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I assume there's a sales comparison (top 10 or so) for manga sales, right? Where do I check it? I wanna see how volume 12 does. Also, if I buy from CDJapan (which is pretty much Neowing) then that'd count towards that chart right?

Would a season 2 even work considering the length between the ending to the Kyoto arc?

what is?

Yuri being the staff favorite

New chapter when

Wednesday or Thursday

don't you mess with my heart.

It's an official art though

If it becomes yurishit I'll just drop it, the anime was better anyway.

Double shit taste

This kills the emoji

Eh, the anime gave life to the characters in a way that the manga can never hope to achieve. Usually adaptations suck, but this is a rare exception where the adaptation outshone the source.
Also, going from the troubles and antics of Tomoko to dumb generic yuri garbage seems like the epitome of shit to me, but you're probably a yurifag, so whatever.

>It's not my cringe of the week no more so I hate, hate, hate it.

Just be honest.

It's not entertaining anymore, and it seems removed from what made it initially appealing. I don't hate it, I just don't see the point. Also

>implying yuritrash is any good

Author probably started going in this direction to reel fags like you in, I guess.

I agree and disagree at the same time. I do think that, of the content the anime adapted, it did outshine the source. However, I find the recent chapters to be far more interesting than the earlier ones.

So there isn't a delay cause of his injury or anything?

Eh, Emoji is full gay for Tomoko, but for Yuri, it's the kind of clinginess happens because Tomoko is one of the few friends she has.
It's not like she is that fond of Tomoko, but more so because Yuri knows deepdown they are very similar inside and she doesn't want to be left behind while Tomoko moves on for the better.

With Nemo going back to bully her friend Emoji is still the only contender for the Tomoko bowl.

I feel the opposite way. While Tomoko has what one could casually call "friends" now, the situations they find themselves in aren't that interesting. These latest theme park chapters, for example. It feels like I'm reading about a bunch of slightly abnormal, but otherwise vanilla schoolgirls going about their field trip. Doesn't appeal to me that much, but that's just my opinion.

I'd rather not see the same "Tomoko spergs and causes me to convulse on my chair" for the next few years. That was then.

And your distaste of yuri means nothing to me because I'm not reading this for that. I'm seeing actual development here, if you can't see it then mosey onward.

Yeah, that's fair. There was a definite shift in focus at some point. I watched the anime first, and only recently got into the manga. I think the main reason I actually enjoy seeing "a bunch of vanilla schoolgirls going about their field trip" is that after so many chapters of seeing Tomoko suffer (deservedly), I just wanted to see her pitiful life improve.

I don't understand. Is it really a bad thing that she eventually moves on, makes friends and be able to interact with other? It's a valid direction for the manga and for Tomoko though.

I actually teared up when sempai graduated and the realization hits Tomoko. I enjoyed her old antics, but to be honest I'm much more happy to see growth from her.

Sure, it's a valid direction, and I won't say I didn't feel happy whenever Tomoko got a bone thrown her way, but after a while it just gets a bit boring. Would you read a manga about some kid's normal HS life? Mine was much like this, just tagging along with people casually sometimes and otherwise keeping to myself, and that's pretty meh.
I guess if you look at this from the optic of development, it's a good direction to go on, but I kinda miss Tomoko's earlier antics.

The two of them strengthening their platonic friendship in the future? Good.

They would probably cut a lot of the one-of chapters in between. We'd get an episode or 2 of Tomoko's usual antics, and then jump straight into the trip arc.

They'd have to introduce Komi-something. It would probably start there.

Fair enough, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Even when it's complete shit and wrong.

Picked up.

What a waste of quads.

>>implying yuritrash is any good
Do you honestly think that girls bonding with other girls is justifiably labelled as "yuritrash", when so far the ONLY genuinely yuri aspect (Emoji) has so far been played just for laughs?

Not enough male self-inserts for you or are you really this emotionally regressive?

Look at the thread's OP.

Two girls sitting next to each other?

Wow that's gay

high majority of Cred Forums considers shipping the only form of relationship development between characters

You can choose to be purposefully dense or acknowledge it for the shitposting it is. I don't care either way, I've said my piece.

Tomoko's yuri harem cannot be denied

Only one has romantic feelings but meme magic can always happen

>End of series
>Tomoko has become a decent human being with normal looks
>On the contrary, all her friends had gone to a deep end
>It's you guys fault I'm not popular!
>The end.

Please do not bully, Tomoko and delinquent are too good together not to ship

That doen't implies anything more.

Shitposters (or ship-posters, if you will) on Cred Forums have no bearing on the story itself, fortunately.

>She graduates and goes to university
>She slowly loses contact with her friends from high school but doesn't get any new friends at her university
>She ends up all alone anyway
The realistic ending

Oh shit, I kinda dropped the manga at some point, where do I go read it? I know Google is a thing and all that, I'd just like to know what's the least cancerous place to go to.

Doubt it. She'll always be friends with pureslut even if everyone else leaves her. She'll never be alone.

You mean Yuused goods

Just because certain people interpret or exaggerate yuri subtext from the manga does not make it a yuri manga.

I want a nice boat end.

Is watamote a lesbo then?

Emoji may usually be played for laughs, but god damn she is gay.

She's so best it hurts that she's gonna lose

Does anyone have raws of the latest chapter?

Yuri finally gets to fuck Tomoko?

Is Tomoko a Chad with a harem of dykes or a Stacy with a harem of dykes?

What I´m trying to say is...who´s the top between Tomoko and each menber of her harem?

Both Tomoko and her harem are bottoms.


I expected that Yuri, emoji, Nemo and maybe Mako or Yoshida Will follow her

So...who´s the top between the creator of this shitty meme and the fag who always use it?

worldthree's website

Thanks! Brb, marathoning it.

Exclusive footage of Nemoto voice acting an eroge.

we need doujins in which the delinquent rapes tomoko

The delinquent will never do that

too pure for rape

This is at its lowest. I don't like it anymore. Waiting for the next thread to say it again.

