Jojolion Chapter 73

New chapter's up boys.

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I though he lost most of his hand?


Can he just turn himself entirely to thread with doggy style and not be in danger? Josuke could also "Pillage" the pressure from the air or someshit

Araki forgot or something



I'd assume doggy style has a kind of limit where you can't turn entirely into string/ribbons/whatever, and Josuke's bubble probably needs something specific to hit. I dunno, hire me Araki.

Joubin > Rohan.

>Speed King has a Stand Cry
>It's an autistic Screech



It fits his user





Joubin confirmed for final boss now that we know his punch ghost can punch really fast.


Aaand that's the chapter. God damn that was neat.

My opinion of Jobin has definitely increased

>Has a detailed motivation
>His Stand is a Punchghost and has a Stand Cry
>Hes going to manipulate Josuke and Beanman
>Will kill Poor Tom
Main Villain confirmed after all this time

It's so painful to follow Jojo monthly. It's sooo slow.

I think the redesign of Speed King actually makes sense now.
>Isn't explicitly a black/grey villain but more like a JoJo in general
>Speed King doesn't look as creepy but a bit goofy, more like an action figurine to represent that
It's fucking awesome to get a chapter from his perspective, that was a pretty nice read.

Jobin absolutely confirmed for main villain

Done Right Joubin as Final Villain can be at least as good as Pucci.


>Joubin Higashikata
>he's been a JoJo all along

I feel Jobin has the potential to match and surpass some of JoJo's best main villains

Can you read the "bin" as Jo like you can with "suke"?

Agreed, I've been calling it since he was revealed to be a Gofer for the Rockies, but I'm almost certain at this point he's going to have his own development arc and will rise to the top paralleling Gappy. Sort of like Pucci but without FATE saving his ass every time.

Agreed - Kaato being the main villain would annoy me considering how little screentime and devlopment she has gotten - even her flashback was to show Jobin's backstory

Absolutely fucking nothing happened this chapter. Jobin is fucking awful and so is this part.

I'm not feeling final boss Joubin. Speedking is just too ugly to be a final boss stand.

>Absolutely fucking nothing happened
How do speedreaders still exist for a part that releases its chapters monthly?

Speed King looks like a dumb action figure, but I think that's genuinely intentional. He's not MEANT to be a terrifying final boss yet. There's been numerous times where he's talked about giving up all to attain survival of the fittest and his obsession with the Rokakaka seems like a pretty big hint that he's going to fuse at some point or "change".

Anyone else feel that Poor Tom may be the final minor villain before we go into the big climax which will likely be long

Og speed King was definitely final boss territory as far as design goes imo

I feel like OG Speed King was intimidating as hell but was missing something to feel like a final boss Stand. Might be that it just didn't feel like it belonged to Joubin? The newer SK I feel fits him really well, but I think it'll change up greatly to be like its original design down the line.

Saw hello to your main villain



f for weird dog thingy
oh i'm gunna cum, it was worth the wait

dogs never survive Jojo

How did anyone doubt Jobin being the MV?

Eh - some pepole still don't believe it

Xforts still in denial

Now on MangaDex.

no you can not

So is Speed Kings mouth permanently opened? It hasn't closed

The whole family is JoJos. Well, most of them.

>Call me Slow King one more goddamn time

slow king

What does Speed King's open mouth represent?

fucking soyboy stand...

This chapter suffers a lot from being the one after the hiatus. Like everyone was thinking, Ozone Baby's power is pressure, so a lot of the chapter seemed like just stating the obvious. We do get to see more Speed King though which is nice. And Jobin still doesn't seem like a "main villain" type of character but we may not get one after all since we seem to be firmly stuck in grey morality land.

SBR was in grey morality land and had a main villain

Valentine had a higher position and more power (like political power and resources, being the president) so that sort of makes it more obvious. Jobin's just a regular guy like everyone else so it's kind of less obvious.

Look back at Valentine when he was first introduced. He didn't even seem very important to the main plot. Even after that when he got more screentime everyone just kinda thought he was a weird dude. Everyone thought Diego was the villain when SBR was ongoing.

Jobin and Valentine are pretty similar desu

>insulting Valentine by comparing him to Jobiin

You can't read "suke" like "jo", retard

Let's all try hard and make this a meme please

I didn't say you could, I was asking that guy who thought that Joubin, and by extension people who believe Joushuu, are JoJos.

Yes you can. That's why both Josukes count as Jojos.助

So how are they getting out of this situation? Attack Poor Tom directly? Dig out the house? Find and exploit the Stand's weakness?

Heating or cooling gas can change its pressure. Maybe something like that. I don't know if Speed King can cool stuff down or just heat stuff up.

That speed king punch reminds me of the mosaic panel doc did. I prefer how the back of the head looks here.
Jobin lost his necklace again but I prefer these shoes.

