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>no titles
Fuck off.

I don't see any maps or liquorposting


>literally snuff

Elf a cute anvil

New manga chapter when?

>The chad goblin slayer walking vs virgin harem protagonist walking.

why you rapefags act like GS was nothing but rape for 30 pages each chapter? hell, year one just blueballed you and there won't be rape for at least months.

>and there won't be rape for at least months
we shall see my friend, we shall see

Reminder priestness is the most effective healing GS and any advance the other girls have is because her influence on him. Both CG and GG actually realize that later.

what i missed?


i don't like this, they will pull a gantz and change stuff and give it a lame ending.

nothing, threads war
anime hasn't aired yet and GS threads are already at their lowest

Some autist was mad and got his discord friends to mass report something, autism basically.

nah it'll be fine hopefully

Just what I always wanted, more 14 year old edgy children in here.

I want the helmet.

is that actual metal?

Rapefags make me wish the manga never happend

There's nothing much to change, there's no end game threat yet, just gob slaying and the occasional demon general.
Depending on the pacing they might end it at vol 3 with the dark elf attack or at vol 5 if go faster goblin paladin vs GS

Mature works for mature audience such as myself.
>draws rape scenes like in ero manga

That's right.
They are gonna bust in your app and delete your manga.

how GS killed him again? wasn't with a "cheat as fuck item"?

How about you read it?

>Cred Forums being this triggered by rape

How boring. Also I love Goblin Slayer, can't wait for next chapter.


is on volume 5, still untranaslated.

Not triggered, just turned on.

>manga hasn't even reached the true doomguy mode event
>anime already
This is not good.

Does she get plowed


Next chapter fucking when?

It's a good thing they aren't adapting manga.


How does he go DOOMGUYmode?

you realize is more harder to adapt text than images?

Are you ok?

Cute girl with shit personality. What a waste.

wait, how that would work? they would have to adapt every single scene from scratch without taking the manga as base.

How did rezero or overlord work?

How do you think the mangaka does it?

This truly is a сuck manga huh? Waiting for your waifu to get raped? Hah.


i have no idea, i hate those two.

>only GS is CGI
>it works because it makes him stand up as the insane freak everyone else in the manga but his close friends see

I don't know what to feel.

It just seems... too soon. Lately I've been noticing how some manga, like actual manga without even a prior LN, are getting adaptations already around the 20th chapter. Dunno if that's been a thing for long.

Nothing wrong with CGI

If anyone wants to see what the voice actors sound like, they're the same as the Drama CDs

nice thank you user

Overlord had horrible pacing.
But I guess it can work since White Fox did Re:zero and it turned out alright

It's not a waste if she's still cute and with a great body. Just ignore everything she says.

when the anime will come out?

25th - the year one manga missed the last issue and will return in Young Gangan March 02.

And now we know why they used this page again.

I'm not asking about overall quality.
I'm saying both of them had ongoing manga adaptations at least a year prior to anime ones and that didn't really impact adaptations.

i am too used to animes following the manga, if it doesn't i get confused and mad.

Winter season at best.

>When your character roll 20 charisma and partake in harem shenanigan against bunch of NPCs.

Would it work to just adapt until Goblin Lord? The ending of that arc was a good gateway for an S2. Maybe they'll put in some scenes from Year One in the middle to fill up space?

With all the shitposting we've had, I'm almost hoping that they take some liberties to stablish the setting clearly for the audience. By that I mean preventing stuff like "the setting makes no sense, the guild is stupid" from starting arguments.

Time for another masterpiece?

I wonder if they are going LN rape or manga rape. I think it'd be more successful with ln rape.

It's all over, no more /tg/ tier funposting.


> I'm almost hoping that they take some liberties to stablish the setting clearly for the audience.

They won't.
Everyone learnt from Elder Scrolls series.
If you deliberately add a lot of holes in both your games and lore, retards will happily fill it themselves, ensuring popularity and success.

>white fox
that doesn't bode well lads

Someone predicted this before.

Good lord I hope they don't bring the same people for the music and OPs

>Sugita as Lizardbro

OP will be a original song by mick gordon


He did say it's harder to do text.

> I love Goblin Slayer

t.stinkin Goblin

I love Goblin Slayer

Begone gob.

>rapefags expects full rape
>anime adapts LN, not the manga
>all rape if offscreen and only gets a quick mention, like in the LN

There's an ambush in a chapter or two and a Goblin Champion gets too cheeki for this breeki and almost puts a girl six feet under.

>TV series
>no rape
This should've been an OVA series.
Or even better, a Netflix series

The Main theme for the show already came out.

bullshit, no doom's theme fits GS better than the ending theme


what is your point?


If they cap it at 13 episodes, maybe. For a full set of 26, it'd probably go until Vol. 3 with the Dark Elf and first look at Haruhi

>inb4 it's looks like the latest Berserk anime

>Not youtube.com/watch?v=brLetwvulz8
c'mon mates.


I hope Yuka Iguchi deepen her voice a bit, her CG voice in drama CD is too cutesy.

Berserk looked like that, because it was a literally who studio who did it. White Fox will probably just use the edge filter and style they did with Akame Ga Kill.

even if they adapt the from the manga, they will censored it anyways, because people get offended by that shit, animeonly-purityfags would go apeshit about it.

will GS ever kill a goblin titan?

I love Goblin Slayer

Karl-sama pls


reminder that rapefags will never get this, even the context of the pic is just two baby gobs talking about what they would do to CG with GS on their backs.

there's like 7-8 LN volumes of GS out already

I kind of hope they include the scans from vol. 4 which is considers side stories between 1 and 3, like of how Goblin Slayer went quests besides goblins to get money for Cow Girl's 19th birthday.

