Why does everything turn into either haremshit where no development ever happens or edgy revenge where MC edges so hard...

Why does everything turn into either haremshit where no development ever happens or edgy revenge where MC edges so hard he can't make time for relationships. Why can't more stories just have a developed romance, or romance at all?
Isekai thread

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Or, you can have a series like pic-related where MC gets his main revenge early on and the rest of the series just goes downhill from there.

I'd say that falls into the edgy revenge story catergory. Completely mind breaks and erases the princess' mind/personality from existence.
>oops better not fall in love with her I'm supposed to hate her
For what purpose?

Shit series but goddamn that art.


I literally can't find anything good to read.

Kaifuku is shit. I'm trying to get into Death Mage but this seems like pretty edgy horseshit also. At this point I doubt the other things people have recommended are going to be very good either.

Off the top of my head, try Death flag, Skeleton Knight, The New Gate, Tsuki ga. Those series have a decent amounts of chapters and neither of the tropes mentioned in OP. Also disregard the hate for SAO, its current Alicization arc is above average and in a sense isekai.

Yeah I was thinking about trying Skeleton knight. I had started New Gate a while back and thinking of picking it back up since I didn't hate the bit I read, how's the character development in it? Is it just shounen battling and harem building or does he just decide to romance the elf from the beginning? I also got through about 230 chapters of Tsuki ga and was thinking about starting that one up again though there's 0 romance involved considering MC refuses to even consider the dragon or spider.

Just read sword dad. Fast translations and a decent story.

I still can't see how that story can be anything but just battles. A sword can't really have character development.

Kuro no Maou had a decent fast translation until the translator started translating gookshit.

>Kuro no Maou
380 is a pretty decent number though it doesn't look like it's been updated since December. TL drop it you mean or are the still working on it?

>He refuses the sweet dragon bow
Is this MC gay or what

>>He refuses the sweet dragon bow

>Death flag
oh nice, it's been been a few months since I put that on my hiatus list and forgot about it. there has to be a few new chapters by now.

nope. fuck you.

The guy who gets summoned by the queen to make babies

Risou no Himo?


I would say the elf assistant got more character development, the MC has next to none and it's not shounen/harem building. Battles are generally easy for MC, the story is more focused on adventure and worldbuilding. Many girls have feeling for the MC but he just left after helping them. I think he realized the elf NPC had feeling for him but nothing concrete between them yet. And yeah forget about the romance in Tsuki, would be a long ass time before anything happens that's assuming the author hasn't dropped it. It's stuck on 295 for a while now, I only recommended those two since they fit the no harem/edgy MC criteria.

I heard that kind of went to shit as it went on.

Boy I wish there was twice as much Altina out as there is now, that'd tie me over for a few more days.

I am fine with him having no ambition, but refusing the dragon bow had to be the gayest thing ever. I hope the author gets a spider infestation in his colon.

What's the situation with the Skeleton Knight WN? Apparently, the translator has caught up to the author. Anyone know when we can expect the next volume to begin?

Shieldbro manga vol 10 cover.
Looks pretty nice

It is not the sword, but the cat that wields it.

Hm, I have a bias against things where the protagonist is a young girl.

WN volume 8 is 4 chapters out.

Next skeleton knight volume should be 25 March I think, though the translator only translated the WN so I don't know. Also Overlord is released april. Can't fucking wait

Is Stranger's Handbook any good?

>Canadian elves, other elves, some dwarves, humans, beastman ninjas, Arc and probably two dragon kings
>All of those going to war in vol 8

This feels a bit overkill, particularly the last 3 acting together.

Reminder that wars should be fought in the nude unless you’re a little bitch.

Can you into moon?

>Death flag
Chapter 99 never
>I'm trying to get into Death Mage but this seems like pretty edgy horseshit also
I didnt like it at first, but it gets better

>read a manga/ln tagged with harem
>complain about content harem
You're a retard.

Cause its the new magic school/battle harem op, already told you this like ten threads already.

I'm getting kind of sick of isekai. Everything seems to be fantasy land with adventurer's guilds. Is there anything that manages to be different, while at least being different?

Ar no Surge / Ar no Tonelico if you want to play game.
Ciel no Surge if you want to watch.

There are like loads of stuff: starcraft dungeon master, sentai autistic bizarre adventure, atheist summoned as bishop of satanic church, space pirates etc.

>atheist summoned as bishop of satanic church


I recommend Ciel no Surge too.

> Ciel no Surge
is this a porn game or something? wtf is with this quality.
anyway i have no will to watch the next video.

>Ciel no Surge

Blasphemy, It's pure story telling with astounding world building and characterization.

Because that is the sort of stuff YOU chose to read. ITs like watching only Michael Bay movies and complain that there is lot of explossions.

You have 12 kingdoms for example, that is a really nice Isekai. Why not go and read that? OR if you want something more recent Grimgar.

Of course there will be harem in your harem works. If harem is not what you search, search for some other thing. There is an infinite number of isekai out there right now and lot of them don't are about harems.

>atheist summoned as bishop of satanic church
Can you drop me a hint to google for please?

He cant use it, everyone in that world is fit as fuck, and the dude was wageslave.

It's not translated:

>not knowing about song magics

>Tanaka built his Resort on that killing field.
>He used Sim City Magic
>He created healing Onsens
>Loli Dragon helps him
>First day they receive customers
>Loli dragon gets slapped by a Big Breasted Glasses wearing Teacher
>She slaps back
>Teacher turns into meat shower
>Gets depressed cause Tanaka warned her not to kill willy nilly
>Thinks Tanaka hates her
>Tanaka goes out to find her
>Tells her he doesnt hate her
>Lolidragon goes doki doki
>She asks him if she wants to be part of her roost(Mate), thinks its an honorary dragon title
>Tanaka doesnt understand
>Rejoins everyone
>Tanaka asks what the deal with the roost thing is
>Lolidragon explains about Dragon kinks
>Lenght of wings and width of tail is very attractive
>States that to be part of her roost they would need to have enough power to destroy the stone walls she built, so they are fit to destroy her hymen
>Misconstrues the idea as her already having someone destroyed her walls before
>Tanaka not interested.jpg
>Noble Mage suffering.webm

The Pope is op and the Cardinals are really powerful

The only good thing about Tanaka is mda satoru art




fuck off tabakafags this is a legit isekai thread

Skeleton Knight is really good

>That cliffhanger on ch15
I thought for sure he was going to succ elf-chan and getting disappointed from the lack of milk


So dragonloli is still pure?

If I deciphered it correctly from the MTL. . . .

But Tanaka tries to help his bro with hooking him up with her right?

yes he is still trying, he just wavered a bit when he was cheering up the dragololi cause she came out as super cute when shes sad, he starts to fight himself over helping out or not, and in the end after having some delusions he believe helping out a bro is the better course of action.

if i download the deathmage ln 2-5. will they contain illustrations?

It's "Ar tonelico", "Ciel nosurge" and "Ar nosurge", you retard.

What an imbecile.

remove tanakafags

Translation when?



Here, have some recommendations
Two ongoing, frequently updated series:
Saihate no Paladin meets Cthulhu Mythos&SCP.

The setting thought by autistic chuu2 kid came true.

Two of my favorite wns on narou, both are stalled for years:
Batshit insane scientist performs human experiments in order to achieve immortality.

Pretty much best written, very verbose ぼっち系 isekai.

Protagonist is the sword. His cheat is that he steals abilities of the monsters he kills and can share them with his wielder.
Little girl is his wielder that he decides to help become the strongest.
This begin the [s]cooking show[/s] adventures of Dad Sword and Fran.

