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finally something

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Any Tamamos?

Nice already a scale and a nendo prototypes, i was thinking at best there would just be some announcements, did anyone other than GSC announce Darling stuff?

>still no Cadenza Kongou

oni scale by koto

Missed the Wonder Festival? Catch up on the previous threads.


This Altair figure is 10/10 and it's not even painted. THE HYPE IS UNREAL!

Also this Asuka will go perfectly with the new Rei. Woohooooo this WonFes was pretty great for me lots of good stuff.

What's your favorite figure to come out of Wonfes?

>You'll get action figures and like it
GSC is on my side this time, model kits truly are the future of buyfagging.

Why do I keep being obsessed with her when the show was mediocre at best?

I want the 3 Gatsu Akari figure and the Tanya figure that will probably never come out.

Nice design.

Mari. The wait is finally over.

Or just is this
for a more convenient but less fun gallery

It's going to be shit.

If you weren't already aware, prior to WonFes Bandai announced both an S.H.Figuarts and a Robot Spirits line for DarliFra.

Try again tomorrow.

Okay, just make sure to remind me since I'm going to sleep.

I'd dick it.

How many Megumins in total?

Are nekos fine too?


Doing god's work there, user.

>Condition Open / package Damn Thread / Thread or Thread with Thread

What did Mandarake mean by this?

GSC's Artoria even though almost nothing changed since they last showed it.


Post RIPs.

>Altair revealed
>on the OP
God yes
yes yes
so much yes
all my yes

So far probably the Altair scale, had a ton of fun with Re:Creators.


I hope she gets one based on the LN

Altair. I really wanted Sirius Reborn too, but I guess that's for later

Someone looked at it funny.

I imagine she will be a barebones release so they better not go retarded on the price.

>I imagine she will be a barebones release
Based on what exactly?

Best fig

I was hoping for more good scales of her in the uniform, but I can't complain if this is the only scale of Tanya we get. It looks fantastic right now.

No BOTW Link? Or did I miss it? I'm honestly surprised.

Cannot wait to get a hold of the new Erina figurine. Anyone else buying this?

Which company will make Märchen Nädchen Kagimura Hazuki's figure?

Now to wait for it to go up on sale.
I need her in my life.

Agreed. I liked that outfit more.

If you pull that thread, will someone be sent to hell?

Not exactly a lot they could include with her.

She stole the show everytime she appeared, and she was a nightmare to animate so that's a bonus

Really disappointed with this figure.

GSC finds a way.

I would be happy if they do, if nothing else she has lots of potential face plates.

Extremely problematic WF.

>inb4 shitty online shop exclusive item

better something shitty than something good being gutted from the normal version.

>Piece of honey drenched food item as the exclusive
I see it happening.

Man why the fuck does this have to be a garage kit? I can't even imagine how much it'd cost to commission somebody to do a decent paint job of it.

is that a figma

Just what i was thinking, better than something cool like a tiny stamped mode from the 4koma or the like.

thanks based user!


MODEROID, so model kit.

Omfg they are making Mari too!
This WonFes was the shit.

What was the name of the show

Fucking Fate! Where is all the Granblue Fantasy shit?!

murder mouthfuls

Theres still a chance. Right

dead game.

its dead, jim

let it go


First time I've ever actually wanted a lewd figure.

Deadly nibbles


Next wonfes surely

Some other things that look interesting, but these are the ones that are likely to end up on my shelf.

What are you planning on getting, anons?

what is a killing bite?

Is that Roll from the last thread real?

Oh oh ohhhh oooooh god the pain whyyyyy post this oh god I can't cope

>another Noire

Are the other Neps ever going to get scales?

Any idea on price?

This was probably my best WonFes, which is not really saying much.
A lot of "Hope they don't fuck up the paint", "Oh, that manufacturer, well I guess we'll have to see", "Hope it's not 20k", "Oh, a silhouette, exciting I guess" and "Do I even want new Nendos"

Well, I know what I'm definitely getting. Fuck you Bandai for not making a Chogokin.


