Which one is genuine?

Which one is genuine?

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Wait, the cute girl on the right is from the same show? Why do all the threads I've seen only talk about the 2 on the left?

All of them user, but I would probably pick Iroha or Yukino.



Because she has no romantic affections for 8man


agree, she just using him


don't listen to this guys they are mad because despite being introduced on the half part of the second season shes already best girl


They're the 2 mains. 3rd one is the hipsters choice.

clearly irohasu


Yukino and Yui obviously. Iroha is definitely a no

Saika end is the peaceful end, so it is the best

well, she IS best imouto

the one with non-mutant feet

Sensei or GTFO.

Who is the yukimura of snafu?

from Haganai?

I take pink Misaka, she's just too adorable all in all

What is genuine?

if she were 10 years younger, sure...

even then she would be an ugly whore

In what aspect? Gender confusion, or the embodiment of the author's obvious disdain for shippers?

Yukino is gonna win. Heavily foreshadowed.


Wasted trips on shit taste.


What a bland looking thot.

They're all trash just like the show.

Only the one on the right is absolute trash.

Delet Yukino.

Literal garbage tier taste user-kun.

My waifu>your waifu

We'll never know because new LNs never.




Shit taste senpai.


>muh ice queen tsundere
>muh saori hayami

But that’s false Yuipollfag. Yuifags only like Yui because of her tits.

>le every yuifag is yuipollfag meme

None of them, but Iroha will be the first to become genuine.

Works for me. So then all Yuifags are retarded.

What are the odds of being able to play an english version of the PS Vita VN in my lifetime?

>one of the fakest characters ever
See yourself out.

Which one has the biggest tits? That one.

Fuck off cancer.

Yukino > Yui > Iroha

Sensei/Haruno Kawasaki

Cooncidentally, all three are worst girls. So that theory doesn’t work then.



I honestly only watched this for 8man. Any chance we'll see more of his antics anytime soon?

Don’t listen to this user:
He’s probably some butthurt sidegirlfag shipper.

Fuck off faggot

Iroha is best girl. There isn't even any competition.

I wonder what it would be like to have taste this shit.



>irohafags are sandnigger idolizers

Back to your shitty facebook group.

Irohafags have always been jihad extremists and Trumpfags.

You are probably a Yuifag who is butthurt that 8man hates nice girls.

Not really. I think Irohafags are the one true cancer. It also doesn’t help that their girl is an ugly cancerous whore.

They all make my dick genuinely hard

Only buns on the left.

Shit taste fampai. That’s worst girl.

The question was which one was genuine not which makes your dick hard despite being an annoying bitch. Yui's had very honest feelings and actions, even though she could have chosen better ways to show them.

So not only do tou have shit taste, you also don’t understand the narrative or Yui’s character, seeing as how Yui is one of the least genuine characters.

Ya I get it you thinking being a cunt is cute. It's alright maybe you'll understand genuine people sometime.

Yukino is best. Saki and Yumiko are pretty cute too though.

Thanks for confirming that you are a mongoloid. Go back to your facebook group or whatever shithole you came from.

What would RumiRumi or Harunon be like during sex?


Rumi is some bitch that gets raped in jail. Haruno has sex with old men for money.

I am so sorry but Iroha is butt ugly


No one

This the only honmono.

Nope Saki is hands down the shittiest girl.

Why is Yukinon so bland?

Because you have shit taste user.

Saki, Yui and Sensei are the blandest characters.


Sucks to be you

Because she isn't Iroha

But Iroha is a boring piece of shit.

Regardless which girl you like the most you have to admit that the LNs constantly present yukino as the "genuine"

Yukino is the most beautiful, so her

A genuine piece of shit that is.

You seem to have mistaken her with Iroha. Iroha is a piece of dogshit.

Yukino the school's top beauty

They're all genuine and I want a foursome with them RIGHT now!

But that’s false.

>that Yukino
What the literal fuck
This Railgun character designer was a mistake

Studio Feel a shit.

Old prez.

Old prez is a dirty skank

Sensei is best girl by far. I'll marry her since no one else will.

Yui is so good that she doesn’t have to be genuine to be best

Iroha is a piece of shit, but calling her boring is disingenuous

But Yui is worst girl.


No, Iroha is boring as fuck. She has no interesting backstory or any character depth.

Yui is the only genuine one, but her insecurity holds her back. Yuckyno only wants attention to lay back a while and return to her politician bullshit again.

Yui is the one who has put effort in making homemade cookies, cookies that have meaning. Have you ever eaten food that has meaning, Cred Forums? Because it's fucking shit when someone not genuine eats it.

Why are Yuifags always dumb as shit?