My question here is now who gets the rokkaka and how will it affect the final arc? Supposedly the guys behind this whole thing are doctors or something? But now Joubin is almost 100% confirmed for final boss. Three parties are going after the fruit and maybe a fourth party will appear. This arc may get amazing in the next few chapters.

Isn't it discriminate

Jobin > Valentine

I dissagre but Jobin does work well as a villain

So this fight is like a mix of Stray Cat and Metallica?

Why didn't Pucci and valentine get their own POV arcs?

They both kinda did

I should just ignore all updates until this part is finished, so I can have a proper read

Maybe Araki is more personally attached to manchildren like Kira and Diavolo.

Apparently not.敏 #kanji#advanced

That wasn't Doc, he only did the Gappy half.

i love this

That chapter was great, god damn I hope the next one's from Joubin's perspective too.

And there we were thinking it couldn't be a punchghost with 10 cm range.

Can someone please edit the picture of all the donut punches in jojo with speed King doing a donut in the car

>tsurugi isn't dead


>a stand cry that references the song and is actually cool
Fuck yeah. Probably my new favorite stand cry. Also isn't its range like 10cm? That looks like way more than 10cm

It's probably the same range as every other stand whose main power needs to be touching something to use. Though outside of punching, every time Jobin activated Speed King's powers he's had to directly touch whatever it is so that's more like 0cm.

legit only two. Josuke and Norisuke(real name Josuke)

I can just imagine the final climax of part 8 to be SPEEE SPEEE SPEEEYYYYYY

I wonder how Jobbin is going to kill Poor Tom

wow it's hard to belie that people like this exist in chapter threads

Hopefully he heats him up until he explodes/melts.

It's Josuke and Kyo

That would be cool

Can't he like heat up this a few degrees only?
I don't think he can bring his flesh to a melting point.

Kyo?! explain your reasoning fool

That would be stupid and pretty useless. So far he's done only a few degrees for stuff like the beetle and knocking out Yasuho but in this chapter he immediately brought bleach to a boil and the boiling point of bleach is pretty close to that of water. You need a lot of heat to instantaneously boil bleach or water, especially if the room has a higher pressure than normal, which I think that's what they said happened.

because shes holy joestars daughter and kiras little sister? do you even read the manga?

probably just beat him to death with Speed King


yeah i know that, but that doesn't make her a JoJo. by that logic holly would also be a JoJo

juts being part of the family tree doesn't make you a JoJo. It's in the name you brainet

What's the requirement of being a jojo? Pretty sure it's not just a name

You have to have a name that can in some way be shortened to JoJo in order to be a JoJo. That's the only way to inherit the JoJo name as well as Jonathan's spirit.

This art is really fucking shit for it being monthly
Araki's a hack
Other than that, neat chapter

Pretty sure you need to have Joestar blood too

He will flame up his fists, and make a SPEEEEEYYYY stand rush.

it's Joestar blood and a name that could be made into JoJo

i was thinking something along those lines as well

>get in touch with Josuke
>Josuke calls either Yasuho or Karera (hopefully the latter)
>Jobin gives her instructions

I don't think Jobin's going to work with Josuke. Right now they're on opposite sides.


Oh yeah, I guess Josuke doesn't know about what Jobin's doing so he could be sneaky I guess.

>Jobin isn't the main antag-

Though now Tsurugi knows what Jobin's up to and he's friends with Yasuho so I imagine at some point he'll let her know what's going on. Even if it's accidentally. He might even accidentally tell Josuke.

I mean there is a chance he might not be but personally i think he is

He is up to his old tricks.

>Speed King driving a car

He also fucking made another Rohan chapter motherfucker
And he's not done celebrating the 30th anniversary

>final boss of the entire part
>his stand power is heating up small objects and punchghosting
What crazy power-up is he gonna get?

Wasn't he supposed to be getting a "new ability"

Didn't Josefumi have the birthmark?

He has to be blood related to Kira in some way, I always assumed he was going to end up being Kira's Uncle or something

he's probably going to by the end of this arc and just completely fuck up poor tom with it


something dumb and inconsistent related to entropy

Jouske (Norisuke), Jo2uke, Joubin, Joushuu... Tsurugi

I'm not really sure what you mean?


How does Araki still do it after all these years?

When will you jojofags move on to a better series?

All anime and manga are trash.

Aside from Josuke, what other Higashikata has a second kanji that can be read "Jo" in their name?

Iwasuke isn't dead assholes

Begone blancofag

When Goku achieves heaven, ultimate being status and requiem ACT4 with the ability to manipulate time and space


When we find one.


I hate that face


>ywn have your stand run you over

Alright Cred Forums do you think Jobin's motives are justified or do you think they're selfish?

Gappy makes me happy

He's doing what he thinks is best for his family so I think that's pretty noble. It is selfish though.

