Darling in the flanxx

am i the only one who loves ichigo at this moment

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>Final battle
>Stars and sparkles in orbit
>Final boss is beaten

>shit ending
Woah there hold your horses Nostradamus.

It worked for Eureka 7

>am i the only one who loves ichigo
literally yes

>Please Nishigori, let Hiro and 02 shoot a big heart at the last boss

Fuckhuge thing from last episode (Guttenberg class) probably not the biggest one there is. Guttenberg discontinuity is B here, but there's also border of outer and inner core even deeper.

>mfw its more KLK Trigger shit
>mfw its more A1 Aldnoah shit
>mfw Cred Forums eats up yhis mech shit completely forgetting how mediocre both studios are.
Its like you guys have the attention span of a fucking fruit fly. I mean christ how does anyone honestly believe this show is going to end decently and not some train wreck like every other production by both of these shit tier studios especially after this most recent episode where the story literally all suspense with Hiros deus ex autism ability of getting rid of 02s aids. Christ I guess Cred Forums will lap up any drivel that is animated in the Gainax style like retarded Star Wars fans rofl.

Kinda feel like they sold the world building a bit short when the focused on 090 alone, without his partner.

Our main squad is unreasonably incompetent, i don't expect perfect synergy but have they never received any tactical training at all? Bumping into each other, no strategy etc.

I honestly think this show would have been better off without all the fanservice.

It didn't.. save for a few hardcore fans

is also goro, he's really feeling it.

>but have they never received any tactical training at all
They really haven't from what we know and have seen. Episode 2 is the first time they ever piloted. In 3, they even say they are not ready, but have to send them out or something to that extent. They're kids slapped together in a strange experimental unit and rushed out the door before ready because the old squad was wiped out and something is better than nothing.

Eureka 7 was a different show, and it didn't even have a final boss

Fuck off Chocobar

Lmao i love Ichigo from the first moment

The corrupted Coralian command cluster

Nobody really likes Trigger for their work. They like Trigger because everyone else pretends to like them.

We havent saw anybody from jobber squad attending training even once, and their supposed "leader" is too busy being bullied to make them train.


> am i the only one who loves ichigo at this moment

'Course not. They're setting her up as the most sympathetic viewpoint in the show.

Which means she's in the most danger of being killed off.

Anyone else loves the transitions at the end of each episode?

There are a lot of people who have to die first, to maximize her suffering.

I don't think anyone will die in the show. Maybe irrelevant background characters.

> sympathetic

>I don't think anyone will die in the show

02 saved her.

She's dead Jim

Is darling in the flanxx the gurren lagann of our generation?
they even used a drill on the last episode

>Eureka 7
Should I continue watching this? I watched the first 3 episodes but it feels meh.

Who is the targeted audience for this scene


There are people who hate ichigo?

What could possess them?

Gay chubby chasers
It's a thing in Japan

>out of fuel

He should eat more onions.

You should at least keep watching until 02 shows up.

That said, the show has a very slow deliberate pace but if you can get into it it's a wild ride.

Liking goro and knowing that he deserves to be paired with someone who can acknowledge him.
Which she probably will be doing soon,
since she let herself rely on him more this episode. With luck they'll have their jian moment, too.


This is cartoony and dumb user. No need to excuse it

>This is cartoony
It's a cartoon.

It's exactly what would really happen if you rushed out a bunch of untrained children in giant robots.

We're 1/4'th of the way in and they are only jobbing. At this rate they are getting their future power-up through O MY RUBBER LOVE too

no, drop it, save your time

people who wanted to see fatty do something other then eat

its a wild ride only watch the first one. there is no sequel you hear me, THERE IS NO SEQUEL!

As far as we know, they would actually get stronger by forming a stronger physical bond, ie. sex.

That has nothing to do with it not being realistic given their situation. Delphinium was pretty competent this episode, anyway, considering it was already soloing them.
And yes? Their ability to pilot and sync effectively is tied to them forming relationships with their partner. Of course they will get better from doing so. The series has made that no secret from the beginning. It's basically the entire premise of the show and how the mechs work.

n-not me

I've seen porn of him on pixiv.
idk but some people have weird fetishes

They never even display an ounce of training, except for the love triangle. See Genista is the worst offender, she keeps shooting at nothing

Darling in the Dropped

Exactly. I already mentioned, they never display an ounce of training because they haven't had time to train in their mechs and were rushed into battle before being ready due to desperate necessity. Already went over that.

This is definitely one of the cutest smiles I've ever seen in anime and I've watched 900+


I’m pretty sure the only reason I ever watched E7 was because I caught it on TV once and it was the Anemone episode. Otherwise I’d never have picked it up.


Ichigo is blond taylor swift. zero two is black-haired taylor swift.

based naruto

The point is to disgust us so we don’t feel bad for the shit that happens to him.

Is it possible that 02 was part of hiro and COs group when they were kids. Considering the theory that hiro is 01. Maybe she looked different? Or none of them remember her?

>Considering the theory that hiro is 01.

hiro is 016 dude. pay attention sometimes okay?

I should really actually sit down and properly watch this someday.
I remember staying up until like 1AM in middle school to catch bits of it on [adult swim], it seemed pretty wild at the time.

They have been in battles! What the fuck. Even child soldiers don't act and stumble like bumbling idiots when they are put on the front


Then watch AO.

So what do you think her fate is? Will she get Goro as a consolation prize in the end? Or will she suffer more and watch Goro die right as she realizes her feelings for him?

Her relationship with Goro has been business like for now, hard to say

This man knows what's up, you'll regret horribly if you dont listen to him.

zero-two will cheat on hiro with the cuteboy at teh end of ep 6 and hiro will realise who has always been there the whole time for him.

Yes they would. Children are stupid. And they've been in 2 before this. Ikuno has only been in 1. And that was very brief before being interrupted so they didn't get much experience. That's not nearly enough experience to somehow invalidate them being bumbling kids. I have friends from South Korea and Germany who did mandatory service in their 20s and said they were still shit scared and trembled when holding a gun when they finished.

I wonder if the kids are even shown combat footage. They are going in completely blind to each battle

It's a solid series. But as soon as you finish the original anime stop right there. The movie and the manga are non canon garbage written by people who hated E7's happy ending for some reason. The sequel AO is canon, but it's considered one of the worst sequels ever. Also you'd lose nothing by not watching it since the show literally retcons itself out of existence at the end.

Hiro will become too powerful and would need to girls with him as his franxx.
So naturally, Hiro will be using Ichigo and 02

shut up ichigo

Wow. Being this deep in denial. Screencap this faggots post.

These are trained specifically for the duty though. Those kids were all that were left to fight

>Cute boy for 02
He will go after Hiro.

How come Hiro can blow the rest of the kids out of the water? Is he just tagging along or did they give him special training to actually hit his targets?

He will go after Hiro so Ichigo can feel the humiliation of not even being able to compete with a boy

>These are trained specifically for the duty though
No, they're not. We've gone over this. It's mentioned they were a hastily formed group that was rushed out. They have not been properly trained for this duty. They didn't have time. And I imagine training to pilot giant robots to fight robot dinosaurs isn't easy to set up.


They are grown in a cage to fight giant monsters, you're just making up excuses

The kid grinds on training bots everyday for god know how long even if he was benched. The rest of his squad seem to just sit around and do nothing but shittalking behind his back.

jesus christ


Hiro is the new member of the nines

>there are people who watch anime like this >168681882
>they don't get banned anymore

I guess the rest of the kids are not aware that they are going to fucking die if they don't train too.

Or maybe it's just terrible writing to excuse everyone else jobbing

I don't like seeing Ichigo upset,
and it made me sad seeing ichigo sibling zone herself because 002 interrupted.