Yes the lord have hear are prayers. The queen may be back

at some point with series like these the scanlators or official translators just need to include a fucking culture 101 forward that explains the whole thing in Japan where girls in middle/high school are just as socially retarded as the guys, but they have "practice relationships" with eachother as a means of eventually having relationships with guys

some actually fuck, some don't

Like being a lesbo in middle/high school in Japan is literally viewed as this cute phase by adults- you're officially a grown up woman when you stop practicing making out with your girlfriend and finally land Chaddo Thundakakko

Don't make me relive this.

the realistic ending to Watamote is Tomoko becoming the protagonist of My Lesbian Experience with Lonliness.

Thrill to the adventures of Tomoko becoming a cutter out of sheer boredom and having her weight go up and down like 20kg due to manic-depressive starvation/binging. Watch the exciting climax of Tomoko hiring a female prostitute but being unable to actually enjoy it as she realizes that sex is a form of communication and being unable to communicate makes you unable to really actively participate- ending with the prostitute fishing around in her vagina for 30 minutes because they're both baffled she doesn't have a hymen. With her real popularity coming when she draws a manga about her fucked up life.

Which of Tomoko's current friends/acquaintances should be the prostitute for the twist ending?

Hard mode no Yuu.

>muh class s waifu is not a dirty lesbo, btw I'm insecure
Stop pretending like teen same sex experimentation is exclusive for Japan.


that can only end in Komi dressing her up like her brother

wow, that is really getting into character.


>Tomoko goes too far sexually harassing delinquent
>Delinquent responds in kind with violent rape
Yes please


I just like that she has given up on her "Tomoko is just stalking me because she is a pervert who is into CUTE girls."

And have gone full-whack into "Yeah I'm in love with Tomoko, now how can I get a chance to sniff her hair and panties."

Why make her knees blush too?

The ova showed us what an episode of TomoMote would look like, would you be hyped over more of that?

Is she actually somewhat interested in voice acting H-scenes?

Did you even read the last chapter?

She is now.

Will pineapple be aroused if nemo does the scenes? What's the next part of nemos plan ?

remember when this manga was about a shy friendless girl and not an insane lesbian with a 10-member harem

who's the 10th member?

Okay because it was foretold by gyromancy.

Yet Tomoko is actually more straight than at least a couple of these Motes.

It had to change eventually but yeah, not a fan of what seems like the inevitable outcome.

it's only a matter of time

I remember when it was unfunny gag manga based around the single joke, I also remember cringeworthy memes and fanbase surrounding it.
Now that manga actually become funnier and enjoyable to read during to bigger cast of characters, I can only welcome such changes and forget about horrible past.

I've read enough porn to see what happens next

>it sucked that's why I kept reading for 100 chapters now it's finally good

This was a yuritrash ever since first chapter you dense retard.

why are social relations with girls so complex?

It's almost like I could skip a few chapters and read where things become good, also
Tomoko become a party member for a year or two, this is when I got hooked up again because I like when characters do not not stuck in limbo forever.

>skipping chapters
yeah that's all I needed to know, welcome to Cred Forums in 2018


>force yourself to read chapters if you don't like the content
>why u reading it if u don't like it
>skip things I don't like
>so you actually didn't read it lol this is modern Cred Forums guys so bad

Tomoko isn't an insane lesbian. It's just everyone else around her that is.

>literally skipping 100 chapters
yeah yesterday I was watching a good anime I skipped half of the episodes though lol

She's an absolute chicks magnet though.

How would sheepemojiucchichan react?

they know where it's at

nevr 4get

She'd probably go masturbate furiously while she cries and repeats how disgusting it is over and over again.

You think we'll ever know watamom's name?

Confirmed. Cant wait for that chapter.

I genuinely like the introduction of the new characters, I really do. It gave life to the series after it needed a breath of life again. I don't even mind the development of the others.
But personally, I sincerely doubt it will end up going full /u/, since the only truly implied yuri is either A) a joke (Ucchi) or B) Tomoko being the creepy pervert she is. And that's okay, it's funny that way. But it wouldn't make sense for a series that plays gayness off as a joke to go full gay unironically.
If it does end up going that way, I doubt I'll still drop it. More than likely it'll still be good. It's just that any /u/fags that have been pushing their gayness onto the series are still viewing it through their rose-tinted glasses, and no amount of comedic "lesbianism" is going to make it a fully gay series.

Except one of the main objectives Tomoko had at the beginning is to get a couple, so she ending up in a weird and unusual relationship would be really fitting.

kuroki momoko

It still wouldn't make sense though. She doesn't want an unusual relationship, the entire point to of this manga is for her to attempt becoming normal, so naturally it would make more sense for her to be in a normal relationship.

I didn't literally skipped all 100 chapters and the point is I just skipped to the part where thigs become better for my tastes, why should sit through 100 chapters of the same shit I didn't like? I'm not some autist who like to spend all his time on shit he doesn't like and then complain about it.
Whatever I do anyway, there's no way to please idiots.

Is Watamote a healing manga?

you skipped the core of the series and now you like the part where author desperately trying to milk it because she's afraid of ending it, your opinion doesn't really matter at this point

Sure and she wanted normal friends as well, not the bunch of weirdos she ended up with. The point is that she gets friends and a couple, even if they're all weird. Hell, the entire point of the manga is that you don't need to stop being weird to have a life.

she's getting cuter by the year

The endgame is definitely healing.

Where's year three?

Yuri has a friend already. She's just fascinated by Tomoko's weirdness and she just went kinda yandere for her.

Eh, fair enough. I can't be assed to argue at the moment, so I'll just agree to disagree.


>I have someone I like
Did Ucchi realize what she was saying when she said this?

You're right all things considering. The right opinion would be the yuribait cancer. The yuri baiting is probably the worst this series has ever been. Yet Tomoko improving socially is believable. I wish we could off all yurifags. They really killed this series.

It's okay, she only said it for magical purposes.

Of course she didn't. She lives in a state of constant denial. It was just a subconscious answer.

Tomoko's no homo bro
>molesting Yuu isn't gay, that's just natural selection

dirtied from kneeling to suck tomoko's girlcock obviously

I doubt it. It'll just be played for laughs.

Something tells me we'll never see Tomoko in a relationship. I'm assuming the manga is ending when school ends, though - maybe if it goes on into university there'll be an actual romantic happening, but I don't see it.

