Parallel Paradise

Why this gets ignored so hard here? People always bitching about pussy MCs that constantly blueballing, and when we finally get one series with alpha MC that actually scores, nobody cares. I don't understand.

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Translations are irregular.

One pretty decent became pretty active again. It was even dumped here yesterday, but thread died again quickly, because nobody cared. So I don't think, that lack of translation is problem.

I do remember seeing constant threads back in Summer.

Because there is ONE (1) autistic animesuki retard that comes here to shill this trash hard as fuck while sucking the author's cock.

Parallel memedise is fucking trash, for a better story even a doujin will suffice.

Well maybe, but now we get only dump threads, that nearly always quickly die once dump is finished, as rarely more than 10 people reacts. Most of threads end with less than 10 posters.

Still a Bland protagonist doing a harem and defeating insane villains with invincible power in a world of MMORPG, it's the same old shit

but it has sex this time, it changes everything, it's so original, it's the deconstruction of isekai, IT BROKE NEW GROUND !!!

Just because MC isn't a fag doesn't make the manga good.

All Isekai is garbage, no exceptions.

Not MMORPG, but given by how that world works, it's rather Action Adventure. And calling protagonist bland, well then I don't really know what is not bland for you.
Actual inclusion of sex is chapter for itself.

Still much better than several craps that gets regularly discuted here, and end with posters just lamenting about constant blueballing.

It's a fucking terrible story. The glopping is also highly revolting

>One pretty decent became pretty active again. It was even dumped here yesterday, but thread died again quickly
It's gonna be like that until translations catch up with the chapters where the mystery plot happens, like the several latest chapters. But that won't make that big of a difference. Things might change by a lot if the translations catch up with the releases and follow them shortly.

crap is crap

As it turns out, it's a shitty story with shitty porn with girls that repeat the same "WHATISTHISWHATISTHIS" line every time. The art is mediocre at best, and the story is boring.

Even if the author delivers on the sex it can't save a bland story.

Actually latest chapters became pretty interesting. We are just step from confirmation that pregnancy breaking curse is thing.

Cheap excuse faggot, the manga, the story and the characters are fucking dogshit.

Stop sucking Lynn's dick for one day retard.

The character design is hideous

is the same shit of that Isekai show with Smartfone, so instead of Smartfone he fucks, go read a fucking hentai

This shit has absolutely zero redeeming qualities.

It's not even good.

It's better than World's End Harem, that's a redeeming quality to me

It doesnt get discussed much cause we get a bunch of faggots complaining about it constantly.
Thats why we only have threads when theres actualy translations or a new chapter.
And even then people bitch cause of the translator or cause of the Korean scans.

The sex is a redeeming quality to me

Redump of latest translation for fuck sake.


Go back to animesuki faggot and stay there with your shit taste. Nobody gives a fuck about this.

Why are you even in this thread? To convince me that manga I like is shit? It doesn't work this way.


>Defending World's End Harem
maybe you should go back, to plebitt where they accept your ilk.

>It's better than World's End Harem
Not in the art department I can tell you that.

I don't care much for the plot, but I've been wanting long running porn series rather than usual 20-30 pages isolated doujins. Kinda like those korean h-manhwa.
But since people don't read it for the plot there wont be much discussion.


Too bad everything else about WEH is so abysmally bad that it doesn't matter.
I mean even if that Art was Murata tier it still has to counter the negative scoring that """"""Story"""""" vomits at us

Roomi is literally Aqua. Even MC is starting to treat her that way.

>Assblasted lynncuck trying this hard
>Resorting to ad hominem


>Defending World's End Harem
>Calling anyone else a cuck
You're blue balls are now turning your brain blue.



>Too bad everything else about WEH is so abysmally bad that it doesn't matter.
user, both WEH and PP have terrible writing. But I can at least get my loins to stir while reading WEH so I consider that all I need to know to determine which one is better.


It rather tells spomething about your taste.

Because the initial shock of it being porn by a famous mangaka wore off and most people have realized its the same damn harem/iseaki shit only the hero isnt completely op. There are better adventure stories and better porn stories to choose from.

