Danchigai chapter 49


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You really like Yayoi do you?


How on earth did you find out?



I hacked into your Cred Forums account and i found out your browser history is full of Yayoi

Yesterday's thread died a little early, so if someone has any feedback about last chapter, feel free to leave it here.

Aw man, you got through all the seven proxies?

Nah, i was in your room yesterday hoping i can meet you and say gratitude, But that Yayoi ecchi desktop image rose my interest in your private life

Just keep doing what you're doing, thanks for the reads.

Is the anime good?

missed yesterday I'll go check now, thanks user

5th panel, missing an "I" in "why I wanted"

first panel them damn t's are back

worth enough in HDD space

Generally it was ok there was comparatively little dialogue I've not checked thoroughly though maybe tonight if the thread's still up.

Remember to tell your sister you love her.

yesterday looks good to me but I'm not getting what he's trying to say in the last panel here

but I loved your sister, i told you many times and asked you to say to her, did you?

Did your sister like the manogram I sent her?

you are not alone user, her dere is cute as hell.

thank you for working hard

That's because it's Mutsuki that's saying it

Thanks op

Aneki rules


Thank anons for another comfy chapter
Mutsuki a cute

Who YayoixHaruki end here?

Yayoi, Yayoi, things would be so much easier for you if you don't keep shooting yourself in the foot.

Harem end.

is two wives considered harem?

4 is.

that's halal


will there be a chapter when Aneki and Yayoi thought that Haruki has a girlfriend and relieved that he didn't

ah fuck I thought it was him continuing his thought from above, thanks

I hope so, need to see jealous nee-san.

Mom too?

Mother, older sister and younger sister is the best kind of harem.

Could you crosslink the last chapter each thread? So link ch 48 in the op when you dump 49 and so on.



Thanks OP

I wanna try those pillows too. Lucky imouto

Pouting onee-san demands something special.

>but umm...
but, umm...

>"everything" as usual?
"everything," as usual?

>from outside it
outside, it

dammit i was checking every few hours at work and i missed the last few, besides the archive is there anywhere else where they are all uploaded?

it should be on their mega folder but i dont have the link. or go to manggadex since that is the place op upload to

I guess I could, but that would require me to go to the archive and crl+f "Danchigai", and that's something you can easily do yourself, so I don't know if it's worth it. I try to make the thread subject the same every time so it's easily searchable.

It's on mangadex, the mega (mega.nz/#F!UpogQLpb!iHEvH6EvTE_Xj_TlrrSPEg) and every aggregator site that scraps mangadex, though these may have some mistakes.

Thank you!

Chapter 48
page 5
>ask her for something she tends to
something, she


>Aneki is tiresome
>let's go see Yayoi

I hope you are aware that the Virgin insult doesn't work with women, In fact you are reinforcing that Yayoi si superior.

Poor bastards.

Imouto will win his heart eventually.

Poor oneesan. She just wants to be helpful.

Imouto, little sister, and younger sister is the best kind of harem.

When will yayoi get a boyfriend ?

When she finally becomes honest with herself and ask Mutsuki to share.

>put her hand down his shirt
>soon down his pants
sneaky imouto

Yayoi a shit.

Thanks again OP, reading Danchigai everyday makes my day better.

Stop bullying Yayoi!

10 years after Haruki and Mutsuki made their relation official and became parents of their own set of quintuplets.

*a cute

>being alone with aneki is tiresome

This qt will steal Haruki away.

Not if Yayoi can help it.

When wiil she take drastic measures? The vermin will never have the guts to make a move

Aneki dries him out too fast. He prefers using Yayoi like an onahole since she submits quickly.

Cute chapter like usual. Thanks

What did mean by that?

Holding back your urges in public can make you very tired.

Aneki is the girlfriend who leaves you exhausted.
Yayoi is the wife who recharges your spirit.

Madonna-whore at its finest


Delete this right the fuck now.

Tits too big.

Go to bed Bizarro.

I like how one guy's waving with both hands.

Danchigai brotherhood anime when?