If they're really dinos then there's no fitting way to end this anime besides Hiro and 02 sending Strelizia into overdrive, absorbing half of Earth and flying off to terraform Mars

You forgot the second > you goofball

He's supposed to be a prodigy. But I would guess that 02 and Strelizia are a cut above as well.

Spends all day training and is a low number. What that means yet we don't know, but the show makes it clear that the lower your number, the more "special" you are. And it's not entirely true, see Ichigo. The other squad's captain even mentions her in this episode and we see her soloing them easily enough. She's quite competent when she doesn't let her emotions get the better of her. Most popular theory I see is that the lower your number, the more klaxosaur blood you have in you, which makes you stronger. 02 is one of the most pure, but the further you clone it or whatever, the more it dilutes and weakens.
That's some assumption on your part. And you would be right and wrong anyway. They were grown there to fight them. They simply haven't had the time to get to the part where they train them. They are not ready and wish they had more time to train them, circumstances prevent that, so they're rushed into combat out of necessity. They specifically mention they wish they had more time to ease them in. It's not hard to understand.

No lad, Ichigo is the leader of the squad and everyone adores her while 02 is the outcast.

Also great song.

they are aware that they are going to die if they don't train as well though

Personally its one of my favorites. I highly recommend it. It starts a little slow but does pick up and the ending is fun. Just don't watch AO.

And they do nothing about it? Genista can't even stand upright

>waste five fucking episodes building up some kind of duality with 02
>waste five fucking episodes pretending there are going to be consequences for riding with her
I don't know what I was expecting

>kids are being retarded
Water is wet

Besides being a "low-number" which apparently makes you an elite, Hiro has some other kind of special physical property to him.

It's basically a throwaway line in episode 2, but they talk about him not showing signs of aging and the possibility that he might taint 02's blood.


Oh, nice catch about 9 alpha

>Hiro is the only one who takes training seriously
>When everyone who fights he Klax end up fucking dead
It's unnatural, dishonest and stupid. It's a massive disservice to the rest of the characters and it makes them look fucking retarded

>Will she get Goro as a consolation prize in the end?
How do you niggas not realize that Goro is gay yet

Goro and Ichigo are both in love with Hiro

you're literally retarded if you think that the doc isn't going to explain it next episode

it's probably a normie filter or something.
it's the sole reason i haven't recommended it to my friends, wouldn't want them to realize how much of a pervert I am

You're literally retarded if you think explaining it will make it any less shit

Second episode was a dead giveaway of how retarded this show was going to end up being. But hey, clichés are good as long as you execute them well! or so they say.

It sounds like he has known Hiro before.

goro and ichigo unite in their love for hiro, and use it to pilot the franxx


How did you assign the letters to the other members of the team besides 9'α?

>hiro is confirmed for being 9 iota and !OriginalHiro's clone because the Originals could taint 02 blood's while he is an experiment made in order to not cause any harm to her

>makes them look fucking retarded
Zorome is a brash idiot. Mitsuru is an arrogant jerk and Futoshi is a fatass.
They ARE retarded. That's the point. Just because you can grow or clone someone that has the necessary klaxo DNA to pilot a franxx doesn't magically make them instantly mature and instantly implant tactics and strategy into their childish minds. They're goofy kids that haven't fully developed yet or have enough experience.

yeah power of love !

Anons proving again you can never be too retarded.

the show goes to great lengths to show that 02 inadvertently killing all of her partners is why she feels so isolated and lonely and forms the core of her characterization along with the awareness that she isn't fully a human being


Guys, I've got it.

Hiro is a newtype.

>legitimate criticism of pacing and payoff is meaningless because the show isn't over yet!
user proving once again that there's no show so bad that retards won't defend it tooth and nail.

Or papa has informed them when they were on the way to plantation 13

so how did hiro just get rid of all his tumor in an instant by just wanting really hard to help 02 and how does hugging zerotwo from behind get rid of all her injuries?

>the show goes to great lengths to show that 02 inadvertently killing all of her partners is why she feels so isolated and lonely
No, no it really doesn't. It does convey this but in a very short amount of time. It spends very little time with 02. You're talking out of your gaping butthole.

That also has absolutely nothing to do with the attempts at ambiguity regarding 02's intentions or the constant buildup to there being real consequences for Hiro

His tumor magically swoocing back into his body is fucking retarded and if you defend it you have shit for brains

Isn't it the best shit?



The problem with this theory is, if Hiro is the Nine Iota, then what is 02 position among the Nines? That would leave her out since Iota is ninth letter of the Greek alphabet.

What is your opinion on 02's butt?

He didn't. They already established in previous episodes that it was doing the opposite of what it was doing to her previous partners. It was possibly changing him in some way. We don't know how yet. But that was always going to happen. Convenient timing, maybe, that made it seem like he willed it or something.
It calmed her down, it didn't heal her injuries. She can still pilot while injured. She still looked pretty bad when he carried her out.

You're a good boy, hater

Nah, Ichigo is cutest and deserved all the love. 02 is bitch and villain.

Oh man I don't know maybe tune into the next episode to find out just like every other time you goofs have one of these nitpicks?

based zoromeposter
also the manga is basically straight up hentai at this point

Also, Hiro is 015, Ichigo is 016, it would make sense that Ichigo is also 9 Beta's next incarnation / new type given the similarity. The low digit designations are supposed to be special.

kinda sad that people are upset it hasn't gone full grimdark.

I prefer 02 but Ichigo is so damn cute

>They ARE retarded.
If you are out to watch a bunch of retards good for you. Any growth they will have will be disingenuous as fuck for how poorly they are established

>no 4koma today


Whoops, realized I'm dyslexic and retarded, Ichigo is 015. Still, there's probably some special codename for her too.

That's what happens when you get the To-Love-Ru Mangaka to draw it.

How so? They've been established quite well.
Why is it a problem? Some characters in a show being comedic relief, weak to start with or remaining so, or just being retarded is not new in mecha. Nor in anime. Nor even in fiction. This is a thing from the dawn of storytelling.

Can anons even come up with a scenario for this battle that didn't have power of love? Of course they can't.

>also the manga is basically straight up hentai at this point

Would you buy a figure of Oni?


she is not. We all assumed it wrong long ago
I made a giant text about this yesterday

>They are established well
>They ARE retards
The fact that they don't even adhere to common sense from get go means that common sense will not apply to any of their actions. For how seriously this show takes itself and melodramatic it is it's a fundamental flaw

Yes. Also the Nendo and maybe Strelizia.

i used to like oni because how sassy and confident she is. then i realize the girl i really want is the types like ichigo.


Retards. Nine Iota is 02. He was talking about her.


>am i the only one who loves ichigo at this moment

She does have a cute ass. Strike that, she has a very sensual body. No cow tits, no fat, perfect body mesures. She's tier-1 waifu material. 02 can't even begin to compete in the same space.

If she isn't, then why Hiro would be seen as one?

It wasn't power of love, Hiro just accpeted oni cancer. I wouldn't mind even if it was power of love and I still think that the scene was just handled in a very bad way. It came across cheap as fuck. A-1 shouldn't have entrusted it to Trigger.

Anyone got one of GSC model kits? how much paint do they need? but i will be getting it and her nendo at the very least.


Fuck I hate the fan base of this show so much.

Why, shes lord of the jobbers

Are these even released yet? It would suck if they take a lot of painting, I don't have an airbrush.

Exactly. They've been established as retarded kids from the start. If they grow from here or not is up to future episodes, but they are pretty well established to be kids with distinctive flaws. Even if Futoshi's is just physical and only shown. Considering the fanservice, I wouldn't say it takes itself THAT seriously, but I still don't understand how that's a flaw. They're established as flawed kids who aren't yet experienced and let their emotions or said flaws hinder their judgement. Again, this isn't new in anime. Certainly not a fundamental flaw. You could say similar about the characters from most mecha. Look how messed up the kids in Eva were.

