Ryuuou no Oshigoto!

Ai is very cute!

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I wanna pick up ai

>is gonna take away Ginko's titles away from her
>is gonna take away Ginko's love away from her
>is likely going to grow a much more respectable chest than Ginko

Ginko should get rid of her before it's too late.

>respectable chest
Does not compute.

Picking up ai-chan

>If Ai wins, Ginko loses her title, Ai and Yaichi don't get married
>If Ai lose, Ginko retains her title, but Ai and Yaichi gets married

Poor Ginko, whichever will she choose

For anyone that's interested but hasn't read the LN, I wrote up a rough comparison/difference between the LN and the Anime.

You may find it interesting.


need one for Ginko

Ai Ai!

I have just finished vol 2 last week, it was surprisingly enjoyable except for the perhaps slightly technical shogi terms. I was kind of hoping for the presentatiom to be similar to Hikaru no Go, but I guess as a LN you will need more details.

Let's take turns picking up Ai.

Stop wanting to pick up AI you freaks. Go pick up Ginko.

But she's too tall for picking up, and she's an angry bitch so she's probably going to slap me too.
If picking Ai up is off-limits now then I'm going to pick Mio up.

Nice but you may want to repost this tomorrow when the episode airs, that's when the threads are most active.

I want to pick up both Ais at the same time!

We already have the summaries for these but thanks anyway.

I want to babysit Blue Ai

She doesn't need a babysitter, in fact, she's capable of taking care of a house.

It's my turn to pick up ai!

I want to pickup red Ai

Fall in line

So Shirow Shiratori (Ryuuou no Oshigoto!'s author) retweeted the news about the first female Shoureikai (Apprentice School) member in real life to make it into 3-dan, Kana Satomi (who is also Ginko's IRL reference), failing to become the first female regular professional player after getting destroyed in the 3-dan league and having to withdraw from the Apprentice School. Not sure if there is any deeper meaning to this.

>I ai Ai
Wasted, senpai

>failing to become the first female regular professional player after getting destroyed in the 3-dan league and having to withdraw from the Apprentice School. Not sure if there is any deeper meaning to this.

Can you explain this further. Wouldn't she have been playing in the 3-dan league for some time now? So she's just made no progress getting to 4-dan?

I thought she was doing really well for ages now.

Ginko BTFO yet again.

She's currently in a losing streak with 7 wins and 9 losses, and winning the last two remaining matches means nothing. She is 25 at the moment and her 26th birthday is in less than two weeks. It's already hopeless at this point.

Now to wait for Ginko getting destroyed in the LN.

Dang, well there goes that I guess.

Damn reality is brutal. At least Ginko still has a lot of time left.

This is very good. Thank you for the insight, user.

This is perhaps the wrong place to ask this, but why are women just...bad at shogi? Even the best female shogi players get BTFO by amateur guys/boys. SJW's aren't gonna like this, but is it just a difference in brain wiring?

I want to put dog ears on Blue Ai!

>just a difference in brain wiring?
Pretty much.

>why are women just...bad at shogi
99% of women are bad at just... almost anything

Men think, women feel.

Which she will spend bothering Yaichi with her shit while she gets overtaken by his disciples.

That sucks. I wonder if this means Ryuuou no Oshigoto won't have a first actual pro player who's female within the story. Or perhaps Shirow will introduce a new female character who will achieve that level, or have Ginko grow stronger.

Blue Ai will become the first one.

Both Ais have much bigger talent which Ginko herself acknowledges.

3D women are bad at things, 2D women are highly capable

Isn't she already a female pro?

I want to Asuka

The eighth volume's synopsis implies they will be focusing on the Yamashiro Ouka title match in Kyoto which is going to be a full-blown battle between Machi and Ryou, so she's probably not getting another major development so soon.

True. There's that.

How strong is Machi? I've always been curious about her.

Ginko a shit

It's the same reason why women are bad at chess, competitive math, and competitive programming. It boils down to visual-spatial reasoning
For all of these things, you basically practice until you memorize all of the commonly seen patterns and many uncommonly seen patterns. Then you compete based on how many patterns you can mix together.
I only do competitve math/programming, and there the game is all about taking hard problems and breaking them into easy problems and simple realizations. But it's all about visualization of what you want the problem to look like at various stages of its solution. Even if the problem uses no visual-spatial reasoning, the solving process for hard problems relies on it.
I can't speak for shogi, but for chess it's the same thing. I memorize lots of different openings, lots of different mid games, lots of different end games, and then practice on transitioning between the states. It's all putting together puzzles and visualizing states, which is visual-spatial reasoning. But I don't really play alot of chess.

If we are talking purely about talent, Ika Sainokami (the current Joryuu Teii title holder) holds far greater talent than Ginko too, which she herself admits by calling Ika a "shogi planet dweller" like Yaichi and Ai. She could only win against her because Ika read too many moves ahead of her in their match (which Ginko couldn't even comprehend) that she didn't put the pieces she took to the wooden stand and lost by rule violation.

Likely close to Ryou in terms of ability and potential; they have been rivals since childhood.

Ginko a best

>Explanation based purely on the function of biological structures
Into the trash it goes.

Yes, but Ika is too crazy and unstable and even Ryou beat her. Other strong females pros probably beat her too regularly.

It's okay. Ginko is still wonderful and love.

>be a shogi autist
>can't even play shogi decently
Dumb and useless you mean.

Another one? How many childhood friends/rivals does he have?

Ginko a shit

Ginko a tree

The absolute state of Ginko.