Anyone else really hate the art of Isekai Mahou?
Also hate how the LN changed Fermenia. I started the series with the WN and she was much cooler there. She didnt fall in love with Suimei right away and even upto the current chapter there is only a subtle romantic tension between them which is leagues better than the dere she is showing in the LN. Her art even looks like a generic moeblob tsundere.
In fact, the artist draws all the male characters with super punchable faces.

I generally find this series horrible.

my murderous sadistic daghteru cant be this cute.

Newly translated series
> Maid will go on through thick and thin!
>Even though there was the usual development of being thrown into another world with swords and magic with the whole school, my job was [maid].
>My weapon is a feather duster! My skill is [cleaning]! This is a story of a maid with zero combat ability trying her best.

Translator comment
>Maid. Meido. Very maid. Things a maid does (some are debatable).
>No romance. No, main character will not somehow become the strongest. Maids are not supposed to fight. Other novels are strange.

I really liked it. upto around chapter 70 of the web novel, where he reveals to Titania that he was a magician. He had absolutely no reason to do that. It wouldve been easy to keep hiding the fact. He had tons of ways to do it. Author just got lazy and couldnt come up with a good reason

And yeah Felmenia had a more intellectual and calm aura in the web novel. In the ln version, she's more hot-blooded

Nice, I was reading the webnovel trans but I didn't know that it got printed?

That sounds absolutely aweful. I get that the author is trying to get away from normal isekai tropes, but becoming a maid is such a shitty concept compared to other attention grabbing isekais also trying to subvert the norm lime Sword-dad or Spider girl. I remember another noncombat-type of isekai where the MC is an inspector, and that ended up complete garbage where the MC is forced to rely on everyone else to do everything for him.

>it's another "hey Cred Forums, have you heard of [isekai series everyone has heard of]? It's not trash like all the other isekai because [insert stupid subversion of the usual formula] post

Not all isekai have to be about fighting.
Maids are probably the most common female isekai protagonist occupation after villainess oujo.


>No isekai where the protag has necromancer class and fight by controlling his dead classmates, after getting exiled by them

>I wonder who made you?
Probably Fargo, the maker of Jormungandr and Lindwurm.



Does "MC never gets sick" really apply when he's no longer a living thing?


i see another fool fell for the death mage is good meme


EXA_PICO is fucking GOAT, though only the last two games are arguably isekai, the rest are just science fantasy. And even then, those are really weird examples (not that isekai prides itself on its flexibility with tropes).


Do one for overlord and faraway paladin if you have the time user

user he is a sword, he can't get sick.

>no one else is from another world

hasn't even watched the show detected.

Kinda death mage and yuusha no eiyuutan

Shit, I forgot about Arisa, shes such a non character she failed to make a mark in my mind.


>getting sick
nigga tetanus would be a fukken buff
dumb ass isekai hater digibro wannabe i swear to god man.

>Mc party consists solely of love interests

I see you haven't read the series

Muv-Luv Alternative


ai ai aaaaah

Everything is garbage, at least if you pick a popular garbage, you don't have to worry about translator mysteriously vanishing and then nobody else picking up the series.

>Party Members include the Elf and Ninja Catgirl
>Cute Pet
>Side characters come and go never stick with MC.

He isnt a virgin? Does he fuck Arianne?

>Skeleton Knight
>Game mechanics

Nice bait

he isnt a virgin because of beta cuck causes, so it doesnt apply.

>Skeleton Knight
>Complaining he doesn't get diseases

>he isnt a virgin because of beta cuck causes, so it doesnt apply.

>magic having incantation means game mechanics
fucking dumb ass cunt, you need a HUD and levels for that tag.
go read more isekai

stop speed reading idiot, even the damn Manga explains this shit.

Thats only because he got isekai'd from the game, the world itself doesn't have game mechanics like death March or shield hero

Not a harem. No game mechanics. I don't remember him making anything aside from Italian food. I am also quite sure he isn't a high school student. Also how is Ariane a royalty?

He also has memories problem iirc.

Tsuki ga MC is considering them more after recent events in the WN, but new chapters have been less frequent recently, and the current arc still won't end.

>no Harem, Ariane is the village chiefs daughter so not Royalty
Fine ill remove it for now.
>Italian food
I knew it was a stretch.
>He isnt a High School Student
Until that particular mystery is revealed and explained the tag applies cause he thought he was a student playing a game.

I'm guessing she's gonna clean the brainwashing with her feather duster or another aria, because she's a maid/bard/animal tamer multi class.

>Medieval entire
Nope. The real elf village is scifi tier. Orcs have knowledge similar to modern plumbing. The mechas are corpses of ancient giants. Mummy monster hiding in a labyrinth once created nukes and threaten gods with it. Present isekai world had magecraft cannon artillery for at least a thousand years.

We are going to have to argue semantics then, cause the elfs dont openly share their tech and most of the human world is downright ignorant of it.

Can we truly judge the technological level of the world based on the most advanced culture, or is that panel outright flawed in the bingo?

The box did say ENTIRE. Moving goalposts is sign of weakness and being wrong.

Remove MC doesn't hesitate..... since the reason is his skelly form suppressing his emotions like Ainz in Overlord. Also he did think about his previous life in the later books, mentioning a girl who he considers a friend and one more but I can't remember, has something to do with an art exhibition. The elven gold is actually a tier higher than the regular gold. MC never gets sick because he's a goddamn skeleton. Jesus fuck go read the novel. All the other points can actually be refuted too if you actually paid attention. Fucking secondaries I swear

I see your point and concede the argument.

Don't reply to Cred Forumstarts.

>Not Rrha ki ra tie yor ini en nha
Nigger, are you even fucking tradition?
And, I still get no fucking clue how to pronounce the Emotional Song Pact.

>no more monthly ArTonelico/Atelier thread
I feel so old.

Isekai I legit like
>Nagai Koto
>Master of the Brave
>Haunted Duke's Daughter

Can anyone with similar tastes recommend me anything?

The Ninja girl isn't a love interest th o

wait, shit, master of the brave isn't isekai. Weeeell, you get the point.

Faraway Paladin

Google translating next chapter gives me that she just disguises herself, pretends to be an NPC and then uses poison.

Bakarina translations never. Also Reincarnated as the evil fat pig villainess in an Otome game(Which is actually Heroquest).

Growth Cheat is the best

Do you want to delve into the wonderful world of villainess reincarnations?

Hell, even Ariane is hardly a love interest. Everyone is comrade-dono-zoned. Don't really mind though.

>the last two games are arguably isekai
Nei Yuuki counts as an isekai person though.

>since the reason is his skelly form suppressing his emotions like Ainz in Overlord.

Only his fear. He hasn't lost his ethical compass like Ainz.

Wait a minute. That armored dude's a skeleton.

Okay, hold on, maybe its becouse i only read the manga but i don't remember shield guy making anything from their world at all, everything was videogame shit and also there's no local plage to begging with in the setting since healing potions and holy water exist that cure pretty much anything.

Also why is there no "Amazing japanese cuisine" or "Slaves"? This bingo sucks!

I already have, although maybe not EVERY single one.

villaiNESS? So, not the one with the manga that instantly skipped the MC's dieting?

right, yeah, that's on the list.

The Mad Scientist Naofumi Arc
>This Bingo sucks
I agree, the panels are too niche even for trashy isekai

He is role-playing as a holy knight that got cursed and now travels the land looking for a way to dispell it

user... you're a skelington too.

What about that elf god person who reincarnated from Satou’s world and wants him to either impregnate 100 women or become a god before being together with him? Satou also apparently knew the hero of that world from his previous life. Satou isn’t the only one from his world who reincarnated although that’s apparently much later in the novel.

Thanks a lot. That'll keep me entertained for some time.

