Touken Ranbu Hanamaru S2

New episode today.
I can't wait to see the new Awataguchi ending.

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I wonder what he's up to.

Jew things

He looks super cute here, it's a GK right?

I really hope Nakigitsune can get the spotlight for once, it's about time.

Will official figure makers ever put out a tourabu model with an interesting pose?

No idea. I have no knowledge about figs and such.

Not unless GKs get picked up. I think the guy who did that Antract also did a Kogarasumaru? But that's not happening.
So no.

Investing in memebux to fund his upcoming bar mitzvah.

I'm still disappointed that they went with the default sprites, rather than one of their attack sprites.

So Katsugeki movie when

After Heaven's Feel.

More Urashima on sortie? I'm happy.


Did Ichi-nii just have an orgasm?


So if I have Monoyoshi with me, I can get rich with bitcoins.

This is probably the most dramatic portrayal of the rise and fall of stock I've ever seen in any show ever.

That was hilarious.


This is so unfair, they shouldn’t be wearing anything under those robes.

Such a major lack of skin service this season.

That Anmitsu bait.

>Hasebe is finally a cheerful lad
>Kashuu is back on sortie and won't whine anymore


Aw shit AWT48


Gravure book when?

Post pic I missed it!?

So if they're the next kiwame, when are we getting the starters?


Yeah, shouldn't they be wearing fundoshi during Yamakasa? What a letdown.

Being an Awataguchifag is the best.

Shinsengumifags have it better.

Well he is AWT48's producer so he works in the shadows.

True, but at least I don't have to deal with my favorites constantly suffering. Only cute idols.


The Best Brothers!!!

Fucking hell Yagen’s the most erotic sword boy hands down.

Raws are available.

Must be the gloves.

I felt like crying when I realized that they all will be just standing here while being boring as fuck. So only nendos for me.
Also Mutsu nendo never ever.

But in that shot his body's not much different from the others.


At least he has a petit nendo, which is more than some of the other swords will ever get.

>those biceps

Damn Yagen, you're not bad at all.

Hakata is adorable. I want to take care of him.

Just saw this in the catalog. Are there more cute girls like them in this show?

This one is a good exploitable.

Nobody told me Cashew was a vampire!

This meme is getting old.

Please ignore him. He'll never stop posting if people answer to him.

He always had fangs, even in his in-game sprite.

They didn't show Yasusada's wish but it's probably the same as Kiyomitsu.

Better Itchy-knee tiddies.


Away with you, harlot!

What did you say?

Oh my.
Midare has some useful skills.

Namazuo probably gets between those thighs every night.

His wish for Tanabata was to become better at dancing and it came true.

After all of them? It's a fucklot of time.

If someone like Kasen can get a nendo then what's stopping them from making a Mutsu one?

I don't know, they haven't said a thing about Katsugeki since it finished airing.


Who knows. You'd think gsc would've given him at least a nendo around the time Katsugeki was airing, but they didn't. Maybe someone at gsc doesn't like him.

They didn't even make one for Tonbo, and that's terrible.

It would be cool to complete the whole second unit. Too bad it won't happen.

Someone like Monoyoshi got both a scale and a nendo. Who the fuck even like Monoyoshi this much?

Still no Oodenta nendo though, so it goes two ways.

My manly swords doing manly things quota has been met this week. It is a good feel.

I guess someone, for some reason, thought that Monoyoshi would become decently popular. I wonder if his figure actually sold well.

user please.

Barafags and shotafags are pandered every week, I'm jealous.

the fuck is that gay thing on his face

It's clearly a mask, user.

Too bad they didn't have the balls to make them wear fundoshi.

why though, what's it too and why is everyone not staying at the guy wondering why he's wearing it?

I'm sure some fanartist will draw them in fundoshi.

>why is everyone not staying at the guy wondering why he's wearing it?
Naki's mask is far from the weirdest accessory in this series.

There's a chapter in the manga where Kane-san tries to seduce him to get a chance to remove his mask.


I do, but even though I like him it felt like they thought he was gonna be Tsuru-tier popular but it didn't happen.

what does it do though?


Nothing. It's just a mask.

Oh right, Doudanuki is a manlet.

Maybe Tanuki's standing on a box.

that's really stupid

It looks like he didn't bin as hard as say Kashuu or Tsuru, the lowest I've ever seen him go for is around 9k but maybe I'm not looking hard enough. His nendo probably sold better but I'm sure they they all do in general.

If he takes it off, will he die?

He takes it off in one of his Kiwame sprites.


My sides.

Well, it's just a mask. What do you want it to do?

It would be extremely painful

Monoyoshi is the Roman Reigns of Touken Ranbu figures. The people at GSC did everything they could to put him over, constantly mentioned how pedigree he is and how he's much stronger than everyone else, which just got the ire of a great deal of people. Of course the less discerning fan just took what the creator said at face value.

I don't know something. I mean unless this is a world where people randomly wear masks like we do earings.
Like did he buy this from a store? Did he make it himself?

for aruji

He just wears it because he's shy. There's really nothing deeper to it.

Monoyoshi Kiwame is broken though.

Stop bullying Monoyoshi just because he got a figure.

that's not shy, that's autistic
is the character autistic? cause mask kind of screams autism

What? Naki ins't supposed to be shy. It's simply a design choice making an allusion to his name. It's supposed to evoke a laughing fox.

Everyone will always be mad at him because of the usual "my favorite never gets anything but this literallywho got something" syndrome.
Most of the bitching come from Barafags from what I see.

One of his lines is
>Nakigitsune is not good with socializing
So I just took that to mean he was shy.

I wonder what they would feel like peircing your nape

No he's literally socially retarded.
Actually that user wasn't so far off, he is a bit of an autist.

This is my fetish.

>I mean unless this is a world where people randomly wear masks like we do earings.
I think I'd be more concerned about the talking fox than the fact he wears a mask, honestly. Also it's scary how his fox can talk but Gokotai's tigers can't.

