How would you describe the relationship between these two girls?

How would you describe the relationship between these two girls?

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Really? I think they're pretty cute together.

I guess the other thread was deleted because muh template?

Anyway like I said, anybody else excited for the bunnygirl figs?


>bunnygirl figs
Oh shit, are there pics?

Just silhouettes, it was in one of the wonfes threads, only two though so it one cup is going to be left out until she gets released.

Why are these cups so slutty?


I want to see them kissing again.

i dream of being them

You and me both.



Kuro and Illya?



While they're off dyking it up, Kuro will be over here stealing both Shirous. At the same time.

When did that happen?

Good, everyone ends happy.

Why do they keep making cup figures without all 3, I don't get it. Hopefully they will eventually release a Miyu bunny as well like they are doing with the lewd ones.

That's probably because she's going to get a wholesome solo version of her clothes in the movie just like Sakura.



There's something wrong in this picture, Miyu's reaction is perfect but Illya is far too relaxed considering she's around maid Miyu.

>i'll never have a maid miyu to molest

Seems like Achromic is doing another Illya x Miyu doujin for c94. Not sure why there are two Illya's though

She probably asks Miyu to feed her or something.

>Miyu getting multiverse Illya love
Wonderful, he's a man of taste. Also

Yeah he's great, was hoping he would do one with Kuro joining them though considering he drew this

the cutest cuple!

You mean that as in it's confirmed she's getting that or you're just hoping she will? I haven't really been keeping up with wonfes announcements.


Whose chocolate would you eat?

Kuro's chocolate pussy,



Guessing he's talking about the wake up kiss where Illya thought it was Shirou. We need a proper kiss where they both are aware of it.




The manga hasn't ended yet. We can save that for the finale.

Illya is for boys only, sorry.

Who needs boys if you can just give the girls dicks.

>what if we took a serious VN...
>then, what if we took some random, unimportant side character
>and then, what if we made her, and all her irrelevant friends lesbians?
>prisma illya

a complete insult to the Fate franchise.

These threads always end up being lewd image dumps. Not that I'm complaining.


I think you mean swords.

quite lewd underwear beneath their cute dresses.



Wish he wouldn't use some disgusting giant fat man in that doujin as his art is pretty great.



Gay, but hot

absolutely precious

Reminder that in their magical girl outfits, Illya wears frilly side-tie panties and Miyu doesn't wear anything under her leotard

Adaptation of the prisma event when.


s6 when?


Don't you want a season 5 before that?

Pedo enabler

They'll get there eventually

Why no Miyu, is she too pure?

a blessing. rewatching the anime now (got an urge to do so after watching the movie). this series is a real jem. silverlink did a great job with the adaption. but hiroyama's scenario is really the foundation for it all. it's no exaggeration to say prisma is the best thing out of the tsukihimeverse

I want an Illya movie that's actually about Illya.

But until then, I'll just settle for HF I guess.

>ywn be so inlove with a character that you would make an entire spinoff series about that character

That is truly a smile you want to protect.

>what if we took a porn VN that shits on all but it's main character
>Then, what if we took an important side character and expanded on her
>Added actually decent lewd and artwork
>Is completely it's own thing and doesn't shit on the series even more like HF



No wonder Miyu became the way she is.

this was the appetizer to the main course of kuro mouth raping her

Post lewd Illya webms

Have a lewd video instead user

fetishization for lolicon

Does this show ever move beyond yuri bait or is it just not worth the time still.

At least she didn't ask later on.

Can you fags PLEASE stop ruining my lolis

It actually has the least yuri bait in the first season and 3rei

What in the fuck, is that.

It could have had way more yuribait, to be quite honest.

I'm completely alright with this.

All of them but mostly Miyu.


Lord have mercy on my dick.

I'm gonna need the leg-lock kiss webm from illya 3rei


jesus christ


The 2wei one before the final fight we better due to the crotch grinding

I love this scene, it's lewd, funny and cute as fuck at the same time.

Miyu alarm when?



Goodnight cute cups.

Illya livin' the life tbhontou

Not until the Kuro alarm breaks everybody's dicks.

I want to be Illya and give Miyu tongue.

I'm honestly surprised it took them so long to have them wear bunny outfits for the figs.