Hey Ukelelembo nobody here is defending world trash harem you fucking sperglord, you're the one here with an IQ so low that you have to resort to ad hominem and try too hard to call this dogshit a masterpiece.

Fuck off and go back to your forum.

List some.

That I like voluptuous women with nice tits instead of the glass eyes, plain faced, custard dispensers that Lynn shits out?

I'll take that as an indication that my taste is better than yours is.

Well I can't because I'm too busy being absolutely livid at how fucking awful the MC is.
And how fucking little anything titillating actually fucking happens and even when it does it's with the caveat that the sex is 'corrupting' the people partaking in it because WEH is a political soapbox piece when it should have been a pregnancy fetishism manga.
I'm trying to read a porn but instead I'm getting an Author writing his hateboner for Abe


>Say PP has a redeeming quality in that it's better than the series that makes an MC who has done nothing out to be a Messiah
Yeah buddy, I'm the one who needs to go back to a safespace forum. Not the guy who is throwing a bitchfit because I stated a fact

>I like voluptuous women with nice tits
Just wait for Hanahana.

>ignored everything else that I stated
It's Lynn's art. It does nothing for my dick user. Just accept that. She'll look no different once she starts going all teary-eyed over Yuuta's dick.


>Being delusional enough to quote a post that never mentioned WEH
>Still resorting to fallacies to defend his lovely trash manga
Yeah buddy you're the one who needs to stay there, you already got BTFO multiple times here.

Get some fucking respect retard.


To You the Immortal is a good start, hell that deserves more love also:
>Its my Life
>Dungeon Meshi
>Dungeon Nursery if you want iseaki shit
>Made in Abbys
>Kekkai Sensen

>Look guys this is not really porn I swear!
>Is from lynn so is the best manga ever!
>C'mon guys I swear is good!
>I-I-If you don't l-like it then y-you're a world harems end fanboy!
>wuaaaaahhhhhhhhhh mommy they are saying is bad! waahhhhhhhh

This is the absolute state of OP.

>It does nothing for my dick user.
If you are not looking forward for paizuri sandwich of those two, then there is something wrong with you.

Nice taste

smartphone started fucking too recently

>Respecting someone who likes World's End Harem and calls people delusional when he was the one starting ad hominem by claiming I said I thought PP was good, not that it was better than WEH
I'd sooner respect a Narutofag or a power scaler.
So just go back to your manga subreddit and cry about how big mean user called you out because you had the idiocy to try and refute a fact.
PP has a redeeming quality. It's better than WEH. You can't change that no more than you can change the concept of the color green or the number 5. But not to you, because you're just so special like your mommy said.

You keep posting art like it invalidates anything I said about why I find Lynn's art poorly suited for actual porn that I can get off too. Christ look at those lifeless eyes.

Did you think I would change my opinion because you said there is something wrong with my taste when compared to yours? Why should I care about some user fapping to dolls?

Op here, actually most of post that you are assuming to be from me, are actually from different people. But is quite amusing how little shitstorm can suddenly make whole thread alive.

There's more life in their eyes than there is in World End Harem's story.



why don't the author just make pron?


Porn isn't profitable.

>Ukelelembo still trying this hard after getting blasted
>Still pushing the "MUH PP IS BETTER THAN WEH!" when the post in question never mentioned WEH.

Oh so you're not only an underage retard coming from animesuki, you're also braindead enough to not even have reading comprehension.

Because porn with story is better. And we are so close to pregnancy twist now.

>porn with story is better
>Even doujins have better story than parallel memedise


Dump end.
Praise based Abe supporters.

>when the post in question never mentioned WEH.
Hey, here's an idea.
If you weren't trying to talk about WEH, don't quote a post talking about WEH and trying to start shit.
I know that hurts your redditor brain, but it's really that simple.

No, Lynn has had this problem for years now and I don't know how you can try and lie like that with a straight face. He's got two setting in his story, glass beads or Junko Enoshima swirls. His art isn't as good as the WEH artist and whenever you people try and compare the two I have to laugh a bit.

In all categories artistically WEH is better in my opinion. Lynn delivers on sex but nothing else and his sex scenes are repetitive and unable to arouse me.

At least his sex scenes aren't trying to make sex out as some corrupting element like it'll make you a Sith lord or some asinine shit.

