Has there ever been a more useless and annoying character in anything?

Has there ever been a more useless and annoying character in anything?
Kurosaki-kun! kurosaki-kun! kurosaki-kun! kurosaki-kun!

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>t.mad ichirukifag
Stay mad faggot. I can tell you are a speedreader, since Orihime was as useless as any other secondary character in Bleach.

Now I'm about to make you really mad. I didn't start reading the manga until the anime ended.

What I want to know is how did horseshit like the Greed Island arc in HxH got airtime, but they won't animate the thousand year blood war.
What the fuck. Blood war is the best arc in Bleach.

Sakura from Naruto and Ochaka from BHA.

She has the best power in Bleach

Yeah, Hinata saved Naruto's ass countless times while Sakura was behind a tree whispering "Naruto kun, Naruto kun, Naruto kun" oh wait...

Orihime redeems herself by being fappable.

A better example would be Manta from Shaman King, as his only purpose was to be the MC's normie friend

She's the mother of Ichigo's child.

Vegeta! Vegeta! Vegeta! Vegeta! Vegeta!


Best girl reporting in.

Most annoying and bland girl in all of shounen. Even Kosaki Onodera is better.

>Hinata saved Naruto's ass countless times
Hinata canonically saved Naruto's life more times than Sakura. In turn, Naruto Saved Suckura's life more times than I can even bother counting, but certainly more times than he needed to save Hinata. Overall, Sakura was the designated damsel in distress of the franchise.

Honestly no and that includes more boring than watching paint dry. This is coming from someone who has watched anime for over 14 years.

meliodas-sama! meliodas-sama!

She's not useless. She's healed a ton of characters throughout the series, including the MC. Plus her powers work in neat little ways, as a shield or to travel on. Whether she's annoying or not is subjective.

>Hinata saved Naruto's ass countless times
Wait, what? I like Hinata and all, but countless is really pushing it. Unless you're talking about anime fillers as well.

manta was a terrible character no redeeming qualities in SK


But she was the sheath for Aizen's sword.

>Has there ever been a more useless and annoying character in anything?
Any girl from Naruto.

You in Real Life.



She is not that bad in the manga.

Oh? I only read a couple chapters I happened across that introduced me to Bleach, I've never really had the money to buy all of them. So what is orange-boob's character in the manga like?

She existed solely for the sake of the MC. She was there just to get placed in danger and rescued by somebody.

She's not useless.

I've never seen the anime so I can't make a comparison, but in the manga she is fine, I mean it's a flawed character in a shounen manga, but she isn't annoying, maybe too whiny/scared at times, but I found her relatable most of the time.

>Himefag user is so pure he can't understand sarcasm even when it's spelled out
C-cute. Also, consider those trips checked.

Orihime produced offspring for Ichigo

I'm pretty sure someone around here is going to bitch that Ichigo's cumdumpster wasn't Rukia.

Where are those screenshots of triggered landwhales on Deathberry's Orihime thread? Post them for the love of kek!

??? Can I get a rundown? My rock is a very comfortable place.

If anything she was wasted potential.
Aizen even praised her power by saying it negated God's. Shame she was only used for healing and being a cumdump for Ichigo

>lv 0 reader

Not as bad. The anime, especially early on went out of their way to change a lot.
>That filler shinigami with the straw hat
>"Hitsugaya is the reincarnation of a celestial guardian"
>pic related didn't happen
Not to mention Pierrot's preference of shipping. What's even better though was a recent interview Kubo said he "felt sick" whenever he saw the anime take liberties with the work.

I think people tend to find her more annoying in the anime because you actually have to hear the constant "Kurosaki-kun" whereas in the manga, you only have to read/skim through it. this also doesn't help if you find her voice annoying in general.


Man, I hate Orihime with a passion. Something about her dull, meek, and doormat personality irks ne like nothing else.

The other secondary characters had fights that could last over one chapter, unlike Orihime.

>doormat personality
Honestly what? How is she meek/a doormat when she stood up for herself and friends countless times in the manga?

>She's healed a ton of characters throughout the series, including the MC.
Too bad her healing is shit when it actually matters.

Obviously this.
Shes like deus ex swimming skill level useless and so annoying i cant find a word of exact power to express my disturbance.

Can you really say those "defend the pillars" fights were really necessary? Unless you only care about power displays and bad philosophy they're just padding. Ikkaku and Yumichika disappear afterwards.
And Orihime is mostly a healer so count up how many people would be dead without her to actually determine her value.

>when it actually matters.
Like when?

And gets brutally owned a moment after. Orihime has never given a single enemy that wasn't cannon fodder a hard time.

>he admits eating Pierrot's shit
But why though?

I think it was the couple of years where she sat around doing nothing

When Yhwach broke Ichigo's Zanpakuto like nothing, notably. If they weren't cool with Ginjo and Tsukishima Ichigo would have been done right there.

annoying? I just like to look at her boobs

Did you miss the panel where she helped fix his sword? She clearly did her part in it.

I hope you mean anime Esther and you're just posting her novel self (who is NOTHING like the anime) or the shoujo manga version.

What the fuck are you talking about? Almost every single time she stood up for herself or a friend wasn't during a fight. Orihime in general didn't really get many fights. I can think of only Yammy one in the beginning of the HM arc, and the scene where Facebook cuts her in the FB arc.

So does the novel confirm she's a Fullbringer or what? When I read the chapter on plebbit Urahara sounded quite vague.

Healing characters are always worthless in battle shounens because most of the characters end up being able to just regenerate their health. Citing Orihime's healing powers as "proof" she isn't useless is a joke.

Sure, had to clarify that im about anime portrayal.
I mean, anime was far from perfect in general (yet i still love it and its soundtrack), but this girl there was so annoyingly useless.

Yeah, it said she was a Fullbringer, except by "different means" like the Hogyoku. I honestly think it's bullshit and a retcon because it could have been said with one line of text in the manga if it was that simple.

As tired as I am of the "girl hits perverted guy" gag, this bitch really needs to get a fucking backbone.

Oh, so you're just saying she stood for herself with pieces of dialog? That's even more useless. Adds nothing to the series.

But Esther is meant to be a leader and inspirational figure, not a fighter, even if she fights better than other leaders like Alessandro or Caterina. She starts the novel as a charismatic and fearsome leader of a partisan group (codenamed "the Csillag") that blows shit up and targets corrupt politicians for assassination. In fact, she bombs a train station with a home made bomb she made and nearly kills Gyula in her introduction (Abel saves him like a dumbass).
She realizes she fucked up and vampires are human too, and spends two volumes after Star of sorrow soul-searching and getting answers to finally find her new call when her lesbian vampire lover/best friend sacrifices herself to canonize her.