>enter the thread to spam and shitpost and get triggered
Here we go again.

Why would you say that? She hasn't reached the level of pro, but sh's a 2-dan and that's two levels below pro. She can play a hell of a lot more than decent and is strong, strongest female player as of yet. Ai has the potential to surpass her, but she is not there yet.

Bruh, just ignore it.

>wants some cultural explanation on why women have a hard time with abstraction
>women are terrible at navigation in all cultures across all history
I'm sorry they stopped teaching logic in American Universities. Back to feminist studies with you.

It's time.

That one shitposter checklist:
>fuck off
>loli hater
>loli hating
>Ginko a shit
>old hag
>fuck off
>I'd rather this cow
>shitters, everyone
>sudden appearance Blue and Red Ai false flags
>muh boogeyman
>random instances of multiquotes to imply he's a meme
>worst girl
>remove Ginko

You can't really expect a savant who confessed to Yaichi and threw all of her belongings to a nearby pond or barged into his house and waited for him while being naked to be completely sane. Even Ai didn't greet him home naked.

And what does all cultures mean? I seriously doubt you know every single culture that has ever existed. And what history? According to who?
Also, I said PURELY on biological strctures. I'm not denying that biology has some saying on this, but I doubt it is the only explanation. Is it so hard to come up with a more holistic answer? People are not a brain in the void, fag.

Gotta say I prefer silver hair girls drawn by Shirabi to his lolis.

Mai comrade. I love them both, especially ones drawn by Shirabi. But in the case of 86, I prefer Lena a bit more to the hime loli.

>there are actually women's studies majors on Cred Forums

>He thinks it's only about women
I'm sorry they stopped teaching logic in American Universities.

>2nd year history major at university of buttfuck-nowhere with a 3.5 GPA wants a well thought out opinion on a Chinese cartoon site

Too greedy.

But I don't want to die crushed by thousands of pounds.

I shouldn't have picked up this and Kodomo no Jikan in the same week.

>picked up
Picking up BLUE AI!

I hope no one here is actually sexually attracted to the young girls in this show


To with your unscientific sexist theories.

sexism and racism are both more scientific than postmodern social constructivism

As I understand it, it more or less comes down to bell curves and population outliers.

Both males and females intelligence/strength/agility etc can be plotted on a bell curve. However the women's one is more clustered in thr middle and the man's has more extreme outliers.

Things like the absolute extreme of athleticism, chess, etc all falls under these exteme outliers.

So the average woman is more or less the same as the average man. However the exceptional man is likely significantly (and remember, significant can mean nothing but a handful of seconds) better than the exceptional woman in any given discipline.

>Cred Forums - Armchair Statisticians

>Series introduces Ginko as literally the strongest female player in Shogi history
>N-No this girl is even better

Dumb retcons.

>barged into his house and waited for him while being naked

Now I am interested in this Ika girl.

You don't need a PhD to understand the central limit theorem.

If you don't like Char
I don't like you

Strongest doesn't equal being the most talented. Ai's talent is something Ginko can only dream of, but she is still a better player yet.

Sorry, minnasan. From today onward, and due to monetary problems, some irrelevant characters will be replaced.
But don't worry, we made sure to spend all our money on interesting, cute, and totally relevant characters!
Please keep enjoying our show!

I'd rather improved Ginko aka Machi.

>Ginko the strongest
Except she never was THE strongest of all but the the strongest of her group.
Get your facts straight.

This is bullshit, you only get these results if you put together niggers, chinks, spics, cumskins, pajeets and whatever else, if you separate them by race the extremes disappear and you will get the same dominant middle cluster just with different placement depending on race, which mean males of some races are better than others while all females are equally average.

Wow, super interesting.

Can you both go die now?

Just another reminder that Ginko is a dead end.

Just another reminder that Ginko is a shit.

RAPE Ginko.



BULLY Charfags

What did he mean by that?

That Blue Ai will get more screentime. And Char can have some extra frames, too.

Ginko died on the way to Shogi planet.

Love Ginko.

Sex with Sora.

RAPE Ai and Ai out of love.

Reminder Char is too young.

To resist.

too much, too young, too fast

The first volume literally refers to her as the best female Shogi player in its 1400 years of history.

That's entirely unambiguous.



Marry one
Mistress one
Make one an ex-wife and single mother
Sex buddy one

Marry Red Ai
Mistress Ginko
Make Blue Ai an ex-wife and single mother
Sex buddy Char

Marry Blue Ai
Mistress Red Ai
Kill Ginko
Sex Char

Marry Blue Ai
Mistress Red Ai
Make Char ex-wife and single mother
Sex buddy Ginko

Marry: Ginko
Mistress: Red Ai
Ex-wife: Blue Ai
Sex Buddy: Can I get more people to choose from? Char is to pure

Marry, mistress, and sex buddy Red Ai.
Make everyone else single mothers.

>Char is to pure
Not for long.

Marry Char
Mistress Red Ai
Make Ginko ex-wife and single mother
Sex buddy Blue Ai

Pls No. Char should stay pure until she's older


I want to be that cat

Marry Blue Ai
Mistress Charmander
Make Blue Ai an ex-wife and single mother
Sex buddy Charizard
Kill Ginko

I dont see any kill there

I can't see the french loli in a sexual way.
The Ais on the other hand..

Look harder.

The choices were Marry, Mistress, Ex-wife, and Sex Buddy. Why are you making new choices just to shitpost?

Why are you getting so triggered over someone wanting to kill a fictional character?

Look carefully, then.

