[HorribleSubs] Gakuen Babysitters - 07 [720p].mkv

>[HorribleSubs] Gakuen Babysitters - 07 [720p].mkv

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Fucking Inomata.


>mfw every episode

Patrician taste.



I'm going to pick this back up. Thanks for keeping the threads up.

Don't mind if I do.


>Yuki doomed to being like 6th in the Ryuubowl rankings

That said, I've read the entirety of the series now since I've liked the anime so much, and the few hints that Maria and the Toddler-con might be end game piss me off to no end.

Sure nails the black and white thinking that kids tend to have.


>that spoiler

Your goggles are on way too tight. There are barely any hints.

Eh, any "hints" are mostly just misleading for the sake of a punchline.

Kirin episodes/chapters are the best.

If the OP is anything to go by, we'll hopefully get the "Welp, guess I might as well kill myself" chapter with her dad.


I feel kinda bad for other girls. Inomata has been set up as endgame.

That being said, Kamitani is gonna steal the win somehow.

She warms my heart

>Kamitani the only one to hug Ryuu without hesitation when Kotaro tells him he needs a birthday hug

I fully understand her fathers obsession over these two.


I really do hope they manage to shove in the birthday chapter.

Looks really cute but is it worth watching for anything other than that?

tfw he never gets over his parents

It touches on some serious(ish) moments at times. The two main boys are orphans for example, whilst there's also a bit of drama involving two other boys that the anime may or may not adapt.

But it is primarily just cute fluff, yeah.

Shoujo mangaka generally have a better understanding of people, so the interactions are fun. MC is a pretty accurate portrayal of an older brother and the cast that surrounds him are all good fun.

For anything that it's worth, all anons watching this want to protect these children from the horrors of the world.


>Ryuu birthday
>Kirins Dad Introduction
>Kamitani Father
>Trap Ryuu
>Kyouko introduction/idol Chapters
>Kirin Sleepover

What chapters are others hoping for?

Just give me timeskip Kirin for fucks sake


Unless a few are paired together, we're gonna miss out on a couple of good ones.

When will he claim her?

I really want more Obasan and Saikawa episodes. In particular the ones where Obasan falls down and later he find out she doesn't want to be a burden for Ryuu and Kota ;_; and the one where Saikawa has to take care of the kids. Also, the princess Kaguya one (which is one of my favourite chapters). I'm sure we're gonna get at least one trap Ryuu episode and Kamitani's dad.

Obaasan and Saikawa, as well as Inomata and Yuki are gonna be together, for sure. Senpai might be featured on an end card as well. Or maybe one with all the parents?

Saikawa is low key one of the best characters. His reactions whenever he thinks something goes wrong are hysterical.

>Ewww, I don't like peppers
>I see. I know you can not forgive me for my unacceptable failure in feeding you, so Ma'am, if you would be so kind, I wish to take a leave of absence immediately so that I may travel the world in order to atone for my cooking sins.

Man I love kids.

What does this expression convey?

Yuki is more likely to claim Inomata than Ryuu is.

>Or maybe one with all the parents
>Babby Yayoi

I don't think we're ready for that level of adorableness.

He's the typical kid who talks up how excited they are to meet X at Disney, but get shy and/or start crying as soon as they get to the front of the line.

literally me

How many times has Usaida dropped the kids on their heads?

why do I feel a strong desire to protect?

paternal/maternal instincts are kicking in.

They might as well maker another season so we can get all of the chapters


I laughed so hard when Ryuuchi just went after Inomata to warn her about the sticker.

81 Chapters as of now, about 23 will have been covered by the end of this season (assuming it's only a 12 episode run).

There's enough for another two or even three seasons, let alone one.

Babies aren't allowed to be on Cred Forums!

what if it is the boss baby?

>Oscar nominated Boss Baby

But what if I'm the cute anime girls?

Usaida btfo



>even his babyfu
How will he recover?

>How will he recover

By sleeping, probably

Here's my lewd. Pls be gentle.

by taking a nap while the kids are wandering around the school

>watching this show as a daddy dom

do I have to remind you that this is a blue board?
>inb4 b&

I would have been a little diaper bag of exitement/shyness if i would have meet the red ranger too back on the day

Is this a show for toddlercons?

You are hard wired to feel that way, specially if you see a nubile woman that can bear your very own babies

Does Yuki get any focus in the manga?

I don't remember if she gets a lot of development with Ryuu. Inomata is ahead of the game, but Yuki still has an okay shot.

Yep, a fairly decent amount as well.

She becomes BFF's with Kirin, Inomata and the 4 year old sister of the family of boys with their hair covering their eyes

This is too much for me

It's a conspiracy by the Japanese Government to try to boost their falling birthrates.