>Gets jealous about Tomoko having other friends
What's Yuri's endgame?

Chain Tomoko to a wall and make sure she only ever wants to look at her.

The finish line is obviously graduation, but it could definitely keep on going afterwards. Is it still selling well?

In any case romance will happen. Especially cause we also have the BrotherBowl going on.

Sure shitty self-repeated gag is the core of the series, not a character going from being a walking meme to actually developing somewhat social skills.
>trying to milk it because she's afraid of ending
>giving a series a new development is milking
>keeping the shit sterille and unchanging till forever so spaghetti underage Cred Forumstards could post their lifeblog stories


you literally skipped chapters, do you watch anime with english dubs too?

>>All the implications are there
>>"Just because certain people interpret"

you're dense, end of that. There's special schools for kids like you.

Why is she so tsundere?

Keep wearing those /u/-tinted glasses.

Is she cleaning after being with Tomoko?

It's Tomoko's hair. It has a "gross" flavour.

Oh lawd.
We need to step up our game. The Jap fans are better at this than we are.

is season 2 actually happening? i dont understand

Yuri is happening. Quite literally.

Those chapters hold no value and reading them won't change absolutely nothing.
Deal with it.

I want a Watamote reboot. Make the characters look like they do in the manga don't cute them up to try and sell dvds. Also, potentially do an introduction (or skip it), then jump over the entire first year of high school where nothing happens and go right into year 2, maybe even a few months into it.


So, basically just a S2 with different animation, then.

Yuri Tamura, or "Girls' Love"?

Do you think cousin-chan's view of Tomoko would change if she saw her now?

>don't cute them up
What is wrong with people like you?
Like how much of a contrarian fag you wannabe so you would hate them literally improving whatever shitty drawing the original had?

If it's S2 then it's safe to assume it follows where S1 left off.

Tomoko isn't supposed to be cute.

Yeah, I remember dropping it because the cringe joke wore thin but now that I know it's now about lust-crazed snizz munching bitches I might have to pick it back up again.

>t-those chapters suck I know because I didn't read them

>It's not my fault I'm not popular
>becomes relatively popular

You would complain about why I bothered to those chapters since I didn't like it.
Fuck off already.

See, it's not her fault.

>skipping chapters
>pretending you know what they are about

>"Girls' Love"
No such thing.


Stop being a sperg already and leave me alone.

Tomoko was literally sperging untill she suddenly get friends,


Could at least try to say why skipping chapters in a gag manga without any kind of story is such a tragedy.


>manga has had development
>there's no story
which is it?

which was why the series got popular in the first place

>praise a series for the character development
>skip all the character development
if cunts like you had your way every rollercoaster would only go downhill. you're being called out because you're a basic bitch, the kind of baby who skips dinner and still eats dessert.
it does have a story you retarded faggot. you skipped it.

>t. /u/

S1 ended pretty near the end of her first year, minus two or three chapters. So having a reboot that starts at the beginning of Year 2 is pretty much just s second season.

I.e. Shoujo Ai or y/u/ri.


>Drawing your friends as if you were in elementary school

Ucchi's gonna sneak back into the park at 4 to hang out with Tomoko right?


is everyone in 3-4 supposed to be crazy weirdos?

does sticking all the crazy weirdo kids in one class actually work out?

>how am I supposed to her for all of these
your underwear

>is everyone in 3-4 supposed to be crazy weirdos?

>does sticking all the crazy weirdo kids in one class actually work out?
According to an user who had that happen to him when he was in high school, yeah.

She was in the group when they decided to do so so most likely.

There is a story you fucking subculture bitch

>Skip all the character development
She get character development when she started to socialize and leave the limbo of being forever social outcast and meme joke for Cred Forumstier shitheads
>you're being called out
You retards can't form even a decent opinion, let alone call me on anything, the only one who is being called out here is imbecile who just switched to other way of shitposting, instead of blaming me for reading something I didn't like, to not reading something I didn't like.
I only see contraririan fit in retards that only here because muh spaghetti shit, the moment manga stopped about this shit you lost your way to post your blog shit, good riddance.
And I did fucking read manga since when it began, unlike you I did witness Tomoko actually now having friends.
>it does have a story you retarded faggot
It doesn't have any fucking story, not even now.
Learn what the story and plot development actually means.

What was this pose all about?

>skips chapters
>talks to others about the manga like you understood it
ok kid

It's a pose that hides their dirty bits if they did it naked.


>Would you read a manga about some kid's normal HS life?

Yes? Why do you think the slice of life genre exists? Either way, Watamote started getting stale ages ago when it just kept doing the same old same old. Her old antics were fine for awhile but you need to do new shit eventually. Status quo in a story is bad, no matter what.

How can a delinquent be this pure?

No there isn't you uneducated swine.
A story is a single entity, with series of events that are related to each other and they follow one from another.

I think that the first 68 chapters of the series range from great to good to repetitive and lame, but not reading them would be very retarded because then you can't actually understand the gravity behind Tomoko's later developments. The more together she seems in the new chapters is a lot more significant given how fucking weird she used to be.

Also at least one chapter, arguably the best so far, completely falls flat if you skipped the chapters that make it make sense (student council president).

Nice parroting, not like you could bring actual argument proving that I did miss a lot from those chapters.

>skips chapters
>t-there's no story I totally didn't miss anything

>understand the gravity behind Tomoko's later developments.
She just went from being a single sperg to a sperg surrounded by lesbian spergs, it's funnier this way because gives a lot more variety then repeating a single joke.
And I did fucking reading it since when it first came out, I just stopped to care because it was same old shitty gag, of course brainlets interpritated it as:"Hurr didn't 100 chapters" I did read enough to see what it's like, and which is why I do like the changes.

I want to unabashedly cheer for a children's show with her!

>using the word "brainlets"
I think that says it all, not worth arguing. This is why I didn't give you a (you).

>t. chapter skipper
there's nothing you can say to look any worse

>it sucked that's why I kept reading for 100 chapters now it's finally good
>you literally skipped chapters

Because only certain people use this words, no way anyone else could picked up them.

Remember watamote volume 12 sold out twice.

