Mitsuboshi Colors

New episode of the cutest show of the season today. Subs any minute now. Which color would you adopt, Cred Forums?

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Sacchan because I'm the complete opposite of her so she should bring some colours to my shitty boring life.


Sacchan of course. She needs to be rescued from her broken home.

All three. It would be horrible to separate them.

Here's your weekly dose of the Colors poll.

Kinda unrelated but how do i get back legacy captcha?

>[HorribleSubs] Mitsuboshi Colors - 07 [720p].mkv

Alternative poll here

Dammit Blue!

I can't believe Yellow is fucking dead!

Believe it

Zom zom zom!

Please God give me strength.

This is just begging for a stitch.

Who wore it best? Try to set aside your color bias.

Oh lord there it is. Actual horror.

Memeguminfags are going to say Blue.

I think Red wins this round. That cape and bow is too cute.

Dont hara-hara-harass the Colors

This is how delinquents are made.

Yui missed two rating spikes oppurtunities!

Hang yourself please.


Fantastic episode. Why is this show so consistently great?

Good source material.

why is this anime so horribly animated? i mean, i remember the manga called my attention and i was planing to read it before the anime was announced but damn, i can barely watch the show, the terrible unnecessary cg models just standing still in the background (are they even necesary? i mean, they could pay the fucking pizza boy to draw some mobs and it would still look better than that), shit movement of the draws, damn the drawing looks bad even at really close scenes, they even just kinda add a filter to actual pictures for the background, what went so wrong? is it made by a 10people staff or something? the only thing that saves this is that yui has aoba's seiyuu and the girls are just too cute

I want to hara hara haramase a Color.

Oh there are two threads.

Great manga.
Great adaptation.

man I want to FUCK the colors

no u

What was with this weird lead-out about how they need better ratings? They were kidding right?

Oh there is a fag

I dare you to try and tell me Kotoha isn't the cutest thing ever in her witch costume.

Red had the best use of doublefangs.

For a second I thought Yellow slipped in shit.

I call it colorful babyshitting

>tfw bandage fetish

Why is the anime ordered differently than the manga?

Nice try, FBI-kun

The subs were good this episode.

Which of them will bite the dust?

Silver Link

Show is about to be cancelled

Saito is evil, he must be defeated!

This was just fucking uncalled for

Other Silver link shows have been leagues ahead compared to the animation in this shit


Why are these high school girls so autistic?

Brown haired one is cute

nickety knack get in the fucking sack

Stinky double Durian hair.

I thought it was kinda cute.

The cutest!

The animations not good, but its not terrible either, calm down.



Why does a zombie need an eyepatch


This was easily the best episode. Cute and heartwarming.

how else do we know it's the boss?


This is someone's fetish.

Kotoha is too cute

I'm pretty sure that everyone here is highly interested in Sacchan's pee.

You'd be wrong

Gays don't count.

Don't project like that, user.




The only loser here is you!

nice formula

But also really bad at video games. I thought they were exaggerating last episode, but she was playing for three days and hadn't even beaten the first level.

Why don't these brats respect their elders?

how long is her pelvis?

Then Yui played it for a few minutes, beat lvl 1 and was about to get to the lvl 2 boss.

Gap moe>gap bitch.

He might look like a cop at the first glance but Saitou is evil.

They don't respect corrupt police officers.


Chu-chu-cabrilla. Chu-chu-chu.

From my point of view, it is the Colors who are evil!


This is how a doujinshi will start

Then you are lost!

was this really necessary?

Did Kotoha or Sacchan write this?


I just want to play videogames with her.

Saito wrote it.

Foreshadowed in the OP since day 1. Green next week.

i want to play something else with her


I want to be Yui's friend!

And then he forgot to wait at their place. What a dummy.

Yui is a fucking savage

She should have fired back by saying Kotoha doesn't have any friends besides Yui and Sacchan, while she at least has two more than that.

Don't worry.
I'm busy with my wife Yui.

Still trying to figure out why the girls even hang out with Yui.

Erotic video games, while naked

He set up a camera and a live stream.

But why if Kotoha wants to try the things in the game?

It'd be weird if their Colors group only had two colors.

She'd fail

In the BD, you will get a different angle

What's worse, not having any friends or being bad at video games?

This year, I'm a little extra daring!