You know this discussion is so stupid.
>You'd kill the children too ?
>Do I need to remind you whose body did this vermind crawl from ?
>...I'll take the one the left.

>already showing GS traits with her anti-slime trap
>her original "mary sue self insert PC" potential is returning, even without Fantasy playing her
>unlike GS, she has the charisma to make others follow her and overy her orders
GS 2 soon? they only have to kill GS to trigger her transformation.

She needs to be kidnapped and raped for a few weeks first to fully form that delicious PTSD.

>the money was the actual present
the absolute madman.

People generally have an aversion to killing children, oh lord of all edges.

you idiot, that would only make her go the same way than SM, i want her to kill gobs, not be completely scared of them to the point of being useless.

GS is every edgy 17 years old virgin wet dream.

Endgame right here bros.
How can Cow Girl and Guild Girl even compete?

Stop projecting, they're goblins, and they were born out of some abused woman who died in her own shit.
Their only proper end is at the tip of a sword.

reminder that only gobs hate goblin slayer

Cant wait for this scene butthurt.

Show is animated by Whitefox, not Polygon pictures

they can't, they haven't give up but they are ready to accept defeat. Hell, that scene you put, they themselves sent priestness to his side.



Hoping that as the story will move onward, then we'll see more types of goblins of various shapes and sizes.

Hoping for a demo-goblin at one point.

What's some other stuff White Fox has done? I'm still a newfag and don't know them

well remember that they look human enough to past them as ugly kids with a green skin, I can understand why someone would have second thoughts about killing a goblin kid, it could reminds them of a human kid easily.


They do a lot of Fantasy shit. Underwater Ray Romano and Akame Ga Kill.

Are they a decent studio?

well, fuck them, let's look the fact
>they are a chaotic evil race
>all male race, reproduction is only thought rapoing other species
>you just destroyed the nest! think the kids will forget it? nope, they will grown up to get revenge, better end it now.

I can't wait to see her getting Divine Intervention.
>Do you seriously summon a deity to fight goblins?


Nice coping mechanism.

Watch the anime they produced for yourself and judge that you idiot.

got announced earlier, check the archive


Well it works for Goblin Slayer, doesn't it

He evistracted the spine cord out of a gob and used it to strangle to death a gob champ who almost bitten off Priestess arm from her shoulder, GS was more dead than alive but seeing Priestess in critical mortal threat awakened the DOOM in him, the other Gobs were also shitting themself in pure primal fear at that sight of GS ripping and tearing a part everything resembling a goblin in his unrestrained insanity even for his autism standard.

Now replace "Goblin" with "Musllim".

Memeing aside, look at what they did in Re;Zero. They are great.

>Yūichi Nakamura as Dwarf Shaman
>Tomokazu Sugita as Lizard Priest

steins;gate, katanagatari, akame ga kill, devil is a part-timer, and re:zero are the most popular of their works.

it wasn't the spine of a gob, it was from some girl corpse.

>spine cord out of a gob
Wrong, it was one of the rape victims. Still had long hair attached too

watch more anime and lurk for 5 years before posting

it still had the head attached too?

I am not saying they dont deserve the genocide, I am more about "empathizing" with Priestess on why she is seems against killing the kids, understanding why she seems to think that is going to far, but GS knows better.

New comedies are always welcomed.

My bad

he didn't strangle the champion to death, only until he fell to the ground due to lack of air, then he fucking ripped out his eye with his broken arm and crushed it in the ground, asking the gobs who was next. No gob moved, they were paralyzed in fear, the gob champion managed to stand his ground, only to give a retreat order and all the gobs ran fro their lives.

man I would to see a MMO with a goblin king raid, and the drops can be a expy armor of GS and the description and effects of the armor, all spell this set gives extra damage and (if such debuff exist) can cause fear on goblin enemies.

I've heard of those, thank goodness. I don't expect some god tier ground breaking shit, I just want it to be enjoyable.

Doesn't matter if it will be CGI or more hand-drawn, it will be one giant commercial that will send you a sub-concious command to go buy the LN/manga and it will not cover all of the source material.

They did it with Vanadis, they'll do the same with Goblin Slayer. Though the former's case the manga ends where the anime also ended.



Sometimes I wonder, do rape victims like to read GS to watch him rip and tear rape goblins?
Was the mangaka raped by midgets or something?

>I read Goblin Slayer for the plot

So why is everyone named after their occupation and look like characters from other series?

Because GS based on D&D

Everyone focuses on the waifus but Lizard Priest is the best party member, he gets right into the nitty-gritty of close combat shoulder-to-shoulder with GS despite technically being a caster, and doesn't complain about his methods like a certain knife-ears.


>first one
Because this setting is literally a D&D game played by gods
>second one
In the original web thing before it became a LN, the author used loads of characters as placeholders. Went the LN artist designed the characters, they made them expies of those placeholders. yes, everyone relevant in GS is an expy, except GS' sister cuz making her placeholder an onesan was against the balance of the universe.

>he sides with the goblins
This is how you spot a europoor

how does this affect you in the slightest

Speaking of which, I sure hope they get Lancer and Guts' VAs to voice their own expies.

There was nothing in his way.
With his right hand he groped around the area, seeking anything that might
serve as a weapon. His hand gripped what he found, and then he willed his
injured hips to raise him up.
Several goblins that had noticed he was still alive and moving came toward
him. Each had a weapon in his hand and a cruel laugh in his throat; no doubt
they came with thoughts of finishing him off.
But so what?
He swung the shield in his left hand with all his might and beat the goblins to
The polished edge of the round shield was weapon enough.
He cracked their skulls, blood and brains flying everywhere. Forward.
Forward. He wouldn’t shout until the last moment. He couldn’t. Just like before.
He must not be noticed.
The goblin champion was focused on tormenting his new catch. He seemed
oblivious to the fact that the interloper he had thrashed earlier was standing
behind him. Priestess had gone limp in the demon’s embrace, only twitching
now and again. Her lips, turned even redder by the blood that flowed down from
her white neck, moved two or three times.
No voice came out.