Eventually, she becomes the leader of all the good guys when the Vatican is bombed. She's pretty unparalleled in Politics and Leadership. She knows she can't fight monsters with superpowers and maturely tells Abel that her place is as Queen of Albion, that from this arena she should fight, while his battle is elsewhere before they part in Crown of Thorns. He's the one with co-dependency issues on her in the novel. It's obvious that while Esther's vulnerable in body, she's got a tremendous mental fortitude and willpower, while Abel is pretty weak-willed and suicidal despite all his power (she had to save his fucking ass from one of his depression attack in the Iblis, which was going to get everyone killed).

Only after facebook saved the day by himself, and she failed to heal the soul king was well, in fact Orihime always fail to deliver when it really matters and has to be saved by some plot device, just like ichigo truth be told.

Not that I really care, everyone became a jobber past Aizen, and Orihime only needs to be hot anyway.

Yeah man totally. Bleach should have ended when Ulquiorra killed Ichigo in their first fight! Being healed is pointless!

Or just not have that scene happen or have his Hollow powers regenerate him. It's pretty simple.

They really fucked Esther up. She's a great character in the novel, and she's growing to be good in the manga (even if she's also different than novel Esther because it's shoujo and novel is seinen).

They also cut down all the legitimate /u/ and made Cain some mysterious villain without characterization when Cain is like pic related. He's goofier than Abel when he's not in Contra Mundi business.

Honestly you would have a point if ichigo was never killed by ulquiorra a second time only to regenerate instantly a few seconds later.

>this bitch really needs to get a fucking backbone.
Why? She literally enjoys it. I don't know if you're an animeonly, but there's plot reasons for their behavior around each other. That, and the fact that Manletliodas is alpha as fuck.

Not in series tho.
Your highness! Your highness! Your highness! Your highness! Your highness! Your highness! Your highness! Your highness! Your highness! Your highness!

even more annoying in original. fuuuuck.

>Only after facebook saved the day by himself
Sure, but Orihime was still needed since he didn't have the powers to actually fix it.

Which was triggered by Orihime. Ichigo didn't transform the first time because she wasn't there and was only revived because Grimmjow brought her. It's repeated regularly throughout the series that Ichigo can only draw out his full power when fighting to protect something. Having him get up on his own without that catalyst goes against this theme.

Orihime is good, you fools.

Blame the Gonzo for making her completely out of character (pinning after Abel, really? In the novel is the other way around). And Abel too. And most characters. Like Tres, how can you fuck up Tres? Tres' most known feature is his stalkerish loyalty and devotion to Caterina so much every time there's even an illustration she features, he's always there by her side or behind her. In the anime, they gave this "confidant" role to Havel, the character who betrayed them in RAM (for noble reasons but it's just a strange choice) only because they wanted to pander to fujos because Abel/Tres is popular.

And the plot, they mixed two different set of Novels. RAM (Rage Against the Moons) set two years before ROM (Reborn on Mars) which hurt the characterization too. Noelle, for example, was two years dead before Esther joined the Vatican. ROM follows exclusively her story from her introduction to her ascension to Albion and since the beginning, she's portrayed as a charismatic leader who has time out because of the fuck ups and tragedy of Star of Sorrow.

I miss this this era of anime

Now I agree with you. They dropped the ball on Esther because the anime wanted to pander to fujoshi. The novel makes it very clear Abel is infatuated with her and she's described as a dead drop gorgeous beauty with feline features while Abel's looks are mean to be more "everyman" except for his silver hair (Dietrich's the one described as a true beauty who turns every head on town, instead). In the manga is different because she's a shoujo heroine so needs to have a more 'cute' and everywoman design and Abel must be a bishounen for eyecandy, but the anime change makes no sense because is still seinen.

So they went for the traditional route of "bishounen with flowing hair and looks and the accessory annoying girl with a crush", that's probably why they erased Cain's and Esther's relationship (which is hilarious as fuck), Tres' entire personality which was all about Caterina (to make him closer to Abel), and all the /u/ content. I'm not exaggerating in this point: remember the partner Astharoshe mourned and grieved and whose killer she was hunting? It was a WOMAN, countess Len, they changed her gender. They removed the most important character for Esther's arc, the one who makes her promise to change the world and who becomes her "Lilith" (in relationship to Abel), Sharazad al-Rahman. They removed Jane who is openly favoring women and tries to sleep with Esther a number of times. It was like those bad fujo Gundam fanfics where the women are written out or made irrelevant.

The manga is still ongoing you know.

Kubo couldn't write a proper romance, so he had to turn Orihime into a useless, damsel-in-distress so that she and Ichigo can have that connection.

What part of anime don't you understand? Snark aside, what I meant was, studios were more keen to take risks on avant-garde source material as opposed to Bland Isekai #27057573 and Spiky-Haired Shounen Dudes Yelling and Hurling Fireballs at Each Other.

t. assblasted ichirukicuck

It's because LN in their time were more than Spiky Dues Yelling and Isekai shit (or the Isekai shit was well written and not just copy/paste haremshit like you know the Twelve Kingdoms, a fantasy series which is 'isekai' but a classic in the sense Narnia is for Japan).

Im gonna read novel now, thanks bros.

Just because she's not a fighter doesn't mean she's useless. She's a pacifist by nature and is the dedicated medic. Stay mad IchiRukifag.

And to answer your question, Shippo from InuYasha and Olaf from Frozen. Pretty sure there's more but I don't feel like thinking of more annoying characters that infuriate me.

Ichigo got fucked up in many fights before that and dealt with it just fine without Orihime.

>Has there ever been a more useless and annoying character in anything?

>if you think Orihime is a bad character you're an Ichirukicuck
This kneejerk defense is on par with the Kyoanifags' "if you don't like VEG you're a Fraxxfag"

Are you caught up to the manga? Elizabeth has been trying to get shit done.

Did you miss the scene where she slapped Meliodas to timbuktu for being an ass?

Nah, but these days, it's mostly just assblasted Ichirukicuck that bother to complain about her character anymore.

Unfortunately for you know one is more useless than Orihime. Pure fact. I would have said Sakura, but then I remembered at the very least did progress as a character no matter how terribly written it was. Orihime can't do shit.

shes literally married a man who fucked off and left her to raise their child alone

>can resurrect people and restore severed limbs

I hate Sakura and I don't care about her relationship with duckbutt. I'm saying that there was a noticable change within her character in part 1 to shippuden. Was it perfect? Absolutely not, but it's a hell of a lot better than Orihime's stagnant character. Kubo fucked up more than Kishi.