So I was looking up this toustage thing and one of the plays got me interested. It was the one with Tonbo and after seeing gifs and a video snippet or two, thought it would be nice to at least watch it. It seems that one has to go through a lot of gay shit like decryption keys and personally messaging the uploader or some shit just to even get a hold of a copy. Are toustage uploaders usually this autistic when it comes to sharing? This seems like more trouble than it's worth.

Autistic uploaders are everywhere but the more niche something is, the more autistic they are.
Unfortunately you'll have to go through all that shit to get what you want.

You'll never know. ;_;

Subs are out.

I don't own a tumblr like a gay so that option's out the window. All I can do now is hope some kind user will upload it ;_;

Not sure what I was expecting.

Poor Ichi-nii, if only his original artist was better.

That's not going to happen because nobody wants to risk pissing them off and cutting the supply of rips. Just make an account, reblog a bunch of dumb shit for a week and ask them.

Looks just like his art. There's no way it was going to look better. Enjoy it for now, in case they ruin it with paint like they did Imanotsurugi.

It just keeps happening.


>no Ugu scale for Ookanehira yet

This really draws attention to how generally unimpressive he is, especially for a so-called prince type.


That's because the prince qualities are also in his speech and mannerism desu na.

It wasn't a great WonFes for swords. Did anyone see something that made them happy? GK pic not related.


>Did anyone see something that made them happy?
Yeah but it's not related to swords.

Ichigo is plain looking but he has a dark past, a nice personality and a huge family so he's really popular. I love him.

Someone did upload the Dokuganryuu one last week to Google Drive so here's hoping.

Not a good season for swords. Most "new" scales have been announced for years.


Iirc, the one about Honnouji has been shared too.


swords are reclining.
No seriously, it seems to be dying slowly.
They stopped putting effort into nendoroids after Kashuu and most of the recent ones seem to be done just out of obligation one at a time, the figures were a complete dissappointment (save for a few) and because they're the default pose they're cheap to just 3D print and call it a day.
Even Koto doesn't do anything anymore and other companies don't dare to do anything either. Swords are dying, at least on the figure side. I hope you enjoy a shitton of badges and other shit and one-coin figures forever.

>132 posts
>19(20) posters
that's pathetic and impressive at the same time

>no swords in fundoshi

Missed opportunity.

Yeah. Uchiban Okitagumi, Kashuu piyokuru, Kashuu nuikko, NamaHone announcement. That Ichinii pitanui was really cute too and I don't even care about him. Kinda want.
Not much but I have no money anyway so it's okay.

I don't think the figure side was ever really alive to begin with.

>tfw dumping money on a different kusoge because sword scales or boring

I read on 2chan that the license fee was pretty high, maybe that and GSC trying to hog everything that's sword related has something to do with it.
The nendos are coming out fine though. Juzu had a lot of attention to detail and Nikkari's came out really cute.

I don't like that the nendos absolutely have 0 accessories though, only an extra faceplace and sword parts is lame for the current price nendos have.

I have no hope or faith in the scales anymore so I don't mind if the companies that have made nothing but shit ones give up on them too. I'll be devastated if the high-selling nendo line dies along with it though.

>Ichigo is plain looking but he has a dark past, a nice personality and a huge cock so he's really popular


I think the same can be said for boats since hardly anything has come out at the same rate they did before.

I myself was never into statueshit but I would die a little inside if the nendos were ever discontinued.

>nendos were ever discontinued.
It's pretty unlikely that they'll cover all the swords.

>still no yari nendos
GSC is dead to me.

It really seems like it, but why? Tourabu is pretty alive and not going anywhere. Especially because it doesn't have any real competition as a franchise primarily for female audience.

Females don't buy figures because they can't hotglue them. This is the sad truth.

Because said female audience would rather buy other merchandise than figures.

Is this true???

Idolshit and FGO could maybe count as competition.
I guess it's just GSC/MF (who are the ones that bother doing sword scales and nendos these days) that are lazy. We'll still get stuff but very, very slowly. I remember the days where we'd get like 4-5 announcements and nowadays we only just get 2 at best.

I mean it's not like the figures are amazing either so it's not really surprising that they aren't buying them. I think that's a bigger issue. I only bought my favorites and think all the other ones don't look good enough to buy, specially with that default pose.

So they are making figures with the male audience in mind? I doubt nips even acknowledge the existence of male Tourabu fans.

And that's why there's a stable increase of numbers of male figures during the past several years?

Of course not but it's mostly male fans who buy figures.

Honestly, most male figures are really bland and not worth the price. Occasionally you'll get a really nice one like the one Natsume (natsume yuujinchou) got a couple years ago, but other than that they're usually pretty basic. Although I do remember Kuroko's (KnB) figure selling out really quickly, so there's clearly a market for them if they're well made.

FGO is primarily for waifus and panders more to males, idolshit maybe but it's nowhere this big.

There's been some male figures but companies will want you to pay absurd prices for no real reason.

Utapri was pretty big during it's peak.

Not to mention the male figures from fucking BL manga. If sword scales don't sell it's because they're not good enough, and the only ones getting them are the people in their respective clusters who're desperate for anything.

Yeah, I was so excited to see swords scales, but here we are. Nobody even tried to make them interesting and intricate how they could have been.

>just wearing the festival clothes over their normal clothes

Shouldn't they be naked? Is this laziness from the animators?

The buyfag thread also keeps claiming female otaku don't buy figures, but I feel like there is possibly some circular effect going on where women buy less figures because there simply aren't as many of them and the ones that are there will often have boring poses like swords or they're just bad like all of the yuri on ice figures.

Maybe the animators aren't tantou fuckers.

You'd think the intricate detail of their outfits would lend itself to good looking figures but that doesn't seem to be the case. Figure makers really fucked up.

Sometimes it feels like the staff is deliberately trying to make Hanamaru a non-lewd show. They know we've all already jacked off to these characters, why can't they just give us what we want?

I've gotten the impression that Idolish7 is pretty big, though I don't know if it's on the same level as tourabu.

I think they might be hoping the detailed outfits distract from how much they're not trying otherwise.

