Is this the power of meme magic?

Is this the power of meme magic?

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The power of predictable scenario so dumb Cred Forumsutists can guess it.

it just wont end for once i wanted it to end at UI as it looks awsome guess we will fine out next week



wrong picture

They ran out of colors.

>mfw next transformation is rainbow hair

Just quantum autism, now time doesn't matter

How easily people forget

>They ran out of colors
Goku Transparente

>Cred Forums brought down a plane
>Cred Forums elected a shitposter
>Cred Forums got the 56% shooter
>Cred Forums got EL GOKU BLANCO

What will be next?

>/r9k/ getting a gf

Let's not get too ahead of ourselves now.

>let's not get too ahead of ourselves now

>Cred Forums got the 56% shooter
Wait, what's this?

That would be the day. haha

What's even more pathethic is that they're actively ignoring the fact that Freezer is still on the stage, like if anyone would actually be surprised when he does some underhanded shit.

They didn't even show Zeno pushing 17's button, I wouldn't be surprised if 17 turns out to not be dead at all, this is how lame DBS is.

Is this the power of crossboarder retards?

Most of /r9k/'s posters are normies now so we can tick that off.

El goblino emputado...




Every fucking time



After all this time, it was almost surprising seeing Jiren finally make a face like he got hurt. It's a Dragon Ball staple, but it's been like 8 months and this guy has barely even moved his mouth.

Whoa nigga, meme magic's only so strong.



gohan fags BTFO

More like, it's surprising that he'll job with no reason after being hyped so much. What a way to ruin a character.

Oh my god

You're kidding.

wait what?

Someone at Toei must have seen those clickbait videos

Cred Forums liking video games

>Jiren rings Goku out right before time runs out.
>loses because 17 and Frieza were hiding

We are talking about actually plausible things

fucking unreal

What's the joke?

welcome newfag, now fuck off

What's the joke tho?

But isn't white actually all the combined colors?

they really did my mans gohan like that huh, goku blanco it is then

Cred Forums getting Half-Life 3?

they already did, albeit in a non-game form

DB Super is the joke


/lit/ writing Winds of Winter

Toei lurked these threads.

But why so many reactions to that webbum?

And yes, I'm a newfag in the sense that I haven;t been on Cred Forums as a regular for maybe 7 years.

So spoonfeed me.

>meme started based of something Tori said in a interview
>turns out he actually brought up the idea he was talking about
>"holy shit guys, we memed blanco into existence!"

Where's super sayain GREEN

Calvo when

Kale duh.
No purple though.

Is this purple?