Bullshit. Sakura was a brat in the first part and she was a brat in the second part. Her fights were carried by someone else majority of the time, see the Sasori one and her shining moments never lasted. Let's not forget how her character did a 180 whenever Sasuke was involved. Anyone that thinks any of the Naruto girls were better written is completely lying to themselves.

The manga is also ok, they butcher the first novel though and make that genre switch about abel and esther, and add a filler volume which never existed (volume 2), but Kiyo kind of improves over time and really gets great in ROM IV with Sharazad's arc (also his Sharazad design is fucking amazing).

I always laugh at this part. The cliche of "person almost dies/falls/drowns and hallucinate their beloved reaching out for them rescuing them" cliché, you expected Abel or Ion or some guy, but Esther sees Shahrazad.

Sakura never got over her retarded obsession with Sasuke and became even more of a bitch by the end of the series. Orihime at least adopted a more defensive style of combat focused on protecting Ichigo, and even helped in his final battle against Yhwach. She even restored Ichigo's broken Bankai (with added help from Tsukishima, but even so). She remained pacifistic but she grew more confidence and determination to fight at Ichigo's side. Meanwhile Sakura inherited Tsunade's powers and barely did Jack shit with them aside from waiting until the end of the battle with Izanami to land one punch on her. Then Sauce gives her the pump and dump and leaves her to raise Sarada alone.

Might as well just post any Yugioh girl.

Good, the novels are really good (but unfinished because the author died, it's really sad story). Esther's characterization is completely sensical. She starts as a strong-willed leader whose actions are misguided so is only natural for her to become a Queen eventually. She already had innate charisma and leadership skills, ontop of becoming a "Saint" before taking the throne which made her a prestigious internal figure known by many. While in the anime this is a fucking mess because her personality is so bland and uninspired.

The manga starts weak but eventually gets better, you can check it out after you finish the novels.


>such power never works when its really important
>the soul king that she failed to heal says hello

Truly the plebeian reply

If Orihime was able to heal the SK then everything would have been too easy.

he was annoying and you know it majority of rumikos side characters are annoying as shit and only stall the plot.

>character development is now useless
I guess bleach really isn't for brainlets.
The kurasaki-kun was her breaking down when her image of a flawless Ichigo was shattered by his defeat.

What she wanted to say.

What she actually said which triggered Ichigo's unconscious to protect.
Truly The NGE of shounen.

Looks like the Himefags are going full on defense mode.

>S-She's not useless! Look! She can heal very well! And look at this scene! She said something! That's character development!

>hime haters have nothing of substance to say
As expected.

>t. Akira Toriyama

Tell me how this became relevant?

Coming full circle, I could write many thesis on this like this guy did.

No one is going into defense mood. People are simply giving you examples of panels/moments that debunk the whole useless argument. Of course whenever someone that hated Orihime was put in their place, they would automatically changed the subject. Orihime did get development, but maybe it wasn't the development that YOU wanted.


Those moments only lasted on those pages. They never affected anything.

And I know you're the same guy who always comes to Orihime's defense.

Orihime may be a shitty boring character but she's better than Chad.

What exactly did you want her to do in terms of development? I'm genuinely curious.

What kind of twisted reasoning are you pulling that you need to get the based old man involved?


Which is why we need a white mage Shounen MC.
Fuck every OTHER underdog story, THAT'S the real one.

Go full dyke so whatever random female deviant art character that people like them have in their head or in their fanfiction can fuck her?

Fucking pottery. Also yes, useless. For every moment where she did something of minimal utility, there's five or more where other characters have to rescue her or risk their own necks because of her.

And that's very easy since Chad barely had a presence after SS. I don't know Kubo didn't kill him off. He doesn't bother giving Chad any powerups or fights. And I think the Nip fans don't like him.

Bleach is a shounen so I expect fighting. Orihime is an antithesis (No Uryu included) of that.

>They never affected anything.
What exactly are they suppose to affect? A lot of Orihimes development was due to personal issues; lower self-esteem/confidence, not knowing her worth in the group, and not noticing her own special bond with Ichigo. Her issues were never something that were going to affect the overall plot, like say Masaki being Quincy. There's a clear difference between early!Hime and HM!Hime from the Orihime in the two later arcs though; she's a lot more confident in the last arcs, no longer worries about Ichigo getting injured because she knows it's going to happen if he fights, and no longer doubts her place in the six nakama. To say that didn't get any development is a lie. Do I think Kubo could have done more with her? Of course, but that could be said for literally every character.

It rests on the fact nobody cared.

Wasn't there a fight after SS where Chad got TWO powerups but still jobbed?

>Has there ever been a more useless and annoying character in anything?

>Blood war is the best arc in Bleach.
I think it had good potential, but the execution was very poorly handled. To me it felt rushed. The concept was good but the way it all happened and unfolded was retarded.

I cared.

The only reason she was relevant in the final fight was because they needed to have a team 7 reunion. Sakura herself displayed no where near the amount of skill as the other 3.

Pic ruined.

giant tiddays

Hinata and Orihime were basically the same character, yet Hinata was more useful. Orihime just sucks.

>Hinata and Orihime were basically the same character,
Nope. Hinata was a lot more timid/shy and had a lower self-esteem. Orihime has a low self-esteem as well, but starts during the middle of the SS arc; she isn't introduced with a low confidence level like Hinata, and she was naturally cheery/outgoing with even Ichigo stating that she was able to make friends easily. I like both girls, but it's annoying how people call them the same character when they certainly aren't. Orihime also did a lot more, but it's not fair to compare since Hinata barely got any paneltime for majority of the series.

Hinata has a rocking bod but is a modest girl who covers it up and hides it under loose clothes.
Orihime has no problem showing off her massive tits and quite happily wears tight fitting clothes throughout the series. Hinata is pure where as Orihime is your typical high school slag.

I like Rukia and Orihime but they were more sidelined than anything and once in the while they did do something they would get outshined by Ichigo (like everyone else)

They have a less than a handful of similarities counting the fact that they bred with the MC and a set of glorious mammaries, and they're completely different otherwise.

But Ichigo was constantly outshined by the shinigami.

Kagome ->.>

No, they aren't. They have two similarities; marrying the MC, and having big breasts. They aren't alike in terms of personality.