Marry Ginko
Mistress Red Ai
Sex buddy Blue Ai
Adopt Char

>just to shitpost
Haters gonna hate and be annoyingly loud. You already know this.

Ginko a shit

Ginko a best.

Ginko a tree.

Ginko is love.

More like Shitko

Shitko a poop.

Marry Blue Ai.
Mistress Ginko.
Make Red Ai ex-wife and single mother.
Sex buddy Char.

Ginko a cute.

Red Ai is best girl.

I agree but the loli are great too

It's time to pick up ai

Ginko a feces

Ginko a ugly

Ginko is pretty.

>autistic shitposter is so triggered by he started spamming one-liners
Business as usual in here, I see.

Sora a gorgeous.

Marry Blue Ai
Mistress Red Ai
Ex-wife/Single mother Ginko
Sex buddy char.

Blue Ai is pretty and will probably be a great wife.

and would probably kill you if you talk to another woman

>TFW that includes your own mother


I choose the 5th option!

All of them in one: Machi!

Ginko stinks

>will probably be a great wife

After staying overnight at his place, with absolutely zero commitment as to him taking her as apprentice and ESPECIALLY zero commitment as to him taking her as a lover, she was already getting psycho about him talking to another woman.

Imagine if he'd had a gf or wife before she arrived, she would have set herself up as a Home-wrecker.

No. Blue Ai couldn't be a homewrecker under any circumstances, because that title is for Red Ai only.

Canon home wrecker is Yaichi's titty childhood friend/rival.

Red Ai is a homewrecker.

Anedeshi is best girl.

>best anything

ginko is a dumb autist

Why is Ginko so shit? She ruined the whole episode!

“…I lost.”
“Huff… Thank you for the game.”
“One more match.”
“Again? Even for a practice game, I think we have already played too many matches today…”
“One more match.”
“Okay, okay, I get it.”

“…I lost.”
“Anedeshi, did something happen? It has only been my victory so far today.”
“…It’s nothing.”
“No, it feels like your mind is all over the place, or maybe you are distracted by something other than shogi…”
“Is there something bothering you? Is it something you can’t really tell other people? You can confide in me, you know?”
“I’m telling you that’s not it! One more match!!”
“O, okay!!”

“E, err… Looks like, it’s my victory again…”
“…One more match.”
“S, shouldn’t we be going back now? Most people are leaving the shogi hall already…”
“Yaichi, do you have any plans?”
“No, I don’t really have any.”
‘Then, just keep me company.”
“Good grief…”

“Huff… In the end, we really played until there is no one left…”
“…I guess.”
“By the way, doesn’t it feel like people are leaving the shogi hall a lot earlier than usual today?”
“…I guess.”
“But anyway, I have been winning all day long! Man, it feels really good even if it’s just a practice game.”“…”
“Thank you, Anedeshi.”“Eh?’
“I have been losing in my official matches recently, so that’s why you were letting me win, right? In order to cheer me up, that is.”“……”
“Well, today is the Valentine’s Day after all, so it’s sort of like you’re giving me a bit of a sweet present, isn’t it?”
“…So you knew? That today is the Valentine’s Day?”
“Of course I do. It’s a day that every single man is aware of, right? Well, I am not really going to school anymore, so it’s not like I really care about it or expect to get any chocolate; in the first place, for Anedeshi to give me one is—”“Yaichi.”“Yes?”“Idiot.”

Red Ai moving to another novel

This, but unironically.

Ginko? More like Sinkhole.

It seems that shitposters has arrived

Ginko a shit! SHIT!

She has the baldest pussy.

>Yaichi and Ginko talk properly and get together some time before the series starts
>She moves in with him, in the spare room
>Ai comes a few months later
>Greets him, same as usual
>Finds out he's got a girlfriend
>Spergs out

She'd probably give up on being his apprentice right then and there. But if she stayed she'd absolutely be acting as a home-wrecker.

Anedeshi is indeed a cute dorky autist who's best girl.

A nicer Anedeshi would blow away all competions

Ginko is sexy.

>has arrived
He's been here for for at least 7 hours, mate. Scroll up.

She's mad precisely because she knows she's not competition to 6-9yo. kids

Ginko is ugly

Red Ai got tired of shogi

Ginko needs to loosen up.

I think Ginko is cute!

Ai needs to be picked up.



How long?

Imagine it.

Red Ai is for impregnating!

FUCK red Ai

And not taking responsibility!

You can't impregnate children, silly.

>Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈlina meˈdina]; born on 23 September 1933[1]) is a Peruvian woman who became the youngest confirmed mother in medical history, giving birth at the age of five years, seven months, and 21 days.

With tons of pleasure.


Look at that body. You literally can't deny it's ready for breeding.

Picking up ai!

Putting down Ginko!

kill ginko x4

Raising Ai!

Kissing Ai on the CHEEK!

marry blue ai
mistress char
make red ai an ex-wife and single mother
sex buddy red ai
meh-zone ginko


Which cheek?

Feeling philosophical, user? That's a very complex question.



>writing walls upon walls about a show this bad
No one cares.

The LNs are good and I liked writing about them.

They all lead to jail you creep.

only blue ai

I wanna pick up Ai

What is it about Ai that makes dozens of anons want to pick her up?

I want to pick up Char.

There are plenty of options to choose from if you don't like little girls.

>he doesn't know about the land of the free, Saudi Arabia

I don't think you can marry grade schoolers in Saudi.

Hmm, yes, much better.

Marry Ryou
Mistress Machi
Make Keika a single mother
Sex buddy Asuka

Sometimes I do wonder why do I even bother to drop by

Marry Char, everything Char.

