High School dxd

Friendly reminder that Raynare did nothing wrong.

On the one hand, she was a cunt and it makes sense Issei let her die.
On the other hand, she was hot and it was a shame not to add another hot chick to your harem.

It is a conflict between the two heads of the body.


Raynare deserved better

Issei deserved die as the bastard, sunnuva, inverate pervert, asshole who he is

She did no crime. If anything her actions where the best thing to happen to everyone in the series.

The she is the best looking and most interesting girl in the series. Next to Koneko & Xenovia. And those sexy wings and legs. Perfection.

This is why I love the dark angels. They AREN'T the bad guys. It's ALWAYS some retard demon king and Dragon faggot that fucks up shit every fucking time. Fact.

>Koneko & Xenovia
>interesting girls
Both are shit with semen is a shameless that Xenovia design is wasted in a such character

>My girlfriend is a sexy fallen angel
How this would be called in japanese?

Would be nice if Raynare coud get resurrected.

To be this gay.

>To be this gay.
Superficial shit with no real argument




She made my dick grow three sizes that day.

More Raynare please.


Taking Raynare out on a date.

You'd probably need to add a bunch of question marks
>My girlfriend is a sexy fallen angel???


What is that even supposed to mean?
What does 3 sizes mean?

>the manga ended



Momo needs more love.

Hi Momofag
Remember that it's the old director's fault that you didn't hear Momo's tits speak to Issei in season 3

Friendly reminder that this anime is shite

I hope that director never allowed to direct anything ever again. Cunt.

Friendly reminder the show has Yu Gi Oh syndrome and was better as a horror

What's that?

>Azazel wastes best girl on a botched hit
>doesn't even care she's dead





Needs bigger tits