That elf didn't reincarnate, and wasn't from Satou's world. There is no proof of Satou reincarnating either, any memories of that time are hidden like some of his other memories, and normal reincarnation has a different color hair.

>Chapter 99 never

Updates never ;_;


>Love ancient Dragon
>Chapter 18 never


Check out Katahane no Riku if you haven't read it. It's finished, but supposedly a part two is due eventually. Eliza is great, but shame it isn't updating. Going to have to check out the others.

Is Volume 3 part 1 worth the money for it? I've been waiting for it to show up on nyaa, but I am getting tired of waiting.

>"skelington isekai" becomes a genre

I think its the "FPS guy in fantasy land" manga

Manuke FPS, also oh fuck.

If only New Saga had more translated chapters too.

You can find on VN meido

ah, I finished that but found the last arc.....subpar.

Our heroic male "protagonist" manned the fuck up, but never ultimately found a solution to....anything. Boring.

Dragon guy was depressingly shallow for someone so competent.

2 characters died in really anti-climactic ways that really just wanted them out of the picture.

And when you get rid of most of the rest of the cast like that, Riku just isn't someone who can carry the show by herself.

>Skeleton Knight, The New Gate, Tsuki ga
I don't know about Death Flag but you're a fucking liar. All of the quoted have their MCs have "no time" for romance.

Skellington is about to and Tsuki ga MC too

Arc's in the middle of a war and the most development Raidou had was realizing the dragon and spider were women in the onsen. That's not romance.

Why do you not mark any with 'not japan de gozaru~' when pretty much all of them qualify?

Sweet, thanks user! Really been wanting to read this, but couldn't justify ten bucks for half a volume.

I found it subpar as well, and agree with your criticisms. Still, as far as the usual isekai fare goes, I think it was a decent enough showing. I am hoping part two actually characterizes her past the revenge obsessed sadist that only cared about her benefactor.

Cause i dont know what the hell the maker of the chart meant by that.

volume 3 part 1 and part 2 are full LNs, 200 pages each

Im pretty sure that means it has a fantasy japn nation, which exists solely so the mc can get a katana

It's probably about a not japan country.

Can anyone recommend me something as fun as Konosuba.

It means the harem girl from fantasy not-Japan who wears her hair in a ponytail and wields a katana and ends all her sentences with de gozaru~

I thought it meant it's not japan but everyone uses japanese concepts (onsen, katana in sword shop, the way/type of bows, ranks, familiarity, etc., usually in a western fantasy setting), which happens basically everytime (thus would naturally fit on a bingo sheet, as opposed to fantasy japan, which rarely happens).

How about banging your head repeatedly on the nearest wall? It should be slightly more fun than konosuba.


I think is cause you look for romance in anime/manga that are not about romance.

This but unironically, it's really funny seeing how bad it is.

You must be 18 or older to browse this site.

Besides in the LN that arc is no longer a thing, sadly.

I genuinely find it fun tho I like how scummy Kazuma and the gang are and was hoping there was more like it.

I read it when it was first released, but now that it has become infested with lolis I stopped reading it.

>I thought it meant it's not japan but everyone uses japanese concepts (onsen, katana in sword shop, the way/type of bows, ranks, familiarity, etc., usually in a western fantasy setting)
>fantasy setting
>harem girl pouts that MC is calling her "last name-san"

Who's the most handsome isekai protagonist? Canonically and from design perspective.

That's not an isekai though.


I don't think any series is gonna ever make this bingo. The first slot is impossible to score.

There are no isekai set on "not Japan" because there is no japanese work set on "not Japan". Medieval fantasy always takes place on original worlds but for some reason, all the Japanse fantasy stories take place in Japan itself (or a warped version of Japan).

Often in those original worlds there is a character or two that comes "from the east" that is clearly inspired in Japan, but the action never ever takes place in that country.

I triple dare you to mention ONE just one Japanese fantasy work, where the action takes place in "Not Japan"

I wanna nep nep Neptunes nep neps.

>I triple dare you to mention ONE just one Japanese fantasy work, where the action takes place in "Not Japan"


It doesn't say anything about being set in not-Japan, just it existing is enough to score.

Seto no hanayome

Well he tried to recreate from memory some trinkets he remembered from games in the story.
Also, his party doesn't consist only of love interests, naofumi knows nothing about the local language and had to learn the writing system because the weapon only translates what he hears, there's a lot of people that clearly know what they're doing but i don't blame youfor believing otherwise and lastly, the world isn't /entirely/ medieval. There's countries that advanced with the knowledge of past heroes, fabuley, above them all. Which has a ton of stuff like tanks, planes, guns and even printing paper.

Rudeus is said to be canonically handsome and has a decent design

fuck off no taste cunt
axion saga my man

Technically it is, but you're right.

Paladin Will and Master from dark guild would share top 1.

>axion saga
Ixion Saga

>I triple dare you to mention ONE just one Japanese fantasy work, where the action takes place in "Not Japan"


100% Bishounen. Sasuga Paul and Zenith's genes.

>You have 12 kingdoms for example, that is a really nice Isekai. Why not go and read that?
wait, theres a 12 kingdoms manga?

I miss old good fantasy. And by old good fantasy I mean a group of characters that depart on an epic quests and live adventures as they grow up and discover the world.

I think the only thing we had like that in the late years has been Abyss, Granblue and Bahamut. And of those two of them were only the beginning of the story and we don't know if anything else will be ever animated.

May be its just my perception, but isekai or not I'm under the impression that fantasy works have become way too static. Static in the sense that the characters just sit down on the same city/dungeon/guild all the time.

Where is the traveling, where is the adventure, where is meeting people and places.

Thanks god you can find it on manga, because anime media is almost desert on that front, the only shows close like that are already 10+ years old. I hope there is someday a batch conversion of nice fantasy works like Helk.

>as fun
I really want to say Tanaka, but seeing the reaction its getting lately, I dont know if I should.
I find it funny for my part, but I accept that its not everyones cup of tea.

You think you would find it here. Leave.


Shit, why the fuck i typed a instead of i?
I don't remember reading any isekai lately with a on the name.

There are FUCKTON of them on narou, what are you talking about? There is a special tag for those.

So Isekai experts, what do you think, the shadowy figure in this panel and the MC's advisor is the same person?

I want dina to serve me coffee.

Yes. Now go read something else.

IT IS isekai and I can prove it right here right now.

I want to eat Ion!

because most light novels are written by perma virgins who have never had a relationship in their lives

Probably, they all fuck more than you, the fact they write for permavirgings like you doesn't mean they are permavirgins themselves.


I love this series

Does he fug the wolf?

>Elves, dwarfs and orcs
This is the one that triggers me the more. I am perfectly fine with using tolkien creatures instead of your original ones, but damn it, at least give them some depth, make them an actual part of that world with their own culture and habits, not make them just humans with long ears.

Shieldbro has only demihumans and beastmen in the world he's summoned to. The other world he travels to has the rest of the humanoid races.

Oh there's also soul people and the humans with magic cores that look like gems, those are called jewels.

yes, and both princesses, and the sword saint, and the demon queen.

Guilty pleasure indeed.

He fugs everyone.

Catching up with translations of Tanaka I realize I fucking hate how WN and LN authors keep doing this thing where you will learn a piece of info in a dialogue and then the MC will repeat it for the read again in his internal monologue.

>MC: "I hear there are flying monsters around?"
>NPC: "Yes, they are in the Shithole Mountains."
>MC: "Are they dangerous."
>NPC: "Yes, they destroyed a village."
>Seems there are dangerous flying monsters around the Shithole Mountains.

Like nigga, we just learned that, the dialogue just stated the information clearly, why the fuck are you repeating it in the very next line?