Fuck titty monster
Pick up Keika
Ignore the rest

Just because they have to get married if she loses doesn't mean they can't get married if she wins.

>There are even a few who will let their opponents win if they follow standard strategy, but anyone who challenges them in a contest of strength.

10 mins

get in here niggas

We'd all pick up Ai, but which method is the best?
Lift and hug, piggyback, shoulder ride, overhead, longcat, princess carry, under one arm for quick transportation?
Personally, I'd go for arm's length, and take a nice spin before putting her back down.

I want to pick up Ai.

ai ai ai





he won

poor BBA

bow before ginko-sama


even BBA was a loli at some point






red ai got rekt by bba





can this girl converse like a normal human being?



She has cute autism so no.

>I wonder if I'd be the shogi empress by age 20



I want Anedeshi to use my face as a cushion while playing shogi.


I'll take responsibilty



Ai yo.



>“It’s getting hard for me to reach C1 at the training group… But there are still other chances for me to become a female pro. No matter how unsightly it is, I will struggle however I can.”

>“It may not be my place to say this as someone who is raising Keika-san’s rivals, but—”

>“You will definitely make it. If it’s Keika-san. I… Ryuuou will guarantee it.”


>“For real. Of course.”

>“If you are wrong, take responsibility, okay?”

>“Responsibility? Well… If it is something I can take.”

>“Then if I don’t become a female pro, will you take me as the Ryuuou’s wife?”


>“Oh, I… I really love the Keika-san who always work hard…!”

>“I love you too, you know? Yaichi-kun…”

Tiny Keika was really fucking cute. I envy the man who will get to make lolis with her.

I'm just here for Ginko.

Red > Yellow > Blue

If Ginko loses her titles to Ai then Ai won't be forced to marry Yaichi and Ginko will have her chance. Ginko is playing the long game.

what kind of fanfic is this?

The one where he gets NTRd by shogi.

>cucked by a board game

Nobody ever said that Yaichi can't marry Ai if she becomes a title-holder. If she fails, then he will be forced to marry her. If she succeeds, then they will get married out of their own will.

>Ai won't be forced to marry Yaichi
Doesn't stop Yaichi from wanting to marry Ai later on. Ginko route doesn't exist in the LN canon.

Glad they adapted this part.

huh so Ryuuo likes Keika then?

i thought he is a lolicon

Roriou is a lie, he likes cowtits.

Who is the girl below Ryou?

>it's a cake episode
Well, at least the shit got BTFO indirectly.


kill yourself

At the usual place

>[HorribleSubs] Ryuuou no Oshigoto! - 07 [720p].mkv

But you posted the wrong one.

Ginko a poop

Anedeshi's flat little chest and tight bald pussy!

I'm gonna nut inside Char so hard my semen will turn into sement and we'll be stuck together forever.



Go away, shitposter.

Ginko a best.


But he didn't post Ginko.

Dumb Ai losing to a cake.

Yeah but he posted AI.

Crawling in my skin

Red Ai > Blue Ai


So now you can't say anything bad about any girl because you're shitposting? Just kill yourselves, everybody is free to bash your favorite girl like it or not.

Why is Red Ai such a little shit

>Losing to 10 year olds as a 25 year old
Embarrassing. Might end yourself at this point.

Stop ruining the thread.

Red Ai is literally perfect.



Stop telling others what to do. Nobody forces you to stay in a thread you don't like as well as nobody is stopping you from making a new one

Fuck off, shitposter.

>everything I don't like it's shitpost
Ginko a shit, keep crying

Great episode, I didn't understand anything about the shogi but it was cool enough.
Sadly it looks like the resident spammer is already here.

>Ginko a shit
>defends tripfags
How to spot a shitposter 101. Absolutely pathetic. Ginko has the flattest and most delicious chest in this show and there is nothing you can do about it.

>shitting on stalker
>one of the biggest lolifag helping the community
Hang yourself, fucking retard.

Yeah if only we could get rid of Stalker.

Ginko a shit. A SHIT.


This episode made me realise that stupid lolibait is the absolutely unnecessary aspect of this show

True lolifags don't abuse the threads to attention whore.

I wanted more loli antics


So even a loli anime needs a cake episode.

>Ginko has the flattest and most delicious ches
Who the fuck cares? She's still a shit character

How do I calm her down?

By licking her ZR.

You have absolutely zero taste. Why don't you just end it all?

He's been hanging this specific bait ever since the second week, and he usually stops trying if nobody bites within a few posts (people bit it hard in the threads for the third episode and they went to complete shit). Please don't go full retard and just report him instead.

How old is this girl ?

Head Patting.

Ginko a qt.

>that outfit

At least she recovered and became cool all by herself this time.

Was this really necessary?

How many bitches has this faggot got engaged to now?

Don't give it attention.

He still has some hopes that he's not a lolicon I guess. But sadly for him he already lost.

Funny how this was the best episode so far and the lolis were barely in it. Red Ai being forced to vocally concede was great, though. Little cunt that she is.
Everyone but Ginko, basically.

Here, let me spare you some of it. No need to get jealous.

correct, ginko can only beat womanlets

If this show ends with anyone but Ai (blue) winning, I'm fucking flying over there to track down the author.

Aye, I hope she keeps getting stronger.
What about a harem end with all the lolis.

According to LNfags he accepts his lolicon status more and more as the series progresses, so don't worry.

Proof that Yaichi isn't a lolicon


Too bad, Hinatsuru-chan has enough talent to rule the women's league, so Yaichi won't be forced into marriage with her.

