Why does this overrated garbage of a franchise never dies?

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Because tasteless fags give it money.

>Never Died
It has canonly ended 12 Years ago.
If you mean stuff like Fate Extra, etc. Its just a spinoff.

still better than your favorite franchise


How can there be something worse when it's the bottom of the barrel?




Back in the day it was just a really pretty cool series of VNs that hit the chuuni crowd in the right spot.

I guess right now the question is why the fuck FGO is so insanely popular when it has none of the strengths of the original Fate and is pretty much just complete shit.

in fact, it has never been as alive as it is nowadays

I don't really think it's good but I'm still interested in it.
I feel like an otter.

>in fact, it has never been as alive as it is nowadays

I'd argue that it's actually super dead because there will never be another Fate VN.

What’s going to be the Next VN that will invade Cred Forums when it gets adapted? Thought it might be Dies Irae, but I guess the anime was just that shit


Are there any good VNs lately? Does Japan still do that sort of thing?

>the anime was just that shit
Just like the VN then.

Mostly Eroge shit like always. The next when they cry should be coming soon. I think Umineko and Higurashi are pretty popular here although nowhere talked about as much as Fate

Tsukihime anime never

It's good.

What's with those buttplugs on the table?

Nothing. Literally.
You did'n read VN.


You have shit taste then. Or completely missed point of Dies Irae. Try comyu.

>look, mom, I did it again!

I meant from a pure financial point of view.


what was there to even miss about dies irae

I remember back in the old days people on Cred Forums would troll Fate fans by calling it edgy Naruto.

Now it's just Naruto.

If you define being alive as "owners are raking in more money than they know what to do with" then yeah, Fate has never been more alive.

I don't think that's a good definition though. I think a franchise being alive means that new installments steadily come out and are of a consistently high quality. By that criteria, Fate is done for and so is Tsukihime and KNK and everything else Type-Moon used to make. It's all just jewing people with waifus in FGO and cheap cash grab anime shows that nobody really likes.

I would be so down for a new, real, proper-ass VN in the vein of original FSN or Tsukihime right now. A real hard edge chuuni shit that's huge and violent and lewd and inventive. Dies Irae was kind of in that direction but insufficient by itself.

quads of truth

Because fateshitterse have their heads up Nasu's ass. It took them three episodes to realize Last Encore was a pile of shit, even though to any sane person it was obviously shit from the first episode.

Last Encore is good.

This. Creatively TM has been bankrupt for quite a long time now.

I just want them to stop recycling the same trash over and over and over. Move on. Do something new!

Thing that DI written like stage play and has a lot fourth wall breaking and self-irony.

You mean SHAFTshitters.

are you talking about the parts where the narration or characters go "this is cliche as fuck" and then they go through with it anyway?

>It's all just jewing people with waifus in FGO
>cash grab anime shows that nobody really likes
>nobody really likes
Oh Fai. Why not just kill yourself?

Don't be daft. Nobody has ever liked a Fate anime that wasn't made by Ufotable.

>what is CP

>treatment of female protag is sexist

F/SN is a porn game though lmao

>milking Tsukihime is ok
>milking Fate is not ok
Mahoyo VN is recycling old content
Tsukihime Remake is recycling old content

I'm fine with milking the franchise, I'm not fine with doing it with utter 0/10 mobagetrash like F/GO. I want them to do REAL VNS.

Who are you quoting? I'm not ok with them recycling Tsukihime. Anything in excess is bad.

It's not even a good comparison, anyway. Mahoyo and Tsukihime have been shoved aside for quite awhile and neither are relevant to modern TM nor have they been in awhile.

You know what's really sad? The upcoming Fate-related thing that has the highest chance of being a worthy successor to F/SN and F/HA is Empire of Dirt. A fan-made porn game.

Why not read FGO? Use yotube. FGO ise best platform to deliver new content for Nasu. It's jsut need more polishing and efforts for VN parts

I have read all of Nasu's contributions towards FGO and most of them are fairly boring.

Frankly, he hasn't done anything interesting since CCC.

