How would you describe this woman?

How would you describe this woman?

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A being worthy of love


Typical Shoujo manga main character; unlikeable, no personality, useless, wants to be in an abusive relationship with an asshole.


Saber clone


Isn’t she from Diabolik lovers?



How would you describe this woman?

Best saber clone


shes not a woman

Another one of those trashy rei clones

The new Queen of the Plan To Watch List.

How about this woman?


Read the LN bait.

A female Sheldon

as boring as her show



Mary sue.

I can't stop thinking about Violet. I just want to see her again already.

Calm down Leon

Get in line faggot.




What a great servant. Grail is totally mine.

Is it alright to have lewd, impure thoughts about Baioretto?

The world most beautiful sleeping drug

>impure thoughts



I can't help it... She is too sexy.


14yo halfassed semi-serious chuuni wank.

Ore no tsuma.


Im curious, why Caster need to change Saber clothes ?

Girls like to dress-up their dolls.

>14yo halfassed semi-serious chuuni wank.
Where is the problem. Baiorette hides her beautiful bottom for her husbando.

I want to go stargazing with her while holding her hand.

For the last time Leon, back off.

Did someone say Wifebeaters?

beautiful but poorly written

That girly looking manlet doesn't have a chance anyway.

Discount Seibahface

Dropped at episode four.

Shut up Gilbert. You're already dead

Marriage material

One night stand


Violet should be Hodgin's wife desu.

How is Gilbert an asshole? He seems to be pretty nice guy.

Rin's Sex friend.

Most boring and autistic Saberface yet.


Hodgins has done so much for Violet. She just needs to move on already to a nice man like Hodgins.


Wait? She is a reiclone? Picked up.

What would sex with her be like?

A lesson.

Shiritai no desu!

>stick it in
>fall asleep
>she just stares at you all knight with a blank face

What about anal sex with Violet? I want to teach her all about what other uses that hole has.

She'll probably be busy trying to make sure you enjoy it. Violet strikes me as the type of woman who would put her husband's pleasure over hers.


It would be extremely distressing.

What did she mean by this?


Oh my. Arousing but seriously wrong, Bioretto is a daughteru character.


Discount Saberface.

Yes. Ignore asexuals.

Impressionfag from preairing threads waifu who will always ignore him.

>you will never sexually experiment with Violet to get her to break her cold tuna impression and show a lewd face

I never knew I wanted this

Saber Character Detail : Ultra

Why is this show so average?

I'dd violate her evergarden if you catch my dick...

Too much hype and "movie-ish" looking art.

It's a weird show, most either love it or hate it.

Hey, wait a minute. That chick in that picture is having something like a smile on its face. That's no Violet Evergarden.

Would make a good waifu.

Polite and pretty. She would be a good wife.

I don't understand what you mean.

You lost me.

Someone make a Violet thread that isn't dead

There are often several vaio thread all the times, so naturally there won't be one that reached 500

Deserving of execution. Literal war criminal.

Did nothing wrong.

Dr. Vaio, I'm

Someone like Violet really should just be put down like a sick dog. She's barely human and doesn't even think of herself as one, so why not kill her

A natural and pure character, whose lost her 'roots'.

an excellent analogy user, you are quite the funny guy.


You don't get to bring friends.


id describe the smell and softness of her hair touching my forehead, when shes giving me nurse handjobs,

AH hello colonels brother, youre shitposting on Cred Forums. That explains why you werent in ep.6

>he hasn't seen episode 6

Not popular enough and it's episodic so the discussion usually dies on thursdays.

She's still my wife though.

>nu male yidtube reviewer
This is the state of Cred Forums 2018.

>when a numale knows better than the average current year Cred Forums poster
Yeah, the absolute state of this board.

>Violet's mechanical arms are a technological marvel
>They somehow still use 19th century weaponry
>Trains, trolleys and cars look mid-20th century

>Drossel right next to enemy alliance
>They're somehow fine while Enciel, capital of a country much deeper into the south, was practically destroyed as seen in episode 1

>Violet is famous enough to write for princesses now
>But she still gets run of the mill jobs like copying books

>It takes 1 day to travel from Enciel to Leiden in normal circumstances
>Yet it also takes a day (or at the very least half a day) to travel from Leiden to Kazalli

>Their language is pretty much just English with a made up alphabet

>Yakisoba, itadakimasu, honorifics, bowing

Nice worldbuilding there, Kyoani.

