Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou - Chapter 57

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>mfw I've seen it everyday so i am totally used to it and having no reaction at all

>seems I've gotten a little excited

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Be still, thy beating heart.

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Is Kimihito the biggest Gary Stu in manga?

>Is Kimihito the biggest Gary Stu in manga?
basic education and respect makes people like you who knew?

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Using this to see how many captchas I really have to solve.

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>using X

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I wonder how much money this makes hiroshit (if any).

>death by sheep snusnu


Why is my version different?

Because only this board deserves dank maymay's.


he's well beyond gary stu status now
he's pure fantasy proxy


nay Hitomi sensey news. I miss that manga.

I want her to Join his Harem if he doesn't stay at the farm. Would be cute to have a cowgirl join the cast.

Seems like monmusu is returning to its hentai roots

More full moon chapters, or new information that Smith was lying about laws. This shouldn't be another of those choose one harems.

>all those satyrs

why is my dick reacting to this?

YES. We were mising an Oneesan. Was thsi carbman's plan all along?


I know author has gone pro and all, but goddamn it, cant he go back to do a H work once in a while! I love his character designs.

You retard use 4chanx or noscript captcha

>all that brown

I.NEED.SOME.DOUJINS! I dont carem anymore, I need some brown monster girl porn right now!

Fuck the plot. Just give me more of the girls I actually care about. This series has become Tenchi Muyo 2.0 where the creator cares more about introducing side characters and doing world building.

use 4chanx and check script free captcha

Come on man. I'm at work. Don't do this to my dick right now.

>that head size
Christ it's like her head is sitting on a shelf or something.

This however gets me going.

Crab needs to put this series out of it's misery already. End it and make something new.

how are the sales going? you say that like if this thing is doing awful

I don't know about sales. I'm talking about the manga's quality.

I like it, scratches that itch I get when I want to know how non-human characters would integrate into a human society. And the fanservice is nice too. What's your problem with it?

is better than most harems honestly, nothing outstanding, but in sea of garbage this genre is, this is a small island where you can actually enjoy it.

Getting published is 10x the money

what the absolute fuck are those legs

This really went down the shitter.

Brace yourself, user.
There's a non zero chance that you're actually a straight guy.

What plot?

Not sure if you did this already, but set the option for non Javascript captcha. It seems to accept answers much quicker than the proper one.

Other than getting gang raped by the goat girls, what's next for our intrepid handy-man? A trip to help with production issues at a Poultry Harpy farm, perhaps?

Read the thread.

Too busy reading about cow tiddies.

The main seven go undercover disguised as cows to sneak into the farm and save Darling.

They haven't gotten as much focus as they need recently.

Oh Lord, an entire year of them chasing after rumors of Darling as he moves from problem spot to problem spot getting hands on experience with various monster musume based businesses. They finally catch up with him while he's working as a purr-sonal trainer for AKB048.

Doppel is the Superior Girl

A monster Musume RPG!

Thank You PrettyAnon Crew!!

Goats climbing trees!

I don't think this man sleeps
I think from 12:00 to 4:00 he masturbates until the friction is unbearable
Then he gets up and does it all over again

I still want Polt's knot

Pregnant monster girls when

Why are the goat girls so lewd? Why do they just immediately want to have a giant gangbang with kimihito? Are they all sluts?

Thought her name was Ruto or similar? Typo or mistranslated from way before?

Next chapter, unless Kurusu pulls a Houdini and get's out the gang-bang unbanged.

>Rachnera genuinely worried for her Honey
Aww, she so sweet, just a big softy at heart.

Also fat birb belly.

I always feel bad for these side characters as they perpetually seem to be single/pine for Darling but can never be with him

Wat the fuck, ive never seem darling pat one of the main girls head like this.

>I was only 9 years old
>I loved Tio so much, I had all the manga volumes and Blu-rays
>I pray to Tio every night before bed, thanking her for the life I’ve been given
>"Tio is love" I say; “Tio is life”
>My dad hears me and calls me a faggot
>I know he was just jealous of my devotion for Tio
>I called him a Manakofag
>He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep
>I’m crying now, and my face hurts
>I lay in bed and it’s really cold
>Suddenly, a warmth is moving towards me
>It’s Tio
>I am so happy
>She whispers into my ear “This is my swamp.”
>She grabs me with her powerful ogre hands and puts me down onto my hands and knees
>I’m ready
>I spread my ass-cheeks for Tio
>She penetrates my butt-hole
>It hurts so much but I do it for Tio
>I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water
>I push against her force
>I want to please Tio
>She roars in a mighty roar as she fills my butt with her love
>My dad walks in
>Tio looks him straight in the eyes and says “It’s all ogre now.”
>Tio leaves through my window

Tio is love. Tio is life.