I've seen that before, it seems like they are just trying to lengthen a chapter when they can't think of more to write.

>ctrl+F: Exterminator
>0 results
This poor souls

why does bakarina look so fucking sexy with that confident smile in every illustration?

i liked exterminator 2 more.

they have a word cotta to keep, hence the meanless dialogue

WNs have a word quota?

it's the quest summary for dialogue skippers in games

Or when the translation reads like game combat log.
>NAME hit the wolf in head. NAME skinned the wolf. NAME packed the wolf parts in his item box.
I wish I could figure out if the author is retarded or the translator but fuck.


This is so wrong.

She is a good dog
good dogs get treats

Didn't he promise her a litter of puppies after all this hero business is done

Because that's the shell she inhabits, it's what happens when you replace a genuine villain with a idiot.

Unrelated question, what happened to her fiance after growing up? We know that he's scheming and shit but i wonder if he became all yandere-like and shit. Would be a nice twist that at least that bad ending plays out but katarina fights for her life.

isn't tanaka "Sorry, didn't mean to kill you! Here, take this extra life!"

Nah, no yandere stuff, if you want that go read "I reincarnated in the world of a yandere otome game".

Wasn't that the smartphone one?

Does the MC fight his would be killers too?

Reminder that being able to read other people's thoughts will only make you miserable unless you're a sociopath.

mind reading is a shit ability anyway

>MC is weak as fuck
>medieval equivalent world
>There is no magic
>MC has to rely on his wits
poor guy

Word worst girls are usually where MC questions if they can read his mine.

MC pretty much stopped being apprehensive of her fiance after their first meeting. He still ended up yandere-ish though.

fuck yes it is.

>ywn be this comfy

Chinese WN sites sometimes do, but Narou doesn't have any word count requirement as far as I'm aware of. It's less that they're specifically trying to lengthen their word count and more that they're just releasing chapters of fluff to keep their reader base invested. So they release chapters where characters have pointless conversations if they can't think of anything better.

>but Narou doesn't have any word count requirement as far as I'm aware of
It does, actually. It's a stupid limit like 200 characters or something super easy to achieve, and any chapter that small literally isn't worth reading.

I only know this because some retarded authors like to post short updates with chapters, and the majority of the page is just filled with dash lines.

But yeah it's effectively not a quota since you'd naturally pass it.

what is she saying, Cred Forums?

>Was getting raped all over again part of your plan?

and you cannot detail sex and or rape.

come on. you cant not say that he forced the big sister to rape the little sister while little sister was still sane and herself.


Of course!

>Was getting raped all over again part of your plan?
It kind of was, wasn't it?

If they wanted to have that in something where it wasn't the focus of the WN, the simple solution would be to put that section elsewhere.

Thats why its funny!

> ywn relaxing after a day of freeing slaves, feeding fluffy magical beasts and importing chili peppers.

What's the next step of your master plan?

crashing this kingdom with no survivors

reminder that dragon loli are sensitive to licking in certain areas

>ywn feel warm water comfortably sloshing around in your skull/eyesockets
why live

It is my experience that everything is sensitive to licking if the licking is intensive enough.

Well, there's actually a way, if you REALLY want it.

Is that the NTR novel?

yes. don't read it.

>But you're reading harem
I'm quite enjoying RtW for the most part. That's labeled as harem. But look, he's engaged to main love interest and hasn't really done anything with anyone else.

Is there any isekai where the MC succesfully becomes a merchant without attracting too much attention?

>So, not the one with the manga that instantly skipped the MC's dieting?
Not sure if it's written by a blogger himself or translated from a more obscure WN. It might be dropped already. Asianhobbyist seems translate a lot at once but drops stuff pretty often.

Don't know why anyone would unless they were a mentally ill cuckold.

Sounds boring.


>Sounds boring.

Working behind the scenes without being noticed is interesting tho

Becoming successful seems like it should generally result in attracting attention, especially for someone who had no prior knowledge of the world and no connections. Tsuki ga has a merchant who only succeeds initially because he was so powerful already that he could ignore the problems an unknown new merchant should have had.

thats why I said too much, I remember an old anime from the 90s where the MC was a merchsnt in a fantasy world but behind the scenes he was doing all kind of things with his almost op abilities to secure his business, mess with nobles, cull monsters, etc.

Well that and he has a pocket dimension that allows him to make shit for .000000000001% of what everyone else has to because he has almost zero cost to create his products.

>Sounds boring.
The entire isekai media suffers from this. Because people like this I mean, all these works are about someone that gets al the power in the universe, then sits and chills around or builds a city for monsters or opens a restaurants or my "muh modern knowledge imrpoves their lifes".

I don't really get the point of having power fantasy stories and remove from them everything that reads adventure and transform into a SOL.

And there is nothing wrong to want an story about a merchant or a story about a restaurant, But for that you don't need a fucking isekai for that kind of story.

the isekai trope is basically escapism from the responsibilities and hardships of the 3D life

Black Company

But in theory, modern knowledge ought to really improve everyone's life.
And isn't that everyone's goal, to make life enjoyable for the maximum amount of people, so that you too will have a good enjoyable life?
Your self insert who has your kind of modern knowledge (to a certain degree) helps the primitives to have a good modern life, and thus, everything is good and fine.
Because sometimes, helping people having access to clean water and good food might help them out better in the long run than going around killing a demon king.

but you cannot put anything explicit on the site itself. i dont even understand how that site got popular. they cant even link with pastebin to explicit stuff.

>doesn't hesitate to kill
To be fair, he's a fucking sword. Killing shit is basically his raison d'être.

Blame the editor. It was his idea to turn Felmenia into a moeblob and now basically nobody likes her.

It shouldn't be too difficult if they really want to have it made. You don't even have to link anything, just use the same name on another site, and maybe reference that something else exists at best, and people will find it if the original is popular enough.

>Study and work hard
>Invent technology to defend the people of the country that graciously took you in
>Eventually become a teacher who is loved by all
>Expected to become the next Omen of the Rat, one of the Twelve Champions who defend humanity
>Find out you're the alternate self of the Vickas of Double Dealing, one of the ten great beings who exist to torment humanity
>"You" have been abducting people and doing terrible things to them this entire time
>Everything that makes you, you was fabricated in order to fuel a tremendous betrayal
>Defeat eventually comes to the "real" you, and there's only one thing you can say
>"Thank you"

>provides a completely meaningless "conversion" between modern and medieval currency
>immediately explains why comparisons between modern and medieval currencies are stupid
>implying fruit and vegetables produced by shitty medieval agriculture must be by standards of modern Japan and modern mechanized agriculture
this isekai is all over the place

*must be cheap

>make a good point
>respond with some meme for noe reason
U wt m8?
He's fucking right, OP choose to read some battle harem/isekai stuff which is not RomComs even.
To begin with it's the nature of romance itself, if you want things to be settle down by the chapter 1 or something you picked the wrong entertainment media.

So will any group pick FILWTV back up?

Even worse
>Dungeon seeker has 14 chapters of edgy dungeon shit that makes my dick hard
>hahahaha fuck you reader now the 2nd should be an adventurer and return to the outside
Why cant edgy/interesting concept isekai not dissapoint me

Define attention. shieldbro becomes a peddler and later on establishes his own peddling company. Not only that, he makes a lot of connections with important people in that business.

Started reading Shield Hero first LN I ever pick up
Sure feels a lot more complete than the manga, Raphtalia has a lot more cute scenes before growing up
Raph wetting the bed was cute

I hope you enjoy it.

Anyone read lv1 Skeleton soldier? It seems pretty comfy though seeing the mc slowly level up. Although it feels more like an aar of someones mmo experience

I forgot to add does the story ever become more interesting with more at stake?