Another poorly executed Noire/Black Heart.
Iris Heart never.

the 4 inch one? yes

Too lazy to make a collage.
100% buying:
Re:Creators Altair
Flare's Evangelion Asuka & Mari
Flare's 2B
Union Creative's Code Geass C.C
Union Creative's Gantz Yamasaki Anzu
Any Jeanne figure, can't decide which yet.
P5 Makoto
Cú Chulainn

About three

volenna statue never

If they don't fuck it up, sure.

4-inches of real adorable.

what is this?

Their previous onsen series were about $100 a pop, so probably around that.

looks like a good smile company stream of the wonfes booths

I'll certainly get another Sora for my collection. And Altair.

Better not be 20k.

Good Wonfes overall, it kept its chunk of surprises, glad to see that TLR and lewd scales are still doing strong.

Bros, I really want this scale but I heard the neck breaks rather often during shipping. D-Doshiou?

>Griffith reissue

Can anyone confirm this? Heard it over at MFC

I think Lala looked better. I'm not a fan of these kinds of tops.

Wasn't too happy with the sculpt but my god did they shit the bed with the colors. And this is supposed to be Alphamax. I thought they produce decent scales.
Well, let's hope Freeing's 1/4 bunny Kurisu will be good.

This wonfes was too lewd. I want figures of pure and cute girls too, but we pretty much only had sluts with gaping vaginas or teasing whores.


Anyone got pics of the new OnePiece BB figures?

It's a babydoll.
I would've preferred a different costume, but whatever. Pose was probably recycled from Lala's, as well.

the yamada figgie is really nice i can't wait for it !

White panties

> I thought they produce decent scales.
They do. Don't know what happened here. The belt paint is Phat-tier and the jacket is Koto-tier. Hopefully that's not the final prototype

Better than nothing, I guess.

>ok guys, let's take some noname and/or thousand years old characters and put them into a bunnysuit, this will sell
What in the god damn?

>no news on pic related

Fuck yeah.

Were there any Alter news yet even?

>nothing of Maho this year
Maybe next WonFes when the adaptation airs.

I really like this but does anyone know what's it from?


Adult Nep is on the way

Is this really worth 14k?

Are there any more pictures of the top right one?

Is it time to post dead figures?

I'm not expecting anything more than a nendo, as much as I like her.

Haven't seen this posted. There needs to be more Karen figures. Or even a nendo.

This exactly.

I didn't know how to read Alter in katakana

Doesn't look like it


Absolutely not.

I'm almost certain I forgot about some things though.


This drugged Albedo looks like Piecke from SNK

finally it's colored

Make sure you order from somewhere that packs properly.

No thats why you should go for the armored version

Main diorama.

very cute~
i hope they make a little table or other prop for the others (:

Just save up for the 1/1.

It isn't fair, my man.
I'm also worried they'll butcher her in the anime, but that's just me being pessimistic.

Her pelvic area is telling me "yes it is".

The face of the armored version looks worse though. And the sword looks plastic

Her hair looks like spaghetti but I still like it.

Such as? Amazon ratings says its broken, it's sold out on amiami. That's all my sources.

I think the anime is going to be pure trash but that is because I think all VN adaptations are mediocre at best and 0 sounds like a nightmare to adapt and make it work.

Face is fine and don't use the sword.
Problem solved.

What the fuck. I ignored this because I thought it was a prize fig. 16k

This is what that Albedo face reminds me.

>sold out on amiami
Wait for A/B then. I defiantly wouldn't go with Amazon, their packaging is barely enough for domestic shipping.

>So much salt.

That's pretty cool to be honest.


Who are you quoting with Cred Forums words

She killed millions of animators



Well, it would be shipped from NOBUcorporationZ and not Amazon.

Literally who. Just use a forwarder/proxy that will repack your stuff so it can be shipped internationally.

I want a Mashu in her outfit, and I don't know if we're getting more of these.

Probably this, even though I don't give a shit about the mobage.

Salt is Cred Forums now?
I thought it was a seasoning.

