You can't be serious, TOEI

You can't be serious, TOEI.
You really did make Blanco meme a canon. Holy shit.

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>the Blanco meme was based off of toriyamas mention that he was saving white for later

Full circle

Are you retarded? Spics 'predicted' every single hair color visible to the human eye and beyond, did you also lose your shit when Super Saiyan Blue happened?


Was Prism too gay for canon?

Not surprising. This piece of shit's been ripping off fan doujins and Toriyama's not so much as acknowledging them. Regardless of the quality, this is probably the evidence that pushes Toriyana straight into "hack" territory. He's the Red Beaulieu of the manga industry now ... which is a sad fate.

I'm not keeping up with Super so I'm having a really hard time knowing what's fake and what's real.


Calvo is next


He's not a hack, merely senile. Blame Toei and Hackotaro for taking advantage of a poor old man.

this can't be real

So AF is real now after all these years?

Why couldn't it? This is literally what happens EVERY time there's an insane power bump in the middle of a fight in Dragonball.

>Hero first demonstrates their level up over the opponent with their speed - typically with the classic *teleports behind you* much to the previously much speedier opponent's surprise.
>A bit unbalanced but unable to accept that the paradigm has shifted so severely, the opponent launches a furious assault! That the hero is able to deal with effortlessly.
>The hero brings the offensive to a sudden halt with a single punch to the gut, making the opponent clutch their stomach and stagger backward in an unprecedented display of weakness despite their previously fearsome demeanor.

This is the textbook flow since goddamn TAOPAIPAI (twice, actually - both by Goku and Tenshinhan). All this is telling us is that Toei is as creatively bankrupt as the fanfic writers.

Does this mean he'll accidentally kill Chichi one day?

It was always real. Next arc after the movie will be the AF anime adaptation to let Toyo catch up.

The sad part is how much better Jirens punching is in the fan one.

So now Goku can defeat almost all other fictional characters since he will automatically use the most effective offense and defense.

They already fucked it up, badly
The one and only decision they can make to save its dignity and the whole dragon Ball franchise from good is goku waking up from a coma and pretending this db super shit never happened

so does super actually get good in the future trunks saga?

Why do you guys still watch this garbage
Serious question
Do you enjoy inflicting pain on yourselves?

>only decided to follow threads a couple weeks ago
>only watched an episode yesterday and felt that my time was wasted
I don't get how people lived with 2 years of that shit
Just give everyone UI or a way to counter it so power creep increases further beyond

>last scene of super
>kid Goku wakes up in grandpa Gohan's hut
>'Huh, I had the weirdest dream'

How is Betajeta this beta?

Blanco was the most popular one though

How could Goku punch like this though? Seems like he regained his power and even more judging from this pic. What exactly is UI



> What exactly is UI

Bad writing

>universal tournament
>ssj "gods"
Christ this was something a 5 yo would come up with

No, Jiren just never got a full power blow until now.

UI is the martial art concept of Mushin or empty mind.
>Mushin is achieved when a person's mind is free from thoughts of anger, fear, or ego during combat or everyday life. There is an absence of discursive thought and judgment, so the person is totally free to act and react towards an opponent without hesitation and without disturbance from such thoughts. At this point, a person relies not on what they think should be the next move, but what is their trained natural reaction (or instinct) or what is felt intuitively. It is not a state of relaxed, near-sleepfulness, however. The mind could be said to be working at a very high speed, but with no intention, plan or direction.

Since Goku does not have to think before he attacks, he can land more random and more solid strikes. Why was Jiren injured by a small gut punch? It had something to do with the last episode (127) where Goku seemingly said something stupid. Goku told 17 that Jiren can be hurt by attacks if he's not guarding meaning Jiren is nowhere near as invincible as he makes himself seem. Goku always had the power to hurt Jiren but Jiren just never let Goku get a solid strike (except under UI). With UI, even the weakest gut punch injured Jiren.

>Mushin is achieved when a person's mind is free from thoughts of anger, fear, or ego during combat or everyday life.
By this definition Goku should have achived UI decades ago. He is a mindless fightfag, he is in this mindset all the time.

This is the funniest and best shit of all time, words cannot express how fucking great this is.

Having watched DB and DBZ entirely at least twice I would argue that Goku has always been thinking as he was fighting up until now. Thoughts always clouded Goku's mind when he was fighting his opponents.

>Kakarot my name is raditz and i'm your brother

wow what a fun series that would be

goku roflstomping everyone in his path to that song from the beginning of the series to the very end would be the hypest shit

Well, UI doesn't give you power, only speed, so it's not like he would obliterate opponents.

Kenshiro's Musou Tensei is still even more broken. It's basically UI but better.

We need a RE: Dragon Ball anime, where peak UISSBKK Goku gets transported back in time and replaces his young self and goes through every fight in his peak form.

This can't be real.


he's usually got anger though

works with one punch man

>Blanco and Granma memed to existence
Fuck you, Cred Forums! Stop fucking with reality!

inb4 calvo and cell dorado becomes real



Gohan will never attain blanco though...

Except Goku could just blow up the city

If UI Goku and MT Kenshiro fought, Goku would just evade everything Kenshiro does and then just blow away the ground Kenshiro was standing on. UI Goku is massively overpowered not because of UI itself but because Goku was already a universe buster in the first place and now he has some Mary Sue levels of automatically dodging and striking everything.

Goku would just test Kenshiro first and he'd lose because Kenshiro disabled him in 1 hit.
Also Hokuto Shinken perfectly copies ANYTHING its user has seen just once, so Kenshiro could just copy UI or anything else Goku does.
Kenshiro also has beamspams.
When will you retards learn that Hokuto Shinken is LITERALLY invincible.

It's not meme magic, it was planned and stated already that they would get a white form.

He still has Calvo, have faith!

>when Toei has so many recycled animations that any mexican can do the same

>blonde is super
>white is perfection
>black is weakest form

what did nippon mean by this


Can we meme trump into dbs next?

No because it's canned in 3 episodes

could Goku Blanco defeat Phil Collins?

>ssj 'god'
>frieza comes back
>ssj 'god' ssj
>tourny with alternate universe
>ebil goku
>ebil kai
>ssj 'rose'
>multiversal tourny with ben 10 characters as the main rival(Actually this fanfic was written by me a long time ago)
All these have appeared in fanfic before.When you have a franchise that is as long as DBZ,its bound to happen.

i dunno i watched dragon ball ages ago, but i can't be bothered to watch this. I watched like scenes on youtube, but not entire episodes, but that was months ago too.