Already addressed here Nice try though.

I was in that thread and only the Violet being hired to do a shit job after the princess was addressed, it wasn't even that convincing though

Then read the whole thread because the rest of your pasta got discussed. Shoo.

No it wasn't, if you mean this post 168652248 that's barely addressing. His first point is basically "just because", on the second one he's just asuming things, on the third one he's plain wrong. Fourth one with the language he's not even arguing anything. Last one is again another "just because"

Aigis Clone.

Look, if you can't accept anachronism in a fantasy setting you might as well just drop fantasy shows altogether. Again, nice try.

Just because it has a fancy name doesn't mean anachronism isn't shit worldbuilding.

Watch more fantasy shit, kid. Anachronism and fantasy are like husband & wife.

>If you can't accept anachronism as synonym of "magic, I ain't gonna explain shit", might as well drop (shit) fantasy shows altogether.

Yeah, I'm actually thinking about dropping Evergarden, Kyoani can't worldbuild if their lives depended on it

You mean anachronism and shit fantasy? Good fantasy doesn't have anachronism and when it does it is explained.

fantasy doesn't excuse shitty inconsistent setting and worldbuilding

Saber: We-managed-to-make-her-even-more-autistic edition

There's high fantasy settings where anachronism is there by design and essentially never explained, but it's somewhat justified by the dream-like nature of the story. Examples like Neil Gaiman's Sandman and H.P. Lovecraft collection of Dreamlands spring to memory. In any case, I completely agree with you on VEG's setting just having sloppy and shoddily put together world building.

Emotionally disturbed.

Worst Saber

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

Kyoani is honestly out of their element with a world like Violet's. Worst thing is that they have 2 other light novels with fantasy-ish settings that will most likely get adapted at some point.

Language issue: Watch it on any other language and see those complaints of honorrifics disappear
Violet's job: She was the flagship of the company but still had to keep cattelya and iris back at base to cover any jobs that might come through. Claudia probably thought it was better for her because it was 3 days worth of work

Shitty is how you view it, kid. This isn't 2 cour or a video game, they're not going to waste entire episodes explaining every little thing to satisfy you.
We could also spend hours tearing Mushishi and Aria a new asshole for all the inconsistencies and shit left unexplained but that'd just be stupid.

Don't like it, just drop it.

Let's compare Lovecraft to what a jap studio came up with for a short story, that's brilliant.

I can see Hodgins sending her so she could see more of the world and meet new people, but it was 2 weeks not 3 days.

Enough about the Seibah wooden autist. How would you describe this Angelic creature?

loose vagina after the 2 week orgy in the observatory with chad & co.


She is proof that there is a God.

Why not? Many Dreamland stories are short episodic narrations that Lovecraft came up with in his spare time, with only the setting remaining as a somewhat consistent element. Also, VEG isn't anime original. It's an adaptation of a novel that supposedly took its author a lot of time and effort to write, so the laziness and faults of the setting are the studio's and author responsibility, unless you can provide direct evidence of the studio guttering the source material's world building.

From what I've heard the novel didn't get into a lot of detail with the world and it's Kyoani trying to add stuff and fucking it up.

Reminder that there's not a single shot of her giving those nerds the time of the day. She's as pure as the sacred mane of fire that crowns her divine head.

Your excuse doesn't even make any sense. There is no excuse for VEG's shit world with all the Euro stuff, Australia, inconsistent technology, Japanese cultures and mannerism, chuuni stuff etc mixed carelessly.
>don't like it, don't watch it!

Completely different kinds of work. There's also little to no world building on the VEG LN, you're just there for the ride Violet takes you on.
If you're the kind of person that gets excessively bothered by the anachronism of her metal arms and the existence of demigods in their world, the whole thing just isn't for you to begin with.

Anyway, all of this stuff regarding the map and the locations is basically KyoAni's doing and is decent at best if you read the detailed stuff on their site. They're still not going to waste an episode trying to explain everything.

Why do you think we never see her again? She's in the boys dormitory.

You're literally describing anachronism.

Personality of a wet cardboard box filled with the disappointment of kyoanus fanboys.

What does Violet's breath smell like? Shiritai no desu.

A miracle of the universe

first show me your pussy and tits

3rd most interesting and 3rd most attactive Saber of this season.