>best female player and best girl
>reddit tripfag circlejerk posters hate her
I see. You really need refined taste to like ginko


>you are a third-rate duelist with a fourth-rate deck!

I wanna fuck both AI's so much

Fuark ;_;

You'd probably enjoy the LNs. They're much, much, much more about Shogi and far less about cute girls doing cute things.

I wrote a bit about it here: pastebin.com/2W9ypWYH

Red Ai is still best Ai.

It's JS time

Why is she so unpleasant? She's be a cute girl if she were to calm down a little. I could help her with that.

You're unpleasant.

Don't worry. It's just a small but really vocal miority who dislikes Ginko.

Why is she even in show anyway.

He's only shown any kind of romantic or sexual interest in Keika and Ginko's two opponents.

He's just got a really bad habit of asking grade schoolers to marry him.

>Please, give me Ai!
>Char can be my bride!
>Join my family register, I swear I'll make you happy!


She deserves a rough fucking

nope, only contrarians like shitko

>Everyone but Ginko
Ginko end confirmed.


Whoever wants the second volume, drop me a mail and please do read the text included in the reply.

[email protected]

I really like that. She's such a goddamn brat, it's nice. But she's super weak to off board strategies still, so I wasn't surprised when she lost, it'll be good for her, she's got a lot to learn.

Her best is still when she's being unintentionally rude though, like when she first played Keika and thought she was meant to be the one with the handicap.

I'd teach her about pleasure and being nice to people.

I don't know but I'm thankful for her existence.

Ginko? I don't think so.

What's the best doujin genre for Black Ai?


Wow do ''contrarians'' always like the cutest girl or is it just for this show?

episode wasted on shitty talentless cake-san blah!

Just upload it to mega or something you fag


>cute at all

>Ginko doesn't act like a bitch for an entire episode
>suddenly she doesn't look bad
Was that so fucking difficult?

Sex with Ai.

>Don't worry. It's just a small but really vocal miority who dislikes Ginko.

I like Ginko but she's a goddamn retard and I'm going to have zero sympathy for her when she loses.

She's obviously got feelings for Yaichi. Literally all she has to do is

1. Not be so agressive towards him and not react so badly when her attempts to be nice blow up in her face. Treat him even half as kindly as she treats Keika and it'd be fine.
2. Treat Ai like a niece, not a rival. She STARTED a love rivalry with a 9yr old. Just think how ridiculous that is. If the guy you like started having a little kid over, you'd have to be pretty damn unsettled to actually feel the need to compete with that kid.

Yaichi literally thinks she's going to basically ditch him as soon as she becomes a pro. If she just opened up to him slightly, she'd have him in the bag long before he was even considering Ai.

Ginko isn't the cutest. Blue Ai is objectively cuter. Possibly Char, too, depending on your tolerance to drool.

>Female shogi players aren't as smart as male shogi players
Harsh truth.

No, he will do it because he wants

>not the cutest
Alright I'm laughing. You are a good comedian

I'd headpat her harder

Women are not designed for shogi.

>#1 female is weaker than #1000 male
the absolute state of women

Are women tactically stunted?

So you want another episode about a shitty talentless bitch?

Even calling it a vocal minority is being generous when it's mostly just a couple of autistic shitposters. There's also LRD, but that guy is a troll.

>Sole Male, Sole Female, Defloration, Nakadashi, Impregnation

Why did she have sperm in her mouth?

>muh LRD boogeyman

>there are people who actually DON'T want to get stepped on by Ginko

The absolutely disgusting state of Cred Forums these days

It's loli time!


ginko a shit

Got got a big smile on my face when cake told Red Ai to sit the fuck down.

She needs to fuck off and stop standing in the way of love.

All four of them went at it all night long with a certain Dragon King.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand there he is

>there are people on Cred Forums who actually like old hags
Fuck off.

You make it sound like everyone here likes that fucking cunt. Why do you feel so superior about liking literal shit?

Ginko is trash.

Her expressions during the entire match were great. Seeing brats get what they deserve never stops being amazing.

Yeah, she's most popular among LN readers. Plus, the hate started aroud week 4 and it came abruptly by the appearance of both LRD and THK. Before, people liked Ginko without any triggered issues.

>people liked Shitko

Stop lying

Ginko is best girl.

That's why she's getting all the merchandise, right? Nips, the ones that matter, don't give a shit about her

neo Cred Forums is slowly taking over. Dark days are ahead.

Ginko rules, Ai drools!

Ai rules, Ginko drools!

>gets triggered even though he wasn't called out as LRD

I'm completely convinced that at least 90% of the people who both say that they like or hate Ginko don't even watch the show.

Proof that Ginko fags come from Cred Forums and Cred Forums.


It's only pathetic weakling soy-drinking men that want to be stepped on and bullied by their women. They have this weird fetish of being overpowered because they're weak and have no self-confidence.
Real men like Ai-chan, because she's sweet and caring. She's the kind of girl who looks up to you and will let you protect her. Men are supposed to be strong and dependable and shouldn't take shit from anyone, women are supposed to be submissive and cute. This is how it's supposed to be, how God wants it.

It feels like there are literal 9 year olds posting in these threads sometimes.

That's just vocal minority of normalfags.

MC is a faggot, it is was me as soon as i felt Ginko feet on my head i would have asked her to continue the back massage instead of the lolis.

Pretty sure she would agree.

LN reader here.
>hate started aroud week 4
I guess you weren't watching before because I for one have been shitting on that bitch since day 1 nigger.