I mean i actually thought maybe its different for a few moments, then realized ye, same as always, not hate it, but don't give a fuck either. Even the only reason im commenting here is cause i came to this board to see if there is anything about "Evangelion Rebuild movies", then saw this grey haired Goku and wondered wtf is this. Ye. Guess after this thread is gone, that was it for me.

So far, we have:
>Black as base color
>Yellow as super
>Red as god
>Blue as supergod
>Green as berserker
>Pink as kaioshin influence
>White as UI
What will be the color of the next transformation? I guess purple that's exclusive to half-saiyans, and maybe orange as a godx2 form? Or deep blue as blues next step? Or it's time to use dual colors, like black and yellow stripes for Gohan's bee form and black and white strips for Vegeta's jail form?

>what is The Zone

i'm with this user.
Kenshiro mary sueness is way bigger than Goku's.

>deep blue
Is'nt that what Vegeta's new form basically is?

Phil Collins is already Calvo

I heard that Blanco was real and I had to see it for myself.

>still now a single win against his rival
Poor little kakarot.

Blanco was the most famous and memed one.

Goku humiliated Vegeta in the second round though. The fight was inconclusive, but Goku didn't use SS3 out of pity. When Vegeta found out, he was anally devastated.

Omg, this all looks like something a 10 year old kid would come up with.
The only more or less sensible looking thing is evil kai, as we never seen one before and it nowhere said that they can't be "evil".

Blanco was actually a meme, you dunce.

Using SS3 in that fight wasn't intelligent anyway, Buu could have appeared earlier and Goku could have wasted more of his time on Earth

i like all of this...

How many weeks for El Hermano?–F
>Goku American gold
>Vegeta B'dazzled blue
>Gohan Fuzzy Wuzzy
>Goten Halayà úbe
>Trunks Mystic maroon

he is gonna be jiren's senpai and goku's new rival in dragon ball ultra

Goku vs Jiren is basically Goku vs Namek Frieza, the only difference is that Frieza had a personality.

Otherwise, it's the same shit, Goku, tired as fuck, pull out a transformation which was foreshadowed to fight someone who's like 200 hundreds time stronger than him.

Always the same shit but hey it's ok when it's old DB.

>a literal spic meme is canon now
>but fanboys still won't consider GT canon even though it was far more original than super

>Goku Blanco Anti-resplandor

That would have been much better

The differemce is that old DB did it first, so it was a novel experience, while super copies something that was done a hundred times before.

toei ruins everything it touches.
it's like a reverse midas touch

Doctor Slump and early Dragon Ball was Toriyama's golden age, everything after that just goes downhill.

mexicans are your our new overlords. get used to it.

>evil kai was not done before
The main story of Dragon Ball AF manga was about an evil kai and an half kai half saiyan hybrid helping her to defeat the Z warriors.During the Future Trunks Arc many compared it with that.

oh jesus christ

but midas ruined everything he touched too, do you even know how the story goes?

Except UI isn't nearly as foreshadowed as Super Sayan was. And Namek Frieza was actually threatening. Not the same shit at all.

You know, if Gohan really wanted to increase his strength why didn't he go into the chamber? That way he'd have at least a year to git gud and still not have to worry about missing appointments or important meetings or moments in Videl and Pan's lives. He and Vegeta really love their families but Gohan is so soft he can't bare to be away from them for very long, even in FighterZ when he talks to you all he talks about is his family, how much he respects Goku,Vegeta and Piccolo and again his family.

If he weren't in a show like this, Gohan would be an alright dude, but here it's almost pathetic with little he thinks of himself

Only started following DBS when Future Trunks came back,saw they fucked up pretty much everything, dropped it
the shitposts on Cred Forums and Cred Forums are informative enough to keep me up to date with anything that goes on in the series since then, many laffs were had with retards that take this crap reboot too seriously

such is the life of a cuckold

more like shit midas.

I skipped out on DB and DBZ, and couldn't stomach the archaic animation when I started them recently, so I got into Super to get my mandantory Dragon Ball fill. I don't know why everyone is so whiney, it looks like a standard shounen, kind of reminds me of Naruto. It may be even above avarage.

Fucking hell

Looks way better but I enjoyed the next episodes preview regardless

You guys think Boruto will end up like Gohan down the line one day or like Vivio?

It's the same shit, stop deluding yourself.

I still don't understand why they had to bring Future Trunks again. His original arc had such a beautiful conclusion to it.

El Plagiarismo?

Or is this series so creatively bankrupt that even a random Mexican fan can predict the outcome months ahead of time?

If could, I would've given you some headpats.

>Dragon Ball AF
I was talking about "main" DragonBall.

please be nice to me, i have assburgers

It's not. The Pedro who did that webm edited the spic animation, because the real one is traced from the Buu fight, it didn't predict anything

I've been dreaming of a canon continuation of dbz for years, dbs is such a disappointment

That's where you fucked up, Tyrone

just accept GT as canon. GT is on so many games and there's so many merchandise of it that it's just dumb to say it's not canon.

>Jiren spastic punching
My sides

Besides it's much better than DBShit.

That's not how canon works Pedro Rodriguez, but nice try

fuck off furry pedro faggot

stop trying to make GT look good you samefag retard

>Pedros still in denial

GT is still shit

It's just asspull. He becomes very fast and (now that he's mastering it) very strong. Don't overthink it.

No, but it definitely gets much better

I really don't get the point of Jiren. He's just really fucking strong for no reason. He doesn't wrong Goku in any way that isn't related to the tournament. He's just another opponent. He's so fucking bland they had to give him a One Piece backstory to make him have any semblance of character, but it doesn't make him deeper. It's just his motivation for being so damn strong, and it's basically the same motivation for literally everyone else in the series and the single most generic motivation any anime character could have. His goal? Get stronger. His means? Getting stronger.

He's a random patsy in the gay ass tournament's game who's just retardedly OP for no reason. He's the very essence of power creep that has made Dragon Ball so fucking awful.

>only a couple episodes left
>Frieza is still hiding

Literally the only reason why I still watch this show is to see just what he has up his sleaves


Meme magic.

>Frieza ends up accidently falling from the ring while Goku Blanco and Jiren btfo each other

>it's basically the same motivation for literally everyone else
it isn't, goku does for fun and because he trained with krillin under roshi. vegeta does to compete with goku. everyone else doesn't care. jiren is the only tragic generic fighter

Ultra instinct should have never been a fucking transformation to start with. It's god fucking retarded that Goklu litterally masters it in 40 minutes, it's even more so retarded how it fucking restores his stamina fucking somehow for god knows what reason when it should be a fucking "technique"

It's bullshit, it's moer bullshit then Super Saiyan rage.