Because they pull shit out of their anus. Yuifags don’t even understand Yui’s character.
>Yui is the only genuine one
That should tell you more than enough.

What is genuine about some chick that wants to play leadership?

Hell, Iroha is even more genuine than Yukino, even if she's less deserving.

See this is what I mean. Yuifags don’t even understand the story or the characters. That is how fucking retarded not just Yuifags, but the entire fandom as a whole is.

Is it safe to say that Yuifags are as intelligent as their waifu?

>muh sobbing ass backstory is what makes people's feelings genuine
That is even less genuine.

What the fuck are you talking about you mong.


Ignore him. Yuifags are pathetic.

I think both are genuine. Yukino changed through season 2 so she is late. Shame.

It doesn’t matter what you think. Yui is not genuine. She even admits to it in volume 12.

How many volumes does each season cover?

Yui said she doesn't care for genuine, Iroha prefers Hayama and Yukino only loves Hachiman like a sibling.

And sensei has sex with dogs.

Penguin is genuine. I can't fucking believe volume 12 was such a dud, this hack writer needs to fucking end the series already.

When 8man learns that the service club was specifically made as a way to help him I don't see how they won't end up together

Either one except yucky bitch to be honest

wouldn't he feel tricked and cut off all connections going back to being a loner?

She doesn't look like Misaka at all

I agree that Iroha is a yucky bitch, but around here we call her a cancerous whore. It’s more fitting.

Yui is ugly, so yeah.

The fact Yukino apparently ignored the fact it was her car that hit him was a major problem for a long time, if he found out that she felt horrible about it and established the club as a means of making it up to him despite her family's attempts to sweep it under the rug it would make him understand her actions a lot more.

It also would make him realize why she's always so against his self destructive methods in pursuit of the service club's goals. If helping others was the actual reason she wouldn't mind as much, but the club isn't to help others; it's to help HIM. That's why she's so devastated whenever he harms his position to help others because she sees her attempt to rehabilitate him backfiring.

If 8man understood why she was so against his martyr complex he wouldn't feel the need to be so damn stubborn.

Ideally sensei locks the two of them in a room together until they clearly lay out their feelings and actions like adults but of course that won't happen it'll be some dramatic eleventh hour reveal

There's only one option left.

Haven't paid attention to this series since season 2 finished airing. Are the LNs anywhere close to being over?

Komachi got creampied by Zaimo.

Maybe if you're blind, but she looks exactly like Misaka in some scenes. It's pretty easy to tell that they share the same character designer. Not that it's a bad thing.

Too bad Yui looks like shit.

Too bad your opinion is shit if you think any girl looks like shit in Yahari

But they do in season 2

Don’t be mad senpai.

Komachi belongs to Totsuka. That's why he is so friendly with 8man.

yuckyno a shit

The only one that looked odd to me in season 2 was 8man

Hachiman is not living his life correctly!

Nope Zaimo has a bigger cock for Komachi

I think Yui and Iroha are fine choices.

Only edgemasters like Yukino.

>implying that traps don't have the biggest dicks

More like people with shit taste like Iroha and Yui.

Not going to lie, but that is some of the most r/anime taste I have ever seen. Kill yourself.

case in point

I agree, those two are correct.

I don’t see the problem. Both have better taste than you.

I wonder if 8man would stand his preachy personality


If he can stand Iroha’s cancer for longer than one minute, I’m sure he’ll endure Touma.


Very true, patrician taste.

Why are you lying on the internet? That is the shittiest taste.

Right looks ugly as shit and should kill herself.

>That's why she's so devastated whenever he harms his
I thought she was so hurt because she liked him.


This might not be too bad at all

You’re using that word incorrectly. What you meant to say was pleb.

You’re right, it’s shit.

Yukinofags are so pathetic. No Yuifag every shits on Yukino like this because we aren't petty waifufags and actually care about the story's characters.

Yukino doesn't like 8man romantically. They're good friends however.

Yuipollfag you have been shitting on Yukino for three years.

Stop lying mate.

Outside players make the best victors, if Yui or Yukino win then their friendship is ruined so I think it's best for everyone if 8man goes out with someone other than those two.
I think that Yukino is probably the best girl for 8man to be with but if that destroys his (and Yukino's) friendship with Yui then he should look for someone else

Whut? How does that change that Saki is a pleb magnet? Saki is barely a character.

>When 8man learns that the service club was specifically made as a way to help him
Was this ever alluded to directly? I know it's fairly obvious, I'm just curious about the exact details.

>autism social drama
>autism social drama
>girl the protagonist naturally gets along extremely well with even though he doesn't even try to
Gee I wonder?

