One Piece

Are Toei LuKafags too? Did you like the opening?

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I did, and I'm relieved to know Toei is really into the patrician ship of the arc. They'll deliver for the fight for sure.

Admit it. Sanji was cute this episode.

Pieces of shit aren't cute.

Admit it, Luffy is the best thing that ever happened to Katakuri

Here's a theory sayin Zunesha is An Ancient Weapon and have connections to Raftel...
Lemme know what do you guys think about this.

No he wasn't. No one was cute in this episode apart from Nami and Carrot.

Oda, where's Luffy's Queen Vivi?

>spoilering shit that isn't a spoiler for attention
>let me know what you think about this
Yeah no, I like the idea of Zunesha being an ancient weapon but you sound like you're not from here. And theories attract the worst kind of OPfans, after shippers and powerlevelfags.

Caesar is a true gentleman. He's so nice with the ladies. Did he have sex with them too?

>"damn i showed priority to nami over the rest of my friends who saved me and almost lost their lives she must definitely be impressed by me haha"
I don't care if you ship sana. He's a fucking asshole and a retard.

That reminds me he talked about ships of hostesses didn't he? I wonder how common those ships are and whether they're all owned by Stussy.
Moreover if those girls are indeed informants then that means the WG knew that Caesar was hanging on one of their former facilities and they did nothing.

>WG are varying levels of incompetent and evil

Whoa, really? We've never seen that before.

Er, okay? That wasn't my point. No need to be a jerk.

Truly patrician opening.

>No need to be a jerk.

First time on Cred Forums?

This is how Zoro is too. Its called being a tsundere and its cute. Sanji loves all the male crew members but he has a hard time showing it.

>I'm anonymous so I get to be a cunt xD

You just look like an idiot for getting falsely triggered over something I didn't even say. I don't mind getting shade, but usually when I do I deserve it. Your dumbass ironic shitpost really came out of nowhere.

>Your voice that hasn't ranged me yet crushes my helpless heart
>I'm wanting you
What did they mean by this?

That Luffy vs Katakuri in the opening made me harder than anything ever has in this series holy shit

You know what it means

ToeiLuKa is the new PierrotIchiruki.

>big mom is a huge ugly bitch
>perospero has a tongue that hangs down to his knees
>Everything about Daifuku and Snack
>but this is somehow considered ugly

Did you spend two years making that post?

Holy shit I've never considered that the could be informants for Stussy

What if One Piece ends with all the characters, friends and enemies, marines and pirates, coming together smiling while chanting these lyrics.

They probably stole all his tech too, including the smiles and the gas weapons, and brought them to Vegapunk and the WG. Poor Caesar would snap if he knew that.

One Piece ends with a war, we already know this.


>Everything about Daifuku

unexpected BroSan

What song is this?

Daifuku is fucking gorgeous.

Does this need updating?

His voice makes him suddenly pretty hot and suave.

Jimbe helmsman basically confirmed but okay.

Toei is LuKa too, we are lucky

Innocent Note from Gatchaman Crowds

I should have known it was you.

The joke isn't that it is not true, just that nobody cares.

Once again, the sofisticated humor escapes me.

why would they sing a gatchaman song in One Piece my dude?


don't bother user, it'just a shitposter trying to force a meme. He's just like the Perospero pee user.

He is the Perospero pee user. But he also likes Caesar and Gatchaman.

This shipping shit is the worst cancer on OP thread

>jobsmoke family

Okay, I totally missed that he talked. Could you please tell me in which episode?

Could they stand the heat?

how did O ended up here ?

According to Oda this is the canon height difference between Luffy and Katakuri

>When he’s big enough to vore you
>Just LuKa things

Toei animators are hyped as fuck from the fight too, literally added just that which is pretty far in the story and a spoiler.
Hopefully they'll deliver with good animation and sound during the fight.

>literally half of episode was SaNa
>full damage control as usual
It's all Muda now. No one can stop canon with alarming rate.

Where is yojd?

They're both able to vore each other

The "Where's Luffy's queen Vivi" and Luffy x Katakuri shitposting is new.

Vivi is Luffy's 2nd wife. First wife is Hancock.

>ever being Luffy's wife
>couldn't even take his first kiss

>Luffy x Katakuri shitposting
Posting canon content is not shitposting get over it faggot

>"Im not marrying you Hancock"
still in denial i see

Why did you post Katakuri user?

>I'm not marrying
Looks like you got fooled by the wrong translation.

>reminder that Hancock is the only female Luffy has went out of his way to hug

>Looks like you didn’t read the translation that helps my argument

Oda, where's my friend Zoro?

