing what he's doing, that's more than enough for me. I loved the part in the drama CD where they worked together against the touchy villain.

El Enema Padre

>Todoroki calling Bakugou over
>Villain somehow knows who exactly todoroki and bakugou are
>Todoroki daring to even touch Bakugou
>Bakugou not exploding the villain at first glance and instead sputtering like a bumbling idiot
>The villain emphasizing that he's not homophobic
>The bowchikabow porn music
>Bakugou calling the villain a gross pervert like some teenage girl
>Todoroki not acting autistic
>Todoroki and Bakugou incapacitated and completely helpless just because some villain glued them together
>Bakugou making the villain blast off team rocket style

holy shit has there ever been a more cringy piece of bnha merchandise?

>>Villain somehow knows who exactly todoroki and bakugou are
Weird thing to complain about, though. Todoroki and Bakugou are the finalists of the Sports Festival, of course they're known.
And they're not allowed to injure the villains outside of school, so no wonder that Bakugou didn't kill him. Also, Todoroki had to warn him physically, hence why they got in touch to begin with.
>holy shit has there ever been a more cringy piece of bnha merchandise?

I forgot about this funny moment

Im legit pissed off that i don't know why i find this thing sexy.
The heart mark right where dick needs to go doesn't help, that's for sure.


>durr why doesn't deku man up already? years of being a selfdoubting weakling, tormented by bakugou should have left no trace on his condition whatsoever
Why bakutards are such retards? Even twicegenders and inasafaggots are less moronic than any bakufan. All of the followed should neck themselves anyway.

>>Villain somehow knows who exactly todoroki and bakugou are
you mean the son of the 2nd (now #1) hero and the guy who won the sports festival, which might as well be the kiddie-olympics? Fucking moron.

For me it’s her attitude. She’s the cutest and I like her chemistry with Gentle.

>Bakugou being unfazed
>Bakutards being the ones shitposting
>ESL talking

Tokoyami repeating his edgelord dialogue and Ochako noticing.


>she already has doujins

You=mad as fuck

Try liking better protags instead nerd

Are you refering to Twice defending his friend? I understand that for a sad pathetic white trash from a podunk little town where parents still beat their kids "into shape" by a belt it's hard to understand that people have different opinions and beliefs, but it doesn't stop these people from becoming friends, despite their differences. Only a wimp who've been rightfully bullied and discarded by everyone would discard Twice for being true to his friends. Please fuck off.
Here is Twice to distract everyone from this moron

I-is there more of Twice fanart?

Why doesn't shiggy just bitchslap people to dust?

Colleague indoctrinated or actual nigger?

That heart shaped crotch is so arousing, like it was made for Gentle

I really want this light hearted arc to turn dark real fucking fast.
>Deku has his first kill on Gentle
>La Brava gets fingered by shiggy


I think shigaraki is going to blackmail gentle by threaten to kill his sidekick and use him for the Breakout

Your kind is always shitposting in these threads. It may be "BAKUTARDS ASSEMBLE" one day, BakuToga shitpost the other, you name it. You just can't contain how fucking gay you are for him, which is why all of you need to be gassed.
>cuckporn involved
Why am I not surprised?

There will never be good hentai of her.

Oh fuck off Patreak, you can't fool people.

God, I want to manhandle her tiny body

>sexually assaulting Gentle
Poor girl, she'll never get him properly, will she?

I've fallen for shortstacks a while back. Hope they get more popular.

God I wish that were me

Patreak, you are getting dumber.

>I have no arguments, what do I do?
Twice isn't a transgender and Magne isn't a monster for being one. Anyone who isn't ready to tolerate that should be shot.

>La Brava more popular than Eri or Camie

Shortstacks > Lolis > Sluts

Excepted La Brava is the biggest slut.

>I don't like healthy men cause I am a skinny faggot myself

Only for Gentle.

Bakuchad is a chad, no question, but he isn't exactly "main hero" type. Deku is way more suited for this role.
DekuBaku becoming canon when

>lolifag turned his attention to midgets
Equally disgusting, but at least it's better than his poor attempts at drawing lolisex and trying to make it look "tasteful"

Why do people hate Todomomo so much nowadays? Lack of interactions?

>Bakuchad is a chad, no question
Bakusperg just got pussywhipped by the entire class 1-A.

A slut is a slut.

I want to fuck the splatoon

Speaking of Bakudeku, somebody translated the LN chapter of these two.