>inb4 autistic screeching that liking another guy and not instantly sorting your feelings out makes you non-genuine

Can't can they just fuck each other? Just make a big fuck pile, with the three of them. Like Jesus said, love one another, fuck each other.

In fairness she has more presence in those all important LNs, it's not that I think she's likely to win but I like her design and that's what waifu wars are all about no?

Uh no, Iroha is manipulative piece of shit that only uses Hachiman. Studio Feel had to revamp her entire character to make her appealing.

I'm not a boogieman. Yukino is my third favorite character. I just don't see the need or the rationale to shit on Yui when she has been nothing but a ray of sunshine in the series and helps Yukino even if it isn't in her best interest.

There is no point of lying on Cred Forums. These are my honest opinions.

The subhuman probably means Iroha. All that post says to me is
>Iroha should win lol

Objectively correct

Yukino's relationship with 8man is so full of pretense (from both parties) that they make the worst fit in the series. At least Yui would show clear character growth, but at the same time 8man clearly just isn't into Yui. Third-party or bust.

>at the same time 8man clearly just isn't into Yui
What makes you say that?

Source your claims in text, thanks. 8man has a lot of respect for Iroha and wouldn't want you shit-talking her.

>she has more presence
No, she really does not. I don’t know what LN you have been reading.
>I like her design
Why not just stop lying and say this up front?

As an unbiased party, middle looks most pure.

Calm down Yuipollfag.

The source there is one analysis some guy did on Reddit, that a bunch of idiots hold up as the gospel. Said analysis insists that the anime completely changed Iroha's character, which is pretty retarded to say the least.

The fact that the guy had to put a disclaimer that he doesn't hate Iroha should make it pretty obvious how little worth it actually had.

Uh no. Hachiman and Iroha’s entire relationship is based on the two lying and manipulating to each other snd her constantly getting him to be her chore boy. Iroha still doesn’t even know why she is the president of the student council. What do you think she will do once she finds out Hahiman used her? I hope Watari stops being a hack and finally becomes a writer again.

You're running of the pretense Yukino likes 8man enough to want to be chosen. She's in love with Hayama and should be left out of this pool. Iroha still likes Hayama but is warmer to 8man than Yukino. He likes Yui but he is afraid of getting hurt or disrupting everything.

The one of the left is the only confirmed virgin, isn't a thirsty slut, and is even described as pure in her character description on the LN's main website.

Except it’s not, because that is the light novel retard.

>thread is shit
>yuipolldag is here
Really makes you wonder.

>The fact that the guy had to put a disclaimer that he doesn't hate Iroha should make it pretty obvious how little worth it actually had.
The reddit faggot did the same with Yui and then trashed her for next few pages. All that analysis felt like to me was Yukinofag mental gymnastics. That guy posted here to and kept asking if I'd read his tl;dr bullshit before he posted it, which I actually did after he posted it.

Compared to the anime she definitely shows up more don't chat shit user

Iroha knows perfectly well that Hachiman manipulated her to be the Student Council President dumbass. It's stated pretty damn explicitly too. What with her outright saying that she is only the president because of him, and she guilt trips him about it at one point.

Ok biased Irohafag, I’ll believe you over the source material.

Any analysis that claims an anime studio somehow ran roughshod over the publisher's wishes can be safely discarded.

I've read all the novels thank you very much. And her characterization is pretty much the same in the Anime as much as it is in the novels. If you think otherwise than frankly speaking you're the retarded one here.

The blatant selective obliviousness you faggots use to justify your mental gymnastics is quite astonishing.

It’s not trashing when that’s what the story is.

Then why don't you actually source some of the source material to prove that the anime's charterization is different?

Point out a scene in the anime, then compare it to the novel and prove to me how they "completely changed her to make her more appealing." The burden of proof is on your shoulders faggot.

So then you’re an illiterate retard?

Why should I? People have done that before and then you shit on it. There is no discussion to be had with you shitstains.

Not an argument. When you shit on either Yui or Iroha for existing in your Yukino romance novels you never have a real reason to do so.You never explain anything. It isn't all Yukinofags, it is just you. The fanbase would be so much better if you and only you fucked off forever.

It read like a character assault on everyone but 8man and Yukino.

No it just means that I'm relatively more well-read than you at the very least. At the very least I can come to my own conclusions than blindly sticking to a reddit post like its the bible.

Such a shame the ability to understand subtext is so wanting in people such as you.