>but can never be with him
Leaving them wide open for anons to sweep them off their feet.

The worst thing is Cathyl and Merino had love interests they could be with, but discarded them to pursue the unobtainable.

Dear lord. Those hips. Why cant this be porn.

>but discarded them to pursue the unobtainable.
They were already at the new farm when Kurusu showed up, weren't they? Cathyl and Kaede splitting up makes total sense, since neither one could figure out how to deal with the other effectively. Merino's so shy she may have never gotten past heavy shearing with her kouhai, so he moved on.

Worst, Cathyl is supposedly to be dating with the farm guy.

actually she gets mad at him because he supposedly was talking to a lot of girls so she though he was cheating (actually only a mistake)

and yet she go to the guy with seven concuvines and keep asking him to milk her in a sexual way

this shit just make me fell angry and is obvious that the MC is just a Gary Stu for the self insert fags fantasies

Wat of cathyl dumped him. Wat of the guy sucks at milking her. A girl has needs.

I'm glad you're still around Doppelfag

>and still no rachnera centric chapter
yeah but hey yeah crab just keep adding more girls though

I hate that my wife is stuck in this series now I swear to god

you know i really want this to happen but i think whats really going to go down is more cow SoL for the nexts months if not the rest of the year while the main girls are just swept under the rug until crab has his fill of titanic cow tiddies

Crabman is really going all in with the Cowtit pandering. It's just a shame that it's obviously never going to go anywhere.

>It's just a shame that it's obviously never going to go anywhere.
He's not going to stop until that game with a new trainee dairy-farm hand as the main character gets made.

when was even the last time rachnera had center stage?
well crab has been hinting that rachnera will have a big role this arc, what with working for the company and that shady motherfucker
i just hope their aren't of the ntrbait kind, already some redflags went off in my head with ranchera's scene in this chapter, but it could be my autism speaking

thats the same bullshit excuse in the fucking NTR

>its not my fault i cant told you about how i like to be miked, better leave you for a better prospect

and i guarantee you that if the farmer were the MC and the focus of the history you could see more people angry for this bullshit

but since he´s only a side character the autor can shit on him all the time just to make the fucking gary stu MC looks better

pretty sure it was 14&15 when she was introduced

user, I'm...

Just keepin' an eye on these threads and , but I wish we finally get to the main cast, preferably MON and stop with this filler and mostly recap of the farm chapter. I was a huge fan of the Vampire / broker's arc, hopefully with the next chapter Rachnee and the other girls finally reunite with Darling, because atm the manga feels kinda boring to me, almost like Crab's mini-comics.

Also, is there even a new chapter coming for this month?

>All those deleted pages
What a massacre

Annoying, stupid, doesn’t know how to cook, do laundry, anything, threat to Darling’s life
fat, weird ears, stupid dialect, horse pussy
small tits and flat ass, retarded
dissolves in the rain, stupid, threat to Darling’s life
stupid dialect/way of speaking, cuck, smells like a fishery, weird webbed hands
blue skin, can’t swallow Darling’s cum, chuuni
gentle, careful not to hurt anybody, sexy legs, fashionable, huge ass and tits (shows fertility), self-sufficient, gentle dom, housewife material

>disgusting spiderfags still post
Good thing these threads only happen when there's a new chapter

>fat, weird ears, stupid dialect, horse pussy
Yes, Cerea does have lots of positive features.

Lately fckyeah likes taunting jans.

But you are asuming cathyl is still dating the fafm guy. Im pretty sure they are not dating anymore. I dont think the crab would ruin a girl by turning her into a cheating whore.

chapter 14, volume 3 way back on 2013 was were she first appeared
but im sure there were others were she was center stage likle the time she got drunk on coffee, i will not count those ones were she had to share the stage, like the one with centorea and her intolerance of rachnera
holy shit were has time gone to

Actually now that I've though about it some. I really really want to know how Rachnera (and the others) will react to finding out he's been fondling total strangers 20 hours a day for what, a week?
I kinda want her to get so jealous that she genuinely cry's real, for lack of a better word off the top of my head, heartbreak tears. Then he feels so bad that he promises to take Rachnera out on a date. (WHICH SHE NEVER GOT BEFORE) Then during the date we get to see Rachenra showing off sides of her never/rarely seen.

yeah I just went and looked
last chapter where she was the main girl was 26, the coffee chapter

that was july 2014
four fucking years ago

I swear to god crab
stop adding characters and flesh out the main cast

Stay triggered nigger

Maybe we can get a bit more development with what should be the main characters this way.
>stop adding characters and flesh out the main cast
I hate it when this happens. I don't know how much of it is due to thinking of new character ideas and just wanting to include them, and how much is just not having any other ideas to write about.