>latest translation

Just look how pregnancy twist happens. We are soo close now.

>mentioning reddit shit.

Have you been keeping up with PP at all? People are getting mindbroken by the cock left and right and there are literal rape monsters running around killing girls with toxic cum.

WEH only puts a moral ground on One (1) guy not wanting to have sex with just anyone but his Waifu. Slow Grandpa and Rock star are both down for it. If you're trying to shift goals it won't change my opinion that overall WEH is the better story even when you all complain about the lack of sex. At least the plot is mildly interesting to go along with the better visuals.

>Even doujins have better story than parallel memedise
This go fap to Bishojo Girls Club, it has a way better "Boy must impregnate a shitton of girls" plot and you can actually see the good bits (Yknow for hentai)

>overall WEH is the better story
MUH conspiracy.

Mind Broken =/= Slow Grandpa becoming "I CONTROL YOUR LIFE NOW WITH MY DICK"
WEH is clearly trying to make sex out as something evil that makes you lose morality the more you partake in it.
Then you got the MC's first assistant LITERALLY SAYING 'He will save the world' WHEN THE MC HAS DONE NOTHING! NOT ONE THING! HE HAS JUST TALKED A BUNCH
Oh and his 'morals' are screwed up anyway. Even if we ignore the fact he's avoiding sex at all cost to not become a breeding stallion, he's still denying countless women having lives better than being borderline or actually homeless. Plus his sister begs him to convince Number 1 to not want to sex her, then Number 1 says 'Please' AND MC THEN SAYS HE'LL TALK TO HER ABOUT IT! WHAT A GREAT BIG BROTHER! Which by the way also makes him a massive hypocrit. "*I* won't have sex, but please feel free to use my sister."
And Lastly I don't care about this 'mildly interesting' (which it's not, evil governments are about as cliche as you can get when it comes to Japan) I care about the writer not being a lying piece of shit. It's not a harem series, it's a shitty drama that should have just been MC fucking women and getting them pregnant so I can jerk off.
So fuck your 'art' bullshit I'd rather get pregnancy in a mainstream series so maybe other artists do the same instead of being told the government and sex is bad by an MC who has done nothing.

The story itself is not really that good. And it never was that challenging for him to fuck any of the girls. Way too easy so it ended up being not compelling

I do read the manga when the manga library I made an account for gets uploaded. I just don't see any need for discussion.
My one real complaint is that the girls are oozing literal slimes when they get horny from touching the guy, which is more of a turn off than a turn on.
But aside from that, it's okay.
I'm sure that the kalle are probably just this world's males being transformed into rapist monsters with deadly poisonous sperm or whatever. Heck, the MC might be transformed into one at some point later.

Cause is quite a shitty manga.
Yeah, the MC is not the stereotyped homo and there is a lot of dicking (finally).
But is overally boring, and for fuck sake why they all ooze yogurt from their cunts? It's fucking disgusting! Not to mention this mangaka drawing style is not the most fapworthy.
"Himekishi ga classmate" and "maou no hajimekata" are much better options.

>So fuck your 'art' bullshit
That's a lot of words to try and dismiss my point. And like I said I really don't care what you have to say you're not going to change my opinion on this. Parallel Paradise is an incredibly mediocre if not outright shity story and if you have any trust in Lynn writing a good plot I suggest you go reread anything he's ever worked on in his entire career. Your falling for his meme pretty hard right now.

At the end of the day both are horribly written stories there's no way around that. The difference is World's End Harem at least remind me of a fairly decent Outer Limits episode ( and I use the term decent very generously in this case.) And at least the story is trying to do something. All parallel paradises is, is a Beyond mediocre hentai story, if I wanted one that pretended to have a plot I would just go to Sad Panda. There are literally thousands of better things I could be jerking off to on that.

>Not to mention this mangaka drawing style is not the most fapworthy.
I don't agree.

Yes but at least Lynn's horrible writing will lead to pregnancy and isn't lying to my face about it.
I mean World's End Harem hasn't even shown a pregnant woman on panel yet despite it being a major pillar to the plot and it's what, 35 chapters deep now?
Horrible story that lies about a fetish being in it's series
Horrible story that doesn't lie about a fetish and will probably actually show it before the former despite the former making a big deal out of it.