8man was taking a very calculated approach toward their relationship prior to the date, basically that he cares about Yui so he should give her a fair shake, and of course him reading into the "mood" around valentines and raking action based on observation of others rather than his own feelings. I don't think there was a single time he was, say, excited that he was going out with a girl (Yui), nor was he upset/disappointed when Yukino showed up out of the blue (rather she was more pissed than he was). Everything about it says Yui is firmly in the friendzone, which in a real world situation she could certainly escape eventually, but I don't see what kind of purpose that process would serve in the story since it would all be a rather cliche "get with nice girl to contrast nice girl trauma" ending.

There is no arguing with you since you never justify anything. at least Yuipollfag explains his reasoning.

Nice job proving the point of everyone here faggot.

Saying "just read the source material" and being unable to do something as simple as a copy and paste just shows you're too retarded to actually back up your, similarly retarded, argument.

Have you ever seen Watari’s thoughts on the anime of oregairu?


Yuipollfag makes shit up. Or you are Yuipollfag.

I hope you're not talking about that awful fucking wordpress site that calls itself """""analysis"""""" when it doesn't actually follow any of the academic standards for analysis whatsoever and is literally just some autist's middle-school-level rambling.

I think you’re just mad that you’re not able to spread your cancerous bullshit the way you were able to like durig season 2.

Man he must have been really butthurt about how much they retconned the infirmary scene.

The infirmary scene was probably one of the only well adapted moments.

I always got the feeling that 8man likes Yui as a friend and probably thinks she's attractive too but that he just can't bring himself to believe any sort of confession from her because he still feels like she just likes him because of the dog incident and obviously the fact that he couldn't believe any confession from a girl anyway.
I don't really understand how Watari is gonna pair 8man with any of the girls really, him trusting a confession from any of them seems out of character

>it's literally okay when it's yukinowank

No, in volume 12 she asks herself why she was put in this position because she feels incompetent because she has never done shit on her own.

The main goal of the series is for 8man to stop being a jaded autist, there's no requirement for him to get with anybody, which is all the more reason than an arbitrary club hook-up would shit on the series as a whole.

shipping wars yay

In the noevl 8man is sperging out and Yukino is just looking at him until she squeezes his wound to get him to snap out of it. In the anime it looked like they were going to kiss and Yukino wanted that.

No, that was what watari wanted. It’s other things that are wrong with the anime. The narrative is a jumbled mess.

Haven't read the novels, but from the anime I got the feeling it's also made for Yukino to fit in with someone.

Nippon does love its open ends so we'll probably see some variant

Sure but if he ended up with Iroha or sensei or Saki then it would be 10/10 best anime ever.

It might be that one? It's been a while since I read the thing, but it kept trying to insist that it was an unbiased analysis yet it was selectively interpreting everything to be about Yukino while bashing Yui and Iroha.

>While Isshiki unwillingly went along with my zone press, she didn’t forget to throw in begrudging words.
>“It’s because of what Senpai said that I became president, you knooow. I want you to do something.”
>When she said that, I got weak.

She pretty clearly acknowledges that the only reason she is president is because Hachiman convinced her to do so.

And do you mind sourcing the part you're referring to? It's been awhile since I read volume 12, but I don't remember the scene you're talking about.

I'm pretty sure it was shown pretty early in the novels that this was the case. But I could be mistaken.

But she doesn’t know why Hahiman put her in that position, which was he used her to keep the service club afloat.

Or Saika.

>And do you mind sourcing the part you're referring to?
It’s during the talk she has with Hachiman outside on the bench in chapter 5.

I don't care who wins, I just want to see the meltdown when Yui's full character comes to light. I want to see the backpedaling, mental gymnastics, and people who would believe Yui is a nice girl even if she stepped on Yukino's neck for 8man.

>I don't really understand how Watari is gonna pair 8man with any of the girls really, him trusting a confession from any of them seems out of character

They actually touched upon this in that VN game they did awhile back. Specifically in the Iroha route 8man would selectively interpret everything because he didn't trust the idea that anyone would actually be romantically interested in him.

Already plenty of that in the novels themselves obviously. But it is worth noting, though I don't remember how much involvement Watari actually had with that VN.

Same shit.

I mean these threads have pretty much been in a perpetual state of shipping wars ever since season 2 ends. And it will probably stay that way until the end of the series, and we get the inevitable book burning threads.

Fuck off utsudere. Go back to your cancerous discord channel.

Cake victory would be absolutely insane but I'd love it, cakes always lose

Too bad the cake in this one is an ugly shit.

I suppose you make a valid point there, though I really don't think Iroha would honestly care that much. 8man has already made up for it quite a bit since then, to the irritation of the other two.

Thanks, I'll check that out again. Probably just forgot about it because of how slow the volume 12 translations were to be released.

I legitimately have no idea what that is, or why you're bringing it up here.