So another baseless theory took out from you ass? It seems like you guys never learn.

literally announced today, so they are anything from months to years away if they even go past the prototype stage.

>Hiro just accpeted oni cancer.

No, he accepted to being a real genuine parter to 02, this is the lesson of this episodes. Like finally realizing 02 is his soulmate. He's not domineering her, and she's not domineering him. Perfect equality in the relationship, and from that he emerges re-newed and with him a reinvigorated 02 and Strelitzia. Hiro stops being a parasite and starts being a partner.

I love it. I want to grip it firmly and pilot it forever.

I'm certain I saw strelizia as a 2018 release, but I've only just gotten into Plamo so I don't have much painting skill.

Iota is 10 in Greek numerals.


>being in any way involved in the writing

> most sympathetic viewpoint in the show.

Girl pls.

Are all the 4komas translated/released yet for this episode

>they've been established
What the fuck are you talking about?

Minor characteristics have been established. Zorome has a big head. Futoshi is fat. Mitsuru has an inferiority complex. Ichigo and Goro are both in love with Hiro. The gravity of the situation is a bit over their heads.

Outside of those very minor and mostly irrelevant things the characters are blank slates right now. Shit, the other girls besides Ichigo have had literally zero development.

I'm not saying there's nowhere to go, but outside of Hiro and Ichigo and 02 most of the characters haven't been looked at for more than an instant at best.

>mfw that dumbass who thought there wouldn't be plamo for this show

Also I still doubt 02 is with the nines. She has a different uniform. I expect she's an independent unit under Dr Franxx. And APE talk about her and the nines like they're separate things.

right now it could be 02 or hiro but I guess we'll find out next episode.
But if it's really 02 then why aren't they referring to her as 9ι ?


>How do I into painting?

Going to middleman service her Aniplex+ figure since that will be better. Will order her nendo too.

please don't use logic here

Pal ichigo got cucked. She's also head of the jobbers and still wont make them train, even though she knows she should.

She's not a member but they talk like she's going to be one maybe? so the 9s use the number she would have.

forget the >

Plus her number is 02, and the Nines seem to be a group that all start with 9. Since the blonde guy is "nine alpha" and he refers to one of the main characters as "nine Iota" (presumably Hiro since I dont see why 02 would be both 02 and 9I)

Not every show have to a burger show.
Go watch those if you want cheap drama and edge.

What if, just what if the Nines are a group of special specimens? and that's why they know Hiro? Zero Two is a special pistil after all.

Can we please stop talking about personal interpretations of metaphors for a second and consider what is actually happening on the screen? Can you explain how accepting being her partner cured him of giant blue tumors in a second?

Add Goro to that list and I would agree.
And that's still establishing their characters, as minor as that may be. You have a starting point for them and know why they're flawed and what they need to overcome in order to grow if at all. They're side characters in a 2 cour show. Of course they won't get their big moment for awhile.

but she was working with the nines before
remember when they wanted her to join them again at the frontline?

Not sure what you're getting at but painting Plamo with a hand brush is tough

Or it could just be a title that has little to do with her actual number. She's just the 9th member of the Nines.

I just build the kits, never bothered painting. Only did a few though.

Don't bother responding to people like that. No point.

So did people actually discuss the episode after subs came out or has it been shitposting from start to finish?


>But if it's really 016 then why aren't they referring to him as 9ι ?

>where was Franxx
He was deployed to the front lines alongside The Nines since he is that important, that's my guess. Both of them seem to have returned, together, for whatever reason. !OriginalHiro seems to be an old acquaintance of our Hiro that he haven't met in a long time and watching him for the first time was surprising -- "you really are able to do so, huh, Nine Iota?" which if I didn't know Japanese I probably wouldn't have understood because of CR's translation - and there's a reason for that, Hiro is one of The Nines then ans that is surprising since everybody would guess it was 02 and makes me wonder that she is on a whole new level and how many of those there are, since she is a "monster" and not a "person" like the others. Still on that, it's quite weird for the group be called The Nines while the formations appear to be a standard of 10. One of them are supposed to ride alone then? (just like 02 manages to do sometimes) or even since the begging Hiro was paired with 02 and she was just randomly picking partners until now? That last may be unlikely for me because Oni is around the same age as Franxx, who knows. Curious enough, on EP4 one of the monkey council mentioned it "wouldn't be wise" to let 02 mix with "tainted" stamens, that being... Hiro? He was also called the special specimen there and had his compatibility confirmed. That being the case...
As for my guess why they did come back is that the so called kissing is vital not only for both plantations but maybe even something else still not reveled until now besides muh energy since the biggest twist is still to come, all this to the point of bringing !OriginalHiro and at least two of The Nines (again, not partners, but only one pair and other individual) over there right from the front lines.

How the fuck does piloting even cause giant blue tumors

I think they're more like the council's personal hit team.

Maybe the show will inform us

APE wanting to deploy her to the intense combat zones doesn't mean she's with them. We don't even know what the front lines really are yet. And she's worked with plantation 26 before, that doesn't make her a member there either.

And? That proves nothing.

Her parasite code is 002, her squad code is 9'i. Why would people who aren't related to Nines call her 9'i?

Well if it's gunpla you usually don't have to, but most plamo, particularly older ones and military ones come unpainted. You can hand paint, but you have to know how to thin properly and not leave huge stroke marks, so air brushing makes more consistent layers and usually looks smoother.

And why should they suddenly establish every single thing within 6 episodes instead of focusing on it properly and building it up without making it too convoluted? They're doing fine right now. We still know more than enough about them at the moment.

Typical shitposting.

Nigger how the fuck am I supposed to read that

Use the enter key

>And why should they suddenly establish every single thing within 6 episodes
Did you really ask why a show should spend the first fucking quarter of its runtime establishing the characters and setting?


It might have something to do with 02 being a half-klaxosaur. Just a guess.


Reposting my theory because it didnt get enough (You)s before.

Who is the Bblondie at the end of ep6 talking to exactly? Who is this Nine'Iota?
Nine is their squad number obsiously, and Iota in the system of greek numericals signifies number I0.
9I0? Lets flip that.
0I6. Seems familiar? Damn right it is, because that's Hiro's number.
Remember how the adults kept calling Hiro "the special specimen", how they were surprised at his yellow blood cell levels because it "never happened before"?
Lets rewind back to ep1 and the scene when Hiro and 02 meet. Remember how you guys kept calling her a slut cause she posed naked in front of a guy "she never met before?" Or did she?
Look at this shot. 02 says "Eh. And here I thought you were dead." Why would she think Hiro is dead if it's supposedly the first time they meet?
Well it isnt.
My theory is that Hiro is actually a modified clone of a former Squad9 member and 02's co-pilot, who showed very high compatibility but either died or got removed from the picture in some other way.

The 2nd level of the theory, that I'm still thinking on, is that Dr. Franxx is 01 and 02's original partner. He's been cooking up clones of himself as fodder so 02 would have someone to ride with. The tall adult in ep1 who's presented as her partner has grey spiky hair, wich kinda resemble Dr. Franxx's hair. Then some years down the line this Nine'Iota appears and shows very high compatibility numbers, so they decide to clone him instead of Dr. Franxx.

That's pretty much what I managed to figure out so far. How am I doing?

>When you take shitpost memes too far

Of course? Since when was there an unspoken rule that they must follow and reveal anything and everything with the setting? they've revealed everything we need to know at this point, same with the characters and built the ones with the immediate plot threads. It's worked well and I have no reason to doubt them, retard.