Goku and Jiren will knock each other out. Everyone believes it's a tie but then El Grande Padre announces that unvierse 7 is the winner because Frieza is still unconscious on the stage

Frieza gets the wish from the super dragon balls, which he plans to use for something evil (eg: taking revenge on the saiyans), however his time runs out since he's used too much power as golden frieza and he's teleported back to hell before making his wish. Goku gets the wish instead and brings back all the destroyed universes

>nuh uh
Nice argument.

it does have a chuuni quality to it

Yea, gotta listen to the fans..

Why the fuck is this a new form anyways
isn't Ultra Instinct just a state of mind that let's you dodge without thinking? Shouldn't it be just a passive skill? Is Beerus' fur gonna turn Blanco too once he masters it?

Until HNK2 that is

I haven't watched since Ulatra instinct first showed up, but is there any reason give for why Goku could master Ultra Instinct when no one else shown fighting (including Berus) could, despite far superior and far longer training?

>Is Beerus' fur gonna turn Blanco too once he masters it?

took him way too long
behold, the true master of UI

The manga is still going onward.

That's infinitely worse, not only can random fans guess plot points correctly months ahead of time. Battles are also essentially the same as DBZ. There's simply no point to DBS.

Dumb frogposter



What does this imply about Gohan?

I'm sorry user


>Goku beats Jiren with mastered UI
>Has to fight Frieza who will also master UI
There is no other reason for Frieza to still be on stage

oh shit. it really is el fin

No it doesn't.
I'm a fucking chuuni myself and what DBS does is extremely dumb.

Manga haven't reached this point yet, as it's very behind anime.

>Toriyama says they're doing a white form later
>Spics shitpost
>Retards that don't even watch Super but want to shitpost about how "bad" it is make themselves look like retards because they insist that Toriyama got the idea from spics
This is some of the stupidest shitposting I've seen in a while.

Pure poetry

>tfw too perfect for Super

No one saying it isn't, but at least it's better than super, not that is much of a compliment.

>Another different hair colour with minimal physical changes
Fucking embarrassing

It gets better

yeah you cant have fun

You only make me despise GT even more.

>episode 102
>4 minute magical girl henshin scene
>android 17 interrputs them
>they literally start all the henshin scene from scratch
>another 5 minutes of henshin
>episode almost halfways over

this is it. this is the worst anime of the year.

>a canon
Dumb ESL.

I found that very funny.

Now you know why DBS gets cancelled. Not even soulless Japs can't deal with this nonsense any longer.

>Retarded spic shitposting is fun
I've had enough "fun" since Super started airing and you retards started flooding the board. Dragonball will literally never have another good thread thanks to you.

>comparing boruto to dragon ball

off yourself asap

Jiren was offgaurd, before that he was fucking around.


>alto post
No entiendo eso y soy chileno.

Miss me yet?


I miss you ever since absolutely retarded SSGod was introduced.
At least SSJ4 makes sense (actually even more than any other Super Saiyan transformation, including very first one)

Not really sure why people are surprised about this when Toriyama said he considered making SSB white instead. He obviously had the color in mind.

Everyone was hoping that it's just a joke.
Because going through all colors of rainbow for transformations, instead of finally doing something other than changing hair color, is just retarded.

ss4 is my favorite looking transformation.

I might watch gt one of these days.

Jiren only exists to foreshadow El Hermano...

gt is worse than super

>soy chileno
Ahi está tu problema weon qliao
"Alto" these days is sometimes used in Argentina as "high quality rank" of something.
So if, for example, you hear "alta canción" it means it's considered a pretty fucking good song.

No kidding, at least you had consistency with the other Saiyan forms. SSG and variants are practically plot armor that happens to be malleable to the writer's needs.

Well, this is a basic monkey's paw scenario. You bitched about GT, you get Super.

Deal with it

Reminder that Krillin was the first to achieve Calvo for the tournament

At this rate I wouldn't even be surprised if Shaggy showed up


>Shaggy is Jiren's El Hermano

SSGod did no wrong, it was blue that started the decline.

Do people really not know that the Blanco meme originally came from an interview where Toriyama said SS Blue was going to be white, but wasn't because of Zamasu?

Shaggy ends up being the Evildoer that killed Jiren's parents. Screencap this.

>holding hand in circle enables legendary transformation
>reminder that Saiyans is a feral race of warriors
>oh, it's for some reason somehow related to Gods
SSG is the most retarded thing Super introduced, Blue is just a logical contuation of it.



Why does it feel like Hit and Beerus are the only legitimately good designs to come out of Super? Whis comes close, but then everything else is clones or uninspired.

>Why does it feel like Hit and Beerus are the only legitimately good designs to come out of Super?
Because that's true.
Fish-dude and Cleopatra Gods Of Destruction are fine too, but they are too irrelevant.

Replace Hit with Whis and I agree. Hit is literally a purple dildo with a battlecoat.

Roshi is both calvo and blanco, krillin is loser

>EL GRANDE PADRE has Orochimaru voice in the mexican dub
They know

>purple cell with a trenchcoat

yo, are you shitting me

Bringing back old characters like 17 and Future Trunks was also good

>New game+ Goku
I’d watch it.

I am still waiting for El Hermano

It would probably only be like a single episode where goku finger-flicks his enemies so hard that they explode.

And I would still watch it.

>activated by an unborn fetus

>beerus and whis were the only good newcomers and they're already on the verge of irrelevancy now that goku has blanco

we hyper sonic now

Well, that's sort of how the original db played out

>plot twist, now all his enemies enter shounen-overcoming mode instead of him, resulting in even more destructive consequenses then before

Black being the weakest form and White the strongest.


>They don't even have the chance since Goku is now literally One Punch Man.

>What exactly is UI
A badly and unimaginatively written deus ex machina created in order to get themselves out of the corner they put themselves into by creating Jiren

>tldr - an asspull.



>at least you had consistency with the other Saiyan forms.
>Pants out of nowhere.
>Age changes
>Suddenly hairy monkey

Not that user but SSJ4 came from that golden great ape form.

I can't believe people prefer this to GT. At least GT had actual villains.

>people made fun of uncreative deviant art shit like red and blue recolor saiyans
>They turn out to be canon
>make fun of el Blanco
>it's canon
Watching this shit happen in real time is hilarious

So, out of the final five, who's going to come out on top?

We still have Goku, Jiren, Freeza, Android 17, and Hitto's Doppelganger.