Really? Two or three chapters of manga encapsulated all of winter? Culture festivals happen in November and the school year starts in April.

now I can't live without a naked version(s) of pic

>mom Do i fit in?

are you mentally challenged?

>It Follows

Are you?
That's what you said at first, and then suddenly switched narrative.
It's obvious that you just are shitposting retard with no coherent opinion of his own, just parroting the same shit and ignoring any kind of criticism because hurr he didn't read the chapters.
So kindly fuck off, retard.

the first quote was before you announced that you skipped chapters, I don't know why I even keep replying to a literal retard

>the first quote was before you announced that you skipped chapters
>and then suddenly switched narrative.
Exactly you fucking moron, you switched narrative and parroting the same shit, and would do the same shit if I told you that I actually read the chapters.
I just fucking told you that, you bleeding mongoloid inbreed.

>WTF he reacted to my new post that he replied to instead of saying the same thing he just said??
yeah okay




wait didn't the author get injured biking? did it not affect the release?

He told me he was ok his arm wasn't broken thank god.

I miss when Watamote was good.

You jump at me with some shitty pretense that I read something I didn't like and force myself to read, then suddenly you blame for not reading the exact same shit because I didn't want force myself through that.
This is demagogy shit, whatever I do you would shitpost about it, and considering you didn't prove a single argument why does not reading all of Watamote chapters is necessary.

It's still good.

>lmao Watamote is just liek me here's my blog post

I assumed, like any sane person would, that you would have read the stuff you are talking about, of course I react when it turns out you have skipped half of the story and have no idea what you are talking about

Read what you want or not but I wouldn't recommend trying to fully participate in discussions without fully participating in the source material.


Is there any group on Cred Forums worse than /u/ fags?

Everything you say is just demagog shit, you wouldn't know if I read chapters or not untill I told you, you would just use different tactic, the one which you wanted to use.
>I wouldn't recommend trying to fully participate in discussions without fully participating in the source material.
No one would even notice unless I fucking told them, because autists are this dumb, can't even tell me directly what did I miss so important, because they just need to fit right in, I bet they don't even care about watamote that much.

of course I fucking wouldn't know what chapters you have read unless you told me, what am I a fucking wizard? you can't talk about them because you haven't read them

Why are you so proud of being stupid? I don't get it.


What chapter's did you skip ?

After the Cockroach Stomp chapter (where the anime leaves off, more or less), there's one about her brother choosing another school (and her screwing it up), one about Yuu talking to her about the sexual acts she's done with her boyfriend on Tomoko's 16th birthday. And then one about graduation. Skip the Mistaken for a Pervert spring break chapter they inserted earlier in the anime, and then you're at the start of Year 2.


Damn, and when a manga/anime has a winter story-line that's some of the comfiest times. Well whenever I power through the manga I guess I'll read about all that shit.

What is Ucchi ahegaoing from?

I still can't believe that the ova pretty much predicted it.

Everyone just ignore that guy and enjoy the thread.

Left to right?

Source on that?

Look closer.

right to Left.


There's no incest, though.

Incest-shipping is the worst in manga.


Kii-chan is the only person to ever confess her love Tomoko.

Don't forget tomoki.


Pretty sure /U/cchi confessed (undying) love for Tomoko in Chapter 127, though not directly to her yet. That comes later.

Kiko adores her Onee-chan to a creepy level, true, but I don't think that she's aware of how she comes off. Guess we might have Tomoko to thank for that.

Kindergarten affection between siblings and childish misunderstanding of the nature of marriage doesn't, doesn't count.

Kii said directly to Tomoko's that she likes her more than anyone else. I'm not sure if she understands if it's love or anything, but it sure is.

Yeah, Nico likes to make fun of anime memes.


While I am happy that the manga got better and more popular with the change, the fact that this also attracts retard who skip the whole story arc is just sad. It just like when secondaryfags ruin the thread with their shipposting tier opinions.

Hasn't followed this since volume 2 or something. Does she still hang out with her blonde only friend?

tomoko's got new bitches now, yuu left her boyfriend and is living on the streets working as a prostitute



Why is Kii like this? Why does she love tomoko so much?

What's wrong with it having yuri ending? You anti yurifags always act like paranoid faggot.

It really came out of nowhere, didn't it. I feel like she went from S to M in her last visit.

Same reason as Ucchi. Disgust for the mojyo was turned into obsession, and further developed into affection.

I really hope Yuri and Tomoko get closer next chapter.

Will they kiss in next 10 chapters?

Post yuri kissing and ignore Chagen

indirect kiss


Can't Watamote is not good anymore.

are those from baka to test?

They might "accidentally" kiss.
More likely is indirect kissing

From going Nopan.

Can't have her panties stolen by Tomoko if wearing none!

Who are you quoting?

How so? Don't remember her doing anything obviously masochistic, unless you're referring to the furry thing.

What's the endgame of Mako?

They probably will. The Nemoto-Okada subplot was resolved at the end of 129, and Okada contacted Yoshinori on LINE, so their whole group is probably parting ways with the Reject Posse at the start of the next chapter, giving us a tighter cast.

I imagine the bulk of the chapter will be split evenly between Yuri and Tomoko development, and showing us what happens when Mako went after Minami. Maybe Yuri will be forced to open up about how Mako going after Minami truly made her feel, and her general anxiety that her friends will leave her for more popular girls will be exposed. Seems like the perfect way to get her and Tomoko to bond.

>Nemoto-Okada subplot was resolved
They might part ways with Tomoko in the next chapter, but it's only the beginning of a new pervert Nemo arc.

Watamote is about the same just with Tomoko having friends.

Some people just can't deal with a girl like her having friends, because they think they could only be there for lewd reasons.

Weird logic, given how unattractive she is, but who can explain the warped ways shipping hype and anti-hype works?

Make everyone happy and get everybody to be friends. Also, growing out of freckles.

I wish people would just be happy for tomoko because she has friends now.

Follow theyre arms, it make a heart. Thats what the pose is about.

>given how unattractive she is

I get what you're trying to say here, but it's also true only Cred Forums fixates on Tomoko's supposedly hideous appearance, and only because of being surrounded by scores of traditional beautiful/moe heroine shows that have to dictate everything else as being ugliness.