Love Robber

Robbed your love

>animals are sentient in the BnHAverse
>porn mags still exist

>people hate todomomo
Only grape and faggots hate it. Everyone else loves it.
Leave. Now.

How old is she anyway?
And why does she have a heart in her crotch?

>ojiro's tail has more than one admirer

See you anons... Sayonara

So I take it that there's already some choice porn of this little semendemen?

Adding to what that other guy said
>The villain emphasizing that he's not homophobic
I think that was the fujo's comments at the end of the summary. It wasn't in the other translation that got posted.
>Bakugou calling the villain a gross pervert like some teenage girl
That is exactly how I'd expect Bakugou to react to anything sexual.

Bakugou wasn't that wrong though imo. The villain wanted them to look like they were fucking so he could post it online and ruin both of their careers. Plus that villain was a total faggot.

With the heavy makeup, old-fashioned costume and being hot for Gentle I'm assuming she's a christmas cake until proven otherwise.

Camie is just a bit autistic and speaks like a cavewoman. She has done nothing slutty at all.

Is it a LN?

How can Hori draw such perfect boys and girls?

I hate mangastream translation of her and I also hate Fallen Angels translation of bakugou

because he does a good job by having almost every character look different from each other

The drama CD is not canon.



You're two seconds late this time

Squid girl or something?

I just noticed something. Pic related is his debut video right. What the hell happened to him in these six years? He looks so haggard now compared to before and his undereye circles looks like he hasn't slept at all.

Weird to see my cosplay pics randomly posted ITT


>6 years reading hater comments on YouTube
He's doing well by not sudokuing

His goal is to become popular. He hasn't achieved it in 6 years and gets upstaged by newcomers. It's not very surprising that this would have an effect on him.

Which is probably also the reason why he is taking such a high risk in the first place. Attacking U.A. isn't something that any ordinary villain would try. It's a move made out of desperation to achieve his goal.

la gnome

I thought he was just wearing eyeliner

Ambitions are poison, if they are out of your reach. Something that is well known to inhabitants of Cred Forums, I imagine

>The villain wanted them to look like they were fucking so he could post it online and ruin both of their careers.
Funnily enough the villain only made them hug, which implies either heroes have to be completely pure and kissless like idolshit, or TodoBaku broke out just in time.

He's working his ass off day and night to be famous, plus you know, age can do a number on you.

Well said.

I think we saw him fly in the exam.

Yeah, I also got idolshit vibes out of the whole situation. Todobaku were also lucky to break out in time as well before the quirk got worse.
Heroes being like idols explains the outrage of Midnight's costume and her being lewd and whatnot.

>Funnily enough the villain only made them hug, which implies either heroes have to be completely pure and kissless like idolshit
Wouldn't be surprised.

Nah Sero.seems like a chill as fuck dude.

I wonder how strong Inasa is without his hero costume

He's the stoner of the class. Look at his 24/7 goofy grin.

>3DPD posting
These threads really have gone to shit.

This is the best one for me

>They translate this
>Can't even translate character bios or stuff from Ultra Archive
I need to learn Japanese.

I was actually surprised that he knew of OFA, 6 years prior to the series, despite OFA's existance not really being public knowledge

>Tits Jirou

most likely that he's labelled a criminal for promoting freedom for people to use their quirks in public without a license, instead of just heros

Wait a minute...

Bruh. I didnt post anything and already you’re having another panic attack.

Horikoshi mention that sometimes he forget to draw it

I assumed that meant the general public didn't know about AfO's presence. I expect the actual criminals to know about who operated the criminal work you know. Plus AfO got BTFO five years ago which means Gentle and his cockslave were already "villains" at that time.

I want Inasa to carry me while flying like an autist human tornado

Can't wait for the porn.

Nobody cares about this faggot shit. Go away


artistic choice to help him look deranged and desperate from all the hate comments

It's not public knowledge, yet Deku confirms that there are online rumors about such a person.

>he is at it again
Aren't you getting tired? Of sitting in every thread? Of being rejected in every single one of them?


why the spanish words is so popular now?

>online rumors
Holy shit could it have been Gentle's video? Did baby Deku watch villain videos without Dekumom's knowledge?

Guys what if brava is

She worked with Gentle for six years she's not a minor.


LNs are glorified fanfics. You posting them incessantly isn't going to convince me Bakugou and Todoroki secretly like each other.

You don't have to be adult to use internet dude.

Deku isn't so pure as we thought.
Somebody edit Deku's t-shirt as a vest and his frown into a wicked smile

It's a possibility.

