Slow Start

Holy shit, this ep was fucking amazing. Have we been finally bestowed with the Suzumiya Haruhi no Shinseiki of kiraratrash? God knows I'm glad I picked this up.

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Literally, actually gay.

Eiko acts all alpha but really she wants to be dominated by an older woman.

I wanted a new thread to post more Tama-chan but not with an OP like this.

Well he admitted to liking this so he had to insecurely throw that in to be safe. You know how those types are.

Wow it's pink string for your finger, amazing.
Much better than a hairpin.

Kamuri tears will be so sweet and I can't wait for it

Help, I'm gay for Eiko.

Don't worry, that's a natural reaction.

Sensei, please


Hisa rip-off.

Why was this episode so turbogay?

>threads are but posts about the character's sexual orientations
No wonder this is flopping while Yuru Camp is a hit seller. Even Citrus threads manage to be better.

Hana and trap sensei are the only good SS skanks, prove me wrong. Tamashit and Eiko are retarded attention whore and Kamari is just meh. If every episode was just top QT shivering Hana interspersed with trap queen hustling Eiko, SS would actually be a decent show.

>trap sensei
Wait WHAT?

still doing 10x better than the generic CGDCT would

moeshit show need certain theme like k-on, gochiusa, urara, new game to make it interesting . shit like kiniro mosaic, sansha sanyou, and slow start that only rely on CGDCT doomed to fail

>still doing 10x better than the generic CGDCT would
What exactly is this?

>moeshit show need certain theme like gochiusa
>shit like kiniro mosaic
go fuck yourself

>muh sales

Dude what? It's not even doing better than Blend s

dumb meme anti yurifags are desperately trying to spread.

>domed to fail

Medieval subs user strikes again.

Kill yourselves.


>show actually not CGDCT and yurishit garbage like sakura trick
into trash it goes

Slow Start, more like Slowly Flopping.


im literally turned into a homosex now

Tama and Hana are best ship

Patrician taste, Sayaka-chan.

dumb autist

more like flopping start lmao

>that art
I love the manfaced giraffe dyke look.

Literally /y/.

You mean Hannen and Hana? and while we at it replace Kamushit with Hannen in main cast

Hmm, I don't remember the threads being so full of hostility. You do like this show, don't you fags?

It's mostly sales posters and 2 or 3 dudes that hate lesbians, just post more cute pictures and the thread will get back to topic.

People who like this show are already gone. Time for ntrfags, shounenfags and newfags to join in.

Kamu always wins baby!

In her dreams.

I don't like this philosophy

>"You can fuck my girl. Squirt on her face. Make her call you mommy. But at the end of the night, if I'm cuddling with her, who really wins?"

Stop bullying Kamu, /u/.

But even the anime is bullying her.

If even this little girl understands that Eiko is public property, then why can't you?

Because muh canon otp sensei!

But she's Sensei's property now.

Because it's just too sad. The little girl may pretend she's alright with it, but I sure she's dying inside.

All 25 classmates are fine with it too. Stop being so possessive.
Maybe you're just mad because you'll never have your own Eiko.

Because this show lying to me it will be usual CGDCT around Hana not actually yurishit garbage. I will shitposted every thread from now lmao. Deal with it faggot

Brush up your English first, mate.

thigh fucking

But Eiko is just fooling around with other girls while waiting for Sensei to finally snap and ravish her.

Semen demon

I don't think Eiko produces semen.

So she's into that sort of thing, she's perfect for old faceless men

>Source: my ass

Go shitpost somewhere else, this thread is bad enough without your lust for men.

Source: the anime.

They did her dirty with the end card.

She's doing the study sessions to impress sensei, and she started the study sessions since Golden Week ended.

>Source: my delusional interpretation of the anime.

Sensei is lewd.

Reminder to ignore bait, reminder to ignore Kamu bullies.

Best part.

Eiko will stay with Kamu at the end because Kamu is rich.

>ignore Kamu bullies
That means ignoring the anime itself.

I think you know enough stories where money doesn't beat love.

She dominates everyone so well that she isn't used to get dominated herself. That's why Kiyose is special and why Eiko was so smug for this entire episode, but then she was hit by a counter attack.

Kamu loves Eiko, and Eiko loves Kamu. It's just a different kind of love. It's like pic related.