Tsuki will be hot again after Remake release.

>Why not read FGO? Use yotube.
I've played FGO actually, all the content that's in the NA version right now, and it's just shit. Just complete and utter trash. I didn't expect much from it but so far it's just god damn failing at being even a bad VN.

>FGO ise best platform to deliver new content for Nasu
No it's not. You can't have a proper story with FGO's engine. You can't have endings or decision trees either since everything has to reset perfectly due to how the structure of the game is, so nothing can ever really change a scene. Scenes can't change based on which servants you have or are using currently or what their opinion of you is or anything. And worst of all, you can only fit 2 short lines of text on screen at any time so you can't even have that much text. It's just such a bad system for telling stories.

I don't really care about something being hot, I care about it being good and nothing they've put out for the Tsukihime Remake thus far has shown me whether or not they're taking it seriously. At best it's been puff-pieces accompanied by copy-pasted Takeuchi artwork. And that was 3 years ago! And it's been 10 years since the Remake was announced.

When I say I want TM to do something new, I mean new.

>Tsuki will be hot again after Remake release.

Oh boy, can't wait for 2036 when it comes out.

Do you know Japanese?


will probably flop just like Mahoyo

2020-2021 is more realistic for now because of Lostbelt and shiet
2040 is for English translation release

>It's jsut need more polishing and efforts for VN parts
That's a hell of an understatement.

yeah post source

it flopped so hard that Nasu killed off the two sequels it was supposed to get

how new r u

Post source of your anecdotes.
Mahou is 10 hours long kinetic VN.

>Is pretty much just complete shit.
This may surprise you user but it's not
complete shit.

>FGO ise best platform to deliver new content for Nasu
No, the format of the game isn't the best to tell a different story other than about a bland MC and a bunch of different servants. He still can deliver new information about the setting, he can make a good addition to already existing stories, or make a good characters, but he can't run away from the main formula of this game.

i don't have direct sources anymore but it was pretty widely talked about in /jp/ years ago when it was released about how poor sales were, especially for a big title like it.

in general there was butthurt from Japan regarding its lack of voices, it being 10 hours long, and despite all that still being priced as a premium product.

critically it also wasn't received with raves. fairly average reviews overall

>it was pretty widely talked about in /jp/ years ago when it was released about how poor sales were
>critically it also wasn't received with raves. fairly average reviews overall
check EGS
check amazon
Your anecdotal evidences are laughable.

>FGO ise best platform to deliver new content for Nasu
Yes spreading 3 pages of story over 15 missions is a great platform for telling a compelling story.

>And worst of all, you can only fit 2 short lines of text on screen at any time so you can't even have that much text. It's just such a bad system for telling stories.
You clearly haven't played it. Stop pretending that you have.

it has an 80 on EGS

that's pretty bad. your typical moege will get those kinds of scores

You're not even trying right now. Stop embarrassing yourself. If you want to know what flop means google Chaos;Child sales on first release.

  TG  PUSH     発売日      タイトル・ブランド
1.  4191 59,272 2012年01月27日 真剣で私に恋しなさい!S みなとそふと
2.  2693 33,780 2012年03月30日 DRACU-RIOT!(ドラクリオット) ゆずソフト
3.  1967 79,120 2012年04月12日 魔法使いの夜 TYPE-MOON
4.  1828 24,336 2012年04月27日 創刻のアテリアル エウシュリー
5.  1620 27,696 2012年02月24日 グリザイアの迷宮 -LE LABYRINTHE DE GRISAIA- フロントウイング
6.  1403 18,412 2012年09月28日 辻堂さんの純愛ロード みなとカーニバル
7.  1323 15,740 2012年07月27日 Rewrite Harvest festa! Key
8.  1173 16,216 2012年10月26日 花色ヘプタグラム Lump of Sugar
9.  1161 18,236 2012年02月10日 ティンクルくるせいだーす -Passion Star Stream- Lillian
10 1090 15,004 2012年02月24日 はつゆきさくら SAGA PLANETS
11 1022 11,728 2012年01月27日 学王 -THE ROYAL SEVEN STARS- Lump of Sugar
12 0974 13,152 2012年10月26日 恋色マリアージュ ま~まれぇど
13 0899 16,024 2012年03月30日 英雄*戦姫 天狐
14 0897 12,760 2012年10月26日 祝福の鐘の音は、桜色の風と共に すたじお緑茶
15 0852 12,848 2012年10月26日 月に寄りそう乙女の作法 Navel
16 0846 05,224 2012年04月27日 D.C.III~ダ・カーポIII~ CIRCUS
17 0794 12,184 2012年03月23日 マテリアルブレイブ 戯画
18 0788 07,916 2012年04月27日 星空へ架かる橋AA feng
19 0785 --,--- 2012年11月30日 ウィッチズガーデン ういんどみるOasis
20 0747 11,596 2012年08月31日 イモウトノカタチ Sphere(スフィア)