Jew-kun a cute

Monoyoshi seemed really off model for majority of this episode. Otherwise pretty good, the lead in to the awt48 section was nice and Nihongou got a great supporting role

It usually does. A great outfit doesn't excuse a busted face though.

>All bodies from bara to shota
>no bodyservice

Rainy citadel is comfiest citadel!

>that difference in handwriting
>Yasusada's is really crude
It's the little things.

I never really understood swordfuckers. Like, what's the appeal? I see my swords as no homo bros and the thought of them j-jamming it in!! baffles me.

It depends on the swords and if the person is a fujo or a yumejo I suppose.
A lot of the hardcore swordfuckers are selfinserters.

Theoretically I think it's possible that a bunch of guys crammed into one house for such an extended period or time may end up experimenting a bunch.

Don't you want your bros to be happy and to have a joyful sexual life? I don't see the problem in lusting after swords. I just want to make them happy.

>all this complaining about how swords don't get as many figures
>completely ignore bami and zuo nendo announcement and sada-chan and kasen prototype nendo unveiling
Shake my head to be honest family.

Assuming they function like humans do, they probably would end up want to fucking each other or the saniwa at some point.

My brother, those four nendos were about 80% of all I wanted out of sword wf.

>have a cute boy who desperately wants your love, attention, and approval
There's the appeal. I only actively sexualize my swordfu though, I imagine the rest of the citadel as a big family.
I actually don't understand how you can be into any anime/game/manga without wanting to fuck at least one of the characters, or see them get fucked.

Yeah, Yasusada is more crude than Kiyomitsu but he naturally looks cuter.

Hopefully the saniwa.

I've been waiting for those BamiZuo nendos for years. Please don't come out weird.

>have a cute boy who desperately wants your love, attention, and approval
Not all of them are like this though

I'm tired of nendos but Sada-chan is pretty cute.

>I actually don't understand how you can be into any anime/game/manga without wanting to fuck at least one of the characters, or see them get fucked.
Depends on the series and what the characters are like. I wouldn't want to fuck anyone in, for example, Chi's Sweet Home.

I go into liking series X without even thinking for a moment that I want to fuck or get fucked by the characters. Now characters fucking OTHER characters on the other hand...

Why not both?

The ones people want to fuck usually are. Nearly all of them show that they like you anyway, so it's easy to turn that into romantic love in your head.

Well obviously excluding all those type of cutesy innocent shows. But something as suggestive as swords? It's a waste desu.

>have a cute boy who desperately wants your love, attention, and approval

Is it weird if it's the opposite for me? I just wish I could do my best for my sword, to make him happy and to deserve living in the citadel with everyone. I don't really understand what's so pleasant about the fantasy of having a huge harem. Just a couple of touken danshi get my sexual interest, the rest is, as you said, a big and comfy family.

Actually I don't think I've ever seen a selfinsert fag who had a big sword harem. Every time I see them they're either obsessed with one specific character or a couple of them at best.

I feel you. Most of my favourites don't care all that much about the saniwa besides a vague, passing acknowledgement in the midst of other things more important to them. I want to do my best for them and eventually earn their respect.

It's gross for me to read/watch somebody's else self-insert fantasies. It's like watching them masturbate.

This is why I don't like yumejos and can't stand saniwa shippers.

There are a lot of fujo's that are clearly self-inserting in their ships too though.

I get it if you're talking about cutesy fanart but male saniwa/sword doujins are the best ones.

male saniwa/sword is fine, female saniwa that is clearly done to be a selfinsert or an otome protag is awful.

Those are pretty rare though, usually they're the type that tend to do genderbends a lot and portray the bottom as the most girly thing possible. I've seen it in Mikatsuru a lot.

Faceless old bland saniwa doujins is a no from me.

Katsugeki saniwa is a whole different, better thing.

Maybe it's rarer in the Jp fandom, but I've seen a lot of blatant self-inserting or projecting their issues on to one of the characters in western m/m stuff.

Yasu might not be here but at least Kyoani gave me another Yasusada lookalike.

>Nearly all of them show that they like you anyway
>tfw you're a Yasusadafag.

There is too little content of him, sadly.
But it isn't like I don't hoard those scrapes shamelessly.

I'm a Yasufag too. If you think he doesn't like you, well you're pretty dumb user.

But Okita is still more important than the Saniwa to him.

Someone shared the Honnouji one? Shoot I missed it.

Look through the archive and you'll probably find it.

Sure, their previous masters irreplaceable to them. I think it's the same for any Shinsengumi sword. But Yausada also searches for love out of you. Okita is important to him, but so is the saniwa. Besides he's gone and Yasusada has accepted his fate, there's no reason to think he wouldn't like you.
I mean I don't get why it bothers you so much, he literally asks if you'll love him. How many swords tell you that to your face?

The best type of doujins are swords x swords. The moment you add a self insert saniwa in there things start to feel wrong, at least to me. I have sexual fantasies with characters just like everyone else, but I don't make myself the owner of such fantasy world. Maybe it's because I subconsciously perceive it as a work of fiction and don't want to subvert it to my own vision of it. So doujins that depict someone else's fantasies in the form of their self insert saniwa are kinda weird. I rather see swords pleasing each others without human interference.

That said I wish I could make love with my swordfu.

those sengoku era swords are trained for homo though, especially the young looking ones.

I really wasn't expecting Houchou this episode, I honestly thought it was going to be like Gotou-Monoyoshi in the same episode, then Shinano and Houchou in the next. Shinano and Gotou still haven't done anything...

Hakata sure is useful though.

>Tokugawa had a lot of swords!
me, an odagumi fag, laughing at a pleb

Sword/sword feels wrong to me because it's inherently out of character. And it doesn't help that every single artist changes their personalities to fit their perceptions of what the uke/seme dynamics are like. If they're going to be fucking, it makes more sense that it's with the saniwa. At least then their personalities don't get completely obliterated for the sake of taking or giving the dick.
But that said I still save shipping fanart every day and read sword/sword doujins. As long as it's cute it's okay.