I couldn't care less about you. I asked for a link of a certain something I was interested in. That's it. Your constant nagging won't make anyone go away.

Katsudeku is canon

Spanish is a romantic language and people tend to like the sound of it, when spoken, like with French or Italian

I bet Gentle is too pure to know what sex is.

I love this girl more than anyone and wasn't even here...

He's obsessed with the internet. I very much doubt that he doesn't know about sex.

>yfw Gentle's browsing history is full midget porn
>yfw it turns out he is just too shy to confess to La Brava

Good point. He’s a degenerate then.

I forgot about how much fun the dorm room tour was. Based Chuuni birb.

They call him a villain, but for me, he is a hero. Godspeed Gentle.

So apparently the reason why Bakugou isn't in the Iida celebration picture in the LN is because after helping the class out in keeping Iida busy, he got sleepy and went to bed.

You know, I've been wondering. Who made the Stain video? Gentle didn't, that much is clear. Shiragaki hated his guts, so he's out as well.

And it was very quickly uploaded after the encounter. Don't you agree that these circumstances make it look like somebody planned for it?

I can’t wait for Gentle and Aoyama to facs off and steal the show- finding kindred spirits in eachother and making a cheesy hero/villain show.

I think it's some nutjob who wanted quick clicks. I doubt Stain is the type to employ a program that uploads a video in case he gets in jail.
Man, now I want a hacker villain. Maybe after Gentle we'll get one.

what type of villain or thug the villain Alliance need for the break Out

No, not Stain himself. But AfO?
The video gave the villain league a huge boost of popularity, despite him not really being a part of it and gave them new members.
iirc AfO mentions that Shiragaki isn't his only lackey. What if AfO had his fingers in the private hero school? If he has some sort of future-sight quirk akin to Nighteye, he could easily plan this far ahead.

I also think it's interesting to note that charisma seems to be the most important factor for both heroes and villains.


Reminder Eri is for Mirio


>Don't fucking GUARD me, shit brigade!
Has me rolling every time.

I thought of AFO after hitting "Submit" myself, yeah. I wouldn't put it past him; a video would be fuel to the fire after Stain. And it did its job really well too.

I argue that charisma and technique seem to be the most important things for both heroes and villains. I really hope that Gentle doesn't end up a jobber for Shigaraki to become a more charismatic villain. That would be a shame.


That's one credit you can give to overhaul he had get charisma to influence the The Eight Precepts of Death

Sero's great, has excellent fashion sense, superior taste in room design and is eminently fuckable.

Too bad he didn't have the charisma to keep the readers interested.

Request delivery on Cred Forums from a drawfag nicknamed XXX.

He's the plainest, almost ugliest (Sugarman is uglier) boy in class 1A

This just looks like they put Bakugo's head on a woman's body...

Patrician taste.
Eat shit.

>Bakugou screaming
>Todoroki gives no fucks
Their dynamic is so funny. Two autists being autistic together.

I probably have a unpopular opinion but I was liking overhaul when he was getting desperate and trying to win

What is the point of this drama cd?

Fujo bucks.


Let's do unpopular opinions about bnha ITT. What could possibly go wrong?
I'll start: After his flashback, I got instantly neutral about Kirishima. I don't care much about him anymore.

>become unbreakable
>break in 2 minutes

Why are homos so hostile?

keep that stupid shit for your blog,reddditor

Because hysterical breeder filth makes our skin itch.

>2nd week
>only 300k


Nah man, he commits the age old Resident Evil villain sin of becoming some ugly monsters. He might as well killed himself right there because that's basically the same as admitting defeat.

I hate Hagakure and think she is the most worthless character of the class, I'd there sugar and Kouda over her any day


How the fuck is Haikyuu so popular, it's literally the same arc over and over


Yeah also Horikoshi loves his monster design

7, actually.

When is it going to be revealed that his laser accidentally fired when he was a kid and killed a neighbor kid?

It's good. What do you wan from a sport series?

When will it be revealed that it's not actually a laser that he is shooting?

Please don't get my hopes up.

I didn't realise Mix sells that well

>has stomach troubles
>keeps eating cheese
the boy ain't bright

>that ugly and beaten
Pls no. Eri will learn how to smile thanks to the boys

>birb got to feel invisitits pressing and straining against his thigh

Being a tryhard pays off.

>the boys
Mirio can create clones now?

Deku is also important to Eri

Looking at it like this, Sludged Bakugou actually looks pretty cool.