>people really hope for a good anime adaption
here is the truth:
The already annoying fanservice with "clumsy" cowtits and 10,000 years old elf who is ashamed of her A-cups, will be paired with the typical harem humor and this will fill at least one third of every episode.
The good fighting parts will be defiled by cgi. and not even the acceptable cgi. oh no, this will be berserk 2.0 all over again.
the gore? slaughtering of goblin children? rape, which shows the suffering of the woman and is not just some degenerate masturbation fantasy? Guess again.
The soundtrack will be another round of popular jpop bullshit. doom ost my ass. Japs will never get a soundtrack right.

This will be just another trash isekai with a single season max.

Was it, Save me?
Or Oh God?
Or Mother? Or Father?
Not Run away. That would have given him away.
Him… Him…
Goblin Slayer…
Goblin Slayer leaped on the champion from behind.
At first, the champion surely had no idea what was happening.
Something wrapped around his neck—the spinal column and skin of the
woman, which had tumbled to the ground during the fighting.
The creature reached up in annoyance to brush away what had been, for him,
only bait…
But in the next instant, the thing was pulled tight against his throat.
He could not quite get the scream out of his throat.
The champion scrabbled at the bones, unable to breathe. A few hairs broke,
but it didn’t change anything. He could no longer see the priestess he had been
about to have his way with. She had rolled onto the ground like an abandoned
The thinnest voice. She was still alive.
And that was all Goblin Slayer needed to know.

He had the bones in his right hand and the woman’s hair wrapped around his
left. He pulled as hard as he could; the hair bit through his leather gloves and
into his flesh.
But the same thing was happening to the goblin champion.
Assassins were said to make wire out of human hair and use it to kill; this
was the same principle. It was not easy to untangle oneself from.
The champion twisted his own body, struggling. He rammed backward
against a wall.
Blood flowed from Goblin Slayer’s helmet again. He gave a cry as his insides
were crushed. Even so, his grip did not loosen.
The champion had grown terrified.
Naturally, the other goblins were not simply standing by and watching their
leader get throttled. Several of them had raised their weapons and begun to
advance to kill this resurrected enemy.
Until suddenly, their heads went flying off, replaced by spouts of blood.
They had been killed by the champion’s club as he swung it about in his
desperate struggle. The headless goblin corpses slumped to the ground.
This was too much, even for them.
Goblins showed no fear of death when they believed they could win. If loot
and debauchery awaited them on the other side of victory, so much the better.
But here—could they win?
A great roar.
A moment’s indecision, an instant’s hesitation, spelled the goblins’ defeat.
With a bellow to honor his ancestors, Lizard Priest, now free once more, set
upon the monsters. His fang-sword, drenched in goblin blood, whirled like a
storm in his scaly hands.

>there's going to be more art of the girls getting raped
Other than this, I'm over the moon.

Fucking hell they're going to scrub the genocide arent they

Using this in a GC thread. GC is not isekai, but pure fantasy. Get that straight or I'll cast on you the curse of itching testicles.

nice selfie, queer.


>it's Cred Forums pretends to fit in episode

What plot? I read it for gob slaying autism.

vol 6 spoilers
he gets a shotgun with infinte ammo and goes to the gob moon

I mean GS. Goddammit.


Does he use the Berserk Health Pack as well? Maybe a Megasphere since he has so much health and stamina?

i wonder how the mangaka will do this scene

Are you retarded? You do realize they all have light novels as source material, right?

does that rockeater fucker appear in the light novels?

I really want to see someone fuck up that thing it's fuckin huge


This shit has too much rape and violence, censure will make if flop hard.

year one doesn't have LN so far.

see _trash_ isekai, where it doesnt matter that the protag comes from a different world and it wont be mentioned after the one minute mark.
almost everything else in gs is close enough to the typical isekai already.
And the anime adaption will make sure to get rid of the rest. so yeah gs anime will be a trash isekai

this word has lost its meaning by now.

Lizard isn't a caster
He is a monk specialized in melee combat and use support magic related to his faith like summoning an ancestor guardian spirit and other shamanistic thing, he is very close to a native american shaman.
His weapon is in fact a bone sword , not a wand or a staff.
The Dwarf Shaman is a Geomancer who can conjure massive boulders to throw at his enemies or cause earthquakes

>still trying to salvage this

>this word has lost its meaning by now.




How much of the LN did the manga cover?

Rance's party will be wipe out and GS won't do a shit about the worm because is not a gob.

Yeah no. Isekai = Travelling to another world.

Fuck you and your bullshit.

>digging a deeper hole
Just stop posting, you faggot

this fuckin sucks man

One and a half volumes, so barely anything.

Watch as it never appears again. All you'll get is the aftermath with whover survives crawling back to the guild in tears and Goblin Slayer not giving them a second glance as he goes out on a goblin quest.

First 15 manga chapters covered the first novel.

sure better hope for a good adaption with a doom ost.

its still midway for Volume 2 for the Water Town arc with the introduction of Sword Maiden already done with.

>being this stubborn with this shit
Please, stop. You're only embarassing yourself even further.

well, what the fuck you expected? this is a prequel and GS is a peak of his insanity, he is not supposed to care about anyhing not gob related or actually having party until he meets priestness 5 years later.

>It's isekai because I said so! fuck you! fuck you! fuck you!
There is literally nothing that indicates that the world of GS is some MMORPG or whatever retarded trope the genre is known for. Stop posting.