My waifu is so expensive.

and creepy

stay strong maho brother, we'll get a nendo at least

I saw some Nico and Honk but no Hanayo, do I have that right?

>domestic seller
Christ, just read the guide.

Don't go to sleep tonight, user.

I can keep at it as long as something eventually exists.

When I fly to glorious NIPPON this April, can I get away with buying a pvc figure and store it in my handluggage? Or will that be too big?


>Or will that be too big?
Well gee, I don't know user, how big is the box compared to your hand luggage?

>We'll never get Nono either

Depends on how big it is and what else you have in your hand luggage.

Depends on how big the box is and how much room you have left over in your bag. If you try and take it out of the box and carry it that way, it'll break and you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

It's still beyond me how Nintendo don't let GSC do a Link and Zelda scale. They could even get a line for each game, starting from BotW, or even from prior games

I'm guessing pic related is TOM exclusive?

How small is that?

About 6-7cm tall?

Not sure how to feel about Akari. She gives a prize fig feel

Is not later releasing one next month?

Why use amiami and not source?

No Alter Asuna on display? What the fuck are they even doing

No Orca Toys either? I couldn't find anything new at least and their version looks superb.

I need these two.

I will buy it nonetheless, she's so cute.
New figures of the other undines when ?

even low-test anons can cover her with glue

gsc stream went full retarded

Oh shit, this figma looks absolutely god-tier

Trying to find a case for a 1/8 figure and it's minimum 100€ what the fuck.


POs will close in 40minutes.

Quick, tell Cred Forums!

Is hoping for a new Gunslinger Girl figure fuckin dumb?



"Let's shoot up a school, onii-chan!"

Anyone else diamonds for this? I thought I was done buying bunny shit but this could be the game changer

Fuck me dead, I would get one if I could

>I thought I was done buying bunny shit

Something like this? They go for 20-40 USD on taobao.

Never bought a bunny before but this may be my first.

Yeah, me too.

My despair is unrivaled, unending.

I'd let her stick that gun pipe up my ass if I could only get a glance under that skirt.
Damn gurl.

no, since it will be another shitty samebody with kurisu's head, just shop her head into this body.


By the way, so you guys can find all the previous WonFes shit that's been posted all in one link:

Thank me later

>Thank me later
For what? A link thats been posted before that doesn't even have all the announcements on it?

She has a decent chance of getting one, she was pretty popular for a late appearing character. Selesia would probably get one first though.

wtf?, it's the same body, and some people get mad when I tell them Freeing bunnies are shit.

We finally got a Nemesis scale, so I'm happy. The biggest surprise was probably Hikari/Mythra, but she'll be expensive as hell. And if you buy her, you kinda want to display her with Homura/Pyra.

It's ok, because Utaha looks 10/10.

>And if you buy her, you kinda want to display her with Homura/Pyra
Sure, but another 20k makes it easy to ignore that

her butt is kinda flat so it isn't 10/10.

did she get any figs?


Ok, 9/10 then.

Yeah they're shit, but if it's your waifu in a bunnysuit then it doesn't matter if it's similar to others I think. It's the same decently nicely build, nicely sized, lewdish figure.
People who collect Freeing bunnies are retarded though.


yeah no

Any more info on this fig? Looks like it's being done by Q-six but can't find anything else

So one of the two Jigoku Shoujo scales that were announced last WF is a fucking straw doll?

Yeah, fuck you too.

It isn't going to be 1:1 but lets be honest it will be very similar.

with enough differences to be considered a different sculpt

I know but even if she were my waifu and I already had Utaha I would still be a bit mad.

It's also Kurisu, a much higher grade girl than that Utaha slut

Any news on this?


can't seem to find any pics

You just suck hard at searching.

Sure, I just think that's a pretty small chance, unless you have shit tastes and buy too many bunny girls.



Hoping for a Selesia proto next wonfes. Honestly all of the girls should end up with one but I don't think I have the money for that sort of thing

they put her eyebrows wrong, is there a chance they will fix it?

those childbearing hips are worth 20k!