Even Fang didn't go as far as call her ugly, anybody in the right mood to attack her usually just mocks her attitude or actions, she's otherwise plain looking and interesting to some for other reasons.

Happy for Tomoko, and happy for her new friends, who didn't really have many friends either (and just as much problems with the ones they did have as Tomoko did with Yuu). Tomoko's split-second decision to make a field trip group out of rejects and fellow scumbags was probably the best thing that ever happened to all of them.

Ah, guess I was more hyperbolic than I should have been. Other than the stress eyebags, her appearance particularly stand out in a good way or a bad way.

I just don't get why people jump to the conclusion that the reason why she now has her own girl posse is because they all want to "get under her skirts". Nothing about her would begin to suggest that, and the manga explicitly laid out why they ACTUALLY would beforehand. I guess Cred Forums and /u/ don't understand the concept of comradery or nakama, or something.

I can't even remember what most of those chapters were. I'd say the only important ones though would be any that introduces Tomoko to Hina, the Kii-chan chapters, Komishit ones, the summer/beach ones with Yuu and Komishit and obviously the proper set up of second year and introduction of Ogino-sama.

Yuri's the most popular character in the series for some godforsaken reason.

The anime is whatever but the character designs are fucking terrible and in some cases (Nemo) don't even look anything like the characters in question.

It's the pigtails of power.

She hadn't thought of it before but she finds the idea of Pineapple being flustered by it interesting/funny/arousing so now she wants to do it.

Also Tomoko's VA is an all-but-open dyke.

No, Space Mountain changed it all for her. Tomoko inadvertently holding her hand getting Tomoko's hair in her face is the exact moment her feelings shifted to recognizing she's in love.

There is a severe lack of Pineapple in this thread.

She looked up to Tomoko, then had her view of Tomoko completely shattered. She spent a year stewing on this and it's since come to consume her. Tomoko being a failure completely mindfucked Kii-chan.





Because the Yuri is for protecc

does this mean s2 will happen?


>Tomoko is a lesbian

Fucking cancer.


I'm so happy to see watamote got a second chance . I just hope anime tomoko will get a second chance.


Not what that is. It's a reference to the scene where Yuri first tells Tomoko that she considers her a friend. Given that that scene happens in Volume 12, and is one of the reasons for its increased popularity, it'd be stranger if they DIDN'T include official art of this kind with it.

I hate fucking /u/, reddit and tumblr but I use them and their user's work for translations.

Don’t bother no one cares

You will hear it next thread. I need to remind you.

Tomoko not a lesbian .

you don't want to know how long i tried to look for 13 OVA download. fucking everything behind private walls like animebytes or paywalls now. I found it it has a single seeder left.

Why couldn't you have just asked the thread to seed it or give you a DDL?

I honestly don't remember most of what happen in a slice of life manga, but I remember the few moments that reach my heart: the one which Tomoko watch an anime from a office worker's laptop in a cafe and the one which she stay behind at the graduation ceremony.
Even I can only recall a few thing, I can still be certain of how I feel and enjoy them when reading in one sitting.

Actually true and I am neither.

i found it here celltorrent.com/[Doutei]-Watashi-ga-Motenai-no-wa-Dou-Kangaete-mo-Omaera-ga-Warui --13-OAD-[DVD][2212c7b9]-mkv-torrent-5264224.html a magnet link with 1-3 seeders. the original torrent link on old nyaa was never reupp'd and the DDL link was dead.

idk I thought Cred Forums hated beggars.

>idk I thought Cred Forums hated beggars.
We do, but if you need seeders I usually see some Anons provide that help.

Most of it can be found on YouTube:

Though the pre-song, 4th Wall breaking, otherwise-irrelevant bit isn't included.

Ok, this is your last (You) though, use it well friend

There's a lot of subtle bitchy high school girl social dynamic stuff going on in those chapters, user.

It's nice to see subtlety in Mongolian matte paintings sometimes.

So what exactly is this shit about?

The guy she watches anime with is chapter 44 and yeah that definitely needs to be included as it's one of my favorite chapters and one of the first ones I can think of where something goes right for Tomoko.

i found the long dead magnet link on some shit site it still had like 5 seeders. it just took me awhile to dig up on (((google))), duckduckgo, etc. new nyaa, anidex, tokyotosho, didnt seem to have anything except brazil subs. even searching for a XDCC bot I couldn't find it.
I thought I'd share my struggles
>why not animebytes
don't have access

>Emoji realizes her gay riding Space Mountain with Tomoko


One could even say her experience was out of this world.

How many copy's will volume 12 sell ?

Instead, the true end will be this.

What does hotcakes come out to numerically?

I have it if there's any way I can transfer it to you. It's fan subbed though.

1 million

i got it from where i said. don't worry. thanks user.

Well hopefully you enjoyed it more than I did. Personally I was really let down, kinda thought it sucked, but I also waited for months in hype for it. Maybe it's better when you aren't desperate for Watamote content. I should give it a repeat viewing one of these nights.

I haven't kept up with this series in forever. Probably a little bit after where the anime ends. Does she have friends now? Is she a lesbian (official) now?

What second chance? It never stopped being a manga.

Otaku will kill that faggot

She is now

They're probably referring to its recent upswing in popularity, since about this time last year.

Yeah, straight girls constantly try to see their friends panties and boobs.

Dumb fuck.

Way early on in the series it wasn't really seen as lesbo shit because of how awkward Tomoko is. She's bordering on normie by now though.

Tomoko not a normie.

She's getting there


>the other day Yaraon had an article with a title line going "Watamote ends"
>it was a different series with a similar title abbreviation

Fucking clickbaiter.

By the laws of nippon all content must have fanservice in it. Thus she is obsessed with pervy stuff.Reading more into it is silly

Watamote's going to end when Tomoko graduates high school and she is in her last year so that is going to happen soon.

Look at SZS. One year can be 30+ volumes.

Look at DB. 5 minutes can be several tanks.

There are like three titles with that abbreviation

fanservice is not done nonsensical, there is always a buildup based on the premise. We had panty shots in dragonball, because Muten Roshi was an old pervert, we have jiggling tits in Highschool of the dead, because the girls have canonically large tits. We have yuri fantasies in watamote, because Tomoko is bi.