I expect just what you stated, for this thing to go neglected despite bein xbox huge

it's fucking frustrating

my best hope is that it crashes a goblin den he's raiding, actually that's a plausible scenario at some point.

Only way for GS to deal with the worm is being attacked by it
Even if not a goblin he has to defend himself
Basically the worm needs to be smart enough to ignore him

fuck off back to Cred Forums

no mmo but it is an rpg

>here is my biased opinion:


I don't believe in the stupid meme about killing children being difficult for humans. No such thing. Taught, not instinctual. Killing young is only distasteful when there is little or no legitimate reason AND said young are recognizably of the same tribe. People like you cause more problems and leave a big mess for someone else to clean up later.

Well, from what I understand, the gobs are smart enough to not stay in a place occupied by monsters stronger then them, unless they don't know about it being there in the first place. So maybe

Because the game is played by a bunch of children and they too lazy naming his character, so we got Peasant 1, Peasant 2, Peddler 1 etc..
A bit about character "name", Yen Press change some name. Guild girl should be Receptionist and Priestess literally have no name/occupation and people just refer her as her/she (kanojo, musume, onna, konoko).

Go fuck yourself with a cactus

user i think you might be retarded...

it takes notes from rpg games, but the world is played straight up fantasy without trying to bring a video game aspect to it. I guess you could go for the whole "This was all a dream/Simpsons are actually dead" theories, but whatever gets you off.

the hype here is laughable. so i couldn't help myself.
mark my words and dont get too excited.
it will be shit

That's such an isekai thing to say, user.


>not gobbed
MAximum dissapointment, I wanted to see Lefilya getting gobbed

GG allready prepared his retirement so he can live a comfy life while training noobs how to hunt goblins.


>Animated cow girl

except he will never take it, she would literally have to forced him to stop.

With the shittiest voice possible

it's based on an RPG world, but not a video game one.

GS is a lot more Dungeons and Dragons than it is Final Fantasy.

GS is literally D&D

Lizardman is a Monk/Druid mix

Dwarf is a Monk/Cleric mix

They are the rerolled characters of the two women of the noob party who got rekt in the intro if you didn't notice.

>They were so disgusted by the DMs naration of character rape that they immediately picked the most unfuckable race-gender combo.
>The player of the shonen-harem-protag fighter instead rolled up the most rapeable race but minmaxed it as a scout fighter with archery style.

Everyone is calling you a retard for calling GS isekai, not rather if the anime will be trash or not. If you stuck to "this anime adaption might suck" you probably would have more anons agreeing with you than not. White Fox seems like a fit for GS. There are far worse studios out there that could've done this like NUT, Millepensee, or Polygon Pictures.

I want to cuddle this elf.

I really hate this page, I understand that the author wants to sells us the "he success because he prepares" wants us to believe that he wins because he doesn't leave things to luck.

But the impression the actual story gives is completly the oposite, most part of the time he gets the most beneficial outcome possible while everyone else gets the worst result possible.

Like when he was shooting goblins while the Prietess was just next to him supporting him with spells. Then some goblin sneaks behind of them and shoots with deadly accuracy an stone TO HIS DAMN HELMET (probably to sell us "see he uses a helmet so he saved the life there cause he is well protected) While the reality is that if instead of GS that was any other character the goblin would have shot the defenseless priest next to him making the shield spell crumble and goblins would attack GS in mass killing them and then raping the prietess.

Why elf needs a bra?
There is nothing to cover or support
She is flatter than a boy

>Gods try to play GS like everything else
>GS mini literally doesn't allow them to roll the dice or let itself be touched by them

Goblin Slayer is the smith in the forge. And he's forging his own destiny.

Cuntus Maximus who's trying to spearhead something that is already dead on arrival.


does anyone has all the ranks from lower to the last rank? i know GS is silver so its that good tier?


Damn, cock blocked nasty.

It was a better death for her than that.

for fuck sake, there are succefull and skilled adventurers that could solo gobs, but they aren't the main characters, what you want is fucking world building so go to see overlord fucking lizards that steal camera.

There are 10 ranks. The only important ones are the top 3:
Platinum - SuperHero
Gold - Hero
Silver - Seasoned Veteran Adventurer

the way I take it is that by preparing so well he ensures that it always bumps the roll into something fortuitous, he makes his own luck

top three are like plat gold silver
theres very few of the tier 1 adventurers, gold is more common, and I think gs is an outlier at silver, got there on volume of quests alone probably

and i think the whole lists comes up in one of the chapters of either gs or year one, it doesnt matter a ton tho

it's said that Silver is the highest rank you actually see out in the field.

Gold and higher usually function is some higher capacity and don't directly go out doing shit. it's likely made up mostly of the older, highly experienced adventurers who now take care of the planning etc.

>People generally have an aversion to killing children, oh lord of all edges.
THere was a famous viking who was know as the "child-lover" because he refused to kill children. He was seen as a pussy because killing children wasn't a big deal to the vikings.

>and don't directly go out doing shit
No, they just only fight demon kings and other national level threats

I'm sure they can find other broken men to heal.

Not bad.

GS is every GM's nightmare
a player that overprapers for every fucking thing.
fuck em

long time ago an user wrote the first chapter as it was an actual D&D's session, i wish i had copy it.

How much budget will the animation of her tits eat up?

Since she shows up like 4 times, about three fiddy.



Is everyone ready for assblasted Goblin loving faggots from /tg/ to fuck up the thread?
>how dare you kill muh qt green skinned shortstacks

wtf is this real? i'm being trolled?

That's Guild Girl attempt to convince Elf Archer to wear underwear.

is not, when GS entered scene, fantasy abandoned priestness her and went to play with haruhi.

