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15 minutes until next episode

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Talk everything Gintama here

What did everybody think of the live action movie

livestream where?

I haven't seen it yet, but I heard that it got very positive reviews

It certainly was something different than I'm used to watching, but I liked.

Love it but I'm a big Fukuda fan

dsgstng is not working to me

>Zura is now Prime Minister

Reminder that Hata is beautiful

I'm loving the current manga developments. Just hope people will avoid spoiling others here by using spoiler tags.

No worries, generally, spoiler tags are frequently used in these threads

>I'm loving the current manga developments.
Me too. It's just makes me go "sasuga Gorilla", a suitable bang for Gintama to go out with.

Cant wait to see Chinko Ex Machina later this episode lol.

I'll build a wall, and the Amanatos are going to pay for it!

haven't seen it, not sure if it's even going to screen here

613,614 and a few 615 pages this episode.

BR and subs are out


now, that's what I call an asspull!


It was great. Didn't mind the bad CGI.

But he's still a baka to all of us.

Why didn't he just program the nanomachines to ignore his robots?

Everything will be just fine with Zura as Edo's leader







>that face


Has this happened in the anime yet? If not then when?


Episode 1 this season


And next week

It begins


Did they make The Walking Dead joke?

Old midget swordman was pretty dope.

So was this the chinko episode already?


I still can't that this is what Hata's past self looked like.

*can't believe

He was a cute baby

It looks like so

Looking forward to seeing the rest.

I'm going to say current ED is probably the best

I whole heartedly agree

The OP is amazing as well

Atsuku nare MOTTO MOTTO

Sub's out

Hope the thread lives a little more.

I have stopped reading the manga for like 2 months now. Has anything happened?


In a surprising plot twist Donald Trump is the president of Edo Japan

Please don't lie to me. Is the awful fight finally over?

Make Edo Great Again

Yes,unless there is some strange twist

We are now on a post time skip epilogue/arc

Just read the fucking manga sempai

I guess I might as well.

>BR and subs are out
They on nyaa?

Yes and

Name a better arc than the Popularity Poll arc.

Timeskip and Kintama are pretty close. Timeskip was pure genius in its timing with One Piece.

Akira Kamiya reprising Elizabeth from the second movie in this episode. Hearing him two times in one season is pretty surprising. Hope to hear more.


Thanks user!

Monkey Hunter arc


so, wait, have their females penises on their foreheads too?

I was hoping he'd have his normal voice, but I guess it wouldn't have fit.


Don't think so, at least in the manga we don't see any.

well, the anime gives us a quick look at their planet and I thought that the young child was a girl
the animators sure have fun inserting their own OC's

Elizabeth has a big penis

Katsura driving everybody in the government nuts is gonna be great.

>This man shouts LET'S PARTY and blocks your path

What do you do?

A lot of things, user


Waiting for the rest of the girls, but I am also scared of what's to come.

Tsukuyo becoming a real courtesan, possibly pregnant.
Kyubei growing a pole.
Sacchan marrying a Gintoki sexdoll. Oh wait that's perfect.

So Okita is dead?

Yeah, apparently he committed sudoku

No way Sorachi would kill him like that. He probably ran away as soon as he got the order.

It'd be nice to have some more female Yato in canon.

Can't believe they are going to screen it in my country. I mean, is just too random, I am sure the owner of the cinemas must be a Gintamafag.

>Implying he didn't put Hijikata on a wig in his place.

Where is Kagura??

In 670 she said she is going to space with Umibouzu to find a way to wake Sadaharu

she's aiding Cao cao to save China from the huns
I think I'm mixing things up here

One has to wonder how Sorachi can keep getting away with these things.

Especially in the final serious arc. It's amazing.

A huge chinko

That episode was pure fucking gold.

Yeah the fight with Utsuro is over.

>The main character dies from a rock to the head

Shijaku's voice actor is great so far. The change from deep serious voice to light comedic voice was hilarious

Ougai looks a bit weird in the preview in this shot.

Seriously how do gorilla manages to switch from absurd comedy to serious without breaking the tempo and estranging readers?

Many years of practice and us getting slowly used to the many genres of Gintama.

I'll probably never see a manga/show like Gintama ever again, I'm so fucking sad that it's ending.

I am not ready to let it go either.

Neither is Sorachi it seems.

Results of the 5th and final popularity poll. The top 10.

Rest of the poll.

Any predictions for the fates of the remaining characters in the next few manga chapters?

Looking forward to the boss fight.

And these ones too.

