Daily Reminder That Colors Are Voiced By Some Over Aged Women




No way!

i must marry an asian. i will be able to fuck a 20 year old for 40 years

Do you think VA's do character voices while they're fucking?

Who cares they look 12

Daily reminder that you are a cancerous newfaggot. Fuck off with your 3DPD.

Isn't their talent great?

What's the problem with that? I pretend to be a little girl here when I'm past my expiration date and I know all of you are the same.

Imagine banging those while they squeal a loli voice.

Daily reminder that Sakura's voice actress is a 44 years old woman who has 2 children

fuck red marry yellow kill blue

Waifuing all 3 of those

>Yellow is still the cutest

why do jap women have long thin fingers

What do you mean? Even I have fingers like that - and I'm a ukrainian man.
Are you a fat american or something.

Only if you manage to make her think you're worth the makeup for that long.

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Super cute


Marinka is like 23, dude.

>calls himself a man
>has feminine hands

Colors are like 7 years old. 23 is undoubtedly over aged.

Yellow's voice is most impressive with the childish nasal timbre.
Blue's is pretty bland and Red's is basically slower Aoba.

Are they still pure?


Genki girls are always the hardest to voice

Sh-shut up, you damn Russians.

do you think she did the character voices as she gave birth?

so this is how they're going to get their "ratings spike"

Imagine over aged woman saying poop and I'll scream.

>Having to color code them because even gooks can't tell each other apart

It's not all make-up. They're obsessed with skin care. Their skin looks good even without make-up.

Over 90% of all anime are.

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I don't get it.

How do you do a job like this consistently? ie voice acting little girls in obvious otaku bait shows that you know fat, old men are masturbating to.

They must get off to it a little bit, like the thought of being little girls and getting rammed by old, fat men.

They're supposed to be little girls.

If it was voiced by little girls, it would sound awful.

In their 40 to 50 years of of experience, they have always remained little girls. Or at least are good enough to fool everyone that they're 20 to 25 year old young girls voicing little girls.

Goku's voiced by an 81 year old obachan


They're lolis at heart. When they voice them, they channel their inner loli.

>fucking QT again girl who voices my 2D daughteru

I see no downside to this

They also voiced JCs

Aoba is like 20

You're 20.

>Come on, sweetie... do that voice I like.
>What? Relena?
>No... You know... The one with the red shirt...
>Oh... Not again...

>Aoba is like 20
Aoba has the head-body size ratio of a 4 yo.

nice delusion retard

1 in every 10 chink will be semi attractive, and thats only because they smother themselves in makeups.

>Being surprised that fictional characters and their voice actors aren't the same age

You must be new


>1 in every 10 chink will be semi attractive
Good thing this is about Japs then, right?

>my mandolin when they are all younger thank me