Anyone has a picture of Kamui crying? Because she should be.

>user, this is your new class. please have a seat

Tears of joy after getting married?

It was the worst episode. Not funny, just boring yuri bait.

Yes, to some random old lady.

I want to sit on Bambi.

I want to sit on Midori's lap.

Everyone is so fucking cute.

Normally I'd be all about cake/Sensei characters actually getting some, but I can't ship Eiko with Sensei in good conscience. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

>sansha sanyou
Fuck off, annefaggot, your show was the worst CGDCT possible.

Stop using Teru for yourshitposting.

Apparently Eiko's character song has a line that says "I'm looking forward to sensei's love song dedicated to me."

But that's forbidden love.

Stop shitposting about the best sol of the decade first.

Eiko and sensei parts are too serious for this anime, I always fear a deep dark secret

I'm not, I love Sansha Sanyou.
But if you keep doing this nonsense you should at least have the decency to use a shit girl like Serina for it.

>lying on the internet

Yes, you shouldn't do that. It's obvious you don't like the show.

Is this the Devilman Crybaby of our generation?

>the absolute state of anneshitter's logic

>fun CGDCT show turns into yuri romance trash
At least I still have Yuru Camp and Mitsuboshi Colors.


I know user, it's so disappointing. I guess in a few more years, all art will be pandering to faggots. It's a dark time we live in.

>posers and tryhards getting filtered out 7 episodes in
I guess it really was a slow start.

There's literally nothing gay about liking girls though. What's wrong with you all?

Dumb cute autist, go back to sucking on Mai's tits.

Way too serious. I'm ok with lesbians in my anime, but not when it's boring and played straight in the middle of a comedy show. Doesn't fit the tone of the show at all.

What game is this, and why people keep using it to shitpost?

Slow Start isn't a comedy and never was, sure Tama is funny sometimes and Hana tsukkomi replies are entertaining, but if you want to watch an actual comedy show watch Mitsuboshi Colors.

The interactions between Sensei and Eiko being played straight(no pun intended) and not for laughs are the only thing that differentiates Slow Start from your generic SoL/comedy though.

More like Slow Start was all about how fucked up Japanese senpai-kouhai system is, and it threw that away.

All I felt was a distinct lurch in my chest as I realised that intimacy like that is something I'll never experience.

It's always been a SoL with comedy and yuri elements.

be glad - I miss it so much I wish I never knew it ;_;

The best kind of SoL

Why did China drop Slow Start again?

And yet Kamu x Eiko is the OTP. Really makes you think.

Too many layers of forbidden love.

They don't want Eiko to turn their little girls gay.

When did China ever drop Slow Start?

When is this QT going to show up? She should've been part of the main cast.

Next episode is stated to focus on the entire class, so she might finally be cute for more than a short scene.


How can these lesbians be so heartwarming?

It was pure genius. Eiko's character was already a quite powerful device for this whole theme of slow start - a sex-hungry predator that can beguile younger and older girls alike is contrasted with Hana, who's still worried about her slow start and probably doesn't even know what two girls are supposed to do in bed. But then comes this ep, and you can clearly see that Eiko is on a whole different level. Not only is the climactic scene alluring in how it speaks directly to your dick through little details in the animation, but there's also a meta narrative going on that involves your own slow start. If you, like most of us, didn't fuck your sexy middle-school music teacher, you're bound to come back to it while watching Eiko's bold attack. It's one of those fundamental fantasies that most people don't get to fulfill - sure enough the whole class was in love with the hot teach, but in the end nobody got to fuck her, because you all were, after all, just kids. Making use of the fact that the average joe didn't fuck his teacher, the show thus steers you right into Hana's shoes when you catch yourself watching somebody else fulfill that fantasy, making you feel like a slow starter in retrospect. Having established that, it goes further to deliver the final blow, which was the secret sharing scene. In this scene Hana is you in terms of empathy, but you're also burdened with the knowledge of Eiko's true caliber, so that you can recognize the manslaughter that becomes apparent with Hana's final line, which serves to again compare and contrast a ronin dumbass with her petty little worries, and a towering lesbotic leviathan that is Eiko. Hana's annihilation coincides with the end of the episode, and you're left with a surreal feeling of emptiness as the cheerful ED kicks in.