Put your clothes back on, you pervert.

>pull and run
>red starts crying
I feel like being evil.


Not having friends and being bad at video games. Like me.

Now that you've read this post you've become a zombie

I hate to admit it. But Kotoha's costume is the best.

Manga is better

>start episode
>yui wearing a randoseru with a defense system
Jesus christ I'm already diamond imagining the doujins.

I can't believe Saito is above Sacchan's mom.
Saito is a big mean jerk while Sacchan's mom is a kind and loving mother.

She starts with a big disadvantage because she's old.

And used.

Why would you hate to admit the truth?

Red. Fangs were too cute

Nani kore

I want to see her get a visit from Ogawa from the Ueno municipal office, environmental general affairs division.

this episode was pretty great

Human experimentation?

I self insert as pops

Didn't Hiro remove it a few weeks ago?

>kotoha and yui have smartphones
>sacchan still using a flip phone
It's sad how poor she is.

Smartphones aren't even that expensive.

Did they just call him trash?

Cute hat.

Because I wanted red to win.


>Kotoha will never stomp on your head

Wasn't it Google?
Hiro removing it would imply that he even remembers that this site exists.

It should be alive until the end of March, but Hiro pulled the plug early for whatever reason. I suggest getting 4chanX if you're a pleb who doesn't have it already and enabling noscript captcha, it's a lot less obnoxious than the default new captcha and you can even solve it with your numpad.

punished zombie


pretty good

Fucking perfect

>cg models just standing still in the background
Those aren't CG models. They're from a photograph. Almost everything you've seen in this anime has been redrawn photographs.

>Saito is a big mean jerk
But he isn't. He just plays the villain for Colors. He's actually pretty nice.

Red, but blue if we ignore fangs.

He's just like Cred Forums's normalfags. Always shitting on lolis and lolicons alike, but they feel very lonely when we aren't around.

She's their leader. This is like asking why the Nazis hung out with Hitler.

Hitler gave them reasons to want to stick with him, though. All Yui has is that she's going to start crying if they leave, and she cries over everything so it doesn't have a lot of impact.

Cute tiny slut

Does she have a boyfriend?

Yes, me.


No such thing as too young.

More than one.

Not young enough

No such thing.

Saito is the most important support character in the show. Most of the good jokes are interactions between him and the colors.

I want to impregnate the Colors

I hate skin fang and single fang but why do I love double fangs so much?

I couldn't get the smile off my face when the entire town fucked around withbthem for that game. Holy shit what a good episode.

I couldn't get the smile off my face when the entire town fucked them for that game. Holy shit what a good episode.

Her mom just cares for her wellbeing and knows that smart phones aren't healthy for children.

Aren't the Colors a tad too young?

But she's still the problem child at school so that didn't work.

Or at least they aren't healthy compared to being able to afford food.

Its because Ueno park is full of homeless people with nothing better to do


This, Sacchan's mum is an angel.

They're just the right age, 6-9 is best range.

Kotoha tipping her fedora when

Why do lolis wear this? Is it a badge to attract males willing to mate with them?


I'd argue that making your kid looks like poor would create bigger social issues if other kids makes fun of her.

It's a stranger danger whistle

I don't know if it'll happen but it would be great if there was a story where the Colors find an even younger loli who's lost in the park and they help her out and act as onee-sans to help her find her way back home or to her parents.

Aren't they a bit old to be soiling themselves?

And I would argue that that's bad parenting but we're here to talk about kissing lolis not raising them.


It's to signal that they know about their effect on older men.

Why does this uniform makes me so fucking hard?

too young for what?

I want them to nibble on my dick so bad.

They took the poop pill and now they shit indiscriminately wherever they please, because nothing really matters.


They should get little English girls to do the dub

Imagine Red tiny teeth bitting your dick.

But how is she supposed to watch porn or record herself masturbating and posting it on the internet?

But they are prime breeding material.

Japan's flip phones are highly advanced, you now.

Are there even raws floating around for chapter 30? I wanna see how Katsuwo draws their cute costumes and fangs


They are bratty enough for it.


>ywn mating press Kotoha while telling her to git gud

>disdain for plebs

I can help her with that. All of that.

But I will mating press Kotoha while telling her "I love you".

In 9 years maybe.

what's the difference between [HorribleSubs] and [Erai-raws]?