>Before, people liked Ginko
Nice history revisionism.

More like a degenerate southern redneck you mean

I'm completely convinced that at least 90% of the people who say that they like Ginko are normalfags.

You'd have to be some 9 year old horny shota to think Ginko has any redeeming qualities.

>samefagging hardcore even though archive doesn't lie
Triggered as.



NO, IT'S user'S TURN

As what? You can say fuck here unlike back at where you came from.

Nah. You just have shit taste.

>whole episode about best girl
>thread is a ginko vs ai shitfest

Fuck off, ginkoshitter

>flat and petite
>shy dork and cold deadpan gap moe
>cute and sexy hot bitch with strong attitude
>admirable philosophy that shows no mercy and see everyone as an enemy on the battlefield that is shogi
>dere and wants the dick, but has poor social communication and dislikes being seen as weak thus often uses verbal and physical bullying to cover up embarrassed feelings and weaknesses
Ginko is love. Ginko is life.

Can we maybe just talk about the cute girls and ignore the ginkoposters (all 2 of them)?

Or, real men like Ginko because she stands up for herself and will challenge you to improve yourself while supporting you with her strength.

I don't enjoy femdom or the stepping memes at all, I don't want Ginko to step on me. But I think there's a lot of attraction in a girl who is literally fighting with all her strength to be someone's equal.

Rather than Blue-Ai who's just a wierdo, manipulative, clingy, stalker. Yandere's are just the absolute worst. And given how controlling Blue-Ai is, you can't possibly say she's any different than Ginko in that regard. She's meant to be Yaichi's apprentice, but she doesn't act like it AT ALL, not unless it benefits her.

Ginko > Red > Power Gap > Blue

Ginko is pure trash

>whole episode about best girl
But Char didn't appear.

Very good post!

Ginkofags should go back to Cred Forums.

He's trying to get a cake wife so he can cover up his lolicon tendencies.

Young girls are naturally more desirable than older women. It's simple biology. Men who disagree do so simply to comply with societal norms. It's sad, really.
To explain, let me list some of the traits that men typically look for in the perfect girl.

The perfect girl
>is small
>is cute
>is pure
>is impressionable
>is soft
>is naive
>is innocent but has a natural curiosity for lewd things
>smells good (faint milk/crayon/fruit smell)
>will always look up to you
>will listen to you
>will trust you
>is interested in your hobbies
>doesn't care only about money
>likes to watch you play video games
>will let you teach her all kinds of things
>likes to cuddle with you
>has perfect skin without blemishes

As you can see, all of those exclusively apply to younger girls. Also, they tend to have a slightly higher body temperature, which feels great when cuddling.

This fucking thread

Well, I guess at least the children are having fun.

Exterminate shitkofags.

>since day 1
>desuarchive.org/a/thread/166793685 >desuarchive.org/a/thread/166808186
Only if you're LRD.

Gentlemen, has any voice compilation of Charlotte been made available for us patricians?

I would let Ginko step on me any day, any time.

Is there anything LRD won't go full retard at and try to shit up threads out of nowhere?

>Red Ai is actually loli Kaiba

This is what happens when newfags reply to known shitposters believing their posts can have any effect on them. With enough time more and more newfags join in, causing a never-ending spiral of stupidity.
Oh if only we had the option of not replying to bait.

Ginko is sex.

I also want Ginko-chan to encourage me

Ai will love and support you at any time, even when you're having a huge slump. She'd do anything for you and motivate you to improve yourself which is what actually happening to MC in the story.
Ginko would just kick you in the head if you don't pay attention only to her, wish you'd lose and become weaker and then abandon you when you will no longer be satisfying her.

Sure, I've been called LRD by newfags many times.

Ginko? More like Stinko.

That guy samefagging is THK. LRD hasn't showed up in here yet.

Ginko a tree

>Ryuuou threads are now even more shitposted than Franxhit ones

Thank God this board is going down fast

Ginko is shit

Not enough

>will always look up to you
>will listen to you
>will trust you
>likes to watch you play video games

None of these apply to Blue-Ai.

Ai will freak out if she hears you talking to your mother or sister on the phone. She'll demand you cut off all contact with any female friends or associates and will likely wind up stalking you to any event or traveling you do.

Remember, this is a girl who forcefully moved in with someone and then the very next day went absolutely crazy when she heard him TALKING to another girl. Nevermind pouting and getting mad at things like him shaking another girl's hand, or Asuka simply smiling at him.

Dating Ai will wind up with a misinterpretation one day leading to a double suicide/murder.

Anal with Ai.

Ginkoshitter BTFO.

Think about it.
If we exterminate Ginkofags, no one will post Ginko. If no one posts Ginko, there will be no spam, because there will be no one to spam about. If there is no spam, everyone is happy.
Therefore, exterminating Ginko is the more rational solution.
Think about it.

>Sure, I've been called LRD by newfags many times.
For good reasons I'm sure, like for sucking and defending LRD's dick. But are LRD. Fact.

Who do you think is shitposting here so much? That's what happened when there are so many triggerfags around.

>when there is no tsundere around
Inb4 Ginko. No she is just a badly written kuudere.

Nice headcanon.

>Oh if only we had the option of not replying to bait.
Then the shitposters reply to themselves and still shit up the thread.

That's because the SEA shitposter from Franxx got btfo hard on those threads so he comes here to lick his wounds.
Just ignore and report like any normal user would do.

>a kuudere done right*


I wish people would just stop replying to tripfags.

Too bad THK sees her as a tsundere because muh violent.