lol flop

nice moving goalposts. that post was about scores, not sales.


Poor Nasu. He work so hard but he's clearly out of juice at this point. Should just quit writing tbqh

I think that Nasu still have a potential, but also TM have a heavy market decisions in all their new projects. Like F/E - it's a unique and very different setting, but Fate title was placed just to sell this game, Saberclone there because they need her to sell this game and etc.

>that post was about scores, not sales.
You claim 80 on EGS is bad. This is already ridiculous.

At this point i just wait for Anime adaption, or maybe a proper VN or LN. Grinding for story is just ridiculous.

Why whould he ? As long as he thinks it's fun, should be no problem.

no, i didn't say it was bad, just typical. trashy Favorite / Yuzusoft moege will get those kind of scores.

for a plotge from what is arguably one of the most influential writers in the medium ... 80 is pretty bad. scores don't matter to me personally, i think Mahoyo is fantastic. probably the best unfinished VN.

>scores don't matter to me personally
except this is apparently the only thing you have to go on to call it a flop

You have a weird definition of flop, those numbers are fucking huge for a kinetic novel.
Now if you're saying it's less popular than fate that's another thing and everyone agrees.

I know this is a bait thread, but the VN fags always projects on what they want next based on their own desires when it comes to TM, which not only will always be wrong, but I never seen they do it with other VN authors on this scale, like a child throwing a tantrum in a supermarket.
Even Butcherfags accepted the fact of him doing no VNs since Django.

Like most RPGs the story doesn't really work in adaptation. While it is it's own thing story wise, things like adapting bossfights never go well. You're seeing Extra struggling with this at the moment, the Drake battle was shit.

The fuck did he write? did he spend whole pages saying X Servant appears even though its just a seamless character fade-in in the game?

no, that and the poor sales. which, by the way, are a thing of context. Mahoyo had poor sales by comparison to what was expected of TM at the time.

pretty much everyone in the Eastern / Western communities knew those were bad sales for a TM title.

Nasu's quick abandonment of the Mahoyo brand and his refusal to talk about anything regarding its two promised sequels make me think so as well

>that and the poor sales
for which you have no source lol

Spotted the modern GO secondary. I don't care medium TM does their shit in, I care about its quality.

Though generally speaking aside from Melty Blood none of their games are good from a gameplay perspective. So I honestly kind of want them to abandon gameplay titles, they're almost all boring. And when they aren't they're trash like Extra.

Of course he's milking fate, that's much more famous; that doesn't mean mahoyo was a flop though, plus those numbers are outdated.
Moreover EGS' score is largely due to the first reviews, which were 30-40 because "no sex, no voice, no choices" so the actual rating is higher than 80.


The text box is LITERALLY 2 lines tall you fucking fagface.

so the sales were actually really good? you are so stupid

Nasu is almost 50 already

i can't stop you from (incorrectly) thinking those are good sales i suppose

Miyazaki is almost 80 and still going

And here I thought Nasu was more than just your standard sales-hungry charlatan. Sad!