Ideally that means 4 seasons and the mango actually updates more regularly.


Shame he's the second worst baby, just ahead of Taka.

Pretty much comedic relief.


I'm into toddlercon, will I enjoy this show?

I swear I never find this grown up cards and I attempt to watch the whole episode from start to finish

I'd say she has a fairly even split of "Oh I wanna get all up in that Ryuuchi" and "Situation where we need girls help" chapters.

No, this is a pure anime


Anyway, there's a character based off of you if that counts?

Shit taste

Yes but she's last place in the bowl behind no romantic end at all.

It's in the Ohys version. HS version don't have the endcards.

If you're watching Crunchyrips then they aren't in them. You need a raw.

Her deal is that she doesn't like kids.

oh I see, I watch the horrible subs one

>I really want more Obasan and Saikawa episodes. In particular the ones where Obasan falls down and later he find out she doesn't want to be a burden for Ryuu and Kota ;_; and the one where Saikawa has to take care of the kids. Also, the princess Kaguya one (which is one of my favourite chapters). I'm sure we're gonna get at least one trap Ryuu episode and Kamitani's dad.

I hope we get the one where Kotaro envies Kirin's dolls and Obasan pulls out her old dolls and you see Obasan as a toddler with fluffy hair.


>Senpai wanting dat Trap Ryuu
>Midori and Kirins Mama forcing him to marry one of their daughters
>Every other girl in their class who isn't a beta

She has her work cut out for her, that's for sure.

You vs. the guy your Niichan tells you not to worry about.



First thing my mind went to.

They tend to smell like poop, but I like them too when they are clean.

Great episode.

God I want her to yell at me.

Ah this brings me back to playing with my baby brother. Good times. Even though he's bigger than me now I still see think of him as a little toddler.

I'm starting to like her too


>When you're so in love with a cute boy your hand starts blushing
I think we've all been there.


I hope they got a real baby to scribble that drawing.

Kirin low key grabbing a handful there.

>tfw I was the youngest brother of four siblings

I imagine there's some link between that and me working with kids.


Pretty much confirms that Inomata is the only girl for him.

Anything of note here?

>Pretty much confirms that Inomata is the only girl for him.

Enjoy next episode lel.

Nice Loomis

It's an advance screening and talk event featuring the seiyuu of the four characters you see there. For people who pre-order the first dvd/bd

Woops, forgot some words, advance screening of the last episode*

Time will tell how this ends. I could see a tiny timeskip to the toddlers going to the elementary school. Will Ryuu actually wise up?
Inomata becoming more comfortable with Ryuu is all that I want user.

tfw no Kotaro otouto

>Inomata becoming more comfortable with Ryuu is all that I want user.

The anime has cut a few moments of hers (hopefully saving them for later maybe?). For example, in the chapter where they graduate from Middle School, she is in the club room crying and hugging Kirin because she won't see her for a couple of months.


This is just another one of Abe's propaganda pieces for the breeding initiative.

What chapter is that? Her mellowing out a bit would be really cute.

Dere dere Inomata also seems like the idea of perfection.

and it kinda works

>mfw Kotaro picks Usaida

That said, Kirin Mama > Twins Mama > Midori Mama > Taka Mama

Chapter 7.

Can't say if/when we'll more of Inomata that's comfortable around Ryuu (and even then, she obviously keeps her quick to get flustered personality), since the anime is jumping around in what it adapts.

Chapters 3 and 4 for example haven't been adapted yet, and probably won't be.

You saying that like it is a an thing

Jut tell me we'll get trap Ryuu soon.

That one too! The part where Kotarou just makes a whole family out of the dolls is just so heart-wrenching! Why do I get so many feels out of a manga that's supposed to be about cute toddlers doing cute things?

Hopefully we get the beach chapter. Next episode should be pretty okay for her too.

I like the fact that she doesn't just orbit around Ryuu. She can exist without him, but her life is a bit better when he's with her.

No clue. We've five episodes left and next week is the confession letter and (I think) carnival trip chapters.

I'm really curious what chapter they choose to act as a final episode, since they'll need to play it safe as they'll assume they won't get a second season.

Well since she becomes best friends with Yuki after next week, any more episodes featuring her will be less about her interaction with Ryuu.

Because they distract you with adorable toddlers long enough for you to forget their orphans.

>The Christmas chapter where Ryuu realises his dad won't be dressing up as Santa this year

The first DVD/BD doesn't seem to be doing so well in pre-orders (the seiyuu event might help, though). Does anyone know how's the manga sales going? Did it get a boost?

Like actual highschoolers? Anime romance has people revolving around their love interest, which comes off as clingy. That's fine if the interactions happen a little less frequently because when they do happen, it makes all the better.