No idea where she's from but I like it

Too much grey. I really like Selvaria, and this pose is really enticing, but the color scheme looks so wrong (at least for the hair and weapons)

Guess i dodged a bullet on this one

The hair and lance aren't painted yet, they're both usually blue
I'd say the base isn't painted yet either

So this was real? That's exciting

there is still hope, don't lie to me

im a nepfag and im sick of all the nep and noire
stop being jews and make something vert related for once japan if i will be a low seller just dont make as much

It's actually pretty fun user. You can actually succeed in it without paying a dime.


Anyone got photos of this one?

The Demonbane figure. I still can't even wrap my head around the fact that it's happening.

I want her, what are the chances they rehash her three times?

Unfortunately no because Nep and Noire are overwhelmingly more popular in Japan than Vert of Blanc. It kills me too.

Hell, after the ridiculous production issues Alter seems to be having with Purple Heart, I doubt they'll ever touch this franchise again.

The hair and lance were the first things I've noticed. You might actually be right about them not being painted yet

I'll wait for more news about this figure. Thanks, user!

Yeah something like this.
In insight I think I'll go ahead and order detolfs though. It's a given I'll continue buying scales in the future so I might as well prepare for it by buying proper displays.

>You can actually succeed in it without paying a dime
I've heard this line applied to every single gacha/f2p game ever and it has never failed to be an overstatement leading me to a sea of frustration and wasted time.
Never again, user. Never again.

Is it going to be poseable?

Nice shoes.

isn't this a GK

No, since they said "photography is prohibited"

I have played the game since launch day. I have three 5-star characters at max level (it operates like FGO with rarity/levels), and a bunch more at max 4-star level.

Maybe you'll have difficulty getting the EXACT character you want but if you just relax and appreciate the whole cast you'll be happy.

Or I can just not play and look for pics of the girls online.

The story is entertaining too, they've translated the whole thing on YouTube.

This user is 100% right
Only mobage worth playing right now is deresute


WHERE THE FUCK IS MY FIGURE OF HER OR OF HER CLONES?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the tip. With that and the pics, no need to go near the app.

A figma would be pretty awesome

>Shitber has over 9000 figs
>Rin has a few figs
>Sakura has a handful of figs
>Ilya does not have much
>Scathach has a handful of figs
>Jeanne has a few figs
>Rider has zero

Boring design

>fatefags complaining about lack of figures
Sometimes I want to stab you guys.

I'm ready to throw all my money for her but will she even fit in a detolf shelf?

I'm so happy right now, also for this one too.

She already had one.

It'll take 5 minutes to make a real one at almost no cost. People who buy this deserve to die

Go ahead and do one, giving you 10 minutes.

Doubt it

>Caster Gil, normal Gil

Not gay but muh dick

I hope someday they do Sir Gawain and Berserklot


Nice Christmas tree

might be the first arturia I ever buy, depends on how they color it though

also I highly doubt it would fit in a detolf

>Rin has a few figs
>Sakura has a handful of figs
You're being generous here, they have fuck all.
Well, Rin gets a nice fig released at the end of this month but what does Sakura have?

Calm your tits, fuckhead

100% the 1st has no lance, the 2nd has one lance and get this, the 3rd has two lances. TWO lances!


I need butt shots of this Mo-chan. It's very important.

why is displaying these uncolored figures the norm?


This is her evening gown version, I was more thinking along the lines that the 1st one will be blue, the second will be black/white and the last will be crimson red.

My mommywife Akari-chan is so cute.

To show the WIP

Nice hovering hand.

They're still prototypes.

You ain't paying me jackshit. My broom is worth more than your opinion of me

I want to thank you for your kind words, theres not enough of those around here !

why wouldn't it be?

They'll probably put out some more with Heavens feel being made, but stop acting selfish and acting like she has none.

shit my dick

She has about the same amount that Rider does.
Plus they're all shit quality.