>implying she'll get anything other than that with how she freezes up at the sight of him

I want to eat katakutie

is it possible for a mere ningen like me to start and catch up on One Piece in the year 2018?

has anyone ever achieved this feat?

go for it

>Looks like you got fooled by the wrong translation.
He still told her he's not gonna marry to her face. And that was in reply to her proposal to Luffy. Basically a rejection.

>reminder that Hancock is the only female Luffy has went out of his way to hug
Hancock and Luffy's "hug" was a just a gag. Pic related is in a serious moment and with both actually putting their arms around each other, user. Stay delusional.

If you read the manga at a steady pace you'll be caught up within 2-3 months

It took me almost a year to catch up when I restarted in late 2015 (because I'm slow as fuck and take my time to look at the drawings). You can do it, don't worry.

>next episode

That's from a movie.

The scene is canon.

>Looks like you didn't read the translation that helps my argument
I do the translation. He never specifies Hancock or emphasizes Hancock. He just says "I'm not marrying." The translator just added you because it still gives off the same meaning. Only difference is that by adding you, it can also give a different meaning where Luffy meant specifically Hancock.

Time skip happened bro. She doesn't freeze up like that anymore. Or at least Oda didn't show that yet.

He would have told Vivi the same shit. Marriage is the last thing on Luffy's mind right now.

The scene is cannon, but your interpretation is not. He caught Vivi.

>take my time to look at the drawings
That's half the point of manga, otherwise One Piece would be a series of novels

So's this
what's your point?

Yes you can, also Oda is taking lot of breaks. Don't let the number of chapters care you, think if them as arcs

Bob Clay and Luffy fucked

Even if she doesn't freeze up anymore, she would at any small return of affection from Luffy.

She'd probably turn to stone the way Sanji did if she saw him naked now.

It better be like that. I need the third member of the best triplets.

They're separate guys.Three shitposters who think that they'll invent 'Are we in Wano yet?' or 'Oda,where's my Zoro?' tier memes.


>are we in Wano yet in the same tier as friendly old person

The hug is not romantic, if he didn't catch her she would have died

If the Big Mom Pirates had a theme song it would be Not One of Us, I'm pretty sure.

I reread the series between Christmas and New Year, you can definitely do it

>Its called being a tsundere and its cute.
On children, not grown man. Sanji being a man is debatable though.

One Piece will end with a new pirate age the same way as Roger started this one.

Sanji is a trans-woman and you should address her as such you bigot

Hancock is Hinata of One Piece in terms of wife potential. So she definitely will become his wife.

The fact that the first couple screenshots are exactly the same as a Hancock X Luffy moment in a past opening cracks me up

That's Katakuri

In what ways does Hancock have the wife potential Hinata had?

I look exactly like Katakuri irl. Teeth and all.

Paging photoshopanon from previous couple of threads to humanize pic related

My condolences user

Share, so we may laugh at you.

I look exactly like Luffy. Want to meet?

reminder that shanks loses to this stupid fish that luffy beats in episode 1

>inb4 he meant to do it
>inb4 it was to teach loofer a lesson
>inb4 oda isn't a hack

Luffy doesn't like Hagcock though.

The fight will end with Katakuri and Luffy eating donuts


Are we in Wano yet?

>The hug is not romantic
No fucking shit genius. This is One Piece after all. No hug has any romance behind it in One Piece. The Luffy and Hancock "hug" was just a gag.

Then what were you trying to prove?


Of course he does. He even said he wants to visit her and the island again. No way she doesn't like the person who helped him rescue Ace. That meant a lot to him.


>I'm so fucked up

the other guy saying hancock and luffy's "hug" was a hint


Get a room you guys

>never been a shipperfag
>think shipping luffy with anyone is blasphemy
>find myself unironically shipping LuffyxKatakuri
Is there something wrong with me?

Definitely not.

Why do people think shipping Luffy with anyone is dumb? It makes perfect sense the most liked character (according to the polls) and the main character will get shipped.

I'm the same


what a faggot, kill yourself

did the cracker fight already happen in anime?

