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2nd best Madhouse show this season

what is first?


i have no idea what that means

The absolute state of Cred Forums

He meant Card Captor Sakura.

he should kill himself then
having bad taste ist against the anime law

Would you watch Shirase's Antarctica vlogging where she's stuttering and spilling spaghetti constantly?

I'd masturbate to it

Good man.

That insert song is so good. Gets me every single time. You'd think it'd lose its potency after a while.

Which one would you try to fuck if you were on the boat?

the pengin addict


The boat.

Hinata seems easy.

Cutest, fluffiest and likes it in the butt

chiiiiiisana yumeeeeee~
same here

dont talk lewd things about my wife please

>my wife
She doesn't deserve that kind of insult.

More ghettoyouth.


All of them

How would you describe that mix of emotions? It's like my brain gets its wires crossed. I get choked up laughing and smiling. There's that alternating build up to something quiet and small and a big swell of energy. It's like wistfulness, melancholy, happiness, and determination all in like a five second span.


It's called AOTY

Why do they need ASW assets?

Okay, yeah, let's go with that.

Chinese subs.

I think you mean ugliest, fatest and likes it in the butt

Those are live saving crafts i think

I value personality and doing butt stuff.

So naive

ASW? Anti-submarine weapon?

Your wife looks like a chipmunk and she's hungry for nuts.

Anti-submarine warfare.

This show has my favorite previews ever.


I want Shirase to sink my battleship.


This sexy dork.


So, is madhouse gonna fake us out with Yuzukis death or are they going to go through with it?

It will end with her suicide.

That part was pure kino

sorry i am late
its like a taste of happiness while having accomplished and experienced something together with friends that care for you and you care for them
but it is painfull for me because i didnt experience something like that yet

fuck off
my wife is cute!

All of them are going to die.

Seriously? You don't even know what CCS is?
What happened to Cred Forums?

Behind Overlord, right?


why ins't this anime more popular?

There's a risk of a shit ending.

No Antarctica is cold

any of them who would give me the time of day

You might get lucky with a particularly dim pengin, but that's about it.

I'm pretty confident that they'll stick the landing by now.

Well I didn't know about it. People seem to have the impression that it's a cute girls doing cute things show for some reason. I guess being a low-key drama and anime original with no existing fanbase and no pre-release hype kind of limits its popularity on Cred Forums at least.

Are the girl still alright?


Shirase's mom isn't.

>not even giving them safety training before the cruise

Were you never on a ship?

It's alright, if anything bad happens they can all just ride Kimari to safety

Cant wait.

Until they run into a massive storm and Hinata falls off the ship and dies.

She can't sink with those funbags.

When do they release the insert songs as singles?

Will we see "The Thing" next episode.

When does the next episode preview come out?

With the rest of the ost, sometime before the end of February IIRC


Dunno, they still have 5-6 episodes to derail this. I do hope they'll stick the landing though.

>implying I haven't already impregnated them all

Dunno, they still have 5-6 eps to derail this. I do hope they'll stick the landing though.

When will Megumi return?

In the finale, when the frozen bodies have been sent back to Japan.

Why do retards ask this in every single thread for every show?