Will we get to see goatsplat in s3?

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I wish to see Ainz and Jircniv's grave misunderstandings but I'm not expecting the anime to deliver those parts nicely as the LN.

Jircniv is afraid of AinZ. Poor emperor

Emperor JUST and Ainz friendship comedy spin-off when?
A show where Ainz wants to be his friend and learn how to properly act as a ruler while Jircniv JUST always thinking his country is about to be blown.
All of this to the sounds of laughs in the background and some bass theme.

>***,377 (**1,091 pt) 2018/04/25 Overlord
There won't be a S3.

Only a few more days until we get 2nd best chuuni.

why is this song so catchy?


As expected from Overlord, special snowflake at its worst.

what? it's the outtro credits for those Pleiades mini episodes

Because it sounds like a repack theme,

Crazy Scary Holy Fantasy > 8bit > Clattanoia PPP> Clattanoia > LLL Pleiades Ver > Go Cry Go > LLL > Hydra

You're wrong. The only time it's really S3 never is when everyone actually wants S3. I don't think anyone here wants to see vol. 9 adapted by badhouse, so it will happen.

Why wouldn't you want vol 9 with emperor JUST and the splatfest?

>Momon is a controlled opposition and his confrontation with the Sorcerer King was staged
>Momon actually was the Sorcerer King in disguise and is now being impersonated by his double
>Jaldabaoth and Honyopenyoko are Sorcerer King's minions
>Sorcerer Kingdom carries out false flag operations in neighboring counties to destabilize the region and create puppet states
>Princess Renner is a genius sociopath merely pretending to be retarded that betrayed the humanity and sided with Sorcerer King
>Workers incident was an inside job
>Sealing Crystals can't melt wooden beams
>Sorcerer King is the leader of "Nazarick", a secret organization that conspires to establish an authoritarian world government consisting of "Guardians" led by the "Supreme Being"
>Sorcerer King works with Reptilians
>Sorcerer King and his minions are aliens from another world
>Happy Farm is not happy at all

This is my phone ringtone

>CGI splatfest

>gore censored
>all the cgi
>rushed to hell and back

Next thing you'll tell me that Renner-sama is working with the Sorcerer King too. I won't be fooled by your lies!

Splatfest nonetheless.

Fucking tinfoliers, Ainz-sama only has our best interests at heart

t. Demiurge

I would be careful with that golden princess of yours...

It seems ridiculous but I'm starting to think there might be something to this schizo drivel.
Looking at it, that many big events and new powerful figures appearing all in the same geographic location and around the same time can't possibly be a mere coincidence. What if what he's saying is actually true?

We won't get to see Lupus being an honest girl.

>"lizards are so fun lol fuck hummies fav volume hahaha who cares about ainz BASED SCALED pussy amirite fellow scale and furkins!?"
Who thought half a dozen episodes of that filler shit was a good idea?

and it's still doing better than VEG or Franxx

> s3
>more CGI
>more bad animations

>lets have five episodes about the fucking lizards
making a LN adaption should be advantage. They already know which parts of the story are shit and can be skipped or get some major cuts.
but no, these idiots waste almost half of the season to the most boring and hated volume of the whole series.
i bet there will be a third season. but the producers didnt earn it.

As bad as the lizardman arc was, it was much worse in the LN.

> s3
> bad animation
Don't judge it too fast user

Why does he look like a Reinhard clone?

>Don't judge it too fast
>s1 = CGI
>s2 = CGI everywhere
>s3 = CGI everything, even (you)


>s4 = 4d anime

They’re only releasing 3 BD volumes, they know it won’t sell much without novel bonuses.
Season 3 will have bonuses, maruyama already promised them.

I want to be gangraped by the Pleides

>s10000 = sasuga Ainz-sama CGI 4d



Late Night slot user. Late Night. IDK what that ranking is but if it's related to viewership numbers that position is meaningless for a late night anime like Overlord. Only hardcore anime fans watch it live and those spend s shitload of money in franchise -related products. The revenue coming from those is what the investors pay attention to.

The world is not medieval, undead is disease-immune and there are metals between copper silver and gold you twat.

You forgot MC's party consists solely of love interests

Would watch.

>I speedread the whole thing: the post

Because Cocytus, Demiurge and Mare are all Ainz love interest.

Most of those are addressed in the LN, you fucking imbecile.

Stop getting triggered you retards, it didnt score a bingo.

>get facts wrong
>get mad when called out
Shut up crybaby.

>Secondary wants to shitpost
Ill address this one post because its the only one that posted counter arguments.

>undead is disease-immune
It doesnt matter the reason why he is immune, the fact that he is immune is the reason why it gets the spot.

>there are metals between copper silver and gold
If you actually knew how to read, you would understand that this refers to the currency.

If we were 4D could we start to understand Ainz's plans?

The ore system for adventurers was introduced due to the editor. The WN didn't had them.

Ainz is everybodies love interest.

>>undead is disease-immune
>It doesnt matter the reason why he is immune, the fact that he is immune is the reason why it gets the spot.
Undeath isn't a disease you dumb fuck.

oh you stupid motherfucker.
>he cant get sick
Learn to read.

Only one I disagree with is "It's magic I ain't gotta explain shit" because if there's one thing Overlord can't stop doing it's explaining the magic system in autistic detail.

Well, they all sure love the supreme one.

>Renner NTR becums canon.

Does anyone have the NPCs stat chart? I want to see how many points away Mare is from manhandling Shalltear

Here it is.

>If you actually knew how to read, you would understand that this refers to the currency.
If you weren't so uneducated you'd know that medieval currency primarily consisted of gold, silver, copper and bronze.

Neck yourself, you cum guzzling piece of shit.