Joshuu makes ME happy

Selfish but he has completely understandable motives


music to my ears


>his stand cry is the literal sound of tires screeching

How did he looked before?

He has a different appearance every time Araki draws him, iirc he once changed design mid-page, so you're gonna have to resort to a user-made compilation for an answer that's both concise and accurate.


>it isn't
hair.webm through the window of jobin's car

>want to read this badly
>can't because I'm at work

Can Joubin heat the air around Tsurugi and him up enough so that pressure won't affect them as much?

When will this beautiful little girl murder Poor Tom in cold blood?

I hope Jobin gets the kill this time. Show him slowly being forced to try and create his own side in this conflict, or inadvertently end up joining Josuke's due to wanting to protect Tsurugi.

>nobody bats an eye when gappy kills damo
>inb4 everyone fucking panics when poor tom is killed

fuck jobin

>t. gappy

fuck gappy

I want Jobin to murder me erotically

>t. jobin

Was Speedking's lower body ever shown? I can't recall ans panel where anything below bis torso was shown. We know he has legs though since he drove a car

fuck speed king

ty op for pics
time to get reading

That's pretty obvious. He's already way more complex than any other villain

>t. King Nothing

Jobin diddle arc when?

fuck tsurugi

If Hayato was almost diddled, will Tsurugi be?

>t. aisho

Jobin diddles Tsurugi to cope with being diddled as a kid.


The Higashikata family, save for Jobin, gets murdered and causes Jobin to activate KING CRIMSON

Doppio gets me Uppio

I want to fuck him

>yfw Gappy is the actual villain of part 8 and Jobin is actually the real JoJo protagonist

Yeah, and Gappy will phase shift Soft & Wet into Killer Queen and spontaneously use Bites the Dust.

fuck doppio

>two villains fighting each other
Like pottery.

no, cuddles only.

[muffled CHASE plays in the background]

fuck your mom

anyone have the villain sex sounds from last thread?

Why ask for reference when you can experience it yourself?
Here, Jotaro is standing over there!
Be free and rape Jotaro!

Villain Sex Sounds
Dio Brando: Loud grunts, talks dirty every second and likes to breathe on your neck.
Kars: Does not have sex, but if he does, he would be moderately loud, not even caring about stifling his noises. Very fast, so expect a lot of slap against your skin.
DIO: Compared to what he was before, he is now very quiet and yet incredibly seductive. He would whisper sweet nothings into your ear and moan softly against your skin.
Kira: Always tries to keep down his noise, so you might not hear anything. However, if your hands are very beautiful, he will breathe heavily.
Diavolo: Would cover your ears so that you won't hear his sounds.
Pucci: Always says something vaguely Christian, and will lick you a lot so expect a lot of slurping sounds.
Valentine: Threatens you in a way that he thinks is erotic, and breathes more heavily than usual when compared to the average person.
Jobin: Says Mitsuo Aida quotes and will only cum if you say "Mitsuo Aida!"

Doppio: Since he is rather innocent, Doppio would be surprised at the own sounds he's making, try to keep it down but end up failing as he ends up being very loud and making embarrassed sounds while you're both making love.

I can confirm this to be true.

Why would Doppio be surprised? It's not like he didn't fuck faceless old men before.

>open thread
>see this
It's like fate.

arigato anons. i needed fap material

Looks rota like Marlon Brando.

He always forgets, that's why he's surprised.

Why is Jobin so dumb?
Why is he so perfect to bully?

Whenever anyone says Mitsuo Aida, no matter the setting, he cums.

Can't Gappy just remove the heat from anything Speed King heats up? Seems a little one-sided.

you realize he killed a kid that bullied him right

I'm gay

Araki forgot about the remove ability

>tfw only listen to this when reading Jojolion

What do you guys think if Tsurugi would have actually died in the chapter?

Does Hato have the ugliest stand in part 8?

etc etc


Punished Jobin kills Poor Tom, takes the Rokakaka, and tries to fuse himself with his son

I miss how in part 4 people didn't magically get healed up and were dependent on josukes stand.

What's wrong with rock?

You mother fuckers talking about how Joubin is the final villain while he is getting killed by Boss Baby

My money's on him fusing with tsurugi to save both their asses

I LOVE KIRA jobin though

Ugly as fuck

I think it would have been very cool and unexpected if Tsurugi would die accidently because of Jobin

Also, why was this chapter so short?

You can't rush art

I just read the new chapter and HOLY SHIT
Jobin is really fucking cool!!!!!

shut the fuck up faggot
you will be happy that next month's release will be 10 pages

It would be dumb as fuck if Tsurugi died.

>t. david

>insulting Jobin by comparing him to Valentine

If araki does that, the rest of the mangaka can quit. No one will top that.

Jobin has nothing on Valentine.