Why would you wait for them to be old and busted when you can fuck them while they are still 1 digit?

The same difference between color and colour.

>this will never happen
Just kill me already.

What part of "prime" didn't you understand. In 9 years they'll be old hags.

>not nibbling

One is correct and one is a bastardisation of language?


You'll do none of that with my wife. Now scram.

Why didn't they show Yui's strip scene? Children's bodies are objectively not sexual, so they should not be a problem with showing me that beautiful chippai.

>my wife

The latter has shitty font.

It ain't gonna suck itself.

>cg models
If it's not 2D it's CG I g

Their file sizes have huge differences, Do erai-raw rencode/filter?

They're kids. Children. And you are an adult.

Licky lick.

Get out of here, Momoka, you filthy jealous hag.

>Why didn't they show Yui's strip scene?
Budgetary reasons. I'm sure if it had been Kotoha instead, they would have dedicated money to it.


The colors are bullies. Stop throwing stinky nuts at police men.

I fail to see your point.

The police are mistreating people of color!

Amd I want to fuck them as they are now, not in 9 years time.

Your point?

Isn't it great?

What did she mean by this?

>you are an adult
Prove it.

I want a footjob from her marshmallowy feet.

Are you trying to arouse me?

Then why does my mom keep telling me to grow up and stop watching cartoons?


She looks fat in this picture.

Fat lolis are cute

Why are these threads so full of paedos?

This show is not even lewd, it's about little girls doing little girl things in a humorous way.

It's crazy how easy it is to make Kotoha cry.

This looks more like babyfat than actual fat, the best kind of fat.

>This show is not even lewd
> it's about little girls doing little girl things
Make up your mind, dumb emoji-posting normalfag.

Ask Cred Forums since both concern them.

>it's about little girls doing little girl things
Here you go, now disappear dumb emojiposter.

I want to see Nonoka's panties instead.

>Cred Forums

Precisely because of that.

Pedophiles need to be hanged.

Delet this
Saito is pure! PURE!!!

What color are her panties?


How is little girls acting like little girls lewd, you fucking sickos?

Does it matter? She's too old to be sexually attractive.
It's like asking what color your grandma's panties are.

If you had a dick you would know.

What if I'm not wearing panties?

It's actually an user who is slowly losing their little girl powers and he needs to fuck a loli to regain them back.

Colors crossover with Bocchi when?

Kek, what a faggot. If you were any smarter you'd know JC are prime.

They're different COLORS.

I can totally see it
>aru tries kotoha's games
>she's even worse at it than kotoha
>kotoha starts bullying her

To be perfectly honest, sex with the COLORS probably wouldn't feel very good.

Oh, user was right in making that grandma comparison.

Maybe Mimika browses Cred Forums.

Why is Cred Forums so full of normalfags?

This board is not even newcomer friendly, it's full of lolicons doing lolicon things in a lewd way.

Sex with old women wouldn't feel very good.


>this isn't porn


Those are just programmers.

She goes nopan.
That's why she's so bad at baking bread.

>trap on loli action
I don't know how to feel about this.

I wish to play around with the colors.

It's cute, and that's what matters.

By getting Erai you are supporting the global Jihad against Western infidels

Fucking gross. CUTE young girls belong to their onii-chan, disgusting women can fuck off.

What color has the best cunny? I'm asking for a friend.

The first 20 or so chapters are god-tier heart boner fuel but its started going full drama as of late so I stopped following the scans. I hope the author realizes what made people like the series in the first place and it isn't shoujo drama.

Depends on what kind of experience you want. Sex with a crybaby loli, sex with a smug loli, or sex with a genki loli.

meek, edgy and dumb retard would be better adjectives to describe them

Apparently people that read the raws are saying that the drama ended quickly and we're back to lovely days.

More like cute, cute, and cute.
And by cute I mean sexycute.

Warmest would be Yellow.
Tightest would be Red.
Softest would be Blue.


Don't be so rude. Every true lolicon deserves their own loli.

The drama wasn't that bad and it's already resolved. Next chapter will probably be the two of them making love.
And it was written by a woman, so drama was inevitable from the beginning.

So that's why I'm so bad at baking bread.

I don't care for crybabies or idiots, so I guess I'll go for Red.