Especially Master Son's ultimate defense when it's animated.

That was the best end to any arc in Gintama.

This episode covered chapter 613, 614 and the first 6 pages of 615.

Wouldn't be as sad, and probably just couldn't

Loved the movie. The Amanto costumes were hilariously cheap, but they still worked because it's still Gintama, just live action

>Kyubei 33rd with 33 votes

>Zura never got 1st or 2nd place

Kagura is bald for real now and Tsukuyo is pleasing old men for drinks

She could be ranked higher desu

Ah okay then

>Tama 38
Should be higher.


Do you love Kagura?

She's best girl/daughter

Courtesan of a Nation.
But Popularity Poll arc is very great, lije you said

Congrats Shinpachi

Is it over yet?

I don't read the manga but do they ever address why everyone only ever gives a shit about japan/edo? Like what in the fuck is Europe doing, or the rest of Asia? It makes 0 sense and really just make me think the author has no idea what to do with this scenario. It didn't bother me too much when the series was focused on random shit in edo but now that it has shifted to a plot/comedy split of 80/20 its hard to ignore. Like why do this when its clear from all the previous arcs that your plot was never the strong point?

something something altana something terminal and utsuro i guess

Aside for the over the top bad ending for the Shinsengumi, what makes people think that the timeskip is a fakeout?
Everything else seems makes sense to me.

Not yet

It doesn’t matter. It’s just the same as how stories happen in London or New York. You choose a big city with lots of history and make it the center of the world.

Zura is the true hero of Edo.

gintoki has hot steamy sex with ketsuno ana

because the terminal is basically the only gateway to earth from space. Also if you don't like inconsistency, have you not noticed all aliens speak japanese? Even the aliens they have never visited earth?

Nintendo Uwee mini arc and Love plus are as great as they are. Especially the spoof


Ketsuno Anal

She should have. At least in the 20s.

Personally, I think it's real, but people probably think it's fake because of how sudden the timeskip was and all the things Sorachi is trolling with

Gintoki has been 1st forever, and there's no way Katsura could've beaten the Shinsengumi in the polls.

Can't have him that happy. He's probably just playing pachinko in another city.

Best shonen powerup of all time.

Worst end


He gave an answer in an earlier volume, basically the big Terminal makes Japan the gateway to Earth. And the big terminal is due to the source of Altana being there, which the Tendoshu are interested in.

As for why Sorachi keeps it entirely focused on Japan, that's probably because of the Japanese audience and because he wanted a mix of the Bakumatsu with modern age Japan, and aliens standing in for foreigners.

He's the true hero of this series

Katsura's pettiness is glorious

Can't destroy the Shinsengumi as a rebel
Becomes prime minister to destroy them

the contrived beginning, Catherine aged like twenty years, Gengai unable to repair Tama, Nobume says she never wants to sit in a command chair and sits in one, that the bakufu still exist and Nobume still has any sort of political power, Tae became Freeza and is now the big bad, marrying an actual gorilla, 'Final Fantasy disease', the fact that everything seems entirely new to Shinpachi, two years and nobody remembers Gintoki
I can go on
and the time of the bakufu should have been over long ago; why is Edo still Edo and not Tokyo? where's te fucking emperor?

and Soyo holding any political power, which is laughable

She's been gradually dropping throughout the polls. I think it's a case of everybody liking her, but very few have her as their ultimate favorite

Soyo looks wonderful here

Catherine had a beard in the 2nd movie's future, and Madao became an old man, so that's probably the same deal again.

Gengai being unable to repair Tama properly was explained.

Nobume is mainly chief of police for Soyo's sake.

Tae becoming Freeza was just one gag, she's not the villain.

Kondo marrying a gorilla is the only real final fantasy disease we've seen so far and we've just learned Zura was responsible.

Shinpachi probably didn't pay attention to the news and nobody told him.

As for Gintoki, he seems to have been overshadowed by Madao.

Gintama is not following history exactly, but it's still not quite the Bakufu anymore, since it's changed to being led by a Prime Minister.

And Soyo still has some influence by being the Shogun's sister, having powerful allies like Matsudaira, and probably due to how she took charge in the Silver Soul arc.

I still call BS at this whole timeskip

That's fine, but I still think it's real, especially with the serious flashback in the previous chapter.

the only believable thing about this whole timeskip except Pachi-san still being a virgin
even in his dreams he can't get laid

We will see

I can't really see the reset button get hit again

Looking forward to seeing Gintoki with a scar.