>im to retarded to read, im going to pretend im arguing something else.

>TFW Shalltear and (even) Albedo can (wo)manhandle Mare
Its a good thing they dont like shotas

>Mare can manhandle Ainz and Demiurge
It also works the other way around.

>Comparing base codzilla vs a clean tank and clericzilla

>we should have rushed through Lizards even faster
What the fuck do you people want? Do you know how storytelling works? What would you have cut out from the lizard arc that would have freed up an entire episode or or two?

>there's a build that focuses on summoning goblins that caps at lv 50 goblins
How exactly are you supposed to fight in PVP with this?
Unless there's skills and buffs that make the goblins bypass the lv100 passives, it's a shit build even if you can summon tens of thousands of them.

I haven’t read any overlord so it’s enjoyable for me. I think it was two episodes too long because I don’t get the purpose of the amount of lizard development, but I forgot about it when cocytus has his appreciation for their fighting.

Do we even know if those passives apply to all level 100s or just certain classes?

Didnt they say that nobody in Ygg never found any use for it?

If the chart is right what would stop a frenzied Albedo from taking up Mare's innocence?

Are you ready for your punishment, Cred Forums?

In ygg no one ever used the gobbos because they were garbage and only popped out like 5 normal ones

>editor changes again
Holy fuck I'm getting more buttblasted the more I know.

My guess is no one in Ygg had a chance to get any level in Sergent/Commander/General and thus couldn't use the horns effectively.

Filler/flavor spells. Sometimes byproduct of nerfing or abandoned game mechanics.

The other guardians and NPCs togheter, just like the time she tried to take Ainz.

Why did Ainz think this was a good idea?

That's was one of the requirements that I understood when reading.
That's why everyone in Iggdrasil thought the "horn of the goblin general" had general in its name as a joke.

It was a good ideia, we can't even begin to comprehend all the plans and intelligence of the supreme One.

He's thinking in more dimensions than us mere servants are capable.

If Evileye is a vampire howcome ainz don't just invite her to join his harem like he did that hamster girl from the forest

>Make Abedo love Mare
>She has to wait till he becomes an adult by elven standards a couple of hundreds of years
Is that crueler than her current situation?

>she has to wait

Current situation is much more crueler than waiting hundreds of years because Ainz is an immortal skeleton so no boner forever.

>refers to the currency.
They have platinum and nickels too.

>vol13 May

Just because she's an undead it doesn't she won't get flayed alive and tortured to death.

She hurt Entoma and Ainz is fiercly protective of his kids.

that comes later

Good. Madhouse would just ruin it anyway.

It can be detrimental to his upbringing, and since Albedo is his superior it can be deemed harassment by Ainz.

Demiurge thought it was genius, so it probably is!

>Madhouse become Badhouse
that what you get for giving Lizard attention

Gaining those classes should be easy, it's the last one that's a mystery.
>1. general classes
>2. face a large amount of opponents
>3. ?

Nah I think the problem is that people just didn't discover how to command players/NPCs in a way that counts. Hired NPCs obey regardless fo your classes, guild NPCs obey their masters, players have free will and are fellow party members or guild mates. None of that qualifies for leading groups of soldiers.

>tortured to death
>implying she will be allowed to die
There is a special kind of hell waiting for EE and you know it.

Animefag here,
When Ainz gets rekt real hard during his conquest?

When after S3 airs.

All the time in his mind.

Is it just me or Demi looks like he's about to suck his own tail here

>When Ainz gets rekt real hard during his conquest?

Tail is actually his penis.

This does not bode well for Overlord thread


In the sequel, right now is all about ainz conquering the continent.

Not really sure why he made Mare look sad here. He seemed pretty pretty neutral during the whole thing.

he dies in the next volume

He's probably just worried about being late, I don't think it's supposed to be sadness directed at her.

>those child bearing hips
How can Shalltear even compete?

This shit felt completly out of place.
A literal asspull out of nowhere.
Overlord would be better without that scene, the fatass dragon, and the waifubait alfredo.
I blame the fucking editor for this shit

He's sad for hurting the poor woman against his will.

So when does Ainz meet the gods of NW? Does he finally stop being an atheist after he sees them?

If he sucked his own cock does that mean he's masturbating or having sex with himself?

Just search autofellatio and you shall find the answer

It's 27th April user. Suffer longer

I'm ready for the influx of EE fanart

>27th April
But it's May though.

So, based on this list, the recipe for a non-trashy isekai would be:
>a world that is either openly an otherworld Japan, or has nothing in common with Japan at all, including language and customs;
>there are several people from our world present;
>there is either no magic at all, or all magic is meticulously explained;
>MC has no party, or, if they do, less than a half of people in it are viable love interests;
>MC cannot make anything from their world, or, if they do, they have to put tremendous effort into it and make a prototype first;
>there is no Demon Lord, or, if there is, she is a petite kind girl who was forced to become a Demon Lord for whatever reason;
>none of the people MC saves offer them money, a place to stay or any info they would find useful (unless they requested those as a payment for saving the person beforehand)
>the world is either futuristic, prehistoric, or an alternate version of our modern-day world;
>MS either got to the new world without dying, or died in an unusual manner that did not involve trucks;
>MC is either a young child or an adult, and has traits that make them exceptional in some way;
>nobody knows what they're doing, including the MC and his harem
>no Elves, Dwarves, or Orcs
>MC is only given an average Skill, Item or Ability, or nothing at all;
>it is either a game world with game mechanics or a non-game world without them;
>MC keeps thinking about their old life;
>MC gets sick from a common or local disease at some point;
>there are no extra lives;
>MC has to gain experience to use weapons effectively, or already has some experience from their life in this world;
>people who look evil turn out to be average people with unfortunate looks or an affinity for edgy clothing;
>religion has no alignment, it's true neutral
Would read, to be honest.