Haven't checked on this in months.
I liked the Aoyama chapter and Deku becoming friends, the Jirou bit was strange I have no idea where that is going, but I guess I was right about the funeral, Eri waking up and the festival.

Not a fan of the youtuber villain, but I guess that's what happens with filler.
Can't wait for the VA to appear again in 5-10 chapters. I'm pretty sure Deku teaming up with Eri is still a long term plan.

And? I didn't talk about importance.

Then what makes you think only Mirio will teach her how to smile?

who is she ?
angel from kof ?


His head is not bright but his heart can't stop twinkling

Ghost girl from 1B

Mirio is a fun guy

he's the jason mewes of bnha. nickel head, million dollar heart.

>You will never be such a good writer that you can shit out 1% of the chapters of every of manga artist and still out sell the fuck out of them

How does he keep his audience?

Are other manga artists jealous of the fact he barely has to work?

Eri will need more than jokes to smile...
Actually, mrs. Joke could help her.

This and he will actually be with her 24H/24 unlike Deku who will have festival stuff to do.

Do you self-insert as Deku or Bakugo?

The first girl with DSL.

>he barely has to work?
Fuck off. Togashi always does his best.

>Sero: there's no way Bakugo could bang Jiro
>Bakugo: YOU WHAT

Sero would never say that.

Yes, except for the fact that he works less in a year than Brock Lesnar does.



Reminder girls in Japan can marry when they're 16


The idea of Sero getting Bakugo to do anything by insinuating Bakugo can't do it makes me laugh

It'd be more like this.

Fuck off.

To be fair you do deserve it.

Tommorow Hori comes out and reveals that one of the 'girls' was actually a boy (girl) all along. Who was it?


No. Brock Lesnar works like 10 shows a year, and when was the last time Togashi put out 10 chapters in a year? Tell me.



>That last panel
Quality Humor


Not even a hxhfag, but he made exactly 10 chapters last year.

Pretty much sums up the kind of people who still like this manga.

Why does Baku call Sero half-and-half bastard when that's his nickname for IcyFireBoy? Those comics are trash as always.

more than miura did

Yeah, me too. Easily one of the most exploitable memes in the series.

Look at Sero's elbows. He's
>half mutie
>half human

Based Leinbow

Eri's fine, there's someone else who needs cheering up.

You're right.

Sero his half soy half boy

She has boobs though. And it's not like she can stuff her bra

No user. The most fucked up is undoubtedly Eri.

Hori better make sure Mina and Deku have some sick ass clothes for when they're dancing during the cultural festival.

Berserk is monthly officially though.
Also Miura puts way more effort into the art than togashi does.

The best of friends. I hope Sero will shine soon.

>there will never be a side story of Aizawa taking Eri to meet Ms. Joke
>we will never see her cheering Eri up with corny jokes, with Aizawa trying not to smile too
Do we not deserve such wholesomeness?

>Also Miura puts way more effort into the art than togashi does.
No he doesn't. And his monthly chapters are 18 pages.

>Mina will be "dancing" with Deku

She's pretty huggable. Not sexy, but fluffy.

>he thinks HxH art is comparable to Berserks

Has Hori dawn a sketch of the Autism Trio?

Aizawa and Ms Joke need to get married already and adopt Eri
>he can keep her quirk under control
>she can make her laugh
Perfect foster family

Yes he does, compare this from the last chapter with any page from Berserk's last chapter.

True. I'm wondering if Aizawa really has no feelings for her, or if he's just being Tsundere.

Effort =/= art preference faggot. Especially now that Miura has gone digital.

>that ann
What's up with the best sketch in ant size?
Not that I know of, no.



>we get more fanservice
Yes, please.

Best Jeanist truly is a fashionable man. I wonder when he'll be recovered enough to show up in the Manga again. AFO really fucked him up good.

It's like a page from Gintama!


>implying pro heroes can afford such a mundane lifestyle

Calm Bakugou looks really handsome no homo.

I'm wondering if horikoshi going have izuku break down from pent-up stress and guilt he had throughout the series something similar to Luffy after the marineford arc

>Effort =/= art preference faggot.
It is not a preference, I don't even care about either series, but berserk objectively has better art and way more effort put into it.

>comparing Lesnar to a fucking nobody

Begging you to have sex

Camie did have a point when she said that he's super handsome when he isn't talking. He's got the resting model face to be honest.

It was the only analogy I could think of that works to show how much 'work' Togashi actually does. Only difference is Togashi doesn't make $12,000,000 a year doing it.