>kong's son
>luffy's cousin (since kong is garp's brother). technically 1st cousin once removed
>one-shots: aokiji, shanks, zoro, big meme and kizaru when he's not cheapshotting
>universally loved and everyone wants to find him, otherwise kaido will kill everyone in wano
>has an amazing backstory we've not heard about yet, but eventually will
>is going to team up with luffy and law in the final arc as confirmed in a fan's rendition of that arc
>when the group talked about him in zou, luffy pretended he forgot who he was (banter)
>has a personal army of 100,000 based new world pirates
>best buds with the strongest man in the world and the pirate king's son
>as powerful as kaido or blackbeard or akainu
>protector of one piece: he's the only living pirate besides the dark king who knows what one piece is because edward told him one night while drunk. he will be MAJOR in helping luffy get it.

is there anything he CANT do

Zoro peaked at skypiea, its been a downwards spiral ever since

Defeat Blackbeard

It's already over user
>sanji mentions how he scared nami
>nami tells sanji how much he terrified her
>titles video "Nami Angry At Sanji For Fight Against Luffy"
Even a non-shipper would see how that's fucked up interpretation. Nami is clearly mad at Sanji for scaring her, not hitting Luffy.

I don't believe Cred Forums now when they say Lunafags don't exist.

Law is fucking gay

He "loses" in the same way that Jotaro "loses" to Sheer Heart Attack.

>getting triggered by a youtube shipper
Any Strawhat would be mad at Sanji if they were there in place of Nam (Leave Chopper). Shipping doesn't even have anything to do with it. Fuck off with your bait and ship you moron.

Oda is a ____

Thank you user, you're the best

>what is Thriller Bark Zoro


the bath scene better have lesbian undertones

for getting scared? the only one getting scared after nami and chopper would be usopp.
i'm condemning shipping you moron, the subs say one thing but the youtube shipper says otherwise.



>he meant to do it

So what has Pekoms been up to since he got shot?

>having a problem with clickbait is shipping now

>He "loses" in the same way that Jotaro "loses" to Sheer Heart Attack.
By literally getting btfo?

>thread bitch still at it

It can easily be said Nami was mad at Sanji for going against his own captain you fucking moron. It's not clickbait. You no Strawhat would get mad at Sanji for beating the fuck out of their captain, calling them lowly pirates and everything? You're just a retarded shipper who got triggered by a youtube title, fuck off and go to tumblr.

I don't understand why Pekoms of all characters couldn't be killed off. I bet Bobbin inexplicably survived too.

any strawhat*

luffy would never have teamed up with bege if pekoms had actually died

Reminder that Katakuri has already seen the outcome of the clash and thats why he said "ill put you to sleep, this is the end strawhat"

>spicbros love dbs last night
>Cred Forums hates it
>Cred Forums hate pol
>Cred Forums also hate spics
Cred Forums is literally that inept child who thinks highly of himself while the rest of the world quietly moves on without him.

Of course Bobbin survived, he's the secret 5th commander.

>I bet Bobbin inexplicably survived
He obviously did, you mong. It's like you don't know what series we're talking about here.
>muh deaths
>muh serious tone

Cant wait for luffyfags to be btfo in 2 weeks

Cred Forums didn't hate the DBS episode.

They hated Vegetas final stand. Probably because he didn’t win with Jiren coddling him?

Cred Forums loves shitting on Vegeta.

>It's like you don't know what series we're talking about here.
The series with multiple deaths in this one arc

Poor Oven

Which is what you say but I’m of a different opinion after browsing forums yesterday.

I swear I'm not a furry guys haha
but Pudding is sort of cute

You're in the wrong thread user


>It can easily be said Nami was mad at Sanji for going against his own captain you fucking moron.
user go watch the fucking episode again. If Nami was mad at Sanji for shitting on Luffy or his dream then she should have mentioned it instead of saying he scared her, which Sanji alludes to before they talked through the mirror.

You a fucking speedwatcher?

/r/ing you to kill yourself

How did he scare her

Why does this trigger you so much? Because you don’t like it?

lul garbage sakuga as usual

I support this /r/

post it faggot

Why are One Piece threads dead lately?

If you don't see a dead body. It's alive. That simple.

furfags are cancer

Proving once again the uncomfortable ineptitude of the average user

i also support this, drawfags need to get out

why are furfags so afraid of skin?

Who gets this asshurt when told to fuck off?

Who instantly seethes at the mere thought of popping your safe space bubble

furfags opinion doesn't matter. You're not even human, scumshite

That is completely not my point.
He just takes the defining traits away and still claims his bastardized drawing is Carrot.
It's literally just fanfic posting.

This but unironically
Are you a mad he did no mention carrot?
Sorry, we all know Nami is his one true love. You should too

>edit was posted an hour ago

Ask him

opfags can't even read jfc

After browsing spic last night I am suddenly curious about the state of Cred Forums. There was so much neutral discussion

>Vegeta did very good for where he was at
>It wasnt what I wanted but Vegeta gave it his all. Good guy

Come to Cred Forums and its dolls and reeeeeeee around every corner

Because the ears are the best part about Carrot.

how far is the anime from the manga at this point?