Diecisiete está muerto. Gohan ganará.

Ribrianne should've won

The answer is always Goku

I'm literally only watching DBS for the memes, my unironic appreciation of it died with the Zamasu/Goku Black saga.

drink up bitch, we won

>implying it's not the final form in dragon ball mega

They just don't want to admit they were wrong.

> t. Assblasted Gohanspic

The concept of SSG (yo bitches fuck existing powerlevels just make Goku's hair red and now we're all just dandy) was good.
The execution kinda sucked because Toei needs to constantly have Goku jerked off.

It feels like the sort of alternate form Toriyama uses for boss phases.

Buff El Grande Padre when?

All we need is Calvo (El Diablo)

Please don't.

The idea of GT is infinitely better than the execution. Read up on the vauge idea of each arc, pull up the character designs, and watch the OP and ED. You're done. Leave it at that.

I've lost all hope for this series from a writing standpoint
Fuck it
Lets go all in and enjoy the fight. Shida is confirmed working on it, they better put a good show for Ultra Instinct Complete. If the show ever comes back, it's only hope for good writing is if it's placed back into the adult slot

To think Baby was just one Saiyan away from obtaining SSG

You have to be shitting me

>Toriyama mentioned how a new transformation would include white hair as far back as the end of the Universe 6 arc
>However he changed his mind because another new individual would have white hair as well (Zamasu) so didn't give it to him
>dragon ball fanbase being retarded as usual completely forgets this memo

Nigga I just watch anime for the plot I don't follow every move of the creators, get a life lol

The most ludicrous thing is that this is all supposed to take place within 40 minutes. it's like toriyama is laughing at us.

Why are you in this thread? Serious question.



>loses hope for series
>at the end of last fight finalising the series

Dbz was the same actually

Yeah but the cinematic time delay was limited to the most critical moments i.e. namek exploding in 5 minutes.

this is the entire fucking arc. it's a fucking joke.

Because he needs to prove he has good taste
I hate pseudo intelectual faggots

You post this in every thread. No I don't. I never liked GT, even back in 1998 when I was going through imported VHS tapes. GT was a commercial failure and its only relevance is bargain sale character games like Dragon Ball Heroes. Nothing more.

To be fair, before the "El Blanco" meme appeared Toriyama had already made a comment on the linest of "I was going to go with white, but prefered to save it for further on", when Super saiyan blue came out.

The Gohan Blanco meme came from there, people took what Gohan said about reaching Goku level through another path and expected that to be it.

Forgive the shitty source, but here is a post on forum from 4 years ago; .

well it's a critical arc, some universes will explode

Blanco has been around for many years

post your favourite thing from super

>SSJ4 is my favorite looking transformation
>never watched GT

Oh it won't be once you actually watch the show.


Vegeta was pushed through the same no energy scenario. Why he didnt awake UI? I know that the series is ending...but is he done as a character?

Kawaii Vegeta transformation seems to be an evolutionary dead end, a wrong path in the skill tree. Just like Super Vegeta to SS2. He truly fucked up. There is no recovery from this. I guess he can be happy he was on par with Goku for a few days but damn, Vegeta, you are a fucking scrub. 2 TIMES you got the wrong meme transformation

It ain't right. It ain't right.

The first saga where they have to find the black dragon balls in space is actually really fun. The baby saga is okay. Super 17 saga is dumb and wasted potential for a good fight between Vegeta and Nappa. The ending saga would have been better if they got more characters involved in fighting the shadow dragons, but it was still fun. Gt is worth one watch, but mostly it's a lot of wasted potential and that's why people tend to dislike it. Goku, Pan, and Vegeta were really the only characters that did anything significant. Everyone else, even Uub and Majin Buu, gets barely any screentime.


>Bad animation
>Posts a single stopped frame
Are you actually retarded?

It came from that man. That post is from 4 years ago, older that the meme. Remember that Blue came out before Super, with the Frieza movie.

i despise those fucking after effects blurs

Seriously if they want to milk the franchise so much, why dont just make a remake of the original dragonball anime, but with better pacing and animation as good as the best parts of super? actually i really want this

speed>strength in terms of impact power. its the same reason why a punch from a linebacker will break your jaw while a bullet will shatter everything it touches while putting a whole through you

Tori's interview is the reason why Blanco exists. Still, I will call it Goku Blanco.

screenshot this

I want to remind you that you asked for this.

Fucking stop giving him ideas!

>Shaggy blanco will be canon

>a 128 episodes weekly show has limited animation

>Exaggeration is bad
STFU retard you hate it because it's different

SSJ4 Vegeta has a very 90's grunge aesthetic to him that i can't place. Feels like he belongs in a trailer park.

I'm sorry I take it back.

>posts a single
>hurrrr it sucks

Yes, I don't get how people call this deviant art tier when those kids arent creative enough to think about using ape form, just look at how lazy ssj5 is literally ssj4 BUT white
However shit like red god Goku and blue existed before super, but no one took them seriously cause they were just a shitty recolor but when they are made canon everyone thinks it's the greatest shit ever

Kamen Rider Build being kino came at the price of DBS. I almost feel bad for you faggots.


>There are people defending this

Is El Grande Padre still going to be a villain?

>Finally get a great costume after the longest time.
>Fear it will be ruined by shitty toy tranformations.
>Toy combo designs are good too and mesh with the aesthetic of the original, best spread of forms since Kuuga.
>Show's good too.

I'm glad this is our reward for dealing with Ghost.

With two episodes left, I doubt it

The ending will Be Goku wishing back all the universes so they can have a follow up tournament once everyone has gotten stronger, and thehn he'll go off to train and spy on Uub.

This is literally plagiarism.

Gotta leave something for the next series

Truly the pinnacle of ATATATA. Now their bodies don't even have to move. Bravo

This arc has been such a shitshow. I am glad it's almost over


Because shut up
Only Goku can be the strengthest one!
Doesn't matter that he's fallen behind begetables in the poles and has even fallen behind bardok.
He's goku..and..
god this is bad

They made this show bad on purpose.

>Miss me yet?

How many powers up this shit has had in the last 20 episodes? 3? 4 times?

Pop Team Epic exists faggots

speedwatchers, not even once

We mexicans won again.


It's the same colorscheme as Evil Ryu from Street Fighter so it's not surprising that lots of people would go for that with an evil copy in mind.