>permitting anything that fails to follow the thematic and setting conventions established by Rakkyou, Tsukihime, F/SN, and DDD
>possibly believing Grand Order or Extella remotely managed to capture those conventions at any point
>insipid fanservice garbage at worst which utterly destroys Nero's character
>the most inconsistent braindead shounen idiocy at best
>not full autism rage at the state of the setting and Nasu's increasing incompetence, given the existence of F/GO
>EX rank fucking everywhere on everyone
>all of these pathetic attempts at humor in the years following Mahoyo's fumbling publication
>now all the fucking memes are the most prominent thematic and setting conventions within Type-Moon works because they've been used more than the original ones Nasu wrote of during TM's first 7 or so years from 1998 to 2005
>no DDD3 (2007)
>no GW (went from being a VN to anime, tba since 2010/2011) we only got a summary and and nearly empty website
>no Tsukihime Remake (first shown in 2008, then announced for serious until the fes)

The whole "Mahoyo didn't sell enough, so let's just go back to Fate and milk the shit out of it" mentality is tiring. This is what happens when a doujin company that used to give a fuck goes commercial and starts getting a taste of money and can't get enough of it so it just continues to recycle the same shit over and over. Extella was the last TM game and it's a fucking musou game for crying out loud.

Type Moon lost its root and it's just following the trend with garbage of today's generation


Fate is the current era's Gundam. Expect it to keep churning out new iterations for as long as anime exists.

Takeuchi is a sales hungry CEO. Probably because now that TM isn't just a two man show anymore the livehoods of many people depend on their success.

>平均値 80
>it's "bad" because of moege

>GO secondary
>he thinks that not playing the new source material is being a secondary.

That's why you're pathetic, I've been following TM for a long time already, but I never seen a bunch of faggots so butthurt and frustrated because they don't want to play or read new shit.
I bet your EOP ass that you think CCC is shit too.

Well. Fair point, actually.

>4 times less scores
>only 84 with truncation
>only did as well as HA and that had a shitton of guest writers
Yeesh. Mahoyo really did suck


Most GO haters are either too poor to afford a device to play the game or are butthurt to the extreme because they didn't roll the SSR they wanted.

>the state of GO fags
Imagine being THIS stupid.

They even made a joke about how it's only 2 lines long in the KnK event.

You missing something.
Just notice that Mahoyo is 10 hours long kinetic VN. This is SUSPICIOUS as fuck. He abandoned Mahoyo not because of anecdotal flop but because he didn't wrote anything at all. Even for trilogy it's ridiculous. He's hack. Still original Mahoyo was passion project so someday we will see sequel

Imagine being this butthurt.

I'm glad they're making money I guess, and who am I to complain that a bunch of retards are being bilked out of their cash to play mobage cancer.
Even if they did go back to making story driven or new stuff it would probably not be as good anyway, though I wouldn't be averse to another melty blood game.

Alternative theory: maybe it is that F/GO is just shit? Maybe it completely fails at being a proper story and only exists as a vehicle for shallow-ass fanservice?

N-no! TM can do no wrong!

I wish it would so secondaries would fuck off

I'd be fine with them ripping off morons with extortionate gacha bullshit if if they did it IN ADDITION to making real VNs for their real fans, not INSTEAD OF.

Except the first episode was good. It was the third that outed itself

whats wrong with it

Fate Grand Order generated almost 1 fucking billion $ of revenue for 2017.


They're making more than 2,5 millions $ daily right now.


They're drowning in pools of banknotes.

at this point they have more than enough money to justify taking a risk and making some good story driven content. It wouldn't even have to be fate/tsukihime related. I'd love another story driven VN in the same style but with an entirely new premise.
But I guess they're content to just sit there and put in minimal effort to make the maximum amount of cash possible. Still, tsukihime remake when?

>Mahoyo still not translated
>no one talks about Mahoyo in Cred Forums
Same fate awaits Tsukihime Remake. Don't kid yourself. Reading spoilers and begging for translation is all you can do.

Fate broke 200k and HA was >= 150k sales.