She's really grown on me. Episode 6 was great.

I like to imagine Violet has some nice looking pubes

>this season
Who are the other two?

Then she's alone there committing to the leisure of her exquisite taste in literature, because all the nerds were outside watching the comet. I urge to stop your libel against my wife and goddess, or else you'll be met with the full extent of the law's punishment, not to mention the might of my fists.

A well written character who was broken from the start slowly repairing herself so she can break for real.

No he's not. Having Victorian era Englishmen discuss their separation from the Roman Empire is Anachronistic. Having a bunch of European-descent named people eating with chopsticks and cultivating rice in the middle of Australia is simply careless and poorly thought out.

Luculia is literally a better and more entertaining character than Discount Saber.

Nope, I'm describing a careless, poorly-written world.

Is VEG the Pride and Prejudice of anime?

More like the dumb and dumber of anime

Funny, if you paid attention you'd know that there are asian characters in their world ready to make your bitching about chopsticks and rice moot. We also don't know how much influence said asian culture had in their world but since they have some jap behavior we know it's there.
But be my guest and continue being an idiot.

You're describing a fantasy with anachronism without realizing it.

VEG is the Embarrassment of Impressionfag of anime

>cultivating rice
>in Pseudo Australia's weather
Leaving your ignorance on agriculture aside, you seem to have missed the issue yet again. Of course you see Asian influence on the setting, but it only seems to surface where Kyoani was too lazy to either devote a few lines to establish where these people actually are, or when they don't bother researching European culture so they default to what they know.

Trying way too fucking hard.

You can't restart the discussion, you and your anachronism meme got blown the fuck out already

Yeah sure buddy.

Unanimously Blown The Fuck Out Amirite?

>Psuedo Australian weather

How the fuck are you even sure about such?

It's easy really. Just get rid of Ishidate. Problem solved.

So, I just watched the first episode.
Wtf? Gilbert! Gilbert! Gilbert! I'm just a weapon! I'm just a tool! Please discard me somewhere!
Is she autistic?

We must've missed the australian weather with all that lush grass and palm trees.

What's this about australian weather? The flora in that continent is all over the place to be honest, and seeing how it only takes a day to travel from where Violet was in the first episode to Leiden I assume it's not really that big at all for a continent.

Forced animation

>How the fuck are you even sure about such?
Precisely. If all I'm shown is a map of Australia and there's nothing stating otherwise, then I'm going to assume it's a fictional alternate Australia, which logically means it should have a similar weather an general geographical situation. Then the problem becomes, how come this version of Australia has an important Asian cultural influence when such a thing never happened in our world? this are the kind of questions a good should be able to answer because it makes the world more lived-in and natural, or if such a thing is lacking, there's where a good adaption shines by filling in details in away that's more thought out. When the author fails to deliver on that, the foundation of the world building makes the entire story more flimsy an artificial.

>b-but that takes too much time and the show isn't about the world, it's about Autism-chan
Okay, except for the part that delivering a couple of line to justify things that are seemingly out of place hardly takes takes a Tolkien-esque description, it literally just needs a few lines of dialogue or a short narration. As for the show not being about the world and more about Violet, that's correct, the setting being weak is not what makes or brakes a story like this, but when you combine a weak setting and weak characters, the verisimilitude of your fictionalized account is far more easily broken, and all the defects that would be otherwise easily ignored surface immediately.

You are legit autistic.

I will always congratulate KyoAni for developing tge perfect autismo stare
I mean, look at Violet for 3 seconds and tell me the first things that come to your mind, pure infiltered autism

Stunningly beautiful



Then how come I can't be arsed to care about Violet at all? Seriously, it's as easy as this: if you want your fictional world to have whatever weather, vegetation ethnic group etc, then don't make it look like an actual place in the real world, and if you do, make sure to throw in a couple of lines about why it's different at the very least. No need to get into details. Basic narrative foundations that most authors that write for children is apparently too much to ask out of Kyoany now, and I'm autistic for saying that. Fuck off.




My wife Violet is the prettiest.


Based Violetposter. I legit was falling in love with her this episode.

I don't know how KyoAni does it but they create some of the most beautiful women, I love their style

It was my favorite episode so far too, loved the astronomy bits too.

Meant to post this pic


I never really cared for kyoani female character because they've always been too cutesy.
But Violet is truly something else man.