>bellydancing mina


>drawing Mina that fat

He is being tsun, once the manga ends and we get the obligatory time skip we'll find out he married Joke and knocked her up

I want to kiss Shibu and marry her. In that form.

I never saw that before, that's wonderful

AfO raped him pretty good. I hope we get to hear from him even if it's just a character talking about him one small panel about his current status.
I also want to know what his mouth looks like. As his long neck shows he's a mutant freak.

>art preferences
The hell you are on about retard? Miura is better artist then Togashi any day and night, even now.
End of story.

Incerate that creature.

No, it's because Twice is also mentally ill, so he feels for him.

He has a zipper mouth I bet.

>that pic
He would still manage to look like a bishounen as a mummy. Pinnacle handsomeness.
I kinda want Bakugou re-interning with Best Jeanist once he gets his hero license.

Do you think Mina has a part time job? At night,pleasing old men

No. You've got Mina confused with Rin. Rin is the one who pleases old men for money at night. (she also pleases English mage girls for money too.)

Don't worry, his dad will show up and help cheer him up.


Everyday until canon.

I just disable that feature

When will Deku and Ochako spill spaghetti again? A little teasing every now and then is fine

The only one she pleases is Kirishima, her bf

You spelled Deku wrong

You both spelled everyone wrong.

You spelled Nejire wrong

Scioli is so good

Why would he lose his audience? People stop reading/watching things because they're uninterested in the direction things are going, not because they stop publishing/airing.

>not liking Gentle
>liking the VA
I don't understand why anyone likes the VA.

Aside from Twice and Toga, I literally have no reason to care about the VA.

You have terrible taste.
But since Hori doesn't do filler without reason I guess the new "villains" still have a role to play in the grand scheme of things.

La Brava
Other options include:
But all of them are even more autistic, so it's La Brava. MS did the better overall translation but they tried too hard to "not copy" Jaiminis.

One of the small thigns that got me was when Deku answered that question wrong, you could see a shiteating grin on Bakugou's face that was barely in frame.

they have to get married bros

God, the things she does to me

I mean, I think most of the VA is okay to great. The one I dislike most from them is Toga though. Gentle is great though.

>kirimina is literally slut loving slut

Par for the course desu

I can't wait for this part to get animated


the narrator in that video is voiced by the same guy who voices Bakugou, so I think it's just some rando

It's not "romantic", it's a romance language. Which means it comes from Latin, which comes from Rome.

Bakugou traitor confirmed

Man, that'd be a fucking twist. Wouldn't explain why he tried to rearrange Shiggy's face though.

Oh right, sorry senpai, I'm a ESL-Kun

Would you kindly be Izuku Midoriya, Himiko Toga?

He is deep cover

Could be just a mook under AfO. I doubt UA got all of them.

Disgusting. Eri would rather kiss his toilet plunger. Eri is for Deku only.

>Wanting to get him out of his costume
Inasa is not for lewding

I like Compress, Dabi, and Twice. But their nakama power is pretty nice, I'll give them that.


Sorry user, but Eri already chose her husband in chapter 170.

Shiragaki has a great design.

for me

He'd probably still be fairly strong. I doubt a costume could give a hero THAT much of an advantage.

Just as strong without it, his costume just makes him look extra handsome

Could All For One have convinced Bakugo to accept a quirk powerup?

The costume probably only grants him the ability to fly.

No. Bakugo wants to surpass Deku on his OWN strength. He'd never accept something like that.

i don't understand this meme

For a second I read fly as cry.

Was she talking his face or his personality? It clashes with Viz translation. Which one is correct? Since she thanked him for his cleaning and likes pretty boy it's hard to know.

Am I the only one who loves Gentle? He's a loser like me and I can respect that

She chose Deku and his Gentle hand.

He should start a podcast with his fellow villains

>A villain
>Convincing Bakugou to do anything


Gentle's a much more interesting villain than Shitsaki

Why is Inasa so cute? How can a boy achieve this level of cuteness?

Lurk moar

would texas smash


Even if she had chosen Deku(which is wrong). Deku's words to Mirio are clear proof that he is not a lolicon. What a retard.

He's a fine joke villain but hopefully he doesn't overstay he's welcome


>things that will never be canon
pic related

No. She didn't even know his name.
She chose to be wrapped in Lemillion's cape.

Oh, I love Mr. Compress and Toga. I think Twice is alright, and Spinner and Dabi might be cool if given more screen time. I don't even dislike Kurogiri.