>we were the slow starters all along

That user is a faggot shitposter, but why would you write so much just bully Hana? That's not nice.

But what about Kamu?

Who cares.

>Entire class

You mean Eiko's harem?


Eiko cares, Hana cares, Tamate cares and I care, you huge fucking faggot.


Kamu is the NTR subplot - I try not to even think about it, much less analyze it.


Same difference.


God I love thigh highs

small peeks like this are the best

>all this IMAGINE
Tamate is seriously too sexy.

Their interactions are great.

Then make a fucking Tama-chan thread. I know we're living in the age of generals and people are terrified that they'll be called Cred Forums if they make more than one thread about the same show, but holy shit, don't ignore a garbage OP like this just because it has the show's title in it. Make a thread with an OP that doesn't invite shitposting and let the horrible one die.

Cred Forums has never cared about OPs, and threads like this only drive that point even better. That's why the entire anti-general movement and attempts to make the board more newbie-friendly are really fucking stupid.


>the less screentime Tama gets the worse the episode
Why does that happen?

If you add starch into your bath it'll be like cum too

All the girls should just be part of Tama's harem, world peace would be achieved.

How can a girl be so perfect anyway?

She just is.

Why is Eiko so shit? She ruined the whole season!

Will Tama ever get an episode?

This episode was the best episode so far.

>that perfectly straight line
>the only amount of volume present is from the towel
She's amazing.

Fuck off.


Not really. Needed more Tama.

Just like you.

I also love how her hair is done. Tama is just the perfect cuteness.


It hurts.

Relax, Tama. I want you to have your own episode too, but let Eiko have her time to shine.

>fantasizing and talking about her crush while hugging Kamu
That's harsh.

Eiko is so cute when she's thinking about Sensei.

Nah, I'm nice to my cute anime girls.

Cute, I need more HanaTama in my life.

You wish.


Is this anime actually good? I dropped it for being the most generic CGDCT trash ive seen in a while

This whole scene gave me the biggest boner.

It's passable.


If you don't like generic CGDCT then just fuck off from these threads. But the animation is great and the characters are turning out to be better and more fleshed out than most shows in this genre. The yuri moments are well done. I would almost put this above KinMoza. Its just a nice character driven cute girl anime, if you don't like that then just stay away.

It's really nice, but the threads will be full of shitposting after this episode.

Eiko can be hilariously cruel.

Felt like the set up of a hentai episode to be honest. I was waiting for sensei to start gently kissing Eiko and fondling her breasts

Stop bullying Kamu, /u/.

Is your .webm supposed to be cute?

Life bullies Kamu.


I just chose it randomly

>not cute
You are a faggot.

I still don't think that this is as gay as Hina Logi, but they are getting there.

This is a thirsty predator.

Eiko was about to grab Sensei's boob when she fell on top of her, but she pulled her hand away before reaching the point of no return.

It's good. It just had a bit of a Slow Start.

You're doing it wrong.

>almost put this above KinMoza
It's definitely better than KinMoza.

Based Eiko. I hope she'll schlick with sensei.

Sensei will schlick her.

Do people really do this?


This anime is too erotic.

Post the raws if you want me to believe you.


What if Eiko try to blackmail sensei but then sensei rapes Eiko into submission?

I love how her ass wobbled a bit right there.


The archive is being slow right now, but they are from the mangaka's twitter I think.

Yes, and there are a bunch more that aren't translated.


who doesn't?

Well fuck.

How do we cure Hana-chan?

Hard yuri rape right in the butt.

Fun stuff on there.

I need to rub Tama-chan all over.

Hakka-ya is a gift that keeps on giving.

Why are they zooming in on her no boobs?

It's her charm point.

Dear fucking god.

Cute lovers

Is she implying that Eiko is dripping wet?



Kamu confirmed for winning.

Most of the Slow Start stuff is Eiko including Eiko + sensei.

There will be unit songs, hopefully we will get a duet.


If they do duets it'll be Hana + Tama and Eiko + Kamu since they are the 4 main characters.

No, it means that Eiko and Sensei will have a daughter together that they will molest.

It doesn't need to be two duets, it can be all 4 with one song, Eiko/sensei other song and other combinations.

your pic is Hisa though


Naruhodo. Benkyou ni narimasu.

I wish there were more student-teacher relationships like this, it's a nice change of pace.
Cyberdimension Neptune.