What exactly are you complaining about user?

So are the novels actually worth reading? It seemed like the author was at least half decent from the anime

Girlish Number is satire. If Watari were pissed off about an adaptation, you'd never hear the end of it. He's very hands-on.
Pic related, him suggesting that the publisher's actions in the Kemono Friends fiasco were worse than anything he dreamed up in Girlish Number. Note that Girlish Number and parts of Qualidea Code were published by a subsidiary of the same corporation he's skewering in this tweet.

So you are utsudere? What I am complaining about is that you need to take your cancer to your containment place and stay there.


I hate faggots like this most of all
>if he ended up with Iroha or sensei or Saki then it would be 10/10 best anime ever.
Whoever 8man ends up with won't make the series good or bad.

she's literally main girl but two inches taller

The timing wouldn’t make sense for quality code. Girlish number was already in production while quality code was airing. Plus the side novel comment doesn’t make any sense. He is talking about another. He didn’t want to write that shit.

God damn it gook moot, captcha broke and I forgot to reselect my pic


Nigga, that is how most of these retards judge shows.

Mostly sidegirl fags. Yukinofags are confident and Yuifags have given up.

My point was that he's not that passive aggressive. I don't think Girlish Number is meant to be autobiographical.

>faggots read through and enjoy 95% of a novel series
>burn their entire collection and say the series is shit if their girl doesn't "win"

Sounds about right.

They are pretty good. Though there is a pretty decent amount of things going on in subtext which can be up for interpretation. Which can be why these threads can be pretty shit at times.

You can download translations for all of the novels so far. Though I don't have a direct link for you at the moment.

Watari hasn’t spoken a single word about this series for 3 years. There is no afterword in volume 12. Watari isn’t allowed to talk about Oregairu, other than retweet merch.

If anything it is the Yukinofags who would blow up the worst if she doesn't "win."

So I have no idea what you're on about.

Not according to these threads.

Nah I'm fine without a link. If the guy can split Cred Forums with his writing, it seems to at least be decent, considering half of it can't read between lines. So a good ln author at least

He's totally giving it an end that will piss everyone off isn't he?

There is a series I like but the threads need a little life. I was hoping to invite the Yahari fanbase to help out.

He'll choose the trap.

Would trap end piss people off? I mean it still seems the most feasible

No, fuck off.

The trap is a shitty meme character.

I would love it if he did.

Though hopefully its just an ending that will piss people off. Not a "bad" ending that will piss people off, like say Haganai levels bad.

I agree. I'm just guessing that'll piss the most people off.

the trap gets 8man more horny than anyone else in the series

if I could unwatch just one show and get my time back, I would choose this garbage. Never watched a show that was so empty and boring that didn't at least acknowledge and own its trashiness.

It’s a shitty joke that overstayed its welcome.

I think it was pretty neat for once. He actually helped characterize 8man a little, by showing he only seconded guesses female intentions towards him. He immediately opened up towards Totsuka because he knew he's a guy. So for once a trap character is justified

Yes that was great 9 volumes ago and if Watari actually did something with it. Instead it’s the same overplayed joke of hurr hurr he’s a girl, but no wait, he’s a boy.

holy shit, imagine being this mad over chinese cartoons

It’s a troll that has been doing this type of stuff for years. He even got his own nickname.

Really? the oldest memory I have are the spyro translations

user, it has almost been three years since season 2 aired.

make it stop

Its more impressive that people arent calling you out on the reddit part alone of this comment. Anyone with a brain would realize that anything from that is arguably trashier then anything to come out of Cred Forums

Yeah, except the “discussions” here are cancer.

Yuipollfag probably didn't make that.

The only thing I want is Yui to go full not nice and show people the extent of her dark side. The rage, oh the rage.

They all look the same

That image has his brand of autism all over it.

But he isn't clever enough for it, it seems more like a copy of those DUDE WEED shipost comics. He's creative with his fantasies but I have never seen him edit images.

He has edited plenty of shit before. Now stop defending yourself.


Proving his point?

Kill yourself.

No one was serious, they were posting just for fun.

Why would he have to justify anything to a cancer fanbase of waifufags?

Stop revealing yourself.

Yuki is genuine because her mom looks shit
Yui's mom is banging but she's not genuine. Still abetter choice
Iroha is pretty much the best mixture of both and she's younger.

That is some brainlet tier opinion you have there.

His time spent with iroha was his most natural state in the entire story. The chemistry between them convinced me it was the best choice. The two drama hags are a giant headache to deal with.

Yukino and Yui are very similar to WA2's Setsuna and Touma. Wouldn't be surprised if it ends that way.