It's Shiggy I don't like. He's a retard. He isn't responsible for any of the good things happening around him. He's just a brat with a boring overpowered ability that all of these much more interesting people have surrounded because they were mislead into thinking the cooler (although, still retarded) Stain had some connection to him or because the arguably greatest villain ever has mentored him.

You be surprise bakugou is 10 times stronger with his gauntlets and izuku can easily destroy concrete with his upgrade

>izuku can easily destroy concrete with his upgrade
Are you talking about those iron soles?

He looks like some edgy deviantart OC. His design is one of the worst in the entire series.

It has the same power as his hand blast. With the gauntlets he just doesn't have to strain his palm. I am surprised that Deku already got three updates. And he is going to get more from Mei in the future. I wonder how many times it'll happen.

This panel alone makes him one of the greatest in my book. A goofy villain is a nice change, considering all the other villains are hardcore edgelords + twicepool.

No one cares about names, women are all about feelings.

Doesn't matter if Deku's not a lolicon, it's obviously Mirio->Eri->Deku->Ochako->Bakugo

Lock Lock? Rock Lock? Lock Rock?
La Brava? Love Lover? Love Robber?

AFO doesn't actually need that. But why doesn't he have any persuasion quirks? No social magicks? The guy just went around and took eighty strength augments, flight and infrared sight from what we can tell. He JUST got Search.

>saves the license exam arc
>Bring threat to the story , and countless theories
>Improved the Yakuza arc after kirishima's shitty fight
>Can actually fight
>The one female that has actually done something in the story
How can anyone not like toga

Boring and tired Yandere-shtick that only beta retards care about.

More like


And it was the seed which mirio sow that changed Eri. He's literally her hero.
>I want to know about Lemillion-san!!Andeveryonelse
He's her priority, user. And they will marry.

She's not really a yandere , she's a yangire which is different from the usual

Probably not everyone is a fan of the crazy high school girl trope

>dude yandere lmao

Hilarious and original

I want her to torture Deku already. She's barely hurt him even a little bit and it's been her entire goal for a while. I'm not saying enough to fully get her off, but you'd think she'd have been able to mess with him more or visit him in the hospital when he had broken limbs to bend them the wrong way for a minute, or something.

>kirishima's shitty fight


The flashback ruined the fight and you know it

Same shit. I don't hate her, and some of her porn is amazing, but as a character she is very boring. Hopefully her backstory will give her a bit more depth than LOL BLOOD and LMAO DEKUDICK

its was single handedly held up by rappa

>muh pacing
Fuck off autist

>Dekufags so disgusted in FatCHako they want Eri now
You are finally seeing the light. But sorry she is for Mirio.

Yeah, that's true. I think that's what's supposed to make him charming, though? Much like Bakugou he starts out unlikeable and becomes more likeable as time passes, I think. If 160 was any indication.
>misled into thinking the cooler Stain had connections
I wonder what would happen if Shigaraki came out with the truth. Would Dabi nope out?

Well, "stop yapping" could also mean him not talking at all.

>Here's the final punch, but before that here's a 2 chapter flashback to ruin the momentum
Your ok with this

Shiragaki straight up told Dabi and Toga that he hates Stains guts, iirc. He doesn't hide his disdain one iota.

His flashbacks were boring, the chapters were too short and it ruined the whole fight

Does he even have an overpowered ability? Slow-killing by touching with the full hand seems worse than everyone else's and worse than most of 1A.

He's a beta orbiter though.
Deku already hit that.

We still don't know what his other Hands are about. To this date, Shiragaki barely engaged in any fights, and certainly not with his full capabilities.

I'd like to know this too. In the raws she uses a word that refers to appearance if you plug it into a dictionary, but all the translations imply personality, so maybe the context changes the meaning.
>MS: total bachelor
>JB: well-mannered
>Viz: not a bad guy

That is the problem. She tells him to not be an angry autist in both. But with the two translations it is read as:
-You are pretty when you are not an angry autist.
-You are not a bad person but your bad temper ruins it.

Which fetishes would the 1a girls have?

That's what it means, right? An user said that Bakugo uses the same word Camie used (translated as shut up/you first when he says it).

As someone who just read every manga chapter in the last couple days, the Kirishima flashback was just a bit too slow. No other problem with it than that. Its placement was okay - maybe having the memories split more evenly between the fight and his prior moment of insecurity instead of lopsided into one - otherwise fine.

Todoroki? That you?