But Red is a crybaby idiot.

Let me see that game you're playing, user.

Why is she sucking her nose?

My friend ask me who has the puffiest cunny haha

Those are pointy noses.
They have to be careful not to hurt each other.

N-no thanks

Who hurt you, user?

Every loli has natural maximum puffiness.

Puffy vulvas


>yuzumori-san will never suck your nose
Why even live, fuck this shit.

After normalfags.

It's great.

What is she playing?

This is not okay. They belong to their Onii-chans, and that's final.

How to not get raped by user - the game

Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door,
the /u/ club is two blocks down.

Sure, just look out for these.

Well she sucks at videogames anyway

Get out of here stalker

cute! thanks bud

Fuck you.

Just NTR the grown girl if it bothers you so much. After all, you have something that lolis love, and that she doesn't have.


You still in Cordon after playing so long?

Playing until the bar and then just hanging out with Duty forever is the best.

>Watch the episode
>Come here
>Pedos ruin every thread

Kids have the energy!

Yeah, it's pretty shitty, but it can't be helped

There's a dozen other websites for you to go to, normalfag.

Imagine being so useless that you shit the threads about the people you don't like talking about things you don't like instead of starting a discussion on things you do like.

I have no problem with most loli stuff, but the colors are like real kids, and not sexualized in the show at all. No need to post 200 "I want to fuck Kotoha" messages to every thread.


*shit the threads whining about

>not add color to

I want to fuck Kotoha.

I will never leave

Like this?

There's also no need to keep complaining about how they act like real children and how everyone is a pedo in every fucking thread.
Go to reddit if it bothers you so much. I can assure you that they think the exact way you do.

On an unrelated note, how tight would Kotoha's cunny be?

I want to fugg Kotoha

A higher earning potential?

I want to tongue Yui's sweaty butthole while she whimpers and cries.

Pretty tight but not as tight as Yui's

I want to rape Sacchan.

I want to steal Yui's moustache and fuck her while she cries.

Why is the red one so erotic anyway? And why does she always get the sluttiest semen demon outfits?

I want to shove my dick inside Yui's throat and fuck it like an onahole while she lays on her back.

I want to lick Yui's tears.

I want to double team Kotoha together with Nono.

It's okay to sexualize the colors.
Red most of all.

What position would you fuck Nono in?

I wan to hold hands with Kotoha and then ask her to marry me.

Yui is loose. Just look at this thread and see how many fuck buddies she has. She most likely fucks several different men everyday.

The one where I ignore her in favor of doggystyle fucking Kotoha.

I'm going to propose to Kotoha!

Is she as bad at sex as she is at vidya?

Mating press while simultaneously stuffing my face on Sacchan's smelly butt.

How can a loli be bad at sex? All she has to do is lay down and let the user do all the work.

Considering sex is a game, most probably.

>Considering sex is a game
But it's not a VIDEOgame.

Just fucking imagine slipping your dick into Kotoha's tight cunny and feeling it's warmth surround your penis as you ejaculate all over her insides

You and your indecent thoughts need to get the heck outta here.

Thinking about marriage isn't indecent.

How deep could I put my dick inside?
Would she enjoy if I lightly hit her cervix with my penis?

>the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images
>a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck
Sex sounds like a video and game to me

>How deep could I put my dick inside?
Yours? It'd like throwing a sausage down a hallway.

My experience with manga says that girls love getting their wombs slammed by big cocks. Some lolis might even enjoy it when you manage to get all the way inside their wombs, I bet the Colors are among those.

I don't see how that earlier bit applies unless you want Kotoha to fuck a casette tape.

That's weird, considering that I have an average sized dick.
And there's no way Koto-chan is that loose.


I want to take off those bandages.

Nothing makes my dick softer than grammar errors.

Bandages are hot desu

No they aren't.

>kotoha was playing a konosuba game the whole time

>Wanting to emulate nigger culture

>tfw no loli burn victim gf

Then I think the logical move would be to fuck her as hard as I can, until she can't breath properly anymore and I cum inside her tiny loli womb.


delicious baby fat

What's Sacchan going to use when she's no longer a virgin?

I want Sacchan to taste my extra virign oil.

The only fat one here is Batou jii-san.


Blue playing cuphead

I wanna watch Kotoha playing Black Mesa. Specifically the part where you have to climb a barrel to proceed.