We all know yuki is going to win. She begged him to save her which means he's gonna be guilt tripped into going with her

Iroha is a manipulative cunt that only uses Hachiman. Studio Feel changed her character. Read the LN, Iroha is a cunt.

That’s not the reason he’s going for her.

They're friends. Good friends that won't let the 8 get between them. Neither would back stab eachother or muscle someone into the corner to look on in "friendship"

You’re not really proving that you aren’t a brainlet.

Is it the legs?

His personal reason doesn't matter. At that the point the author pretty much told us who it was gonna be. The winner always ends up being the one who MC needs the most.

Yui would and already did.

All of them have something to hide

No, she stepped on Yukino's neck, there's a difference.

>Read the LN, Iroha is a cunt.
Link me. Spoonfeed me wahhhhhh. This is your only chance to maybe convert me into an anti-irohafag.

That’s also not the reason.

Before Watari started selling out, he was writing a story about 8man and Yukino and 8man was infatusted with her since very early on, which explains why he does so much shit for her. Most of his character development, if not all, comes from his interaction with Yukino.

Yui is most genuine for my dick and heart.

I don’t care and you’ll stay an Irohafag no matter what. Now fuck off back to whatever shithole you came from.

That's funny, Yukino is the one who wants to do shit for him.

You only think with your dick user. Yui would backstab you if her popularity was at stake.

I guess that’s the nature of their relationship.

give me links yukinofag

>Yui would backstab you if her popularity was at stake.
After spending so much time with 8man to the point that she was making Yumiko jelly, yeah, that's totally clear, Yumikoshitter.

Yui isn't capable of betraying people she's close with.

Not a Yukinofag and I don’t care.

you care enough to keep replying. hand them over.

Yui only became part of the Service Club and became friends with Yukino to get closer to Hachiman, the same thing happened with Setsuna joining the Light Music Club because she wanted MC dick, became friends with Touma (which she wanted to drive a wedge between, to prevent them from getting together).

Yui will go back crying to Yumiko once everything is said and done. You will learn to appreciate her then.

Yui has tried to bring Yukino and 8man together for most of the series and even invited Yukino along to her date. Yui mended their relationship during the genuine scene.

Sorry, I didn't realize the egregious typo I made in my response. I meant Yukinoshitter. I have no desire to besmirch the lovely Yumiko's name.

i wish he just ended this shit so we can laugh at the losers one last time and move on

He can't because then you'll find out he's been bullshitting you.


You’re still a retarded mong in my book, no worries user.

Pigwhore with a pigwhore daughter.

No, I can, but the faggot can use google himself. Why the fuck do I care about some dumb fag on Cred Forums.

Return your face to your waifu's stale, unresponsive genitals.

Iroha or death

Damn YYfags almost tricked me.

Probably the dumbest shit I’ve read today. Sasuga.

Why are you fags always such cancer? Is this the “true” discussion of the Oregairu fandom?

Try to be less than 100% gay.

Why did the iroha fanbase explode all of a sudden? There were barely any before

Studio feels executive meddling. Also it should be said that Irohafags don’t actually like Orgairu.

Because she's the shitposting option.

You first user.

This. Only people that hate Oregairu bandwagon behind her.

She's the best looking.

But that is a false statement because she is ugly as fuck.

Isn't she the only one out of Yukino, Iroha, and Yui to not be called high tier in looks?

She's the cutest little devil and the main pair of girls are boring.

Nah, she’s an ugly thot that only attracts degenerate retards and shitposters.

Is that why Yui went investigating into Yukino's personal belongings in her bedroom?

Because she's great all around

You don’t even have to look at statements. Look at her ugly hair color. Look at her shitty deformed monkey face. She has the same dyke haircut as Sagami, just her hair is shit colored.

>cookies that have meaning
user... a cookie is a cookie, there is no meaning.

Nah, she is kind of trash

That was a coincidence and an act of sudden curiosity. She was just cleaning things up. Yui didn't go into her room to find evidence of Yukino's feelings since they aren't a mystery to Yui. Yui didn't even REEEEE about the photo.

She pairs great with 8man.

I hope Yukinon fucking dies.

Don’t know. She is one of the least interesting characters. People only root for her because they want a shitty side character to win.

>yfw iroha lose

You can stop samefagging user. No one cares. Your faction has already done enough damage during season 2’a runtime.

I hope Iroha gets fucked up the pooper by Hayama cock.


Yui don't say that

But I already ruined Saekano and Oreimo. This is all I have left.


Go ruin VEG or Franxx threads.

Yui would never say that. She doesn't blame Yukinon for anything and looks up to her still.

When is this meme going to end?