2 or 3 year's from now

What was the last chapter that had Tomoko's slut friend?

Chapter 124, just 5 chapters ago. People act like she never appears anymore, even though she regularly does

I unironically want Yuu to win the Tomokobowl

She does, and no, but at least 2 other legit lesbians want her.

>early on in the series
A few chapters ago the delinquent was angry with her because she was looking her panties. She still does it, it's just less frequent now.

Okay, fill me in, what happens here? Did she swap hairbands with Tomo?

She's too much of a goody 2 shoes for Tomoko. On the other hand, Yuri is a cynical bastard in the inside, so they're perfect for each other.

Yep, she's obsessed.

Yuri is kinda boring though, and I'm pretty sure Tomoko would have fun corrupting the poor innocent girl
And also never forget

Are people really angry it turned /u/?

That's only cause we still haven't seen the real Yuri. She acts like a normal girl, but in reality she's pretty damn insane.

Im glad to see Tomoko with friends, finally, but they still arent close enough. They need to hang out more, outside of school events. Tomoko finally talking to someone as her normal self is such a huge step up for her. Also, the only lesbian is emoji. Yuri, despite the name, thinks that tomoko is one of her only friends, and can't handle the thought of losing her to another group after mako bailed during the field trip. It's desperation and loneliness. Those types latch on, but hardly ever are able to keep a relationship with the few, or one friend they have. I hope the friendship grows, instead of ending tragically due to yuris misinterpretations and tomoko's denseness and unwillingness to open up.

There's only one girl who's gay

I dunno, it's pretty hard to bounce back from being a furry.

She's even cute in the manga.

Is she? I can't remember anything happening to make her seem pretty insane, the most I've seen is just jealousy

I've been jealous of people, but I've never resorted to physical violence because of it. Yuri comes to it pretty easily.

Yuri has been showing yandere tendencies for a while. It's true that she's kinda clingy with her friends, and she also wanted Delinquent-chan in the group, but if it was just clinginess she wouldn't have let Mako go with whatsherface. She wants Tomoko just for her.

So I just caught up on Watamote after reading it for the past 2 weeks and I'm wondering, how often do new chapters come out? Cause it seems like there's been 129 chapters in 7 years, which seems like not a lot

Basic math tells me 1 chapter every 2 weeks or so.

monthly, it's always been monthly. something might happen this month though because someone on the mangaka team got injured

You mean it's been almost monthly. Some chapters appear in the same month, so it's more like every 3-4 weeks.


There are only 3 people running for the OtoutoBowl. Whatsherface, Glasses and somehow Delinquent-chan too, recently.

I want it to be the Delinquent, just to see how Tomoko reacts

I'd feel really bad for Glasses-chan, but Delinquent is probably the best one for the brother.

Doujins are often OOC to some extent.

it was always bi-monthly, as in twice a month. Sometimes it takes three weeks due to them working on other projects or health issues, holidays etc.

I miss Kii-chan

I wonder how she's going to react to Tomoko's harem

Poor Kii-chan. So young and so mindbroken already.

>summer comes
>Kii-chan comes over with her new dog
>she lets him lick her face for a full minute before rising to speak to Tomoko

I'm gonna buy it along with the previous volumes, though I suppose you can't get the colored paper gift outside of Japan

pic related

It'll just click in her brain and she'll realise why no boy wants hit on tomoko

That is Pinnaple´s problem now, Kuro is already safe of Nemo creepiness

They're consummating their relationship? Finally.

Who's you favourite non Tomoko character anons? I like the delinquent because she's breaking every single generic delinquent ideal I had in my head

Wait who's the other? Mako?

Stop pretending like teen same sex experimentation is normal

Yuri and Emoji.

It was only a matter of time.

She started her second year in chapter 39 and started her third year in chapter 122, nearly 90 chapters later.

I don't think Yuri is gay just clingy, however Mako is a psycho lesbo but maybe she is off dyking with Fang right now.

Oh shit, it's almost like Yuri's the real MC and Tomoko's just this made-up, little, green monster that Yuri projects all her insecurities onto.

If she was just clingy she'd also be clingy with Mako and Delinquent, and get jelly when they're with their other friends, but that's simply not the case. Hell, she even encouraged Mako to go with Fang.
Also, that was just a misunderstanding, come on.

I'm sure she's very serious about that.

Can she just have a regular friend to talk about boys and stuff? Even Komi seems to be more suitable in this one, at least she and her friend actually look like friends and not like potential lovers

Damn, this artist draws Kuroki CUTE!

I like the delinquent because she's a qt.

Gap moe is best moe.

Wait, what the fuck happened after this? The next chapter just cuts to the spring break, am I missing something?

I like Nemo for being cute and fun and Yuri for being shy but clingy

Massive orgy

>If she was just clingy she'd also be clingy with Mako and Delinquent, and get jelly when they're with their other friend
It's been said before but it's kinda obvious that Yuri sees her as some sort of equally pathetic kindred spirit. She likes Mako and Delinquent but doesn't relate to them as well as she does (or thinks she does) with Tomoko.

I can relate, out of my friend group the person I'm closest with is the guy I consider to be as awkward and inept as me.

But are you borderline yandere about them? That's the difference.

I'm not, but I'm ashamed to say I get really shitty when he has any kind of success because I feel like I'm being left behind.

I can't remember when I stopped reading. I think shortly after the anime aired.
So looks like Tomoko has a group if friends now. Has the genre of the manga changed much?

Her mentally stable friend is much cuter.

Not much, it's still pretty hilarious, though the hilarity now comes more from misunderstandings than from outright cringiness. Also, all the side characters manage to get proper development without being too intrusive, so go read it.

Remember when people thought she would be a total bitch and fight Yoshida or bully her because of her childish tastes?

>that can only end in Komi dressing her up like her brother

And Tomoko wearing black tights, for Komi-dressed-up-as-Tomoki.

>insane lesbian with a 10-member harem

Anyone have that "surrounded by raging lesbians" image?

>Don't forget tomoki.