The one where he becomes a ghoul almost immediately?

Man i don't even know how medieval people survived, what the hell do they eat anyway?

Does he turn into a lady or was someone joking?

4-6 chapter later he enter to the dungeon again

But he's comming back, he just went outside becouse he's a retard that put all of his points on speed

Ive only read 7 chapters to be honest

I know he goes back and all but seeing as the manga has one chapter translated every few months it'll be ages till he goes back

I have yet to see an isekai that makes the "modern knowledge" trope right.
Usually its just absolutely everyone in that setting being completly retarded, or creating things that don't really have a point in a world with magic (like showing the miracle of gundpoweder when they have people that can make explode things by snapping the fingers), or introducing things that humanity has been using from ancient times into medieval as if was some revolutionary stuff. Like they insert Crop rotation as a solution for farming problems when humanity has been using it since before ancient egypt

I remember that isekai where the MC just tells the blacksmith to put a curved blade instead of an straight one in the spear and the blacksmith has an orgasm.

>Why cant edgy/interesting concept isekai not dissapoint me

Usually the author never plans the story beyond the hook and initial story. Then, when their series is successful enough to continue, they have no idea how to keep the story going because they never thought beyond the cool concept and the hook. Actual storytelling takes a lot of planning and forethought which amateurs that just throw a cool concept on paper don't possess.

It wasn't dropped in the end since they got author's permission, and a new chapter just got released today.


>Translation never

>it wasn't dropped.
What the fuck?

>they got author's permission
Some people are cool.

Why did the thread start with a not isekai story?

Also, I've been catching up with Tilea's translations. Tilea is so damn adorkable.

Is it good?

Tilea's worries is the only isekai that succeeded in making me laugh until it hurt.
The only comdey isekai that got that close was 100 goddesses.
When the guy breaks his arm under the gravity.

Because saying "isekai thread" is the only way to get people to talk about LN at all

Guess ill just die

What are you talking about? Volume 4 is only about a year and a half away.

Risou no something something

Fucks don't know how to make glass and almost transparent stuff happens to be the best catalyst for magic so MC gets them picking up sand and shit

>doesn't stay monogamous

Some may try it with more success than others, but that usually takes more effort to write. Doing it properly should still involve much more trial and error, with the MC hiring people to do much of the work who know more about working with different materials.

Camilla best girl.

you're one stupid motherfucker, but yeah conversions don't work you've got that right.

It's amusing to me. It's important to remember that it's a slice of life / misunderstandings comedy story first and foremost. That can be really annoying to some.

After being a chuuni idiot that died at the age of 30 while still believing he was an evil god. MC reincarnates from Japan as the daughter of restaurant owners. She begins to notice that her little sister is acting weird, so she follows her when she sneaks out one night and overhears that her sister and this large group of people are all the sealed Demon King's army that have revived.

MC believes they are all just suffering from being chuuni. Cue her overpowering her little sister(Demon General Camilla) using her own OP state while thinking they're just playing around. Afterwards she gives her sister a lecture about her past life and how being chuuni is bad, except her sister and her sister's subordinates take it to heart that MC is actually the reincarnation of an Evil God and betray the Demon King to form the Evil God army.

MC continues to believe that they're just playing around while they all start slowly conquering the world under her orders/her training.

It's also very good at mixing ominous vibes here and there.

Someone stop that sexual deviant from raping her sister on accident.

No. Damn the Dad for confiscating the maid uniforms.

Black Company, and technically that Isekai who had an mc that wears a mask and has two monster companions, I forgot the name.

Isn't Tilea an elf sexual? She even confessed to the elf girl right?

Yeah, she confessed and got turned down due to Remillia only wanting someone stronger than her. Incidentally Remillia's subordinates, due to Tilea being dragged into the meeting, also think Remillia swings that way and likes Tilea.

There's probably lots of stuff you could teach medieval peasant but it's the kind of stuff you don't learn from going to school/getting run over by truck.
It's entirely possible that someone getting isekaied could improve their farming, but it would probably be someone who has studied and practiced both modern and ancient farming methods and can figure out if the peasant are actually doing something wrong.
Also, just because they aren't technically doing anything wrong, doesn't mean that their methods can't be improved.
Miracle of gun powder should be that you can teach hundred peasants in couple months to maintain a firing line that will decimate an army many times their size.
Isekais generally are really retarded about this kinda stuff tho.

So he should just train to use it andnot be a bitch he should at least be able to defend himself

That straight up confession suprised me, Tilea was quite decisive there.
It's a shame that translations are really slow now.

You sold it to me.
Reminds me of Overlord.

Why'd you use a bow for self defence?

I don't like Death March but the homunculus tower arc was fun and not stereotypical fantasy dragon quest nonsense.

The only isekai that has made me feel any real emotion has been The New Gate. Although Risiu no Him has an absolutely op tier relationship between MC and heroine

Heaven forbid something happen to Aura or his son. Especially considering every nation wants to send him a concubine to get lol2bloodline magic in the kids. Real quick way to get your country wiped off the face of that world.

Can you explain?

Can kadokawa please buy off alphapolis, there's tons of stuff there but they're a shit company.

MC's ancestors that fled to earth had space/time bloodline magic and bestowal bloodline magic respectively. So although his mana isn't as high as someone born in that world with dual bloodline magics - who are usually killed immediately barring a couple exceptions, any kid he has is more than likely going to receive one or both of his bloodline magics. His son has both space-time and bestowal, so by attempting to get a bloodline magic holder to be his concubine they are trying to get to the kids that will result from said union to try and turn them against their birth parents and stay in their country instead to analyze space-time magic. On the flipside this makes him an incredibly special commodity among the other royal families so anyone that attempts to bring harm to him is either incredibly stupid or incredibly confident.

is the magic so powerful that can wipe out a country or is it like getting destroyed by other countries?

I'm gonna FUCK the Canadian elf


Ok guys what was that novel about some dude who trains defense magic enough to destroy a mountain with a shield or something?

The settings of the world is that magic is a pretty damn rare thing, to the point where there are no combat mages aside from Royalties.

your dubs are a pretty damn rare thing

>Playlist from various game OSTs matches perfectly with the reading pace and scene changes
Its rare, but when it happens its maximum comfy isekai reading time.

She is pure

>isekai'd with classmates
>get betrayed by your childhood friend as she goes leaving you to die while she goes to fuck the dude you hate from the classroom
>get OP powerful for your revenge
>by the time you find the bitcch she already got tortured and raped countless time until she broke

Why is this shit so edgy?

Kino Seeker doesn't try to be something its not.

Tanaka is shit. Now I have to wait 1 year for a single volume translation.

The shadow the hedgehog of isekais? not even the healing hero one is that edgy

That's being insulting to Shadow the Hedgehog.

It's not like we didn't say it user, Dungeon seeker is infamous for being bad.

>break Isekai addiction for about 2 weeks
>starts reading again because of all the isekai/tanaka threads
>now have an Isekai backlog with updates coming faster than I can read them

I should be happy but

>>Misconstrues the idea as her already having someone destroyed her walls before
>>Tanaka not interested.jpg
I am so tired of this I can't even find it even slightly amusing anymore

I'm not sure if that bullshit makes more sense in Japanese linguistic prose context to "confirm" something.

Dont forget constant wry smiles

“I’m called Gozer, the leader of the order of Harz duchy knights. This way, please.”
The man, who came running in, introduces himself.
He’s an elf.
His ears are pointed.
And, of course, he’s good-looking.

Not only does he look cool, the way he acts is cool as well.
I wish I were cool too.
I wish I were dead.

Wish fulfillment shit sells

I'm going to tell you now, it's utter, contemptible trash in most respects. I'm not saying that to be snide or even mean: it's just that the main character is written badly to be as stupid as (in)humanly possible.