In a row, nice

Wouldn't you like to know?



Or yesterday or friday but sure dissociate from the behavior because 60 minutes isnt fast in your world.

Yeah the faggot is a suspected LuNa tard.
Don't give him views user.

Best fight in all of One Piece

How can you compare this to Luffy vs Lucci? The artwork is outdated and doesn't have better pacing.

I'll admit, I chuckled

Why did she choosed to walk next to Luffy bros?

A fight being long doesn't mean it has bad pacing.

Because the captain has to walk in the middle as the important person

Captain gets his pick of the litter too right
and the majority of spoils of plunder
So hes alpha with more treasure
What does nami like bros?

Not spics that's for sure

>race defines who you are
user, why are you so racist?

Luffy is brazillian

Why are you shitposting?

I agree

So what is shipping? Is that not a bastardization of odas work? Plus fujo shipping? Quit being self righteous when you are wrong

How will nostalgiafags recover from this Cred Forums?

Because there is no modicum of respect or integrity in these generals anymore. If every thread starts with the intent of

>i can break rules for the sake of it

Why expect any user in the thread to regulate their own behavior? Thats not the reason this site exists. /s

Who says I'm a shipper?
Shipping is dumb, it plays no role at all in the story and is fanfic aswell. But at least the shippers argue with (implied) story points, so it's still kinda on topic discussion, even tho it's the lowest form by far. I'd rather keep them and get rid of human carrot faggot.

And human carrot is on topic because its carrot

Katakuri is a genius level fighter, hemakes Mochi look strong, not the other way around.

Rubber > Mochi but Katakuri is so skilled and imaginative, and Luffy being such a rookie in comparison, that he makes it seem otherwise.

Nostalgiefag here, I absolutely love this arc and Katakuri, but I can still love the shit out of my nostalgia overload that is Skypia

Did Luffy tasted on some of Vivi's spit here?

it's not.

there was a black nami poster quite some time ago, he got the treatment he deserved. why do you suck human carrot fags dick?

Because your odd meltdowns are peculiar and Im a student of human behavior

looks like garbage

feels like skin
trade offs i guess

>tfw we'll have to wait BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of years for the next chap
That's it, suicide is an legit option now

Why is Oda such a woman hater?

>drawfags need to get out
They're fine


>manga on break
>anime on break

Remember when there where actual people who thought snakeman was gonna change luffy into a actual snake with scales and venom.

only human carrot fag needs to get out, the others are comfy

W-what's even happening

I don't get it, did they turn into dolls? but at the same time they're shitting in diapers?

>anons who bring creative original content need to leave so i can spam my zoo unfettered
Good lord you faggots

Thanks for reminding me i am part of a autstic fanbase

There are so many places on the internet you go to that dont have human carrot

>LuNafags unironically saying Luffy was jealous
Talk about grasping at straws

Couldn't you have just looked at the state of this shitty thread? One guy told a shitposter to fuck off and all hell broke loose.

el serpiente de goma..

His logic is right though. Why was Nami angry at Sanji again? Because of what had transpired during the Luffy and Sanji meeting. Meaning that the beating of Luffy is what made Nami angry.

Are you retarded?

>cognitive dissonance of a sheltered safe space user
Thats not whats happening at all

These comments holy shit

Where? I didn't see anyone say Luffy was jealous.

And I strife to keep the other places clean of it. It's smut and needs to be purged, hated and kept in private by those lowly lifeforms who enjoy it.

Carrot enjoys it?

Same thing

Yet you wont answer how this is different from fujoshit? All im seeing are opinions so far

Man, the mods really don't give a shit about One Piece threads.

Is like you didn't read that guys post. Literally tells you the answer is the first 3 green texts
The video that guy posted. Notice their names btw. Will give you an idea who ships luna

>Not a single mention of based Brook stealing the arc.

Fujo is fanfic garbage aswell.
and probably only makes sense for Robin

You forgot to add "nice headcanon".

You noticed it now? If mods actually made an effort they would ban 50% of all the posts in these threads

Then where are these meltdowns during LuKa PSAs?

To uncultured swine

>muscles so detailed the veins pop out
Why did they make him so erotic?

>feels like paper

Its too much. Shame we need babysitters/parents to regulate our behavior if we cannot do it on our own. Every thread starts off breaking rules. Dont know why youre complaining about behavior in thread past that.

dont remind me

magellan? lucci? aokiji? luffy was being kicked around in the war? is this bait?

Crocodile lost to Luffy though you dumb beever

Aokiji fucking trashed him.