Why does everyone hate on it so much? I picked it up just recently and didn't see anything wrong except those goddamn noses in UBW.

I know this. But even before FGO, Fate was pure $$$

Western fanbase elitism.

Well, Sony gets most of that money.

Tsukihime R is never coming out, mate.

Or maybe you have just never read the story and are only basing this off spoilers and jumping on the hate train because it's the "cool" thing to do.

Its weird because Mahoyo is so short.
Tsukihime's translation took 6 years (after it's release, the actual time since they started translation is way less than that) and Fate's translation took what? 5 years (I really don't remember). So it's expected that translations will take the better part of a decade (if not the entire decade).

J-just wait until Camelot, user! I-i promise it stops being shit there, forget about London and Septem being fucking abortions!

I can't fucking believe I bought that meme when NA launched and I'm way too deep in now to abandon it. Sunk cost fallacy and grinding addiction is a bitch. If Camelot is actually shit, I'll try my hardest to finally quit. Selling my account might work.

>Cred Forums is the only website

beside this, why were there like 5 fucking fate threads? It's going go like this until Fateshits dies, but it's going to happen anytime soon.

When will MODs nail these niggers in their generals like the Shonen fags?

Without Hero HA would be doomed for another 7 years.

there's at least 5 Fate threads on Cred Forums constantly, and i've seen it go up to 10

Fatefags are cancer and need their own board desu

yes, but still not as much as nowadays, which is why I said it was more alive than it ever was from a financial point of view

>Its weird because Mahoyo is so short.
It's because translators follow the rule of dibs for some inane reason.

Going to be like this*
not going to happen*

>can you... keep up with me...

>It's all just jewing people with waifus

Fate is a porn game in the first place, it has always been about waifus

>5 fucking fate threads
you can't be this new
this is not even disaster

Yeah, Commie calling dibs and then don't doing anything really fucked things up. At least nobody cares when Cokesakto calls dibs.

I blame Herkz.
>translate 50% of VN
>don't share with others because he's scum

Herkz isn't a translator, but he is the moron who basically ruined the translation.
>tell everyone to fuck off, Mahoyo is yours
>get a translator to do all the work for you, he finishes the script
>uhhh whoops, he was an ESL who could barely speak English! haha funny how that turned out.
>oh well, project is dead!

>Not sure what you mean by “admins,” but we have actually recruited multiple editors over the years and all of them gave up before too long. I guess people underestimate how much work editing a VN is.
Mahoyo is cursed

My problem with the episode itself was mostly Rin, as well as Imperial Privilege. Okay, her servant is gone immediately and she can seemingly beat servants now, and there were much better ways for Nero to beat Drake, but we got IP and luck. I wasn't a fan of how that worked itself out. It can still improve, and I'm curious as to what the situation is this time around, although it's predictable it could be a falseflag. But I just think a lot of what the third episode did was poor

Mirror Moon died for our sins

Extra was garbage years ago and its garbage now.

It's completely outperformed by Grand Order

Fate/stay night is a perfectly fine guilty pleasure VN with good characters with comfy, hype, and charming moments that will keep you interested if you actually genuinely try and give a fuck. It's not perfect hell no but it's not dogshit like you enlightened contrarian-samas like to brag how your taste is superior because you think so.

I think we can all agree though that everything post 2005 TypeMoon is absolute garbage and should be erased from existence. That would cure the modern cancer that is Zerofags, Umufags, Siegfags, Astolfo literal faggots, and FGOfags that completely ruin the modern Fate fanbase.

I just kinda don't really emotionally invested in a characters. I like the setting and want to know what's happened here and what's the difference with original game, but nothing really more than that.

There is no shame in admitting that something is good.

FUCK OFF WITH YOUR STUPID SABER CLONES!! why can't you just copy another character!!! why always saber??

But Arturiafags are the worst.

>Anything remotely popular is shit

lol okay whatever, fag.

Doesn't change the fact that Grand Order has expanded the universe in the best way while having a better variety of characters, superior characters compared to fsn, and doesn't fall into the boring pit of TypeMoon grimdarkness.