Otherwise it'd be sort of silly and fun, but the author wrote Tilea into a bit of a corner with just "how" stupid and INCOMPREHENSIBLY DENSE she is as a reincarnated-shitty-NEET. MISUNDERSTANDINGS are the main source of plot twists.

Everybody else but the main character is fun, essentially.

With writing like that, how soon until it gets an anime? I somehow recognized that style enough to know what it was from anyway.

Don't worry, user! Most of them are shit/have shitty translations, and those translations will die mid-way eventually leaving the story in eternal limbo unless you learn Japanese to read it.
It's an endless cycle of anal reaming after you get used to a story.

So, Arc's nightmare after he passed out from getting his body and full emotions back. He was Pope Thanatos in the nightmare, wasn't he? Why was he dreaming a flashback to Thanatos's arrival in this world? How does that happen?

So once again it comes down to Japan having absolute shit taste.

>have a piece of shit father
>get isekai'd
>end up with an harem
>world doesnt have contraceptives
>dont touch any of them because of your aversion at the posibility of having children because of the trauma with your father

They keep coming up with excuses to make isekai MC complete wusses

Sex isn't worth having to raise a child in exchange for fooling around and cumming for 6 seconds

They seem to have so much creativity that way, yet we somehow have so little where it matters.

Skeleton bonding

Yeah, Tilea herself really isn't fun to read about, reading from her perspective will start making you want to kill yourself at some point.

>spinoff story about the adventures of Gozer dealing with his idiot duke's shenanigans when
Well he is good looking...

Never. The LN and manga are somewhat better written, and Isekai Meikyuu's sales are more than good enough, but the MC gets laid too much for it to ever get an anime.

>TRPG old man is basically middle-aged Gandalf if he actually used his toys against Sauron and his army of literal evil
Welp, I like it so far.

Ah yes, Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu. It reminds me of konosuba in a way

pls tell me he isn't the evil cause his wizardry door shit is the same as the shadow demons

Nah, the demon blood is actively trying to run the fuck away from him when the War Tribe folks are checking him out, the Demon King hates him personally too.

Grimgar is bullshit, mc has convenient power later on just for the sake of him living, uneventful deaths and lackluster characters.

>the Demon King hates him personally too.
really now?

He sicced a demon army on the city he's in just because he's there, fucker knows him by name.

but why he a hater?

Idk, that actually does feel like good reason not to have bunch of random children

Except it's been explained that The Demon King inside Tilea has been influencing her to not notice her strength or the truth of things. We don't know why that is yet, but it's there. Hell the one girl got mind wiped mid conversation with Tilea when she tried to tell Tilea how high her mana count was.

We just don't know yet, since the Demon King first popped up in chapter 100 and had all of one line.

oh thank the lord.

your lord being ME of course!

Fuck you, Kadokawa has enough of monopoly on the industry as is. Plus you forget, if they bought it that would essentially guarantee the only official releases would be through YenPress which is a literal dice-roll as far as quality is concerned.

over-lap then

What's the weirdest fucking thing the MC gets isekai'd into that you know about? I know there's a vending machine one, I want there to be something that makes that sound ordinary.

an onsen?

Yeah, that's good, does he get aroused when girls bathe in him or something?

hot spring, dragon, goblin, spider, vampire, skeleton, sword, half-sucubus, werewolf, etc

Yeah the water turns "milky"



A million different ways to handle that story and they went with the generic #2 is jealous so therefore evil plotline. When all anyone wanted was naked women soaking in a hot spring that periodically got milky with them in it.

>starcraft dungeon master
Hmm? Sauce please?

>Welp, I like it so far.

Shame the TL is slow as fuck, the original translator came back but hasn't release anything in a while, the other translator, me, just can be arsed anymore to TL this.

You tried at least,, gotta wait until the guy is done with ff15 I guess.

It's to portray how insane he is, I guess?
That face again.

He's probably talking about エイリアン迷宮の異世界征服記.
Guy basically becomes Zerg overmind and plots to take over everything as per Zerg style.

But it's dead. Author hasn't updated in half a year. He also did this after rewriting basically the whole series so I think he just burned himself out on writing.
And no translations, I think.

Arc's build is a hard counter to the Pope's and a single angel eradicated an entire army of undead in a wink. I don't see how there's a fight here.

The fuckboy prince is going to betray them, remember that foreshadowing when he saw Arc drawing the scenery?

While I agree the Pope probably won't put up a hard fight, he could actually run away very easily. They both can use teleport and all he has to do is warp away.
Arc is also kind of a scrub. When in his first basically real fight (dragon lady) he sucks as using strong magic and even lets the goddamn enemy have his sword, plus lets her knock is helmet off.

Popemancer the Necropope at least completely considers the world still a game and probably won't do stupid shit like, actually playing probably fairly decently.

Damn it. He'd better make it count, then. I wouldn't betray that alliance for anything, and the Pope is my favorite character.

We only know the Pope has necromancer leveled, who's to say he doesn't have Summoner capped too? As Arc showed, they are so beyond absurd there is almost zero reason to even use them in that world.

The pope comes from a different game

>They both can use teleport
>who's to say he doesn't have Summoner capped too?
I got the impression that Arc was contemporary with us and Thanatos alone came from the future. I don't think they played the same game at all, but their teleports seem to be the same skill. Weird. Of course, they could somehow be the same person, given Arc dreamed the Pope's past.

>We only know the Pope has necromancer leveled, who's to say he doesn't have Summoner capped too?
Pope's from a completely different game. He was playing some sort of RTS/RISK game in VR, which is why he still thinks it's a game.
Arc was playing a non-VR MMO on his PC, which is why he was able to realize it right away.

There's no guarantee Hanzou and Evangeline were from either of their games either.
Arc noted that the ninja crystal whatevers that Hanzou used to pass on his abilities weren't from the game he played.

Pope was totally playing Heroes of Might and Magic III, Necropolis faction.

It's been noted that all the known "players" could teleport for some reason.
Arc was because he had to go down the "mage" tree at some point, although in the game he played he lost access to the previous class's skills once changed.
Originally he couldn't teleport, cast lightning or whatever as a Celestial Knight.

I think it may well be HMM inspired. The undead faction in one of the newer games has spider-taur creatures in its ranks.

This is how I think its gonna end, the pope will get all excited to meet a player, he will not believe its a game and at that moment Arc is going to somehow throw spring water at him and all the suppressed emotions from a hundred years are going to blow the Pope brains out.

Arianne will learn the true about his origin being from another world (something that the dragon queen already knows)

I don't want him to go that way, but I think you're definitely right. He could do a lot of good if he could be made to understand where he is. I don't think he's a bad person, he just loves dark fantasy. Remember, the first thing he did was attack the bandits assaulting a carriage, just like Arc.

Is this the biggest asspull in an isekai?

>sexy gorgon

she dies when she gets raped by a dragon user

Nevermind then

Shouldn't have fucked with Junpei. He just wanted to pass through that floor.

At the end he accepted her tho.

I think the whole description of mindbreak torture and rape was enough.

Well he originally wanted to complete his revenge then unlock her memories that he sealed when he created Freya just for the ULTIMATE MINDBREAK. He's grown too attached to her for that anymore now though.

Anything with edgy mc but without harems or too much romance?

>Slapping a dog in the face


Kino seeker

Here's a personal favorite of mine. It's a generic isekai but the game the MC goes into is a glitchy fucked up mess ala Bethesda games.
Does anyone else who read this have any recommendations for things like this?

I'd rather kill myself than read an LN. I get enough of broken English reading these threads.