Kuma bitchslapped him across the world

Magellan sent him directly to ICU

still beat him. twice

>newfags talking about rules
This whole thread should be banned. Generals aren't allowed in Cred Forums. Lurk more faggots.

It's not that his teeth are ugly, it's that his mouth goes all the way to his ears he had to have them stitched together. Do you know how creepy it would be if someone's lips went all the way to their ears,

which one of you keeps doing this?

Why does his lips end at the stitches then?

only officially lost to crocodile and Magellan due to poison cheats
dog-tooth would rape Magellan and crocodile combined without even trying but he cant defeat luffy because of muh 2 year timeskip garbage

I had my complains about Fujoposting years ago, and right now it's way less persistent in these threads than during Dressrosa for example. LuKa is a special case, since it's exaggerated bromance from their fight. It has at least some footing. Not in a serious ship, but as a funny trope to exploit. It's still fanfic shit in the end, but way less annoying than this other faggotry.
Human Carrot is completely unrelated to literally anything in the story, there's nothing wich would 'justify' this. At all.

tl;dr fujoshit was present way before and there's nothing to change that, but human carrot is just coming so it's possible to blight it

Krieg still stood and was ready to fuck shit up, tho uncoscious, while Luffy was taking a nap at the seafloor

slow down with your headcannon user. Crocoboi sure i get that but how does Kata deal with Venom Demon? Its impossible to even approach Magellan

You can watch the whole Bee movie on Pornhub

Remember when mods came down a few months after thread bitch started the pre bump limit schtick? Literally gave guidelines on how to behave and it curbed inane shit for a few weeks.

So we do generals whatever thats fine. What irritates me is that we do generals, which technically arent allowed, and then faggots go making more than one general at a time, posting the second general before bump limit and then continuing this for 2 years.

If we cant moderate our wrong behavior in the first place, its stupid to think anons within the thread will follow suit.

What's the joke?

>human carrot cant be justified
>human carrot

Take a look at Mileena.

So you could justify 'oars race robin' just because 'robin' and 'oars'?

yeah have you read the chapters after marineford apparently theres a thing called armament haki and literal fucks every devil fruit user in the ass unless youre the mc then it dosent affect you

Translate the entire thing into Spanish.

>This is how Zoro is too
Zoro wouldn't single one of them out.

If justifying LuKa works then sure

If it was the love of his life he would

each new one piece episode gets posted on spankbang then gets deleted. i'm wondering who's behind this

Why do people like her so much? she has been in the the top 10 poll since like ever.

You are

Waifubait, femdombait.

Because she is one of the most beautiful women in the OP world?

So, because waifufags.

I read the manga for the first time in two months or so, without speedreading, so it's possible.

Robin is okay

It's a porn site.

Shirk instant gratification and go at your own pace. Every arc has something worth building up to and enjoying each moment of their journey is worthwhile.

I know that, it's called Spankbang. I just thought there was some kind of joke that happened in the episode.

>Hancock is Hinata of One Piece in terms of wife potential
Is this what Hancockfags actually believe?

It'll never end.

After Luffy becomes king of the pirates, that's when raftel will return to warn of the coming of the Space Pirates.

one piece isnt porn

>yfw luffy defeats dogtooth

Hagcockfags are retards. Waifufags are fucking cancer.

Rules are ment to keep newshits like yourself off this site, come back when you're 18

Why did she not say she won forgive sanji for hurting Luffy?


Who do you ship Luffy with?
He will have a kid with someone in the end

Hancock deserve a real husband; Hancockfags hate her disguising it as love

>Who do you ship?
I thought Lunafags were retarded but


I just realized Katakuri fired another Rocket Punch here.

Gag. Read the manga.
>Who do you ship Luffy with?
No one. I don't see Luffy as a harem protagonist.

Remember when new openings was something to look forward to because there was some effort put into them?

>Haki ignores poison
Shut the fuck up.

Literally stated to be the sexiest character in One Piece. Yamato nadeshiko design when every other female looks like some kind of Euro. Also the easiest female character to relate to.

>the love of his life
Alcohol? A fancy sword? Perona? Mihawk?


I once saw the final fight between Saitama and Boros on PornHub

I don't because Luffy's not thay kind of character, even Ichigo was less sexless than him.

Literally proto-02

You do understand the people backing you up are the LuNafags using you to attack the LuHan fags

stay mad

Fire Grilled Mochi Fists at him till he falls.

I remember watching video like this, about Jinbe speech about Wedding in ep 824 and Nami's sob about Sanji was cutted off.
But now it's fixed and have better subs, lol.

Don't be stupid, no one ships LuNa.


>Gag. Read the manga.
I dont see how that makes sense.