>At least then their personalities don't get completely obliterated for the sake of taking or giving the dick.
But that's literally what happens the most in saniwa/sword shit than sword/sword. Take the rapist manba doujin as an example.
There's plenty of swords that have more chemistry with eachother than the saniwa, since they at least have some story to build up upon (all the dategumi have good chemistry with eachother for example). There's just some swords that literally have little to no affection towards (you) that everything that involves them romantically with a saniwa is pure unadultered wishfulfilment.

>their personalities don't get completely obliterated for the sake of taking or giving the dick.
This is the main reason I've given up on doujins based on pre-existing characters.

They are doujinshi, they aren't meant to be close to canon.
They do exist but they are rare.

I think it depends on the case. Some swords definitely like each other, even if it's just as a friendship, and doujins are just a way of fantasizing about how would it be like to take their bonds further. In that case it doesn't feel out of character to me.

Now don't get me wrong, sometimes a change of personality can be pretty interesting. It's just for the sake of providing a nicer fap, okay, but it's still cool to explore the characters. For example those doujins with Manba turning into a sex beast are hot.

>they aren't meant to be close to canon.
Maybe that appeals to some fans, but I just don't see the point if they behave almost nothing like the canon version. It feels like I'm reading porn of ocs.

I can only talk about the Okitagumi cluster since that's what I'm familiar with, but nearly every artist I follow completely destroys their personalities. Meanwhile most saniwa/kashuu artists that I've seen have stayed more faithful to the original personality. The couple saniwa/yasu I've seen are better too since they don't turn him into a super aggressive seme or completely retarded moeblob.

I do think using a saniwa when the swords have no affection towards you is dumb though. In those cases I do prefer sword/sword.

Nah mate, sword/saniwa gets that too. Either they're H-manga templates (both BL and TL) or otomeshit cutouts, with very few fleshing them out.

The canon for the swords is already so up to fan interpretation. They're not exactly super deep characters, of course they're easy porn fodder. It's not like most doujins for most series that exist for the porn are super in character.

I'm so happy about the ZuoBami nendos. I'm going to buy a thousand Honebamis.

>about how would it be like to take their bonds further
I wouldn't think that's out of character either. The problem comes when they completely change the personalities to archive that.
But honestly they can do whatever they want in doujins and fanart, I'll fap to it even if it has horribly OCC characters.

>They're not exactly super deep characters
I get that, but there are still a lot of portrayals that seem super off, like making jiji a super weepy, blushing bottom or making pretty much any of them as ultra edgy rapists.

I don't see how it's inherently out of character. Not everyone has to ship, but it's not as if swords don't have any bonds or interactions outside of the saniwa. I can see why people like pairs like kashuu with yasusada or hori and kanesan. Any depiction can stretch the characters, not just sword/sword pairs.

That's just the nature of reading for the porn. Most porny doujins are ooc, they're just there for people to get off to. For any series, really, a lot of doujins are just based on tropes. It's just easier for people to do it here with characters who are more up to interpretation.

I'm going to canonically fuck my husbando.

Who's the lucky sword?

What are the best doushinji you have ever read?


I'm just autistic about this, so if it isn't mentioned in the game I don't see it as something possible. But the relationship with the saniwa is left ambiguous for you to turn it into anything you want, so it just makes more sense to me.

The bone eater.

Thank you Hanamaru for letting him be happy. I'm going to protect this smile.

I haven't had a chance to watch the new episode yet but wow, this smile of his makes me so happy.

Are you Namazuo? Otherwise I'm not okay with you plowing this cutie.

He's been able to smile so much this season, it's really beautiful.

No. ;_;
I prefer their relationship being brotherly anyway. I relate to Namazuo a lot though so he's somewhat easy to self insert as when it I come across shipping, though I feel a bit bad about it. Don't worry, I'll treat him well, user.

Imagine being an Oodentafag.

>Never showed up with his uchiban clothes at all
>Barely spoke in his first appearance
It fucking hurts

I really wanted the miike swords to have some sort od rock band moment it woulf have been amazing...

It sounds like you are one of the few anons who work hard to deserve your husbando, I'm proud of you.

>imagine getting art by the official artist all the time
It's not all bad.

I'm glad you're getting your nendo user. It's always nice to see dedicated swordfags that have been around for a while.

At least he had his moments in Katsugeki.

Imagine being a saniwa who gets to animate official content of their ship.

T-thanks a bunch user, I do my best.

Thank you, I'm so glad it's finally happening. If they wouldn't have announced it this wonfes I was going to start making a custom, this saves me so much hassle haha.


Middle one is definitely great


How does one canonically fuck his husbando?

Ookanehira is next, r-right?

Uguisumaru's voice sounded like pure heaven in this scene.

I'll take this shitty cameo as Oodenta screen time

You just do it.

Summary for next week should be out later this evening. I bet it's Sengo or something.

Kobizen half episode, please.

He's a silent guardian

A watchful protector


Uncle is the most underappreciated

I want him and Kogitsunemaru to have an ED together.

Didnt they already have their scenes together in season 1? Not that I'd oppose more

They had some scenes, but a song with them would be nice.

Give me good Koryuu recipes please.
I can't get a 3:20 timer unless I use ofuda.

I had some pretty good luck with All800, 810, 850, and 900. If you want to be a cheapskate I've also gotten 3:20s from 350/510/350/350, All550, etc.

As long as it's not homo I'm cool with that.

>line removed from the game that was always the source of dark fanart
>turn it into food joke


what are GK's? im new to figures

Garage Kits

where would one acquire said garage kits

The guide.


>gonna have to spend possibly hundreds on a hairpin
I want off this ride.

Fuck, that's actually a neat accessory. Good thing I'm too broke to even consider it.

Seems like a gift when you buy all the dvds/blu-rays.

Yeah, so it'll be fucking expensive in the aftermarket. If you manage to find it at all.

user you can get that type of shit anywhere minus the differing colors. Go to Daiso or something, they've spread out a lot in the US.

