Bob epic team > pop team epic

prove me wrong

Other urls found in this thread:オリジナルポプテピピック&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjv0P-AyLDZAhVFVbwKHRHVDtYQ_AUICigB#imgrc=71QjiLU38dKJOM:ヘルシェイク矢野のこと考えてた

It called Momunemimimi

galo sengen

Can someone post the voice actor chart pls


Go bob yourself

lets bob together

can someone post the good one?

thats the good one

its missing the dub and its all moonrunes

I can't

Well, it's never too late to learn.

shhhh shhhh

I fucking can't

BET only has two VAS

Can we all agree to hate the show now that it panders to Undertale furries?

>can Cred Forums agree
no, never
there are even unironic SAO threads now

Yes fuck this show!



Hellshake Yano was really fucking good

Honestly that guy's voice in Bob Epic team makes it hilarious, I've never heard such a dumb voice before.




you mean bkub?
cmon user we had the face reveal on day one!


You were never supposed to enjoy the show, hating it was always the goal
That, and sellings tons of merch


I will get a lot of mileage out of this one.

It panders to many game fans. Why should that one be the reason?


>French guy writes and animates the segments all on his own
That's neat. I figured he was part of a team.

no gay
but i think he is cute

Bobu Ne MiMi
is great!

I love French Mignon!

Money well spent, I look forward to Japon Mignon every time



i feel ripped off now that they're making more of those. i thought my nendos were special...

So,Japon Mignon is the main budget eater, huh?


this is the canon name

was it Cred Forums or ylilauta's Cred Forums who was raided by Spurdo Sparde?

>Le seul Français de l'équipe bouffe tout le budget


>skyrim reference
>undertale reference
>still no chen

its not fair!


Il n'est pas tout seul mais c'est lui le patron de Japon Mignon, Corner Kantoku comme c'est marqué dans les crédits

what if hes actually canadian since they also speak french

nah, they have particular accent (especially in quebec)
he's pure francais



Will the full version of Poppy Pappy Day ever be released? I'm too addicted to that song.

He doesn't have a canadian accent and all of his jokes are related to Paris in some fashion.

>Fanny Bloc

ZUN would sue

That's why it's the good one.

but isnt it a parody though it should be fair game

They might get away with it if they pixelated it like usual.

thats silly
look at her
she barely resembles the real character

she actually looks like popuko

I highly doubt a small reference is something that ZUN would sue for

One of the chen episode's voice tracks is ZUN and his wife

>bob epic team
>everyone hates the va
am i the only one who loves their voices

voices are the only thing i like about bobebinmeme

bkub's chen pushed me into being a no-name drawfag who lurks drawthreads


based Italian streaming company

Literally can't. I'd honestly watch the show only for those parts even if the rest was pure shit.

Just compare the two Hellshake skits and it's obvious which is better.

wtf? I hate Pop team epic now!

I guess I'm #StillMentallyHill !

ah yes... italian crunchyroll

Not CR; it's called vvvvid.

Bob Epic Team > Stop Motion Puppet Songs > French > Overlong Unfunny Space Cat Company Shorts

The French skits aren't really that good either 2bqfhwyg

no homo but I'd pound his boypussy like no tomorrow

Just getting caught up.
Was that fucking Dick Dastardly and Muttley on the skeleton?

I think they may do something in the 8-bit video game segment though. Maybe a parody of Touhou game.

Because the race was wacky.


That Hellshake sketchpad animation was legitimately one of the most impressive things I've seen in an anime in a long time.

Japan loves Wacky Races.


what the hell is undertale?

Nakamura is a cutiepie.

the French one is missing

He's also only 27, and studied before in Belgium and India. The guy likes to travel.

I think the Japon Mignon skits are really charming.

In the subs for ep 7 he said he's from the north in France.

>self-deprecating French humour in a Japanese anime
Kinda funny on it's own.

How the hell do you make anime of the season on sketchblocks alone?

Fake news

Going by the dialect, I am pretty sure he's from the commie corner somewhere between Lille and Le Havre

Japanese copyright laws are even more strict.
While parodies are OK in our spheres, it's a grey zone in Japan and if the holders want, could fuck you up real bad.
The guy who voiced the bunny in episode 5 was not listed in the credits, because the Steppenwolf reference was too obvious.

He did say he was from the north of France.

The world of golden eggs is better than both

I've never seen anyone hating the VAs, they're brilliant

Yes, now i can fit in as well and we can all be friends!

>The guy who voiced the bunny in episode 5 was not listed in the credits
They are just Pipimi's VAs in their respective parts.

I can't stop thinking about Hellshake Yano.

The way he plays the guitar makes me wet. Every time I see him the OP I come.

