So we're all in agreement then, AOTY 2017, no-contest

So we're all in agreement then, AOTY 2017, no-contest

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There's literally nothing in this movie. I just watched half of it before dropping in trashbin. It's just about a girl drinking and frolicking in the streets at night. I seriously don't get the appeal.

It's fun. It's no >deep meaningful masterpiece of kino but it gives you a lot of fun.

>It's just about a girl drinking and frolicking in the streets at night.
Maybe you should've watched the other half that is not that dum-dum

I loved it.
It's better than Tatami Galaxy imho.

its like toonami galaxy: lets college freshmen and high school kids (the majority of this boards users) self insert.

Downloading it RIGHT NOW

Tatami galaxy at least makes some sense. This movie is too chaotic and senseless for my taste. I think the target audience for this movie are those liberal arts losers who think of women as this mysterious beautiful entity. Both tatami galaxy and this movie is self insert trash for stupid college losers who don't study instead wasting their time on stupid worthless stuff.

Fucking Christ why do these hideous looking pretentious low quality trash shows always hit normies so hard?
I'm starting to think the masses have no sense of having standards or self judgment.

let me guess: 80s shading was the peak of the artform

No, post-sellout Yuasa is.

It's a fun movie about one long ass pub crawl and where it leads on from there, what's wrong with that? It's more about moment to moment storytelling rather than some grand plot that requires exposition. It's honestly really refreshing and I wish more movies took place within a short timespan. (also it does have a meaning by the end with how things from the beginning loop around and the characters intercept)

>hideous low quality pretentious
how do any of these apply to the movie?
The character designs are different and there's some experimental animation, but none of it is just put there to make it seem smarter man, it's all there to evoke emotion rather than make the audience feel smart. The only anime that I can think of that feels sort of pretentious would be something like Lain or Evangelion, but they really aren't pretentious either.

Yuru Camp or 3 gatsu S2 who can even decide.

Yes it was, nothing in modern anime but the high budget and heavily edited/filtered ones can reach the level of detail and shading of the 80's anime, because digital shading will never accurately imitate real life cell shading, because digital shading is just a color multiplication that makes colors look darker and dulled, while cell shading uses actual palettes resulting in natural colors.
You "people" keep watching lazy outlines one-click bucket painted dull colors, it's not like you have standards or self-awareness.

The relationship between the two main characters made no sense to me. She ended up liking him because he followed her around? That's it?

There are some interesting characters but it felt like they are barely used or fleshed out.

Love Tatami, regret watching this movie. It was as big as a waste of time as the specials.

This is an interesting take on the movie. If you want a light fun romance, it might be OK for some if their relation makes sense to you.

It felt to me like it was intentionally very fast paced with many things being forgotten about shortly after in favor of some other new thing, much like the girl. She's experiencing everythign as it comes and is in the moment rather than doing everything for some higher purpose (which is contrasted with the dude who's chasing her who is constantly trying hard to get her attention). If you watch it with the mindset of just enjoying it from moment to moment for the visual spectacle and comedy it's a very enjoyable film.

Not really surprised with an OP like this but there has literally never been a Yuasa thread without shitposting.

I don't know. I rewatched it yesterday and it's not as good as I thought, probably near the bottom of Yuasa works imo. I feel like it handled similar themes to Tatami Galaxy, except that Tatami did it way better and was more fun to watch. It has a similar structure to Tatami too, but that structure works much better in an episodic format instead of one feature film. I'm not saying it's a bad movie, I still liked it, but it's definitely not as good as Tatami Galaxy.
I actually preferred Lu Over the Wall over this, even with its flaws.

Then it would have been better if there was a more in depth view of her perspective and her way of thinking rather than just the train book. In the end, she appears quite shallow as the movie has no substance.

Tatami and Ping Pong are way better than this movie.

I don't feel that it really needed to go beyond the train book, if it went any further than that it'd feel like spoonfeeding to me. Also I'm not sure what you mean by substance, word gets thrown alot nowadays and means something different to each person. It wasn't meant to be as heavy/meaningful as Tatami and Ping Pong. More of a fun movie that says to enjoy life while you're still here which is sorta reflected in the title "Night is short, Walk on Girl."

It panders to depressed university students and social failures
that about makes up 90% of the anime loving demographic outside of japan

There are movies that make me think that life is short and I should really spend my time wisely. This isn't one of them. If it makes you think about that, great for you.

its cel, not cell, you fucking illiterate

Funny how people only pull this criticism out of their ass when Yuasa is mentioned.

Right ? it's almost like it is true

was meant for sorry

write title faggot

I lost interest in anime just before this seemingly golden age and now i can't get back into it and i'm missing everything.

>i like it because its fun

Read the thread idiot. Surely you can figure this out.

But then why are you on Cred Forums?

Because Cred Forums will always be my home board, when i click my bookmark to Cred Forums it links to Cred Forums.

The thing is that it would only work as a valid criticism if you're criticizing it outside of the context of anime in general, since that's the target audience of the majority of anime.
(not that I think tatami galaxy or this movie is pandering)
Yes, it's fun. As in, playful with it's visuals, enjoyable as a moment to moment sensory experience and not too heavy handed with trying to convey some grand in-depth/meaningful plot to the viewer.

>I enjoy it because its pretty and not meaningful

I'll be honest I was in just for Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Anime in general is just eyecandy and a means of escapism for said target demographic, but in TG and Walk on's case it panders directly to their self-destructive lifestyles and having to learn to be responsible and content with life
it's not the same appeal, user

>not being heavy handed with its meaning means it has no meaning

I noticed. I replied accordingly.

>saying to be responsible and content with life is pandering to neets and is a bad message

>I seriously don't get the appeal.
CGDCT, but with a strong and engaging visual style and with the best musical segments in years to rope in the crowd that usually doesn't give a shit about CGDCT.

good lord you newfags cant even greentext right

The retards bashing this movie in the thread still watch Umaru-chan and think their favourite anime is NGE.

that was the worst shit from 2017. AOTY was Made in Abyss, if we donĀ“t count sequels

Yes, looking forward to Yuasa's Taiyou no tou.
Only furries and idiots think this crap is any good.

Its really too samey to Tatami galaxy.
Copy pasted artstyle so thats not exiting anymore
Copy pasted jokes
Uninteresting plot
Mc's voice acting is ridiculous because they had to make sure people didn't think its same guy from TTG
It just didn't need to exist.

>this is how the majority of weebs think

>There's literally nothing in this movie
Oh look, it's one of those lines of criticism where normies that only consume media for GEEK CULTURE xD reasons, and can't actually think up of an actual reason for why they didn't like a particular piece of media.

Yes. It was FUN, it had a message it wanted to tell, it told it efficiently, it had creative visuals, and the structure of the movie makes it feel like it is 30 minutes long and makes you want more. The musical bits were fantastic as well.

It's literally just a silly fun movie about people doing dumb shit and young love, and just the mention of it brings autism out of the woodworks to come and hate. Are there limits to how miserable and vitriolic people can be to instantly start trashing something like that?

I watched this while tripping face on LSD and it was fucking fantastic. Definitely enjoyed it more than Tatami.