Nothing can top this fight between Katakuri and Luffy. Its the perfect mirror fight.
Oda should just stop One Piece after this fight

She says the same thing in the manga though? I do agree it was a gag

I like this
It is like yyh or hxh

>mirror fight
>in the mirror world

You do


Do you have something against Oars-race Robin?

I didn't say it was filler.

Turn the area around him into Mochi and murk him with Peerless Donuts.

What were you trying to say then?

Nah Oda shouldve stopped one piece after defeat on sabaody. Romantic tragedy

This needs to be a thing. Next in line should be Nami and Rebecca.

>no fangs
>no extremely oversized forearms

e for effort

That Nami saying she wouldn't forgive Sanji is a gag, as in a joke. They even have the text box stabbing him in the chapter.


Oh okay

>Damn he doesn't ship Luha definitely a Luna shipper!!
Being this retarded.

Could she sprout horns? Would make for some interesting combos

>a gag, as in a joke
So weren't Sanji's nosebleeds but that was the driving plot point behind Fillerman Island.

reread my first post then. You missed the point.

I don't even like Nami.

I'm not the guy you people were replying to.
I don't ship Luffy with anyone I was just curious who you people ship

That's the problem with attention deficient newfags. It's a big problem but one that can't be solved unless they themselves fuck off this site.

t. newfags

I hate fan fiction more than One Piece Furries.

I want the person who posts human carrot to know that they are loved and admired

Do we have a name for the Charlotte cutie with the red hair and black horns? The one that immobilised Nami

Katakuri vs Luffy with Tate and Shida doing key animation could be a Fight of the Year Candidate.

At least better than Goku vs Jiren I.

Ooh okay. I'm glad this isn't a gag anymore and becoming canon by the chapter


It's only the best if Luffy loses. He he wins it's merely good by nature of following the classic formula.


I like Skypiea too. Hopefully the moon arc brings back that comfy adventure feeling.

For myself I dont mind inane behavior if there is a desire to learn. Seems that a select few newfags revel in being obnoxious which I find strange.

The best girl of the Charlotte family.

Anyone else eaten mochi before?

We know her name for more than a year now retard

Ive had those tapioca balls in tea or whatever. Some of them are mochi I think

Yes, I love mochi.

Probably Nami :)

Relax mate i plan to reread the entire arc soon i was just curious and too lazy to find out myself by spending 10 seconds in google



with the only person that likes him. His love doesnt matter because he asexual.

I'm pumped for the Moon. I'd love to learn more about the Skypeople and their history.
Maybe we get some additional info once Urouge has his time with the Strawhats aswell.

this user gets it

Just compare Nami to Hancock. Nami looks cute, but Hancock just looks perfect. Reiju looks like a slut too which makes her hot.

No, they're tapioca, which is made with cassava.

Is she standing on her own shit?

>not memorising the names and birth order of every single Charlotte

looks like gold treasure

Praline is easily in second place.

nah, thats gold. It does look terribly done though.

I want to watch this but how the fuck am I supposed to get through 1000 episodes?


>back muscles
lady lady hhnnnngggghh

>moderate our wrong behavior
what does that even mean; self control?

Most aesthetic fight.
>Devil Fruits are almost mirrors of each other
>fighting in the mirror world
>Katakuri copies Luffy's attacks first to psychologically damage Luffy
>Luffy ends up copying Katakuri's future sight
>Flampe, the gum fruit sister ends up in the middle of it
>both Katakuri and Luffy love their food



How about we stop discussing crack ships and start talking about imminent canon ships like SaNami?

Luhan is a crack ship?


or we talk about the best actual canon ships
post your favourites!

Luvi is a crack ship?

>One piece

Great idea user.

I agree.

Look. Luna isn't canon but I can see why people ship them. It's not even close to a crack ship.

>Sanafag is going to have to wait 10 years before eos happens


t. Samefag

Shipping a 19 years old boy with 48 years old man is wrong.

It is because neither of them is interested. wtf are you talking about?

why do people hate luffy so much? everytime he beats a villain it's because that villain is weak. and whenever luffy's is fighting someone they want him to lose because they don't believe he's at the level of the villain he's fighting.
luffy loses this fight if katakuri is allowed to go after his crewmates. luffy wins the fight if he is allowed to escape mama's territory with his crew. if luffy doesn't win it's the end for the strawhats

>A traitor as best Charlotte girl

Except mochi loves rubber now so hes going to protect his rival while strawhats sail away

>confusing friendship for romance
>I can understand
If you take off you shipping Goggles you won't understand


Main female/male lead, closest female that isn't makino or dadan, always by his side, arlong park.