>Let's Pop Together
>now Hellshake Yano
I'm curious how they are gonna top those.

next week is yakuza, no?

who do i need to kill/bribe/suicide for/support to get a full 6 10-minute episodes of Hellshake Yano, drawn in sketchbooks and complete with live score by [insert up to 6 best guitarists in the world here]?

I shall spare these subculture bitches.

Besides Crayon Shin-chan the VAs are a pair in Fairy Tail as Exceeds (Lector and Frosch)

Chinese trash

The hellshake yano scene was by far the most creative and fun segment i have seen in quite some time, including irl.

But I seriously hope we get to see them wearing those costumes this time and maybe even get a Tarantino reference out of it

AC-BU is too good for this shitty world

Which was more impressive, Mia ending montage or Hellshake?

Hellshake Yano >>> Everything

>bob ebin beam

They really missed out by not naming the section "Bob team Ebin"

YUP, fuck this show now, I'm done.

Who was in the wrong here?

What does Manatee taste like?

>mfw bobnemimimi

Is there a name for what they are doing?

Some call it simply "art"

Advanced flipbook animation


When are we getting Rica Matsumoto and Ikue Ohtani?

I can't fap to bob epic team

>we were in a North Korean advanced flipbook animation discussion booth all along

bob epic should be free webisodes to promote the series tho,
pop team epic should be pure uncompromised bkub material.

So where do the Kamakaze Douga/quick Space Cat Company shorts place?

Pop Team Cooking > Bob Team Epic >>>> Pop Team Epic

What is this feeling. Am I being entertained?

Is this the power of Hellshake Yano...?

Are we sure the French guy lives in Japan or France.

His youtube channel shows him riding a bike in Japan.

ZUN only lawyered up one time some faggot stole the Touhou trademark and ZUN lost the trademark.

why he is tuning broken string that doesn't make any sense, what a shitty writing

There's very deep symbolism to be found within the epic of Hellshake Yano. Tuning what no longer works represents Hellshake Yano's unshakeable will, that even if had no strings, he could believe in the strings within his heart.

Obviously Sosugo.
Just because she has shit taste in music, doesn't mean she has to be a selfish bitch and drag everyone else down to her level.


anime adaptation of shit manga makes shit anime

some webcomic

Has the first BD volume gone up anywhere yet? There was supposed to be a bonus episode wasnt there?

This is fake right?

It's real.

Why do they keep making this reference? This is the second time they've done this and Pokemon within the same segment

>inserting obscure western memes into PTE
>actually dubbing it your self

I don't know whether to be angry or impressed

>we are getting double male voice next episode

someone should make an edit when sugar is replaced by salt and the bowl has a (you) slapped on

oh man oh boy


>Why do they keep making this reference?
Because they like Seiken Densetsu 3?




Pop Team Epic in Gundam VS!


Once Pipimi is mass produced...

French Canadian sounds like horses

This Popuko of mine glows with an awesome power! Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!

Seriously, I would buy any game that uses PTE as a cameo character.

I wish they'd release this game outside of Japan

Episode comprehensive references

holy fucking shit at the yano part this week


I need this shit now because of , please gib

>use cheap animation and stupid voices when adapting their best strips
>blow budget on stop motion music videos and anime/videogame parodies
>only half an episode of content

And people actually defend this shit





>being this much of a subculture bitch
bkub hates references to old works in his newer stuff.


Coem to think of it, have got any PTE VAs from a Gundam show yet?

Furukawa was Kai Shiden, Nakamura was Graham Aker. I couldn't think of anymore.

Otsuka Oochuu was Yazan.

We could easily get Yazan Pipimi and someone else as Popuko.

My favorite skit so far.

Did anybody upload the OVA from the BDs yet? I couldn't find it on nyaa.

This template makes anyone an artist.オリジナルポプテピピック&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjv0P-AyLDZAhVFVbwKHRHVDtYQ_AUICigB#imgrc=71QjiLU38dKJOM:

Holy shit, this shit is old.

Yazan and Jerid, so Kazuhiko Inoue

Name: Protect copyright holders.
oldest memes


You're asking for certain death.

I refuse to believe this is real. Do we have the male version?

you're a faggot

some dude confirmed it to be in the blu ray version or something

so are you

I'm sorry buddy, I'm sure you're gonna succeed some day.

the different teams are allowed to use parts from the manga even if other teams have used them before


I thought it was a fart sound at first

Just like when he sued Pani Poni Dash when they literally had a Reimu yukkuri on screen right

Couldn't they just ask for permission?

Zun doesn't own Yukkuris though
Its similar how sega got away with making all those nendoroid games without asking the original licence holders, they asked nendo who has the rights for their SD adaptations to be used however they want

And yukkuris are literally 2hus drawn in a bizarre way.
Thinking that anything could end up in lawsuits is really fucking dumb, it's almost as if you think they didn't check anything before adding references to character in anime. At most you'd get Chen with a blurred face or with a different color palette.

youre under arrest crimes against anime

Seiken Densetsu 3 is a good game

No space cat company segment this week?