How are fags and fujos allowed to watch a almost strictly heterosexual show

This is the most logical answer
>b-but Hiro and the clones
Fucking retards

02 has dinosaur HIV and when a partner rides her they contract dinosaur HIV and it turns into dinosaur AIDS and they die. I'm not even being cute, they literally talk about 02's partner's immune systems freaking out and leading to their deaths.

Hiro is speshul so he's immune to dinosaur HIV but instead he caught dinosaur HPV. It was flaring up but it calmed down.

>I refuse to make my posts legible because some faggot told me that people on reddit double their line breaks in order for it to show as a single line break

It must be hard having a literal pea-sized brain.


>Look at this shot. 02 says "Eh. And here I thought you were dead." Why would she think Hiro is dead if it's supposedly the first time they meet?
I really don't understand how anyone could use that scene as evidence for anything. Hiro was standing still in a state of shock after seeing 02. When he came out of his stupor, then 02 said that. It's not a difficult scene to understand.

But why have different code for the squad?

002 is 9I. They are the "Nines" because there are nine of them together with 002. She wears the same uniform which you can clearly see and they talk about her as part of that group. It is the most logical explanation.

>I like the show so there's nothing wrong with it
cool story, bro

Because fags can fujos can turn anything into degeneracy.

I want the fag to go after Hiro only to get pummelled by Zero Two for touching her Darling. The sheer butthurt from fags and tumblr would be hilarious

pretty sure second episode Hiro drops a "she's fine" line

>I've got nothing to refute so let me rephrase everything he said and shitpost
Yeah, thought as much

Because the 9s are an elite group.

The starting point for them is that they lack basic human reasoning. You don't train -> You fail to fight -> You die. What do they do? They sit around like fucking retards eating away their limited amount of time. The fact hat Hiro has this sense doesn't entitle him for neither 02 nor any of the asspulls they have come up with for him

It's kinda weird how the whole episode was framed in a way that it could serve as a show finale as well, with the whole "omitting OP/ED" thing. Has this been done before?

>the partnership "sync"s are unsubtle metaphors for relationship
>piloting the robots is an unsubtle metaphor for sex
>02 killing her partners is an unsubtle metaphor for STDs

02 wears a red uniform the new guy obvioisly has a white one.

>Right into this
Hahahahahaha fuck right off

The Nines, from 01 to 09. Why is this so hard to understand?



>hiro's not 16
>16 upside down is 91
>9 iota


Nigga you're literally arguing that it's ok to have not establish your characters or setting or even the main thrust of the plot six episodes in.

Your grasp of pacing leaves something to be desired.

She clearly saw him move. He only stood still when she approached him as if to check if he was real or an illusion.


But having a single number was already seen as elite why have a second designation to say she is elite.

>Iota in the system of greek numericals signifies number 10
yeah, but it's also the ninth character in the greek alphabet and in the OP there are only 8 of them even though they are calles the 9s
9'iota = the ninth member of the nines
and if they are called the nines than that means that they once were a group of 9 parasites.
and APE mentioned that they want 02 to rejoin the nines.
Nine Iota = 02
I guess my theroy was wrong after all

There can be more than 9 nines possibly? 02 is whatever, someone is stigma or digamma, and hiro is iota.

Do you think that 9'alpha doesn't have a single digit code?

>01 to 09
>Oni's number is 02
>iota is either the 9th letter, or a number 10 in numericals
>guys! 02 is actually 09!
Based retards. Cant wait for you to get btfo'ed.


How DARE a show focus on telling it's story and not infodumping me. Mystery and questions are not acceptable. The show has already been moving at a very fast pace, trying to cram more stuff in would have individual episodes suffer for the sake of cramming in exposition.

They probably going to explain it bit bit in the last six episodes of the first cour.

Why not? They are the elite, the single digit codes.

There's something super cathartic about seeing Ichigo get so thoroughly cucked. She can't see what's right in front of her (Goro) and the main hero just doesn't give a shit about her. It's nice to see someone who seemed like another generic submissive turn out to be such a great character who just happens not to have shit taste.


>How DARE a show focus on telling it's story and not infodumping me
Sorry, what was that you were saying about strawmanning and shitposting?

or they don't have regular codes because they're not regular.

She saw him move after shouts and stutters, then she walks past him and says that. Not to mention her tone of voice is very sarcastic. It's not anything but a quip poking fun at him.

What if 9α is his digit code.
It would make sense if they called 02 beta since she is 02 not 09.

>The show has already been moving at a very fast pace
haha, oh wow

yeah, look at it go

> But why have different code for the squad?

Probably just to have a thematic numbering across their members for the pleasure of APE or themselves.

From how they treat P13 squad, especially Fatty endless supply of food, as long as you perform, you get treated well and everything you want is granted.

Basic human reasoning is something that a human can and will leave behind due to an emotional or phsycal flaw, which those 3 have. Which has been established. This is why people do such retarded things - both in real life or fiction. They grow beyond it or it destroys them. They're kids, who are often dumb, who do stupid shit due to flaws they need to overcome. Are you the same user? It's kind of tiring since this whole conversation has basically been answering the same question again.
And what asspulls? Speaking of established, I haven't really seen any.

Read what I said again you fucking retard. If you're not able to tell that the setting in itself is a big ass mystery by 6 episodes in on intention and they've revealed whats necessary for us and the characters to know, that's your fault. Then there's nothing wrong with establishing the characters step by step with each of their plot threads as they have right now by the end of the first arc. This is a good thing, this is showing not telling. Plenty of information to mine from the first 6 episodes and consider how things work.

The pacing has been great so far and moved at a steady pace, I don't want them to hinder that. It's not their fault that you need to be spoonfed by episode 6 when they're doing things their own way and obviously tied things to certain aspects.

>Can you explain how accepting being her partner cured him of giant blue tumors in a second?

You won't get a rational explanation because there is none to give. You're not watching ER man, this is Darling in the FranXX. A show with giant mecha that use magma as fuel and psychic link between man/woman as a control mechanism. And where one of the characters (besides Dr FranXX himself) is a presumably half-human half-monster girl. What the fuck are you expecting ?
Hiro is a selfish dude, we've known this from episode 1. Even when he meets 02, he sees her as a way to realise his dream of piloting the FranXX. 02 accepts him because she needs someone to control the FranXX. But both of them are selfish in their own ways. And he's ready to die to accomplish that dream, 02 be damned. Or so we thought. Whatever 02 infected him with is not so important as the fact that when he realises he can live for something a balance physically and metaphorically is established. The blue side that was killing him is reigned in and he because a true partner to 02. And at the same time 02 finally accepts Hiro as her partner and not some other throwaway pilot that she domineers (like the original guy, and then ikuno's partner).
If this explanation doesn't satisfy you wait until Dr FranXX himself says something. And if even that doesn't satisfy you you're watching the wrong show. Medical documentary this is not.

>he thinks Nine alpha is 01, Nine beta is 02, Nine...

The name "Nines" doesnt mean there are nine members, you dolt, it's just their squad number. How could there be nine members originally if each squad is five fucking pairs?
Calling it right fucking now: 02 is Nine'Beta, Hiro is Nine'Iota reborn.

Yes, watch.

But it has already been established that outside of P13 no one of the parasite cares about names or what they call themself, including 02.

This is true though. Look at you go.

I'm sorry that not every show is focused on plot. i.e. the dullest thing in the story. Every scene has built up something and if you cut any of them then you hurt the characterisation for the sake of cramming in plot. Or even worse "world building"

>It's nice to see someone who seemed like another generic submissive turn out to be such a great character who just happens not to have shit taste.
Wait who are you talking about now?