Fund it.

For what reason do you crop these images and quadruple their size?

Risou no Himo Seikatsu? I mean it's pretty obvious magic is being granted by Spirits.

HQ is not allowed in Overlord threads.
Fuck off.

Borders are gross

>the fatass dragon
No fuck you, he was the best part of that shitty dwarf borefest.
Hopefully he gets more screentime.

If it was 4D you'd realize that Ainz is actually ACTING like someone acting like he doesn't know what he's doing so he acts like he knows what he is doing.


>minmaxed tryhard NPC gets wrecked by a roleplayer with a wallet
This will never not be funny to me.

what's her talent?

Making babies

Yeah but also Shalltear still thinks like an NPC while Ainz thinks like a player and knows everything about Shalltear.

Vol11 was pretty dissapointing, yes, but that piece of shit was just an otaku pandering that has no place in overlord.
You can't seriously argue that that fatass added anything of value to the series nor contribute in any way to the plot.
Forced shit shouldn't have a place in any book in the first place.
How would you feel if someone inserted this kind of shit in other books or films like let's say lord of the rings?
Adding generic trash is one of the worst traits the japanese have, at least when it comes to lns

Fuck you guys, Vol. 11 was great

being CUTE

fatass dragon was by far the worst part of a mostly mediocre novel

Vol. 11 haters are just Demiurge sleeper agents who want Overlord to be edgefests instead of comfyfests

Worlds strongest Womb



If Shalltear had been smarter using her skills, Ainz would have just run


Nabe looks pissed

of course she does, someone is trying to move in on ainz

>Vol 11 didn't have edge

She almost killed her little sister, so in this case the hate was justified

>rodent extermination
I don't see what's edgy about it.

Vol11 should have been 2 volumes longs, everything felt rushed, specially because we had an op being like ainz crushing everyone without effort.
At least vol4 had struggle, worldbuilding, and it felt (yes it felt) that contributed something to the story.
Vol11 could have been an spin-off because it didn't add shit to the story, asside from certain scenes like shalltear developing (which I don't think was worth the whole vol just for that).
That been said, the beggining and final were ok, the middle part of the vol is what sucked.

Let's predict how EE's torture will turn out. Will she simply be siphoned off like the Workers? Or will it be even more edgy?

>being fat, not wanting to fight and reading books is an otaku
The point was that he is a rare dragon, he is the opposite of a normal one.
Notice how those that enter nazarick are not normal or average in any ways like go-gin and jirvic.

What level is the Platinum Dragonlord, he looks like a disappointment so probably around 70~80?

But Ainz crushes everyone without effort, save for Volume 3. That's hardly an issue with Vol. 11 in particular.

Also, there's nothing wrong with side stories. And it does add relevance to the story anyway, Nazarick gets yet another ally and more race integration into their Kingdom, as well as a Dragon delivery service and runes.

he can bring Shalltear to near death with one attack so probably 120~130

You know that WCI that gets stronger every time it kills something?
It's like that, but with birth

Nah, she wasn't wearing armor at the time, [Fallen Down] could probably do as much or worse to Shalltear out of her gear. Her wearing only dress when Ainz finds her in idle MC state was anime-original: she was fully equipped in LN and Ainz smote her with 11th tier at the start of battle.

That's actually a great theory.

newfag here
How strong are the guradians compared to daddy bones?

Read the thread, there's a chart with all the stats. Papa Bones can win against anyone easily, except for Chair and maybe Gargantua, against those he'd need p2w and some tactics.


Stop posting and lurk more. Or kill yourself.

Is Elf King actually powerful or is he just fucking with the reader?

What do you think?

>or is he just fucking with the reader?
If it follows the pattern of every other "high power level" character we've been introduced to, then yes.

Come on, he was just a neet in dragon form. I'm sure if he had anime he would have watched them, but that wasn't my point.
It could have been dealed in any other way and it would still feel less forced than a "shuting dragon".
I'm not complaining about Ainz being op, just that in this vol it felt pointless. There were no strategies, plans, or ainz acting paranoid as usual.
And dwarves felt important than fucking lizards, I mean look at it, they were hinted at several times, they built a civilization in the mountains, and are one of the races with the most lore and background in typical fantasy medieval settings.
But the way they were portrayed, how incompetend they felt, and how little we got to see of them in just one volume made me feel that the entire book was rushed as hell. That's why I think it should have been 2 vols instead of one.

I dunno, the elf guy seems pretty confident on fucking up ST all by himself just to get ZZ back.

He doesn't know that ZZ exist for sure, BS nabbed her mother before the birth. She could've born another jobber.
As were Clem, Kajit, Zero, Succulent, Brain, 10 seconds squad, Nigun, that troll with a short name and countless other NWers, now dead or defeated?

He's powerful by New World Standard but he'll just get rekt by Nazarick NPC's though.

To be fair, i dont really see him as the enemy of Ainz since he doesnt really care for ST either.

Considering who his child is, he's either a player or an insanely strong NWer.

He'll probably piss off Aura/Mare and get rekt. That hook with their heterochromia reminding people of him has been dangling for ages now, surely it will lead to some kind of misunderstanding like him thinking their his lost kids or something.

You mean Gu, Frost Dragon Lord and Quagoas? I think that all of them.

> he's either a player

Is there anything wrong with what I said?

It's the mother that was the descendant of a player. He caught her in some kind of trap and raped her, but I don't think he was stronger than her 1v1 or anything.

What if they're both players, and that's why ZZ is so strong?