Seriously, they're more contrasting than similar
>Orihime is bubbly and social while Hinata is initially anxious and remains demure and reserved even after her character development
>Orihime is a healer while Hinata is a vanguard/scouting front-line soldier
>Hinata comes from a prestigious clan that she has issues with while Orihime comes from a family of normal people that we never see interacting with her
>Orihime's Oni-chan figure has been dead from the beginning of the story, while Hinata's isn't
>Hinata has a super hot sister, while Hime is all alone after her brother died
>Hinata lacks a lesbian stalker and a tomboy best friend
>Orihime's development centers around her doubts about her place among her peers and love interest while Hinata's is more about slef-improvement, even though they both want to protect the MC
>Hime's power remains extraordinarily unique and hax through the entire manga, while Hina's is just okay
>Orihime has an understandable moment of mental breakdown at the middle of the story (HM arc), which she bounces back from, while Hinata's will remains bullet proof after her initial development etc.


>actually gathers intel and economic resources
That's gonna be a no from me, dog.

She has the best win/loss ratio of any character in the entire franchise

Orihime is also about self-improvement, but I agree with everything else. They really aren't similar a lot.

>Has there ever been a more useless and annoying character in anything?

Pic related.
Ok, Doraemon will always be a part of my childhood.
But looking back now, my god.It's like this kid literally cannot function in society without Doraemon's gadgets to bail him out. Sometimes, he will need these things to help him get out of a situation he fucking started! And he'll often abuse the hell out of them later when the need for them has long passed and his method of acquiring these items 99% of the time involves crying and begging.

Is it worth picking up though?

>the best complete garbage has to offer vs one of the more debatable arcs in arguably the best shounen in existence
really activates my almonds

Oh undeniably.

>hunter x hunter
>best shonen

>Babble x wall of text
>one of the best shonen manga ever
Granted that Bleach is crap and you fell for weak bait, but holy fuck, aren't huntafags deluded.

I'll give One Piece this, everyone on board is pretty important, some are just more important than others. Like Brooks the musician and looking at this current arc he actually pulled his weight.

Nami however is fucking vital, she's probably one of the greatest if not greatest navigator on the face of that planet.

>Sakura however is fucking vital, she's probably one of the greatest if not greatest healer on the face of that planet.

Enjoy: imgur.com/a/Gy7as

Wait till her real personality surfaces.

Hell if I know.
I haven't look at Naruto whatsoever. I don't even have a dog in this whole Sakura thing.

It's a shonen battle anime, no one gives a shit about navigation. And they hardly do navigating, they spend quadrillions of episodes on islands.

Are the two even comparable?

Nami's navigating is responsible for the entire direction of the plot of the show and has saved the entire crew time and time again, and that's just with navigation alone. In combat she has actually pulled her weight consistently.

Sakura healing didn't mean shit until the series was already ending hell she didn't learn it until way later everyone was either capable of getting healed by someone else or pushing through shit without her, after that she just got a punch in during the final boss she then got knocked up and ditched.

Nami never defeated a Sasori-tier villain.

Nel > Yoruichi > Orihime > Rukia > Momo > Yachiru

She serves as a prime material for breeding and waifu tho
She sucks at fighting (she's a healer after all)

How the fuck is Momo better than Yachiru?

Pretty good taste user.

Neither has Saukra, oh wait you're pretending Lady Chiyo wasn't helping her throughout the entire fight. Nevermind.

Who gives a shit really, you jumped goal post from healing to "muh powerlevel" just to salvage your waifu. Recently Nami helped Luffy beat Cracker in a fight that lasted eleven hours, something he wouldn't have been able to do himself.

It makes sense, if you're not a pedophile

>white mage Shonen PC

Fuck Kishimoto, I wanted narusaku

You got a point


>I wanted narusaku

But she didn't want him he was annoying and loud when they first met so she hated him

How would you fix Chad?

Make him do more. There's nothing wrong with being the silent type character, but it becomes a popular when the character does nothing majority of the time. He easily fades into the background. Kubo brought him into focus way too late, because by the FB arc, majority of nip readers just wanted the shinigami; their interest in the original gang faded.


What the fuck are you talking about

She's not annoying. She's infuriating.

Post the heart warming page in order and then he says I feel nothing now

I don't see how that's relevant, we are talking how Elizabeth is ok with being touched

I forgot that scene where she wore that boob outfit to impress Ichigo.


Whew. What a ride.

It's simple.
Manga Orihime>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Anime Orihime
The anime staff not only gave her an annoying voice, they took away or weirdly adapted almost all of her early scenes, so anime watchers didn't see the same Orihime that the manga readers did. She wasn't nearly as annoying or useless in the original, and had some enjoyable character development.

>It's simple.
>shit > Orihime


>this boring and lifeless bitch with zero chemistry won
Kubo is hack.

It seems some people didnt read the oneshot, that carried over here excluding Rukia being about 4 inches tall

Please keep whining like a little bitch.

>Replying in an instant, every time.
You're obsessed.


There's that word you IRcucks love to use.

Because it's true?

What chemistry? Their relationship was Ichigo being annoyed with her majority of the time and Rukia playing the mentor role. They rarely spoke or interacted off the battlefield after a certain point in the story.

>still complaining orihime winning almost TWO years later
And I'm obsessed?

Because their "chemistry" is their friendship and that chemistry alone isn't what makes a relationship romantic.

Ichigo has better interactions with Rukia than he ever did with Orihime -- which were just "Kurosaki-kuns!" and her generally wanting his dick inside her.

>t. illiterate Ichirukifag.

>muh slapstick humor and mentor/friendship scenes are so much more better and romantic.

>Ichigo has better interactions with Rukia
Nah. They got boring after the first arc, speedreader.

Explain the chemistry Ichigo has with Orihime. I'll wait. It needs to be two-sided.

The IchiRukifags arrived. Laugh at them.

Hinata > pinkshit

This. What made Ichigo and Rukia so endearing as a pair was the fact that they were such great bros

Besides, Ichigo had an enormous Oedipus Complex, so it's no surprise that he ended up with a voluptuous airhead

Sakura actually has character. If that makes Sakura shit, then that's fine by me.

Hinata has character and a complete character arc, unlike pinkshit. That's why she's more popular.

>It needs to be two-sided.

And Ichiruki is? There is literally zero romantic chemistry between the two. They're just good bros.

At least with Ichihime you have Orihime having canon romantic feelings for the MC and said MC being nicer and more protective towards her than to his bro.

Go back to dumblr and cry more tears over how Kubo not canonizing your overrated ship makes him a hack.

Ochanko will be the next useless healer

Yes, "Naruto-kun" all the way to "Naruto-kun", so captivating. At least Sakura did things that weren't Sasuke-related.