>02 is Nine'Beta, Hiro is Nine'Iota
could be true as well to be honest

She doesn't need to be the second member of the nines though. It actually makes sense that the rather uncontrollable outsider be the final member of the elite group. You want to indicate her as above others but you don't want her to have the responsibilities of the others since she's kind of a wild card.

Then it's APE then just for ease of remembering.

It would make sense for them to be nine if 02 keeps killing the tenth.

That you were? because you are.

Why call him 9α if he is already 001 using your logic?
The others are paired with other Nines, she doesn't have a partner (hence 9th member).

Hiro will be the (K)Nine of Zero.

So giving them 2 code names makes it easier to remeber, than just having 1.

In Eva, the pilots have names while the robots have numbers.
In FranXX, the robots have names while the pilots have numbers.

>they are called "Nines" ironically :^)
No, fuck you.


We don't know that his tumor is gone. All we know is he lost those visible blue veins which could be as simple as he calmed the fuck down, his blood pressure dropped, and he became less vascular which would also explain why his eyes were no longer bloodshot.

>Which has been established
>To lack any reason and suicidal systematics
>While Hiro acts like a normal human
Really makes me think

They are called "Nines" unironically :^)

Pretty much.
Because it's better for them all for one thematic code.
They are mirroring real life spec ops squad sops.

More couples breakfast soon, darling.

If he was 001 then calling him α of the nines would make sense as sort of a nickname, but just simply giving out random new code names while when everyone already has one, while also keeping the old ones, is just stupid.

time loop confirmed?

>the pacing has been great so far

>If they crammed in more dull plot there'd be less room for COOL FANSERVICE AND ACTION

>It's mysterious so it's ok that they literally wasted six episodes establishing what could've been done in two

The absolute state of this board

Him accepting the oni power in order to be 02's wings and thus absorbing the blue shit that he was rejecting before makes more sense to me. I have already said that I don't have a problem with the idea, I thought execution was pretty bad. Stop being pretentious.

They wouldnt be called the Nines if there were 9 members, they would just be called the Nine.

The 9 just refers to their name scheming, there is a 9'α and a 9'I for sure. Though the significance of that 9 probably wont be known until at least episode 8 I guess (or for max kino, episode 9)

Didn't one of the writers have something to do with Steins;Gate?

>chromatic aberration

Go take your ADD meds.

I'm fairly positive that is not what the there line is referring to.

its a good show

But APE have only referred to 02 as Strelitzia anyway, I believe, so they don't use either code name. I don't think APE cares that much about the names.

>While Hiro acts like a normal human
No. He's flawed as well, just in a different way. He basically is suicidal himself at first. Both when he thinks he can't pilot in a literal sense (going with Naomi was basically suicide) and then when he can he continues to train obsessively out of an almost suicidal need to sacrifice himself either in combat or piloting with 02. He's different now, but that's because he's gone through his arc.

Do they have custom mechs or the mass produced version?

I see a dirty finger print on that figure.

>If they crammed in more dull plot there'd be less room for COOL FANSERVICE AND ACTION

The fanservice is happening in scenes that are building blocks for the cast, and the action scenes too. If they rushed out the action there would be no fucking emotion at all and it would be shit. Fiction media is not a race to disseminate information the fastest it can, it's to be entertaining and by trying to rush through to get setting or plot information into the viewers as fast as possible you denaturalise the process and make your story worse off.

>If he was 001 then calling him α of the nines would make sense as sort of a nickname
He is calling someone iota which means it's uniform for their squad.
>simply giving out random new code names while when everyone already has one, while also keeping the old ones, is just stupid.
I guess people in the airforce are fucking retarded then.

He trains like a functioning human above 80 IQ should


>Power of Love
>episode focused more on Ichigo than 02
didn't even do it right

literally alpha
how can hiro even compete?

So the scene in the OP where Hiro looks as if he just remembered something might be true then?

But who's gonna be the Beta?

Keep crying Ichishit! Hiro is mine, he is MY DARLING.

What should I do? I already love him.

That really says a lot about the rest of the p13 kids.

Threadly reminder that Nana is Nine Eta and Hachi Nine Theta.

Try electricity.

She's saying that if the 3rd time didnt kill him - he aint dying any time soon.


Hiro won't have to compete.


She's a good girl. Cease the petty bullying or Goro will whoop your asses.

>this insecure

Zero Two

But he already gives me an electricity!

Gay Piano scene soon

Do not be silly. She is Iota.



Why is he so fucking gay?

I was saying it because he's not here to compete with Hiro. He's here to embrace the Hiro.

its the blonde hair and looking exactly like Hiro

Holy shit 02 is such a shitty character

>Implying alpha isn't a Kaworu who's trying to woo Hiro to his side by acting all buddy-buddy with him

Virgin Hiro vs Chad 9'α when?

>This is sci-fi so they are allowed to be retarded

Look if you know a better way be my guest.

It's a different color from the mass produced model. But I'n guessing all 9s use the same model.

If they all have a nickname it would make sense for it to be themed around the fact that they are in the squad "Nines", as it could be a sense of pride for them, so alpha and Iota could be two of those nicknames. (This could also be were Hiro could his decision to give the rest of the P13 members their own nicknames, if the theory that he is a clone or whatever is true.)
>I guess people in the airforce are fucking retarded then.
If they do give code names to people who already have code names, then yes, that sounds pretty retarded to me

The power of love is science fiction too.

Hiro Yoshikage

>nine Strelitzias
Muh dick

Ichigo pls

It'll come back and be terminal next season.

It's possible that it's a model based on Strelitzia, but the legs are clearly different.

>My wings...
>Belong to you!
Hiro really couldn't stop being whipped for one second

This. Double edge wings and shit.

They fly together user-tan


Is there even any reason to watch this other than to see Ichigo suffer?

he clearly doesn't see himself as an equal to 02

Oni being cute.

So why is 02 Zero Two and not Nine Beta?
>If they do give code names to people who already have code names, then yes, that sounds pretty retarded to me
It's for interaction in the wing. I don't even know how to explain the idea anymore. Have you seen Star Wars maybe? Red Squadron?

For 02 and the cute mecha.

>Ichigo being cute.

>hit it off
>be naturally friendly or well suited. synonyms: get on well, get on, get along, be on good terms, be friends
Why the fuck would he say it about 02 if she's all alone staring at her mech?
While Hiro is in the middle of the crowed being friendly with everyone.

>inb4 he was being ironic :^)
Yeah, seems like everything about Nines is ironic, eh?

Dont know about that


I hope this blonde Fuccboi isnt a snarky asshole

Sure. That's why they scream Our Wings and Hiro firmly declares himself her partner.

Being meguca is suffering episode 10.

hey funny how 02 keeps getting her face covered by shadows and hair
this probably isn't significant or trying to tell us something at all

He sees himself as part of her.

Could be because everyone is happy since nobody died, something that regularly happens around her? Every time we see 02 with someone that isn't Hiro they treat her like garbage, P26 have a fit just seeing her enter the room.

by name, by nature

She's the cutest when she's suffering.

Because the 9 beta would only really be know inside the Nines group, since it would be a nickname among themself.
While other people call her Zero Two simply since it is easier than saying Double Zero Two or something like that.
In Star Wars they didn't already have a seperate system for code names for everyone to use at all times, so giving code names to use in battle makes sense.

did you guys notice that we never get to know what 02 is thinking even when Hiro literally dies.
this is about their relationship isn't it?
what could this mean.

This. He does not share her wings, he gives her his own and for him, that's the only meaning of his life : be a tool for 02 to fly. There is yet to see if 02 share the point of view but if at any point she were to say she doesn't need him anymore Hiro would probably kill himself.




You're contradicting yourself.
She isnt friendly, she isnt getting along well with anyone other than Hiro, she isnt on good terms with anyone. So how can Alpha be talking about her?