Kirara Fantasia Hifumi for sure, she was perfect for a figure but I didn't have any hopes for her to show up, so it amde me really happy.
Kirara isn't as popular as Magireco, but seeing how many stuff got announced for the latter gives me hope for a Hidamari or Yuyushiki scales with the Kirara Fantasia designs.

>My broom is worth more than your opinion of me
That's why you're so aggressive and feeling the need to mention this, right.
10 minutes have passed, you failed.


Zero chance, unless she's an absolutely minuscule
1/8. There's no way she's less than 18"

They're all garage kits.

They're making figures based on dakimakuras. How are you supposed to display them to properly appreciate them? I don't get it.


>planning to have a Fate themed shelf with my favorites from all the different classes
>still no Medb for Rider class

She'll get something one day, right?


They're not though.


I put it on my bingo as an instant winner, but I didn't think it would actually be announced. Still can't believe it's happening, and had to triple check the announcement to make sure it wasn't fake. I'm so happy we're getting it, specially now that Emontoys angel Hifumi prototype was revealed and it looks awful.

I think it is, I hope there will be nendos as well.

>not using the same body over and over again


Fate fags are fucking insufferable, stop acting like your shitty waifu fucking deserves a figure or whatever and saying shit that isn't true.

Please do post examples of the exact same body being used.

SAME, not similar


>Not making Nico's pink and Maki's red

People who buy bunny figures might be retarded, but not as much as retards claiming Freeing reusing the same body.

Calm down son, evidently they do deserve a figure or they wouldn't keep selling.

Not him, but I'm fairly sure I remember the same body being use for Haruhi and someone else. I believe there might be another one or two instances of this happening, but I'm not completely sure. It's mostly just the same body proportions and whatnot but a different pose.

Different pose = not the same body.

But go on, im waiting for those examples

She really turned out great. I get a warm and cozy feeling just looking at her.

There's a difference between the same body and similar body TYPES.

But Medb do deserve one. She's a queen.

Most of them are 10 yo shit though.

You act pretentious as fuck, I don't even mind the series, its you faggots.
When they don't get their particular character this is how they act

As I said, I believe there are a couple of examples of the exact same body being used, but I wont bother looking through FREEing bunnies to show you that. If the user you originally asked want to he can do it. I don't even know if it was a prototype only thing because I don't buy or follow this line of figures, but I distinctly remember at least one occasion of it being basically a head swap.

This is what happens when retards keep parroting nonsense. The whole freeing shit started with a baseless rumor of them re purposing blank sculpted bodies and just attaching a random anime character head to it. Nothing to do with reusing them.

You'd have to remove a shelf to fit her

too slutty, no one would buy it.

If you mean the Kongou and Asakura bunnies, even the japanese showed the proportions were different, so was size and pose was sightly modified, enough to be a complete different sculpture.

>Porkchop didn't get a single figure


Anyone of you brought from here? The reviews don't seem too bad and they are a GSC partner, was hoping for a bit more reviews

They made a lewd version of Mashu, come on now.

No, it's because it takes 10 seconds to respond to you and costs nothing. What even is your point? Because honestly these Brigid straw dolls are easy to make. Here's a tutorial:

I literally see nothing wrong with that anons post, it's you who's over reacting and acting like a bratty shit.

Bride's maid pochaco was shown.

It's from Binding. So it's probably an artist's OC like most Native stuff.

There's no way you could make something looking exactly the same as theirs. Look closer.
There are people out there who enjoy dark/occult anime, and that 2000¥ thing could be a nice addition to their collection. Means nothing to you perhaps, so be it.

Lal'C came out. He's talking about Nono.

Well, the pic cleary says Nendoroid series. Does it also says something about a scale? (I can't into moonrunes)

I doubt we'll ever get a good Aria scale, since we just can't have nice things.

About Figma size

>No photo

What are they expecting, really?

Didn't Utaha get a really nice fig this wonfes I check mfc but I can't seem to find it under her name.

To be fair most people still go by the rules

Not really, Kato got the better ones

Did GSC finally show a release date?

>they fucked up Sansei's face again



The "series" is just there because it's part of the logo. All 900-something nendos are part of the "nendoroid series".
Though if you still want to have hope, they haven't specified in text that it will be Mizunashi Akari.