>but at least it's better than super
oh yes, SS4 Goku jobbing to buildings and roller coasters makes it better

Chi-Chi will put Ultra Instinct to good use.'s_Counterpart)

Zamasu (F)

>never watched GT
>likes SS4
well good news! you're going to be disappoint once you go past Baby

>SS4 gives you closed finger gloves

Honestly I think SS4 looks cool, but the clothes magically appearing or disappearing is what makes it so awful to me.

How does that even make sense if its supposed to be "the natural Saiyan transformation"?

SSGSS jobbed to a weakass laser so hard that he was critically injured. That's even worse

>Vegeta jobbed to a weakass ki beam so hard that he was critically injured. That's even worse


I haven't watched GT either but that looks awesome

At least Jiren is actually punching forward, what the fuck is Goku doing? He's punching the air behind him and himself in the back.

>el grande padre forma verdadera and el hermano are better than what we eventually got

at least that fight has variety, dude. jiren is the worst thing that has happened to dragon ball since gt.

cleary he is deflecting jirens onslaught you fag

>"aaaah Syn-sama don't shoot me!"
so this is the standards of a GTfag

>Jiren has been fighting non stop with every single cast member.
>Goku pulls an asspul after taking a break

Jesus Christ.

Goku is literally the strongest, that's the entire point of the show

I guess the bad Japanese is intentional, but "White sausage"?

It's because there's real collateral damage. Most of super and Z's fights were in nondescript deserted areas or directly having all the fights high in the sky and due the "lol, universe busters!" shit, we can't have stuff like using terrain in tactical ways when even fucking krillin can easily punch through mountains no problem

yeah goku being on a vulnerable position and escaping enemy attacks instead of literally biding his time until the next power up makes for more entertaining action.

But he isn't,he's fucking cheating. Hell fucker never even beats the big bad of the arc on a one on one.

Spoilers Goku runs out of steam again, gets ringed out and Frieza suddenly has the bright idea of destroying the ground under Jiren. Frieza wins.

>there will never be a dragon ball series with animation as good as this

They were free to ignore powerwank and just write actual fights a few times. The problem is that the actual choreography and budget is kinda shit. If they gave enough of a damn, fights like this could have made GT fun and worthwhile.

>destroying the ground under Jiren

They already tried that

But Goku fought way more than Jiren did

>b-but the animation was always this bad!

Then they cuck Frieza out of his wish yet again, wish that all the universe get restored, Frieza gets sent back into hell, credits roll, Toriyama flips everybody the finger and announces a new arc called THEY HYPERMULTIVERSE GOD TOURNAMENT

He'll destroy it even harder this time.

>goku being on a vulnerable position and escaping enemy attacks
so now you're admitting Super Saiyan 4 is a piece of shit form

this may come as a surprise to you but nobody really cares about power levels.

.t secondary trash

so did you retards forget that he wanted goku to have a white hair form or are you retards love your memes that much

shut up


shaggy is called sausage in brazil

So why did Cell need to absorb Androids 17 and 18 to reach full power? Why would Gero design things this way?

Yeah. Only spics cares about who has more powerlevels than the others and this is pretty much the reason why original dragon ball was the only good one. Back then they could afford to be more creative with fights and named techniques and ki blasts were trump cards instead of being something they can shit dozens of time

Are there people that unironically think that Dragon Ball wasn't the best DB series?

Science can only go so far. He needed triple infinite-energy to become perfect, but Gero could only create a single infinite-energy reactor in any one android.

at least somebody admits it without being a retard about it

Help me summarize :

So at first when Goku and Jiren fought, it took him a whole genkidama to awaken UI and keep up with Jiren (still at rest)
> he still got rekt
Then Vegeta came in blue form, and he managed to land a few hits
> he still got rekt pretty hard
Then Goku kaioken and vegeta 100% blue went all out on him and they only managed to keep up with him
> he wasn't even serious
> Jiren gets a bit serious
Then C17 came and managed to bruise Jiren for the first time while he was actually not playing anymore, he then keeps up with him and manages to deflect many attacks
> sacrificed his ass to nullify a simple ki attack in the end
Vegeta wakes up in base form and he gets the beating of his life, not even landing a hit
Goku wakes up in base form and he keeps up with Jiren in a serious state


17 and 18 were rebellious, he created Cell as a deadman's switch in case they didn't want to kill Goku

>Have to make a shorter run or outsource an episode
>Have to remove from toei

>then vegeta got a few hits
stopped reading there. goku was exchanging punches with blue on and 17 can keep up with blue

someone edit this to those two lil zeno fuckers

Yeah, I was talking to my friend a bit earlier about this too. Better to not even think about it at this point. Jiren's actual strength changes too much and the show's about to end anyway.

Goku exchanged 0 hits in 109. Jiren blocked them all.


>17 is somehow on par with blue
>a form from obtaining godly ki and then also evolving to the next stage
>ass pull super

Because, by all appearances, in addition to being a scientist he was also a wizard.

not even Gohan at full strength was on par with blue form, you're saying C17 is ? Because of that puny episode to demonstrate his strength ? reminder that Krillin was on par too, if your logic is true

wrong, retard

because we all know that Son Goku never holds back his true power level.....

when goku holds back, he uses smaller transformations or avoids transforming instead of going blue then only reducing his level.

Threadly reminder that all saiyan boipusses belong by birthright to /ourprince/ begita-san.

DBS would had been probably a lot better if the manga came first and the anime had something to base itself from. If they're ever doing a second season they better release the manga first to base it off of it.

>white hair = UI
Are they in Ultra Instinct by default?

Filthy murricans who watched Z first and considers original DB a weird irrelevant prequel.

I would like to see Frieza do something clever and I think he will at this point either win from a double ko.

>be me
>saiyan prince/elite
>arrive on earth and manage to defeat kakarot
>job to his 4 year old son and manlet best friend
>strive to be the strongest warrior and surpass kakarot
>believe I'm a super saiyan and fight freeza
>kakarot becomes a super saiyan with just anger alone
>train my ass off in space and finally become a super saiyan
>manage to defeat one of the androids but job to a woman not soon after
>become super vegeta and manage to kick cells ass in his second form
>have a chance to kill him
>let him become perfect and proceed to get my ass kicked
>job to his autistic children
>kakarots 9 year old son surpasses you and defeats cell with a single punch and kamehameha wave
>7 years later
>finally unlock ssj2
>high on majin power
>have a rematch with kakarot
>find out he's been holding back the entire time
>decide to do the noble thing and sacrifice myself to protect my family
>blow myself up to kill buu
>does nothing
>attempt to fight kid buu
>job and admit kakarot was stronger
>a few years pass
>freeza returns with a new golden form
>get the justice i deserve and kick his ass
>just as I'm finally about to get my revenge kakarot steals the kill at the last minute
>time passes
>fighting zamasu with my son
>our combined galick gun is barely able to push back his attack
>kakarot does it by himself with ease
>fighting in the top
>kakarot gets his ass kicked by jiren
>kakarot somehow gains ultra instinct
>still can't hurt jiren
>there's still hope
>fighting jiren
>manage to see through his attacks
>get btfo by jiren
>eventually gain my own power up, who needs ultra instinct?!
>blow toppo the fuck out
>realize it amounted to nothing since he's the biggest jobber in u11
>fight jiren
>get my ass kicked without putting up a fight
>cry like a bitch
>give kakarot the little energy i have left
>kakarot manages to hurt jiren with a power up he got on a silver platter
>realize all your training amounted to nothing