And fyi, Sakura is more popular.

>Yes, "Naruto-kun" all the way to "Naruto-kun", so captivating.
Better than pinkshit.

>And fyi, Sakura is more popular.
No she isn't.

>Explain the chemistry Ichigo has with Orihime
I don't like the word chemistry, but I just always enjoyed their relationship more. I like how Ichigo is a lot less gruff when it comes to Orihime, how she's able to get through to him without having to hit or yell at him (like when she tells him not to get hurt anymore during the Grimmjow fight), how it's shown numerous times how each others wellbeing is more important to them then their own, and during the lust chapters we see just how far Ichigo is willing to go to keep his promise to protect her.

>It needs to be two-sided.
Ichigo didn't have feelings for anyone in canon, but the way he was more gentle and protective over Orihime made me think that he did have feelings, but didn't realize them yet because he was too busy saving the world.

And looky here, you didn't explain a dime about how Ichigo and Orihime have chemistry or show any canon pages or scenes. Probably because you know there isn't any.

>muh chemistry
Yusuke and Botan had better chemistry. That means jack shit. It's all about recognizing end game ship in battle shounen.

Still no citations of direct character interactions. And Ichigo wanting to protect is a speech he gives to everyone in his friend-circle, Orihime ain't special.

Ichigo and Orihime had no substance with eachother as characters, just forced romance, on Orihime's end.

>because you know there isn't any.
He rose up from basically the dead because of her pleas for help.

Remember if you're a writer you can change everything from your story.

Nice work being completely wrong, bucko.

yes ;_;

Your reasoning still doesn't prevent IchiHime from being shallow.

That's not character interaction. Just show me a page or scene from an episode where they interacted organically.

He is right. Sakura gets hate just for mentioning her name.

I'm not.

Have you ever heard the phrase "Success breeds jealousy"?

She's the main hero of the story now ya anime-only dingus.

Because "chemistry" is just a meme you Ichirukicucks invented to whine and moan over why your ship didn't happen. "Chemistry" alone isn't what make ships canon, it's "romantic interest" and your ship didn't have any of that.

If you want examples of IchiHime moments go Google it yourself.

Romance in battle shounen specially DB clones are all shallow. Why cherry pick only Bleach?

Have you ever heard the phrase pinkshit?

It's really funny that you STILL haven't explained how Ichigo and Orihime works as a genuine duo.

Because it really didn't have to be that way. The anime knew what was up, Kubo should have followed, maybe Bleach would've still had fans left.

>no Jiraya

>Still no citations of direct character interactions

>I like how Ichigo is a lot less gruff when it comes to Orihime
Chapter 481 for example. When Orihime bursts into his room with the bread, Ichigo simply starts teasing her and she sasses him back. It isn't until Chad/Uryu make their appearance that he says "What are you guys doing here" or something along those lines.

>how she's able to get through to him without having to hit or yell at him
I stated the scene. The one during the Grimmjow battle. Usually Ichigo needs a good yelling or slap across the face, but all Orihime had to do with ask him not to get hurt anymore. Chapter 283.

>how it's shown numerous times how each others wellbeing is more important to them then their own
Orihime worrying over Ichigo the Yammy fight despite being mauled herself along with Ichigo always, always asking Orihime if she's okay after every battle despite him being hurt/covered in bruises.

>Ichigo wanting to protect is a speech he gives to everyone in his friend-circle, Orihime ain't special.
I liked the scene was handled. It was a vow made looking into her eyes while promising her that he would protect her next time, and during the lust chapters, we see just how far he went to keep that promise. Also a nice little fact is how the protect Ichigo used during that scene was the same one Isshin used when rescuing Masaki.

I also found it really interesting how almost every enemy of his specifically used Orihime to get a rise out of him.

>It's really funny that you STILL haven't explained how Ichigo and Orihime works as a genuine duo.
It's really funny how you're still arguing for a ship that's dead and irrelevant. Ichihime is canon. Get over it. Your whining over "muh chemistry" and being a biased cuck won't change anything.

> The anime knew what was up, Kubo should have followed, maybe Bleach would've still had fans left.
The anime fucked up many things from the manga to the point that it pissed off even Kubo. IchiRuki romance wouldn't have saved Bleach or bring back the fans.

For some reason I only see her face as someone who is angrily jerking him off while she kisses him

>literally abandons a basically dying rukia the moment uquiorra tells him that he brought orihime to HM
>ircucks actually thought they had a chance after this

>Just show me a page or scene from an episode where they interacted organically.

Anime only fag detected.

Also brace yourself cuck.

>It's 2018 and Ichirukifags are still shitting up Bleach threads with their autism.

All one-sided.


>maybe Bleach would've still had fans left.
Pairings had nothing to do with it. The anime was cancelled, and there was a drop in manga sales which became more visible in the last two arcs. A lot of IR fans love to bring up the reviews of the last volume from amazon.jp, but majority of the reviews have no mention of the endgames. I even found one where the person was happy that Ichigo x Orihime happened, but still gave it a star or two because of the series overall. You're too wrapped up in your shipper mentality to look at the big picture.



One-sided is better than no-sided.


Kojima from Gantz perfected that art.

I don't get what people see in "7 deadly sins". It's mediocre moeshit at best.

>power of time-space regression
>target is incapable of moving or stopping it
>plans to regress the Hogyoku to a point where it didn't exist
>just forgets to do that
>after being defeated, Aizen is still a dangerous immortal that will probably kill everyone given the chance but still bound and powerless
>does not use this opportunity to regress him a few months so he can just be executed normally
Why give reality bending powers to someone if you're just going to relegate them to healslut

The main cast is very likable, has great chemistry together and are well characterized for the most part. it also actually commits to the main characters's romance stories, and the manga has good fight choreography and paneling. It also has okay world-building and the girls are cute/hot. There, summed up most of the attractive.

Who let the Deathberryfags and dumblrfags back in here?

They always come back once in a blue moon to complain about the same thing. Then they go quiet when someone actually argues with them with actual canon scenes.

>generic aristocrat girl with a good heart and a pledge to the kingdom
>generic main protagonist who's humble despite being OP
>generic backstory about "le good guys getting framed for something they didn't do"
>the giant girl is a retard with nothing interesting about her
Also, the anime is poorly animated.

that is the saddest thing I'll come across this week

A shippercuck who supports a pairing that is canonically zero-sided is whining over a one-sided ship.



>soul society was a good arc
>so kubo just did it again but with an orange girl
Why was no one tipped off to the fact that Kubo is a hack?

>wanting his dick inside
That's what Aizen wanted too.