Can we Valentinefags and Jobinfags not be friends?
We can all agree we're better than other faggots. People with good taste should not fight each other.

Valentine has nothing on Jobin.

No, Jobin is garbage.


Why was Yotsuyu so much more beautiful than all the other JJL characters?

your mom is garbage

what did araki mean by this?

chiseled from the finest stone

Yotsuyu is a pretty boy, but Josuke and Jobin are more beautiful though. Even Damo has that Kavorka Man attractiveness to him.

Jobin ia starting to become my favorite villain.

He's shit.

your mom is shit

RIP doggo

Why does he hate dogs so much

Does the stand belong to poor Tom? I have a feeling that the real user lives in the buried toy house.

Araki also did a Rohan one-shot.

Iwasuke is crawling inside his dog house though, he'll be safe I assume.

so if tsurugi and jobin fuse what's their stand name?

I hope he does make it and becomes the arcs surprise mvp

How many dogs has Araki killed over the course of all of JoJo?

There’s guaranteed to be at least one more after Tom, I doubt the new group consists only of Urban and Tom. Unless the rest of the group is introduced during the climax arc. There’s plenty of time regardless, and given the number of characters and plot threads set up it’s guaranteed to be longer than SBR’s final arc, which was already 8 fucking volumes long.

That band at the stadium is probably 100% rock niggers.

Gonna bring up my old theory again. The house is actually a Rock Animal (everyone in Urban’s group has a Rock Animal companion) and Poor Tom just had Jobin bury it so he didn’t have to plant it himself and so he could sneak in to the property and fulfill the real conditions for activating Ozone Baby. He’s hiding in that bag Norisuke tripped on in the beginning of chapter 72 that wasn’t mentioned again.

I'm pretty sure that bag was the one Jobin left and then he picks up to go plant the house.

Based hairposter

Reminder that Iwasuke hasn't died yet

I hope there's no main badguy and the last fight is just a battle royale stand clusterfuck.

i'm hoping gappy is the actual villain
greatest twist ever

The stadium is going to be important too. Yotsuyu is the one who designed it, and Aishou was storing Rokakaka there while he worked, so it’s likely that’s where Damo actually kept their crop until it came time to make a sale. Even though those Rokakaka are now worthless given the existence of the grafted one, I can see them being used in the final arc to heal wounds and shit so Araki can go overboard with the gore and body horror, which he’s already been pushing to extremes lately.

>t. yasuhoe

I miss Yasuho

>DIO: Time stop
>Kira: Variety of explosive abilities ---> Rewind time
>Diavolo: "Erase" time
>Pucci: Steal Stands ---> Fuck with gravity ---> Reset the universe
>Valentine: Dimension fuckery ---> Invulnerable good fortune
>Jobin: Heat abilities with small range ---> ???

All the Stand main villains all had some sort of end-game power by the end fight. If they didn't have it at the beginning, they developed it by the end. Jobin's ability doesn't really seem at all like a main villain Stand as it is now. So his SK is going to have to either evolve or he's going to have to use the fruit to fuse with someone, creating an all new Stand with some serious overwhelming power. Or someone else is the main villain.

I am the main villain.

he'll fuse with gappy to fight the TRUE main villain.
he'll become soft & hot
his bubbles will incinerate anything they touch on impact.

Fuck off Jobin.

I am the OP.

Do you think after part 8 is finished Araki will stop making huge JoJo parts and go to smaller things?
I really want him to make a small series about Fugo in part 5.

i want to know what happens to kira after DMQ

what was the new rohan chapter aboot?

Not out yet, it’s in the next WSJ chapter.

I want to see Diavolo get diddled as a kid.

I doubt we’ll ever get stuff about the original series besides Rohan since he seems satisfied with how it ended, but I can see him doing smaller stories in the vein of Rohan o e-shots but maybe like a volume each.

I love all of you.

(you) slut

Did Araki get mauled by a dog as a kid? What's his fucking problem?

He hasn’t drawn dog mutilation for years until today. Maybe he’s having trauma flashbacks again?

Wasn't the last dog butchering in part 4?

There was a fake-out in Part 6 during time acceleration where a dog is crossing the street and you think it’s gonna get run over but instead the owner is run over, and there was a wolf during Wrecking Ball in Part 7 that you’re meant to think is dead but is revealed to be ok at the end, but yeah the last time a dog actually got mutilated and Araki didn’t just ruse us was Part 4 over 20 years ago.

Dio and Kira: Dogs
Kars: Squirrels
Diavolo and Pucci: Frogs
Valentine: Horses
Jobin: Rock niggers (soon)
You can't be a proper villain in JoJo without abusing animals

Dont forget mentally challenged for Kira.

diavolo is mentally retarded. trish's mom must've been really turned on by low IQ.

Kira never abused his kind though.