Yeah i know that about priestess, but i didn't know about the 3 killed noobs rerolling characters.

You mean

all them where being played by fantasy, she fucked the roll and got everyone killed but priestness.

/tg/ knows you have to purge the green menace, brother.

Elf has the perfect body.

Really, I think it's too early to be thrilled or soul crushed. At the very least, I hope they do a good job with the voice cast.

We'll have to wait until the first PV or teaser to judge how good or bad this will look like, and even then looks can be deceiving.

Lmao fantasy is such a cunt, just discarding his characters at the first critical miss.

>liking little boys

/tg/ is incredibly comfy when it comes to anime and manga that are similar in format to tabletop games. Their dungeon meshi threads are objectively superior to the ones on Cred Forums

>that butt

You tell me user

Can you please post the rest of those bonus pages? I can only find the red page versions and the translation isn't as good.

but is because meshi has world building, GS doesn't have it and that triggers them.

Have you ever been in a GS /tg/ thread? They're almost identical to the Cred Forums threads with less waifufagging and more autism.

let me guess, non stop bitching about how the guld system doesn't make sense? how everyone is retarded but GS? How his tactics make no sense? why the villagers can't defend themselves? why the goverment doesn't do a shit?

No, they are high leveled NPC. Unlike PC their stats is stuck and some of class ability is absent. Like Elf is an arcane archer fighter but isn't wearing armor.

Pretty sure he doesn't. You can tell he's a newfag from the way he types.


/tg/ is undeniably the best board, let them come.
If anything they'll lessen the drop in thread quality compared to what usually happens with anime adaptations.


>non stop bitching about how the guld system doesn't make sense?
Let's agree that the guild system really doesn't make any sense though

>comparing virgin goblin autist to chad doomslayer

>his setting has an adventurer's guild

It is a trash system in retarded setting. Our main character is a hero attempting to fix part of it.

Best elf. Best girl.

They are the same guy
Doom Guy is just Goblin Slayer rerolled by a God for deal with the hellspawn spawned by another God

The "guild" is literally just a fucking quest board, CG's main role in this story is change it into an actual guild.

>Another Akame ga Kill tier anime

Hate to tell you, but /tg/ got overrun by furries and trannies who can't keep their autism to themselves. I honestly almost miss the genuine 40k spergs.

>almost gets gobbed
>keeps going on about MUH ADVENTURE
like nothing happend
She's a fucking obnoxious retard

It's a game you turbofaggot. The setting is a fantasy game, not a realistic world.

You want her to be emo and brood? What are you, some kind of faggot?


I want her to think twice about interfering with the tactics that have kept GS alive for so long because of her adventure autism

I just want someone to call her out, no, GS making her promise to never kick him again or not ice cream is not enough.

I think those are medieval fag. Anyone that play a few D&D modules will realize the game isn't trying to be realistic.
>A T-rex zombie that swallow his enemy whole.

Lancer is Kirito from SAO / Bell from Danmachi
Heavy Warrior didn't have a line in the drama CD yet, I think

That's different. She has a lot of pride and has to learn from her mistakes, but she's a bro when it counts the most.

How much more than almost getting the goblin dick do you need to swallow your pride?

Less now that the great cancerstorm that resulted in 8ch's creation died down and Hiro fired some of the more "colorful" mods (some, not all), but it's full of Pathfinder-type cancer. You know, with the kenders and beastfolk and canonical orgy halls full of "all genders and ages down to the smallest child", all that shit.
"Open and accepting communities".

You're full of shit, /tg/ is still good.

She just wants to go on an adventure because she wants GS to have some fun, since he never has any. She has good intentions in mind.

As for her criticising his methods, everyone else thinks the same. GS methods are brutal. Everyone thinks he's being barbaric in the way he handle things. There's also the fact GS is very low on CHR. Think about that one side story in which Priestess used GS tactics to deal with some Gobs. Elf willingly helped her out, because her CHR is high.

but volume 6 is already out

Only got this one

What did they mean by this?

fuck this negima's expy, i am glad he fucked off at the end.

Sworn enemy: satan and the hordes of hell = cool.
Sworn enemy: green midgets = autistic and pathetic.

What're these from?

Was Homie Large? 4U

What a wonderful opinionpost devoid of any information or lurking. Half the faggots posting there have never played anything that isn't 5e.

Crikey, i had a group of mine fall for that menace a few years ago and it was horrible, half of my mates became trannies.


Congrats on missing the point of an incredibly basic manga, which is that the reason he's a hero is that he's willing to debase himself and live as a weirdo instead of a champion in order to take care of monsters that nobody else either can or will.

No no you shitlord, they were girls in mens' bodies trapped all along and they all just happened to awaken to it at the same time :^)

Actually getting the goblin dick.

That dude looks like discount Rance.

>no sharktooth

Hopefully until it happens because my dick wishes to see it.

is an expy of him.

>almost got gobbed
Wait, when did this happen? In the LN? Because I don't recall this anywhere in the manga.

>understimating gobs this much
Not only you would be get gobbed but you won't even see it comming or realize until too late

>negima's expy ask if CG is GS's wife
>CG playfully says yes
>GS, being a madman that takes everything literally, says "that is not true"

how so?

>underestimating GS goblins
A gob king horde would beat the fuck out of doombaby.


Those baggy pants make CG no justice.

Just look at this.

its your problem that you wank to sick shit.its not supposed to be arousing

She gets sexier by the volume

>this is what GS babies tell themselves

goddammit, she looks better with long hair, but she only has it when she is depressed.

CG is endgame, Priestess is GS's successor

Please try.

Will CowGirl actually ever become a true cowgirl and start hunting and shooting desperados while herding cattle?