Shut up, Mickey.

Is this the trend of rapist getting raped?

Can't rape the willing.

Let's the realist. Eiko ate sensei's pussy while she was drunk right?

Just a normal relationship? Not really special.


I'd sure like to tie up Eiko at my place too.

I want to give Tamate a slow start if you know what I mean.

What did Hakka-ya mean by this?

She definitely did more than we saw.

Will we see Eiko dog in the anime?

She's playing both sides, perhaps?

What's with the shitpost in this thread? People say that yurifags are the most annoying thing on the planet but anti-yurifags are in another level.

He got banned already, move on user.

That was another episode, though.

This show is kinda slow huh.

No, I don't think mindbreaking her will work.


it had a slow start, but it turned out to be good

Holy shit, Tama-chan is so fucking sexy.

Is this better than Yuru Camp? I haven't started either yet and am wonder which is better.

Just watch both, they are both nice shows.

Both are good and you should watch both if you enjoy cute girls to form your own fucking opinion of which one you like more instead of asking which one is "better" you faggot shit.

I prefer this one because it's more pure slice of life where doesn't waste time explaining camping things but both are fun.

Why do modern anime fans always ask random people's irrelevant opinion first? just go watch it and decide yourself for fuck sake.

She does it to herself already.


Tama >>>>>> Kamu = Eiko > Hana


Not the best executed I've to say, especially on whether Enami wants Eiko's p.

I dropped this long ago, I want to pick it up again because of yuri, but Nii-sama torrent isn't working and he needs to stop being autistic and start uploading his shit on nyaa again.

Just use anidex or TT then. Blame the cartel bullies for defending literal 4kids-tier localizations.

This whole scene after sensei woke up was so chill and cute, the mood was really different from the rest of the show.

I think it's the small pauses like when Eiko is waiting the coffee get ready and the talk about nothing special.

Eiko is a slut ~ssu

But does she know she is?

Why are Slow Start threads so comfy?

They were until shippers took over. It was better at the start.

You're not Momo, Shion. Even if you cosplay as her.

It's unclear whether she's lusting after Hana or Hana's mom.

She's lusting after Hannen

>already 3rd thread since new episode
These threads have picked up after a slow start

This show is gayer than Sakura Trick and an even better yuri than Citrus.
And it's not even yuri!

All threads have a little of that, the important part is to talk about the things you like.

Sensei hair on a few scenes reminds me of someone, I think it's Yui.

Eiko should have taken a shower with Sensei to save time!

This anime is so degenerate that China banned it. Slow Start? More like Degenerate Start

slow start is pure

Shion episode soon

>not even yuri
I'd rather say not *officially* yuri.

Can we all agree that transparent sleeves are boner inducing.

>older man

This is a woman.

This show is great, I'm not even .. that upset at the shortness of Tama's appearances this episode.
Tama is best girl.

Can't wait for hetshit to die

I want a strung together webm of all of tamato's genki hand waving

The forced animation of the show is starting to get really annoying. It's not needed and only distracting and pulls you away from the cute girls doing cute things.

I can't imagine how sad she must be to see her manga adaptation flop in sales because nobody cares

I doubt anyone expected this to sell much

japan should start selling official cosplay cloths again

Yo, gay girls are entertaining, right? lmao

The shitpost quality sure is going down recently, the attempts on this thread are pretty pathetic.

don't call me out like this, man.

Let's just talk about the show instead then, next episode will supposedly have plenty of classmates, what do you think it will be about?

Hopefully the adventures of not-Rise.

Because it wanted to be like all the other episodes.

I came for the cute girls doing cute things but stayed for the high school MILF hunter.

user, please

older women have more money than older men, they are the better pleasures and would commit more sex acts.

Age gap yuri is so fucking based

It just is.

I came for the cute girls doing cute things but dropped for the high school MILF hunter.

It would help if you guys learned how to report that low effort shit.

eiko really saved this show from being hinako note tier

Are you sure you're not thinking of Tama-chan?

eiko really ruined this show managed being worse than hinako note

That was very nearly a sentence

the eiko x sensei relationship unironically bring a lot more depth to this show that other CGDCT shows lack. It's honestly refreshing.

the eiko x sensei relationship unironically doesn't belong in CGDCT shows . It's honestly disturbing

Good thing that's a meaningless descriptor


It's pretty easy to identify people who only started browsing Cred Forums last year thanks to posts like these.