Here ya go:
Evil God Average
Gekitotsu no Hexennacht
From Maid to Mother
Haunted Duke’s Daughter
I Became the Hero’s Bride!
I Decided to Not Compete and Quietly Create Dolls Instead
I Play the Role of (Villain/Heroine) in a Japanese-style Otome Game
It Seems That I’ve Slipped Into a Different World. Also, My Gender Has Changed.
Katahane no Riku
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
Kuro no Hiera Glaphicos
Lightning Empress Maid
Maid Will Go on Through Thick and Thin!
Me and My Beloved Cat (Girlfriend)
My Fiance is in Love with My Little Sister
Okoborehime to Entaku no Kishi
Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement
Sekai no Owari no Sekairoku
Swamp Girl!
Tensei Oujo wa Kyou mo Hata o Tatakioru
Tensei Shitanode Tsugi Koso wa Shiawasena Jinsei wo Tsukande Misemashou
The Bathroom Goddess
The Deadbeat Master and Genius Disciple’s Misunderstood Workshop
The Girl Who Ate a Death God
The Girl Who Bore the Flame Ring
The Mahou Shoujo Covers Up Her True Identity After the Ending
The Wolf Lord’s Lady
Wortenia Senki
Yuusha Yori Saikyouna Kuro Kishi
Yuusha-sama no Oshishou-sama

It's a weird feeling seeing someone save and repost your random recs list.

I assume we're not talking about narou right? Since 18+is no issue on nocturne and many authors do exactly that in 15+ WNs.

>do exactly that in 15+ WNs
Meant as in they simply link detailed descriptions to the other place

Just picked up FILWTV. Why is Maria such a cunt?

Truly ahead of its time.


Its NOT an Isekai, but with how Rain behaves, it might as well be sometimes. That said though, its legit fucking good and worth the read.

wtf is ur problem,user? is it currently raining where you live?

I asked for edgy, that doesn't mean only revenge.
Plus, tags there are shitty.
It still can be harem even without a tag and it can be without harem even if tagged so.

Yeah, its pouring. Comfy as fuck.

Isekai with game mechanics is trash among trash. Go fucking play a game instead

What if isekai has game mechanics but MC doesnt use them at all but there are other isekai'd people that are using them?

Is there anything else like Kino Seeker it's just so edgy that it becomes entertaining

its up there with teleportaton and magic storage

You think the guy who wants to laze around the castle is ever gonna be as fit as the pro dragon riders? It was literally just a political trap to force him into hanging out with the grossly ambitious general.

What's the point of it? Would that change anything?

An isekai with game mechanics, but instead of RPG game mechanics it's DMC's style system. People earn money from beating monsters, but how much money they earn depends on how stylishly they do it.

People who use items are laughed at, taunting and showboating in the middle of battle is encouraged as long as they don't actually get hit.

>There will never be a true DMC game again
Hurts every time.

Look at OP

>not recommending reika-sama's novel, one of the highest rated japanese novels in nu
Shit taste.

I'd read that.

i think the problem with that is that the traditional japanese way to write that is to make the MC completely different.

Specifically use only items, boring guns without switching it up for the first few chapters until he learns to ricochet, etc.

>actual skill instead of cheating

wrong genre

no faith in DMC5?

Because isekai is an entertaining genre, and men love power fantasy and escapism.

Men actually dream of getting harems, so that's why the genre is sustainable and will never die.

Every season, people will look for the isekai harem LN anime and put it on their watch list. Then Cred Forums and MALtards get butthurt about it.

>Why can't more stories just have a developed romance, or romance at all?

Men don't give a shit about romance. Pump and dump. Then move on.

>Pump and dump
I wish it were like that. MC impregnates every girl then subsequently forgets about her. Instead we got some shitty cliched romance side-storied for each.

Isekai harem protags don't pump period. They just get a harem of girls that want the dick but never give it.


There are a few, the white haired guy that becomes king bangs all of his harem

Faraway Paladin and Infinite Dendrogram have been great.

>the white haired guy that becomes king
I don't know who you are talking about.

I know. I'm talking about the demographic audience. People are more interested in the chasing after women.

This is also why most people get bored with isekais once the MC gets the girls and accomplishes his goals. They usually start off really good, but fall off eventually. And they never end at the right time.

>Men don't give a shit about romance. Pump and dump. Then move on.
You see that shit all the time in chink novels and it's boring as fuck.

She thinks everybody is npc without a brain, except her.

So she a thot.

>Men don't give a shit about romance. Pump and dump. Then move on.
>Roland engaged to Anne
>Rudy marries his 3 harem members

The biggest ever and she pays the price for her behaviour

because the deuteragonist in otome game isekai always has to be a raging idiot to make the MC look good.

Is FILWTV an otome game isekai?

Yes but The POV is from an capture target

>edgy revenge where MC edges so hard

>t. edgefag


>He fugs everyone.

I thought he was the one who gets fucked.

I fail to see a difference.

>reading about tanaka WN ending
God damn it. I was laughing and crying in the inside.

Author confirmed it didnt end yet. Tanaka is alive.

>shiokonbu wasting his talent on shit like this
Fucking hell.

She is literally brainwashed duh. Tilea started losing to the demon king since she killed a few demon generals.

Who can survive the truck?

Certainly not Europe.



>Read Exterminator WN
>Fun at first but he just gets insanely overpowered with barriers that negate everything
>Read manga
>Stays pretty fun and he sticks to just exterminating
>Nice ending for elf maid
>Seems to have a smell fetish involving Ayl
Found it odd pharmacy elf didn't say anything about liking him though.


>exterminator novel
>describes how to goes about genociding 600+ gobbos
>exterminator manga
>one panel of him telling guild lady he killes them

>yfw Seo's next manga is actually isekai

most of us had moved on to bayonetta, but theres a sliver of hope in the new one.

All his works take place in the same city/world. An isekai would be the type of wild ride I want to be on.

Archangel user. She was also very different from the game.

Princess Lucia showed that supernatural figures do exist in his universe. It's not out of the question. Besides, he finally made a heroine that isn't worst girl. It'd be a shame to waste her.

>going a little bit sooner
>going to the isekai world
>it was foreshadowed the entire time

Fucked as in fucked by another man.

There's also that god from half&half who paired the cuck and that girl together to let one live. Surely he has the power to isekai someone.

LN is better.

I think the secret to Arc's and Thanatos's connection lies with the unusually ornate knight that was noted to be sending the 100 men after Thanatos. That could have been Arc's armor, however you could tie all this together. That knight wasn't mentioned as participating in the charge or being slain during the battle.

Do they sort of have a Kill La Kill type relationship?

Is the WN still being translated somewhere?

That boy is pretty, not handsome.

somebody post the compassion between him and the redhead

I don't think so.


Every Otome game isekai I read seems to be dropped. I guess they're not popular enough for translators to care?

I really hate the art style in this manga, makes it unreadable for me. I mean just look at this pic.

That anatomy is fucked right? That's not just me being crazy? Like her tits are super low on her chest or something... it's wonky.

are they using isekai like a trend because it's an easy method of storytelling or just because it's popular

Lot of times the translators just stop liking them when the horrible Japanese idea of what a male romancing a female should look like starts to shine through whatever zany premise is in the set up.

It's a relationship about dad sword enabling cat girl's murderous rampage. Also, headpats and lunches.

rather than the torso, the problem is the torso when combined with the FACES. The faces are flat while the bodies have exaggerated depth and bending.

>Dad sword enabling cat girl's murderous rampage
He stops her occasionally at least.

oborous records is about a guy actually studying in the world to learn how alchemy works.