Pretty long list.
He obviously oblivious to powerlevel mechanics or he'd get out murdering shit more, not just throwing his children out of tower window to see if they would Awaken or not.

He doesn't seem like he has the knowledge a player would though, from his internal monologue. He could potentially be a descendant of one but I don't think he's a player himself. I don't think ZZ's mom was actually a player either (just a descendant of one) but I could be remembering wrong.

He's about equal to ZZ if you think about how genes work. So basically he can beat Shalltear and every other floor guardian 1v1.

>Headcanon the post.

If you roleplay as long as Elf king you would forget all about Ygg game mechanics

Could Solution beat Shalltear 1v1? I think Shalltear probably couldn't damage Solution since she can just liquefy and absorb the blow and then she can just engulf Shalltear and absorb her slowly.

>He obviously oblivious to powerlevel mechanics
What if he was just a scrub who knew jack about the game mechanics or how the NW works.

How fucking dumb one Player can get not to know you need to kill shit to advance in combat classes?

Not reading the guide obviously. Just completely blind playthrough

I know this is a shitpost but sometimes I seriously wonder about the intelligence of the average NWer.
>massive amount of hyperpowered beings with little to no presence in history appear in the same region at nearly the same time
>no fights between these hyperpowered beings ever result in any casualties among them
>Momonga almost immediately defects to the Sorcerous Kingdom after its creation
>Sorcerous Kingdom drags its feet in responding to Jaldabaoth trashing a neighboring country despite him being the only real entity in sight who could threaten the SK's gorillions of god-tier undead
>the instant a NWer ever questions this they're shot down by everyone else saying "lol stop joking"

>slowly flayed then drown in acid
>supported by Lupu's magic so she doesn't faint/die
>dismembered afterwards; every part of her body gets replaced by beastmen parts and stitched together
>Entoma takes her vocal cords in the most excruciating and sadistic way possible, infects her face and eyes with all sorts of larvae and parasites
>all of this while Momon watches

>vol 10 something is about to happen guys
Yes, Albedo-sama. The preparations have already begun.”
“Really now. Then, make sure they’re finished before we invade.”

Do you think Albedo and Rubedo will betray Nazarick?


the mook to end all mooks

>no fights between these hyperpowered beings ever result in any casualties among them
Momon killed Shalltear.

Probably works in body wave tactics, ect make so many goblins that the enemy can't actually fight you directly, they have to wade though to green tide one way or the other.

Does Brain ever confront Momon about why Shalltear is still alive if he supposedly killed her?

Considering the earth is a dystopia and education isn't as thorough I'd say oblivious playerbase isn't that improbable.

>Maruyama addressing plot holes

Brain isn't an adventurer so he has no idea about the vampire incident

>isn't that improbable.
Nah, it's complete bullshit: they have media readily available for consumers of any income and Yggdrasil wasn't that cheap either: the setup looked pretty expensive and Satoru was only able to afford it because he had no life. You just can't be dumb enough not to know kills=XP. You can put 1+1 even in NW when you kill some shit and the bar moves.

How will Ainz kill Jabadabadoo in volume 13?

Obviously Neia will.

>Momon killed Honyonpnykosomething

It's Honyopyonyoko.

Ainz will be "defeated" and then Neia will pull her bow in a rage and attack Jaldabaoth, he'll pretend to be beaten because he knows it's something Ainz gave her so it's obviously part of the plan, Neia revered as hero and becomes new queen of the HK or something since all the other candidates are dead anyway, no fucking clue what happens to the SK now that Ainz isn't gonna show himself anymore.

By using his secret weapon.

how the hell is he going to kiss her? ainz has no lips.
>“Therefore, I want a kiss~”
>Albedo closed her eyes and puckered her lips.

He can just do the "fake face" he did awhile back or just go all teeth.


I hope ainz actually dies, maybe remedios backstabs him with her special skill that kills any evil.
Demi and the rest think it's part of the plan but it isn't then comes enri and PA to save the day.
Ainz goes 'umu' while keeping it a secret he actually died.

>yfw Ainz becomes the new god of the NW

>neiafags in charge of not being delusional
Maruyama will obviously kill her off.

No, user is right and nw fags are conveniently retarded to make things easy. already raised a point.
Brain is a witness that chair = the powerful vampire = is alive and kicking but he does not connect the events nor mentions his observations to anyone else with half a brain to do so.


Brains doesnt have any adventurer connections user.

Asspulled explanation and such can be found for anything. It's a plothole created from the need to have him survive the encounters.

How the fuck is it plothole? Only people who know about the vampire thing are the dead adventurer party, that one mage guild guy and the adventurer guild leader.

What is asspull about that? Brain literally have no idea about that Vampire incident.

Lakyus a cutie. Lakyus > evileye

>Arguing with speedreaders
You can't help them, they're obstinate by default.

>speedreading faggot

>Clem knows Momon = Ainz
>her body is missing
this doesn't bode well

I just don't see any way the series could continue after Ainz's death, unless it turns out he can respawn after all or something.

God I want to fuck that chunnie so bad

Nazarick destroys the world or they try to follow Ainz' 10,000 years plan.

Too early for that. We still have at least 5 to 10 volumes of content yet to be written.

And Brain. Who conveniently keeps his mouth and eyes shut about everything even post-depression despite the meeting with her being quite important to him. This could have been somewhat forgivable, but he met and recognized her a second time. After that there is simply no excuse not to develop anything from his interactions either directly or through other characters that might connect whatever information is floating in the kingdom/guild/world. It's not happening because NWers are meant to be retarded in order to make things easy for MC. This is consistent. Very similar to goblin slayer but not as poorly handled. Overlord might be entertaining, but its an isekai with all that entails and expecting incredibly well thought out plots is mostly headcanon.
>le speedradar maymay
sasuga reddit

When the GMs finally show up.