Rockstar Popuko and Pipimi represent Hellshake Yano.

That building needs a Takeshobo name on it.

man those can loosely suggest what the main segment is going to be but then it can actually be anything beyond that

>japon mignon guy is an M

How come nobody's taken that statement way too far yet


Dynamic Kami shibai

Post blue ray pop team epic

How many references do you think this show will have made by the time the cour is over

About three fiddy

Don't be stupid, it's obviously fake, these retards can't even speak remotely believable Japanese.

Can crunchyroll do anything right?

I actually really love Popuko's voice. It was a treat when they switched for the Hell Shake Yano bit.

He lives in Japan and works as an animator in the studio.
He doesn't speak Japanese

Wtf, there's no way this is possible

Oh, wow, that's something.

Which subs are these?

At least CR translated subculture bitch? Sentai went for 'alternative bitch'.

>Q: Going back to episode 1, how did that French segment come about? I feel like I saw a lot of viewers at the advance screening and the TV broadcast who were left dumbfounded…
>A: That was Kamikaze Douga’s idea. There’s a French person who works at Kamikaze Douga, you see.

>Q: You mean the one who shows up on camera.
>A: That’s him. He doesn’t speak Japanese, and communicates at work with English, so Kamikaze Douga said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we gave him the manga and let him do as he pleased?” So we ended up going with that suggestion. Since he doesn’t understand Japanese, he made the segment by looking at the art and imagining what was going on. That’s why it ignores the canon and has Popuko and Pipimi going to Paris, and makes self-deprecating French jokes. Also, he creates those as a one-man team, which is why it’s animated more like a Western cartoon. We also hired French voice actresses, so the footage is sent over there for voice-over recording. I was shocked to hear how much it actually cost to do all that… (laughs).

From required reading:

Animation will never be topped after this

Sentai Film Works, streaming at Hi Dive.

Still don't know where to get it for free though



If I were translating Bobunemimimmi, it would probably be "Bob deam epig :DDD"

See CR can't translate for shit

You could technically watch everything but the latest episode for free but

>kuso resolution

Sorry, what? I was thinking of Hellshake Yano.

Bob team ebin :DDDD

Thanks this is pretty damn interesting
Do we know the animator's name? There's so many french faggots getting in the anime industry I hope I'm next

someone has the original source of this, you know, the one from they copied this.


>dat japanese

Will French Kun's major segment fit in any of them?

Hard to tell as the French bits were an after thought.

>No male version


The title card after a segment shows the maker of the next one doesn't it? Not the previous segment.

Thibault Tresca, his name literally appears twice every ending.

Thibault Tresca

kill yourself

The ep 1-4 bd did come out already.


Sure then why include that one when you should be including the title card of he actual skit.

And where's the male version? Others already brought up the whole terrible Japanese bit.

Would you bluray popuko?

Looks like an alien

I would any Popuko.
Even Bobunemimimi version

ESPECIALLY the Bobunemimimi version

Headpats exclusively.

Isnt it's name ぽぷてぴく?

How do I achieve Pipimi mode?

It's literally in every episode


Absolute unit

I'm glad French-kun is back. Hope Uchu People gets one more turn.

i'm expecting endless amount of porn based off of bluray quality popuko now


They did the bluray version joke in the bluray?


>there are people who didn't like popuko's female voice this week

what the FUCK cr

is there a Pipimi version as well?

fake and straight

I hate the part where he talks, always skip it and I understand French. Such a faggy language.



Imagine some hack anglo translators don't just sic pervs on you, but on your entire part of the country.

bob deam ebin
Get your Fingol in order

It'll be forgiven if the furfag strip gets adapted

That name sounds kinda cool

What about Bluray Pipimi?

That guy who did the interview for the show called them "hipster girls"
Which probably fits pretty well

>Using Crunchyroll translations
I seriously hope a more competent network picks it up

>Come and Get Your Love intensifies

It does get same idea across. Subculture bitch is the most familiar term since it's what the fanslations use and more closely translated from 'sabukaru onna'.


I offer my blood if you get Wata from Boris there

It's kusoonna though, so bitch kinda fits better than girl I would think

>Next door
They couldn't have
That's a reference to something else, right? They might be madmen, but they're not UTTER madmen. Right?

Pop tam pipiii~ they say it every fucking time. You think they are unable to articulate "epic"?

They can say epikku

So now that we got a Hellshake Yano skit, will we get one for Magma Mixer Murata?

They did a traffic safety thing in the same vein a few years back, it's also pretty good.


i want to fuck popuko in the poop chute

I absolutely hated it.