Well fuck, janitor purged it now. Oh well, at least there are archives.

Just buy a fucking pass.

Is she the first girl to confess?

What are we missing here?


Pages are slowly being purged for being NSFW

Will let a random Dullahan kill darling for no good reason

Is Darling being the netori protagonist seducing Cathyl away from her worthless, never-at-home farmer husbando?


To be fair, that guy was talking like that to literal animals. He's probably a zoophile.

>july 2014
>four fucking years ago
wew, crabman
maybe we sould start keeping track where the main girls had the center stage all to themselves
for example the last time mia had a chapter all to herself was the the time she had to look for a job.
speaking of jobs there's also a chapter thats long overdue is the chapter were it explains what the girls do for the exchange program like do they go to classes? how come they spent all thier time on darling's house doing jack shit?
shouldn't exchanges programs have at least the requesite to go and have and education or performing a job in specific?

WOW. What's wrong with this board nowadays?

hey at least jannies havent pruned the tread like they always do

The new hire jannies are being overzealous

>this board

Seems like it's spread to all over.

So what if they broke up, the author already shit on him meanwhile praising and sucking the MC balls.

and now the author can just forget he ever existed, no girl, no justice, no anything, why even introduce him in the first place?
and why they broke up? because Cathyl is a self righteous bitch who cant talk about anything for the sake of it.

this is the kind of shit only self insert fags who dont care about anyone but themselves can like.

Even official nips need to be spoilered, according to our nip official, anyway.

>"Wait I already...!!"
Already what? Does he have a girl in mind?

As much as I agree on Rachne being best girl, I still think Miia needs to win.

>Already what?
He already needs to loosen his load, since he's got seven women on his mind.

My dick is so hard right now.

i would not be surprised if this is the case and the author use this as an excuse to keep shitting on him

I would prefer more than one winner.
It would help if Cred Forums was not considered a work safe board.

>She penetrates my butt-hole
Please be a strap-on

He is a good guy, but he does fuck up at times and doesn't always get everything right all the time. Plus he does get hurt alot too. So he is not perfect.

Also this.

he always was, crab probably just wants to imagine himself milking titty meat all day and who the fuck can blame him

Was something supposed to be here? There's nothing in the archive.

KSo which centaurgirl is the best one, and why is cara.

Just use Tarry's pass and get him banned.

Sasuga Crab-sensei

He really took it personally when people said he toned down the ecchi after the anime

Just throw the rest of us a bone, Crab, and have a bit with a worried and lonely Miia running into Draco in town, crying on her shoulder about the missing Darling, and giving Draco a moral dilemma. Let Draco wrestle with either helping Miia herself or helping herself to Miia.

I hope Cathyl joins the heroines. We've been missing the minotaur/holstaurus from the original series as one of the heroines.

Please no. Draco and Miia interactions were always the worst.

I just can't find milking to be arousing.


Why there is so many deleted pages?

NSFW content, I'm afraid.

A shame. Dem cows are cute.


>Dem cows are cute.
Where are all the Minotaur guys? Don't tell me these ladies can't find some helping hands at home.

And give hiroshima money for this shit?
Chances are it gets banned for posting spoilered tits on the next chapter.
No, thanks. I'd rather invest the money into buying years for our domain.

On a side note, I wasn't banned right away this time.

Didn't we go over this years ago with Hiro and nipples were fine as long as it was official art?

And the janitor missed a lot of pages if he was trying to delete nipples.

>nipples were fine as long as it was official art?
As long as they were spoilered. And sometimes not even then, just ask fckyeah.


Brown cow is the best cow. And Cathyl is second best.

This. Fuck Draco.

I'd love to, but I'm 3D.

Muscles a shit

Fine. Papi, Kyurii, Manako, or Lilith cameo then. Just throw the fans of smaller girls a freaking bone.

>Muscles a shit
You're dead to me, user.