Can Jo2uke take 2x the pressure because he has 2x the balls?

plot armor yet again

I still have to finish Steel Ball Run. How good is JoJolion?

read the wiki and save yourself the time

I thought SBR was fairly overrated. Part 8 is up there as one of my favorite parts so far, but part 4 was probably my favorite part and Jojolion is similar in that it takes place in a small town rather than being about traveling like a lot of the other parts. Its characters are great too imo. It is kind of slow but a lot of that is probably a consequence of reading it monthly. And I think the story is pretty interesting. Makes me want to keep reading.

Pretty good, easily the most consistent Part in terms of high quality, though even without monthly releases it’s still really slow paced. You’d think Araki trying a mystery story would be a train wreck considering his track record on remembering things and planning more than a volume ahead, but he seems to have actually pulled it off this team. At times the t seems like he’s just randomly introducing shit for no reason but then like 30 chapters later it ends up actually being important. It’s still setting up for the main conflict that’s still yet to begin, but it never feels boring or like there’s a status quo things return to at the end of fights or arcs like in past Parts. The characters are more grounded than before but also pretty multi-layered, even the minor villains (except the very first one) have more than one-note personalities and also have important plot roles as well as opposed to just being obstacles. If the final arc actually does bring all the plot threads together in a satisfying way then it’ll easily be the best Part.

Nani? kansai drifto?!

how tf did a nutcase like diavolo get a girlfriend?

He draws villains hurting dogs to make us hate the villains more

He wasn’t as nutty back then. He still had a privacy issue, considering he didn’t use his real name with her, but he was at least a semi-functional adult.

Diavolo's original personality is Doppio being needy or affectionate isn't foreign to him

Dogs deserve to be hurt.

Nah he was already different from Doppio at that point, Doppio is roughly 14 and when Moody Blues recreates Diavolo’s face from when he was there with Donatella he looks older than Doppio. He seems like he was in an intermediary phase between Doppio the snapshot of his former self before being riddled and who he later became. He didn’t completely lose it until he burned his village down and ran away.

You seen that bod? Holy fuck

Yeah that's what I mean. Like he was trying to maintain who he was but couldn't.

>being riddled

he meant diddled.
speaking of which, how did you anons come to this conclusion that he got diddled? did i speed-read through some explanation or evidence that it happened? or are you all just full of shit?

t. puberty hit him hard

Full of shit.

It started as a meme, but there’s actually a little evidence for it, not that it’s ever confirmed. Basically Polnareff says that multiple personality disorders usually stem from extreme trauma in one’s youth. In real life, this trauma is usually sexual in nature, and Diavolo and Doppio have a very ‘close’ relationship. Whenever Doppio is in danger, Diavolo helps from the shadows without getting directly involved, and Doppio fights back and doesn’t take shit even if he’s scared, except for one time which is when Doppio is introduced. When the fortune teller reaches for Doppio’s hands and tries to grab them, Doppio starts getting light-headed and quietly begging the fortune teller to stop, and the fortune teller’s hands are drawn dangerously close to Doppio’s diddle stick. This is also the only time Diavolo appears in full to protect him and even reveals his face to the fortune teller in doing so, which implies it was something very close to his heart.

So it’s not confirmed or anything, just one reading of what Diavolo’s traumatic experience that created Doppio was. If he really was as naive and clueless as Doppio when he was that age then no wonder he was taken advantage of.

I started a cursed jojo image folder, I'll post what I have so far, please contribute if you have any


You better not reject her, Josuke, or she may kill herself.



I prefer this over the tumblr one since it's less cringey. Don't know why the fuck those faggots need to make everyone black or a chick.
They have Jolyne and they can fuck off with the rest of the characters.
Speaking of which, any anons here shave with a double edge razor? I find it much cheaper and get less burns than those overpriced five blade Gillete ones.

Doppio gets light-headed towards the taxi driver not the fortune teller. Also the fortune teller's hands were nowhere near Doppio's dick.

>implying he's not going to die near the end

Rapeanons like make up things to justify their sick fetishes. just like that jotaro one.

If that is how he died, that would have been fucking hilarious how fast and random it would have been.
I mean, 100% he'll die in the manga later on OR his father will sacrifice himself to save him.
I'm still thinking about how to end that arc between the characters, right now I am just drawing as I go.

>Implying he's not going to be the mentor of Part 9's jojo

>t. Araki

I'm allergic to dogs, so they all deserve to die

What a petty reason

Basically alternate personalities are created as a defense from traumatic experiences and in Diavolo's case it was likely sexual in nature because Doppio chimps out when somebody touches him in his intro.

He's a fucking tismo dude
We've seen stands throw their users before, we've seen Speed King display good arm strength (through SPEEEEEEEY), but instead of using his stand for anything else his first instinct is to use his stand to operate a car and have that car hit himself and his nine year old son.