>orihime isn't the best character in blea-

>if I repeat generic as a buzzword over and over nobody will notice I failed to formulate any kind of cohesive argument
Nobody cares if you don't like it faggot.

I don't have a problem with someone disliking Orihime. I have a problem when they completely twist her canon character in order to justify their dislike.

all i ever see is people talking about how bad of a writer kubo is. don't think you need to worry.

Nobody's twisting anything. They have no reason to.

There's a difference between expressing constructive criticism of a character and their role in a story and calling said character "useless and annoying".

There's also the fact that the majority of Orihime's vocal haters are IRfags.

did kubo or anyone, even in some novel or whatever, ever reveal how the fuck everyone survived considering the soul king was obliterated by ywach and then ywach obliterated by aizen and ichigo. what is holding the worlds totether now? i mean surely there cant just be any old shit lying around that they can use as a lynchpin/soul king, otherwise i imagine theyd have done that or had contingencies in place for crap like ywach.

>orihime is-
loving every laugh

>Nobody's twisting anything.
Calling her useless is twisting canon facts. Annoying however is a subjective matter.

People in the thread have given solid arguments/responses. You're just cherrypicking.

All of that is explained in the Bleach novels We Do knot Always Love You (missstormcaller.tumblr.com/WDkALY) and Can't Fear Your Own World (missstormcaller.tumblr.com/CFYOW).

Her sole purpose in life was being around to get the MC really angry by getting put in danger. She contributed nothing of worth otherwise, not as a combatant or as a character.

>Kurosaki-kun! kurosaki-kun! kurosaki-kun! kurosaki-kun!
I wouldn't call this ability completely useless.

>*flashbacks of Bleach threads where simply mentioning Orihime would set off at least five Ichiruki autists*


you happen to know what part or link from the tumblr pages you gave me contains the info? either way, thank you

>Being this illiterate.

How do people misinterpret a character this badly?

I find Vivi worse.

They're not. You're just deluding yourself into thinking that there's more to her than there actually is.

>what is holding the worlds totether now?
Yhwach's dead corpse is now the new Soul King. You can read about it in CFYOW.

>pretty much one-shots the final villain
She had to be written out or there would be no tension and suffering in manga that was about squeezing every bit of drama.

She was a healer, she was never a fighter nor was she ever going to turn into some huge fighter at some point in the story. She healed more than a handful of characters, injuries both big and small. Her abilities were able to used in neat ways in the last arc, as transportation or shielding Ichigo from all those arrows. She also did well to hold up against Yhwach for as long as she did, and she did her part in his fixing Ichigos sword. Of course more could have been done with her throughout the entire series, but that could be said for literally every character.

Or maybe your reading comprehension is just bad.


There's a giantess and there aren't a lot of those in anime. Also the art style is unique and a lot of the character development is well done.

Top tier taste, I love her character design. If there is one regret I have about Bleach's end. Is that we will never see the best fight in Bleach animated.

>she did all these completely inconsequential things which means she's helpful

>naruto pledging allegiance to ISIS.

>inconsequential things
This is just your opinion though. If you think healing Rukia of the hole Grimmjow put through her stomach, or fixing Ichigos sword before the final battle are unimportant and not worth mentioning then that's entirely on you. You just some across as someone that seems to think that if a character doesn't fight then they're useless.

>"She's useful, I swear!" The Himefag urges desperately.

>can't refute any arguments
As expected. You guys pull the same bullshit every time.

>saved countless lives (including the MC's) with her healing and shielding powers
>helped convince Ichigo to go to SS to save Rukia
>help fixed Ichigo's zanpakuto after it got broken by Yhwach

>help fixed Ichigo's zanpakuto after it got broken by Yhwach
It was Tsukishima who made that possible.

>"She's useless, annoying and adds nothing to the story!" Ichirukifags whine repeatedly.

>It was Tsukishima who made that possible.
Of course, but that doesn't change the fact Orihime was still needed and was the one to fix it with her abilities. You're making a moot point.

>saved countless lives (including the MC's) with her healing and shielding powers
List them and the circumstances behind them. I'll be impressed if even one of those will end up having actually changed something. Don't bother listing MC in these by the way, he literally heals himself whenever he needs to.
>helped convince Ichigo to go to SS to save Rukia
She didn't. Ichigo convinced himself, Urahara made it possible.
>help fixed Ichigo's zanpakuto after it got broken by Yhwach
Nonsensical asspull that Orihime barely contributed to.

>Don't bother listing MC in these by the way, he literally heals himself whenever he needs to.
That only happened once and that was after when Ichigo went Full Hollow and rekted Ulquiorra. Other than that one instance he doesn't have any regenerative abilities.

>Nonsensical asspull that Orihime barely contributed to.
Orihime's powers is to literally reject events of both objects and people. Fully fixing Ichigo's sword after Tsukishima altered the sword's past isn't an asspull for her.

>List them and the circumstances behind them.
-Tatsuki in the beginning. After the numb chandelier fight.
-Rukia and Toshiro in the beginning HM arc. Rukia had the hole in her stomach. Forgot what happened to Toshiro.
-Healed Chad after Yammy. I imagine that Urahara helped with this though.
-Healed Kenpachi in SS.
-Healed Grimmjow during HM about twice or three times.
-Helped heal Uryu when he was in the hospital during the FB arc.
-Healed that one Shinigami at the very beginning of the last arc.
-Healed the arm of Yoruichi.

>he literally heals himself whenever he needs to.
Not really. It's been shown plenty of times that Ichigo needs healing, either by Orihime/Urahara/Squad 4 etc.

>She didn't.
She did. The whole "Kurosaki-kun I know would do this" speech and Ichigo thanking her.

>Nonsensical asspull
Not an asspull. We were told through Aizen that her abilities trespass the realm of God which is what Yhwach is/was. You're just trying to downplay her part.

>That only happened once
Except it actually happened multiple throughout Soul Society.
>Orihime's powers is to literally reject events of both objects and people. Fully fixing Ichigo's sword after Tsukishima altered the sword's past isn't an asspull for her.
My problem with it is that Orihime couldn't do what her powers were said to be able to do without Tsukishima's involvement for some reason. I would have been fine with it if it really was purely her doing.

>healed completely inconsequential jobbers on a few occasions where their involvement didn't mean anything afterwards
>literally set back the MC and his friends by healing a powerful enemy back to full strength

>It's always powerlevelfags whining about how "useless" characters are

>inconsequential jobbers
Everyone, even the MC, is a jobber in the series. What exactly are you trying to prove by throwing this word around?