Jiren is going to KILL Goku and get disqualified, leaving Frieza to win

Or Frieza will do the killing, someone has got to die in this tournament...

inb4 kekarot's next form after blanco is calvo

did you forget to mention who had that bulma puss first ?

Why can't he come up with an actual new form instead of a shitty pallet-swap? As much shit as people give GT, at least it actually put effort into its form designs.

>Implying Chichi doesn't have her own perfected UI from pure rage
Remember that time she went kaioken out of sheer anger?

super saiyan form was made to avoid drawing the black hair of Goku. It was a pallet swap from the very beginning.


Doesn't make it ok

it has been since goku black

Well lead is stronger than bone.

DBS teach to post about series i din`t like, thanks you Cred Forums !

Goku is established to use all of his brains for fighting. He's a genius fighter because he's always thinking.

>Even gohan blanco and grande padre meme is better than what we actually got

Anyone else feel bad for Jiren?
This poor guy just can't get a break, whole team relies on him to take out 4 strong guys by himself.

there are more Z fans than garbage DB purist like you

there's also more brainlets than smart cultured people, so you're proving that point

That frame interpolation made me sick.

says the actual brainlet

>the 3 Super Saiyan God forms are Red, White, & Blue
What did Toriyama mean by this?

>Zalama comes out
>Frieza rushes in to make his wish
>Silence as the EGP reveals he needs to translate his wish first
>Frieza gets a drop on his head and everyone comically laughs
>Zeno deletes Frieza and that was that

You know it's coming

Toriyama had this idea of Goku facing a super hero in the tournament, since it's pretty novel due to Goku fighting for the fight itself and surpass his limits (well, and the survival of his universe) while the antagonist is the one fighting for justice and such. It's pretty much a continuation of the Zamasu arc in a way, since Zamasu was fighting for a distorted "justice".

However, Toei clearly didn't want people sympathizing with the antagonist at all, so they made Jiren a personality-less wall, and then "only strength matters" to make people cheer for Goku and the others, since they really can't sell Goku's love of fighting as a positive motivation, effectively making the whole "super heroes are the antagonists!" set up pointless.

>Super Saiyan God forms
Brainlet UI is not a saiyan form

>Toriyama continues to give Toei more ridiculous ideas in an attempt to permanently kill Dragon Ball and fuck with the fans but each and every time they treat it as some genius thing

>reminder that Saiyans is a feral race of warriors
this is why it was hard to obtain though
they needed pure-hearted saiyans for the transformation. All the others ones were assholes.

Holy shit.
I guess Cred Forums can join the list of boards who have achieved meme magic.

How is super going to end without them fighting el grande padre? What is he hiding?

Same reason I watch the star wars prequels. Come to think of it Toriyama's and Lucas' habit of making shit up as they go along is pretty similar.

Sign me up for the screencap hermanos

The issue is that the style of transformation clearly isn't the one given to protagonists in Dragonball, so it just comes off as something made by a fan who wanted a "cool" concept while having no understanding of the series' design style.

Obviously it is more original than recolors though, but the style doesn't fit DB. SSJ4's designer would go on to work on the first 4 digimon seasons and it shows. That's clearly much closer to Digimon evolution than other Saiyans transformations.

Hes a slav.

it IS a jojo reference

Wrong order bub. Sayans confirmed slavs.
The Pan-Slavic colors — red, blue and white — were defined by the Prague Slavic Congress, 1848, based on the flag of Russia, which was introduced in the late 17th century.

Vegeta worked just fine, and so did a fetus that didn't even have sapience or sentience in first place. Besides, None of the saiyajin present was pure hearted, all of them did wicked shit or were overwhelmed by negative emotions a few times

NOOOOO shut up , i liked the part where frieza gets the wish, we can see great things if frieza wishes some weird shit . But honestly i don t see how someone could defeat Goku now.. they fucked up , they wasted STRONGEST goku on this shit. I mean this is no ordinary warrior , it can dodge EVERYTHING ! There is no way it can be nerfed

>What did Toriyama mean by this?
chile of course

>not a pure-hearted boy at this point

Don't forget vegeta is slavic too.

Not until one of them has stars floating around them.


>Number of white haired Super saiyans goes from three to four
>Falseflaggers who don't keep up with anything but the front page memes chimp out

The window for your complaints being valid expired decades ago.

The best part is that it never went to Gohan and with Super ending it will always be there. Just out of reach

ultra instinct gives the user white hair and the angels all have white hair.

are the angels always using UI too

No it isn't.

user, god ki and ssjb was never supposed to be a thing.

It was litterally some stupid toriko tie in bullshit that toei trotted out.

In the script that toriyama oversaw goku didn't like he gathered his power from 5 others and said it was cheating.
It was also stated in no uncertain terms that this powerup to god permanently changed him.
He can get god tier powers by just transforming into SSJ1.
No blue hair or anything.
Just basic SSJ1.

Nope, no money in that. So toei more then likely created or pushed for the creation of the RoF movie with Toyo at the helm.

The entire ritual seems like it was something that tori was forced to work with and figured out how to get around it while giving them what they want.

>Mfw SSJ4 is stronger than anything on DBS because Baby Vegeta was Blanco

It's the technique of the angels after all. Angels are perpetually in UI mode.

I understand where people are coming from but at the same time Toriyama was planning on using the white color when he came up with SSGSS and decided to save it for later. The Gohan Blanco ''yo te voy a derrotar Jiren'' meme only surfaced when this tournament was already underway.
So, sorry Cred Forums, you didn't invent this. Toriyama was going to use White eventually.

Making the parts separately and then putting them together isn't uncommon user, especially if the parts are super fucking complicated.

The real reason is the final boss kept getting changed, but that's beside the point.