What if ainz dies, but his spirit (or conciousness) still remains in the world and he gets to watch what the npcs do after his death?
It could be interesting seeing the npc interaction without ainz intervention

>Gets proven wrong
>Still keeps going

Season 3 will be announced with volume 15.

Screencap this.

What would be the ultimate prank on Lupus?

Lesbian rape.

un-mimidoshima her.

>Lesbian rape
What if Albedo and Shalltear were programmed to love Lupus?

Sasuga Speedreader-kun. Keep posting paragraphs, showing everyone how stupid you are.

>guys I fought a really strong vampire not once but twice!
Wow Ainz would have been finished for sure

Shalltear was programmed to love Yuri. She's supposed to love big tits and to be a necrophile.


Thats a pity, because I'm sure Yuri loves Ainz and Mare

Well, by love I mean lust. Dunno if she loves anyone other than Ainz and mabe Aura (fraternally)

>Ainz thinks and knows everything about Shalltear
When are they going to have babies?

Always wondered but why did Ainz forget all about the real world and how he gets back there?
Is this all just Ainz fantasy so that he can keep playing the MMO?

He has nothing to go back to. Except work.

Read the damn thing and pay attention you retarded faggot.

Because Ainz is a loner. He's hoping that maybe some of his friends got isekai'd with him. You're beyond being a speed reader. You didn't even watch season 1 or read volume 1.

But I did, and his last friend logged out a few minutes before the game closed when the show started.

So you watched 1 episode? Good for you.

Will Overlord have a proper ending? Or will it just peter out if a few years.

Maruyama will die leaving OL without any proper ending.

strike off a few of those and you get GATE

Suzuki will eventually disappear and be completely replaced by the persona of Ainz (Foreshadowed by Evileye). Touch Me/Climb will save him in the end with the help of World Savior (WCI) and will be the first and last people to conquer Nazarick.

Holy shit Lupus is the greatest, i think i'm in love

patrician taste

Top tier taste.

Lupu is smart.

I like how in the anime you can kind of gradually see this happening as his internal monologue bits slowly start using the Ainz voice that he uses when he talks rather than the inward Suzuki voice they had at the start

Tell me about Rubedo, does she bode well for Nazarick?

>strongest entity in Nazarick yet the most likely to revolt
>could rape even Touch Me-sama, one of Ygg's top 9 players
Bode well it does not.

are there any games of Overlord? hentai games?

Was it ever explained why is she "dangerous" for Nazarick?

>Albedo has full command of her
>Nigredo foreshadowed her little sister would fuck up Nazarick
bode well status = not

She's literally a living weapon seemingly on par with a raid boss, but one that shouldn't be trusted according to her sister Nigredo, who knows her better than anyone else in Nazarick.

>Albedo unleashes Rubedo on a group of Players
>She goes back to Nazarick and fucks Ainz
What's her reaction?

>Albedo is the strongest defense in Nazarick
>Nigredo is the strongest intelligence gatherer in Nazarick
>Rubedo is the strongest offense in Nazarick
>all have a propensity for betrayal
Was Tabula Smaragdina the final boss of Overlord all along?

Such a cute doggy

Why does Lakyus wear the Virgin Snow? What would happen if I took it off?

This doesn't bode well for Nazarick.

Albedo has already betrayed Ainz. See the death squard she created in order to eliminate any potential guild members who might have been transported into the NW so she could take over Nazarick.

No, except that she is the strongest in Nazarick and even so Ainz lent her to Albedo's death squad

It would be extremely painful...

This doesn't bode well at all.

If Ainz had a meat body would that bode well for Nazarick?

>Nigredo fears Rubedo
This will definitely become a plot point later on. Maybe for once Nazarick will be at peril and suffer some irreplaceable losses.

I doubt anyone would make it through such a thing

There's a sister missing, there's supposed to be a yellow phase between nigredo and rubedo according to alchemy stuff.

But Maruyama only got his Alchemy stuff from Witcher 1, so we're stuck with only three sisters.

Oh, I thought she would just be naked which would be preferable.

Maruyama confirmed for hack

What if he respawns but as level 1

Yuri would probably be gentle.


>Shizu puts stickers on things she likes


More like never relevantbot.

what where melee classes like in Yggdrasil? How could a level 100 fightard possibly compare to a wizard?
Obviously the game couldn't have been that poorly balanced with PVP around?

That's basically all the Pleidas except Nabe.

Everyone other than Yuri and Shizu gets to do stuff. Read the LN user.

You're all going to be sorry when the Shizu mecha beats PDL. Just you wait.

>samefag and shit taste
Really, how disappointing.

>Only one person can like Lupu
Your dumb

>posts a baby eater

Are you talking about a lvl 100 wizard with cash items?

Don't shame me for having great taste.

That's how you use a sword against a armored foe...

>another 2 months of this circlejerk
>Neia possibly dies
>then another year of wait

>Happy Farm is not happy at all
You are trying to fool me again

The top players were warriors so they have a good system unlike mmos where it's impossible to win against mages.
The IRL skill and reaction time of the players is big reason why and it has warrior spells like enhancements, buffing and energy attacks.

Do what I do to bridge the general shit and the void.
Jew the Japanese out of their highly valued overlord items.

Neia will live________

I can't read anything now that S2 Overlord appetizer is out! Not even fucking GS vol4 I was looking forward to.

can someone spoil me!

when tsuare is kidnapped albedo raised a flag in her room.

what was that? whos voice did she miss?