The fucked more than that

Wonfes isn't for release dates.

What do you guys think of the GSC Emilia?
I particularly like it. It's not amazing or impressive, but it's cute and probably the best figure she'll get.
The teacher version one looks horrible in my opinion.

Damn that's cute.
The color of the dress looks good on Pochaco.

gk i guess?

Medb is evil and deserves nothing but the worst figures.

Not particularly impressive.
Not too big of a fan of her either so whatever.

Pretty sure there's a hole on top of the detolf.

At least you guys gets to have figs of your waifus

Mine will never get any PVC, let alone a good one, and that makes me a sad panda

suppose to be PCV

I like it but I would've preferred a standing pose

Retarded pose

Naruto tier

I'm not a huge fan of the pose, but everything else looks nice. I'd get the teacher one honestly, and I think I like it a little more than this one. I'd rather take a neutral pose than this not-quite dynamic one. If it had an interesting base I'd probably like it more.

I already own this one though, and although it's not the best I'm quite happy with it.

I rather take a boring pose and not a retarded one, thanks

Looks like they fixed her coloring

I mean, I'm excited to see the prototype of that. Given that it's from Rocket Boy I have some hope.

Still, wedding Sansei had a terrible face and the new one they showed off isn't much better. She's from an old ass visual novel and doesn't appear in shit anymore outside of cameos. Her figures are sparse and they fucked up the new one and the last one.

That's what I've been thinking. Maybe remove the plastic cap so that the lance could fit but then she'd have to stand in the middle of the shelf and that could take a lot of space. If that works, I don't think she'd be able to be paired up with other scales.

Anyone got pics of the new Natsume scale?

That's funny, I like the pose. My complaint is with the boring paintjob.
The birthday Rem figure has the same color pattern, yet it looks considerably better because of the shading they used.

That or remove a shelf. Or put her on open shelf space and accept you'll need to dust her.

Disappointed, man. I'm only going to consider buying Alter's Emilia if they ever decide to make one for her after Rem.

She wouldn't be abe to be paired with any other scale anyway, that horse is huge.

I wanna lick her tummy!

Well you can try waiting for Phat's wedding version

That's true I guess. Not a fan of bride outfits though, but I could make an exception for Emilia if the figure doesn't have a dumb design like the bride Rem.
I might end up buying both though.

Was that an actual wedding version or rather a white swimsuit with some garments?


I was just assuming it meant an Akari Nendo myself (with Aria shachou one would hope)


Currently going through the WF threads, any word on a painted pic related?

Cute colors. But I don't know the manufacturer so it's kind of a gamble.


Is GSC Rem worth it, or do I continue filling out my idolshit collection

No but they updated the Fine Clover one.

This is peak performance.

Go for her

I think it looks like shit. But a lot of people like her, so who knows, you might too.

When it comes to nendos, if there's a small mascot animal they always cram it with the MC (or related character)

Oh, I didn't notice this one. The last couple of years we got a lot of "wedding versions" that were actually just some lingerie and I distinctly remember Rem getting one.
This one at least seems to have a skirt, a veil and a bouquet.


Basically Dead

Just get the Fine Clover one.

I'm not really feeling her legs but I want the archer girl so now I'm reconsidering gun girl.

Will those ever come out?

That's a pretty cool display. What should I search to find more like it?

>Wish for Clownpiece
>Get a sega prize figure


Oh I never realized it was Griffon, oops. Thanks, user.

Griffon is far from dead, sadly


This figure makes me want to check out the anime.

Be glad that she got anything, unlike most Touhous.

It's very good. And the Kawamoto sisters are very cute.

How is it even possible that a company like Griffon is still in business?

What's this line?

There are a bunch of figures at this Wonfes with really detailed sweater sculpts. It feels like some chinese factory just figured out how to reliably do sweater texture so a bunch of companies are going all out on it.


I’ll try not to look a gift horse Knut eh mouth


Not a line

Please respond

God bless Tony and his sluts.