It was too slow, that's the problem. The first part of it should have been during the Kamino arc IMO.

Bakugo's gauntlets just make it so he can use his full powered blasts without madmanning himself.

Shut the fuck up and rape deku

He also doesn't mention that Stain was never part of the VA because he knows that's how he got attention. Why refute it?

Yeah because I'm not a pretentious cunt who gets his panties in a twist over silly comic art. I wanted Kirishima backstory and I got it.

Momo likes corpophilia XD

Anal, gape and prolapse
>Jiro, Momo
Holding hands

Holy fuck, Jirou and Momo are total... good girls.

I tried to guess who this was directed at without looking, but there were too many candidates.

Same. Hope Izuku's dad is a villain, they get divorced and All Might can become his actual dad.

It's weird I wonder if Horikoshi I was experimenting with kirishima's flashback because mirio flashblack was like everyone else in the series

Diaper fetish

Wait, is she cucking someone or is she being cucked?



she's cucking Deku for the EXPLODODICK

Take a guess.

>she's wearing her hero's cape

Quick! Pick a voice for Rappa!

Ochako - Shibari (receiving)
Froppy - lol who cares
Mina - the obvious pissing, squirting, sweat, and uncontrollable secretion fetishes, but also having a man gently and lovingly clean her up after, and being princess carried to bed beforehand
Momo - Literal scat fetish, but softcore and classy about it. Also, being put in stocks.
Jirou - breathplay, choking, and electrostim
Hagakure - exhibitionism ;_;

Maybe Kirishima actually needed context for his to work and Mirio's is so generic that a montage is all it needs

Kenjiro Tsuda.

OH Arc was pretty much his testing board, that's what made it so inconsistent. There are high highs and low lows.

Parappa the rappa guy. But he is too busy scamming people for 10 bucks I think.

She's using it to clean up.

Real Camie needs to meet the UAs for some wacky misunderstandings.


Dude, Mirio's flashback had its first part in Suneater's.

Dan Green

Bondage, rough sex
Choking, spanking
Sex in public
>the rest
Too boring and vanilla

I love this panel.

Holy FUCK, exhibitionist Tooru, scatfag Momo, and Jirou getting choked are basically thread headcanon. The first two have memes, but what is it about Jirou that's so chokeable?

Isn't there a doujin where Momo shits out a dildo she made in her anus?

Kirishima’s flashback may be wrong to give it enough context of why he’s acting like a coward (and still fight that very feeling even to this day) even though he’s been shown to jump into action.
Case in point, I think in these threads alone, I’ve only seen one user pointing out that when he read the story (this is way before his flashback or even his theorized “delinquent past”), he felt that Kirishima’s courage was not “genuine”.

If they were real, I'd guarantee you Ochaco has at least one hardcore fetish.

She wears chokers

Will Deku be good friends with Tanjirou?

>but what is it about Jirou that's so chokeable?
Ask Bakugou.

Ever hear the legend of Narcissius?

He could never find someone to love - until he fell upon his own reflection.

And drowned.

New bread when

>may be wrong
What the fuck is wrong with me?

May be long

Hopefully not tomorrow unless some user dumps Viz scans. Let's not make generals for no reason.

So Toga's going to die? I hope so.
Can she take Eri and Mirio with her?
I don't know what's long with you user

Are you saying Deku and Toga are twins?

The size difference in that panel is fucked, isn't it?

It'd be harder to find someone Tanjirou couldn't be friends with

Stop posting in these threads to complain about these threads existing.

Of course, the real question is if Tanjirou and Todoroki are related

>implying Toga could fight even a quirkless Mirio
Mirio would literally ruin her, and she'd hate him because she wouldn't be able to make him bloody/bruised.

Are you saying we should read the mango backwards?


>2% Virginia Smash


No, it's not.

I get this joke

Toga actually has technique, remember when that Stainshitter was spamming that image of her ganking Aizawa? And we've seen he's a skilled hand-to-hand fighter. Overhaul couldn't kill Mirio because he over-relied on his OP quirk and was more a researcher than a fighter, so he couldn't land a hit.

>Every one of the girls is sub 160 except Momo

Er, maybe. More likely Shinso is brainwashing Toga to be his proxy. Since, ya know, Shinso's true apperance is literally just Purple Haired Deku

>verhaul couldn't kill Mirio because he over-relied on his OP quirk and was more a researcher than a fighter, so he couldn't land a hit.
No, Mirio was just too good. Overhaul is a competent fighter.

She sure is surrounded by a lot of penis isn't she?