The author feels like they also can't progress the relationship more unless Ryuuichi begins to also develop feelings back at Inomata. We're kinda stuck.

Who do YOU want to win the Ryuu bowl?

Would you do it, Cred Forums?

I'd wager we get an end with no romantic resolution. Inomata's really the most likely candidate just because the series isn't yaoi even if it has some overtones, but it seems more like the conclusion will just be about Ryuu, Kotarou and friends.


If we can figure out who the author is self inserting as it will make it clearer, I mean, it's Inomata but still. If.

My dream ending is the final chapter being a time skip to the babies all graduation from high school together. Midori is also super smart and gets pushed forward up two years or something.

I dunno, as the series go on, Inomata and Yuki pretty much become one character in terms of interactions with Ryuu/the babies. I don't think they ever have a chapter where they aren't together after they become friends.

Shoujo mangaka tend to be better about giving realistic closure to romance. Like why have it if it doesn't lead up to anything?

Inomata as a pregnant wife would be too perfect.

Best girl. I don't know why people like that mean cunt Ino for.

She's tsundere like me.

She's Kotaro

We're 82 chapters and almost a decade in and we're still in Ryuu's first year of Middle School. I have no idea how much longer Tokeino expects to squeeze out of the series.

Before reading KareKano I might have agreed with you.


Her dad would try to kill you, along with himself and every other person in the club.

The first 18 episodes of the anno anime are great at least.

I agree, but it does end with basically rape induced pregnancy and their underage daughter seducing the family friend who has been in love with her since before she was born.

He's in his first year of high school, user.

best part of the episode

How does kamitani keep getting away with child abuse?

Party hard edit when.

Ino is a true conservative, she knows her place!

Because this is a shoujo series and he is the brooding and mysterious one.

We still need an Inomata and Yuki Birthday chapter or something. We need Ryuu to raise more flags with them.

What is Inomata like in bed?

Is ovulatory a word?

Becomes cute slutty and extremely submissive. She wants to be taken care of.

She has studied hundreds of sexual techniques but is too shy to use them. So she sticks to missionary.

>she looks up porn to "see what guys like" because of how sheltered she was
>writes down things to say
>accidentally writes down the male dialogue instead

>Ryu starts laughing and she covers her face in embarrassment.

>Inomata and Yuki find out their birthdays are on the same day
>A gift for "The birthday girl!" is found
>It's something really cute and a card with a lovey dovey message in it
>"from your favorite guy in the babies club"
>Both get incredibly anxious trying to think who the gift was for
>Turns out by sheer odds that it's also Kirins birthday and the gift was from her dad

>implying Ryuu isn't just as innocent/shy as Inomata in that regard

He'll pretend he didn't hear it or just start being the girl whilst Senpai starts crying at home for reasons he doesn't understand

Ryuu has brotherly/fatherly instincts to let him know how to perform the act of sex. He has it in him.

Inomata is for tender vanilla lovemaking while kissing and leglocking and cumming inside.

I want the chapter where Saikawa has to take care of Kotaro in the house all day and Kotaro stumbles into the library of Obaasan's deceased son

57 and 61 are good mellow-Inomata chapters

>Inomata will never shake your hand.

Kamitani is gonna win this in the end. I wanna see Inomata and Yuki become actual rivals, but still be cute best friends.

>Inomata and Yuki weren't the ones to take Kirin to the Petis Pois meet-and-greet after her mom had to cancel last minute


>Her parents lied and said their TV doesn't get anime

No wonder she's so messed up.

Their bromance is pure and true! Don't sully it!

Non-meme subs when?

>He was willing to pretend Trap-Ryuu was his girlfriend in order to get Senpai to go away

What a bro.

>The town is covered in snow
>"Hey Mom, Dad, I'm heading out!"
>"There's snow everywhere, how are you going to get to the library where you are obviously going?"
>"a-actually i'm going to play with f-friends"
>"I don't think you're allowed to play in the library, Maria. Also since when did you have friends?"

Poor girl

Can't wait for when she asks for Ryuu's email.

Only like 63 people watch the show, so never.

Who do you think was ringing her?

This might be Inomatas cutest expression yet

What kind of girl will Kirin become when she's older?

She has to ask for it user. That'd show some growth.


She's different to both her parents at the moment so it'll be interesting to see. She's far more attached to her mother than father at the very least. Probably a drama geek.

Please tell me she and MC will start dating at some point!

She'll be the bright popular girl who's friends with everyone. Usually smiling, but Taka makes her anger easily. Everyone is taking bets on when they'll hook up.

Kirin is only a baby though!