Because she's getting along with Hiro who survived 3 rides with. Something no one else has done.

Because she found a parter you dingus.

I meant that it's an improvement from how it usually goes. I'm assuming faggot boy is somewhat humorous.


>it is established earlier in the show that all squads except Hiro's adress their members by numbers
>except here's this squad that has something other than numbers as their callsigns
Top tier writing.

haha just saying

Ichigo is a certified cutie.

flower analogies are hard okay

Engineered by Dr.Franxx

Lelouch certified faggot

fuck off, lelouch.

the 9s are not just some random squad. They might not even be the same kind of kid, we know FUCKING NOTHING about them.

>Clone theory

I'm going to point out that at the beginning of episode 3, when Hiro was reminiscing about his childhood fitting his monologue, he talked about how he and the other kids were huddled in their "nest" waiting for their parents who never returned.

The scene implies they have parents, that they even understand what a parent is. I don't think they are clones.

can someone post the mato comics after this one

The nines will try to shit on 02, but Hiro will defend her with his new found tumor powers

fake memories are a pretty classic sci-fi thing.

Man, something trite as power of love really did kill the enthusiasm around the series. There are no stakes at all even if someone dies


The blue oni theory was a lot better than this clone shit.

They're still calling their members by numbers.

thx thx

I'm sorry this isn't edgy enough for you, user.

Gotta love how much vidya references this 4koma shits.

Dr. Franxx should be the MC

The symptoms are somehow psychosomatic. That a change in perspective was all that was required for the suffering he was enduring to abate.

She isnt even part of the Nines. She wears her own unique suit to signify that.

Could it be that the nines doesn't have to be nine people? 02 is one of them, i think that much is granted.
they were called the nines because for so long they were only nine people but the number can grow with talented guys.
this looks like initiation of hiro as the tenth member, hence iota.
9 indicates not their number anymore. it is just like 13 or 26.

So how does one get to be half Klaxosaur. Did 02's dad fuck a Klaxosaur or her mom get raped by a Klax?

Sounds like a plan to me.

>It's mysterious so it's ok that they literally wasted six episodes establishing what could've been done in two
Not what I said nor could they have done that. I'm glad you're not writing it, you've barely managed to refute anything here and put up a solid argument.

>there are people who unironically believe that having stakes requires someone to be in mortal danger

Isn't that usually the opposite? Don't they use good pilots for testing?
The codes also make no sense to me. How can these codes be a measure of skill or some kind of ranking when they got them when they were too young to even pilot.

She's totally remembering her kiss with Hiro, isn't she?


> Love makes me feel bad
> Therefore a show about love is bad
How's life on the other side of the Darwin divide treating you, user?

But why would Hiro be the only one for no reason to come up with nicknames out of nowhere, where would he even get that idea from. They even called him great at giving nicknames when all he did was use the number already in their names, so he is obviously not a genius. This makes sense however if he is a clone of 9 Iota and have some sort of inherited memories of sort and thats why he came up with the idea of nicknames.

What did user mean by this

Strelizia and 02 are cute

damn eva looks like shit now.

Except that it's almost certainly 02 that is 9'ι not Hiro.

The teen codes could just indicate something different. We know nothing about the codes, but they're not 1:1 just about skill or anything. I'm sure the codes will be explained eventually.

I hope we see more Dr. Franxx soon. He's been strangely absent throughout the series so far, only appearing in episode 1 and briefly in episode 2. I want some interactions with him and Hiro.

>When you take a G Grade quest but you're squad got tier 1 equipment.

Why do all the characters look like they could be in any of the newer Pokémon games (gen V onward)?

>waiting for their parents who never returned
>"hey little one, my name is Nana"
>"are you my mommy?"
>"no, your mommy and daddy had to go away, but they will definitely be back one day"
>"oh ok"
>he still hasnt realised all children are born in vats, ride robots and never actually become adults

Based brainlet.

You don't know what stakes are.

FranXX = Jiang bird = female (even though made from a male Y half and female X half), has to mate with a dragon to produce offspring
Klaxosaur = fearsome dragon in Japanese
Go figure.

Yeah they're MEN'S LEGS


I just noticed that she is touching her lips. The kiss is still on her mind.

Or maybe the thing that makes him special is they just did less genetic engineering on him to make him obedient?

The point is the rest of the team is so amateurish and 15 and 16 could be used better at other places.

Only Ichigo has the chipmunk mouth.

>Still on that, it's quite weird for the group be called The Nines while the formations appear to be a standard of 10. One of them are supposed to ride alone then?

That "Nearly on Red" youtube guy talked about this.

His theory is that the 10th spot is a rotating one given to 02's partner. That one of the reasons people want to team up with 02 is because, while it will kill them, it will put them among elite company.

Hiro Blanco

No. In fact, that should be erased from our plane of existance.

They're a hastily assembled team possibly done for whatever experiment Franxx cooked up.

Shut up nerd

And realizing that she'll never get another.

>tfw not hiveminded by Cred Forums so I still enjoy the show

Goro was the MVP of the last fight other than team Strelizia though.


All of them look like protags/protag's friends/gym leaders

i wanna fuck a ichigo

Do siblings think about the times they kissed each other?

>which if I didn't know Japanese I probably wouldn't have understood because of CR's translation
Actually, yeah. This episode had really terrible translation.
I noticed at least 3-4 moments that can easily be misunderstood if you only read english TL.

>he still hasnt realised all children are born in vats
>implying failed pistils aren't being recycled as incubators.

>even if someone dies
It's not about the edge anymore. They can asspull themselves out of any danger without considering the risks since they can get up from anything with POWER OF LOVE

What are you basing your theory on exactly?
So far, none of the 02=iota fags have posted even a single coherent argument.

The translations were fine. The literal meaning wasn't really the point there.

>Why the fuck would he say it about 02 if she's all alone staring at her mech?
Because she finally got herself a legitimate partner. They even caused the FranXX to get wings.
And while she was standing by herself, the others weren't openly hostile towards her.

You can bet it's the closest she has ever been to people.
Besides it wouldn't make much sense at all for such a comment to be made for the other characters since they hang out with each other just about all day every day. So that level social interaction is just about expected from them. But not from 02.

>let me greentext a bunch of shit without saying anything

Why would making him less obedient make him come up with the ideas of nicknames. And the other in P13 didn't seem at all against it, so were they also not geneticily engineered to be obedient, but then why didn't they come up with the nicknames.

If they arent Blood related

Nah, she's been reprocessed into genetic material.

Docile I suppose I should say, they might just not really think about it, but they're still human so when someone does it, they decided they liked it.

Hiro could be just accidentally undoing whatever APE did to em. Which is why APE consider them "tainted"

But the other team's leader maybe doesn't know that, he only see this waste of potential.

It is hard to see from the outside who is doing what in the FranXX so maybe he just didn't consider him.

>9I0? Lets flip that.
>0I6. Seems familiar? Damn right it is, because that's Hiro's number.

As symbolically playing as this might be, it's a very flimsy reason for why Hiro must be 9 Iota. Do you honestly think the writers for this series would fuck around with anagrams and palindromes for what is ultimately an inconsequential name?

This isn't a massive secret or big reveal. Well find out who 9 Iota is next episode. That kind of clue hiding is for shit like Tom Riddle.

The power of love only helped with his tumor
Strelizia could have taken on the klaxosaur if Hiro was in good shape anyway

>all this 02 and Ichigo shitposting

Am I the only one that likes Miku the most?


I love 02 and want to have 10 dino babies with her.

> He doesn't have a sister
> He'll never know the fun of playing dragon cave with his sister

mfw didn't suck hiro dry

We know, Hiro.