Magma Mixer Murata would've been glorious as a B-side version but sadly they didn't go for that it seems. A second episode with the same thing sounds like a bad idea.


AC's finest hour will never be topped, why even keep watching

Despair only comes when you stop believing there can be something better.


It's Bogunemimimmi
グ isn't pronounced bu

So when trying to say "ku" you say "pi"?

Can you imagine actually having a problem distinguishing between グ and ブ? That would be terrible.

>use cheap animation and stupid voices when adapting their best strips
This is my only complaint about Bobunemimimmi. I think it's funny, but I was looking forward to some of those strips and was kinda disappointed with the result.

Good thing it says ブ then, idiot

How is this グ while it's clearly ブ?

Well I guess we'll wait for some fansub to fully understand most of the jokes.

It's honestly so fucking bizarre to see those voices come out of those two during this segment.
this kind of paper storytelling is called kamishibai. AC-bu call their particular style 高速紙芝居 (kousoku kamishibai), literally "freeway kamishibai" (dynamic kamishibai, as the other user mentioned, is not so literal but a good translation too).


What's that last supposed to be?

Fuck off, subculture bitch.

Why the fuck was he tuning broken string?

Why are you questioning logic in PTE?

Show me Hellshake Yano in PTE manga?

Hellshake Yano was the purest kino I've seen all year

Wait, the show is in Italian and vvvvid streams it for free? I never used it myself

he's channelling the remainder of the string's energy into himself after channeling his own energy into the other strings.

Anyone else find the smile Popuko and Pipimi make cute?


Explain user

Is she right?

Are there people that think it was a undertale reference or are you just memeing?
This many people can't be this retarded right?


Stickerbrush Symphony is pretty damn good, user.

so is a lot of dkc music

But that's the song it's directly referencing.

She is but Hot Head Bop and Forest Interlude are betterヘルシェイク矢野のこと考えてた

>watchu thinkin bout?
>thinkin bout hellshake yano...

God I want to FUCK Hellshake Yano

Oh no


>hwn be you're bf

why live?

Which one does it better though?

What did you think it was?

it seems as though you have been filtered in the conversation
fufufu aniki

Bob and Vagene team epic

I want Popuko and Pipimi to wear bikini

they are all thinken of yano


The higher pitched voice doesn't match how the guy looks in the slightest



more like, Smegma mixer Murata

How do I stop thinking about hellshake yano


Here's your (you)

You don't, welcome him into your heart

It tickles my fancy that thousands of people will now be thinking about the man who shakes hell.

AC are absolute madmen

I absolutely loved it.

Praise AC bu

I can't choose, Cred Forums !

Will we get background on Magma Mixer Murata?

I headcanon him as Yano's former bandmate turned rival.

Great, not going to be able to get this song out of my head again for the rest of the day.

Did Hoshiiiro Girldrop Anthology scans pop up?

It's a Earthbound rip-off game created by some guy from tumblr who somehow managed a decent budget

Sounds like a medieval war machine and a can of fruit juice had a kid.

Try harder
These are great. Especially the Ex-Aid cooking parody.


You don't need help

You're enlightened

I'm gonna need a bit of context for this particular manga strip, this has confused me for the longest time.

Did Hacka Doll rip off Poptepipipipipdfydhrhyfjrvtdfpic and they're calling them out on it or something? How did Hacka Doll rip off PTE exactly?

how do you suppose they're gonna dub that Hellshake Yano bit?

probably dub over it like they did the live-action skit in episode 2

Kyou mo ichinichi ganbaru zoi~
This line originally belongs to Suzukaze Aoba from the 4-koma NEWGAME!
Hackadoll the Animation did a parody by having Hackadoll-1 say that line, BEFORE NEWGAME! got an anime adaptation. (Coincidentally, both characters have the same VA: Takagi Miyu)
PPTP, on the other hand, had been parodying that line before Hackadoll did (Chapter 23 was the earliest).
So, when that Hackadoll episode aired, bkub got material for his new chapter (Chapter 230).
(Not sure about the exact dates but the order goes like this:
NEWGAME! manga -> PPTP first parody -> Hackadoll parody -> bkub reacts -> NEWGAME! anime -> PPTP anime)

Fun fact: Ganbaru zoi~ has been said for a total of 6 times so far in an anime.
- Hackadoll the animation x1
- PPTP x2 (both sides)
- PPTP background song (episode 3) x2 (a~shita mo ganba~ru zoi~)

My little popuko can't possibly be this cute!

So did bkub really get mad at Hackadoll for stealing the line?

Hellshake Yano was legitimately amazing. if you count that as Bobunemimimi then I have to actually give it the edge over the rest of the program.

It's a joke, it isn't even his "line" in the first place since it's a New Game reference.

Holy fuck I got hit with nostalgia.