And can't forget ultra instinct Kondo either


at least Bubbles got her happy end, that's all that matters

I do wonder if it's meant to be Bubbles. They haven't said it yet. Could just be another gorilla.

Can't wait for his bomb wall plan to keep the aliens out.

Post your favorite moment.

mfw he told the Sega fan good luck waiting on the dreamcast 2

Every damn time

RIP mosaic

>over the top bad ending for the Shinsengumi
Well, of course. See &

This is probably the best scene in whole series.

I love Sugita so much, no homo

>they stretched this one part into half an episode presumably to save money
Sunrise the fucking madmen

>They canonically hints Tae have crush on Gintoki

Kinda odd considering she's rarely shown explicit interest in him, and slowly loses the role to Tsukuyo later on anyway.

I don't see Gintae happening at this point and I don't want it anyway. Tsukuyo's pretty much taken her role as a love interest.

Well she does know him best. So it isn't completely out of the question.

It's a bit dragged out, but I really love that scene. Perfect first meeting for Gintoki and Tsukuyo.

How many gorilla jokes can a man make in his show?

I feel like nobody is interested in Gintama anymore
especially after the MC's left and now we have a B-ranked character replacing them
I don't even udnerstand why people like Shinpachi, he's just a beta male of the lowest rank who'll never score
maybe the readers see themselves in him?

I'm gonna assume you're joking

Glasses was the MC all along

Only plebeian faggots with shit taste of the highest caliber hate Shinpachi.




Gintama dropping the truth bombs

It's true. He somehow makes poop and dick jokes funny.


Gintama is lewd.

Nobume x Shinpachi is my guilty fetish

>They're in the same spots Yamcha has his scars
I am okay with this. :D

There are worse ships

How WOULD a romance between those two happen, really? I want it to happen, but I can't, for the life of me, think up of a "realistic" scenario where they'd end up married or anything.

At least he's gonna have the eye scar for real now. No cheek scar though.


There are subs? Is it one of these?

Check here


>#32 Hasegawa
Fucking nips and their shit taste

Nobume is a S and Shinpachi is an M
Shinpachi just doesn't know that yet

Like with Tama and Otose, I think everybody likes them, but not a lot of people have them as their favorite, so they don't rank very high.

It would be better if it were the other way around.

Then Shinpachi gets arrested by wife abuse watchdogs because Nobume forgot the safe word.

everyone knows abuse is only okay when it's a girl on boy
>or if it's Sachan


He's never gonna stop

This episode just added a lot of possible out of context screenshots. Nice.
Was this in the manga?

Pretty sure it was, yes

Instead of bald, Kamui is gonna show up with black hair.

Not as thick as Gura legs desu

I haven't really compared them but I doubt it just yet. Maybe when Gura is older.

I didn't expected this, the last episode was extremely hilarious

This was a great place to end the episode to be honest. A very good comedic ending.

RIP Gintoki.

healthy thighs

>Ungyo 8 votes
Some people actually remembered him.

As an anime-only guy, this episode totally caught me by surprise. Is this seriously the origin of Elizabeth? A hugely well-endowed older brother of Prince Hata? It's so extremely dumb and nonsensical that it's funny

>It's so extremely dumb and nonsensical that it's funny
It’s like you’ve never watched Gintama before.

It hurts

>Yamazaki 11th
This feels good on the other hand

10 > 11 > 12 > 9

Feels good to have Tsukuyo back in the top 10. And 9th for real at that.

All comedic special attacks and ultimate rumble attacks in Rumble.

Who's that guy, already?

This guy from Yoshiwara In Flames

>there are people who voted for this random character

I wanna have this game
But too poor, to get a PS4

Imagine if the manga just continues like this forever after the timeskip

Sorachi could possibly make Tsukuyo a real prostitute but wouldn't fit her, so doubt that.

Kamui's more likely to go bald than Kagura.

Wait... the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon has been hidden there the whole time?

Same here. It would probably be my main reason for even getting a PS4.

It's funny how some people genuinely believe Sorachi killed off Okita just like that.

>Rumble bikini DLC never

They probably did it for laughs

I actually expected Kamui to rise in the poll so it was a great surprise to see him drop and Shinpachi take his place

Or unironically


Man, you're stupid.

I'm pretty sad about this, she's my favourite.

It just make him looks like Gary Stu, since almost all main girls have crush on him.
Pic related.

I'd say the main 4 girls have crushes on him, how badly they're crushing on him varies. Other minor supporting characters might just really respect him, and Kagura obviously is like family.