"you live here so you're my property now nii-san, I won't accept a no as an answer" What do?

>"you live here so you're my property now nii-san, I won't accept a no as an answer" What do?

Move out

Rape her.

asking for it

dumb rance poster

Is "nii-san" literal? Then I'd get the fuck out of there.
Is "nii-san" figurative? (that is, no blood relatives). Then I'd say "great", fuck her and demand muh sammich afterwards.

asking for it

She wants to be fucked real hard.

It's niisan the car.


abuse the chair

Are you homo?

I have no physical attraction to Akiha whatsoever but this scene was pretty memorable. Mostly for her speech about the figurative painting.

Is she going to take care of all my expenses? If so then yes. If not I'm sorry I'm nobodys slave

fuck off you flat chested giraffe

>Being a bottom

Yes. But she will also put drugs in your food and ask the maid to rape you

Move in with Eltnum and live the hobo life

It's a female maid, right?


We have a deal then

She has a nicer apartment

>"Oh no! The Demon Akiha, who lives off desire and vice, is trying to capture poor anons through threats and other underhanded methods!"
>"Meanwhile, a new ally appears!"
>"Len, what is that restrction order for?!"

I remember reading all of Tsukihime years ago, but can't really remember what each route was about.

best H scene?

Then things are going according to her calculations!


Love her.

>nasu sex scene
At being comical maybe

Yeah, too bad the real Akiha is totally submissive, guess Len is the actual best girl


Sound good to me. Do you have a picture of the maid just for reference? If it's the one from Shomin sample I'd let her do anything she pleases with my body.

I think French bread was thinking of her when they made Byakuya.


Hmm she seems eager. What's her personality like?

I don't get this meme, I still fapped to all of them

Silly, with a dash of happy-go-lucky. It's all just a front to hide how broken she is after all those years of being a sex slave.

needs headpats?


What the fuck was wrong with her?

this isn't Akiha though
this is either
> Shiki's repressed wet dream about his sister
> Len just being cheeky

Sorry, but Kohaku is from the good old days when headpats weren't magically able to cure all waifu traumas.

what about hiring a therapist then?

I don't see how hiring the rapist would make anything better.

Akiha still wants to torture Akira for no reason just because she's cute



Wasn't Tsukihime voiced? I tried to play the game because of this thread but the voices are not working. The biggest reason I wanted to play was to hear Akiha voice again. I remember the voices

Tsukihime never had voices. You're thinking of Melty Blood or the godawful anime.

What anime?

Damn, I just realized she has Illyas eyes. What a rip off

How did she even get it?

>not wanting make your imouto a woman
Look at this fag and laugh

Sorry user, Tsuki had no voices, you have schizophrenia

I don't get it

She can make gold and jewels appear from nothings thanks to her connection with Gaia and she knows a dude that acts as a fence for the Mage's Assossiation.

Better pillows too

Too pink for me

Start thinking for yourself parrot.

Well, it was valentines.

Akiha in the Kohaku route is best and definitively not submissive.

The Akiha dream scene is probably the worst in the game because it's completely out of character.

Maybe the Fate ones. The Tsukihime ones were decent. The dream femdom scene was very good. Stop repeating poor and unfunny memes.

Is Shiki ever violated in the ass? Cause I plan to play Tsukihime and avoid any outcome like that

The only good Nasu H-scene is Flower of Thanatos.

You're gay as fuck.

Maybe so.


Start using your eyes, the sex scenes writing is objectively awful.

Disappointed that this wasn't the first thing posted in reply.

the english translated writing in general is objectively awful because it was translated by some high school Jap who barely knew English

Post that one where user pretends to be shiki and asks for advice in how to deal with Akiha

mating press

never stick you dick on crazy.

It's Arc who has eyes that are identical to Ilya/

Whatever she commands.

The Tsukihime ones were so-so. Some of the Ciel ones I found to be pretty comical/bad.

Did she really say that? I only read the manga of Tsukihime and it was a long time ago

Actually Illya has a striking number of similarities to Arc when you think about it.

I can't remember, but she would get pissed about Shiki going out at night.

Better than being an insecure closet homo.

She only said it in Shiki's wet dream, so it was technically Arcueid's succubus I guess

>she will also put drugs in your food


>and ask the maid to rape you

Is that what they call a fool's errand?

Cute either way. I will probably read Tsukihime soon
Oh I remember, in the manga it was Len making a dream with Arcueid. Guess the scene changes the route. After I'm done with Fate (I never read the Fate route, only UBW and censored Heaven's Feel) I'm going for Tsukihime then

So you can't move and the maid can rape you silly

Isn't she also a hard sub? Do not want.





Why does she say such upsetting things?

>a girl will never do this to you
Why does my dick want it so much

Every girl is sub for Shiki

There's something HNNNNNNNGH! about a girl eating a sizable burger on a big, fluffy bun.

>no matter how much the woman does not want it


>amazon position


Why would she do that?



Tell her to fuck off and kiss my ass. Then sell one of my eyes for money.

>Then sell one of my eyes for money.


Im an ugly neet virgin and even she's not up to my standards

Emiya can't even compete, pathetic ginger boy

Burger princess!

What's wrong with Medea?

Mystic Eyes of Death Perception are worth a lot of money for those who want to study them.

Yeah hard subs are terrible.

Eyes without brain are worthless
>Originally, Shiki's eyes were meant to "see that which cannot be seen". However, after having two near death experiences his brain began to be able to comprehend death itself. Or to put it in other words, it is only by virtue of his mystic eyes and brain working together as a set that he is able to perceive death.

>kiss my ass
You need to ask Kohaku for this

The eyes are worthless. In KnK Touko convinces Ryougi to not pluck her own eyes out by explaining to her that even if she lost her eyes she would still see death. Magical Depth Perception doesn't actually come from the eyes.


I prefer dominant females.


That's just Len user, they look pretty similar

Then what's wrong with Len?

She's having the sex

Then why doesn't she stop?!

how bad is JC´s tsukihime is my standards are pretty low 2bh.

Because she likes it.

It's pretty decent I guess.
It falls short of the VN, but its OK by itself.
However the soundtrack is pure kino

How can you make that kind of claim when she looks like THAT?!

She's a succubus user! Succubus like dicks!

If she liked it she wouldn't look like THAT!

They are tears of happiness!



They are tears of understanding!



There's no maybe about it, you are gay. You need to accept that you are a faggot.

That clarifies nothing. You seem to have mistaken me for Victor Hugo.