>he calls this degenerate
The diagnosis writes itself.
Seek help.

People can't handle good things. It burns their ungodly brains.



nice fallacies and gatekeeping

Just imagine her fingers stroking your vagina like that.

Only the ones that need to be kept out have a problem with gatekeeping.

you dont belong. checkmate.

So how did the Chinese government get the script to episode 7 ahead of everyone else.


Need more pins.

When will this meme end

That's just horribly drawn.

She's a player and but she honestly did not expect the teacher. Now that she's in love she will abandon that midget. Also Eiko is stylish and beautiful, I'm sure she can get a gig as a singer or something.

that's explain why Eiko chasing sensei, what a whore only can be satisfied by cock

What the hell is the Mangaka's obsession with Saki. That series isn't even that good...

Nishimura best woman, I can't believe designs this good are used for side characters.

But it's not.

Is it shoujo-ai?

This woman has a schlong.

Fucking hell. What a huge slut and M.
A fucking JK seducing a teacher? Can't wait for NTR and rape doujin.

how is it not

What does 漫改 mean?

Comic adaptation

Lesbian NTR?

So does every character have a secret that we'll get to find out?

What did they mean by this?

Hana is one year older, Eiko has been molested for year by her mother, Tamato is a transtesticles and Kamuri is a dragon loli.

I'm glad Tama talks so much, because whenever she shuts her mouth like this her fang looks like a pube sticking out of her mouth instead.

I dont care if it is old men, faceless men, sensei or even me, just make sure Kamu is there to watch.

Sensei is the only correct option there.

This is slowly turning into YRYR but with yuri.

This is not gonna end well for her isn't it?
Should have stuck to Saikawa.

Sensei is tyranny

I’m going to say Eiko is not a virgin, the way she is flirting with sensei this is obviously not her first rodeo.

Shion is gay for her aunt but now she preys on her cousin
Sensei is a pedophile.
Eiko used to prostitute herself to old men
Tama is an abused child
Kamu is actually gay
Hana and Hannes skipped a year

What was this episode? It was so unexpectedly beautiful!
MT Kirara shows are supposed to make me laugh, not to give me FEELS

Usually I'm the one to bitch about a show having threads outside the airing day, but this ep was so good, it deserves special treatment.

In Chinese it means sitcom - a 百 of 合's.

The fuck are you talking about?

I think I like her better as the dom, going around ruining cute young girls for marriage.

The name slow start isn't referencing the theme of the anime. It's referencing the anime itself.

Why did she back away like that?

She was lost in thought and got caught by surprise.

>"I feel really"
Really what?


doki doki

in love with Tama-chan

But that's Hana


Sorry I was projecting, I'm just so in love with Tama-chan.

You should get that checked out.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to marry the cutest girl in the world.

>seasonal waifu


This clock is a crime against good taste and symmetry OCDs.

Why is she so great?

Imagine your daughter watches this

If I had a daughter, I'd make her watch this.

Is it because of how cute she is?

That's why you'll never have a daughter.



Eiko is a fucking slut.

Yes? That's literally her character.

You're a nonfucking slut.

this episode was crap

because she's been corrupted by her gay grannies.

>cute girls doing cute things, some good story about friends
>forbidden romance, the girl's bread and butter
What's wrong with that?

She already does.

Showing stress situations. Lesbians.

What's wrong with that?

nothing, because it's a fiction

It's morally wrong.

Your morals are wrong.

Did you miss episode 5? Kiyose attacked first, Eiko tried to get back at her this episode but sensei's defense is too strong.

She will open her legs to anyone that show her a dominating personality

She might want to try it in real life.

Not seeing a problem there.

Real life lesbians are fucking disgusting.

real life women in general are fucking disgusting

I think you are in the wrong thread

Wrong thread, cutie.

Are you slow in the head? This isn't the penis lesbians thread.

ah shit, sorry

But it's the same fanbase.

It's ok I still love you.

>not praising gochiusa
found the person with low iq

What can Kamu do to win the Eikobowl?

She can just tell her rich parents about sensei trying to steal Eiko away from her. Her parents would immediately file a case about pedophilia and send her to prison. It's been mentioned plenty of times how her parents love their little lesbian daughter.