I don't know what you're arguing about but you type like a retard

>muh boogeyman
Ginko is plain shit

>Triggered seanig outing himself

>Men are supposed to be strong and dependable and shouldn't take shit from anyone, women are supposed to be submissive and cute
This coming from basement dwelling neckbird.

So by replying to them you save them the trouble of samefagging to keep their shit going. That's very kind of you.

I don't mean to be racist, but what in the world is wrong with SEA ``people''?

2-dan female pro Tamayo Rokuroba. A college student with good looks and big tits; Jin Natagiri's neighbor. Famously known as the "study group crusher" because no study group that she participates in lasts long.

their Sunbaked brains make them low IQ monkeys.

What is needed, what has been needed since this goddamn board went live, is competent and active moderation. No matter how mad you get at people taking the bait, it won't stop them.

Remember that one time country filters were applied on different boards?
Besides the leaf autists on Cred Forums who fought for the human rights of anime characters most shitposters were from SEA.

>I don't mean to be racist,
There is nothing wrong with being racist. Some people are just inferior.

Noooo my wife lost to some hag.

Just keep reporting.
Look at how the shitposters were nuked just now.

For added reference, THK didn't come to sperg at full force until around the time of desuarchive.org/a/thread/167433614

As for LRD, he began sperging at full force after he got rekt'd in desuarchive.org/a/thread/166883919

>None of these apply to Blue-Ai.
She literally believes he's the strongest player in the world.
She loves playing and otherwise spending any time with shishou.
Sure, she got suspicious during Red Ai arc but for a good reason. He DID have another girl. She trusts him enough to let him go to Oishi even though he continuously betrays her trust and let's himself be dragged by Ginko to a love hotel while feeling guilty afterwards.

>Ai will freak out if she hears you talking to your mother or sister on the phone. She'll demand you cut off all contact with any female friends or associates and will likely wind up stalking you to any event or traveling you do.
That never happened.

>pouting and getting mad at things like him shaking another girl's hand, or Asuka simply smiling at him.
Just like Ginko you mean. Or wait, Ai doesn't kick him in the head at the same time, so she's miles better.

>MC literally says she reinvigorated his passion for shogi
>MC literally overcomes his losing streak and turns it into winning
>everyone compares it to a newly wed syndrome when shogi players become much stronger after getting married
>MC literally says he's won the title because he took a disciple
>meanwhile the only thing Ginko does is throwing violent tantrums because MC doesn't pay her attention instead of the title match
Ginkotard pls.

Ginkoshitters BTFO again.

This man. Why do the lolis gather around him?

Most of Cred Forums would. These haters are just a vocal minority.

>women can't into shogi
Feels bad.

Most obvious person ever.

Only normalfags would.

Genki-chan is the perfect example of good girl stuck between trash girls.

>That never happened.

No that specifically didn't happen, but what did happen is Ai freaking out and throwing a fit because someone she barely knew and who had made 0 commitment to her was talking to another woman.

She's insanely, dangerously jealous.


I'm pretty sure she's still too small for them.

If you like her so much, why don't you know her name?

>He wasn't here for
Hello, normalfag.


>claiming Ginko will do this and that when she hasn't
>not headcanon and slippery slope
>meanwhile ignores the part where Blue Ai pissed off Yaichi where he yelled and got mean because of her tantrums/clinging trying to help but she isn't of say help when he was trying to focus for upcoming match


Ice cold sex with Ginko

THK and LRD are cancer.

Ginkofags are cancer.

THK, LRD and every other user who hates Ginko is a bro with good taste.

>muh boogeyman

She's cute and lewd, that's all I need to know.

Let's take turns throwing rocks at ginkofags!

Stalker is cancer

Ginko is olev.

Fuck off THK.

Ginko is cute. CUTE!

Ginko a slut

That one shitposter checklist: (updated)
>fuck off
>loli hater
>loli hating
>Ginko a shit
>old hag
>fuck off
>I'd rather this cow
>shitters, everyone
>sudden appearance Blue and Red Ai false flags
>muh boogeyman
>random instances of multiquotes to imply he's a meme
>worst girl
>remove Ginko
>throw rocks

Ginko a shitposter

user is a shitposter

The last part was an exaggeration in response to Ai-hater claiming what she would do, but the rest absolutely happened.

>>meanwhile ignores the part where Blue Ai pissed off Yaichi where he yelled and got mean because of her tantrums/clinging trying to help but she isn't of say help when he was trying to focus for upcoming match
Nigger what. That's not what happened at all. Maybe try to stop being an EOP and read it instead of relying on some shitty summaries.

This fucking guy.

>same VA as ginko
what did he mean by this

Reminder quarter of the top half comes from LRD. I actually miss his brand of autism over LRD's. At least LRD shitposts and complains about normalfag implications, hag winning, and gets mad for dumb and silly reasons because he believes this series is anti-loli. THK, on the other hand, directly shitposts to hate and spam Ginko specifically to an overly obsessed level of butthurt autism, which is the main trigger of all the shitstorms that we have been dealing with for a few weeks now.

Silver is the best

Red Ai is a cunt.

>wish you'd lose and become weaker and then abandon you when you will no longer be satisfying her.
No, that's your headcanon. Ginko likes him too much to do what you claimed she will do.
>shitty summaries
Non-biased summaries are better than your slanted "spoilers" when you're a raging hater.

Fuck off THK.

I'm sort of thankful that Cred Forums can have its Colors threads without LRD shitting it up anymore, it's been weeks since he last showed up in it in fact, but at the same time I do feel bad that the shogi loli threads caught most of the flack.