>>literally set back the MC
Pretty sure Ichigo asked her to heal Grimmjow so for a fair fight. It was that, or have Ichigo cut his own fucking arm off in order to have a fair fight.


user, just stop.

>She didn't. Ichigo convinced himself, Urahara made it possible.

Literal shit-level reading skills you have there, buddy.

Yeah I don't get it either. I can never take a manlet MC seriously.

>inconsequential jobbers
How in the world are Kenpachi/Rukia/Toshiro/Grimmjow unimportant? Especially Rukia.

>Ichigo having regenerative powers in the SS arc


>user gets put in his place with examples and panels
>stops replying
Every single fucking time.

I'm guessing you didn't like FMA


Healing them was not vital in those situations.They weren't about to get attacked by anyone. They could have healed naturally offscreen or used their Shinigami healers and nothing would have changed.

Claiming that healing Grimmjow makes Orihime "useful" is retarded. It makes her an active hindrance.

Except by that point he already agreed to fucking train with Urahara to get ready for SS.

Himefags. Not even once. You would think she was the second main character going by how hard her faggots try to make her vital to the entire series.

>Healing them was not vital in those situations
It doesn't matter if it happened after a fight. Especially in the terms of Toshiro and Rukia who needed immediate healing. My god, you're really going to such lengths to downplay any little good she did. It's ridiculous.

>Claiming that healing Grimmjow makes Orihime "useful" is retarded.
When exactly did I say this? You were the one that wanted to know the characters she healed that weren't the MC and Grimmjow just happens to be one of them. Like I said, it was either that or Ichigo cut off his own arm in name of a fair fight.

And then he questioned himself if he should even bother because Rukia was back in her own world and nobody in the Human World (except for Orihime, Chad and Uyru) remembered her.

Ichigo had questioned his decision to go rescue Rukia and Orihime helped him steel his resolve.

Again, you have shit-level reading skills.

But he's still doubtful. In chapter 58, he wonders if he should even bother because Rukia wasn't originally from the human world, and no one with the exception of the main gang notices that shes no longer around. Orihime's speech gave him the final push which is why he thanks her.

Me2, manga is for boring ppl

>Defending Orihime from idiocy and false statements means that we think of her as the second main character.

Not even once, Ichirukeks.

yes because if there was one thing mr. "five ambulances" was known for by that point in the manga it's flaking out in the face of overwhelming odds without the help of his friends.

>Never won a single fight in a fucking battle shounen (In the little she participates in since she barely fights in the first place).
>Healing abilities never work when they are actually needed aka when somebody gets super rekt and they need recovery fucking pronto or else everything is going to go to shit.
>Her only "strong" and "bold" moments is her swearing to not be useless and always ends up being useless right after.
>Her only interactions with Ichigo are either gushing over him or yelling his name when he gets the shit beaten out of him which always narrows down to "Kurosaki-kun!"

Face it, bitches, she is SHIT. She wasted every panel she was on. It wasn't the anime that made her unlikable, she was always unlikable, as ORIHIME.

>It doesn't matter if it happened after a fight.
It does matter though. If her contribution wasn't useful, she might as well not have been there.
>Especially in the terms of Toshiro and Rukia who needed immediate healing.
Shinigami are notorious for not bleeding out from ludicrous wounds.
>When exactly did I say this?
I asked you to list them in hopes of being proved wrong about her uselessness. I don't know how you misunderstood.

>user gets put in their place once again so they decide to throw a tantrum

still better than fairy fail, prove me wrong

protip: you can't!

>Healing abilities never work when they are actually needed
This was fucking infuriating. It's like her abilities shifted to keep her as irrelevant as possible.

she's a really bad healer because she's easily distracted, just like Ichigo is a bad fighter for the same reason.

>Like I said, it was either that or Ichigo cut off his own arm in name of a fair fight.
This entire thing was beyond retarded.

To Himefags, anything negative about Orihime is considered "idiocy and false statements". Every thread, when somebody makes a comment saying they don't like her a fucking defense force mobilizes and starts screeching that it's the work of the big bad IchiRukifags and starts proclaiming that Orihime is super important or downplays the importance of other characters to put them on her level.

>Never won a single fight in a fucking battle shounen
She won against numb chandelier. Checkmate bitch.

>gets super rekt and they need recovery fucking pronto or else everything is going to go to shit.
Because she's not around for the huge moments. You remind me of those people that complained about her not being around to heal Byakuya when he almost "died". If you're counting the whole lust arc affair then it's pretty unfair since her abilities are linked to her mental wellbeing and Orihime practically lost it after seeing Ichigo with a hole in his chest. I don't remember any other scene where someone's entire being was put into hand, or where she was around yet couldn't heal them to some extent.

>always ends up being useless right after.
This changes in the FB arc. There's a clear change in the Orihime we see in the last two arcs.

>Her only interactions with Ichigo are either gushing over him or yelling his name when he gets the shit beaten out of him which always narrows down to "Kurosaki-kun!"
Completely biased.

>downplays the importance of other characters to put them on her level.
Like who exactly?

Because her powers, without contrived bullshit, should be able to solve every kind of conflict. Just bring the dudes on her side back to life like nothing when they get massacred and/or just outright Reject an enemy out of existence.

>should be able to solve every kind of conflict. Just bring the dudes on her side back to life like nothing when they get massacred and/or just outright Reject an enemy out of existence.
You can't have that in a shonen manga. It would have made everything way too easy.

Nice temper tantrum there, user. Do you need a blanket? Or some juice to make you feel better? How about a hug?

Literally everyone.
>"You can't call her useless or irrelevant because all the other characters are irrelevant!"
Bull. Shit.

Probably the biggest victim of Kubo's shit writing.

>>"You can't call her useless or irrelevant because all the other characters are irrelevant!"

Said no one.

>Literally everyone.
Again, like who? Because there's not one post in this thread where a Himefag calls another character useless from what I see. If anything I see them say that more could have been done with her character and she's not the only one this applies to which is pretty much true, unless you genuinely think the entire Bleach cast was written to their best ability. Or that the word jobber means shit in this series which is also true because they're all fucking jobbers, even Ichigo himself.

Has there been a character that never jobbed in Bleach?

>Probably the biggest victim
chad and the vizards say hi.

Chad more so. The Vizards were never screwed out of their own arc.

From what I remember, no. Literally every character jobbed at some point.

Chad and vizards weren't the main heroines.

Then point out the exact post where another character is called sake to push Orihime up.


>Probably the biggest victim
Ichigo didn't even get a proper final fight despite being the MC yet you think Orihime was the biggest victim of shit writing?

