3-gatsu no Lion thread! Should we? Of course!

I come in peace so let's discuss this really warm and real series, and why we should save all those amazing smiles.

I still have no idea how to play Shougi, but similar to Chess with few modifications here and there.

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Fuck Olympics

3 weeks break dude.

No spoiler please. Just watched episode 1 and the duality seem nice

When will big sister come back?

Don't worry, won't gonna spoil you anything. It's worth every minute.

After Olympics?

I want this figure even though I'm a Hina lover.

Hina is an inferior Akari.

Another Ume endcard when?

Am I only one who likes Souya Meijin?

That last 2 episodes... I thought Souya was what he was.

Can give more love to every character in the series? Don't make Momo sad!

>ywn compete in the fuck olympics with Himari

Bumping just once for Momo!

Volume 14 when?

How are sales? Any chance for a third season?

If you mean Kyouko, she vanished from the manga until the last published volume, so we are talking about a theoretical fourth season.

This is nhk so sales don't matter.

is good, but I drop, I have no patience for teen angst

Sales do not matter. It is the 11th most watched anime during 2017.
Aside from Jojo and SnK, the top 10 are day time anime. Also, 3-gatsu always have reruns on NHK or NHK-E so it is expected that Blu ray sales will be low.

They'll just adapt everything, it's a studio that has dignity and grace, not some capitalist shitshow.

Other anime didnt quit because of olympics
Shaft probably had production issues and needed time to fix shit and the olympics were a convenient excuse.

as long as they do a good job I have nothing against it

> 3-gatsu no Lion
> warm and real
> amazing smiles.
fuck off faggot

I can't wait for Akari to get paired off with one or both of these guys. She deserves a mature gentleman and maybe then you fucks will stop trying to break up my cute dorks Rei and Hina.

It's just going to end poorly due to daddy issues. She needs someone around her age that gets her the fuck away from that.

Aren't Smith and Sensei the same age as her?

Sensei and Shimada are in their late 30's.

I knew Shimada was a little outside the age range, but Sensei looks so young when he's geeking out about Shogi.
Of course, Akari either looks like a mid-30s mom in frumpy housewear or a mid-20s bombshell hostess.

Its really not a big deal for 20-something to date a 30-something guy. Also this show is written by a woman and they are way more into age-gap romances.

Other anime didn't share a timeslot with the Olympics.

So Akari-Shimada, Hina-Rei, and Momo-Nikaidou will be endgame.

3-gatsu airs on NHK

If there's a third season, I can't wait to see the Father of the Year arc.

It's not, but I'd also really hate for Akari's relationship to be fueled by daddy issues.
Oh well, well all know that's exactly what's going to happen anyway. There's no escaping it.

>If there's a third season, I can't wait to see the Father of the Year arc.
This arc did so many things so very well, but my favorite part of it is how it showcases Rei's different temperaments when he's at home being a loser and when he's in front of the board being a winner. There damn well better be a third season, because I need to watch the family slowly realizing that Rei is a professional problem solver.

>Top 10 Anime Villains

That's not true lol

i love her

It airs on NHK General, senpai. That's why.

I want to hate her but my dick tells me no.

Shes much better wife choice than Hina at least.
Doesnt get bullied and doesnt have daddy issues.

Nah, Takagi is for hard dicking only while Hina is for wifing and tender dicking.

I love Akari, just look at that body
she doesn't need sexy outfit to look gorgeous

As an Akarifag, it hurts me the fact that I'll never be able to buy this.
To be honest, I don't want her to end with any of these two. I don't know how things are going on the manga since I'm mostly an anime-only, but judging by what I know, and a couple of spoilers, I don't think there's someone in the cast yet who can really heal her the way she deserves. See . If I had to pick based on where the anime is right now, I'd go with either Rei himself (sorry Hina), depending on how he will develop later in the series, or Smith, but he seems more distant from the bowl.

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