No you don't understand. This is official. It's even called "Yasusada's hairpin".

Is the flower made out of plastic/rubber or something? Looks cheap and tacky, would rather make my own hairpin.

Nigga ain't no one but you gonna know that. I'd rather craft or buy something that represents weeb clothes rather than spend hundreds on official weeb clothes. It's different from figures. Just glue a sakura charm from ebay onto those common pins if you can't find one already like that, and paint the discoloration if you must. Coordinating powerlevel-hiding hiding clothes that represent someone from games and anime is fun. I would say buying everything official is worth it only if you're an avid cosplayer.

What's the dumbest sword related thing you've spent money on?

the max factory kogitsunemaru figure

But it has no value to me if it isn't official. If I just make some custom pin it's just a custom pin, but this is an official representation of Yasu's pin. I need it for sentimental/autistic reasons.

A 3k yen absolutely degenerate anthology and many other doujins above 1k yen

user I think you need to reevaluate your definition of dumb because Kogi related anything sure isn't stupid.

If you're sure then go for it, it's your money and hopefully he's your husbando and you're not a trendhopper fag. Note you'll probably have to buy the BDs all from that certain store, and you'll need to make sure your proxy is aware of it.

I keep buying the coasters with my husbando's face on them from cafes. I'm never even going to use them and there's so much more merch using the exact same pieces of art but I keep fucking buying them.

I also bought two copies of the artbook because I bought the first one without the bonus illustration book and the only way I could get it was if I bought the artbook with it.

Probably the toumyu ticket the other day. If not, then buying the newest artbook just to get it scanned and subsequently destroyed by the nips felt pretty dumb too. Can't wait to do it again this summer.

when will they finally give my husband shinano more screen time ;;

>buying the newest artbook just to get it scanned and subsequently destroyed by the nips

Maybe by "destroyed by the nips" user meant that time the nips were angry that artbook scans were flying around as "spoilers" and absolutely prohibited anyone to talk about them.


are there still some on sale?

What a bunch of fucking faggots. It pisses me off how self-entitled these retards are, feeling like it's their God given right to keep all the shit related to anything that comes out of Japan and never share it with outsiders. I'm amazed they're still breathing considering how far up their asses their heads are.

Also if you're the one who scanned pic related, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You did all of us swordfags a service for having the balls to get it scanned.

Akita is so cute.

Yagen is best sword coat hanger boy

What a creepy idea for merch. Imagine opening your wardrobe and seeing Yagen there, dressed up in your clothes.

What? They pulled the pages out to scan them. That's what it means to pay someone to scan and destroy a book. Whatever was left after the scanning process wasn't a book any more, and in some cases people don't pay for them to be shipped after so the company chucks it.

Just as it sounds. A scanning service scans shit for you and then throws the books away.
It was worth it though. Needed scans of my wife's new art asap.

Sounds like a dream come true, where do I buy one?

A really tall Yagen too.

For the musical? I'm not sure, you'll have to check the fnac page.

I never knew such a thing even existed, would be good for doujins I get 2 copies of.

I saw some nips using a Hasebe one to hang their Hasebe cosplay clothes. It was pretty cute.

Is it just me or Ookanehira doesn’t look as beefy as he is in game ?

At least it's better than that eromanga glasses holder.

Ookanehira isn't really that beefy, you're imagining things.

Would buy one of my swordfu.

I use it for doujinshi pretty often. I can't get anything too degenerate though because I feel bad for the poor nip who has to scan it.

I feel you user. I used all 7 of my ofudas on all900 recipes and still haven't got him. And now I don't have any resources left.

I imagine his shoulders would be wider though.

I had a bunch of ofudas saved, but it doesn't feel like it's going to work. Feels bad spending them all for nothing.

katsugeki kane is so handsome holy shit

why must he be so expensive

more like why must he be so awful looking

Why do so many sword scales have cursed faces?

All the good sculptors are more interested in making plastic butts.

But hey at least his nendo doesn't look like ass!

Partially because GSC doesn't learn and keeps using the same hack sculptor.

Kanesan was apparently done by a bunch of different sculptors (according to MFC anyway).
I know what you mean though, I don't like Nanako either. I think the only figure that was sculpted well was Hasebe and that one was by a guy.

The same idea doesn't work with lingere so I'll pass

Where does one acquire the scans of this book?

Yasu is the only one that turned out nicely in my opinion.

I don't collect scales but haven't stopped thinking about buying him. It is just so calming to look at.

I own him and would recommend, he's very pretty

The bootlegs have the truly fucked faces

I think Nikkari looks quite good.

I think his and Kashuu's are both perfect. I know some people don't like how Kashuu came out, and at first I was disappointed with it compared to the prototype too, but in person it looks beautiful so I ended up loving it.
I feel so lucky that both of them came out perfect for me. Almost every other scale has something I don't like.

Why is it taking forever to make statueshit of their awakening sprites? Did the one with Jiji bomb so hard that they put off making more in the foreseeable future?

I'm not sure if they're actually making more. Maybe swords sales in general didn't do as well as expected so they're only doing Jiji.
But then again they're also selling the life size Jiji so sword sales can't be that bad.

My boy Yagen doesnt have a super groupies purse or a scale fig yet but he has so many garage kits since year 1 of tourabu and an official collab doll so I can't complain too much. I've probably spent as much money or more on doujin and unofficial goods than on the game and official media.

>life size jiji


I'm not really a fan of how shiny everything is on Nikkari or how they made his cloak transparent. I'm probably biased though because I don't like Nikkari's in-game art all that much.
I have Kashuu too and like him quite a bit (he does look better in person), but I can see why some people complain about certain things in the scale. I do regret not getting him when he binned to 5k though.

People actually complained about Kashuu being made first? Given his popularity and him being a starter sword it seems only logical that he would be first.

This is probably the stupidest idea ever. I mean, just practicality wise, what's the point?

The ultimate hotgluing experience.

I love how he turned out, I wanna stroke his lips. But like said they really fucked up with his cloak, they tried to emulate a thin fabric with the transparency but it just looks like dried glue or something.