>tfw anxious temperament

>Everyone is taking bets on when they'll hook up

Too bad Taka is gay for Kotaro

Taka is a much more massive brocon

>Yuki ranked higher than the mothers and chairwoman

>NEET Usaida and crossdressing daycarers soon.

Oh come on don't tease me like this.
Those two are made for each other.

I would put a ring on that girl

>you have stickers on your butt

>Kirins dad trying to jump out of the window soon

What was he doing looking at her butt in the first place though?

I've been ignoring this show all this time but I finally picked it up being one of the one in a million male babysitters out there makes it too relatable to ignore and I wish I had done it sooner, it's such a peaceful and healing show. Seeing the kids playing is great, Taka is lovely. I particularly like those moving intimate moments between Ryuchi and Kotaro. I'm just not sure how to feel about that pedo guy, it's like they are trying to make him charmingly comical when it isn't funny at all.

Also I want to marry this pink haired man.


Do you change diapers?

>When I take a shit with the door open
Waifu confirmed

Yeah those girls were pretty disrespectful, Inomata's reaction was kind of tame.

>I'm just not sure how to feel about that pedo guy
He just thinks kids are cute and wants to cuddle them/squish their cheeks. If he was a female nobody would bat an eye, i'm surprised you of all people dont find the double standard of men interacting with kids objectionable

Will the twins become the chads of the school and NTR the rest of the cast?

I bet they'll be child actors.

How do you feel about Usaida's laissez-faire attitude towards his job?

Imagine manhandling this lolis tiny body. She could do all kinds of aerial acrobatics while I fuck her like a onahole.

He reminds me of my Estonian godmother, who has like 6 kids and 14 grandchildren. She knew exactly how much to just let them be loose, since, you know, kids are needy. If someone wanted something she'd say "coming right away" and then continue knitting/reading for 20 minutes. If after that much time they still needed her, she'd actually go

Look at Kazuma stealing Taka's girl
Chapter 84 is a blessing

I hate it when they show them having the exact same hairstyle as when they were kids.

Usaida believes in teaching them the badass manly virtues of self-reliance and discovery by leaving the door open all the time.

how old are the little ones supposed to be?

I still have the same hairstyle I had when I was a kid though, isn't that normal?

I know what you mean, but I don't think it's very well depicted in this case. The guy literally nosebleeds around kids, the innuendo is evident. It's not too creepy, anyway.
I'd say he's good at the job, he just takes things calmly. Some people think you need to be super alert or something when in charge of kids, and that's not correct. Just let them do their stuff and supervise them.

>Chapter 84

Wtf I've only found up to chapter 82 (and can't find 81).

They must be 3-4, otherwise it wouldn't make much sense if anything.

It's translated only until chapter 82, but there's around 90 chapters out

They're only like 2 and a bit I think. They can just talk semi-clearly because it's fictional. Think like Angelica from Rugrats.


Toddler hair is either incredibly short or a shaggy mess, so if it's one of those you're fine.

Hand holding with Inomata.

She looked like she was gonna die when Ryuu grabbed her wrist. Imagine her reaction to unfiltered handholding.

Latest chapter has Ryuu and senpai (+Kotarou) going on a date to the aquarium.

Wasn't Angelica precisely 3 though? Comparing it to Rugrats it's a bit off, but kids don't talk and understand that much till they turn 3. So I think that would be more accurate.



Imagine her reaction to kabedon.

This existing saddens me.

Imagine her reaction to being called cute.

im already watching 8 airing shows (a record for me) but this shit looks adorable. is it any good or is the hook the cute babies? redpill me this anime anons

She's voiced by Kukuri. It was bound to happen sadly.

I dont know if Ryuchi is tall enough to pull it off

Cute babies keep you entertained, Inomata keeps you invested.

it's healing

It is the official healing show of the season.

She's probably get mad for a quick sec, then get completely flustered.

Imagine her kabedoning Ryuu by accident out of anger, then getting super embarrassed after realizing what she just did.

Oh shit. Is this actually an age-swap chapter in the manga? I hope they make this into an OVA.


Have fun m8.
oh and btw, it also shows serious stuff and treats it very maturely

The first episode will take you by surprise

>Not wanting 4 seasons covering all 90+ chapters

Except Kotaros cat dream, they can skip adapting that chapter.

I really liked that chapter, it was kind of touching.

I dislike these cause they spoil you on which babies are going to survive till the end

>Hand holding with Inomata
I don't have the courage

> Battle Royale within the daycare room
> Babies are eliminated by taking their precious thing away from them (Taka's sword, Kirin's Giraffe, etc.)
I never knew I wanted to see this.

Link to full raws?

>Babies are eliminated by taking their precious thing away from them (Taka's sword, Kirin's Giraffe, etc.)

That's sorta the plot to a later chapter to be fair.