The ABSOLUTE state of Ginko

>over THK's*
Oh wait, I meant.

Last for Ginko.

>wanting to get stepped

Sorry but I'm not a faggot

she is the seto kaiba of shogi

I know remember what Ginkofags remind me of.

I hope her true wife (Blue) will punish him accordingly. Shishou confirmed for slut.
At this pace, we'll have to find a new husbando for Ai-chan (Blue).


Ginkofag here. Crazy twins were best girls.

>>wish you'd lose and become weaker
She does this at the end of volume 6 and then again in volume 7 wishing he won't get C1 promotion in ladder tournament.
Well, your non-biased summary simply swapped Ai and Ginko, but otherwise ok I guess.

I like Ginko, but Ume was trash.

Worst arc.

>forced marriage

Fuck you. They were great.

I want to thoroughly inspect Red Ai's cunt.

A shit

>she also said she hates him, so that must be she really hates him and wishes to see him lose!
>muh context
Slanted spoilers, as said.

Ume >>> Shitko

At least Ume was hot

Heracles combo pls

That part is narrated from her perspective and she realizes that she's happy that Yaichi has lost because she doesn't want him to go away even further from her. Admittedly, she feels a bit bad about that, I'll give her this, unlike Keika who thinks her jealousy for Yaichi and Ai is completely alright.



Char Char



I can't believe that bitch ruined the sales of a good show.
Bento deserved better.

I honestly believe that the most decent fags of these threads are the Charmanderfags.

It's called justifying herself.
And just report shitposters.
At least they gave up trying to force Ginko winning anything in her life.

Ginko is the Ichigo of lolishogi.

Feeling happy that he lost because a part of her can't bear the thought of being unable to reach him, but feels bad about having such thought is different from saying she wished he'd lose and and grow weaker as if she is vindictive and petty. Wow, it's almost like she is a conflicted character with personal issues between a player trying to be pro and as a girl who has feelings for a boy.

Yes, everybody knows that the brain is just a social construct that doesn't actually exist. We just need to bully a couple of more kids into suicide like our great inventor of "gender" John Money and everything will be the same.

So all the worthless shitposting aside. For those that've read ahead in the LN's, does it ever state just how good are Ai and Ai?

Ginko talks about Yaichi being a Shogi Alien and that he's among the best 5 players ever, and his master even talks about him possibly being the one to End Shogi.

However the way the story seems setup so far, it seems like at the very least Blue-Ai is being slanted to surpass him. Is that right? Is she an even greater prodigy than him? Or is she more likely to just stand atop the female professionals?

This but unironically.

False alarm, it was mostly about old hags.

This. It's exactly what Yaichi talks about with the rest of the practice league watching Ai's game. They're all cheering her on, but at the same time they're staring in envy of her talents.


The fact remains that she wishes for him to be weak, much weaker than he's now even because she will never reach even the current him which she also realizes. Meanwhile Ai wants him to grow stronger and supports him in any way she can.

Ume-sama is in a league of her own. Please don't confuse her with some little wannabe that is just trying to hide her embarrassment.

An old woman who was powered up by her 10 years old self.

The fact that she turned into an old hag must mean that she has always been one at heart.
True lolis are eternal!

They're in two completely different situations. You've seen how selfish Ai is, do you think she'd be any different if she felt like Yaichi getting stronger would move him away from her?

Yaichi grew up with Ginko, they were sibblings and rivals, watching him step into a world she can't reach is painful and scary. For Ai he's always been far off in the distance, that's what drew her to him in the first place.

Only the best lolis can beat time itself and remain lolis for all eternity.

Decent analogy, I suppose.

Still pushing for an angle even now? You're too untrustworthy. Leave the spoilers to actual good spoilerfags like MagnAvaloN and Teh Ping. Thanks.

Ginko calls Ai a shogi planet dweller just like Yaichi. Ai can visualize 11 shogi boards in her mind in full color which surprises both Yaichi and Oishi, actual top male pros. Ginko can only do 1, and even that barely. At the same time by raw talent Yaichi says there's a different girl that surpasses Ai. IIRC it's not clear how much talent red Ai has but so far her actual achievements are better than blue's. Yaichi hints that Ai may surpass him one day in actual shogi just like she has already surpassed him in solving tsumeshogi.

I know right. I was bored to death with that dumb old hag drama.

Good thing that Ai likely won't be in that position then. Call it luck or whatever, but in the end she's still the best girl which will support Yaichi as a wife and a shogi player.

Ai is honest while Ginko isn't.
That's what put them in different worlds apart and she has no one but herself to blame.

Last for Ginko a shit and Ai (blue) a best.

Part of the problem is that she honed herself to beat people that wanted to be close to Yaichi
By doing so she stunted her own growth.
The Ai came and put her against the wall and would have lost if not for pulling a Yaichi on her.

New thread

Maybe if you get down to it, but can you even blame her?
Ai is a child and has tons of raw potential. She's still learning and is getting nurtured and educated by one of the strongest shogi players ever. Her mother also supports her and ships like crazy. There's no reason for Ai to be dishonest with herself, especially when she's the sort that speaks her mind. Ginko is a rival and childhood friend who grew up with Yaichi, and she knows it better than anyone how large the gap between her and Yaichi is. She has pride, a aloof personality, and follows a belief to be standoffish to everyone because they're all enemies, even Yacihi, but she has feelings for him despite so and is clearly afraid to tell him that, and also that she can't stand on the same stage as him.