The same can be said for a sister but im just giving reasons why people like seeing them together.

I want to DESTROY Smoothie

I unironically want you to fuck off and return to whatever shithole you came from.

>not wanting to see Luffy's offspring with Hancock grow up in Amazon Lily surrounded by bunch of qt onee-sans

Fags, all of you.
Their offspring will be the first male born from Amazon Lily tribe.

Am i the only one who can't fucking stand Sabo?

Oda just made him up out of no where so Luffy could have another brother type. He is gonna also die just like Ace.

reminder that enel is the only being ever (real world too) to succesfully sail into space

>I can see why people ship them
>Main female/male lead
You would think people learned after Naruto and Bleach

He looks too much like Luffy.

Its pretty obvious some people like seeing them together. I'm just talking about moments that hint at them being more then friends, which there ate none.

Luffy needed an emotionally stable brother so guide him through harsh new world. Ace was the biggest faggot and I never thought Oda would write such a self brooding faggot

Me. He's unneeded. Only there to make Ace's death sadder.


not quite


>i am home

How is Luffy not yet a Yonko? If you take a look at his resume, it's fucking stacked. I doubt any other characters have achieved as much as him.

For example, Katakuri is portrayed as stronger than Luffy. But I doubt he has achieved as much as Luffy.

>out of nowhere

The fact that Fuscha village chief mentioned "Dadan" right after Luffy's bounty went up due to Enies Lobby pretty much established that there was more to Luffy's backstory.

I like the character better than Ace's but his place in the plot is shit.

truly deserving of the title God.

I hate LuNa

Friendly reminder Ace always had this Tattoo

I hope Jinbe was lying and Pekoms died


Arguably the most controversial thing in One Piece.

>Did Oda plan Sabo to exist way way before?
>Did Oda just drew a joke tattoo and later use it for Sabo?

This. It fucking talks.


Where does Perospero live back? I know he rules over Candy Island but where does he sleep?

There is a hole in the middle of the C. I see what they did there.

I dislike him too, he was made because Ace had a lot of fujos, even though Katakuri now just filled that space and is actually a decent character

On a bed


I guess he had the backstory and family of Luffy planned ahead, it's the main character after all.

But I can agree that the implementation of Sabo could have been done better, or at least with a few more hints sprinkled throughout the story instead of mainly just dumping him into the Flashback.

>crap i made a shitty character with a le edgy misspelled tattoo when i was 17
>im 40 now and dont like him now what should i do

Yes, put human Carrot fag in there. He was here for two threads but let quite the impact.

>Nami and Luffy at same frame
>it's love
I love that retard logic.

Can't wait to see how Katakuri will skyrocket into the top 10, or at the least the top 20.
Also its hard to believe Jinbei is so popular even though he gets shorthanded for merch and fanart a lot.

I can't blame people for shipping luffy and nami they always alone together in multiple arcs skypiea, drum island,whole cake Island,and the strong world movie

Man I forgot Reiju even exists.

Big boobs
Long Hair
Actually knows how to fight unlike their rival
That's about it.

I hate Chopper.

>oda will make romance in the crew even though he said he wont make romance in the crew
I love that retarded logic

Also the same shy behaviour around their loveinterest

Is Gastino Caesar 's son?

>that picture
Kek lunafags are the KANGZ of reaching

I can't watch a single moment of WCI in the anime.

I don't know who the fuck consulted Oda on color schemes for this arc, but every single Charlotte except maybe Katakuri is an assault on my senses.

Big Meem is a fucking joke.
If this is the power of yonko, I think the end of one piece is near.

>i don't like kill characters in OP (c) Oda 10 years ago
>literally last anime episode was about mass murderer
Why are you so naive?

>Oda starts challenging himself with little sister moe
>makes the perfect big brother

Blame Oda

>If this is the power of yonko, I think the end of one piece is near.
It literally is though. After Wano there's probably just going to be Elbaf, Raftel, and the Final War, with maybe one other arc thrown in.

Uchouten Kazoku

What characters died?

What is Crocodile's secret that hormone okama knows? Was he a girl all along?



Delusional LuNafags, they already killed by Oda himself

Why are you so naive?

Mariejois/reverie arc too
And maybe an arc around the revolutionaries if that isn't covered in one of the others

Luffy and Nami's kid looks pretty cute

So who do you want Luffy to actually hook up with?

It’s good. I had it with ice cream.

No one

Including that makes no sense, they'll have to use the same opening for another 70 ep until that fight.
I want a new one after the cake assault.