Underwhelming as fuck.

I found myself attracted to a random background maid in the previous episode, the KyoAni style is something else

And of course theres Luculia who somehow looked even better this episode.

Violet is legitimately the blandest MC of the season to me. Even Hiro is better.

>Australian weather

I don't think it ever rained spiders in the world of VEG.

Okay, come on.

Kyoto Animation actually pays their animators living wages and as a result gets art that looks likes it's drawn by healthy, masterful artists instead of QUALITY art by ramen fueled poorfag artists.

>blonde characters can't sleep
Sasuga fateshitter

>blonde character who looks exactly like saber sleeping against a tree with the lighting in the same direction

>looks exactly like saber
Fateshitter please, stop glorifying the blonde character from your eroge.

>s-she's not a Seibahface despite the obvious similarities in character design and even color scheme because I say so
Sasuga studiodrone.

>Let's focus on making the comet as impressive as possible, maybe show what Violet's sees as she's looking through the telescope
>Nah, let's throw an aurora in, that's more cool than a shitty comet
>It was a still image

This kind of thing keeps happening, just like with the rain scene in episode two, they try too hard to force a feeling out of the audience with really cheap methods.

How dare they make her blonde and wear a big white dress with a blue coat. Totally muh seibah.


Discount Saber as fuck.

How can anyone say the young woman on the left looks like the puffy cheeked child on the right?

Different hair, different face, different clothes.
But somehow similar colors make it the same to the eternal fateshit zombie.

Anything to trigger you, muh prescreening impressions.

One is a middle aged man that has a son.
The other is a virginal 14 years old.

You're assuming your childish behavior triggers any functional adult.

>2.35 MB, 1866x1160
This angers me the most.

This isn't autism. It's fucking headcanon faggotry.

Given your previous posts in the past, it definitely does. I'll keep it up.

she should have been a sniper
Her war hero backstory is unbelievable

Jesus fuck, do we even have to spell every single aspect of the world out?

Defeats the purpose of "Fantasy" if there's not gonna be anything left for the imagination.

Insults are just insults, child. Don't take them too personally.

Oh I'm having too much fun targeting you though. Especially when you project.

That and, blue blouse and skirt+ bun hairstyle+ stoic expression+ front bangs+ similar stature+ similar body type. Gee user, you just convinced me.

No kidding. you have a supposed animation masterpiece (at least according to rabid studiodrones), in an episode that has not one, but two of the most majestic and beautiful spectacles in nature, and we get this wet fart instead. If my niece wasn't obsessed with this crap and insisted on watching it on netflix as soon as it releases I would have dropped it after episode 3. Watch SoraYori deliver on a beautiful aurora australis without relying on netflix bucks and supposedly giving its animators less incentives.

>Jesus fuck, do we even have to spell every single aspect of the world out?
No, but when you acknowledge exactly zero of them, the laziness stands at the forefront.

Violet threads may as well be the worst of the season, they'd be unbearable if they weren't so dead.

You only have yourselves to blame. Accept the Saber jokes.

Front bangs, thin body and skirts are so damn rare in anime.


You wish buddy, VEG threads are shit but they're far from being the shittiest seasonal anime threads. Tumblr shit on KoiAme threads and crossboarding meme spam on franxx threads are far worse.

>doesn't address the rest
>can't understand the cumulative effect with that many similar traits
The LN artist is probably a huge Seibahfag, like so many people in Japan and wanted to do a similar design. What's the problem with recognizing that?

I honestly don't see it. Maybe it's because I never bothered playing or watching anything Fate related besides Fate Zero.

Saber's primary story is about a machine learning to become human after a war. Sounds familiar?

The learning to become human part, yeah.

Why so many anime original episodes?

Gave me Lulucia so I don't care.

fuck off faggots. Violet is mine!

>Can't even spell her name right.


>Yakisoba, itadakimasu, honorifics, bowing
>he expects fiction to be totally devoid of the cultural trappings of it's origin

Piss off Waver.

Are you retarded? it's not like the entire continent is a desert.

I think it's the clearly european setting using japanese manerisms that makes some people cringe

full metal saber

Hmm I thought the reddit raid was over...

Stop killing baguettes you asshole.

Why Fatefags so autistic?

Tactics suck


You suck

Loli Violet or "14 year old" Violet?

The most functional one, please.

What do you want to use her for?