Pineapple she's so innocently normie that it's adorable.

Is Tomoko still this small? Her proportions in this page have me going full I M A G I N E

The cringiness gets pushed more on the other characters. Tomoko's come to terms with what she is and at this point has largely stopped caring about what other people think hence why she was able to pull out the "I'm looking for a boyfriend" introduction despite the fact it would likely embarass herself. Can't really embarass someone who's stopped caring about being embarassed so instead it gets pushed on the other characters.

She's too mellow to get uppity about anything with her boyfriend riding her every night.

>There's only one girl who's gay

You mean a couple of girls who wants to eat Tomoko's hairy pussy.

As long as you trim it, like Tomoko does, there's nothing wrong with hair down there.


Am I supposed to self insert as Ucchi?

>It's their genes that make it obvious.
Ucchi's a pretty dangerous kid.

the only decent doujin is the one from Saigado and it's a classic old man sex for money. The rest is futa, that's disgusting.

take that back, radiohead is a tresure

it is confirmed that Tomoko stink and doesn't bath daily, why do they want her vagina?

She doesn't smell at all, according to Tomoki and Komi. Nobody else has commented on her smell, either.

When will we meet the mothers of each otehr of the girls.

I wanna know how yuris and yoshidas moms look like.

Class Mom's great. The other girls except for Emoji are a lot of fun too, but I'm not too happy with how their quirks are becoming so exagerrated during this Disneyland arc. I think I would have been happier if the series ended shortly after the class dinner chapter before it went full "everyone is vying for Moko's attention".

Why did it take so long for watamote to be come popular again ?


Maybe the theme shift brought some life to it.


Was that the one where she started looking up dick pics? I cant remember if that was after people flooded her twitter.

You made me laugh. Good troll.

>tfw you will never eat Yuri's chocolate

Can't we all just get along?
/u/fags, I'm sorry. You can enjoy the shipping, it's fine.
Anti-/u/fags, remain calm. We can still enjoy all the autism this comic provides, together.
Just please give me back the comfy threads we used to have...

Remember when these threads used to be full of depressed people speculating on when Tomoko would commit suicide?

She's like a caterpillar. So cute!!!

that was an author note from chapter 44. this one is from 90-something

>manga actually has the protagonist grow up

I really like the authors attitude.

Females would get so fucking wet seeing Tomoko being the most hairy under there.

I personally like the deliquint a lot too, but more because she remind of myself. Ipersonally tend to get easily upset over basic things too, and I'll often do things just because I enjoy them even if it means dragging others along.

I too remember all the blogshit, spaghetti posting, as well as Cred Forums and Cred Forums legitimately being tsundere for each other.

I think Chapter 40 and everything surrounding that was the lowest point for me personally, really seemed to capture her desperation best Those days are over, hopefully. Tomoko has tried so hard and she deserves to rest.



>except for Emoji
>not liking best girl
>but I'm not too happy with how their quirks are becoming so exagerrated during this Disneyland arc
Yeah same here, they got a bit flanderized cause they weren't really characters, they were just more one note and 'hey look we're doing the thing we're known for'
Let's hope that changes in the next chapters

I'll only agree on you in the first part because the anime gave us absolute kino in the form of episode 11.

Literally had this song on loop when Imae's graduation chapter came out. Shit was heartwrenching.




her phone case is awesome

Known gays:
Crazy lesbo (Mako)
Tomoko (bi)
Pineapple (possibly)
Yuri (possibly)

There are a ton of lesbos in watamote.


What a wonderful person. I hope to be as good as her one day.


Was that the summer vacation one?

I really want to see these two becoming REAL friends, and Tomoko leaving Yuu behind (a little bit).

Nemo's gay?

The gayest.

How does that prove she's gay tho

They could be just good friends.

While I like that there's more character interaction. I dislike that Watamote is transforming into a generic moe-pig yuri teasing series like so many others.

No, it was the chapter where she threw herself into even more solitary activities like eating sweets and reading manga at her desk in hopes of being noticed. iirc that's also when Ogino began to intervene.

It's not just teasing when they acknowledge it.

She basically finds satisfaction in seeing Pineapple getting all flustered, and wants to torture her more. The original japanese text was gayer.

the world may never know

I love how blatantly obvious it is that the main character in the lit girl manga is based off him, while the lazy hikkikomori write sisters are the artist's self-inserts. It makes it clear that Tomoko really is just a mash-up of their personalities.

Maybe it's a translation issue, but that only means she's fine with doing ecchi voice acting roles?

No, it still is. They knowledge it in many of those shows but it isn't true Yuri.
Real Yuri is like Citrus and that kind of series sells like trash in japan.
Fake Yuri teasing is stuff like Yuru Yuri or Is that order a rabbit. Cute gay-ish girls doing cute things.Dime a dozen but tends to perform well.

>my little brother just sent me his as a prank
I wish she'd actually say this. That would be insane.

In the Japanese version, she makes it far more clear that she wants to see Pineapple's reaction if she were to voice a hentai game, not just finding out about hentai in general.

No, she wants to do ecchi voice just to make Okada uneasy.

Okay, I'm not an expert, but that sounds quite gay

Watamote has both teasing and real yuri. Some of the girls clearly are gay but too shy to express it, or just creepily gay in general. It's just relatively realistic depiction of teens discovering their sexuality for the first time.


Must be tiny.

Is it really fair to say that Kii-chan is a lesbian? She's still in middle school, and Tomoko is mainly only interesting to her because of her quirks. Tomoko in Kii-chan's eyes went from strong role-model onee-san to fallen hero and now she's learning about furries because of misunderstandings. For all we know, she could be taking the knot right now!

Time will tell but for now it's pretty fair to say.

What happens if I feed Nemo after midnight?

She'll get really excited. Then you only need to get her wet so she can reproduce.

I would say no because she's too normie to be gay but she is a sports girl so maybe...

No. She's just a good friend.
No, she just wants to help Tomoko because she used to be her role model and now she's just Tomoko.
>Crazy lesbo (Mako)
No, that was a misunderstanding.
>Tomoko (bi)
Yes. She just denies it cause she tries to be a normie.
>Pineapple (possibly)
No. She's just a good friend.
>Yuri (possibly)
Yes, and a yandere as well.