She already won. Kamu loves Eiko and Eiko loves Kamu, it's just not a sexual love.

It's not a victory if it's not sexual.

She can't win.

Kamu is probably in an arrange marriage already. She can't win the Eikobowl.

You know she's a virgin because she still has the flowers in her eyes. She's pure for now.


It's not a victory because there's not a competition. Kamu doesn't really think of Eiko sexually and both already have a place in each others lifes. This is not a shitty harem where girls lose or win, so platonic love is allowed to exist.

So Eiko loves Kamu but not sexually and is sexually attracted to sensei but doesn't love her? That's some deep stuff.

You say as you post a webm without the flower eyes.

Oh shi-

But she's having impure thoughts about sensei right there.

Cute deaf girl.

What? Eiko loves both sensei and Kamu, but she doesn't feel sexual attraction for Kamu, just for sensei. They are friends and will always be there for each other.

What's wrong with people on Cred Forums, it's that hard that different forms of love exist?

So, I searched the author on Dynasty and I'm surprised.
No wonder the art looks so much like Saki. He draws a shit ton of Saki doujins and they're all yuri too.
Isn't this plagiarism?

*hard to understand

There are lots of people here who've never experienced any kind of love.

>it's that hard that different forms of love exist?

Yeah I realized that afterwards.. Eiko is a lewd girl. Her body is pure but her mind is not.

90% of what this guy draws is gay shit.

>playing with her hair while looking Sensei in the eyes
She's literally asking her to fug.

>she doesn't feel sexual attraction for Kamu

It's not love if it's not sexual.

What do you think would have happened if she kissed sensei during the morning scene? Do you think they'd fug?
Sensei would probably ask Eiko to leave immediately.

>Pairing I don't like is platonic love
>Pairing I like isn't platonic love
Really makes you think.

slow start has the theme of severe psychological strain because of societal expectations

user, you are so dumb.

Shipperfags think that all anime are romantic competitions and that only one person is ever allowed to "win".

Stop shipping. This isn't a yuri show.

Eiko wants Sensei to make the first move, she wouldn't kiss her like that.

Agreed. I think that's why she was hinting at wanting to shower at her house, she wants to tempt the sensei.

*Ties your hands*

Eiko wants to be tied up and spanked by Sensei.

How many miles of dick did she have before becoming a lesbian?

>This isn't a yuri show.


Shut up Satan, this is holy ground.


>yurifags wont stay in their containment board

You're not nearly as funny as you think you are.

You can do better than this, user.

So she still took on a few hundred meters of raw cock then?

No. Go find someone else to self-insert as.

Shitposting aside. This isn't really yuri.
Why can't you people just see girls being normal frieds?

Please stop, we all know you're just pretending.

Because it isn't normal. What Eiko and Kamu have is special. They are friends with Tama and Hana though.

How about you stop giving him the attention he's fishing for?

It's just Kamu that is special.

How do you get gay grandmothers?
Is this set in the future Sakiverse? Has iPS advanced this much?

Don't know what this is about but I see age gap posting so I'm in.

It's the tale of a lesbian teacher molesting her student.

Yuri doesn't imply 1 on 1 romantic relationships. That's not what yuri means.

This is a Saki prequel. IPS cells here are still in test phase, that's why there are still so many men around.

What, I thought it was a sequel that happened after the cast had many iPS babies.
Don't tell me that it's actually about time-traveling.

>Real life lesbians are fucking cute.

That explains why some of them still wear panties.

Toki broke the laws of time and space.

There's none of that degenerate stuff here.

Wrong. Lesbians are always ugly butches.

user please, your mother isn't representative of all lesbians.

Stop falling for bait, /u/. Just answer "no u" and go back to talking about cute anime girls.

She was so happy when Sensei tied her up.

holy shit these threads are bad

It's just hilarious he's trying to use MAL, the same site that removed the yuri category from Konohana Kitan, after they did that every single category from MAL became invalid.

You'd be happy too.

Don't be so new

Was Konohana Kitan yuri? Who were gay?

>gay as fuck episode.
>all the /u/ members are interested in SS now.
Not surprising.