I rather have a boob Eva figure

I can see where those flutes are going


they are plain af


No backshots of this figure?

Sadly, no


Is that a KIT?

I just love his grin

Serves you right for reading that shit after everything Ken did to the series



765 is dead

2hus from the more recent games get almost nothing besides GKs.

Mamizou or Raiko figures never.

funk my life, cutie-tsuki.

it's cute af even for a prize though

>That shit smoke


Looks much better than the old version which looked like cum.

I have nier faggotry on march with nibyo and machines. Did any one has other figmas manufactured by them ? How shit are they
I don't want fuck up my ami ID so do i keep figures or sell right away

So it turns out it was teto.

It's from this seller

They're garbage.
>figmas manufactured by them
They're not figma, read the guide.
Also, you don't need to avatarfag using the same handful of images every single time you post something in these threads.

>Mamizou figures never

This really hurts, she's one of my favorites.

>already PO'd rerelease Kino
>Hermes Kino appears
I'm slipping into the why not both territory.

>Goblin slayer anime
>next winter wonfes will possibly have a cow girl figure

I got off pretty light this year. Don't think I've ever had a year where there were more Nendo announcements I cared about than scales.

Is this how the Chinese play the flute?

Cool thanks. I don't really know how to navigate the site. I'll poke around.


He mentioned it, double retard

Haha Y-yeah who needs a figure of their waifu i c-certainly don't.


Maybe after season 3, any day now r-right?

Are you seriously going to buy Futaba twice?

I forgot. Wonfes was 2 days, right? I feel like I recall new figs being announced the second day of Wonfes

>Not making Nico

That would be good.

>This one at least seems to have a skirt, a veil and a bouquet.
About that...

There is no second day, newfag

>He mentioned it

Who and where?

Google it, triple retard

What? No, of course not.

I'm buying a third so I can make Brown Futaba, too.

Just preordered both kekkai sensen nendos.

Being a fag makes figures you wanna buy few and far between


The maids are two poor sods though.
Emilia-tan will be wearing something worth of a queen. I want to believe

Why was i actually a "double retard" directly at my 1st question in this whole thread, this is somewhat inconsistent.

Also - If you don't want to answer - than simply don't do it. Isn't that hard.

>no Fate Holmes

why live

fuck off retard

You need to be super special to not right click an d google before asking, a simple retard is not enough

I really thought I was gonna have more squares to check.

I feel you, man. Maybe next wonfes.

Are you that mad because your favorite character didn't get a new figure announced at wonfes?

Not really, she did. Thank you for worrying about me but you should be worried about your basic search skills, ultra retard.

So many possible insults in this world and all you know is "retard" come one, show some creativity!

I doubt you can understand longer words, so retard will do.

But can you google those insults as good as you can google news?

I feel confused.

You're allowed to put some faith in my knowledge about bad words.

I've only looked through two WonFes thread and my wallet is already crying.

Please just stop replying to him.

You don't have the space for all that anyway.

So we've talked about our favorite figs, but which do you think was the worst/most disappointing? Or just plain stupid. Basically, vent your frustrations and/or confusion.

neck's too long on 2b

Dissapointed about the ugly lipstick on this one

It's as if her gums were bleeding

Sad truth. I just hope this Kokoro turns out nice even if it won't be done before 2020

Holy hell she looks amazing

Is this a GK? I can't find it on MFC.

nothing yet?

The announcment card for running Pochaco was shown again, this time with a running Sonico too, so that figure isn't dead it seems.



Her left leg is broken

Seems like GSC math will only be announced on next wonfes then.

No worries. Young women tend to be fairly flexible.

You are generally allowed 1 personal item aside from your hand luggage. I've carried a lot of stuff that way, if you're not trying to smuggle a 1/4 it should be fine.

Too early to tell, but hey, keeping expectations low paid off

file name

Sure looks like one

Its been like 3 years since that was announced
I wanted another cute clothed porkchop to be announced ;_;

Why the fuck is Toysworks' Reg 1/7 while Riko and Nanachi are 1/6? That's just fucking retarded.
I was going to maybe buy the whole set if Riko and Reg turned out nice, but no fucking way would I buy them with mismatched sizes.