Lesbianism is just a standard straight girl phase in Japan.

>muh phase
How do you explain actual irl mature lesbians then?

Lesbianism being a common phase in Japan doesn't really conflict with the fact that actual lesbians exist. It just means lots of girls in moonland have girlcrushes they grow out of.

>good friend
Lecherous friend more like.
>now she's just Tomoko
Who looked up the net for "female furry" and made her heart go doki doki.
>No, that was a misunderstanding.
>She's just a good friend.
Nemo for her is like what Tomoko is for yuri.

If this ends by devolving into yuri shit then I'll be glad it's over. Fuck all yuri fags, you are absolute cancer.

What gonna happen this chapter ?

So she's a disgusting otaku now, not necessarily anything else.

>Nemo for her is like what Tomoko is for yuri.
Pineapple got mad cause her friend didn't tell her anything about her future plans. Yuri on the other hand gets mad over any little thing, and she is only so possessive when it comes to Tomoko.

I wouldn't worry about that tomoko like guy's way too much.


Tomoko has been trying to sexualize Yuu since the first two volumes and you're just complaining about Yuri right now? Fuck off with your obvious bait.

>wahhh there's no self-insert male characters wahhh

Tomoko is a male self insert character already. She's an extremely perverted and apathetic tomboy.

CAN we get over 1000 post one day.

The day we get a kiss we will.

Calling something you disagree with bait is unhealthy user. It's okay to disagree with someone, but you are removing agency and believe that it isn't even possible for someone to disagree with you. For someone to disagree with you they must be lying, that's what you are saying.
It's not good.

Who will her boyfriend be?
I bet it's the popular glasses boy.

Me too user.

Almost as unhealthy as calling people who don't agree with you "a cancer", would you say?

No, saying you dislike something and saying that you can't imagine someone else even being able to dislike something are not the same.

If the artist draw canon R34 of Tomoko and had a chapter about her thinking random shit in the shower and masturbating then yeah.

Disliking is different to disliking. Gotcha.

>user in charge of reading comprehension

To be ecchi Tomoko's idea of boyfriends has largely come down to just them being something popular people have. She hasn't really shown any real interest in boys outside of eroge.

Where can I read this chapter?

No user, read again.

Her interest in eroge is an interest in boys. She plays them because she can't get RL D. She also showed an interest in Tomoki's super handsome senpai after he graduated.

He like tomoko.

Spin it however you want son, but you're being a hypocrite. Two different people are rejecting things they don't like, you're just siding with the opinion that aligns more closely with yours by trying to take some bizarre moral high ground

119 or 120

I mean, she's most likely str8 but not necessarily 100% str8.

Probably a good idea to heed your own advice. You won't, but you should.

>Her interest in eroge is an interest in boys
It's an interest in sex. She's probably straight, but she's also probably very confused about her sexuality in general.

This is pathetic.

No user. There is a difference between someone saying they dislike something and dislike people that favor that, and someone that says they literally can not imagine someone possibly disagreeing with them and if someone does disagree with them they must be lying to get a rise out of them.
The gulf between these two things is vast. I'm worried about you, user.

Thanks, I don't know how I missed that one, do we have already this month's chapter?

No u is not an acceptable or reasonable response.

130 this week.

Don't worry. He probably didn't learn english as his first language.
That or he's legitimately retarded.

Is ESL-KUN dead what happen to him ?

First off, I'm not necessarily siding with him, I'm just trying to get you to understand what he was saying.
Second off, that is not the defination of hypocricy at all. Stop being a disgrace to all those who use the english language.

>someone that says they literally can not imagine someone possibly disagreeing
Where did anyone say this? Do you understand what "literally" means? Do you know what a straw man argument is?

From your horrendous syntax I get the impression you're not a native English speaker.

I'm pretty sure he's been active in the last few minutes
This clunky wording stinks of ESL

See this exchange:

Nico birthday is today.

There you go again, going back to the No U.
You did it here
And now you're doing it here after this reply
I am a native English speaker, user. I am sorry that you have absolutely no reading comprehension or understanding of subtlety at all.

>Where did anyone say this?
You did. You said it right here
>Fuck off with your obvious bait
You are so self righteous, so full of absolute hubris that you insist that someone disagreeing with you is just lying and trying to get a rise out of you. That is something you literally did.
Such mindset is not healthy.

He did it twice in a row. As soon as he's accused of something, he just accuses everyone else of doing it too.
The Jew cries out in pain as he stabs you in the back

But I'm not him. I am defending him though, and I stand by my stance that you are retarded.

Wait, so you actually DO remember what the original argument was about but you're still confused?

Poster A
>fuck you yurifags you're cancer this is devolving into yurishit
Poster B
>Actually there were yuri elements from the beginning. This is bait.
Poster C (ESL-kun)
>Your post is unhealthy because you can't accept a different opinion

Neither A nor B are necessarily wrong, it's a matter of interpretation. Poster C jumping into the fray with the weird "unhealthy" angle was both unnecessary and revealing that he probably sides with poster A, which is the point I was making from the beginning. christ on a bike

I'm done, if you can't figure out something so simple you never will. I really hope you've just been trolling me and aren't actually this obtuse

Ah. Okay.
I assumed your "Poster C" was just Poster A.
But still, I would stand by the claim that calling something "bait", just because you don't agree with it is silly, is that not wrong?

You're a really retarded piece of shit, aren't you?
> I really hope you've just been trolling me
You're still doing it. You're so far up you're own ass you can't even hear anything but your own farts.
You refuse the agency of others, trying to attribute malice or underhanded goals. You claim I'm ESL when I'm not. You claim this despite you being completely unable to understand basic English. You don't fucking get that there is a difference between someone claiming they hate something and someone Literally claiming that there is no way possible for someone to disagree with them.
Do you have paranoid personality disorder, by chance? The way you are acting is consistent with people I've met in the past that have the condition.

No, poster C is saying poster B is unhealthy because they can't accept a different opinion exists.

Poster A has made no rational arguments tho.

I'm ESL-KUN I been too busy making watamote popular.

You guys better wish Nico a happy birthday by sending him dick pics.