Pronebone while tightly hugging her from behind.

Is Kotoha a poser?

Not even Kotoha is that bad at vidya

She does make good poses.

3 days and not past the first level. I think you mean Kotoha is even worse than that

I think she might have trouble with the bugged jump mechanic.

Kotoha's random battle poses are my favorite

I thought they were supposed protect the peace, why did they unleash a zombie horde?

They can't protect the peace if the peace isn't threatened.

They do what Batman does where he released the prisoners from the Asylum so he can go and save the city from the mess he created

What will happen if you tie up the colors?

There is something very wrong with this child.

Who is the Bane in this show?

She's just being edgy to impress her friends.

Pops, but with glasses instead of a mask

he even built a bomb just like in the movie

Who's there to impress? One is a retard and the other is a bipolar crybaby.

And they're still the only two friends we've seen her have.

The bipolar crybaby is scary.

I bet Kotoha is a school shooter tier loner.

Let's be honest here Cred Forums. Would you have actually played around and acted like a zombie as well?

name one girl school shooter


meant for

How about a schoogirl stabber?

I already act like a zombie.


Were we bamboozled lads? Is Yui the actual femdomfag choice or is it still Kotoha?


They should have shown this in more detail. That would have given them a rating spike.


For the same reason the US unleashes armed insurgents.

I don't leave the house.

Anyone get a little hard from this? They didn't even show anything.

It would also make my penis spike.

I'm going to masturbate to Yui tonight.

then they should just kill themselves if they really want to protect the peace

stop imagining Yui naked


I know right? She isn't even sexy.

Kotoha would act tough and recite lines she heard in porno to talk down to you at first, but she'd start crying and retreat into herself once you started doing things. Yui would act scared until you got started, then her switch would get flipped and she'd start mocking you and laugh at how quickly you came.

Saito pls

>implying Kotoha wouldn't attempt to keep her cool image right up until she orgasms

I'm imagining her with just underwear on


Sat-chan, so I could raise her to be the perfect daughterwife.

Oh fuck Cred Forums. Are you ready for the girls to go balls to the walls /fa/ once the winter clothing starts rolling in?

Which color has the biggest dick?

>all that buildup

Can't wait for the modeling chapter to be animated.

the colors are girls user



Are you trying to extort me?


Why does the town enable these little shits? Saitou is literally the only decent human left holding down the fort against these hellspawns.



>Cutest show of the season
This isn't GakuBabies.

>kotoha's bullies yui just for having few friends
>gets mad and takes her game
>yui's the one who has to apologize
pissed me the fuck off mostly because I relate to yui

Yui is the only one with a dick, so.

That's the burden of leadership.

Kotoha is precious.

Obviously blue, come on. Look at that adorable witch hat.


I agree. Sexual thoughts about pure, innocent Colors are horrible.

I would never suggest removing the Color's clothes and licking their tiny body all over, nibbling their neck and kissing their adorable little nipples. Only a heartless monster would think about their cute girlish mouth and tongue wrapped around a thick cock and balls slick with their saliva, pumping in and out of one of their mouth one by one until it erupts, the cum more than their little throat can swallow.

The idea of thick viscous semen overflowing, dribbling down their chin over their flat chest, their tiny hands scooping it all up and watching them suck it off their fingertips is just horrible. You're all a bunch of sick perverts, thinking of spreading their smooth slender thighs, cock poised at the entrance to their pure, tight, virginal pussy, and thrusting in deep one by one as a whimper escapes their lips which are slippery with cum, while their small body shudders from having their cherry taken in one quick stroke.

I am disgusted at how you'd get even more excited as you lean over them, listening to their quickening breath, their girlish moans and gasps while you hasten your strokes, their sweet pants warm and moist on your face and their flat chest, shiny with a sheen of fresh sweat, rising and falling rapidly to meet yours.

Watch Prisma Illya

>replying to a two-hour old off-topic post that's been deleted

She IS a dick


This is a kids cartoon, you sick fuck

she looks lovely here

No it isn't.

I'd let a color plow my unkohole

Is it really a night late anime?

This episode was too good.

How much does Nonoka charge for creampies?


What did she mean by this?

Seems new episodes air on Sunday at 10:30pm. With reruns at 11:30pm on Mondays, 3:30pm on Wednesdays, and 7:30am on Saturdays.

