Danberu nan kiro moteru?

Had a nice early thread Thursday, but in case those interested missed it, Chapter 41 released today is here for ya!

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Hibiki, got a sec?

I just cleaned my room and found a strange thing.
[Zina Void]
*Currently, Zina is sleeping in Hibiki's brother's old room during her homestay.

Ummm.......? What• Sort• Of• strange thing?
[Sakura Hibiki]
I don't want to know anything about that side of...
No no. It's nothing like Socchi.

Something more like Kocchi.
You don't get to throw around that term so lightly!!!
An anime by studio Pierrot in the early 90s "Little Ghost Attack" about cute mischievous ghosts: Acchi, Kocchi and Socchi.


Thanks op

[Next day-------]
Maaan, things were really, really hectic yesterday!

After checking with my bro, they were just tools for the Five Grain Festival to pray for a rich harvest.
Japan has a lot of customs I don't know about, still.
>A complete lie.

...just who is Hibiki's older brother...?
[Souryuuin Akemi]
[Uehara Ayaka]
Owners of yakiniku shops are often familiar with the occult...
*Refer to Ch 20

we found this thing in there.

Here it is...
Is this...

Please take a look here.

It's got the Silverman Gym's logo?
It totally does!

It's probably some friend's lost thing, but I dunno what it is.
Bro used it to crush bones and other "various" things at some Five Grain festival.
>Grinding grass?
It certainly looks like he belongs in some historical drama!!!
What kind of things are my lost stuff getting used for!!!
>Now I'm scared of the details!!!

Putting the brother business aside for now...
Hibiki, and Zina, you don't know what this device is?

This is called an "Ab Roller," a device for training your abdominal muscles.
Abdominal muscles!!?

I'm sure Ayaka knows all about it.
Boxers know the importance of ab training.

It's surprising Zina doesn't know.
Because I train my abdominals without tools...

Hibiki...you should know all about this.
---->Line of sight
---->Line of sight
---->Line of sight
>sfx: boing
Such graceful harmony!!! What a chorus of rude eyes you have!!!

Well, let's try the Ab Roller since it's on-hand.
And I'll explain just how to try!

The strongest abdominal muscle training...
There are various kinds of roller types, but this time we'll go over the most orthodox.

Known as the abdominal muscle roller.
Even people unfamiliar with muscle training have probably seen this before.

But be careful!
Wrong use of the Ab Roller can lead to serious injury.

Especially those with back problems...
--->lower back
If you have weakness in your waist or lower back, please consider another training.

The Ab Roller trains not only the abdominal muscles, but the erector spinae as well for a sensation of balance.

Use Ab Rollers correctly and let's aim for beautiful abdomens!!!


Ti......tight.....! Even the planks are tight.....!
It's certainly strenuous at first.

However, the Ab Roller is a wonderful tool.

Combined with aerobic exercise like the treadmill before, you'll achieve outstanding results in shaping up your stomach!
That! That's right! I'm suddenly motivated for some reason!

You guys! Wanna give it another go?
Couldn't help but overhear!!!!

!!!! Tachibana-senseiii!!!!!!
[Tachibana Satomi]
I hear you're shaping up your stomach, you can't stay quiet!

Come on! I'll join the mix!

Uumm...? Starting like this?
>So Cool!!!

sfx: SNAP

save me...

...it's like a wreck.
I was just getting hyped.

Gettin' old's scary...
I wonder if we'll end up the same...
You guys, you say it like it's nothing.

Not at all...
Back to where this came from, that my brother had something like this...

But.....my brother told me he forgot about his friend,
"oh him" did you have any gym-goer friends, bro?

sfx: machozukii

Machio!? Did you..!?

.....on a Spring day such as this, my rectus abdominis muscle tone gets thin.

......it's "him," isn't it?

........you, will you remain where you are now?
Once, the dear friend who knew the way.



Ahh, that was terrible.

For now, intense exercise it off-limits.

You shouldn't overdo it!
We've got all year!!!

[The innocence of the remark only made it worse.]

Chapter 41 - END

Seems Hibiki's brother is a cultist and we have a clue into her DEMONIC strength! Perhaps borrowing from Machio unknowingly...

deepest lore

If TS-friendo from Rakuen sees this thread, btw, I'm not joking when I say arabs have overtaken my facebook page we used to talk to each other...as I'm sure you're aware. We'll probably need other means for more direct conversations because this is something like the 4th time Facebook couldn't secure the account for some reason.

By the same token, if you see the thread, here's the translation!


One day, I might get over my fear of u sing the free weight area. One day, lads.



Are situps worth doing? How many do I need to do to have any sort of impact? What about planks?

Literally any activity that recruits muscle fibers are worth doing. When the human body uses muscle fibers in any sort of non-standard (beyond maintenance level) way, it generally means it's being over-stimulated or even injured. Luckily, human bodies treat injury by healing it with superfluous energy and fortify it to prevent future failing/injury.

So situps are absolutely worth doing: do as many as you can! Impact will be felt with even a handful, but more extreme impact will be realized the closer to your limit you can reach. As with panks: the longer you can do them, the more impact will show.

My advice, however, is not to do them "until you feel injury" since actually performing an activity unsafely to the point of immediate threat is doing more overall harm than good and could lead to permanent damage. Perform activities until you feel tired and be patient; your stamina will grow along with your strength. Invest time to yourself.


What I get is that they are mostly fine, as long you aren't doing too many or they are the only ab exercise you do.
Reverse situps are better, probably.



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You're doing gods work