> How could a level 100 fightard possibly compare to a wizard?
By ending him rightly with an unsrewed pommel, obviously, you peasant!

>among the most popular Pleiades
>yet has the least amount of screentime than any of them
What the fuck is wrong with Maruyama?


How dirty! Shameless!

Will Ainz resurrect her?


Are you talking about the best weapon?

Will this be the last thing Philip see's before he dies?

I hope
Blonde himecuts are top tier

Retard. Philip is a genius and will take over Nazarick with the help of Renner and Climb - who, by the way, has World Savior and is riding atop the Deep Darkness Dragon.

Just you wait, Nazarickfags. Your time is coming.

The mage is missing.

Maruyama will keep Citrinitas a secret until he needs a way out.

>How could a level 100 fightard possibly compare to a wizard?

Read the ln


>Phillip mastered crop rotation before Renner
He must be 400 IQ.


Why is Philip so based? he's literally me but smarter

>85 vs 75




And Chair after Entoma.

where are her wings?

Who else is getting Narberal?

Wrapped around her thighs or folded on her back. They're basically arms with feathers.

I liked flat Shizu much better.

Nabe is even more boring than albedo.

Nabe at least isn't a self-insert mary sue.

I don't mind lewd potato being boring. She's a cute.

Even retard thinks Lupu is the prettiest.

Inside the armor just like her hair.

More importantly, how does she put the helmet on if she has curly horns?


Armor on horns looks segmented, maybe she wears helmet through holes for horns and then 2nd or 3rd layer of armor covers the horns by itself? Kind of like ironman suit does?

It's probably magic armor that's equipped via a skill or spell, like how Ains can remove/summon his helmet at will.

>mary sue
You don't know what that means.

best girl as objectively proven through poll results

Nice lie Albedofag

>mary sue
Most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in an Overlord thread.

I really really hope they don't cut based Lockmyer out. Always wondered how he looks like.

>nip polls
>nips have shit taste
What else is new?

Like a dickass thief.


Do Shalltear and EE have any interactions? What does Shalltear make of her being a vampire?


>“So… you still remembered.”

>“Of course. I, Demiurge, have committed every word you have spoken to memory, Ainz-sama.”

>“Is that so… I did bring it up then, did I not?”


>“...From that time, then?


>“That time… I see. This pleases me, Demiurge…”

>“Thank you, Ainz-sama.”

Ganbare, Ainz-sama.

I want to see an animation of the Pleiades Do the Monkey as they walk away in full proportions-form.


>3S will never happen

No. Opening is just a scam.


Sasuga Ainz-sama.

But she's ded user. How do I go on?

why did you have to kill her, Ainz?

He's going to be bald the next time we see him, right? Just because he has submitted to AOG doesn't mean those spying eyes are going away.


>she's ded
>she knows about Momon being an elder lich
>her body was taken by a third party




best girl

Would Gagaran be better if she looked like pic-related?


And the first bald emperor. Even Flunder with 200 years has hair.

Doesnt really matter when PA exists to play Momon.

her and Shalltear make the best faces

It deppends. She would be popular waifu material, but would look less original.

The goblins sure help Enri with anything she needs.

Despite being shit character - her faces in S2 probably are the only redeeming part about it.



i take it that is a no

No, I like the way she looks.

Was so satisfying watching/ reading her die. Hate characters like her.


I wonder if they'll cut THAT Albedo scene from s2.

That's season three though

I was talking about the scene with the AOG flag. I think it might be her only appearance in 5+6.

I still don't understand that scene.

Of course it’ll be there, they need to include more shit that won’t be addressed for 3 or 4 seasons to hype up the anime.

She's mad he changed his name because she's programmed to love Momonga not Ainz so she despises the entirety of AOG for it.

I want an Overlord/Golbin Slayer crossover

Powerlevels are too different and Ainz is not too partial for lunatics on an indiscriminate genocide crusade.

>Ainz is not too partial for lunatics

Of lunatics? it's 4am here.

The only possible candidates for partying with GS are Climb + Brain or Blue Rose. Do you really want more Climb?


But GS is like a broken Punisher Climb.

GS uses dnd 5E so it’s fine.
Some huge goblin nest with a strong leader variant can appear and they go together.

NW gobs are not rapey though, you need fucking [Charm] to force them fuck humans or elves.

>NW gobs are not rapey though
You don't know that. We've seen one group of natural goblins and they got massacred.

>At bottom

That's more retarded than anything Nabe could come up with.

I know that: Go-Gin confirmed that he doesn't find humans attractive and so did Agu. They also have their own females, hence their own standard of beauty, which human females are far from.

>Troll says he doesn't want a human female
>Agu says he doesn't want a human female
>Orcs throw up when thinking about how they were forced to fuck humans
NW is pretty different from Reality's table.

Anime Evil Lord Wrath looks like a gorilla.

>Demon Lord is Big Bad Evil Guy left unchecked

Does Papa Bones count as a Demon Lord?
I think that would a downgrade

Thanks, now I need to fap.

He's your typical nip oni though.
Overlord has Big Bad Good Guy instaed.

Jaldabaoth is a demon lord.

Agu is a hobgoblin which are smart, normal goblins are less intelligent and will rape humans.
The other ones aren’t goblins.

Looks like Ifrit in Final Fantasies.

>he gets off rape
I mean it at least should end up being a consensual one, eve if it's mind-breaking, hypnosis or penis worms. Not that brutish fuck\devour festival GS has.

That's Demiurge's true form you fucking retard.

> normal goblins are less intelligent and will rape humans
user dumb humans don't rape ugly green midgets, what makes you think the other way around is true? Burden of proof: we have plenty of examples Demi-humans going how-about-no about sex with humans and no ayes so far. Do you have anything at all to back up your headcanon?