Have her assassinate a couple of people and then headpat her into submission.

That would probably be loli Violet then.

Violetta Pendragon aka Saber Clone

Ok then, give me the loli.

About as bland as toast water.


I love Violet.

Get in the shower, user.


Is that anything like Violet?

Should I even ask...?

Which Saber is that?



Violet rape doujins when?


Any such doujins will have her being badly torn, broken and battered before the rape even begins, because she wouldn't even allow it until she's completely helpless.
Anything than that, I would reject as being unrealistic.

they always find a way to get a strong character be in a rape situation.

Characters that are fat, bald, faceless and possibly old.

Why do people keep trying to ship Bayonetta with 02?


Does KyoAni even make money anymore? How can they afford this animation budget?

I guess making boring SoL shows doesn't take much operation cost.

KyoAni reaps 100% of the profits from the anime they make nowadays. Everything except for Hibikek and Amagi Brilliant Park is their IP. So yeah, they make a lot of money from their shows.

>100% of the profits from the anime they make nowadays.
No, they don't.

alright. if you say so.

Not him but it's true, if Kyoani really reaped all 100% of the profit don't you think they'd also make up for 100% of the production committee?

No, I know so because it's a retarded thing to say and implies that KyoAni funds every single show with 100% of their own money, which is obviously not the case considering that it is not just expensive as fuck but that they also use trademarked shit like Yamaha in their shows. No offense but you clearly have no idea how production of anything media, not just anime, works. Just because they publish their own LNs and therefore may not need a publisher that comes and asks them to animate their product does not mean that literally no one else is involved.

alright, if you say so.

Finally reboot of deen fate.

I hope some bald fat old bastard makes her send NTR vids to the major

>Violet Evergarden will never sell 60k+ and become the most influential anime of this decade

It hurts, Everbros, VEG was supposed to be Kyoani's magnum opus

Please call us vegetables


Discount Saberrr.

^ Isn't it better to get a new IP before doing this again?

No. I still got you to notice me.

cute andoroido~desu

I'm sure that's more properly called a cyborg?

Why did she look so concerned?

Scheduling > Budget
The reason a lot of anime end up with QUALITY is mostly because of tight schedules and time constraints, which Kyoani doesn't have since they make an anime once in a blue moon.

Because he was yelling and her ptsd kicked in, she was ready to break his neck.


Why can't VEG threads have in-depth discussions about the themes and characters of the series like in Franxx threads?

Because it's shallow, bland and there is nothing to discuss.


autistic af

>No, but when you acknowledge exactly zero of them, the laziness stands at the forefront.

It's Laziness when they use only what is needed of the story and they don't fill out the trivial ones that don't get used?

You're becoming more retarded the longer this conversation goes.


Nero would make more sense.

I like Diet Fried even though he beats up loli Violet.

>he beats up [female]


Well when your TV gets broken, it's ok to hit it in the corners.

face it user, she clearly is damn pretty, and is now used goods. Your waifu is as pure as cattleya's dirty cunt.

all the boys got a turn on her

>only one of them looks like a girl tho

Since when were we talking about a TV?

I'd be nervous too if a sperg like that asked me on a date.

Theorycrafting against the painfully obvious != discussion.
If children wish to make up depth to a world so empty and characters so cliche, let them.


Can you still blushing when you Dead ?



I am sorry to bring it bringer of bad news, but the one retarde is you. Sure they are not the only ones on production commity - Lantis is typically there or Pony Canyon (or both) as they are in charge of music/sound and distribution of soundtrack and OP/ED cds.

Aside from that KyoAni is entirely in charge, reaping all the profits and costs. They sure do find ways to fund their shows, but not by including anyone in production commities - for example Hibike was sponsored by Yamaha as it essentially was Ad for their instruments.

It is you who have little idea of production, or specifically KyoAni production process. They even have own sound studio now and outsource pretty much nothing. The costs for anime productions are not more than other studios either despite most of it being better looking. They don't get neither broadcasters nor distributors (other than Lantis/Pony) in commities and reap all the profits, including the rights on merchandize too.

VEG is "funded" by Netflix, as in - Netflix bought righs for exclusive broadcast in west mid it's production: but once again is not on a commity.

KyoAni learne a lesson from Lucky Star. Learned really, really well.

Full metal saber

Yes, Saber is Dead.

Violet is a machine.