>TL is so bad I thought MC wanted boobs when in reality he just wanted to be taller

There are some major differences between the manga and presumably the LN and the WN anyway. The whole arc the manga translations are currently on didn't exist in the WN. I'd guess it was put in to add a better climax to the end of the first LN or something.

most of the people they kill are already cold blooded murderers after appraisal, the only thing she seems to get off on is publicly torturing beastkin that get in her bad side. Which oddly enough most people in the setting are fine with, so w/e goes. It is a different world after all.
Honestly as far as all the fucked up shit shes done goes, after the murdering adventurers in the dungeon she ran into and what the guild master said the law would do with them, shes almost certainly on the better side of things as far as most people are concerned.

healing master says he will do explicit detailed scenes of rape in the ln because he cannot do it on narou

Sometimes i want to reach out and touch those ears.

nonhumans are for rape

I feel like thats how everyone who reads this should feel.

Oh you know, that white haired guy. Everyone knows the white haired guy

The one that does that one thing with the stuff? And then the things happen?

your trips compel me to tell you i wish to have a daughter of my own these days to dote on.

Sounds fishy what's stopping him from posting them on nocturne or something

It was more likely a sales tactic. "You want the full r-18 scenes? Buy the novel!"

>LN illustration
I want to see Jean Dovy and the Lich, I know pic related is Charlotte.

I have the novel, theres only 1 pic of Jean Dovy in the whole book and hes wearing his hood. Oddly enough book 2 doesn't have colored pages unlike 1, 3, and 4. I'm guessing either llo was ill or the books weren't selling well enough yet. So I assume sales have gone up since then.

So in risou no himo he has a kid 11 chapters into the manga? I looked at the LN and it seems like there's a baby starting from the second volume??
I thought isekai was about escaping responsibility - what is this ass backwards shit? You can't... you can't just *have* a kid and move on with the story. It changes everything. Like a left turn into a whole different genre. What a waste of my time.

Ah I have to wait for the manga then.

Nah, I think he means the one where stuff happens followed by doing of the things.

also next 1 or 2 books should be ulmutt arc that were currently on in the eng WN chapters so I look forward to llos illustrations for those.

Yes, kind of, but its the faces that wierd me out the most, its like everyone has down's syndrome

Shit, I think that one's on my list to read so I haven't checked it out yet. How did the title go again?

Illustrations of volume 3 and 4 please.

LN Volume 4 is Barbra city right? I also want to see Hundred Blade Forrund.

3 and 4 should both be barbra/contest/satia flut arc start to finish, but the illustrations leave me to believe they made some changes to it. Can't read moon though so I can't confirm. llos illustrations tend not to spoil very much.

The lich I think is illustrated in 2
Forrund(much less amanda or anyone else other than charlotte) wasnt even illustrated

Like I said llos illustrations dont spoil much its almost 90% fran pics.

Is katahane no riku something op would like?

How much would a Fran Fran if a Fran could Fran Frans?

Riku slaughters her whole family and becomes one-armed Lu Bu with a , so no, I doubt it.

These were ripped off the site, you could fin them on GC novels web page for each book.

>After that, she had picked up a cheap secondhand sword at a weapons shop. As a normal sword would have shattered if she had swung it at full strength, she had inevitably needed to rework it.

>She purchased a relatively short sword to suit her stature, then implored the nanomachines to gather iron sand from the silt of the river bed to incorporate into her blade. Iron sand, she knew, was the same material used in Japanese katana, and the new blade was strong and durable.

Haha, what the fuck? The whole reason a katana is a masterwork folded 100,000 times is because nothing less than such a masterwork could make anything half decent out of a source of iron as shitty as iron sand.

>How to tell when a series is shit
Now to be fair I understand a bit of the japanese cultural wanking in isekai since its only natural. But there are certain levels of tollerabilty even I can't take.

>The lich in 2
Just saw it. Pic related is Jean I think.

I mean illustration like this.

Maria is a hidden princess
Oh fuck off.

I only have the one from 4 and won't be assed to camera snapshot more pics with my cell phone. But I'd imagine djonin peices( the LN translator (from korean to english) would have the pictures up if he doesn't already at some point since hes working on book 2 last I checked. On another note the translations seemed fine to say the least to the untrained eye anyways. At least it wasn't a goddamn spelling/grammer nightmare.

In fairness, she was just a kid in her previous life and not an expert in metallurgy, and also the magical nanomachines are perfectly capable of making super alloys out of even iron sand.

>Novel going great
>starts talking about economics
>Redistribution of wealth
For what reason?

What is it with Japanese wanking the katana so hard? You don't see Germans wanking zweihanders like they were the best thing since sliced bread or the Scottish jacking off about how much better claymores were than any other kind of sword or Italians masturbating over the virtues of the gladius.


She isn't, Rion is that hidden prince(ss).

It's propaganda. It's a show transition so when the worker seizes the means of production, the ruling class doesn't die.

The New Gate definitely counts, he's going to bone his elf waifu in a few volumes, if spoilers are at all accurate


Same reason Americans will believe that the revolver is the world's greatest handgun (Smith& Wesson won the West etc) it's part of the national mythos.

>so when the worker seizes the means of production, the ruling class doesn't die.
Just like in reali- Oh wait

AK-47 wanking is also incredibly commonplace in Russian isekai.

That's what I thought/hoped


>People not dying.

Not OP but I think OPs point is based on the tls of some of the fan posts, and the readers love for mio and authors for tomoe, its going to be an inevitability. But I'm only like 1/3rd through the story myself so I can't quote much.

Maria is a dumb upstart, nothing more, nothing less.

>Authors responses to fan posts(like the really long mio chapter tomoe split).
To bed Im going fuck this shit.

>Take accumulated capital from merchants/upper class
>give it away for free to serfs and commoners
Oh yeah, this is definitely how you grow an economy. Investing is fucking stupid.

There's snuggling under the moonlight, very enthusiastic hugging and a kiss too.

Somewhat related, any other good isekai with an MC who isn't an edgy fuck but is willing to get their hands dirty? Only other one coming to mind is Wortenia.

Now, combine that force with two dragon kings.

The AK-47 to be fair is one of the most reliable pieces of shit to ever grace the earth or so they say. Despite the fact its out of service.

I'm assuming pic related. I've read the LN and the manga past that point and both times I cried like a little bitch, I wasn't expecting feels from an isekai

You cannot redistribute consumer goods; how could millions of women wear the same fur coat, the same crown jewels, or the same shoes residing in Imelda Marcos's closet? How could millions of men fit into Hugh Hefner's hot tub? A loaf of bread cannot be spread endlessly among mouths.

The whole premise is stupid as shit from top to bottom. For some reason he's handed the reigns to a medieval kingdom and he wants to ...what? immediately push them into the industrial revolution? What's the endgame? Factories halfway across the world staffed exclusively by orcs making the FairyPhoneEXP for the residents of his kingdom?

Modern economic systems can pretty much all be held up as examples of what *not* to do - yet these kingdom builder isekai always just sort of push towards emulating Earth history. I was reading one where the MC was implementing a stock market into a stock medieval town and it's just like ...really?

I mean, I can understand pushing for an industrial revolution like in RtW where he pulls it off with magic, despite that authors horrible Chink economics. But now I'm getting annoyed. Do I have to get a BS in Econ just so I can write my own shitty isekai web novels?

Capital goods cannot be redistributed among the people in any sense that results in equality and wealth. The redistribution of wealth, if taken seriously, necessarily means the complete and utter destruction of wealth.


Someone makes a new thread

what a qt fran

>I'd imagine djonin peices( the LN translator (from korean to english) would have the pictures up
Volume 2 pictures are not up yet. LN Volume 1 is fully translated though.

is it full on communism or just establishing a middle class while the rich are merely rich instead of filthy rich godlike beings who decides the fate of commoners on a whim?

So far it's just debate between students so who knows.