I was talking about Slow Start almost having the same art as Saki.

how new are you

Yuzu x Satsuki
Ren x Natsume
Saber x that loli

Would you tag Kiniro Mosaic as gay? Ayaya is openly gay for Yoko, and Shino and Alice are pretty gay for each other, but it's not listed as yuri anywhere. Same as Gochiusa with Rize and Sharo. Hell, even Yuru Yuri appears only as slice of life in many anime databases.
One girl being gay doesn't necessarily represent the genre of the show.

This wasn't the first gay episode though.

That would be 'influence' user.

It is:
We aren't talking about one single girl in Slow Start, and Slow Start is classified as yuri in the chinese website posted above and every single anime store posted so far.

user, stop.

>western tags
>chink tags

The western audience is generally pretty retarded and they don't want to tag any show without clear romantic relationship yuri. It's like they don't even know what yuri means.
Wait, they actually don't. They think yuri is about lesbian dating. That's a problem although I don't know if it's really homophobia.

Hazuki should have gone for her step sister.
Would have made a better Citrus.

The others weren't that gay compared to this one.

Eiko is practically begging for it.

So was Kamu in her episode.

I want Häzuki to straighten my tie.

You're disgüsting.

I meant plätonically, of course.

Actually Japan doesn't seem to know exactly what yuri means as well and the debate is still open, it's just that they're much less obnoxious and obsessed about it like westerners are.

Japan is lax as fuck in regards to tagging, as it should be. The west really needs to learn a fuckton of things with them.

Somehow I didn't catch this before.

I don't get it.

Tama is flat. Took me a while too, mostly because I recognize flatness as a presence and not absence.


I still don't get, I thought they're referring to the weight of winter clothes.

And that's who eiko turned to lesbian.

Rape is the only way to yuri.

Tama was. She says it feels like something's missing and pulls up on her shirt and looks down.
Hana then looks right at the camera and says that. It seems rather out of character for her.

>Hana then looks right at the camera
I thought she was looking at her arms.
Anyway, I still don't get it.
Is it supposed to be a joke? or jab at tama flatness?
If it's the later was she implying tama had bigger bust size in winter clothes? Does tama stuff her bra?

>Is it supposed to be a joke? or jab at tama flatness?
>was she implying tama had bigger bust size in winter clothes?
No, it's just more noticeable.

I'd allow it

I wonder if Tama appreciates how amazing of a treasure her perfectly flat chest is.

She's a genki, not a tsundere, so chances are that she at least doesn't care.

>Came for the moe and loli
>Accidentally stumble into really hot yuri

is it true the liquid that comes out taste like honey?

Is it really yuri when sensei is basically a man?

She isn't.

She might talk like a man, but her body is totally feminine. This is just bad perspective.

The loli has yuri with her too.

Shut your whore mouth. Sensei is a cute girly girl.

It's just QUALITY, her tits are around here.

>you will never rest your head on sensei's biceps
Why even live.

Here's hoping we get some *vietnam kicks in* next episode

>you will never rest your head on sensei's friend's boner
Why even live.

If you're a cute boy you might.

Guys I think Hakka-ya might be a bit into BDSM.

Poor Kamuposter. I understand you, I really do. But it's time to face the reality. Maybe prior to this ep you still had a case, even ignoring the manga, but now it should be obvious that Eiko wants sensei's dick. It's pointless to deny it.

She's got great taste.

>the way she moved her hands away

Sensei is just a dorky flat chested lady. Eiko will be on top, at least initially.

Why are you so wrong about everything?

I wish I could become Eiko's personal seat.



How do we stop sensei?

Why would you do something like that?

When a male teacher does sexual advances on female student it's sexual harassment and abuse of power.
If a female teacher does sexual advances on female student it's pure love.

Think of the children.

>barely any eiko x sensei art on pixiv

I, for one, am thinking A LOT about children

I bet she does it every night.

They can just adopt children if they want.

There is no scientifically viable way for two females pertaining to the homo sapiens sapiens species to have children together.

People take their time drawing, some artists are still finishing the EikoxKamu art they started before this episode aired.

>There is no scientifically viable way for two females pertaining to the homo sapiens sapiens species to have children together.
[citation needed]

Why would artists even bother if the original author is already providing it?

>thinking Hakka-ya is an amateur

Is Hakka-ya gay?

No straight girl would be so dedicated to make more than 80 yuri doujins about mahjong.