I am not afraid of green midgets with sticks

Which is why you would be raped in your sleep and then decapitated them if you lived in GS world.

Manga volume 2 is not out yet, so no official translation until next month (March 27).

>let's look the fact
Why are you trying to use rationality to explain a woman's behavior ?

It's the artist's decision on how he wants to present it, not the reader's.
>replying to this retard that can't even spell properly

No they wouldn't, but that's not the point.

Why is goblin slayer's goblin killing autism so cute and endearing?

Because the goblins are a thinly veiled metaphor for Jews and you're Hitler.

because he's extremely genuine

Escept that for Priestess to become the successor, GS needs to die in first place

Goblins are weak.
GS is weak.
He's bully

No I would probably have a sword and kill them all. Don't be a weakfag and don't get surrounded by them and they literally can't do anything to you.

Rape you say?

>Thight leather pants
>Thight leather bustier

or retire (whatever comes first), doubt he will but thats my two cents

But you are also a fat nerd. So a sword wont help much.

Never, not matter how much they heal his mind, he will never stop until all the gobs are dead or he dies.

A DM could easily kill him. It’s not hard.

>true cowgirl and start hunting and shooting desperados while herding cattle

Would goblin slayer slay this cute gob?


Doesn't White Fox have zero experience with gore and rape? Or did I miss something? It's not going to get censored to hell and back, is it?

Yes, no survivors on this gob train

>CG's main role in this story is change it into an actual guild
I kinda wonder if they’re actually going to behave like one soon. As of this point, they’re implausibly successful despite poor management.

They did Akame ga Kill. They're good.

>A DM could easily kill him. It’s not hard.
>"Looks like the goblin rolled a 20, you die GS"
That is how GS works.

On one hand, yes.
On the other hand, no.

Actually, he would be confused as it doesn't fit the gobs he know, he would thibk is a different and unrelated species.

Absolutely disgusting.

Akame ga Kill

It’s a conspiracy you guys. The guild uses it meaningless rankings and promises of adventure to lure young and able bodied people to join them. This leaves their original villages lacking in workforce. Then they send said able bodied youth back to similar, but not the same villages, to do jobs they would have done for free for family or at a cheaper price. They guilds then take a portion of the fees for their own sake even though they’re the reason the villages couldn’t handle those jobs to begin with. Worst yet, the guild deliberately poorly manages everything, providing no training or resources, so a simple job a halfway trained team can do will take multiple teams wiping. This is so people think of the threats as way more threatening, ensuring that everyone is too ill-defended by a lack of young manpower to defend themselves this reliant on their purposefully poor services, and keeping the population scared enough to go to them, thus keeping them both constantly having a stream of jobs and making sure nobody else can. The guild is a conspiracy. They want to weaken everyone else so they can profit.

Fuck off you green piece of shit

>don't get surrounded by them
Which you'd immediately do given how much you underestimate them.


That’s not how things work. It would go
>rocks fall on your party and they all die
>Yes you die. You don’t have a say.

All gobs get the club, no exceptions.

it depends. Would it leave it's stinking hole?

Mama Mia!

exactly what you are >implying

WHL4U = Wonderful Hobby Life for you.


it's a booth in WonFes.

You say that like he wouldn't still go in after it.

soon (tm)

>underestimate them
No. GS world just inhabited by retards.

>Would alien slayer slay this cute ayy?

He would probably tear it apart while it's still alive to try and figure out why it's not green

Not if you club it.

>rocks fall on your party and they all die
Has a ability to dodge them
>Yes you die. You don’t have a say.

I can see it's face, meaning that it has stuck it's head out of its stinking hole.

Meaning that yes, he would absolutely kill it.

You would be one of them.

>not adoring this cute of a creature


It look even cuter when its just flesh and bones

Sorry, but your goblins are not different from average bandits. Except they're retarded. Picrelated is not different from any human tactics in war time.

Goblins are disgusting and need to be exterminated.
That thing makes me sick.

You are free to solo an horde or a nest in cavern then

You would die quickly in a war, because you're stupid and arrogant.

Another example. Look at this.
Just imagine, bandits instead of goblins. How different outcome awaits those cute dumb girls? Oh pretty much same.
Sorry, I served in the military.


Congrats on your base-sitting and free college.


What 300?


>like actual manga without even a prior LN, are getting adaptations already around the 20th chapter.
If it's a monthly series with somewhere around 24-30 pages per chapter, this isn't too bad.
There's a number of factors to consider:
>What's the average time scope per chapter or per significant event (i.e., do things happen every minute, hour, day, month or even year)
This can have a strong influence on filler.
Manga that take place over weeks/months/years can just have entire original episodes whipped out of thin air without pissing people off too much provided the author greenlights it.
>How much dialogue is there?
Dialogue-heavy series are easy because speech has soft cap on how fast it can be delivered (too fast and you end up with disasters like Occultic;Nine).

>threads already this bad
All we know is it's airing this year, what a great start.

What is your MOS, faggot

You would still die like a faggot because you sounds like a cunt and good luck getting into a party with that attitude

Cred Forums is this bad now, if not name a good thread.

Post MOS faggot.


Cred Forums was ALWAYS, ALWAYS shit since the very beginning and most of the very worst posters have been here since 2004-2005 and just keep on posting their dumb bullshit

I served in the 54th Marine Corp in Operation Shimmering Mist. I lost my leg in Kuwait. HOO-YAH!

>I lost my leg in Kuwait.

user never made more of this.

say dat to me fickin mug n not on the wibbleweb an see haow it ends for ye moit

>GS is slowly becoming more human
>priestess is slowly becoming more like GS
Its Don Quixote all over again.

that means GS will die so the tranformation is complete.