He also likes licking eyeballs and digs with knives in 2kXX, I'm personally glad Araki is giving representation with a character on the autism spectrum.

He went from an epic scary stand to a funny BDSM stand.
How does Araki do it? !

we /backtospeculatingaboutdumbshitagainforthenextmonth/ now, bois

In terms of appearance for main villain stands:

Killer Queen > D4C > Beetle fight Speed King > Made in Heaven > King Crimson > White Snake = C-Moon > The World > Retarded goggles Speed King > Soyboy Part 7 The World

Well its better than being a hiatuscuck

I liked Jobin more when he was only a chill dude autistic for beetles.

Whitesnake > Killer Queen > King Crimson > D4C > Speed King > The World


I think King Crimson looks lame.

Well it's a given Jobin's going to do something to sacrifice himself for Tsurugi since that's why he's doing all this shit. But I just wonder how his mom plays into this, we haven't seen her since she told Norisuke to fuck off and die.

>Whitesnake that high

I'm allergic to your mom, so she deserves to die

shit I want Joshu to fuck me

fuck joshu

t. Dio


>yo son breathe this hot bleach

>Breaking Dad

joubin burns down the orchard

Is bleach-bong really a thing?

I really want Joshuu to impregnate me

>waiting is not an option
>spends over 30 years making this and no end in sight

the main character of Breaking Bad is already a dad tho
where is the joke

The chemical reaction is, I dunno about actually huffing it from a bottle though, that still seems dangerous. The logic is at least sound regardless of the execution.

What do you think of these?

>JJL started in 2011
>now 2018
>still don't know who the fuck the main villain is

Are people going to keep debating who the main villain is even after part 8 ends?

what the fuck was araki thinking with the redesign?

he doesn't think at all. i mean in the new chapter speed king barely has a nose now. his shit keeps changing.

Where does this pic come from?

>people STILL actually think jobbin is the main villain

I'm gay

I'm bi

I'm just a nigga with a rocket launcher.

>lmao what a fucking idiot how is he gonna get out with heat powers
>just drives the car with his stand
fucking araki

That would be fun.

>Jobin looking more and more like last boss material
I like it
Hoping he fucks boss baby up good and establishes his presence as a threat

I like that we’re seeing his growth from a douchebag who wasn’t necessarily a bad guy to an actual threat alongside Josuke’s growth. Tom could be to Jobin what Damo was to Josuke.

Just SDC? Nothing else?

No, unfortunately
There's another SC set but only with the Crusaders

It's been 30 years. 30 years and Araki can still think up of the most bizarre shit.

>It's a "only the strong should live and shit" type of villian

>heat stuff
>implying it isn't the ability to control the speed of particles
>hence "speed king"

I'm the MAIN main villain.

It would be cool if it turns out that heat manipulation is just an application of its abilities

That's only one little part of his character though. It doesn't define him.

He loves dogs. That's why whenever one is killed it's meant to show that that person is a major asshole.

>jobin summons speed king
>speed king gets in the driver seat and puts the car in reverse
What did he mean by this?

Over 9000 hours in gimp

Good shit

How does Speed King make the "Sp" cry if it can't close it's mouth?

it closes it's mouth like how humans blink it's just too fast

He meant ignite the tarmac, he wanted to watch Speed King do sick burnouts and spin brodies before he died.


look at what i just found

This, I wish that fucking stupid meme that Araki hates dogs would die for good, it's literally on the same level as Kakyoin being a MILF hunter and Jotaro wanting to fuck dolphins
Ignite the engine

holy shit

>thinks being a MILF Hunter is a bad thing
low test beta faggot detected.

I don’t think he ever said it was, just that the meme was fucking stupid.

read the comment he replied to. It is clearly implied that he thinks MILF Hunting is bad.
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Hey guys did you know.... *snort* heheh did you guys know.... *can barely contain his laughter* that Kakyoin..... hahahahahaha *pisses a little out of laughter* Kakyoin likes to hunt mom's?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA *explodes into piss*

No. I clearly said that Kakyoin liking MILFs is a stupid forced meme. Nothing wrong with mature sexy women.

I always find it painful to see that same faggot commenting "RIP Kakyoin the MILF Hunter" or some shit on a lot of Kakyoin videos on Youtube.


You think that's bad? Guts got on a boat when Naruto started....Naruto ended and then he got off the boat.

jobbin' is too incompetent to kill kyo

He'll fuse with Johnny's corpse.

The fact that Iwasuke seems to know what he's doing implies that Kira's consciousness is inhabiting Iwasuke

Visualizing that made me audibly laugh user

god i hate poor tom. he's such a stupid-looking character, i just want to stomp his face in.

t. Jobin

I think that’s the point.

Is JoJo getting good again?

There’s literally no implication that that would be the case, but it would be fucking hilarious if true.