She's good. Just behind 02 for best.

She's perfect.

> having a gap this large

They weren't fine because they completely miss the implications.


that's some big tiddies. i love how the manga has those fanservice bits. shame the anime barely focuses on that, besides one or two ass shots per episode

Guys, what kind of word games can Hiro play with "9Iota" to give 02 a name?

Gap is normal sized, she is just a womenlet.

By the way, I don't remember the whole exchange between APE members about the "special specimen", but are we sure they were referring to 02 as such?

What if they were talking about Hiro? After all, it's him that seems to be "tainted" by 02 now. Besides if countless stamen are in line to ride with her, what would be different about the plantation 13 parasites.

>the show is literally about number- and word-play
>Ichigo, Nana, Hachi, Oni
I wouldnt be suprised actually.
But you're right, lets wait for next ep and hope it's cleared up. If Alpha doesnt straight up call Oni by her callsign - the Hiro=Iota theory is then very likely.

I think these will be the triplets.

Yup. It was never trying to be that in the first place so I wish they'd leave since its not even valid complaints.

>So far, none of the 016=iota fags have posted even a single coherent argument.
Clones and upside down reversed mirrored inversed numbers shit are not arguments.

Yeah, but why would Hiro be undoing it. It would make sense if he had some past memories such as the one in the OP with 02 holding hands with someone, which doesn't seem to make sense for them to meet with their estabished backstory, so it being some kind of leftover from being Iota that got carried over to Hiro in the cloning process.

What do you mean what about? they're 100% talking about Hiro, Hachi and Nana even mention it.

They mention "not letting her mix with tainted stamens" not "a tainted stamen" The whole squad is apparently tainted, and I think it's the names and individuality.

Is anyone else still slightly irritated with Hiro's attitude? Like, dude seems to be fighting to die instead of fighting to live. I know they were trained for it, but is he a human or a robot? His constant repeating of "even if I burn while I fly" is grating on my nerves. Like dude, there's more to life than fighting and flying. You're just fighting so you can fight, what's the point of that?

kokoro is the real deal


believe in a sign of Zeta

It skills have been clear when 02's agonized cry was immediately cut off when Hiro embraced her from behind. She was emotionally breaking down and rampaging because she thought Hiro died. His presence was the absolution for her fury.

Because he was never put through that same process, or was done differently for some reason.

The way 02 and hiro met doesn't add up for them to have met before.

The special specimen is Strelitzia.

But I don't think that that would make the rotation stamen one with the The Nines status. After all he is just a disposable pawn, unlike the others that are a big deal.

Most of the episode was okay indeed but at some points, like the other user said, they were totally bad.
>the literal meaning wasn't really the point there
This isn't the point. Why do you think it is?

He's starting to move past his suicidal piloting mindset though.

They're also going to make a Robot Spirits Strelitzia. That won't take any painting.

Don't trust her.

more than that, plenty necessary has been established
He's the mood maker and the one who would attempt to defuse the situation, as of 6 he's also known to be deeply caring of his friends. His development is directly tied to Ichigo and Hiro.
A girl with a heart in the right place and does her best in the role she's been thrown into on a hastily made team, but can get her feelings in the way which has caused some discord with in her and it is up to her to move on. Also tied to Goro and Hiro and Zero Two.
He's prideful and boasts a lot much like a child and is a dreamer, his attitude and pride can get in the way of interacting with people and butts heads with even his own partner but he's also good brat in the sense that he does care about the people around him. He will probably be easily traumatized once the truth or something bad happens.
Similar nature to Zorome naturally considering she's his partner, but more subdued and like a girl does, they can beat around the bush with their comments and make it incredibly snarky. This doesn't put her in a bad light because she cares for the people around her, even Ichigo and we see that progression in Episode 4.
Also prideful like Zorome but in a completely different way. I'll be vague and say he's someone who is probably the most childish and going through what you would call puberty. He's obsessed easily and idolizes something to the point he wants to emulate it. But part way through he has lost his way and has only further tumbled down. Will he ever mellow out? I don't know. At the very least, he can show concern and care for his friends.
Can end up being the most mature of the group, quiet nature, but it's clear she does care as seen in Episode 3 and 4.
Unknown, we'll see when we get to her focus.
Unknown, we'll see when we get to his focus.

>people going haywire about the 9 Iota thing and cooking up theories with crazy crackhead-level evidence
Just FYI, prepare to be disappointed again

The whole resolution of this episode is that he has now found something to actually fight for.

With they way that they were clearly conditioned growing up, you cant blame them that they only see their value in piloting their mech. But it will be refreshing to see Hiro wanting more from life now.

I sure hope so, because right now it still seems like he's piloting with 02 for the sake of 02 being able to pilot, instead of 02 herself.

>Kokoro will never suffocate you with her kokoros

>Like dude, there's more to life than fighting and flying.
That's the point. They don't know if there's anything else besides fighting to protect the colonies in life. They were completely separated from the outside world and groomed to become soldiers.
They don't even know what the concept of love is.

Papa's indoctrination still exists of course. He's only just started thinking about making it rain for example, a small but significant thing, now he wants to fight for something, for someone. He has not realized it's love, he's not yet switched his train of thought to protecting someone for both their sakes which is likely where his development will go. This is only the first step for them.

>implying her agonized cry wasn't because of the stress of piloting alone

And they lack the human capability to train by themselves or with their partner

You're making this clone theory way to convoluted, especially when you start denying information characters give you by claiming their memories have been faked.

Why would they even let parasites know parents exist? If they are all Clones they could be told they are all clones and -none- of the parasites would give a shit.

They would just assume everyone is grown in a vat.

> real
Kokoro is really the best faker on plantation 13.

So nobody is going to mention the Nines are a genderless squad?

They well established in this episode it's not just piloting but being with 02 that matters to him. I think his monologue just points more type of guy he, like giving everything he has for what he's fighting for.

best butt.

show me one fanbase that it isn't autistic

I wonder how much she's gonna fuck everyone up.

They look to be guys with mostly muzzled dinogirls.


Am I just the only one who thinks that this show does not give enough dept to the setting of the world in which it takes place?

They're men

>Because he was never put through that same process, or was done differently for some reason.
But why is the real question, it wouldn't be great writing just to have Hiro be special for no reason.

>The way 02 and hiro met doesn't add up for them to have met before.
Exactly, but the scene in the OP still exist and that could be Iota and 02 meting, which is also why she choose Hiro because subconsiously Hiro reminded 02 of Iota.
Hiro being a clone doesn't mean he have to look exactly the same as Iota, maybe he have other DNA as well, but that Alpha because knows that Hiro is a clone of Iota, since he is probably the leader of the Nines and therefore very high up and might have even higher security details than 02.


Hopefully people don't take their speculation as fact. Be disappointed at yourselves this time.

We haven't seen all the Nines. The girls behind the guys in the opening have a generic clone design, so we still have 3 Nines unrevealed. Probably they will show up in the second season.

I like how incredibly inefficient plantation 26 was during their fighting with the grunts. "Defeat in detail" doesn't work like that you fools

>shit ending
>episode 6 of a two cour series

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It will be building up over time throughout the whole series. Should have been obvious but seiyuu say it too:
>Tomatsu: The highlights will keep on coming. The spotlight’s on Hiro and Zero Two’s relationship at first, but the relationships between the other Children also undergo big changes. The awakening of various emotions within the Children as they go through the process of growing up forms the main theme of the series. By placing Zero Two in the midst of these Children who grew up together, the relationships within the group may change – I hope you will watch the show whilst thinking about the world that they live in.
>The more of this series you see, the more you will understand it. Hence it is important that you not miss a single episode. Everything is essential, each character gets his or her own turn in the spotlight, so don’t miss them out. It is a series that will get you thinking.