Not even joking

Best girl Marguerite


I doubt we'll have Elbaf, desu. Seems underwhelming after Wano. But it's one of the hyped island. I wonder how Oda will pull it off.

Meat. Stop shipping please.

Some random woman with red hair so when the epilogue comes around, you think the kid is Nami's but LuNafags get eternally BTFO the very next chapter when it's just some random girl from his hometown.

>can't even find word's to argue and steal it

But Nami's hair is orange though.

>Oda should cuck Sanji

I know, and I hate it.

Rebecca. Just because of how angry it would make everyone.

> red hair
Shanks turn to woman tnx to Ivankov.

If your argument hinges on characters dying but you cant name a character that died then you have no argument

No shipping luna is like shipping ichigo and rukia

One Piece

Luffy will die at the end. There, I said it.

Are you ok with Luffy having several kid to different girl?

Boa and Robin is guaranteed to have a child at this point.

Honestly. Fuck off. Im just hoping two of my favorite characters end up together. I don't care if Sana happens but let me ship two of my favorites in fucking peace. You Sanafags say us Lunafags are annoying but you're the fucking assholes who spam the entire fucking threads and always reply in our posts with Sana.

Hancock needs to get lost.

When will someone important actually die

He will die, but only after he inseminate Hancock.

Harem. Hancock, Vivi, Shirahoshi, Rebecca

Delusional Hagcock fapboys.

>no nami
I wonder who's behind these posts

Newfag please stop being so sensitive. I was joking around like I always do. No need to get so hurt.


Oda editor here,
Hancock will win.

Their child will be the protag of Two Piece.

Not a delusional shipfag, that's who.


There is no "Luffybowl" in One Piece. If you like romance you should read some shitty LN.

>unironically being a shipper

>coming out as a sana shipper and derailing entire threads
What the fuck happened to these threads? We were just fine in Zou.

Well your other LuNa tard friend gave your people bad rep in here. So don't blame us

Not having romance does not mean that we won't get a timeskip where Hancock becomes a doting mother.

Is anyone but me disappointed in this chapter?

It's like the same shit as the past 10 chapters, nothing's changed. Luffy's getting whooped but someone Katakuri is more injured.

Snake Man looks like shit too. Nothing we haven't seen before.

>character who died must be major one to turn manga in some dark shit trope
>it dosn't matter if people start dying after TS like flyes, at Fishman Island, Dress Rosa, Weeble/Bege, Marineford.
>Pedro, Pound
Oh you. Even OP universe matured, but not your simpleton logic.

it'll go back to normal after this arc.

Because Zou is actually a good arc.
This arc is the probably the worst arc ever. Literally nothing interesting.

I love this picture so much.

I just hate L*N*. I don't hate Sana as much, but I still dislike it.

Its planting seeds. Wait until snakeman breaks out his fire moveset.

I don't want you to get hurt user. It won't happen

>Paguya, Pell
mhmm mhmm

>Zou is actually a good arc.
>This arc is probably the worst arc ever
Hey user, your opinion is on backwards.

>crying about Sana and not luna
The LuNa shit cries out in pain as his ship sinks


t. Spee D. Reader

LuHan > ALL

Which arc is worst:

>Fish Island
>Big Mom Arc

Hagcock is one of the worst characters Oda has ever put us through.

How is this arc bad? I find it the best One Piece arc.

Holy shit fuck off Sanafag. I'd cry about them if they even derail threads. All the threads are filled with Sana faggotry.

Big Mom is a boring character.

Are you even reading this thread?
LuNa(you) derailed it

>Im not marrying, Hammock.

>Derailing thread
>Not even admitting to it and blaming it on some other ship

How the fuck am I even supposed to like Sanafags?

How is she boring? Because she doesn't fight them? Either way the arc has a lot of interesting characters.

I can't admit to something you did.
And I don't care hate SaNa all you want at the end of day you will just be another person getting laughed at every time SaNa wins

Because she's literally autistic. I agree on this arc having interesting characters, but the same can be said on most arc.


This arc has the best powers

>Debut:Chapter 155
>Release Date:October 7, 2000
>Paguya Debut Chapter 239
>Release Date: July 22, 2002
>Oda's lack of balls to kill necessary characters still stay relevant 15+ years later, where people in manga actually start to die permanently, when someone kill them.
Can you post more outdated shit to prove your nothing to say?

Or can you post impending SaNa to prove your ship will never happen?

Here's the proof the entire threads are derailed by Sanafags you fucking retard.
Compare this to the number of Luna posts on this thread.

This chart is retarded. Awesome villains like Buggy and Caesar fit shit tier but they certainly don't belong there.

It's rated pretty high here so I'm glad