>the one who left the SBR publisher’s seal on Kira’s corpse was Kiradog
>Iwasuke being fed the Rokakaka by Yotsuyu was actually calculated, he was keeping tabs on the Rock Humans and made sure he was at the right place at the right time
>he was in contact with Norisuke before Damo found him, and he can keep tabs on Norisuke now too
>Josefumi ended up being renamed Josuke after Yasuho’s dog
>Kira ended up being renamed Iwasuke after becoming a dog

Literal fucking poetry.

Berserk can only exist in a pre or post Naruto world.

It’s been good for ages dude.

underrated post

I can't stand the shitty mystery plot.

Can this please be a new meme? If we post it enough then faggots like xForts will genuinely believe it and make videos about Kira being a fucking dog.

How’s it shitty? It’s slow as fuck not even taking into account the monthly releases but it’s easily been one of the most consistent plots in this series, and as far as ongoing series it’s way better than SBR when it was monthly. Hopefully it’s as good as finished SBR when it’s over too.

How does it make JoJo shitty if your preferences are the problem? Do you call all sci-fi stories shit because you don't like sci-fi?

>isn't the target audience
>whines that he's not into it
Hmm, I wonder...


>Posing this good even with a headache
How can non-Jojos compete?

god i wanna cum on gappy's neck

Get in line.

Who's the first in line? I'll kill them!

I still don't think Joubin is the villain. Where the fuck is that Valentine look alike Araki alluded to in one of the early chapter flashbacks?

The guy honestly doesn’t look like Valentine besides the long hair. And he could possibly have been an early design of Yorsuyu or Damo or someone.

Araki's art has been improving so much.

Who would win?

You can make mystery actually good you know.
It's pretty slow and Gappy can't carry the boring parts. He has no personality and the more serious tone of JoJo now doesn't help this. The result is that the manga is slow and not very funny.

Squala honestly didn’t put up much of a fight, though I suppose that’s to be expected when your ability is talking to dogs. And Araki wouldn’t hurt Squala, he’d make him as loveable as possible then have all the dogs killed to hurt Squala, the reader, and himself because that’s what he loves most.

I know, right? It's actually making me hard.

How in the fuck is JoJolion serious? There’s more jokes than most Parts we’re just in a serious segment, which they’ve all had. The humour is generally more subtle or situational but it’s definitely there.

Like I said, it's your personal preferences at fault here. What you're saying is purely subjective, and there is no objectivity to it at all. There are many others who find it funny and excellent. Why can't you? It's because it's not to your taste. That is all.

I'm gay

He mentioned on an interview that he doesn't hate dogs but having a dog suffer is way more painful for people to read than having a person suffer so he shows dog suffering to convey emotions and give more weight to the scenes.

Why is Jobin's stand so fucking ugly?

Why is your mom so fucking ugly?

I never implied anything different. That's because it's called criticism. I thought it's obvious that this is what i think.

I'm bi

Is Gappy the best written jojo?

I'm gay

Did we ever get an update on who this guy was, shown off in a flashback in the 5th chapter?




>We've seen stands throw their users before, we've seen Speed King display good arm strength (through SPEEEEEEEY), but instead of using his stand for anything else his first instinct is to use his stand to operate a car and have that car hit himself and his nine year old son.
I don't think we've seen users using their stand's strength and bodies as an extension of their own since Part 4. 6 if you count Jolyne.

No and I don't think we ever will user. The flashback has Gappy in his current look and as we know now he didn't look like that before getting buried. That guy is probably never coming.

Post yfw the last boss is, indeed, a doctor. Descendant of the Zeppeli family.

Araki is a hack

your mom is a hack

>flashback guy isn't coming
>bite marks haven't been seen in years
>Holly plotline has slowed to a crawl

It feels like Araki changed wear the story was going multiple times.

He's dropped things in every part

It's clear that Araki has absolutely no idea what he's doing with JoJolion.

You're fucking retarded.

He does but it feels like a lot, and we still don't have a clear end boss.

Have you considered that it's because it's a fucking monthly, and with this many plot threads it's not going to be solved in one fell swoop? Is this your first monthly manga?

>Cred Forums discussion

>one fell swoop
forget hasty conclusions, these plot points haven't been REVISITED in awhile, which is why people note a lack of coherence. Its not even perception being altered because its a monthly, reading back all of the current chapters makes it that much more noticeable

SBR monthly was miles better than this shit.

I'll give you that, but it was roughly the same with Bruno being a zombie. It looked like it wasn't going to be revisited but it was after so many chapters.

not him but SBR has less plot threads than jojolion, which may be why it seems to have more consistency. araki's monthly pacing is still not so good but it's better in jojolion, it just doesn't seem like it because there are so many subplots

Is this your first jojo part?

