Why did she sister-zoned herself again ?

Why did she sister-zoned herself again ?

to save face
to retain dignity in her leadership
to test him on what he'll say in response
to bypass 02 as best before even the 10th ep.....

the list goes on, bruh

just couldn't fucking compete with 02

02 was right there, user.

They don't even know what to do with their genitals, so I doubt they can understand WHAT IS LOVE. They just probably wonder stuff like "why is my heart racing and hearting so much when I see him, and why do I want to be naked with him in a bed that doesn't make sense, what does it mean, what is this feeling, I don't understand."
So she used the only reference she knew for affection and feelings

she is into wincest.

Ichigo just needs to understand that Hiro likes the crazy. So if she acts even more psycho than 02, he'll be irresistibly drawn to her.

>but oniichan, we're not blood related

>to test him on what he'll say in response
This. He accepted what she said and returned the sentiment without hesitation.
Now she knows exactly how he feels which is why she makes that face in response.

Being a sister is probably the most affectionate relationship for her right now

She's already in the sister zone, she's just acknowledging it.

deep down she knew that he thinks of her as a sister, so instead of going through the pain of him saying it first, she makes it seem like it was how she really felt.

She's what people call a cuckqueen.

Because its what most weebs faps to these days


Sisterzone doesn't even mean anything in mongolian incest moving pictures nowadays.

Hah, Cred Forums suddenly turned this into NBR. Fine with me.

So she can finally move on and accept the Goro.

If Goro doesn't give her the dick soon I'm dropping this fucking show. Traditionally the childhood friend is pitiable because the MC is really all they have, but here she's got a fine man and partner already what is she even doing moping about Hiro? It's the most pointless drama

Tenga got Chidori on the rebound. Same could happen to Goro.

Goro deserves better.

>Tenga got Chidori on the rebound