What meme? She dsays twice in vol 12 she doesn't blame Yukino for anything.

I hope that Yui pushes Yukinon into a fucking train.

Anything for the D, user. Anything for the D. Yui is prepared to lose her for 8dick

The smelly one

And then slips, misses and gets crushed herself?

Her hair is orange.


She wants everything. If she was that desperate she'd cry to Yukino behind 8man's back and guilt Yukino into not pursuing 8man.

Story is not finished yet and she sort of did that shit in the alternate timeline.

I hope Yui's dog rapes Yukino.

No she didn't. All she did was make her affection for 8man more obvious and Yukino took it upon herself to drop out.

It'd take Yui snapping for something like that and she doesn't seem close to it.

Yui’s dog is taken and happy.

All the Sensei-fags have gone, or fallen to the Irohaside.

But I still remain.


Sensei must win

Yui has practically been using Yukino the entire series long to get Hachiman’s dong.

I made it rhyme to give it some extra oomph.

Sensei already won anons.


I only fap to bestiality and that art series was not fappable.

Is this the show with the most cancerous waifuwar faggotry since Eva ?


Yeah but there are lines she isn't going to cross. She wants his actual love and Yukino actual friendship.


Blame Irohacucks and Watari for being a sellout piece of shit.

>She wants his actual love and Yukino actual friendship.
user... How long are you going to do this to yourself?

Just look at how Accelerator tolerates Touma. Accel is kind of similar to Hachiman in a way in terms of personality.


Thanks for proving my point.
Kill yourself.


What’s broken can’t be fixed anymore. Irohafags raped this series and then moved onto other shows and did the same thing there. There is no going back to sensible discussions anymore if others don’t participate.

Yuri got a ss meaning it's over. No idea why this faggot is delaying the obvious

How's the quality of the fan translation? Should I read that or wait for Yen Press?

Until WW shoots me and leaves the body in a shallow grave. To be honest I know, but I want to believe. What's the worst part is I will defend Yui's actions, unless she tries to poison 8man against Yukino or Hayama ship to fuck with 8man's confidence.

The fan translations are fine. But you’re better off waiting for the conclusion.

I don’t blame you. But if Watari finally pulls the trigger, which he should have done fucking ages ago I hope everyone can at least agree to that, will you give it a rest?

Saika is the cutest

Probably. I'll be really fucking mad if WW makes her do something immensely awful. If it is just breaking off friendships with 8man and Yukino that isn't so bad. There is some hope, the photo didn't kill Yui.

Yumiko deserves better than Hayama

Yui is nice and will stay nice.

>newfriends don't remember Color Wars
Hell I barely remember Color Wars.

Hayama deserved a dick in his butt

If I was writing the story Iroha would take it. If I was forced at gunpoint between yui and yukino I'd go with yui. But fuck I know the author is gonna make that cold clingy bitch yukino win.

Thank god nobody cares about your opinion. Bullet fucking dodged.

Is 8man a dog or cat kind of guy?


I care.

>all the Sensei-fags have gone

Then that is one mighty shit opinion to have.

I agree. Senseifags cancer is still present in these threads.

There aren't that many senseifags to turn a decent thread into a shitty one, you know.

I disagree. When you enter cake threads they show their true colors.


>As if this series has had a decent thread in the past three years.

End game right here brothers

Haruno is hands down worst girl.

Girls are worst , Boy best girl

Shit taste and don’t bump the thread you cancer.

all women are genuine

Best you mean.

Nah, user got it right the first time.

I wish Hayama ended with Yukino, they would make such a cute couple.

No, he didn't.

Why do people treat iroha like she has any chance in hell compared to yukinon and yui?
she was in like 4 total episodes theres no way in hell

Except he actually did. Don’t be so upset.

Irohafags are shit and don’t actually understand their character. There’s your answer.

Left is pleb
Middle is acceptable
Right is patrician

Hayama wants to stay pure for his one true waifu.

Right is pleb user. Very pleb in fact.


Fake news
Iroha is top tier

This is not an Idolmaster thread.

Nah I agree. Iroha is bottom tier.

That just means you got shit taste

If right were a polemon, she would be a stunfisk.

>Don’t be so upset
I'm correct so why would I be upset?

Or maybe you have shit taste user

Nah m8
It's you

Beats me. Some user pointed out that Haruno was worst girl and you got upset.

Iroha is the ultimate shit taste filter. Literally every single person that likes her has shit taste.