>plot threads
From the top of my head:
>Wall Eyes
>Rock humans and animals
>Finding the Rokakaka
>Flashback guy
>Equivalent exchange
And I haven't read SBR in a while but here are the main ones I remember:
>Funny Valentine
>The Steel Ball Run race
>Gyro (which was never really solved, since he died)

In a writer's point of view, resolving threads related to characters themselves are easier than ideas and concepts like the Rokakaka, Wall Eyes, etc.

I've been saying this for ages but I do think Araki hasn't forgotten this guy. Mark my words, he's going to show up as a major character.
>Gappy's in the flashback as himself and not Josefumi
>Josefumi and Kira fused not after the earthquake, but because of the Wall Eyes and Rokakaka leading to them getting buried
>Right after, Yagiyama gets a phone call about how an earthquake's going to hit the shore.

Theoretically, this leaves a window of time between the earthquake hitting the shore and Yasuho unearthing Gappy. So in that time it IS possible that Gappy could have woken up, seen the Flashback Man and had his memories fucked over somehow before being buried back again by the earthquake.

>He later died of a cold
Never fails to make me laugh

>A fucking monthly story isn't solving all these major mysteries one chapter a time and is actually building up like, you know, a mystery story
Wow, Araki's such a hack, why haven't we gotten all the answers yet?!?!

you forgot the dog bites

No, which is exactly why I know how to wait. It's true that he has dropped a lot of shit in the previous parts, but for this one there is an actual sort of consistency and he appears to be going in order from plot thread to plot thread, in order to create a better sense of mystery and so it doesn't feel rushed.

You guys are being way too impatient. Have you read manga longer than a JoJo part before? This, in my opinion, is Araki's most ambitious manga yet and it shows. It will definitely be much longer especially with so much shit underneath the surface. Don't expect it to end any soon, and don't expect the mysteries to be solved immediately.

Steel Ball Run does have a "simpler" plot than JoJolion, so it makes sense that it looks better with its pacing and revisiting of plot points.

People claiming Araki doesn't know what he's doing are fucking retarded. He's been obviously planning shit ahead for a while now. Few examples:
>During Fun Fun Fun, Gappy talked to the woman drowning in the bathtub that he couldn't imagine feeling comfortable submerged under water for some reason - linking forward to how he almost died from drowning as a child.
>When Yagiyama held Yasuho hostage, Gappy said for some reason he just knew that Yagiyama seemed like the kind of person who'd rely on scummy tactics like this - which he actually does, like how in the past he immediately took Karera down as a threat when she came to check on Josefumi.

For the people who've also said he's forgotten shit like the bite marks, I think we're all overlooking the most obvious answer of it being Iwasuke (the Rock Dog) who's not been forgotten at all, hell, even though he got wrecked this chapter he STILL crawled his way inside the shed so he isn't actually dead, if that's not a sign I don't know what is.

Have some patience you fucks.

SBR felt like it was going to do something bigger with the Vatican stuff but dropped it to get to the climax

Exactly. It can be frustrating to want to read the entire story, especially since it's interesting and bizarre, but Araki still has to make it. Be patient, and we'll get a truly amazing story that we'll be astounded with. As of now, it's still just a work-in-progress.

It's obvious that Araki wants to take his time with things, and I'm grateful for that because the story so far has been really damn good. The Joubin build-up especially has been fucking great.

Definitely. The wait has been worth it for me especially since we get to see Jobin being badass and solidifying him as a character. I believe that plot isn't everything, and seeing Araki also give care and passion to his characters makes everything worthwhile.

i don't know about you guys but i fucking love jojolion

From chapter 64 onwards I've been really starting to like Joubin. I think Araki's setting him up to potentially be one of the greatest villains in the series. It's a really nice change to have a villain that seems like they're going to be developing on their own path parallel to the main JoJo of the part. Sort of almost like Pucci but without the fate-hax.

One thing I wish SBR did was take time to build Valentine's character instead of dumping it all in the final volumes he's in.

He's starting to creep up into becoming my favorite villain too. He seems like a completely ordinary guy, and yet you just get these vibes that he's going to become a real threat without being blatantly evil.

Mmmmm... I wonder why?

>he didn't fall in love with jobin in beetle tendency

Could it have something to do with him being Asian?

I'm actually kind of glad that JoJolion is monthly, because it delays the day I would kill myself

Kill yourself.


I liked Joubin back then but I'm certain now he's going to be going up into a tier of his own.
Agreed, I feel like Araki's been developing him little by little to make the payoff all the more better. Everything from the symbolism in his backstory to his own philosophies make it sound like he's really going to be a very different villain compared to all the ones in the series prior.

GOOD NIGHT, /JOJO/! I love JoJolion.

Don't worry, SBR was filler for JJL.

Imo it feels like Araki had the idea that Gappy would slowly regain memories by having flashbacks in the middle of stand battles which he would then piece together. But then instantly dropped that idea when he came up with something else.