Any opinions on Dildamesh?

... and "blade play" too.

Still wondering if her neck ring means she gave birth or her life got extended by hundreds of years.

>and will probably actually show it before the former
Ah, we are so close now. So close. Okamoto must deliver.


>this was only about his fetishes
Why didn't you just say that at the beginning instead of wasting my time with your bullshit arguments? Instead of trying to defend the merits of PP'so art or writing just say you want big bellies. No reason why WEH won't deliver but whatever. Your putting your faith in Lynn.

Some of those things are good for an ecchi isekai.

Possibly both. But first we need confirmation that this girl is truly her daughter. There is still slight posibility that Okamoto pulls back and reveals that her said mother is actually someone different.

>MC can use weapons effectively, despite having no experiance

>No reason why WEH won't deliver
Because it was never actually about pregnancy
It was really about a government conspiracy plot and the pregnancy was a bait to hook people in.
I could also argue the amount of mental gymnastics you need to do to suspend your disbelief of the series and why they're in the situation to begin with but yes at the end of the day I'm trusting PP to give me pregnancy before WEH so I can jerk off to pregnant stomachs that don't show up at the ass end of a doujin or original work.

If you are doing fill for PP, then
>Not even MC and his Harem have any idea what is happening with that world, so you can cross it out
>MC was trained in kendo so him being good with sword has sense, and in really he is no match for other people from alternate world so you can cross this out too.
>There is no royalty in harem so far.

>I'm trusting PP to give me pregnancy before WEH so I can jerk off to pregnant stomachs that don't show up at the ass end of a doujin or original work.

Do it right retard.

What did you expect? a Circle jerk? by an isekai so generic, which is not even generic enough to be a meme?

>Actually there are game mechanics too, just Action Adventure rather than RPG.

Unless Lynn introduces some alien gestation periods for the women of this world. The odds of seeing pregnant woman in both series is the same since he'll either need to introduce some new women who are already preggers, or time skip.

You're complaint is invalid in this case since both series still require pregnant women to fulfill their plots. Or did you forget that the population of WEH still needs to be jump started.

Editor: Lynn, Isekai is the cool kid thing today, do isekai!
Lynn: i have no idea for isekai.
Editor: just send an average boy to another world inhabited by cute girls.
Lynn: isn't a little trite?
Editor: ... and they are all nympho and he will fuck them all! The otaku dream is going to become true! A mainstream isekai with dicking!
Lynn: is going to be comedy? horror? what kind of plot...
Editor: I said, nymphos and dicking.
Lynn: ... well brynhildir is over and i need a paycheck...
Lynn: ...

There is great theory that marks on girls necks actually stands for pregnancy. And latest chapter already threw huge bomb with possibility of that being actually truth. So if Okamoto trully connects last remaining dots together, then it means that half of heroines are already pregnant.

Actually it was like this:

>There is great theory that marks on girls necks actually stands for pregnancy
Like I said, if you're goal is to see actual signs of pregnancy in the form of enlarged stomachs. Than either Lynn will make it so they magically mature much faster or time skip.

Well, with this you are actually completely right. But I can wait and enjoy all phases of Okamoto's portrayal of pregnancy issues. That could be actual fun.

i readdit. typically ecchi and hentai mangos are never as popular as shonen if you mean muh sales. who cares what popularist normies think?

hates it
Fucking normies i tell ya.

>When I was a rookie in front of the series, suddenly, "What if you draw a gender swap? Because it was said, "Wwwww and gender turnover in the world of this Heisei wwwww" I was reminded that through. In the Heisei case, director Obayashi's "transfer student" might have been rather fresh without seeing. Failed.

Nani the google translate?

Maybe that's the final stage of the neck ring, or it's a mind controlling parasite that needs to be amputated? I don't expect it to make sense.

Back to /r/eddit fucking idiot.

Her neck mark clearly is on final stage. Or at least advanced stage. Not sure about didlo/dick hand, but important question is rather whether that loli from next chapter is truly her daughter. Pregnancy theory is one thing, but chance for having oyakodon in this series is futher thing.

Also why you think that girl is invisible for virgin girls?