>and you got upset
Where did this happen?

can we all stop the fighting and just agree that komachi is a top tier imouto
one of the best, really

More like the opposite
Only a total pleb wouldn't like her

Nah mayne

Komachi is a dirty snake whore. I hope Iroha cucks her.

missed by one, so you are wrong

It’s not fair bros, why does he get Yukino


He got Yukino once as kid, but he failed her. He was and is a selfish fuck

Don’t worry there is justice in the world. Hayama will end with the ONE TRUE waifu.

The real question is who wants sweet sweet 8dick and who wants it the most.

Mi Mikoto

All of them but Yukino cant live without it once taste it

Go this makes me mad. I can empathizewith Yukinofags who must deal with floods of cuckposting and HayaYuki shitters.

Yui isn't as cute as Yukino. Hayama needs to be with Yukino, his childhood friend!

Hayama needs to die alone


Reminder that instead of cookies or chocolates Yukinon was going to give Hachiman the picture she bought of them together at Destinyland,



this series was absolute shit and almost nothing happened in 2 full seasons, how do people like this shit? The main character was too scared to admit he has feelings for any girl and the entire series ended without him doing anything except crying in front of 2 girls and the only person he seemed genuinely interested in was the trap

Saki's hair design is great

are you retard?

fuck off

>the picture she bought of them together at Destinyland,
headcanon or something from vol12?

everyone knows

The virgin pure girl Yui chan other girls are used girls



They're all pure sex.

But Haruno is best

That’s where you’re wrong becauae Haruno is shit.

Haruna is only for rape

You forgot your image bro
Also Yui a fucking shit

Who is supposed to be on the right? Itsuwa?

>Traditional Chinese file name


I don’t know what that means, but it gave me cancer.

>dark horse
>huge popularity despite being introduced late
>retarded teenager drama free
>anti-maingirlfags liking her in order to make maingirlfags mad
>maingirlfags are too insecure and start shitting her everytime she gets mentioned.
This is pretty much the gist of it

No, Studio Feel changed her character and left out all of her shittiness out of the anime.

I used to be a fag of this show, now I don't fucking care about it. Am I the only one?

>No, Studio Feel changed her character and left out all of her shittiness out of the anime.
Is this the new shitposting answer? I've been out of these cancerous threads for a while

>maingirlfags are too insecure and start shitting her everytime she gets mentioned.
Nice try, but the reason people do that is because Irohafans are the worst fandom ever.

That’s not shitposting. That’s actually true.

See? Like clockwork


It really activates my almonds

What is there to see? Were you not around during season 2? Or when her OVA came out?

Yen Press are worse garbage than fan translations.

A lot of people are posting, your point?

>Her OVA
That fucking right, OVA to wash her clean

Why'd you cut out the best part?

Is that akifag that constantly shits threads a yukinofag? That would explain a lot from your fanbase

Who? From what ai’ve gathered sidegirlfags usually shit up these threads.

Yes he is. And Yukinofags literally post in the same way as him. He must have learnt from them, or probably taught them very well

No seriously, who the fuck are you people talking about?

Irohafags are mad that they can’t spread their shitposting like they used to two years ago. Just ignore it.

How can something that acts out of guilt be genuine?

How can something that manipulates be genuine?

t. Maidfag

Honestly she's the best looking one. People like her interactions too. The other 2 are your basic unrealistic harem bitches.

But that’s just not true. If you were really honest you’d say she is butt ugly.

>not one of the biggest offenders of being a generic harem slut

Right looks like some ugly whore that gets raped in jail. So she’s probably not genuine.

I just wish some translated the vn.

For me, it's iroha

Kind of shit taste mate.

As of expected of a pleb.

I have no idea. She is easily worst girl.

A lot of people have shit taste. It’s nothing new.

Left has tits. Right is ugly as fuck.

Where is the trap? I thought he was a girl too.

The trap is a joke character.

They nerfed Yui's Yuis or they buffed Iroha's Irohas?

Iroha has cancertits.

This gave me a stiffy.

Is tits the only thing you care about? No wonder this series went to shit.

Haruno is the worst girl. I hope 8man BTFOs her.

How exactly would he do that?

Punching her in the face.

Why not just have Hayama rape her?

Because right is one ugly bitch.

What if she actually wants that?

Third post, worst post.

Then let Tobe do it instead.

Maybe in terms of personality, but as someone who hasn't watched a minute of this show the girl on the right is the better looking one.

It's Iroha

Hell no. She looks ugly as sin.

If you have shit taste, I suppose.

So there's Saten, Mikoto, Accelerator, and Iroha?

>Saten, Mikoto, Accelerator and some random shit character
There, happy?

I'm just trying to figure out who that is supposed to be. The only Raildex girl I know with a haircut and color similar is Itsuwa but I may just be forgetting someone.

I’m kidding. Her real name is Randomo Whogivesafuck