The easier solution to this would just no longer have Cred Forums be blue.
It's why I tend to not post things that should be safe to post here.
I don't think we will ever get that type of content in the manga.

Sorry man, I just prefer meaty girls
If Ruto was slightly pudgy she'd be absolutely perfect

That's not meat.
To each their own then, user.

Hey, any info on ?

I would understand this feeling if darling was the typical netorare scumbag protagonist. But darling is a nice and sweet guy that only acts with the best intentions.

It's not a typo, otherwise the other occurrences would have a different name.
TTF isn't online at the moment, so I can't ask him, but to me, Lute sounds more girly and fitting.

I also wouldn't care if the farm guy were shown like some kind of jerk who deserved. but no, in the chapter he was just some average even a nice guy, he didn't even get angry or resentful when Cathyl accidentally send him to the hospital for a misunderstanding.

it just starting to be annoying how much the MC, he is starting to be like Kirito.
and i know people enjoy this series and dont really care for this, i just wanted to share my opinion and move on and forget this series existed.

>deserve it

so I haven't read since the Evil Slime chapters started, what the fuck happened?


main cast has been unfocused and been replaced by all 'new' cowgirl cast

>he didn't even get angry or resentful when Cathyl accidentally send him to the hospital for a misunderstanding.
He expects the farm ANIMALS to injure him from time to time. Remember when she complained that he treats her like a cow?

Animalpeople get upset he treats them the same way he treats animals, not realising he treats animals like people.

Holy shit. What the fuck happened to that page?

Low quality scan of the V08 omake.

Ok, thanks.

>not realising he treats animals like people.
So you admit that he's a serial sheep shagger.

yes i know he dont know how to milk her and how i already say, its a problem that could be fixed if she just talk to him about it, then he can just apologize to her and keep working on the relationship

but since that character seems to only exist to be compared to the MC and make him look better. thats never going to happen.

Crabman recently started doing NTR stories, of course that shit was going to bleed over to his main series.

>yes i know he dont know how to milk her
No. No. No.
My point is that he doesn't expect or demand better from her than he does from the cows, which is an insult to a cow-person.

Minotaur men are like Centaur men and Orc men.

I want Darling to give Draco the mating press.


Having him give it to anyone is unlikely. Is it just a bad publisher for that?

But wat would you do if is revealed that the farm guys wascheating on herwith the goats ?

This isn't NTR though. This is netori, which is the patrician's choice.

>caught thread late
>pages are deleted

What the hell?

i admit i dont expect something like this from this series and since it seems that i am the only one who cares about the farm guy so i just going to drop the series and let the people enjoy it and luckily i can forget about it soon

she is a Minotaur not a cow-person, thats ofensive
also you are making assumptions, she can be talking about how he milk her also about how he treat her in the relationship we dont see much about their relationship and its kinda vague.

anyway my point stands, he only existed to make the MC like a perfect good guy with no defects.

Welcome to Cred Forums, no nipples allowed.

Literally all the story material shows that Cathyl and her "boyfriend" aren't really compatible with each other. Relationships fail all the time in the real world.

at this point, for me that would feel forced from the author to justify himself

I had the same problem. Just read it from the archive where all the deleted pages are still there

>buy pass
for what purpose

Cot and Ton, or real goats?

use Cred Forums x

Thank you lamia and tanktopfag, I have a stupendous boner right now.

i agree, actually i think i never say that they were compatible or even a good couple

what im saying is that from my perspective this feels kinda unfair
damn even Papi were trash talking about him

i think the author didnt even let him to move on and learn from the past i fell like he is just gonna forget that he ever existed

I don't remember the official translation calling her that.

The typesetter's always like the base player in a band.

Exactly, nothing wrong with cathyl realizing darling is a best man than the farmer and going for him. Besides, that is a known risk in distant relationships.

And aside from that, farmer is a handsome dude that will surely find a woman in no time, unlike darling that seems repelent to human females.

Only the translator and who ever dumps chapters get internet fame.

Crab needs to stop adding girls to the harem. He already doesn't do anything with the ones we have.

Was this a joke?



Thanks Griff!

Come on, the males of the non female-only species can't all be 'roided out assholes.

Troll men are bros according to the end card.

These guys in the back look pretty chill.

Mero looks off-model

Mero is always a little off, user.


>cow chapter

Which girl would give the best handjob?

I want to say Tio, because she should probably hug you after seeing you bust out all your energy.

My favorite girl.
Your favorite girl would be shit.


Mero's hands are self lubricating. That's got to be worth some bonus points.