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>But I don't think that that would make the rotation stamen one with the The Nines status. After all he is just a disposable pawn, unlike the others that are a big deal.

Maybe only decorated Stamens are usually picked for 02, that is a kind of penultimate symbol for their skill and really the highest position that any stamen can aspire to.

Ichigo has the perfect size.

Ichigo was Hiro's orbiter all along.

>It is a series that will get you thinking.

I think it fits a bit w/ the context of the cast. They're in a bird cage. Most of them don't even have a clearance to explore the plantation outside their lodging and hangar. Once they get more independent from Papa's control.

Yes, but what I mean is it sounded more like he wanted to be there for 02 so 02 would be able to continue to pilot, instead of being with 02 for her own sake. I guess it's the conditioning...but still, you'd think they'd have thought about if there's a point to life beyond fighting at some point. Hiro seems too perfectly content with life=fighting.

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Except when they have a childish tantrum and blame the staff that their respective theory in a sea of others who theorize was wrong.

Once they get more independent from Papa's control, they world would open up more because they would want to find answers to questions like why parasites can't become 'adults'.

I loved her before that. She's great.
>kiss scene with Hiro where she puts her knee between his thighs.

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>durr huer who cares about plot and worldbuilding
The other guy was wrong but this is the dumbest way you could have possibly defended your point.

like how she was so stressed out when she dumped her previous partner on the ground

This. They did a good job with 02, Hiro and Ichigo, now would be the time to focus on the rest of P13 squad. If they won't then it will be a red flag for me

Ok. Hiro is possibly "Nine Iota" but it's not because of some inverted 016 bla bla bla... Since Iota means 10 he is just the tenth ever dying member of "The Nines". So that guy was basically saying, "Here is another sucker riding with her."


The clone theory is retarded and has spawned into being because of the vacuum of information we have about the setting at this point. The theory is fun, but in a show where the APE council is called the "lamarck club", with excessive sexual and genetic metaphors with mixing, clones would be entirely antithetical to the themes of the show.

Ok, I see what you mean. I think you're right in that it's just their conditioning to fight. They're still stunted emotionally so piloting and fighting for each other as partners is kind of the highest form relationship they know of right now.

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You are right.

I'll be surprised if they manage to give Fatty a characterization to care about beyond "he eats all the time".

this is the only show that actually depicts how a child would actually act thrown a huge responsibility and their first encounter with love.


They all will. This has been confirmed in multiple interviews and this is what Nishigori excels at. Just have patience.

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I love it actually, it's a very dark souls method of storytelling.

The world appears very internally consistent with a lot of work into figuring out how everything connects together. The viewer has to discover what those rules are through observation and very occasionally a small parcel of information offered.

It wasn't though. That's a big part of the reason Hiro's dream sequence with her was sandwiched in between and she makes that monster comment. It's also very different from the prevouis partner.

You're basically getting the world from the lens of Hiro who is only shown a very limited view of the world intentionally by his superiors. Through Zero Two and wanting to learn more about Zero Two Hiro will learn the nature of the world and so will we the audience.

>with excessive sexual and genetic metaphors with mixing, clones would be entirely antithetical to the themes of the show.
Unless it is about how 02 and Hiro will bring and end to artificial insemination and the creation of clones and create babies the natural way.
The society they live in is obviously a very fabricated one especially the surrondings of the parasite they as mentioned in episode 5, it makes sense that such a society might use cloning to create these parasite since it would be more precise than simple and traditional mating would be.


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These two basically. It is fed from 3 ways:
1. Visual as they generally are doing show over tell so you have to pay attention
2. The dialogue which is natural and they'll generally drop it when necessary
3. Hiro's perspective as he learns more and more about it, Zero Two can apply to this too because it is sekai kei variant.


You sure you weren't looking for it?

It took 6 episodes for me to realize the girls became completely the robots.

It's just the only thing he knows. Put aside the whole "I want to be your wings", and look at the "death" scene, how he tells himself through Naomi that he's a liar when he says that he's content having done the best he could. The trigger for his "resurrection" was seeing 02 saddened by his departure, and the realization that just doing his best is not enough, which ironically is what Ichigo and Goro were trying to say all this time.
His "love confession" in episode 4 wasn't one not just because he doesn't know what love is, but because the focus was still on himself:
>Don't leave ME 02, i need you to be happy
And now the reasoning is inverted:
>I won't leave YOU, 02, i want you to be happy
He discovered loving someone else, something he never really felt before
>You never listen to your partner
The language he uses is just the one that he knows, and I found his
>I will burn for you
really romantic, once you realize what he means. If you take away the language coating, he says
>I will give everything I have to make sure that you can finally be happy
For the first time in his life, he's looking outside of himself. Also I always loved the whole self-sacrifice-to-the-point-of-suicide thing, but that's just me.

This is the funniest thing I've read all morning.

I'll point out Hiro said they had parents and we're waiting for them at the start of episode 3.

We already have evidence people have offspring and that the parasites have some degree of understanding that they somehow come from other people.

Hes going to beat the shit out of Mitsuru soon

Hence why they zonk out when becoming the piloting interface, mentally control the robot's facial features, and disconnect when knocked unconcious, yes.

What are the odds of that?

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It will though. It never was shit in the first place.

Darling in the Brap

I thought it was interesting that he said his wings exist only for her.

Implying that his duty to APE takes back seat to 02.

False memories user, because otherwise they might start to question were they came from and that might affect their numbers.
It have been hinted at that parasite are different from the adults of the world and that parasite won't become adults.
Why wouldn't they eventually become adults if they were normal children?

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God I hope it won't go full children relationship drama no one cares about , only focusing on the plot and main characters on episode 7, 12, 19 and 24.

Yeah this is basically it. He went full romanticist within the bounds of his feelings, he doesn't realize what it actually is but his mindset is already there, much like Zero Two for each other. But putting aside love, he ultimately wants her to be happy and will do absolutely everything he can to make sure that happens. He will not let her stand alone anymore.

In turn, while Zero Two's belief that he would not kick the bucket and she would not kill him prior to battle was childish in nature, she was right to have full faith in her Darling to pull through. She has no reason to doubt her or have to listen to anyone else telling her otherwise. Darling is fucking strong.


>False memories user, because otherwise they might start to question were they came from and that might affect their numbers.

I'm going to reiterate this: if you tell a bunch of clone kids they come from vats they aren't going to care, they'll just assume everyone comes from clone vats. For Parasites that assumption would then be correct.

Clones are only problematic when they are "different".

>implying episode 5 want the best episode

But they've been doing a great job of that and that's literally the themes and backbone of this show. There will definitely be more of Episode 2 to 6 but obviously in different shapes and forms. If it's not your thing though, best time to bail since they said they will all get a focus and develop.

Being clones would mean they are bred to die, since if all are clones why then aren't the rest fighting. If they were voluntary given up by their parents, however, it would be more like a task they were choosen for and an honour to sacrifise their life for the others by their own will.

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Depends on of the execution, loved episode 1 to 6, I'm not saying I want mecha fights and plot every episode, what I don't want a shitfest of group drama à la kokoro connect.

that's not vanilla

Nah won't be that for sure. They all are fairly different anyway in pairings, like I'm not expecting Zorome or Miku to be affected like that since its clear Zorome's troubles will come from the reality of battle and revelations. Story revolves around Zero Two and Hiro anyway.

True, it was really sweet. Floweranon strikes again.

Papa tells them they are born to die like their parents.
If I follow that other user's reasoning, you obtain the same effect by telling them
>We made you, you specifically, for this purpose
Because even if they are clone, they do retain a small sense of individuality through their codes and how well they do. I don't think it really changes much for the parasites.