Ichigo had his moments. Orihime didn't.

Orihime got the average treatment of a shounen heroine.

Is it over?

i read through it quickly and i dont see any mention of it being ywach's corpse. kinda maybe hinted at but thats it. did i miss it or is that all it is?

the fighting is the worst shit I have seen since Asterisk

I've seen this argument on DB so many times..

user is wrong, that information is actually written in the first chapter of WDKALY, not CFYOW, it clearly states squad zero transported Yhwach's corpse to the SK palace and made him the linchpin. CFYOW doesn't mention Yhwach's name as the new SK but we know it's him from the wedding novel.


Except Index is not a useless character at all.

Yeah she is. Othinus has been doing her only job for a while now, better and without being annoying too.


ah yeah i see it now. does this novel have any other interestin information? the other novels hinted at soul societies' "original sin" or some such, which im guessing has to do with how the first(?) soul king became what he was.
im very interested in knowing the relationship of ywach and his "father" and how all this went down

Chad is heroine

What I want to know is how did horseshit like Bleach got a decent adaptation while Shaman King which is actually a good series got screwed over.

>Talking shit on Manta
Kill yourself you little shits

Yes she is you dumb fanboy

Same shit. Don't listen to that faggot.

Orihime's voice actress was just fine. Too bad she had to play such an annoying character.
The fact that you have to skip her dialogue in the manga says it all...you can also do the same with the anime via fast-forwarding btw

This is not character development, this is character regression you Kubo Worshipping Retard.

Both Ichigo and Orihime turned into irredeemable pathetic emofags.

>Ungrateful Nu-Male Bleachfags talking shit on Toriyama
Friendly reminder that if it wasn't for Toriyama writing that letter of encouragement to Kubo, Bleach would have never made it past the oneshot.

Every single character in Bleach was useless save Ichigo. Did Renji even win a single fight, or do anything of any consequence whatsoever?

Granted, it was Orihime's arc where things went sour, but from that point on literally every character was pointless unless they were called Ichigo.

t. ichirukifag

>Orihime redeems herself by being fappable.
This is what waifufags actually believe.

Wow, Kubo's art really went downhill.

When will you idiots stop deluding yourselves?
They're the same shit character.

Nobody is complaining about her early scenes since in the beginning she actually was a decent fun character.
Everybody who hates her, hates her characterization after the Soul Society arc where she turns into an emo bitch that I dub "Emohime". It's the same as real oldschool Bleach fans who hate Ichigo's characterization after SS arc where he turns into a huge whiny emofag gutless loser trash.

>They got boring after the first arc
More like they just stopped being a thing after the first arc

Haircut was a mistake

Fuck sake those looked like naked tits from the thumbnail

Better than most of Bleach and Naruto

Man...not even Ichigo is a second main character
Gotei 13 stole his spotlight lmao

Ichigo was useless as shit dude
Weak ass character that wins via asspulls after Soul Society arc

Bleach could have been saved, if Kubo wasn't a stubborn dick and killed the bitch when a lot of fans asked him to do it. Many people would be happy. The ratings could go up. Who knows, maybe Bleach wouldn't been axed. This disgusting whiny bitch is one of the main reasons of Bleach death.

It's mostly just a really comfy SoL like the author's previous novels for Bleach. It reveals what everyone is up to now and how they're moving on after the war. Aside from the first chapter, not much in the way of details that deal with the more important aspects in the lore of Bleach, the other novel deals with that side of things. The original sin hasn't been properly explained yet, but most people seem to agree it's to do with the creation of a Soul King.

What did she ever do to you? Did she steal your boyfriend?

He's a White Mage that offclassed into Monk.

Orihime stole "Rukia's man" and Rukia is obviously user's self-insert.

I still don't know what her bankai does and if the skeletons we're symbolic or not.

She is retarded bimbo, that's enough.


You should fuck off there to your safe space if you feel butthurt.

You first, dumblrfag.

>no u

Like you.

Ichigo and his fugly new family must die a horrible death. Especially their absolutely disgusting and retarded marty stu kid.

>Complaining about Orihime turning emo in the arc where she was held prisoner by Aizen and the Espadas and is forced to watch her friends get rekted.

Please continue to nourish us with your tears, eternally assblasted IchiRukifag.

We're low on electrolytes and we need the salt.


It seems she has another heart in her second monstrous boob. Quick! Rip it out before she lies eggs inside you.

But the only one crying are ass blasted anons who think only IchiRuki can despise the most annoying and useless character in Bleach.

Oh fuck off. Orihime had her emo moments in the beginning. Remember when she started doubting herself and questioning her worth during the SS arc after Uryu took over her fight in chapter 94 or something like that? So much of Orihimes hate connects to two things; either not being a fighter, and/or being in love with Ichigo. That's it. You have people that think she's shit for not doing enough with her powers then you have the people that think she's shit because she never fell out of love with Ichigo and remained "stagnant" because getting over Ichigo is something they THINK she should have done in order to develop. It's no surprise that Orihime started get the shitload of hate during the HM arc, the same arc where she got the confession. In the FB arc, Orihime is back to her cheerful self yet people were complaining, and you know why? It's because she was in love with Ichigo, and they weren't going to completely happy with her unless she stopped loving him because her canon love was a huge threat despite not wanting to admit it. In the FB arc, we see a more confident Orihime yet she still got hate.

Can please get a refill of your delicious tears?

I win.

Have you even looked at the state of this thread? No one really cares if you dislike Orihime, only the points which are objectively wrong are being refuted whilst subjective remarks are not.

Also when anons are literally recycling dumblr/deathberry discourse, it's hard to believe they're not just an assblasted Ichirukicuck.

Le ebin maymayXD
Well if you consider that most other character did next to nothing when shit happends including Rukia who obediently wait till her as going to be saved, then no she's not anymore useless than literally anyone but main character.


Orihime is awful.

-ly cute.


Yes, she is.


also the son is cuter then rukias kid

>Literally just Ichigo with orange eyes.

Why wasn't tatsuki more important?
I loved her so much.

Kazui looks exactly like a Orihime though.

Chibiusa from Sailor Moon (the 1st anime):
>is annoying in the 2nd season;
>is almost useless in the 3rd;
>is basically a plot device in the 4th;
>is useless again in the 5th and final season's 1st half, and appears only once in the 2nd, in a dream.

yeah and ichigo is a qt, you faggot

Porgs from The Last Jedi.

Favorite Ichigo form?

vasto then bondage and half horn

You're right

-fully mistaken.

Yeah, Rukia jobbing every fucking fight.