Can't wait for this

What the fuck, I just went through the entire Dengeki Hobby page on WF and could not find this. Is it a GK? Who made it?

That's a cute dumb face, wouldn't buy

>no thighband

It doesn't look anything like that Pochako figure though

she would be cuter if she didn't have those huge disgusting tits
a flat chest and just huge hips would be perfect

This WonFes kind of sucked but it doesn't feel as disappointing as the last one.

It doesn't look like her at all, what the hell



Didn't see anyone post it all this time but here's a better picture of the Yami HG sculpt. 3/9 sculpted already is a pretty good start.

Her face is too tall.

People didn't expect Nendo faces to be narrower

Who making this?

I hope it looks better painted or has some other face plates as I really want to get them both and the Kettenkrad. They were my most anticipated item at wonfes.


Are there any originals?
I'm tired of Fateshit and Idolshit

Fu-Ryu but Kadokawa(I think?) was making the same kind of Rem.




Wow this would be my first lewd fig if I didn't live with my parents.
But that was first lewd manga i've ever read

I'm satisfied with the amount of twintails this wonfes. Too bad no twintail character though.

What is it called? asking for a friend

What are my chances of finding this one in Japan for less than 140.-€? Unused and new, obviously.

I think the problem is that their faces are really round in the manga/anime . Thing is nendos actually have 3D faces with a nose, so it feels weird here.

Its not based on any manga, its an original character. Just happens to be similar to the brown girls the artists draws

>But that was first lewd manga i've ever read
huh what? Ignoring the fact it's not from any manga, all mda starou works are fairly new, as in a couple of years old

Sometimes they've made an exception and sculpted characters with a completely different face shape. It wasn't the case this time.

Looks closer to MiA

Funny that they literally fucked up making a potato character.

>AmiAmi down

Yea I didn't want to get panda and start reading shit but in 2015 it was my start, i was blown away and that got me into more panda shit

Well then get to work on your character recognition skills, because you have failed to identify your first manga.

Speaking of Ami's site, do we know when they will activate the button to cancel orders?

Never, it's there to tease you.

did better than i expected. i'll take it.



are there any details on this at all?

it's the same artist give me a break

What should I use to clean the dust on my figures that aren't in a display case?

Your brain

try The Guide™

I'm afraid that'd leave some blood stains. Do you have any other recommendations for me?


Gosh, Windows font rendering is ugly.

Use your brain, not as a physical tool but it's actual thinking functions

Fuck my life

I'm actually considering this because 1. Kat a cute
and 2. So I can put it on my TV stand


Everyone's rendering is different
It's fine to read until you get into 4k screen territory

Only if you want it to be.

>super smiley gay face
jeeeeeeesus whyyyyyy

Isn't the amiami message just dependent on what your default font is set as?

Already bought the nanachi a few weeks back

Yes, as well as your browser and even your setup if its using GPU rendering or not.

Gosh, Linux fanboys are retarded.



K-kagawa life, r-right?

Its basically just the font though.

Instant buy!

Son a bitch that looks so weird. I can't beside the Ram and Rem fig. I'd rather have a boring pose than something like that.

And we finally were about to get a good Tougou too

It's a nendo what did you expect?

i still can't even believe this is real.

Please be 1/7 scale.

Fuck I want this so bad.

ALTER, finish your line already.

Looks better without the super-bright lighting in the other pic. I need her and hope for the others eventually.

Prime statues all look expensive and exaggerated for the sake of it. I like Kat and I appreciate the quality, but 90% of it feels so unnecessary, and most of their other statues are similar, to the point where you almost obligatory need to display it separately from everything else because of how they stand out. Still, if it's something from your waifu, I guess it's the ultimate buyfagging item you can get.

Not a whole lot really.

For such an old series, I'd say all this is pretty good.

MFC lists it as a metal alloy action figure, so yeah.