He has such shitty art ingame that I wouldn't be surprised if OR doesn't want to make him because of that. I could see him getting something based on his Hanamaru or Katsugeki design though.

The pose is so terribly awkward too. I really hope they change that shit if he ever gets done. As retarded as GSC is they have to realize it's a terrible idea.

If anything, with all the swastikas on his outfit, people who aren't privy to swastikas are gonna think you have some kind of nazi propaganda in your living room.

That femdom one with Kashuu. God knows how many times I've fapped to it

I just want to see how many people would be willing to buy it. Still amazed by the 70 nips who wanted to buy the $9000 Touken Sanpo tantou.

His artist has a real bad case of sameface syndrome. I mean, just look at it.

Are you trying to tell me that isn't Yagen photoshopped onto a different body?

>same eye color
>same haircut

If they were going to sameface you would think they would at least do a palette swap.

Yagen is pretty much the artist's pet OC becoming an actual reality.

What do you think about this?

>just woke up
>my husbando isn’t by my side


I always thought Kaoru and Yagen looked extremely similar, even when tkrb had just released. Even though Kaoru released first I sometimes just call him idol yagen.

I guess this means that Yagen did get a playable version in GBF after all.

As a Yagen fag who has no beef with the artist and is a same fan of this Artist's tastes in mecha I'm cool with it

But also agree a scale statue would have to be tweaked, the pose is just basic settei shit

I can't seem to put my finger on what it is about her style that is so unpleasant to me. Even with the technical improvements over time it seems to always miss the mark for me.

I was actually attracted to Yagen because my bias was Kaoru before tkrb came out

I'm sure there must be at least one rich nip that would be willing to buy it. There have been a few life sized figures for other series that have sold, so I don't see why this one wouldn't.

Nihongou looks like a real cool lad, I'd go out for a drink with him.

It's probably because of how unsettling their artstyle is as a whole. You got pale skin, thousand yard stare, skeleton bodies. It's like a reverse uncanny valley.

I actually quite like this style. It does the uncanny thing better than Gokotai's artist imo.

If you had the money, would you shell out for a hypothetical 1:1 of your sword husbando?

I'd go out drinking with all of them if I could


My main piece of fluff. Yucca always delivers with him.


No, I would better make a custom BJD of him for this amount of money.

I’d pay a high quality professional male prostitute to cosplay him and act as him for a whole night instead.

If they created a VR game for Touken ranbu, would you buy it? If Yes, how realistic would want it to be? As close to 2D as possible or something semi-realistic like Final Fantasy?

Fuck that shit. Touken Musou when?

Can’t they just become real? It mustn’t be that expensive, surely.

I just want to pat and interact with them so as close as 2D as possible.
And I also want a Touken Ranbu fighter game. There's so much potential.

I'd want them to be as close to their game art as possible, like what MMD models try to be but not shitty. I wanna pat my swordfu.

This. They could still fit in fanservice for swordfuckers anyway.

>not wanting them to be as close as possible to UFO's art

I must be in the minority but I actually prefer the Genji bros in Hanamaru.

I like them better in the final eps. Their first appearance looks a little off but ufo improved.

Not everyone got their appearance in Katsugeki.

stripper's up

kinky sword

angry red man too

All in the same ep? I hope none of them gets sidelined.

I just finished the episode, god Gine is absolutely precious, I love him.
Hell yes, man with a fetish after my own heart.

I’m happy for Uguisumaru. Hopefully he’ll get a bit of focus next episode, so far his appearences have been trivial.

Just give the game a clothing damage mechanic and an optional papping minigame and we're all golden.

3D that tries to look as 2D as possible usually looks like ass, so no thanks.

>I hope none of them gets sidelined.
Most of them get sidelined if the scriptwriters don't find something interesting to do with them.

He looks cute here. I never realized his eyes were grey.

They will sing the ending together.

For the anons who couldn't gather 12 stamps, the staff decided to give 3 supplementary stamps. Just log in the game during the stamp exchange period.
The stamp exchange will be implemented after the update on the 20th and will last a month.

Took this out the /cm/ thread since that place is dead as shit.

So which sword will you choose, /sword/?

Slut duo looking good.

He probably thought it was a regular sweater.

It's amazing how it doesn't look sexual on him. He's too pure.

Might as well go for pic related because the campaign fucked me over and I don't care for the others. I could get Azuki but >two slots.

Oops meant for


i know nothing of the show but i love this little shits artwork, is he a good character?

Damn those are some rock hard abs, I don’t think I’ve seen any other sword displaying such six pack, not even among the baras. Maybe just Kogi.


These are some nice oppai.

It looks like his dick is going to pop out any moment.

cardwise or gamewise? don't know jack shit about the cardgame but he's an ok tanto

The path back to the citadel is really deserted. Is all that land their property?

You have a very cute husband.

But the place they grow their shit is right beside the citadel, what the fuck? Guess topography is just a suggestion in anime land.

Yeah, it's strange, the old citadel had the working fields inside its land. Now they moved the pond there and walled the place, and the fields are on the opposite place.

Actually, they also changed the wall placement and the orientation of the whole place, this is crazy.

Episode summary. The first part sounds hilarious.

>Heshiki Hasebe goes on an expedition.
>Kikkou Sadamune and Sengo Muramasa learn that Hasebe is away.
>To take the role of the Saniwa's assistant while Hasebe is absent, they decide to have a contest.

>When going to the veranda to serve tea to Uguisumaru, Hirano Toushirou finds him happily writing/drawing something.
>It's something related to Ookanehira who just manifested...

I forgot a part of his name.

>To take the role of the Saniwa's assistant while Hasebe is absent, they decide to have a contest.
Interesting! I hope they conspire with Tsurumaru in this.

I don't think they'll involve another sword. The word they used in japanese is 勝負 that can also mean match.

>To take the role of the Saniwa's assistant while Hasebe is absent, they decide to have a contest.
If this contest isn't vaguely sexual in nature I'll be very disappointed.