Lucky 7 confirms

To be fair, Toriyama is a senile lying fuck that conveniently forgets things or makes up and retcons shit. It wan't farfetched to ignore what he says because it could've been something he said on the fly.

i enjoy it so much, i mean if i only want to watch anime with good writing i wouldn't watch DBS, i watch it because it's fun.

>Vegeta is actually the strongest
>but had outside help, so it doesn't count
So close

I'm very concerned about memes becoming real


Uhhh no

a linebackers bones are harder than yours too

i droped a long time ago. im here for the memes.

>Toei ripped off some beaner's basement animation project idea

You cant make this shit up

You know I think south America may be right, but how do you unfuck Gohan personality to make an arc focused on him?

The fact that he is a walking failure to become the MC is too much to bear.

I think you guys are making too big a deal out of this. I mean, the fact that there's ANOTHER new transformation is stupid, but the fact that it's white isn't really all that surprising. White is one of the two neutral colors. White is also technically every color in one. Since the previous colors used the three primary colors (yellow/red/blue), white is actually the most logical step.

It's not actually surprising that this was a meme. In fact, most fan-made transformations seem to use white or grey as the primary color as well. There's a reason for this: It's because they all naturally go along that same train of thought.


Besides the hair, that aura looks very beautiful.

it's literally confirmed that the spanish dub will, at the end of the tournament, have the words ESTO ES EL FIN uttered. Memes do come true.

the most amazing thing about this is that the jiren punches have more impact on the mexican video than on the actual episode

anyone got that pic of the tweet toei posted then deleted?


bitch please this was made the night of the airing and people have reposted it and gotten 50 replies in every thread, it just goes to show that there's literally thousands of newfags that come through dbs threads on the regular

Thats the manga. Its far different than the anime.

>That meta on how nobody cares about SS2.


I'm actually crying right now? What the fuck?

Anyone else feel like the ui fight with kefla was simply a toei thing? The way the gods reacted to it this time made it seem like it's actually the second time he had used it all tournament, And Beerus reacted the exact same way he did in the kefla fight. Almost as if it was copy pasted.

>implying this repost means anything

Remember all these threads laughing about spic Blanco memes being real in the end?

>post yfw El Grande Padre evil will be also canon.

I'm starting to think that the whole "Omen" transformation was Toei-only, and in the manga he just will awaken white hair "UI" towards the ending, especially since Toriyama only made concept art for the white hair one.

>Grande Padre absorbs all the angels
At last i'm complete once again , El Grande Padre (terminado)

They need a villain for the next season after all.

It's not like they can't, it's that they don't want. The first thing Toriyama did when returning to the franchise with Battle of Gods was throwing away an already designed SSJ God transformation that would give Goku a different outfit and SSj3-like design.

Toriyama clearly doesn't think fanciful digimon evolution type transformations that throw a bunch of new details or accessories on the characters work for the protagonists.

You probably only will get stuff like that once he stops working on DB related stuff, especially since Toei still seems to love overdesigned transformations considering other Toei-related franchises like Saint Seiya and Kamen Rider.

Explain Grande padre to me

He is the grandest of all the Padre's

To be fair, changing your appeareance is pretty much part and parcel of a transformation. Only hacks like toriyama considers a hair dye a "transformation" and SS style "transformations" are more often parodies and jokes than proper power ups in series that came after dragon ball.

Toriyama should do like he does with Dragon quest and limit himself to character design and leave the creative work to others because his ideas and concepts are fairly bad


Somebody figured it out, congrats.

Toriyama L I T E R A L L Y picking up ideas from spic fanfiction.

The latter. Also Toei has no fucking shame.

Does anyone have the tv rankings for Super? Is it still tanking?

Every hit from Ultra Instinct is equal to when Vegeta let Krillin damage him
You're body can't even brace for the impact

This was all according to keikaku.

It is a lot of fun to shitpost and metapost about it. I can't imagine anyone watching this a year from now on their own and enjoying it, but week to week it is the greatest ride.

That's simply ki magic. Their bodies never get any harder/tougher, they simply use ki to magically buff their defense, speed and attack power like if they were in a RPG world. Vegeta lowered his ki to the point where even a loser like Krillin could punch open his body and the same happened when SS goku got hurt by a rock and when a shitty laser wrecked the shit out of super blue goku. Goku asspulled yet another ki power boost in Jiren's case

Why would he deflect them if the punches missing him by 4 feet?

Meme magic is real
>Cred Forums caused a plane crash
>Cred Forums got Trump elected
>Cred Forums solved crimes
And now Cred Forums memed fucking SSJ Blanco, anything is possible in this goddamn site

17 and 18 were considered failures because they didn't listen so he made Cell to become even more powerful by voring them and kill everyone after Gero died and his siyan cells made him want to get stronbger and fight the strongest fighter which was (supposed to be) Goku

Read The Unfettered Mind, it`s basically a treatise on this shit by that monk from Vagabond, Takuan Soho.

The actual ending is that pilaf will steal the wish and wish for a do-over without that damned purple cat that made goku even scarier, then it cuts to a reanimated version of the opening scene of GT.

>People think Jiren will lose to Goku

How absolute brainlet tier do you need to be to unironically think this?

please GOD let this happen

Cred Forums also got a Syrian rebel training headquarters air striked

So Goku is now Angel tier above even GoD's?

So this is the absolute end of Goku's journey right and any new journeys will be about a new party decades/centuries later?

I binged watched Super because I was sick and had nothing better to do. It wasn't time wasted, but it wasn't time well spent

That wasn't meme magic, it was pure autism, same with the Capture the Flag game that they won triangulating the position of the stars and plane trails.

Cred Forums didn't fucking meme "Blanco".
Toriyama said years ago that he always planned on having a white haired form. He was originally going to make SSB have white hair, but didn't want it to clash with the next villain (Zamasu), so he decided to save it for later.
It's been posted a million times.

>You know imagine if Cred Forums had actual funding

Don't spoil the fun


>Toriyama draws Caulifla
>a year later or so, uses Caulifla's draw and changes the face and colors to match 21
>Toriyama draws Saiyan God Goku like in 2013
>5 years later, reuses the same draw and changes colors

Raughs. Just brilliant-sensei.

Dont worry, there will be a Perfect Mastered UI SS mode.

>Believing anything toriyama says

He's so much of a senile old fool that it is a miracle he still remember shitters like Roshi and tenshinhan.

>years ago

You mean, decades ago. When one of the manga versions had SS Goku with white hair and red eyes.