>8 boys are shorter than Momo.

I know that they have shit genetics, but that's just embarrassing

Toga relies more on evading and hit n run though, and she’s been shown to avoid fights. So she probably will just run away in a direct fight since her strength lies in copying someone’s appearance then bringing down her opponent in one hit

nah overho was pretty solid

His score on the License exam was something like mid 80s which is pretty good.

I think it shows that while he may not be book smart, his heart is in the right place when it comes to heroics.

They are 16. There is still time.

But Toga has the opposite - as soon as a guy becomes bruised and bloodied and battered - she instantly falls in love with him and I don't blame her - injuries and fit male bodies combine well too god damn good. First it was Stain, now Deku.

Woah, it's as if you actually didn't even read.
Ideally she just disguises herself as a snack stand seller then suicide bombs the two of them when they come over.
>his back can bend, so pro!

It's somehow super fucked up to see Todoroki taller than Bakugou for some reason.
173 at age 15 is pretty tall for her. She probably won't stop growing afterward.

dude just read spiderman lmao

I think some of them are still 15 even.

Different user. I would say he relies on his quirk too much. His way of fighting is very reminiscent of Todoroki’s “stay in one place and spam fireballs” or overwhelms melee quirk users like Rappa by pure one-touch hax alone. I don’t think we’ve seen him face off against a proper ranged-quirk user

>Woah, it's as if you actually didn't even read.
He is a good fighter. That why he was able to deal with 20% Deku. And why he shat on Rappa countless times.

Camie may be the tallest girl since she is Todoroki's size.

>I don’t think we’ve seen him face off against a proper ranged-quirk user
Technically Deku+backpack.

Don’t (most) girls already stopped growing by the time they’re 15? Usually it’s the guys who have growth spurts

>his back can bend, so pro!
what's it like being wrong all the time? jc, i wouldn't know myself desu

Well his dad is built like brickwall.
Not a shred of manlet genes there.

Did you not read about his OP quirk vs the hand-to-hand experience gap compared to Mirio? Or are you just mindlessly shitposting anyways?
If you're incapable of reading and understanding the posts you respond to, why don't you just...not fucking respond?

Reminds me of a FFIX character.

where my lolicons at

Mirio was one of the better Hero hand to hand fighters, but still we don't know shit about Toga's level.
She ridiculed everyone she ever came into contact with.

Please post more Endeavor

Looking at this image I tried to name all of them by their full name but my mind is completely blank when it comes to Mineta and Iida. I can fucking remember Satou Rikido, Koji Kouda and Mezo Shouji even though they're fucking irrelevant but no those two. Help me.

That’s just mini-AllMight to be honest

It still weird Momo and Izuku don't directly talk to each other

Minoru Mineta
Tenya Iida

Don't worry about it, I don't remember any names and just call them by nicknames.

Mirio can be countered by denki and todoroki

>she is Todoroki's size
She is not. She is shorter than Bakugou who is shorter than Todo.

It's so simple but my mind just completely fucked up. Damn it.

The manga would be better if Momo were class rep

I don't really have endeavors only a few smug ones.

Bullshit, Mineta should be the Rep.

it's probably easier in Japanese because every character name is a pun

What a fucking retard.

Iida’s given name is a nips pun for a diety or something
Iida Tenya (him)
Iida Tensei (bro)
Idaten: pic related
Mineta is Mineta Minoru, I don’t really remember the meaning, I’m just autisticly obsessed with this series

You wanna die, fucker?

the original implication was that overho solely relied on his op quirk, not that there was a gap in skill in combat between him and mirio like your trying to push now
Clearly overstub had some keen reflexes going for him, mirio even said so himself
So again i'll ask, what's it like being wrong ALL the time, you clod


Give it your best shot.

>solely relied
Why don't you stop blatantly moving my goalpost and kill yourself, you illiterate faggot?
Because that's not what my post said, and you know that damn well.

shut up Bakugou

>Camie's bug-eyed stare
Someone just lost the gyarubowl.


I don’t know about that but he’ll have a very hard time indeed. Put Deku into the mix and they might bring him down (which is probably why Todo was written out of the spar since he will work with Izuku)


He can get straight up killed by Aizawa.
>erasing his quirk while he is phasing underground

Also that teleport-smokey guy could put a good number on him.

That just makes him glitch and shoot out right.

Mirio has no air game with his quirk. Ochako should be able to decimate him.

i bet you think his quirk helped him dodge that inital swing too huh user