Every Fate work has its charm. Only redarded TM "elitests" believe only the VNs are good.


Even then the VN's aren't that good. The only good parts was Fate and UBW.

Prisma Illya was a better HF and has better action than Fate and UBW. Even Fate Zero has better action.

The main problem is that, having created so many spin-off, some of them are bound to be bad, which leads to putting everything into the same basket.
Then there's zero, which attracted idiots to the franchise who completely misunderstood the main theme and are now expecting adult characters in a grimdark setting.

Shirou is better than Kiritsugu just because he isn't edgy as fuck, despite being literal edge.


>not shit
pick one

GOfags on damage control, I see.

t. Brainlet

People don't know how edgy the original VN got sometimes. There was that one part in Fate where Shirou described in detail how he was literally cut in half down his shoulder to his stomach by Gilgamesh. Like it gets hardcore sometimes but people see the slice of life moments and go "not mature enough too many kids" when they don't realize that was the main reason why Zero is such an awful Fate entry. There was barely any light hearted moments with any of the cast except for Waver and DUDE.

GO haters are EOP and secondaries.
This is fact.

They belong to a dog.

>Saber Clones
This shows how dumb newfatefags are.

Fuck off secondary trash.

We wouldn't have saber clones if we could get servants that are male for once.

People who start Fate franchise from Fate/Zero are mistake. The moral of Fate is basically saying "War is Hell" & "Holy Grail War" is a stupid war.

If they didn't genderbend everybody and fag it up they could make a really good show with the concept, such a shame


You have drifters for that, faggot.

I was talking about the general mood: zerofags assumed fate is about a war between magi, and are disappointed when they see school kids, when the entire premise of fsn is that the 5th HGW is just a farse kids and commoners got involved into because of the so-called adult magis' mistakes in the previous war.

Big profits.

Money. They gonna press the lemon till the last drop.

He said and posted the biggest arturiafag.

Explain to me the appeal of Redman's character.

>Prisma Illya was a better HF
It's literally watered down to have zero actual depth and replace the complex heroine who has personality and actual human flaws with a generic blank slate OC donutsteel loli. Miyu is less popular than Sakura for a reason.

>Prisma Illya was a better HF
this faggot again

>emiya starts playing


>complex heroine

Considering just how many lengthy heated debates have been had about the nature of Sakura and what she's like, that goes without saying. The only other characters in F/SN that come close to her are Shirou, Kotomine and Ilya.

The debate was over why anyone would be stupid enough to save something that irredeemable

pedos need to leave fate threads.

But she's innocent and pretty much saves herself with the exception of needing a Rule Breaker stab.

For it to be garbage it would have to be bad which is false you just have a chronic case of shit taste.

reminder that almost 40% of mobile games players spend 10 000 to 50 000 yens per month in their games (approximately 90 to 470$)

I wish i could spend that much.

I only set aside $40 a month for vidya game related things.

It's not just the story though. The character design and general aethetic is atrocious compared to classic TM.

>Character design is atrocious

Now that is some bait. Everyone knows for a fucking fact that all FSN servants are better in FGO. We all know that the FSN servants are better in carnival phantasm and they're better in cooking shirou.

We all know that all of the FGO servants are good. And we all know that the only good Chaldea character is Ritsuka (male).

I also forgot HA.

I don't consider HA classic Type Moon though.

because it's more than good

it's gud

large selection of top tier waifus and husbando

I meant new characters designed for FGO, not ones already in the franchise which happen to appear in it.
>We all know that all of the FGO servants are good
Now this is some actual bait.

The 1-3 star servants are trash.

Muramasa will never be animated.

At least there is Muramasa Shirou

both sararyman and otaku love it

could be they are rpg players and got in love with nasu ruleset and setting.


A secret war isn't supposed to be comfy.


Sexy beast

>the question is why the fuck FGO is so insanely popular when it has none of the strengths of the original Fate
user, were you really under the impression that Fate was ever about anything but waifus?

why so contrarian OP?