My side would explode into oblivion if that happened

>So Goku is now Angel tier above even GoD's?
He's definetely stronger than Beerus, but I don't think he can take on Whis just yet
>So this is the absolute end of Goku's journey right and any new journeys will be about a new party decades/centuries later?
lolno. It's gonna be fucking Goku forever.

Except he literally gained the form because he went MUH NAKAMA, you retard.

>El grande padre
>El hermano
How do you pronounce these ?

What kind of underage logic is this. The series was disgustingly flawed and wasn't written by Toriyama therefore it's not canon. Saying it should be because of merch and the fact it makes appearances in games doesn't automatically mean that atrocity should be considered canon.

is that dumb enough for you?

fuck no. Get that ugly ass furfag design out of here. Hope it never appears ever again. Due to the god forms, we may not have to. plain old numbered saiyan forms are outdated.

That's not how you pronounce them at all

>Goku stronger than Beerus

Sure. And Goku was a 7, Beerus a 10, Whis a 15. Later it was said "Goku wont defeat Beerus 'soon'"
They are always changing powerlevels at whims, there is nothing planned at long term.

Jiren was also scaring the GoDs, now they dont care. UI was scaring the GoDs, now they are "lol okay, just show us that UI of yours"

Spanish sounds funny as fuck

>Goku Super Diamante Mode

yes it is

Fucking sudacos don't know shit about spanish, Let a Spaniard show you how it's done

Hit just canon Pikkon

Meme magic is fucking real holy shit

Use google translate listen function

Fuck you.

Now that el blanco is real.
I also want el hermano to be real


lawsuit when desu

>meme magic
Don't remind me


where else should you make that question if it's not in these threads then?

This alone makes the whole arc worth it.

Goku has a desire to have a good fight. That's a distraction

I was actually considering watching/reading it until I saw that Goku's first super duper special SSJ transformation was blue fucking hair

So Goku's ultimate form is literally the black hole brain Wojak?
>lol stop thinking

Except SSJ was hype as fuck, foreshadowed as a Saiyan legend and was earned by Frieza being an evil OP dick the whole time and fucking exploding Krillin, Goku's best friend since DB. And then preparing to do the same to his young son

whoa, that ugly

One is super boring. The other is super stupid.


The villains had cool designs, too. Baby, Syn Shenron, and Omega Shenron all looked better than anything in Super

>all that neat filler yet Toei never bothered to bring back Pikkon for the latest Super shitfest

as if comparing it to an anime that was decades old was any good. goku vs frieza was top shonen back in the day. it's trite and shitty today.

The leg slinky is dumb but aside from that it's a cool design

I don't know about all that, but Vegeta is undefeated against Goku.


I wish. The designs for him are a million times better than lol buff gray ayylien in a sentai suit lmao

his ultimate form is TANASINN

What was the point of bringing back Frieza, he didn't do anything relevant in this whole tournament other than job to Dyspo, Toppo and Jiren.

vore fetish

to complete the roster, are you even paying attention?

You should know Cred Forums is full of masochists.

I get what you're saying but the way you put it sounds dumb. It's like an infinitely recharging battery. Cell just needed a bigger one than 17 and 18.

That roster could have easily been filled with Yamcha and you would still get the same results.


Because they realized Buu is too op with his absorption and needed to fill the slot.

>U6 saiyan males are all fuccbois


He's 62. Not senile.

Not a hack though. DBS was always a money grab. Has there been any meaningful character development? Of course not, because DBZ finished everything.

I honestly don't get all the outrage about a show that has no plot and is all about the fights. why are you crying "asspull" etc when the show has been "shouting myself to new levels of power with a palette swap" since dbz? the complains people make about dbs are all things dbz did too. so unless you also admit dbz was "shit", then I don't get the point in whining.

Unironically Baby.

autism: the post

It's not cool when the fighting characters look like shit and are very stupid. Super has no cool factor.


who looks like shit exactly? super had the gods of destruction and several good designs like hit and the angels. goku xforms are palette swaps as in z. both s and z have good designs (like cell and freeza) and shit designs (jiren is bland ye, so were the androids though). without the nostalgia goggles, they compare pretty well.

yeah too bad he ripped it off of a newgrounds video

"evil goku" is just about the least creative thing you can come up with. every kid would make the bad guy goku red too with a black gi

>so were the androids though
No they weren't

17 and 18 were bland as fuck. lazy palette swaps of each other that couldn't look more generic

>when you realise that its the same va for jake the dog from AT

>too lazy to come up with an idea for an alien design
>fuck it, draw a human and call him an alien


Delete this right now

>super had the gods of destruction
Which all have poor designs aside from Beerus and Iwne
>the angels
literally concept pieces made their own characters
>goku xforms are palette swaps as in z
Z didn't have a new transformation for Goku every five minutes
>so were the androids though
They had far better designs than anything in Super as of yet
>nostalgia goggles
I didn't fully watch DBZ until less than two years ago, Buu saga was the only part I was familiar with, "nostalgia" isn't an excuse.

i can only hear krillin's voice for him

>lazy palette swaps
>literally twins
Stop grasping at straws faggot

>Which all have poor designs aside from Beerus and Iwne

that's your subjective opinion though. calling jiren badly designed is something that can be objectively agreed upon since he is quite featureless, but calling 10 separate designs shit because you don't like them is purely subjective.

>literally concept pieces made their own characters

they are still good designs. so is el grande padre

>Z didn't have a new transformation for Goku every five minutes

and when it did they were all literally his hair getting longer. s doesn't have new transformations for him every five minutes either, the first seasons were movies separated by an age gap. the original s stuff came with UI

>They had far better designs than anything in Super as of yet

again, your subjective (and quite ridiculous) opinion. beerus is probably one of the best designs in the whole series

>I didn't fully watch DBZ until less than two years ago, Buu saga was the only part I was familiar with, "nostalgia" isn't an excuse.

most people didn't watch it from start to finish either.

you're saying this like they didn't have the choice not to make them twins. are you retarded?

>Super isn't going to end with the tournament fighters turning around and overcoming the gods in an effort so save every universe

DB has always been quality sci-fi fuck the haters

>DB has always been quality sci-fi fuck the haters
Until like, 2014, maybe. When did Battle of Gods come out again?

>blanco is real
>spic lore is canon

Battle of Gods was still quite good
It's F that marked the grim times ahead

>Cred Forums meme magic's the 4U going down in the Baines
>Cred Forums meme magics a President into office
>Cred Forums meme magics a fucking Spic's animation into canon
Which board is next?

Checks out.

can you stop this autism?


This is your mental state

Watch them have to go bald when they run out of hair colors..

(or just two colors hair)