Not that I mind but it’s still strange to know the first Suwabe Junichi sword is not a Garcher type but a huge slut.

Foreign Touken like Excalibur and Durandal when?

It would be cool to see how some legendary western swords would fit in here. But Excalibur in particular is so overdone at this point it'd get tiring fast. I rather they'd pick historical swords.

>a game with a story revolving around japanese swords
>featuring gaijin weapons
Like hell that's gonna happen. Besides how are they gonna fit into the plot, big plot twist there's actually saniwa from all over the world summoning their own country's historical weapons and the retrograde army is actually just the japanese branch of a bigger organization of historical revisionists?

Fuck that would actually be cool.

>smithing for Koryuu
>get three Jijis
I hate this fucking game.

That looks like the setting for a really kinky orgy, user.

I used to dream about western touken danshi as whole and about Arthurface Excalibur in particular for a while around the time the game first launched, but soon I realized that we won't get any actually interesting events/collaborations.
Also in-game swords classification doesn't fit western swords.

I hope the meeting of Uguisumaru and Ookanehira is touching. The scenes in the first seasons of Sayo and the awataguchis awaiting their respective older brothers were so cute; Uguisumaru and Ookanehira have a different dynamic with neither being children, but I want to see the way an adult reacts to meeting someone long-awaited.

>ywn wield superior damascus steel to cut down the infidel retrogrades
Absolutely haram.

If they fucked up this particular moment the series is death to me. Still, I did expect Ookanehira to have a whole episode revolving around him and Ugui so it’s kind of disappointing. Hope they won’t pull a Miike bros again (I’m still salty about Oodenta getting 1 line)

That Yana sword can pass off as Western sword design though.

I love Namazuo, he's just so cheerful and cute. I like how he pulls Honebami around and starts dumb games with his brothers. He's truly beautiful.

So I decided to check out the Kagetsugi series from Ufotable. I didn't know who this guy was, but he looked cool and I have seen fan arts of him everywhere, so I wanted to check it out. The whole series was disappointing because Jesus, why would you bait us with such a great character only to have him show up for three episodes max?!
Jiji is the best character among the whole cast. Next is the hooded boy. I couldn't give a shit about the second unit.
All I can say about this series is that all names are very long and that killed my interest. Some boys have good character designs, but it seems like artists didn't even try with others.
It is a waste because they have all beautiful character designs and all they need to do is to expand on the lore and make the drama easy to follow. I browsed through the whole 13 episodes just to see my favorite characters appear, slash, and then done. The Japanese history is too confusing; it's like the producer is shoving history dry bread into my mouth.

I would probably follow Jiji's fanarts but I won't check out the game.

>why would you bait us with such a great character only to have him show up for three episodes max?!
Because he is the game's mascot. Even in the other anime (Hanamaru) he hardly does anything.
>Next is the hooded boy.
Good taste.

>The whole series was disappointing because Jesus, why would you bait us with such a great character only to have him show up for three episodes max?!
Because Katsugeki doesn't focus on him. The show is about Kane-san and his merry men's drama. Mikazuki is basically sword John Cena, he'll show up everywhere and do basically nothing.

>Jiji is the best character among the whole cast. Next is the hooded boy.

>All I can say about this series is that all names are very long and that killed my interest.
You nigger just give them nicknames or shorthand like you already did with Jiji.

>Some boys have good character designs, but it seems like artists didn't even try with others.
This fact, sadly. But three years did wonders for some of them.

>It is a waste because they have all beautiful character designs and all they need to do is to expand on the lore and make the drama easy to follow.
And that's why toustage exists but that's a whole nother can of worms and I'm not elaborating on that.

>The Japanese history is too confusing; it's like the producer is shoving history dry bread into my mouth.
It comes with the territory and part of the reason why it's hard to get into Touken Ranbu in the first place. These swords have long ass histories behind them and it would do you no end of favors to try to read up on them

>I would probably follow Jiji's fanarts but I won't check out the game.
Don't unless you like Random Number God Simulator 2015.

You sound like a retard, user.
>I couldn't give a shit about the second unit.
It's absolutely unforgivable.

Secondaries get out.

I think you should consider suicide.
You're a fucking mong and your shit taste hurts to read.

What do you think of katsugeki?

Nice meme, but you've overstayed your welcome.

It's not like the game is worth anyone's time.

One of my least favorite sword adaptations due to the pacing issues making parts of it a pain to watch. I'm still glad it exists though, nice action scenes, unique takes on parts of the setting, and some sweet moments that could only arise specifically from Touken Ranbu. The Mucchan and Ryouma ep was really good and the ending was nice as well. The Unit 1 subplot was done really poorly, which is almost baffling since it could have been one of the best parts with the characters they went with (and I say that as someone whose husbando is in Unit 1.)

Boring but pretty. It gave us plenty of Kane-san and I'm thankful for that.

I love it. Never could even dream about a swords adaptation to be made by ufotable.
Also I like little setting things it showed to us because I enjoy the hell out of fanwanking.

Meh overall with the pointless drama and the plot seemingly on wheels but at least it gave me Kane's six pack so whatever.

I agree. Looking back on all those afternoons I spent grinding, I wasn't actually having fun. Ot was a chore I forced myself to do.

I recently rewatched it and enjoyed it a lot more. It’s actually pretty epic and full of details.

Also this, definitely. I’ve never wanted to lick a character’s six pack this much.

I think I should have watched it after getting more acquainted with the actual Shinsengumi. I feel really bad about Hori now, even if he would've succeeded it was already too late. Feels bad.

It's fun when it's raining swords first couple of weeks or so. But then it really becomes a chore.

Meh. The only swords who showed up that I really care about are the Genjis and they didn't do much. The plot was boring, but perhaps I wouldn't feel that way if I loved any of the main swords.

Wasted like 40 ofudas and couldn't get him either. Only strawberries, foxes, and cranes.

I never got Kogi through smithing ever but got Jiji twice what kind of gay bullshit is this.