1000 ¥

How much is that in proper money?

More than what you can afford, bub.

Fuck off, Yui. Go back to spoiling videogames for cute girls like the SHIT you are.

she charges a creampie

What kind of Cred Forums poster is each Color?

Blue is an average Cred Forums poster, Red only lurks and Yellow posts braindead wojacks exclusively

I'll take 100 sessions please.

Yui would insult you're favorite anime.

>Giving scat artists material

Dumb 3DPD poster

He's right though, that was just plain unnecessary

For normalfags maybe.

Kids smell like shit user.
Like literal shit. They're filthy. Having a vusyal teoresebtayuib of that won't change anything.

>vusyal teoresebtayuib
Are you okay there, bub?

Did you just have a stroke?


Your loli won't smell after you give her a bath.

I'll make sure to take a bath with Yui every day and make sure she gets the important parts if you know what I mean.


She only makes bread, sorry.

Then I'll take baths with Kotoha.

I want to shave Nonoka.

Red: rules fag who tries to police the board and looks ridiculous at it
Yellow: intense unrelenting shitposting
Blue: tries to be a clever troll but fails every single time

She has a shaving kit for that.



Poor Yui has no friends at her school if I were at her school I'd be her friend

user kids don't befriend 40 year old janitors like in the doujins you read.

That depends on how he goes about it.

For your information, I'm only 30. That's gotta count for something right?

> cutest show of the season
It's Hakumei and Mikochi. This shit is too lewd to be cute.

>vusyal teoresebtayuib





Isn't this called bullying? Why is Sacchan such a cunt?

I'm surprised that hasn't been edited yet.

I couldn't stop getting pics of her cute little fangs. Leader is best.

They did it! The did the Katsuwo face.

>Having a vusyal teoresebtayuib of that won't change anything.

>vusyal teoresebtayuib
What did he mean by this?

Sacchan's butt doesn't smell!

Think again.

I can't wait to see One Coin Sacchan in the anime

which colour would enjoy a date at starbachos coffee?

>vusyal teoresebtayuib

>vusyal teoresebtayuib

They're actual teeth.

Sorry I can't.

Yui's cunny.

>called the starbucks customers zombies
They know.

>meme response

Yui is so cute with her little fangs. I want to give her a deep adult kiss (consensually) and lick all over her lips and tongue.

>she sees you lewdposting

Nothing lewd in these threads recently, everything is relatively tame.



So do I, everyday is suffering to get through because I know I won't be able to fuck a color.

It must feel amazing.

>behaves genki and silly in public
>is actually really shy and pure/inexperienced when it comes to love
>literally blushing because of two kissing pigeons
Too pure and cute for this world.

I'm sure yellow and blue will act like the purest of maidens.

Red is a fucking slut though.

I disagree. Red has never even seen a dick, not even her fathers.

seriously what the fuck is her problem?
why does she spite her friend so much?

Yeah, I told her to close eyes.

She needs to put them in their places so they know who their leader truly is

if they get confidence they might make someone else the leader so she has to keep their self esteem low

What did they mean by this?

>yfw the colours will grow too

She's been getting bullied too much. Because of that, she gets very defensive really quick.

That image makes it seem like she has a huge ass.


but she does have a huge ass

Sat-chan's butt is small, cute and firm.

Prove it.


Jesus christ I want to marry that lolibutt

Innocent and cute.


All butts should be this big

Let's not kid ourselves here.

Why does Saitou even put with these brats? They don't even respect their elders nor his authority.

He should just mating press all of them and then put the blame on some kimotaku.

She didn't seem very innocent when she was taking her panties off and shouting about it.

Yui only takes off her panties when I'm with her.

Is that what she told you?

Sacchan has also never seen her fathers dick because he left.

The instructions said "strip down to your panties" - it means she could keep her panties on. And she did it in their secret hideout. Not in public, like user would have done.

I'm going to show this thread to Saito.

Thank you for those little fangs in their costumes, Pops. You're the best.

>Not in public, like user would have done.
When you are a cutesexy loli, it's a crime to not show your cute childish panties to everyone around you.

I was disappointed we didn't see his glasses in detail. Or that he wasn't really in this episode.

So who's the new color showing up next episode?