I'm pretty spooked hob along.

>marine veteran
>lost leg in kuwait
>waste his time being autistic in a GS thread
Gobs would fuck your shit up more than kuwait, faggot

Would GS spare a joblin?

Why the fuck are the hangers sticks?

It was a joke, the faggot himself obviously wasn't in the military and couldn't even think of anything to say, that's why I just went for calling him a welfare queen. In my experience, actual military (other than the fucking army) doesn't usually go around sperging about how they would totally fuck up the goblins in a fantasy setting because WE WUZ MILITARY N SHEIT
I don't even fucking know if the Marines were ever in Kuwait and every word of that was fabricated. I mean who would actually name an operation "Shimmering Mist", should've tipped you off.

Jap CG in anime is always 10fps shittery

Gobs are so powerful they even cucked Spiderman.

/u/ ending between Priestess and Cow Girl confirmed???!

No shit

more like CG goes insane, gets demon powers, blames priestness and tries to kill her.

>baited by a joke somehow
>defensive enough to respond when it's explained

>the guild doesnt make any sense
there will always be poor people trying to be adventurers to earn money, it serves to filtering the shit/dumb ones trial of fire style and keep the population low
you guys just value lives on a medieval setting too much


so this anime's scenes will not be the same than the manga scenes?

Humans would keep them alive at least.

>archer gobs
>big 7 foot tall gobs
>weapons laced with shit
If a dozen or more suicide rush at you, you are fucked.

>I checked your character sheet you don’t
>You can’t dodge because there’s too many coming from everywhere
>yes you do. You aren’t the GM.

>that last one
That’s kinda cheating isn’t it?
>Your lvl 1 rolled a 1 & failed the save
>No I don’t I succeeded anyway
That’s liable to get you kicked out of the table.

Also I'm very intelligent.
I could make quick work of 3 hobgoblins rushing me at once with an archer firing at me from behind. I'm that fucking good, boy.

You know that even in a strict D&D grid situation, between 6 and 8 goblins can rush you at once, right? And in a reals situation it could be many more than that.

I will have a spear to stab and slash them they will never reach me
Also, I'm fast as fuck, boi

Okay but will your spear have tungsten in it?

The spear gets stuck and dulled in the goblin so you die, try again.
>tfw Goblin Slayer VR
>you must conquer gob caves, sudden ambushes, various types
Fund it.

Can we get a VR game where you assault a tower, kill a dragon, and once you do you get to see the princess naked and finger her and stuff with the VR? But the dragon is "realistically" hard to beat and tough so you have to be an absolute god or some sort of genius to do it with your gear or whatever you can find in the tower.
Imagine how fucking cool that game would be.

dude what the fuck is wrong with you?
>not fingering the dragon

/tg/ we talked about it, you aren't allowed to fuck fantasy creatures

Ironic anthroposting is still /trash/posting user

Except elves.

specially elves

You want to get slapped?

Honestly, the berserker pages were the best part of the comic. It's fine this way.


goblin bump

what about an autor that writes light novels?

>doesn't usually go around sperging about how they would totally fuck up the goblins in a fantasy setting
I'm not tho

You misunderstand.

He is a GOOD GM's nightmare. Someone who's trying to run a game full of intrigue, and this fucking guy, he makes a character whose name and class are both "Goblin Slayer", and you say, that's not a real class, and he pulls up some antique fucking splat that says "It's from this", and everything in his power has to deal with fucking ripping and tearing goblins.

The GM laughs and says, alright dude, you got yourselves a goblin campaign. The other players on the table laugh nervously.

There exists no such thing as a goblin that is a productive member of society!


damn his armor looks great

Everything about his design is really good. The protective armor that still keeps him mobile, the small sword and shield, the pouches. All of it really makes him stand out as someone who's all about resourcefulness and good preparation for what he does.

Based. I need more shit like this.

This guy can kill more goblins than GS.

How many chapters until the manga reaches this event?

He's just a fighter with one level in ranger for favoured enemy:goblinoids.

Not with visibility that sharply limited he can't.

I never said it was an original kind of splat.

>implying bandits dont cause shit of damage to border and unprotected towns

you will be the first one to die, or be raped if you look feminine enough.

>long sword on caves
>huge shield on caves
>limited vision because of inappropriate helmet
>no carrying more weapons or items to use on a pinch or just avoid a direct fight

he dies past the first wave

>that poorly prepared
Losers caring about aesthetics and not utility baka

I have to admit I'm going to watch this show. Rape by monsters is my guilty pleasure. One of my favorite tags on sadpanda.


you will be disappointed when you see that rape is not the main theme

Get back in your stinking hole.

>I checked your character sheet you don’t
But he does.
>You can’t dodge because there’s too many coming from everywhere
But he can
>yes you do. You aren’t the GM.
But he is.

You have a military id card user?

I wonder how many animefags will get in here a then go "this is shit" because of rape meme.

Deus Vult

so rip the threads?

Stop existing

spot the SJWs

One? Please. I have five and I keep them right next to my state-issued silver-plated deagle under my purple stars.

Are all goblins also newfags?

remove gob from premises

GS helmet is really too open.

The rape is important for really piling on just how awful Gobs are and why GS has such a hateboner for them.

they didn't just kill his loved ones, they defiled them. utter humiliation and dehumanization. granted the manga can get a little hentai, but overall it's treated as being a very graphic, horrible thing rather than fan-service

>there are goblins on Cred Forums RIGHT NOW

>but overall it's treated as being a very graphic, horrible thing rather than fan-service

I know what you mean, is the same way I see it, but God fucking damn it, I cant stop thinking animefags will make all anime threads about fapping to the rape of the day or something.