I enjoyed it a lot

I know a lot of people are tired of Shinsengumi pandering but I loved the last episodes with the Bakumatsu figures, made me appreciate the show a lot more because it was filled with details.

Not quite at 40 yet, but it's getting close and not a sign of Koryuu... I think I'll never get anyone I'm aiming for during smithing campaigns. Getting drowned in Tsurus instead.

Horikawa is a lucky man.

Imagine waking up next to that body every morning.

Even though there was like little to no plot, I liked it a lot. I want an S2.
Though Katsugeki pissed me off more than usual because it had potential to have a darker plot with elements a lot of fans wanted to see (like sword breaking/corruption) and it all never happened.

I always treated the game as one you play during a quick break so as not to get burned out. I know I do.

Wow Inuyasha and Kagome are all grown up now.

There was so much salt and bitching in every direction about Tonbo near-death experience, I can't possibly imagine how bad the fanbase would handle the real deal.

Wasn't a good portion of the bitching also the fact that ufotable seemingly chickened out of character death? There was a lot of them starting to take the story in one direction then changing their mind suddenly and that made it kind of hard to watch for me.

Now we know how the plot of Katsugeki turned out to be and I can't see where that death could fit in the bigger picture. It wasn't planned to actually happen for sure.

Katsugeki sucks. Hanamaru forever.

See you swordfags this Sunday!

I disagree, Katsugeki was better but see you guys next sunday.

I wish suffering fags would fuck off forever. Character deaths are shit.

>slow but steady thread, never on the verge of dying
>no whining about the quality
>no Hasebe hateposting
>no musical discussion
>no rapist Jiji
>no sexualized Yagen
>no Genji brothers doujin
>no cherry blossoms
>no plum blossoms

Something feels wrong here... What have you done to the real anons, imposters?!

You have hanamaru already, let us be. Even the musicals have suffering. This is a Nitroplus work.

I agree Katsugeki is shit. See you next Sunday.

what company have the license for sword boy figs?

We're doing good. I'm proud.

What's so wrong about musical discussions anyway?

I meant suffering from sword deaths, not in general.

Nothing. Ignore them.

I liked both Katsugeki and Hanamaru. Both have their strengths and shortcomings so can't say if I like one more than the other. That being said the stage play I watched was probably my favorite representation of TR that I have seen so far. I say this as someone who was exposed through the GBF collab.

I may be a secondary, but I am no fake, Hoodie.

It's good being an awataguchi fag, and a Yagen fan in particular for both Katsugeki and Hanamaru. In Katsugeki, he doesn't have to be more than a reliable assassin class character so any on screen smiles and little nods to his fandom lore were appreciated, in Hanamaru he's the staple intermediary between groups and has so many cameos. For the stages, I think Kitaryo did his best in the first run, the rerun just seemed kinda off. And I can't imagine Yagen getting a musical role.

Please, don’t bully Yamanbagiri. Even if you don’t like him, he doesn’t deserve to be hurt.

The only thing I dont like about Hanamaru (at least this season) is that S2 was supposed to at least be about late2015-2016 swords a little yet they do nothing at all. The official twitter keeps hyping the new swords and everything and when the episode hits they have less than 5 mins of screentime if not even less. The Oodenta/Sohaya and Gotou/Shinano episodes were the worst offenders. They only put effort in Fudou and Sadachan's eps.

The screentime imbalance/favoritism was a problem in the first season too.

Hanamaru keeps doing a thing where there is a slightly tense moment, then someone will say/do something silly and all the characters will close their eyes and laugh.

I like how everyone gets along, but sometimes they go too far in showing this and it becomes kind of strange and worrying.

He is my favorite actually, I just didn't like being called a fake. The love for swords is real.

I still don't understand who thought it was a good idea to give a new sword pretty much only one line in their introduction episode.

My only problem with Hanamaru is that it isn’t 100 episodes long. It’s a dumb and definitely not perfect show, but the touken danshi are a lovely family and the citadel feels like a warm home. I’d like more diverse and better stuff, but I’m still grateful for what we are getting. And the threads are nice, too.

Is that a Valentine gift?

His part better be a lead into the next episode.

If making more episodes was necessary for more swords to get their fair share of screentime, it'd be all I want. I love the comfiness of the show and swords interacting as family and friends, but if the show stretched out into 100 episodes and still had 80% of the spotlight to the same handful of swords that have had it all this time, I'd become dangerously bitter.

It's a little bit stepford isn't it?

How far is the hanamaru manga?


Hanamaru has a manga?

They're fine as long as people don't bring 3DPD shit.

Swordfags should strictly masturbate to 2D

No one should ever masturbate to 3DPD.

Nobody faps to 3D. Thinking that the myu actors are good at their roles doesn't mean you want to fuck their real selves. It's like talking about the VAs; both lose their worth the moment they stop doing something sword related.

Pretty much this.

But how about masturbating to other swordfags

You'd be surprised. Some people only see their swordbando or sword they like as the actor that is supposed to represent them because it's the closest equivalent of them being real.
Basically what happens to the hardcore VAfags and idolfags.

You're crazy if you don't think there are people who actually want to fuck the actors. Shit like Kuri's actor being bashed to hell for having a girlfriend happens because people don't seperate the actor from the character they play.

Well yeah but that's just the dumbass nips and normalfags. I'm talking about this thread in general.

Well I did fap to that female saniwa/kashuu doujinshi so I guess it's kinda like fapping to the creator.

I loved that doujin but I just fapped to Kiyomitsu.

They are just a vocal minority of autists.

Source? That sounds hot.

There's two on sadpanda. Just search Kashuu's tag.

>Not fapping to 3D girls and 2D boys
Just go with whatever makes your dick happy.

The virgin killer sweater...


Thank you!

Made for tantous.

It should be on swords with fatter butts.

Ookanehira is the last sword right? So Yasusada soon?
I'm not sure if they're going with the kiwame outfit after all since it doesn't look like they made him infiltrate the shinsengumi. But it's weird that one of his kiwame lines from the letter showed up in the anime. If it wasn't a huge coincidence he might get kiwame'd after all.