>that reading comprehension
I bet you didn't know Renner conspired with Demi before vol10 either.

What about the dumb Goblins agu brought to Carne?
They didnt seem rapey.

Exactly, I mean they can bash over some lass over the head and eat her if they're hungry, but that's it. Humans are food for them, not sexual playthings. Some troll can roll one around on his tongue before biting off her juicy thighs, tops.

That's because their had a leader to forbid then of being raped, Enri in pretty strong.

This is the best thing I have ever seen.

You a dummy, you know that?

so what youre saying is Enri is raping the Goblins


Enri is raping EVERYTHING now, but mostly her bitchboi Nfirea.

Now you're asking the important questions.

I wish to lead a simple life in Isekai. Is this too much to ask?

Great, now I want a Tanaka Overlord Crossover.

So you basically want Overlord x anything with rape you filthy degenerate?

The bottom one is an edit, r-right?

Nothing wrong with supporting troop morale.

I'm actually glad Overlord doesn't have rape. The torture porn is edgy enough as it is already.


I actually want to know more about the salaryman who was playing the RPG. So far he's only been included as a detail so we can in, some way, relate and root for a skeleton monster. There's not enough detail about him wondering where he is, what exactly happened, worrying about his "actual" body and how much work he's missing at his job/what he'll do if he gets home.

Unlike Neo, and the Matrix, this guy has no idea what's going on and how long it's going to last. A little bit of worried dialogue about his life, even if he really didn't like it that much, would go a long way.

Or is this another one of those "Futurama suicide" theories?

Most of the sex in Tanaka is consensual thank you very much.
Of course it is, why wouldnt it be an edit?

>Overlord doesn't have rape

>Most of the sex in Tanaka is consensual thank you very much
Yeah, and mostly NTR reverse Satan

Just one ruptured anus. That's just fresh wound. :^)

Thanks for the tip user, dodged the train here.

>Overlord doesn't have rape

>offscreen rape
Doesn't count.


user I've read it. It goes from zero to NTR in practically the first chapter.

There's a graphic scene with Stefan beating the whore senseless in brothel, Death Brigade compound had whores to relieve sexual tension, entire fucking brothel of whores, slave Elves sold as elite goods in the Empire, Tsuare's fate, Clem's backstory, what that ST false-flag knights captain tried to do with girl in Carne. There's plenty of rape in Overlord it's just it's not focused directly.
>offscreen rape
Otherwise you'd just call it edgy, just admit it: rape can't win.

>Clem's backstory

Read the LN.

It's not rape if it's a whore or elf.


>the girls the MC meets had sex with their boyfriend, therefore its NTR.
Must suck having such a cuck mentality.

>Mare's loli pussy squeezes my dick with 75 P.ATK
So good!

She's a lunatic though. You are not supposed to take her seriously.

What kind of trash wrote that? Belay that: what kind of trash READS that?

Don't forget about the rape-king either.

You are supposed to when you're about to die and there's absolutely zero reason for her to lie to you. Not after she turned all cute and innocent with reminiscence.

Oh yeah, but that was for the purpose of childbirth so it's okay.

Don't just lie to others like that. You'll give them false ideas.

Why are Mare's stats so fucking and Demiurge's so fucking low?

Did I word this incorrectly?
The MC meets some girls for the first time, who are in a party with a handsome dude.
He leaves the Inn and comes back to find the Handsome dude fucking the girls he has been with forever.
How is this NTR when the MC just met them?
Or are you the type of faggots that think all girls need to be slobbering over an MCs dick?
Cause if thats so, you can go read Arifureta and RE:Monster.

The fuck you'd want to stick around girls who have sex with their boyfriends next room? I mean while I barely tolerated that shit for my valuable male friends a few times - letting it slide for a chick is just pure cuckery.

Fire-punch has been in my backlog for a while, but now I think I should pick it up immediately.

>you can go read Arifureta and RE:Monster.

ZZposter, you're almost as bad as Climbfag.

You really should.
See I can understand if it's accidental, I'd just close the door and quickly fuck off. But don't tell me he still sticks around to travel with these people? It's fucking toxic.

This looks as good as So-bins first drawings.

He doesnt stick around.
>The fuck you'd want to stick around girls who have sex with their boyfriends next room?
He doesnt faggot, he just went to get his wallet and was surprised they were fucking, he went out to drink at a bar when he got his money.

Death to Nazarick

Shit, okay, sounds like he's a reasonable man after all, I take my words about the novel back.

>EE never physically removes her mask during this arc
that doesn't bode well for lolicons

Pretty sure she needs to have a flag triggered before she starts going dere

Would you trigger a 200-years old country-wrecking vampire lolibaba flag?

They're used goods and it makes me sick that they act like saints afterwards.
>you can go read Arifureta and RE:Monster
You mean go read better series? yes I will.

Saving her like a white knight while she's in distress

>50lvl NWer
>in Distress
Oh boy, I'm going to have to create said distress first, wouldn't I?

Why do so many people seem to want to see EE suffer and die?

just bug lovers

Technically, Jalbadoh the devil was an inter-dimensional being that managed to overpower her.

>Sorcerer King works with Reptilians
Fuck, man, you got me with this one.

Given that level 30ish death knights are still super useful in PVP as meatshields, a horse of goblins would probably work too. Though they'd get wiped out with 1 aoe.

>Complains about sluts acting like saints (they dont)
>Enjoys reading Arifureta and RE:Monster

>annoying and useless character
>loli pandering to pedo fucks
>nearly killed Entoma
Why shouldn't she die?

