I think it's coming this year

They've been working on it since summer 2016. That recent tweet about them refilling their pencil stock doesn't mean they haven't animated till now lol.
Also they were doing mo-cap in december, I doubt you'd do that without a done storyboard.

At people who think the movie will have Shinji fixing the world through some magic, 3.0 was about how problems aren't solved that way in real life (it was even in the title).
The last film will probably show how Shinji actually communicates to better the situation, even if all their lifes will never be the same.

At people who think it will target otakus, Anno said years ago Rebuild isn't about that, as it is about something he feels is more important in current times.

At people who say Rebuild isn't Eva, did you miss how 3.0 was the most Eva thing ever, subverting expectations in an already subversive franchise? How it is commenting on anime (especially post-NGE anime) with things like fantasy-problem solving not working (how many shows freaking do this?).

It tells its story differently, the goals are similar.

Also some of the best visuals Anno ever put to film are in 3.0

Well anybody else hyped? I am.

We’re never getting 3.0+1.0

Obviously we are getting it.
Probably sooner than people think.

> about something he feels is more important in current times.
WHAT IS IT?! Human connection or something?

>Well anybody else hyped?
Also, yes, I'm pretty hyped too. People shit a lot on Anno and 3.0, but I think it's brilliant. Not because I'm some kind of contrarian, it genuinely is.

I love all things Evangelion yet when I first watched 3.0, I didn't really like it for some reason. However, I watched it a second time through recently and my opinion made a complete 180. I agree with the OP completely. It's the most subversive Evangelion that's ever been made and the story it tells is the most human. I now consider it to be the most thought-provoking of all the Evangelion media that's been produced. I'm super hyped for 3.0 + 1.0

Really hated 3.0 om my first viewing. Now, I consider to be a great piece of EVA. The first half of the film still gets under my skin in some ways, but the second half is fucking great all around. I'm turnt for the final one as well. I just don't think it'll release this year.

>At people who say Rebuild isn't Eva, did you miss how 3.0 was the most Eva thing ever, subverting expectations in an already subversive franchise?
Is that what you tell yourself so you don't feel bad for liking that piece of crap?

3.0 is just a longer, worse and less effective version of episode 24.

Would people like the rebuilds if Eva didn't exist before them?

Some people only watched the rebuilds and have not heard of the original so probably yes

Yeah, it's a very human film. :)
It's normal to have mixed feelings watching a film like that. When a story is very different to your expectations, in some cases you have to let it sink in a little

Is writing comments like this what you do to not feel bad about not seeing the greatness that film is while other peoole do?

It really isn't trying to be episode 24. Maybe you'll enjoy it more if you don't compare it to something else.

>the movies that are about Rebuilding Eva shouldn'd be compared to NGE despite relying heavily on plot points, characters, backstory and lore from it
Makes sense.

No, they shouldn't be compared.
It's still Evangelion because it is about similar themes, and because with how popular Eva is it just makes sense to tell another story in its "code" and with its symbols.
Doesn't mean 3.0 is trying to be episode 24 just because Kaworu is in it.
They are similar in some things, obviously. But not completely.
Also episode 24 was one 26th of a series, 3.0 is 25% of its series. If anything, you'd need to compare it with a bulk of episodes.

Imagine criticizing End of Eva for not being a good monster of the week story like some middle episodes of the show.
Both are Eva, but at different points in time and doing different things.

3.0 is entirely episode 24 with just a bit of episode 23 and some backstory.
Shinji is all alone and sad, Rei is different and no longer the girl he knew, Asuka and Misato are now distant towards him because they have their own problem. Then comes Kaworu, who helps him with his saddness and loneliness, and shows him uncondtional love, then after going down to were Lillith is Kaworu sees that what he though was true actually isn't and that he was probably tricked by Gendo and then Kaworu dies at the expence of Shinji. Shinji becomes very depressed.

What the fuck is going on in this thread. Who let reddit in?

I think that's a reductionist view of the movie, only pointing out what's similar

What exactly makes it reddit-ish?

There is nothing else in the movie execpt a few fight scenes, Fuyutsuki playing shogi with Shinji, Gendo looking menacing, and Kaworu and Shinji playing the piano gayly.

Well, buddy, if that's all you saw, I have bad news for you.

What more is it to it then?.