>fapping to the rape of the day
it's going to be glorious. all join in the best fetish

>I cant stop thinking animefags will make all anime threads about fapping to the rape of the day or something.
yes please

So many gobs still left alive...

Extermination of rapefags when?

i afraid i will skip this anime, i don't like when an adaptation doesn't follow scenes as they went in the manga.

but how can you exterminate someone that has no life?

When GS can beat this good fella. Basically never.

Its a LN you dumb user.

but i follow the manga, not the LN, that is why i said i won't like this adaptation as is using directly the LN and they will adapt it on their own way.

Just a reminder. Gob rape victims are broken beyond all repair.

it depends if they spread the search (unprobable) or the fight (probable).
My guess is that the encounter will begin in the next chapter, but will end in the following chapter(s).

eh the high priestess or whatever she's called got gobbed

Well, SM managed to become a gold ranked hero, but she was left with a crippling phobia to gobs and insanity.

She didn't though, GS interrupted pre-gob, her party got gobbed.
Plus she wet herself which means her survival flight instincts are superior to begin with.

no, user is not talking of flat chested priestness, he is talking of sword maiden, aka 2B with big boobs.

I think he's talking about Sword Maiden.
There's also some chick in volume 5, who I think also got gobbed and managed to carry on with her life.

he's talking about sword maiden

That is just Priestess not High Priestess/Sword Maiden.

nope, gobs capture her but didn't rape her because she was going to be use for a sacrifice and you can't offer non-virgins.

nah, that's regular priestess. user's referring to sword maiden.

Sword Maiden was a priestess before? Did I miss a chapter or something?

I think they all start like that.

you don't become arch bisoph without being a priest first son.

Wrong, there are also Apprentice-Priestesses.

you think she started gold ranked? nope, she started as a noob, like everyone. A noob that got hit in the head and cpature by gobs, somehow managed to escape but was left broken and insane.

Well, you know what they say about appearances being deceiving.

A "good" goblin, would by definition not be a goblin- because in goblin-verse goblin is defined by rape, killing, and murder. Certainly, after having been exposed to human/elf culture for so long they are aware of concepts such as empathy, compassion, justice. Yet they ignore them.

This comic reminds me very much of the X-box game series "Fable", that had Goblins under another name "Hobbes"; where instead of kidnapping/raping women they would kidnap children and transform them into monsters*.

*The chapter with the father desperately trying to find his son before the monsters could transform him, only to be murdered by the monster that use to be his son was one of the saddest/enraging scenes Ive seen in any narrative

>Is Yoda a goblin? He looks like one. What if Yoda was the one good goblin that someone spared and he ended up on a spaceship in another Galaxy, a long long time ago, in a far away place?

Reminds me of the 60 minutes special they had on online Imams converting young innocent children who were "Muslims" into actually being Muslims like the Koran advocates. IE- raping, murdering, stealing from the "non-goblins". Just like the Hobbes; something dark stole the innocent-kindness that we identify with children; and replaced it with murderous intent.

Oh fuck.

top kek my man. You're so funny!


I've seen this picture a lot, but I never realized that the clothes hanger is literally a stick.

she makes a quick comment about it here.

But why do we think she wasn't a Sword Maiden then?

Does the possibility to co-exist with goblins, where they do not kill your male relatives, and rape your wives/daughters at the earliest opportunity? No?

Well, then, if you don't kill every goblin at the earliest opportunity, then you have no one to blame, except yourself, when those same goblins rape, kill, and murder your family, do you?

>Nothing hurts so much as when kindness and compassion are repaid with malice, treachery and suffering.

Kill yourself.

>more than a decade ago

So how long has GS been removing gob since the Side Story prequel?

>facebook image

that's Cred Forums thinking

Year One took place 5 years before the main story.
Sword Maiden is currently 25yo, meaning she was 15yo when she got gobbed - that means she was the same age as Priestess.

gobs fear Cred Forums?


This picture would be so good if it wasn't for the fact that the artist screwed up her legs.

But yeah, main reason I'm looking forward to the anime is for the Priestess doujins.

When I read that scene I remember I was anticipating to see what SM did, but what I ended up liking the most was the scene with Priestess.

I really appreciate her moments with GS, not necessarily in a romantic way, but their moments tend to be heartwarming.

"Human Rights" for fictional monsters? Fuck 'em. Fuck the Goblins, and fuck the Muslims too. Any Muslim who rapes should be violently castrated. Severity is the only thing those primitive savages understand. Don't like that I shit on their "beliefs"?

Well then, call the EU Hanz, cause I don't give a fuck.

I think my favorite scene in that volume is when GS and Priestess are out shopping, and she goes out of her way to point out his autistic behavior. Was actually pretty sweet, and kind of shows why she makes the most progress with him.

I'm always amazed at how bad of an artist you can be and still get a job as an illustrator in Japan.

>she goes out of her way to point out his autistic behavior
Wait, she nags him a lot just like his sister used to do?
>His sister
Oh fuck, the other girls have no chance.

Yeah, ever since then Priestess took the habit of pointing out his autism, but she always does it in a nice way, so that he can understand.

I also liked how in volume 4, when GS went on goblin hunting he expected, for a second, Priestess to be there, but she had remained at the town that time (since she was going through her period).

>talking like she was there
How that was? he keeps giving orders only to realize he is alone?

>implying GS is not Cred Forums commentary

she was already pointing out his behavior long time before that.

White fox...are they good?


Besides Akame ga Trash. Yes.

If I remember correctly, he was about to give some instruction when he remembered she wasn't there.

He didn't talk before realizing he was talking alone?

Negi Springfield?

He mentioned something like he didn't find any totems in the cave, and then he remembered he was alone.


How is her leg screwed up?