Momon said there were two vampires, no? The one Momon fought didn't have to be the one Brain encountered. Get your tinfoil out of here and stop doubting Momon.

What level would GS be in the NW though? Not sure he's even Climb tier.

EE isn't even the strongest New Worlder. The ancient dragon lords, ZZ, Rape King, etc. could probably kill her with a slap.

He'd probably be around Climb tier at the start of volume 5, as GS doesn't exhibit any special skills or abilities in his source material (like climb, I guess). Climb gets limit breaker and some other dumb shonen stuff later so he probably gets stronger later.

probably see how powerful Mare is and will try to make him bear his children, he'll then notice Mare's 13 inch.

I imagine him wandering around based off of rumors of heterchromatic elves and getting randomly offed by Aura or Mare.




>Volume 8: The Two Leaders
Who are the two leaders?

Enri and Ainz

you hate best girls?

You don't need magic, aura has 0 magic atk.
GS has an all rounder mixed build, fighter/ranger/rouge classes and a possible barbarian class for that rage boost.
Seeing as he can hold his own against gob champion, I guess GS is around lv 40.

That's not Niea

well, yeah, she's best duaghter.

I wonder if they are going to make all of the maids.

Speaking of classes, something that I noticed was Ainz said intelligence gathering in game was a make or brake condition for guilds. Theory crafting I'd imagine a player as the doppelganger race mixed with rogue, illusion magic, and a combat class would be the perfect spy. With good acting you would be nigh unstoppable and win wars before they even start.

that guy is a lvl 78? demon commander underneath Demiurge. They swapped places when demi went into the house

Guy how bad is the cliffhanger at the end of vol 12? I haven't actually read it yet and still waiting for vol 13

My chair keeps saying "de arinsu" after everything and I have no fucking clue what it's going on about. Does anyone speak chair and can translate?

It's about on par with volume 5's.


Your chair is a prostitute.

neia is a shit character and doesn't deserve the hype

I feel like I've forgotten about this. Where was it again?

Not sure about betrayed per se. It might be for his own good. Ainz still thinks of them as friends, but they are essentially traitors.

I wonder what the NPCs think the other guild members left for. They don't know about the real world so as far as they know the players just gave away all their gear and fucked off somewhere in the world. I wonder if Ainz explained anythign about that, like where the fuck they would go for half the day(work) and what was all these terms they'd use that aren't in-game terms.

To my knowledge, they just think they left knowing full well they where leaving. So that's probabaly why they are very upset about it.

I'm surprised Ainz didn't half make up a story to explain why they left and who there were. Without saying they really were humans, he could say players come from another world and are a race that have the power to create whole universes and the other supreme beings left to go explorer another universe or something.

They know the Supreme Beings are from a different world, in one of the drama CDs Albedo refers to Romeo & Juliet as originating from the world Ainz came from.

Oh yeah you're right. You'd think with all the book in the Great Library they'd figure the players were boring humans.

Well, there was that talk about the nature of being a Voice Actor

They have incomplete knowledge, they know the SBs were something beyond them, and they dont always understand what they did.

For example Shalltear thinks that Bukux2 gave life to thing with her voice.
They thin that Herox2 was afflicted by a rare disease when he talked about the condition of his liver.
They have an imcomplete idea of what they were.
Hell we dont really have a complete idea of how their Earth works.
All we know is that it was like Shadowrun, with Megacorps running everything, the enviroment being completely fucked up and needed cybernetics to live.
also Employeers treated employees like slaves and didnt care about their health.
HeroX2 had severe health issues and Satorus mom died from Overworking.
Real food was a comodity and Satoru only ever ate processed artificial garbage.

what if Ainz told them the reason the supreme beings were in Yggdrasil in the first place (entertainment)? I could see him doing that, e.g. as an attempt to get the NPCs to relax and take a break
it would probably be met with sasugas, but the obvious corollary that they simply left because they got bored would be painful to the NPCs

It can't be all awful misery with how employees are treated and so on, otherwise an unimaginative person like Ainz wouldn't dwell on the subject so much. It would be business as usual, just how life is for everyone.

The likes of Momonga and Ulbert were simply low class poorfags. That's why their lives sucked and why the latter was so resentful of people who didn't draw the short straw.

Imagine not going home for weeks, staying at the office and sleeping on the floor.
Herox2 had to invest in 2 futons so he could sleep well and not in a dirty place.

and he wasnt poorfag either, otherwise Herox2 wouldnt have had timet to play Ygg when the guild was in its prime.

Mostly they'd become desperately invested in making sure Ainz stays entertained, likely to his exasperation. They seem to have mostly come to terms with the other SBs leaving, the main thing about knowing the reason is learning how to make sure the last one stays. Ironically entertainment isn't what kept Momonga there, so it would be just another Misunderstanding if you think about it.

Then again this is from a japanese book and we're (mostly) Americans and Europeans. Even normal current real life work conditions in Japan seem terrible to us.

I've stayed overnight at work with a sleeping bag many times.

for weeks at a time?
even the most hellish japanese corps have sleeping quarters in their offices.

Out of curiosity what was your job & conditon when you slept at work?

Do they? I'm mostly basing myself on >anime but sleeping on the floor under your desk seems pretty common.

I'm a research fellow at a university. I have my own office so it's not so bad, I can set up some stuff in the lab, pop into the office for a few hours' nap, get up to continue etc.

Oh I see, it doesn't sound too bad I guess.

I sincerely doubt it.
Would buy CZ and Solution though.

Getting this for sure, looks great.

Why was Neia assigned to attend to the Sorcerer King? I don't really get the stated reasoning that it had to be a woman representing the paladins. I understand why they wanted a paladin rather than a priest, but why did it have to be a woman?